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>The word of the day is 'xenophilia'


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Yes, um... Err... Purge the xenos and all that.

...stupid inquisitor...

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I want to nibble on your ears...

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Eldar thread?

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Erm, we're totally purging the xenos here. Trust me, inquisitor.

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Sure, why not.

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Eldar thread.

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Why does her armor have a fucking belly button?

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because eldar like to shape their armor to mimic their the look of their bodies, much like the greeks did

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oops im not op lol

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attachment point for additional soul/wraith gems

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New Eldar Codex better make all aspect warriors useful.

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Exodites, Fuck yeah!

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Also, Blanche, fuck yeah.

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The Avatar is probably the most underrated Monster HQ out there. Out of all monsters only the Carnifex is considered worse.

I can't figure it out for the death for me, but my Avatar always ends up raping everything four ways to Sunday every time he's on the field. Especially Necrons.

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They Avatar, taken in isolation, isn't bad. He's pretty affordable at 160 points, 3+ armour and 4+ invulnerable saves make him tough enough to take a bit of fire, and he's respectable in close combat. The problem is that he's too slow to keep up with a mechanised force (and Eldar really need to be Meched these days), so will find himself isolated and overwhelmed, and he uses one of your Farseer slots, meaning your army has less of the vital buffs they throw out.

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God I hope the next starter set is war in heaven themed.

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155 points actually.

Eldrad Avatar combo is horrifying. 10 man Seer Council and Eldrad spamming fortune on the Avatar and the Council and dooming anything the Avatar comes into contact with or mind-war sniping the annoying powerfists that could threaten the Avatar.

I believe the Avatar, for his low points, outfights pretty much any other monster, bar perhaps the Bloodthirster, incidentally the only other WS10 in 40k. Also, 3 Wraithlords with swords and EMLs and the Avatar can surprise you.

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Futile hope. It's going to be Dark Angles vs. Chaos Marines.

If only, if only, Eldar vs. Necrons and a new Eldar book...

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>3 Wraithlords with swords and EMLs and the Avatar can surprise you.

If an opponent allows them into close combat. The problem with this strategy is that while it might dominate an area of the board, it's a relatively small area. In today's transport-heavy metagame, it's not difficult to simply stay away from that little cluster of assault potential and go after the supporting units to snag Kill Points or destroy Troops choices to deny you objectives. A handful of EML's aren't really enough to prevent an opponent from doing this.

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Eldar in BFG=Cheating

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You obviously haven't faced a 1500-2000 points all wraith list. It is a horrifyingly durable footslogger army which can pretty much defeat anything with some proper strategy.

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Have you seen the armour of several Blood Angel units?
They have golden armour and nipples.
Golden Nipples.

Best. Chapter. Ever.

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>You obviously haven't faced a 1500-2000 points all wraith list

Yes, I have. Twice, winning both times. Once with Dark Eldar and once with Tyrands. The first game, the Wraithlords were knocked out with massed Dark Lances and Splinterfire, which shut down most of the long-range firepower. The rest of the game consisted of playing keep-away, bogging down one unit of Wraithguard with Wyches for a few turns, and grabbing objectives in the last few turns for the win.

The second time saw the Wraithguard mired in Hormagaunts from outside their shooting distance. While the Wraithlords were a bit more problematic - their T8 made them tricky to bring down with S6-7 Trygons and Tyrants and most of my poison was on the Hormagaunts - wearing down the Wraithguard in combat crippled their ability, once again, to claim objectives. The Tervigon respawning Termagant broods claimed the win.

Also, for what it's worth, neither of these lists were tweaked to take on Wraithwalls. They were just my standard 2000 point Tyranid and Dark Eldar lists.

I don't put any faith in the Wraithwall strategy. Sure, it's tough, and can potentially put out a lot of damage in the 12" bracket. But it's slow, short ranged, lacks numbers, and is often crippled by 5th edition's abundant cover saves.

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Well, there's a few tricks that can change that. Firstly, Eldar are not slow. Jetseers, jetbikes, Vypers, Wave serpents and their payload of Fire Dragons can punch a hole in transports with ease. Denying the enemy the chance to avoid the Eldarzilla isn't that hard.

