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So /tg/, we shall have an image dump thread.
A thread of gifs, in particular, that illustrate animals or people practicing feats or skills from our favorite games. I shall begin with a sequence of cats demonstrating their significant prowess.

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Perception check!

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Cats are OP.

Dogs need to be rebalanced.

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Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip.

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>Olianus Pidgeonus HELD. THE. LINE.

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This my friends is how you improvise a way to escape

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Escape Artist (natural 1).

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I can't think of one for this, but I'm sure someone can.

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Critical Balance Fail

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Flat footed penalty

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Fuck, I lol'd.

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Acrobatics, maybe?

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Grapple check

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Swallow Whole

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Craft (Flaming Sword)

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sneak attack with improvised weapon

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Dodge 1

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What game is this?

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Dark or Demons Sould

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Dark Souls.

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Souls. Herp Derp

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dark souls
the game that kills you

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Force Push

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Sense Motive - Critical Failure

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What the hell

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Escape Artist (squeezing in?)

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Defensive Throw

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Academic Knowledge (Xenosexuality)

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Smite Evil

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>Jump nat 20

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Computer Use (nat 1)

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Sleight of hand

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Listen check nat 1

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jump, grapple

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Jump: 18
Grapple: 20

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Swag nat 20

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Perform Dance

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Enchanted Items, Maracas of Dance

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Lactation, Nat 20

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Profession (Engineering) Natural 20

How else does the damn thing stay balanced?

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Succeeding one spot check, failing the second

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his little toes sticking out before he falls always gets me

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Stealth nat 1

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Will save vs Fear

Nat 1

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Nat 20

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Balance nat 1

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Fut the wuck
Nat 20

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Tolerate bullshit
Nat 1

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Japan, natural 20.

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No seriously, AAAAAAH!

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I like that one better.
Speaking of Japan... Generate shitstorm, Nat 20

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Whoa, whats the sauce on this?

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So, I'm just thinking out loud here.
What the fuck is wrong with Japan? I'm serious -- I want to know exactly what socio-cultural aspect of that place makes it such a potent breeding ground for this kind of shit.

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Their society frowns on public sexuality so it gets repressed and manifests as this. Or something.

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This isn't particularly weirder than the stupid hipster shit they used to show on Adult Swim.

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It's a strange and unusual pile of socioeconomic bullshit that led to the strangeness. And of course in order to stand out amongst the strangeness, something has to be weirder than anything else.
On that not, orgasm, nat 20.

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>What the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Same thing that's wrong with the animals in Australia or Madagascar

Being on alone on an island them them down a very different (cultural) evolutionary path (though Japan did have some interactions with its neighbours, it wasn't a cultural cross-roads or anything) and in the globalized world, their particular brand of fucked up is a big seller.

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on that note*

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It's their long period of isolation combined with three massive modernization periods in the last 200 years.
Seduce, Nat 20

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Nat 1

>> No.18732595

They were weird to start with. 'Dreams of the Fisherman's Wife' and whatnot.
Having the Imperialists take over and then get nuked into giving up pushed them over the edge.

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Swim, nat 1

>> No.18732625

Okay, goddammit, sauce on that.

Rapid Reload

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Mysterious Girlfriend X, new show. Only two episodes out so far.
And that's not cum, it's drool.
Of course, the girl does show off some nat 20 skill with scissors.

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Nazo no kanojo X.

Enjoy your nothing happening, ever.

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Disarm Nat 20
Grapple Nat 20

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Now now, the studio making it is saying that SOMETHING will happen by the end of the show, they are doing something original with it.

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Brofist, over 9000

>> No.18732693

and 3/3
I wish I had a gif to show the results of >>18732681

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Spot - Natural 1

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still wantin sauce on this

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Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dive

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I wish I could help you, mate.
I've had that for a couple years and I still don't know sauce.
Rescuing girlfriend, nat 1

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Something called hininden gausu, apparently.

Reverse image search is your friend.

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Intimidate - 1

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>reverse image search
What is this sorcery you speak of?!

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No, I'm pretty sure that's a nat 20.

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I see you rolled a nat 1 on your Google-fu.

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What's this?

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Ride nat 1

>> No.18732994

It's in the filename, mate.
More Japan Nat 20

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I'm laughing so hard I'm gonna die

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Drag an image into where you would normally type stuff on google images.

If you're using 4chan X, which you should be, you get a shortcut to reverse image search stuff from here.

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Animate breast physics
Nat 1

>> No.18733090

Horse suplex! Holy shit!

Hold action

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It's staying up because the wheels are spinning fast. Never rolled a wheel or bike down a hill?

>> No.18733139

It seems our good anon there rolled a 1 when he took physics in high school. Assuming he did take physics in high school.

>> No.18733145

Without it veering off to the side of the road and tipping over?
Can't say that I have

>> No.18733191

Motorcycle falls as well as the wheels slow down, also you might not have been able to get your wheels moving as fast as the motorcycle's - so they might not have stood upright for as long.

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I just use the 4chan Extension add-on. What does 4chan X do differently, and why should I care?

