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Hey /tg/ I was wondering if you could help me out, There are two slave girl miniatures this dude is selling on ebay I've never seen them before and when I sent him an email asking where they were from he simply replyed back that he didn't remember. I know the GW ones from the photo but I want to know what the good ones are if you wouldn't mind helping.

Links :http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warhammer-slave-girls-chaos-dark-eldar-vect-lot-x2-figures-miniature-naked-


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bump fo' answer

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/tg/'s movin fast today huh?

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My first guess would be hasslefree miniatures


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i know that i've seen the miniatures befor but i can't remember what company did it (among all the different small and large ones out there).

they are not warhammer related though.

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>they are not warhammer related though.

Doesn't stop them from looking good or me wanting to use them as adornments for a miniature or two.
Don't think it's hasslefree but I'll check them out again.

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nope not Hasslefree

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>Don't think it's hasslefree

You are probably right, couldn't find anything on their site

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well checking my old haunts, lets see if heresy miniatures can shed any light.

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still nothin' anyone have any luck?

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For each one, 1 is, in fact, from warhammer. The others, in both cases are from CMON, both labeled as "nude studys" available in their store.

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> The others, in both cases are from CMON, both labeled as "nude studys" available in their store.

Thank you sir or madam, if I had any internets to give you would get them all.

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I can't find those on CMON... linkie?

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