OR you can do what I do and what>>18754791 said. 30 Wraithguard can endure insane amounts of fire. Dark Eldar being the exception due to poisoned shots... And most armies have target the Wraithguard with their big guns as most infantry weapons barely scratch them. And Wraithlords can't even be harmed with most infantry weapons.

Of course Eldar Wraith lists are not at the top of the game, but they are something absolutely no-one expects.

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Against Tryranids or Deldar Wraithwall is assballs.

Dual Seer Council on the other hand, speaking from lots and lots of personal experience, are bloody excellent. Destructors eat away swarms in no time and heavy reliance on invulnerable saves and 2+ wounding weapons with high initiative and mind war make monsters weep.

However codex vs. codex Eldar lose against Deldae in everything except mosters and Psykers(obviously)

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Favourite aspect warriors?
Picture related.

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Too bad this glorious winged faggot is as useless as special character can be.

Doesn't do anything in the fluff either, except fly around with a rose between his teeth, making females of all sorts swoon.

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>>Glorious winged faggot vs. meth-addict extreme bodymodifying goths.

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spears, man

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My money is on the glorious faggot.

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He wishes he could be as manly as this guy, he just finished his third staring contest with the eye of terror after it dared to blink yet again.

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Mine too.

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Wait, is that Maugan Ra without his helmet?

The blindfold reminds me of something...

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Maugan Ra makes the horrors of the galaxy seem very... timid.

A physical embodiment of the Eldar God of war and the C'tan Stargod that is death itself. It's not for nothing he is called the Harvester of souls, the Dark one and the Bringer of death.

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Yes, that is Maugan Ra, before he became a suit of armour filled with space-elf-fightan-magic and awesome.

2nd edition Eldar codex, if I recall correctly.

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Ra will eventually die before Fuegan though.

>other phoenix lords, are you even trying?

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Aspeks boyz is made fro choppin' and dakka'n! And dakka-choppan'!
Boss! I'z confus'd now...

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I still have the 2nd codex somewhere, along with the ultramarines one..lol lol shoulder mounted magazine fed heavy bolter

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I like that the eldar rapeclowns are back, too bad they kind of suck

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Second Edition Eldar were terrifying. Just... Terrifying.

I remember my first game against them, I had chaos marines. That Avatar just didn't die. Tore through everything I threw at it.

Things weren't much better in 3rd. 4th brought them crashing down, however. And here I am, in 5th edition and playing Eldar myself.

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Yeah, but Fuegan PUNCHES Land Raiders to death and then smokes them like chunks of meth.

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of all the blatant anime references in the Eldar books, this is probably my favorite

I'm in a similar boat, but I played Space Marines back in 2nd. With any luck 6th edition will see some of their glory restored.

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Back in the day Harlequins used to make space marine players wet themselves and curl into fetal position under the gaming table.
No wonder he's got FNP. He's high on Adamantium fumes.

"Mon'Keigh vehicles. Not even once."

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Warp Spiders were a rape train... I used a unit of eight and they got back their points x 2 or x 3 nearly every game.

Also I rocked a unit of Harliquinns and dun dun dun THE SOLITAIRE who was an intercontinental ballistic missile and would just slap the fucking shit out of anything.

and more.

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Eldar Players are much like the Eldar: we used to have everything, the Space marines were but insects before our armies and everywhere we played, we saw only glory and victories.

Then came the dreaded Fall, and we lost our sovereign rule across the battlefields. 4th edition and awfully simplified codexes, price hikes and nerfs across the empir.. err.. codex.

And here we are, longing after the days of the old empire when we ruled the gaming stores and none could stand before us. Now everything is but a shadow of its former self.

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Solitaires, oh man, I still get the shivers. They were kinds like legal cheating.

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Fuck yeah Straying from the path

I miss that story and wish it was continued... So I wrote one myself.

>> No.18756281

Can you post it?

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ah how glorious! I didnt know there where eldar threads. I really hope they make PL awesome next codex

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Combat Drugs.
Mask of Jain Zar.
Displacer Field.

