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On a good day.

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Call it a good day or not, it certainly helps to describe things at times.

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Started as a women in reasonable armor thread

a few hours later...

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I tried.

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Who broke into my house, gave me a CRT monitor, and took my picture?!

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/tg/ - Coasters General

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I was going to ask the same question.

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You know its true.

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Give me back my fan, asshole.

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I made this just for you /tg/.

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>the rape factory

That thread, man... That fucking thread...

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>That fucking thread...


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Sad that the gentlemen at suptg deleted it.
At least there's still Foolz.

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At its best, it turns out stuff like pic related.

Really wish more had been written.

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Me too. They get rid of an original idea bout rape and and replace it with a hundred shitty CYOAs.

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This oughta do it...

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Unbelievably gay, yet not terrible. See: the good modern fantasy RP threads.

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>That fucking thread...

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Hah! I was thinking about posting that one too.

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I really like monstergirls. And on that note, next chapter's coming out soon.

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Goddamnit, now I have to go dig up my PDF of this issue and find out what faggotry this is.

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Another chapter of the Life with <MonsterGirl> or something else?

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More like "Ironclaw: A Bestiality", amirite

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As much shit as Ironclaw gets for being furry, that picture makes it look classy. /tg/ has a penchant for taking the shittiest of lemons and making wonderful lemonade with them.

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Bingo. Hopefully, our dear friends at another board will translate this chapter as well.

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Something like this?

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I think OP kinda nailed it already but whatevs

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Must have link... or at least a proper name to search by

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i don't know what this is

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Think I missed this. Anyone care to explain?

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welcome to /tg
here is your membership neckbeard

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One of the best bits of writefaggotry /tg/ has ever produced.

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JESUS that's biblical. But it's from /tg/, so I assume there's win to be had somewhere.

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Nichijou something something, by Okayado. Enjoy, boss.

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Well, of course it's the Ultramarines that are /tg/'s best represBY THE EMPEROR WHERE DID THAT COME FROM FORGET THE MORALE CHECK RUN YOU FOOLS

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I see OP was in that /co/ thread last night!

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who can forget the RapeFactory manager and their adventurer-celebrity spokesperson Steef Kokk?

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was gonna upload a screencap of the roman sodomy variety but I could not find it

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Never stop a rogue trader.

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Found it... thank you sir. Not was I was expecting, but in a way I enjoyed it more for it.

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Why are you fascinated by this manga?

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>this fucking cap

It's brilliant.

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Pics take like a million years for me to load, is it worth opening?

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More worth it than upgrading your 56k internet connection.

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How did I live without this image? :D

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Always a pleasure to help.
I very much like monstergirls, which Okayado is exceptional at drawing and it's pleasantly lighthearted. I eagerly anticipate to see what he does with the manga.

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I was about to post this, but man, that thread.

I made that thread, and I watched it turn. I still don't even.

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Shit, that was well worth my time! Thanks for posting that!

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I've gotten over a dozen people to try out and buy Rogue Trader products just printing this story out and forcing them to read it.

Fantasy Flight should send the guy who wrote it a royalty cheque.

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Can't believe these haven't popped up yet

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I think this video does it best.

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Except EVERY TROLL THREAD goes to 150428764269724506782094356 views and 473685924543 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

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ಠ _ಠ

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Any chance you saw that manaweaving thread a couple days ago?

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Thats the point, they're already fighting over something else, too busy.

Troll just make their own threads, retards seek them out and we can discuss other things like gentlemen.

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And by "gentlemen", you mean "enraged chimpanzees".

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One from recently. Jesus christ, you people frighten me.

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I'd post the REAL descriptor of /tg/, but Friend Mod bans for all such aspersions on his esteemed character.

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Yes exactly

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Now that's just insulting!
Chimps actually solve their problems in the end.

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Where does one go about finding old issues and then the next new one?

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we need the screencap of "how to play a CE bard right"
the one with the two rogues in it...?

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>Old issues
>New one
That or /tg/. It will probably get a thread or two when the translations are finished. Perhaps even before then.