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Not to mention the bike was rolling at 'human can run to catch up" speeds

>> No.18733207

it's literally simple vector addition. If you have a bike at a standstill, any force to the side will tip it over because it's the only thing acting on it. When a bike is rolling, it is already moving forward at some velocity, so if you add in these little forces tipping the bike, the net final vector will still be mostly forward.

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I don't know, what does the 4chan extension addon do?

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Derail thread
nat 20

>> No.18733294

This certainly isn't how physics works.

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Or is it Escape Artist, Natural 20?

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Oh derp. I couldn't see it from the front page.


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Poor, stupid horse.

>> No.18733356

Except he was sprinting like an adrenaline-fueled rocket to catch up... Kind of a nat 20 in itself.


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Clicking an image expands it rather than opens it in the current tab;
adds an "expand post" button which lets you read a thread without having to open a new tab;
adds "quick reply" and "quick quote" buttons which allow you to post to a thread from the main board;
adds a "thread watcher" thing I don't use because I think it's balls;
adds "quick report" buttons;
adds thread navigation buttons;
lets you hide threads;
adds a 4chan menu in the toolbar and in the right-click menu

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4chan x does a load more useful stuff than that.


I can't even make sense of threads without backlinks any more.

>> No.18733427

Not to mention tripcode filters.
And the links to posts responding to a post.

>> No.18733431

Hyperbole much?
I don't think he ran 100m in 12 seconds or anything of the sort

>> No.18733629

I haven't found a bigger version yet, sadly.

>> No.18734170

Drive(Heavy Equiptment): Nat 20

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>> No.18734290

Is that a LoGH poster?

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>> No.18734570


The new green lantern series on cartoon network.

>> No.18734824

Anyone who has worked with pallet-lifts (and forklifts) knows that they are possibly the most fun you can ever have with your pants on.

>> No.18734847

From memory, she's got a Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and a My Neighbour Totoro poster (or toy?).

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So, wait, is this suppose to be the dude acting like he's ok while on fire, right?

I had a character that was shot badly, and tried to use bluff to be all "it's just a scratch, you pussies need to learn to shoot" and both the GM and /tg/ seemed to think it doesn't work that way.

>> No.18739750

I'd say it depends on the nature of the injury -- that is to say, if they can tell how injured you are just by witnessing it. Many injuries you can't fully tell and party rely on the reaction of the injured to convey that.

So if blood is slowly soaking your entire outfit outwards of the wound -- you might not be able to bluff anything like that.

>> No.18739964

self explanatory

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George Cairns had is arm hacked off by a Japanese officer and he killed the man, picked up the sword that severed his arm, and continued to fight.

Roosevelt was shot while giving a speech, the pullet stopping just shy away from his lung. He informed the crow what had happened, and spoke another 90 minutes, without anything done to his wound, before going to the hospital.

All I'm saying, is that even if you have one or two arrows sticking from your body, and there's not much blood (heavy clothing, leather armour and the arrows sort of block the bleeding a little themselves too), and you just stands there with a sword in hand, looking like they just insulted you, a lesser man would be a little uneasy about it. So what if you can taste blood in your mouth and every move hurts like hell. A bluff is a bluff.

I wasn't trying to pull off some bullshit move with it, just roleplaying a little. But it was a pretty shitty GM to begin with, to whom roleplaying was basically playing Diablo with dice.

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God... "bullet".

>> No.18740883

>George Cairns had is arm hacked off by a Japanese officer and he killed the man, picked up the sword that severed his arm, and continued to fight.
I don't see how this has anything to do with a bluff, the injured can continue to fight without making any sort of bluff.

The picture you replied to was of a man bluffing in an effort to convince people that he wasn't really injured or in distress -- not him continuing to file paperwork despite an injury or something.

>Roosevelt was shot while giving a speech, the pullet stopping just shy away from his lung. He informed the crow what had happened, and spoke another 90 minutes, without anything done to his wound, before going to the hospital.

Telling people the truth is not a bluff. Refusing aid isn't a bluff.

Trying to genuinely convince people that your injuries are less than they are would be a bluff.

>and you just stands there with a sword in hand, looking like they just insulted you, a lesser man would be a little uneasy about it.
Sounds like what would keep the lesser man in place is him being intimidated, rather than convinced that you are not injured.

>> No.18741004

>>18740883 >Sounds like what would keep the lesser man in place is him being intimidated, rather than convinced that you are not injured.

Yes, and I'd be rather intimidated if I shot somebody in the chest or hacked off their arm and they didn't give a fuck. I think it'd be reasonable to give a sizable circumstance bonus for displaying such gigantic balls.

This reminds me of last night's episode of Game of Thrones. A guy gets shot in the chest with a crossbow and says "I always hated crossbows. They take too bloody long to load!" then kills the guy that shot him. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty intimidated if that happened to me.

>> No.18741083

Maybe you should have told your GM that you wanted to intimidate them rather than bluff.

>> No.18741159

Oh, you misunderstand. I should have mentioned that I'm not the guy from before. You're right though, that would have been the smart thing to do. It sounds like he basically tried to use bluff to intimidate, and that's where I'd say he screwed up. If I were DM, I probably would have asked him to roll intimidate instead, giving him a bonus or penalty depending on if he failed or succeeded the bluff and by how much, not just said no.

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