Hello Mr. Bloodthirster, I'm here to pull your spine out.

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>Then came the dreaded Fall, and we lost our sovereign rule across the battlefields. 4th edition and awfully simplified codexes, price hikes and nerfs across the empir.. err.. codex.
Implying 4th Edition Falcons weren't all kinds of rape.

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Our fates are all written in the warp, and yours is rape

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Falcons and little else

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Phoenix Lords?

Yes. YES.
Simple. Drop points by 10. Give everyone a 4+ invul. save. Update Baharrot's gun to 24" S5 AP5 Assaul 6 and give him the ability to assault vehicles straight from deep strike. Karandras figures out hot to hit with that powerfist at I 7. Asurmen gets 3++ save and boosts everyone around him.

And each Lord makes his/her aspect scoring. Not troops. Scoring. Like Pedro Kantor and Sternguard. Asurmen makes Dire Avengers somehow much better. Like lowering their cost by 2 points/model.

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There was only one good thing to falcons. They were "durable" compared to other vehicles of 4th edition. They could be made scoring with Dire Avengers and since 4th used Victory points, fortuned falcons zooming across the field were ridiculously hard to kill. But they didn't kill anything. BS 3 and horribly expensive weapons. They were bad at killing stuff.

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I patiently await the day when the Tau get ''Eldar Helpers''.

The Eldar will benefit much from the unity and peace that Tau'va brings.

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>> No.18756518

The tau might be reluctant after the "cultural exchange" with the dark eldar in the new de codex

>> No.18756555

Yeah between SMF and holofields and spirit stones a falcon could run you 200 points pretty easily, and in order to stay survivable you had to keep moving aka no shootan

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>> No.18756584

yes, make them all better in a personal way! Not just boost the general stat line, but make them work really well with their aspect

I feel eldar and chaos are the codexes with most potential in 40k they deserve lots of options and balance

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Phoenix Lord statline is okay, they just need to be more survivable and have damage potential equal to other 200+ pts characters.

>> No.18756742


Don't they now?

Sicarius is a 200 point character, and the PL's are probably better with damage output.

They're definitely better than Imotekh and Nemesor Zahndrekh.

>> No.18756747

After several incidents and contacts with the Eldar race, The Tau came to know the differences between the Be'gel Dark Eldar and the noble Eldar of the Craftworlds.

The Tau view the fair noble Eldar as one of the only forces in the galaxy who have some hope of one day fully embracing the Greater Good.

Ughhh...that is unpleasant.

Resistance is to be expected, but soon even the haughty Eldar will recognize the superiority of the Greater Good

>> No.18756767


Not really, they could shoot and move easily in 4e.

Defensive weapon limit was S6 so the Shuriken Cannons could shoot too while at it.

>> No.18756825


I killed Sicarius with a regular Ork Nob with a powerfist, who then killed four other members of his bodyguard in subsequent turns.

My opponent was so rumpsore, i bought a Sicarius head off ebay, painted it up and added it to the models boss pole.

When he saw it next, i've never seen anyone so fucking upset at a boardgame, it was delicious.

>> No.18756835

What -really- irks me is the terrible weapon of Baharrot and the lack of an invulnerable save. As well as a lack of an advantage of taking them with their aspect. As for being better, they damn well should be. They are basically Eldar Primarchs.

>> No.18756849

Phoenix Lords:
NO Invulnerable save
Gimped weapons from the pages of history
Abilities that are commonplace as special rules foe entire armies now.

Example: Lysander. 200 points, S4 T4 W4, 2+/3++, S10 master ctafted thunder hammer, eternal warrior.
Baharroth S4 T4 W3 2+, power weapon, S5 Ap5 assault gun. eternal warrior, fearless. How much? 200 on the dot.

Shut it, blue loser.

>> No.18756887

Get out before Karandras goes predator on your blue butt.