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get bent

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Thats... so accurate it hurts my brain.

Everyone out, threads over, we have found exactly what happens in every thread ever

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Shit. I was hoping to add it to my hentai collection. I guess one can wait.

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Dude, that was in Sunday's paper.

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First ye must begin your journey by traveling several days south to the hell pits. After stopping for a quick bite to eat at the local Denny's, you'll make your way towards the great Cragtooth Mountains. Their you'll must likely be set upon by the arachnid-women indigenous to the region. Do not be tempted! Each of them be virgins and each one's hymen is a gateway to the farthest corners of the black void of Ulzricor the unknowing, a land from which your penis shall never escape.

Assuming you've braved the challenges so far, you'll make your way to Blackthorn Pass, the lair of the Minotaur Tribe. They'll only allow you safe passage if you can best their greatest champion in a wood wind instrument competition (fear their mighty piccolo skill). Having crossed their land you'll find yourself on the coast of The Sea of Sehaman. You'll find several large pieces of driftwood along the shoreline from which you can produce a raft. Make sure your craft is sturdy for those who fall into those (very) salty depths are never heard from again.

Finally, you'll enter the Dwarven Hold of Khar'Dash'Makar on the other side of those rough waters. Find a shop called "The Kobold's Tail". Tell the shopkeep Bill sent you and you'll find your precious monstergirl hentai.

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/tg/: where neckbeards gather.

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I suppose I could help you on that matter. Any chance you've seen this before?

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What do you find so objectionable? It's a good read; comedic, too.

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Is that the one where the guy dives into the mist and impregnates the squid? That was good.

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Don't be a fag, Limb Legion is a glorious H manga.

Better than jamming your whole fucking arm in a centaur's netherparts, at least.

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(Beginning was funny though)

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>/tg/ in a single image

Sorry to show up late to the party, guys.

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Post it.

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Replace time travelling with adventuring and we're a go.

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The centaur was adorable, though. In my opinion, anyway.
Why do you hate fun?

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I had fun once and it was awful.

>> No.18749075

Oh, HELL naw! Shaquanda, hold mah earrings!

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>The centaur was adorable, though. In my opinion, anyway

I'm getting the impression that this manga is out somewhere in untranslated form. Okayado you say was the author? Away with me then.

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I never was part of that quest thread series, what the hell is the joke there besides a redo of an 'I came' image? Was the scarabs thing an in joke or something?

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Translated, and Shis is the man. Or Z-ton; not sure which is the person's name.
And if it's not too much of a bother to the rest of you gents, I think I will go through Limb Legion. Hope you like it.

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Adorable, yes. Adorable she had in SPADES.

Could I fap to that? Absolutely not.

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Is the centaur thing part of the same story as the snake girl thing?

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That's one of the main draws of monstergirls for me.
Save for this one.

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This, Centaur, and another thing are all by Shis. The lamia is Okayado's.

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>"I'm going to take my responsibility... and violate her!"

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I like where this thread's going...............

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Told you it was a hoot.

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/tg/ in one video.


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Yeah, I know that feel. The Oyakado monstergirl manga made me smile like an idiot.

I am currently rather miffed at some friends of mine for complaining about the Niku Drill monstergirls in MGQ2.

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Wait a minute, he was an artist for MGQ2?

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And that's it, less a sort-of encyclopedia.

>> No.18749266

Did the hornet and ant girls/queens.

His style is VERY easy to tell. My friends were complaining that they were too much bug for their tastes, but for Niku Drill, I can let it slide.

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I need to get to MGQ, then. And I really should read the Shunmans I've yet to get around to.

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So Limb Legion.

The monster girl stuff I was fine with.

The rape, pussy being tossed about until it pops out, brain fucked to the point of enjoyment, rape babies, and fucking while having a litter of babies breastfeed from you just made me sad.

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>You will never play in a monster girl quest campaign and find your monstrous waifu while saving the world.

>> No.18749409

Wait a year or so, anon. It'll stop bothering you.

>implying I'm not
Stating up the various monster races was the hardest part. I didn't do that part, though, my old DM did.