>> No.18756889

>mfw I tried hard to suppress the memory of this event
>mfw I tried to forget the details
>mfw when I read it again
>mfw all the grief pours inside me again
>mfw my blood boils with RAGE AGAIN



Vengeance must be taken. Retribution must be delivered. Death is too good for these bastards they must suffer!

>> No.18756897

>Tau colonize new world
>suddenly, orks!
>tidings look grim
>Biel-Tan to the rescue!
>"Why thank you, noble eldar!"
>and then they kill all the Tau too because it was a maiden world

Craftworld Eldar aren't exactly trustworthy or consistent.

>> No.18756943

Soundin' kinda Mont'au there, TIDF. Watch yourself, or you'll wind up doing a Farsight.

>> No.18756963

What if we return the some of the Tau to you?

They might look a little different but trust me they're the same guys!

>> No.18756964

Our kin on the Biel-Tan Craftworld are ferocious warriors. Their actions were not ones of treachery, but justified acts of vengeance. The young ones were intruders on our World. Taking what is rightfully ours is punishable by death.

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Hey kid, need a hand with these fags?

>> No.18756984


But why are you comparing a PL to Lysander?

Compare them to Sicarius, or Tigger, or Rakarth, or Zahndrekh, even Dante, all in the same range and providing a more favourable matchup.

>> No.18757033

>>But why are you comparing a PL to Lysander?
Why not?

And >>implying Vect, Sicarius, any Necron, Dante, Rakath, Hesperax, Calgar, Kharn, Typhus(!) or even Yarrick won't wipe the floor with Baharroth.

>> No.18757039

Excuses, excuses. It's pretty easy to rectify the issue of the phoenix lords with little added, hell. I'd rather see a points increased set of lords with invulns and better rules than what we have now. Also, the others offer both passive and offensive benefits where as phoenix lords merely offer fearless to their aspect if they join it.

>> No.18757076

Technically, some also have Exarch Powers which benefit the whole squad. So if you want to take a Pheonix Lord, you can save some points by skipping the regular Exarch. But it still doesn't really make up for how overcosted they are.

>> No.18757080

Hell, even Drazhar could be added to this list, it's truly sad when your dedicated 230 point hard hitting beatstick's WS is lower than the dedicated low cost/decent wargear HQ's WS. Also, Drazhar with no Invulnerable save? His riposte rule is a perfect excuse for him having one as he obviously doesn't rely on armor that much.

>> No.18757090

phoenix lords need to be more than just killbots.

they don't need sweeping army usrs like chapter tactics do, but they need to be more than a 200 point fightan machine,

>> No.18757099


>> No.18757123

Why shouldn't he? They cost exactly the same amount of points.

Lysander even buffs a squad and has the rather handy ability to bolter defences. Baharroth's abilities include deep striking, which Lysander can do and being fearless, which doesn't matter to Lysander who has ATSKNF.

>> No.18757124


So does Maugan Ra, and he's even cheaper with better ranged weapon and a S6 I7 PW.

He'll beat the Necron SC's except Orikan the Ever-Living who's only around a turn or two, and also beats Sicarius, instakills Lelith...

>> No.18757125

Wasnt there something similar in the tyranid codex?

>> No.18757155


Riposte is entirely dependant on Drazhar making armor saves. That's why he has the best one.

He doesn't have invulnerables because he can move away from fists and such in combat and is EW.

>> No.18757161

Drazhar is a Phonix Lord. The one Karandras beat into mush and kicked into the webway.

>> No.18757164

There's the war between the Tau Empire and Hive Fleet Gorgon. Gorgon winds up dead, but a notable chunk of it is destroyed by the Necrons, and the Tau ally with the Imperium to actually destroy the Hive Fleet itself.

>> No.18757195


There's also another Hive Fleet mentioned in the Tau codex, Shadowsun devised so clever strategies that the Tau destroyed it in space without losing a single ship.

>> No.18757200

>>He doesn't have invulnerables because he can move away from fists and such in combat and is EW.
Which is exactly why he is much better than the Eldar Phoenix lords who suffer from a chronic power fist/monster allergy.