>> No.18749422

>Wait a year or so, anon. It'll stop bothering you.

Whatever you have to tell yourself.

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Singular? Of course not.

>> No.18749428

Lucky, I've got too many games going on, otherwise I would run one.

>> No.18749442 [DELETED] 

I suppose I can see your point.
Any chance you've heard of Schizanthus?

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Seems you haven't. This one's my favorite.

>> No.18749516

Frog and snake girl were best.

>> No.18749532 [DELETED] 

Posted fairly frequently, but for good reason.

>> No.18749536

God, I hope he does more of this soon. It's so good.

I'm particularly fond of Spider and Ant. Ant is especially adorable.

I can't read Nana to Kaoru anymore without seeing the frog girl in Kaoru. Sort of freaks me out.

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>> No.18749556 [DELETED] 

There's another untranslated work up on his Pixiv. Diamon Lily, I think?

>> No.18749557

Oh this! I've read it.

Again, I don't have a problem with Monstergirls and it's not even so much the rape, it's just the sheer levels the authors go to point out just how hard the rape was. SHE WAS RAPED SO MUCH SHE LOVED IT AND BECAME A RAPE SLAVE. It's just sort of sad.

>> No.18749561 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749565

The fish girl one? Also awesome.

That's Japan for you. They can't get off if the girl isn't crying and suffering.

>> No.18749573 [DELETED] 

That's not an uncommon theme in H-manga

>> No.18749582 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749592

Yes, but I try to avoid anything that has rape in the tag. Because you know it's not even going to be a little rape, a dash of rape, a pinch of rape. No, it's going to be RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE.

>> No.18749597 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749620 [DELETED] 

Fair enough. To be honest, I would have liked it if the world got some more detail. The bestiary was a nice touch, but I'm curious about the fog, and how they dealt with it.

>> No.18749626 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749636 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749647 [DELETED] 

>> No.18749652

>>Describe /tg/ in a single image.
Then again this could probably go for all 4chan

>> No.18749738

This always makes me smile when it's posted.

Nice touch that her coffin-bed is upside-down.

>> No.18749750

The best part are her face markings that make it look like she's wearing glasses.

>> No.18749764


The entire time

I never noticed

>> No.18749782

When are we going to get next Schizanthus chapter?

>> No.18749804

this image hasn't been representative of /tg/ since '09, unfortunately.

>> No.18749825

>what is /tg/ in a single image
>tens of pages of monstergirl manga

>> No.18749841 [DELETED] 

Beats me. He's still doing monstergirls, though, so that's some solace.
I can't help myself.

>> No.18749986

Go on.

>> No.18749995

/tg/: shut up and post more mostergirls

>> No.18750000

Sorry for asking but can I get the authors name? Image search only gives me different translators. And does he have any other non-h monstergirl? That was adorable

>> No.18750009


Author's name and such is there.

>> No.18750013 [DELETED] 

Okie dokie.
Shis. The only manga of his I haven't posted is about fisting a centaur. As I said before, though, the centaur is adorable.

>> No.18750019 [DELETED] 

Should have linked him to Exhentai, boss.

>> No.18750022 [DELETED] 

>> No.18750026

>tail flapping

I never got around to fixing exhentai on my computer after the harddrive died last year. Lazy, mostly.

>> No.18750027 [DELETED] 

>> No.18750029 [DELETED] 

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>/tg/ - closet furries

>> No.18750088

They have no fur, nor scales, nor feathers. This is simply monster girl fetishism.

>> No.18750101

The closet is made of glass.

>> No.18750111

And the door's open.

>> No.18750118


And it's suspended from a neon-infused chain-light above a fully packed dance club.

>> No.18750137

Humans with animal/monsterous aspects, no animals/monsters with human aspects.

Not furry

>> No.18750149 [DELETED] 

Plus a squid.

>> No.18750156

A cute squid. Like Ika Musume, just with less clothes.

>> No.18750157

When did being/not being a furry become so technical?

>> No.18750177

When monster girls became a thing.

>> No.18750178

When a person is concerned about being called a furry.

I can see where he is coming from, but trust me, monster girls are all the rage on furry boards. By all the rage, I mean indistinguishable from most of the other shit there.

>> No.18750183

Since people conveniently forgot the difference when they wanted to troll and lob insults.

>> No.18750196


This is /tg/.
Did you really expect anything different?
We will debate the finer points of COMMON HOUSEHOLD INSECTS.

>> No.18750197

Since "furry" had a shit-ton of baggage that came with it.

Anyone who masturbates to freaky monstrous babes is not automatically a furry because that implies that you go to conventions and shit like that. No, we're just perverts, thank you very much.

>> No.18750198

This hypocrisy and double standard is utterly disgusting.

>> No.18750219

Fruitflies = top tier pests

>> No.18750221

No, no, some of the things we have in our porn folders, now that is utterly disgusting.

>> No.18750242


>> No.18750245

Yes, I fap to monster girls.
I also fap to some furry porn, some of it is damn good.
That doesn't mean I buy into the "community" or the "culture". It's fucking porn, I fap, I blow a pleasant load, then I forget about it and move on. What amuses me is that one of the more prolific furry artists, Fossil, feels the same way and says it publicly. Furries are good for MONEY, so he takes their money.

>> No.18750248 [DELETED] 


>> No.18750255

I fucking love you /tg/ never change.

>> No.18750266


You son of a bitch, I meant that as a joke.
Also, flies are easily defeated by spiderbros.

>> No.18750267 [DELETED] 

That raises a good question:
How do you blow an unpleasant load?

>> No.18750283

Any number of diseases and things could make the experience painful. Whether you're into that is a separate issue I guess.

>> No.18750291

If you have some sort of urinary tract infection I imagine blowing a load could be unpleasant.

>> No.18750292

If you get it in your eyes? idk.

>> No.18750310

I've had some bad ones.
Like having fapping to pictures in a folder on slideshow, about to blow, then something terrible pops up, but you cum anyway.
That is unpleasant as fuck.

>> No.18750317 [DELETED] 

Makes sense. Learn something new every day.

>> No.18750318

Reach behind your scrotum and push on your urethra before you blow, and maintain enough pressure that it either backwashes or passes into your bladder.

>> No.18750325

I cringed. Strong work.

>> No.18750327 [DELETED] 

I think I'll save experimentations with retrograde ejaculation for another day.

>> No.18750335


Why is that thing in your porn folder if it's so terrible?

>> No.18750354


>> No.18750373

Because downthemall doesn't sort my shit for me, of course.

>> No.18750397 [DELETED] 

I'm guessing you picked up something wretched from /d/?

>> No.18750416

/b/ actually.
It was massively unpleasant.
Think about that.

>> No.18750423

You're technically a pedophile now I think

>> No.18750438 [DELETED] 

That's what you get for going to /b/, you stooge.

>> No.18750486

Hey, they have good porn threads sometimes.
>it wasn't cp that time

>> No.18750496

>that time


>> No.18750514

Block off your urethra as securely as you can. Although I don't really know it that would count as "blowing a load" at all since nothing is expelled.

>> No.18750528

Thad probably plea-bargained for Internet access.

>> No.18750544 [DELETED] 

If that works for you, I guess that's good. I just wrote a shitty script to comb all 15 pages of /a/, /d/, and /tg/ for key phrases. Default being "monstergirl", naturally.

>> No.18750546

Speaking of fetishes, is anyone else watching Uppotte!!? Because if you don't already masturbate to guns, you WILL start after watching that show.

>> No.18750592

Quiet, I've never fapped to cp.
>just loli, which is entirely different not cp
>also straight shota
That takes work. I'm not gonna work to fap.

>> No.18750609


why are there french words ? I don''t get it

>> No.18750620 [DELETED] 

Satanic incantations, I'm geussing.

>> No.18750638

I was going to post a monster girl manga but the image reply is reached.
I read Upotte before the anime was even aired. Didn't like the redesign so much. Prefer the manga one. Though some character look better in the new design.
Also read Upotte Nano for loli submachine gun.