>> No.18757210

>Hive Fleet

It's a Splinter Fleet, actually. A small remnant of an already-destroyed Hive Fleet. So while it's impressive for a single special character, hardly indictive of the capabilities of the entire Empire.

>> No.18757225


EW with three T4 wounds is actually better than three T4 wounds with 4+ invulnerable save against fists. Thus all PL's are more durable than Ragnar, Sicarius or Dante against fists.

>> No.18757229

Somethnig Yriel does between sending Duke Sliscus messages about how much better of a pirate he is and having sex with 20 different women.

>> No.18757245

So you are implying someone with the title "The Master of Blades" wouldn't be able to make a mockery out of most attacks? Darting strike is fuckin' neat and all. But I doubt some Mon-Keigh sergeant with a power fist would be that hard for him to parry or even just sidestep let alone some cumbersome terminator.

>> No.18757261

And Phoenix Lords should have that 4+ invul on top of their current stuff. They are underpowered and horribly brittle.

Denying it is idiocy.

>> No.18757280


The game system is an abstraction. Those Kabalites should also be capable of avoiding a cumbersome terminator in close combat, but they're not.

Drazhar is already in a better situation than most melee SC's with EW and combat movement.

>> No.18757283

THIS! Why wont marine players just admit they are scared of change in meta? Seriously, I'm getting sick of my codex being forced to adhere to another codex's power level. I mean, I am all for balance, but that should work both ways.

>> No.18757294

When i played asurmen had 3++ and you needed 6s to hit him in combat. He ate hivefleets for breakfast.

>> No.18757308

What codex was this?

>> No.18757314


For logic's and consistency's sake, that position is only agreeable if one believes that Sicarius, Dante, Tigurius, Ragnar, Njal and Mordrak should also get EW on top of their current stuff.

>> No.18757321

Fickle and proud as they be, the Craftworlders can be reasoned with.

You can sit them down and talk to them, and they will listen.

This will give the Tau enough opportunity to convince the Eldar to see things their way.

Not yet.

Until my mission is complete I will never be silenced or driven away.

No, my anger does not come from the Mont'au.

Mine is the righteous fury focused and channeled against those who spread destruction and suffering. Those who defy Tau'va!

But perhaps you are right...the Ethereals teach balance and calm in all things. That display was disgraceful and serves no purpose.

Funny. The Necron lord who calls himself the Traveler has same line of thinking.

The new incarnation of the Necrons are not so different from the Eldar.


You crossed the line and now you must pay for your crimes, Be'gel.


Such a punchable face you got there, El-Dar.

>> No.18757334

I like it when they believe they have hope... makes it all the sweeter.

>> No.18757342

>>He ate hivefleets for breakfast.
"Phoenix Lords -like they should be!"

>> No.18757346

2nd edition, probably

otherwise known as "best edition"

>> No.18757350

>talking about punchable
You're silly.

>> No.18757382

Im not sure about the number, i think 3d or 4th.
It had a big blue eldar with a sword and pistol on the cover.

>> No.18757384

They are not physically indestructible immortal warrior spirits, they are very tough superhumans, there is no real reason for them to have EW. Nothing in their lore suggests they are immortal.

>> No.18757406

This one?

>> No.18757412

They kinda all have, but was it this one?

>> No.18757416


See, that's a fluff argument.

Those should not have place when discussing in-game stats and whether something is gameplaywise underpowered and needs a buff.

>> No.18757422


>> No.18757437

Are you trying to imply the current eldar codex ISN'T horribly underpowered at the moment?

>> No.18757502

No, I am not.

Please take me seriously.

>> No.18757503

That's the one

>> No.18757510

Are you Implying the rules should not correlate with the lore?

Asurmen has his invulnerable save due to "battle fate" special rule. All Phoenix Lords should have the same rule.

>> No.18757525

Good days.

Here's the Avatar. Avatar that is actually scary. Take a look.

>> No.18757541


>> No.18757564


Asurmen is also correspondingly higher in cost than some phoenix lords without an invulnerable save but better abilities otherwise, such as Maugan Ra.

I'm not opposed to them all getting it, but they should pay the proper cost of 4++ save (around 25 points as per Space Wolf codex) if they do.

>> No.18757595

>that sure is a nice.. everything you have here
>be such a shame if something happened to it

>> No.18757610


>> No.18757694

Holy jesus fuck, Avatars have been that good?

>> No.18757710

Space wolves cost less than regular marines and may split fire, get the fuck out.

>> No.18757721

Everything was pretty crazy back in 2nd edition. Greater Daemons, IIRC, had similar profiles and abilities.

>> No.18757733

Holy fap!
It would be cool if the spinners became template again,

But i feel the coolest part of the eldar is that they arent huurrr duuur marines and they need tactics and have balanced units so i wouldnt want this.

>> No.18757762

They did. Except the Avatar was much better: it sliced right through the daemon's saves.

Well, the current generation of space marine players right there for you, man.

>> No.18757806

But their units should be usable. Swooping hawks and Shining spears and such should be better and cheaper than they are now.

Not 2nd edition good, but not cost 21 pts for a T3 model with a 4+ save and a lasgun.

>> No.18757815

Templates would maybe be a bit much. I think Warp Spiders would be a lot more usable if they have the Death Spinner AP5, Rending, and allowed it to ignore cover saves. So while they remain short-ranged and expensive, and potentially vulnerable without a transport, they're guaranteed to put quite a lot of hurt on anything they shoot at. In theory, channeling a bit of that 2nd-edition scariness without delving into full on "I put down 6 templates and then you take away that squad" levels of horror.

>> No.18757857


Bloodthirster got saves as normal, because they were unaffected by force weapons and had armor save of 3+ on 2d6.

They tended to beat Avatars because Axe of Khorne did d3 wounds too and BT's were W10 A10.

>> No.18757871

>>Death Spinner AP5, Rending, and allowed it to ignore cover saves.
Excellent idea. I'm going to playtest that.

>> No.18757877

It was 2nd edition though. 2e was pretty much 'Eldar-Edition', in terms of power levels. Elfdar were top fucking tier shit, with crazy super-speshul rules.

>> No.18757900

Wailing doom ignores daemonic saves.

>> No.18757925

multi-shot S6 rending also makes them nasty vehicle hunters

though I think their teleportation rules need to be less random. It should still be risky but the random distance makes them a hard buy right now

>> No.18757936

I agree the need to be better, but just like the dark eldar they should make it so they are good without 3+ saves and T4. Good becasue of wargear and skills, not pure stats (except for ws and bs)
Maybe the exarch could have the flamer?

Or some weapon with the nightspinner rule.
It would fit the fluff.
But I think the hawks should have it if you look at what they are supposed to do.

>> No.18757973

yes, but the 'thirster had an actual armour save. Terminator-level, in fact

with only a -4 modifier, the wailing doom still gave the thirster a 7+ save on 2D6. They were relatively even, but the bloodthirster did multiple wounds every time you failed a save, so he'd usually come out on top

>> No.18758006

Why does he need to carry the gun's manual around with him at all times?

>> No.18758047

>multi-shot S6 rending also makes them nasty vehicle hunters

That's intentional. I'd like to see Warp Spiders as extremely dangerous on the offense, but have to put themselves at risk to use their weapons most effectively. They've got good odds at killing or crippling most units, but if they can't get out again after that strike, they're at risk of being overwhelmed. Ideally they should take a bit of care to use - just throw them forward and they'll do some damage before getting swamped and killed. Use a small squad to pop in and out of cover and they'll be a constant thorn in the enemy's side.

>Maybe the exarch could have the flamer?
Possibly...Maybe a ST4 AP5 Rending flamer, and any squad hit counts as being in difficult and dangerous terrain next turn. You trade some hitting power, for more hits and the ability to cause disruption and damage next turn.

>> No.18758653

>He'll beat the Necron SC's
Depends on how lucky he is, mind shackle scarabs are notorious for killing other SC's and Obyron can do a lot of dmg if he survives his low Initiative ( T5 WS6 & S7 PW that hits every time someone misses him).

If they had given Obyron a phase shifter I wouldn't ever put him down.

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