>> No.18750648 [DELETED] 

Any chance you could say the name? It'd be neat if it's a new one.

>> No.18750650

So who's your Raifu?

>> No.18750675

Togetoge by Dowman Sayman.
Obviously it's the AK family. If I have to choose then AK-74 because of dat Fox mask.
Or Galil since she's a cute idiot.

>> No.18750691 [DELETED] 

Ah. I remember that one. Perhaps you should go with the mermaid next time?

>> No.18750711

I'm more fond of G3, myself, but SIG comes in second; I love long-distance shooting.

>> No.18750782

>> No.18750794

>> No.18750814

Well well what do I have here

>> No.18750824


>> No.18750832


>> No.18750846

... Urox help me... I am going to fap to this... aren't I?

>> No.18750852


>> No.18750853

We'll sell that cow!
Whoops, it's dead now!
You try to sue!
We'll be raiding you!
We'll be the Jarl!

>> No.18750857

Delicious Oujo-sama. Can't wait for the duel between the senior and the 2nd year
Hahaha DFC.

>> No.18750861

How has this not been posted yet?

>> No.18750866

post the rest you sick bastard

>> No.18750867

I'm gonna need all of what that artist did.

>> No.18750869


>> No.18750871


>> No.18750873

And I left my namefag on, bugger.
The rest has the kid hooking a milfmaid and then straight shota underwater sex happens.

>> No.18750874

Sorry about that guys, got distracted

>> No.18750878

I know the link got posted but I feel like dumping the rest

>> No.18750879

>mfw my boner

>> No.18750881

Ha. Ufoporno is kind of a running gag around my friends and me.

>> No.18750883


>> No.18750885

link been posted? where!?

>> No.18750890

See >>18750871

>> No.18750892


>> No.18750898

>not letting the guy dump it

>> No.18750902

this is going into my shame-fap folder

>> No.18750906

That lolimaid likes the uncle a bit too much

>> No.18750909

Much obliged, friend

>> No.18750911

Read >>18750878
>I know the link got posted but I feel like dumping the rest
Delicious Loli.

>> No.18750913

>implying there's anything shameful about mermaids

>> No.18750917

That video just fucking kills me

>> No.18750920

Dude, trust me, you do not.

That comic is an attempt to fit every fetish into one body of work, and by every fetish, he means EVERY FUCKING FETISH.

Which means guro, vore, violent emasculation, fisting centaurs, gay feral horse sex, I'm not sure if he's worked scat in yet, but it's coming.

There are single scenes which are fapworthy; the female hyena person raping the young dude was awesome, but most of it is just not worth it. Trust me...

>> No.18750926


>> No.18750934

She is an adult

>> No.18750935

The kid face remind me way too much of Luka.

>> No.18750936


Thats the reason why I posted it as quintessential /tg/...

>> No.18750938

So flexable

>> No.18750943

>Which means guro, vore, violent emasculation, fisting centaurs, gay feral horse sex, I'm not sure if he's worked scat in yet, but it's coming.

>> No.18750944

Is it just me or does she remind anyone else of a seahorse

>> No.18750948

this makes me want to go fishing...

>> No.18750953

Good thing I have a thing for horses, centaurs and some such.
Also, I'm a /d/eviant as well.
There's no shocking me, really.

>> No.18750956

You and me both pal.

>> No.18750958


>> No.18750959


>> No.18750961

>Implying /tg/ isn't all about Retarded Armor, female Paladins and RAPE.

>> No.18750969



>> No.18750974

>Let's give it a try
hoo boy

>> No.18750981

The derpface on the little one is killing me.
>You are now realizing that they are being depicted with sweat droplets on them underwater

>> No.18750990

>My hips are moving on their own!

>> No.18750997

Do I hear... The faint sound of fapping and F5 keys being slapped?

Because you guys really aught to have an auto-updater by now.

>> No.18750998

>Loli monstergirl h-manga on /tg/

Quoth Ice Cube, "Today was a good day".

>> No.18751008

Good thing mods are asleep.
Otherwise we'd probably all get banned.
For "Posting in a fetish-trash-thread".

>> No.18751009

Yeah. I thought for sure someone would post this when the octopus loli one was posted.

>> No.18751012


>> No.18751014

Sleeping mod must be sleeping.

>> No.18751015

Is the mod really asleep? There's post deleted above.

>> No.18751021

Damn you misquote, meant

>> No.18751022

And yet all of the porn is still here.
As are we.

>> No.18751024

>Dumping this shit.
>Not dumping superior Limb Legion.

Filthy casual.

>> No.18751027

I suspect I'll be banned shortly after finishing this so he can finish fapping and get to banning me

>> No.18751030

It was already dumped before
It was horrible
see >>18751012

>> No.18751031

That already got posted numbnuts

>> No.18751036

Actually, I think the lolipus got deleted

>> No.18751038

Huh. Fist Festa, too?
It's the one with the centaur girl by the same artist

>> No.18751041

Nope. The story posted before above was gone. Either the poster deleted it to remove the image limit or the mod delete the one he finish fapping to.

>> No.18751045

Heya, /a/! Good to see you drop in from time to time.

And no, Fist Fiesta wasn't dumped in this thread, although there was a general consensus that the centaur girl depicted in it was adorable.

>> No.18751047

Image limit was reached. That's why.

>> No.18751052

Nothing better that a good hanoveranian breed.

>> No.18751055

fuckin' loled

>> No.18751069


>fapping to this doujin while listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PlQvUATFuY&fmt=37
>my elemental plane of erections is moving on its own!

>> No.18751078

>not fapping with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tChhe_kwT1o&feature=related on a loop
i shiggy wiiggy doogy

>> No.18751080

Your average ca/tg/irl.

>> No.18751083


Goddamn, /d/ is slow...

>> No.18751089

Hey, wasn't that htread around... last week?

>> No.18751099

Yes, which is why its slow. But I saw a lot of new stuff; new stuff, I suppose, because such new stuff can no longer be posted here, despite being /tg/ related.

Fuckin' mods.

>> No.18751236

This guy knows what he's talking about. It's never a very technical definition UNLESS someone is using it to No True Scotsman themself out of "being a furry."

And that's what it is.
No True Furry.

>> No.18751281

I think it lies more in the way it's viewed than anything else; non-furries that are attracted to monstergirl/anthro view it as a fetish, but furries view such attraction as a way of life, being perfectly normal and/or comprising a sexual orientation. Plus they almost always come with some serious mental and emotional baggage, but that's irrelevant in this context.

tl;dr to some people it's a fetish but to furries it's a way of life

>> No.18751406

You're doing it again.

There seem to be four criteria by which people(read: 4channers(yes, I agree this might be stretching "people")) who "enjoy "anthro" art"
differentiate themselves from "furries".
"Otherkin bullshit"- believing you are really your fursona.

Why do only those who think they're not "furries"do this? After all, furries have words for these people too. Con-goers, fursuiters, [well ok not really], and otherkin/therians.

So, in other words, those who DO consider themselves furries don't accept that "baggage" either.

It's interesting how people draw lines in the sand.

And seriously that was an anthro orca loli in that one.

>> No.18751447

>"Otherkin bullshit"- believing you are really your fursona.
Isn't that what defines the annoying furry-bullshitter?
No matter what they call themselves.

>> No.18751486

You're conflating "is a whiny powergaming Sueish asshole" with all of the above qualities, and THAT is what defines "furry-bullshitter"...which is how 4chan (well, what I've seen) seems to use the term "furry" without further distinction.

>> No.18751513

Need I mention MANDOR.

>> No.18751827

That's a puppet, right? Right? RIGHT!?
Oh, God, i can feel my SAN points draining like water from a pidgeon.

>> No.18752048

the only way that "bathhouse" could be any smaller is if they had to share an oil drum.

>> No.18752739

more like seaWHORES, amirite?

>> No.18752754

Now do it again!

>> No.18753117

rolled 14 = 14

I'd hit it.

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