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Apparently we discovered evidence of life on mars in the 1970s and either NASA covered it up or scientists at the time were too inept to properly interpret the data.

Xenos menace confirmed for real, wut do?

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Throw asteroids and comets at it.
Plus, it'll totally help terraform Mars, and we can mess around with asteroids and comets if we throw enough money at them.

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Fucking BETA.

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/x/ has lived with us ever since /b/ took over her house.

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Obviously not true, go to /x/.

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It's not exactly a secret that Mars used to be an inhabited planet, OP.

Just look at the Cydonia Complex: The fact that a cluster of almost perfectly pyramidal hills lines up perfectly with the stars of the Pleiades constellation hardly seems coincidental.

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Discovery is a pretty reputable source, brohammed.

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Why hello there.

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Oh this should be good...
>The analysis was based on studying the mathematically complexity of the experiment results.
>mathematically complexity
Yeah okay, Gump.

Nothing to see here. Sensationalism and scientists jumping the gun on a method that hasn't been established as scientific yet.

Here is the ACTUAL paper:

Protip: when reading about science, never ever take journalists. They claim we found life on mars every other goddamn week.

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There's so many things wrong with this, where the fuck to begin? If intelligent life were on Mars, they could've left more evidence of a civilization than some mounds. The mounds may look designed but may be natural, such as the perfectly hexagonal beach faces in Norway. The mounds may be the result of random collisions, as the universe is large and old and rare things happen all the time. The mounds could be the pattern of ANY OTHER system of stars but just happens to be that random one. That shows randomness, not design.

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Quoting from the paper itself, the scientists said that "these results provide considerable support for the conclusion that the Viking LR experiments did, indeed, detect extant microbial life on Mars."

There are alien bacteria out there. Deal with it.

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They said that on a paper that was not peer reviewed
Using a testing method that is not peer reviewed
Or even established as scientifically accurate
On old samples we've had for years

Fuck you and your retardation. Try using that gigantic mass of evolution between your ears sometime.

I'm not saying there's no life on Mars, in fact I think it's likely. I'm saying that this particular fucking result is inconclusive as of yet. Sit on your goddamn hands and wait until more data comes in and is more reliable.

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Well there's also the giant face, and the statue, and the helmet.

Consider also that the martian biosphere collapsed millions of years ago. Over that period of time, wind erosion will erase most traces of an intelligent civilization.

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iirc, that picture is old, much newer pictures (with far better image quality) have been taken that reveal the 'pyramids' are just mountains/naturally forming mounds.

Just like that massive face that's supposed to be there, it's just a rock formation, the low quality image and the shadows make it look like a face, but it's really not.

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>Xenos menace confirmed for real, wut do?
Calm down OP, it's just bacteria. What can some germs on another planet possibly do that would matter to us?

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I would tend to agree, though I do not know how likely it is. Data are lacking.

The Ponnerampuma experiment supports the hypothesis that, if we start with liquid water and have an ammonia/methane/carbon dioxide atmosphere and enough continuous energy input for a long enough time, complex chemistry and therefore carbon-based life are thermodynamically favored. But the sample size is rather small, and did Mars ever have much water? or any atmosphere to speak of? It seems like more of a sterile dry rockball with just the tiniest wisp of an atmosphere, which doesn't seem very promising for life. Life as we know it, anyway.

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I seem to recall reading that Mars has erosion patterns consistent with the presence of large quantities of flowing water in the past, which would suggest it had an atmosphere as well.

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The secret of Mars isn't what is there... but what we sent there.

Those "probes" and landers we sent there? They're fully sentient AIs... and criminals.

That's right, Mars is to Earth's secret AIs what Australia was to the British. A prison colony.

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Hey, uh, guys, weren't MAJESTIC supposed to keep this under wraps for us?

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All kinds of funky shit !

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> Captcha ate my necromorphs

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Yes, surely bacteria are nothing to worry about...

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Too soon.

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It's true.

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>that feel when you will never have a sexy goth girl with a plush cthluhu knock on your bedroom door

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/x/ kips with us now. She doesn't pay her half of the rent, she scares away our other friends (notice how /co/ and /m/ hardly call anymore) and she's messy as hell.

But damn if we aren't suckers for a girl in need.

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>Implying /b/ didn't rape /x/, kill her, rape the corpse, skin her, eat her innards, and take to wearing an /x/ suit while prancing around in her basement

Oddly, I somehow think that's how she would have wanted it to end.

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>implying /b/ didn't eat all the food in the fridge and pound itself on the head with a frying pan filled with its own shit while shouting "LOL KAWII DESU XD"

/b/ is more like that special kid in your class, than a serial killer, and you know it.

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>that's how she would have wanted it to end
I'm fairly certain /x/ can never truly die.

She's like a horror movie antagonist: Though her mortal body may have been slain and violated, her soul lives on and she will surely reincarnate from her phylactery in time for the sequel.

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Maybe, but without a body, only a pale reflection remains.... well... /x/-tan was always pale...so... translucent reflection?

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>Xenos menace confirmed for real,

Space lichen. Considering the cost of delta-V to Mars and back, not something we need worry about for awhile.

I'm actually old enough to remember the Viking missions, and basically they thought the tests might have shown life right off. They've been arguing back and forth about it ever since.

Mostly it's a semantic argument: do the complex, self-sustaining chemical processes they're seeing in that data actually count bas "life"?

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Oh god, some of these stories are NOPE.

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Well yeah, she'll just do creepy ghost shit like staring at you out of mirrors or haunt you in your dreams.

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Or the c'tan feeding on our sun last month.

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That's nothing in terms of San Diego horror.

I live there, and a few years ago thousands of squids simultaneously threw themselves up onto the beaches. Many of them were man-sized or larger. Some of them attacked people with their tentacles before they died. It was truly horrifying.

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I thought that was a hoax when it first showed up. Then someone posted a link to cameras that observe solar activity, and it was there. The end times are coming friends.

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I remember seeing that on the news.

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That was a sign of Cthulhu awakening. Enjoy your impending madness and doom.

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Well it is 2012, after all. We only have until the winter solstice.

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>Some of them attacked people with their tentacles before they died.
Yes, they "attacked" people with their tentacles...

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It's a hairless raccoon.

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Or a possum. I forget.

Point being, nothing scarey. Shit looks weird without hair sometimes.

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>shit looks weird without hair
I know. Who would guess this is really a human.

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Rarely have I seen a man so dedicated to his oath of BALD.

But really, there's live bacteria still clinging to the outside of the ISP, Terrestrial-origin bacterial growth was found on one of the Moon landers by a later lunar expedition, and there's evidence of microbial life in comets found startlingly often now that we know what to look for.

Microbial life on Mars is unsurprising. Higher definition photos of the Face on Mars and the Cydonia Complex have also shown them to be more random and less angular than old photos would have you believe.

Of course, the old photos keep in circulation, because they spark the imagination.

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>using an unproven method to draw conclusion
>desbelive proven method
>mathematical not chemical
This guy, miller, has no credibility.

This is a fluff peice that failing journalists do from time to time.

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>Higher definition photos of the Face on Mars and the Cydonia Complex have also shown them to be more random and less angular than old photos would have you believe.

There's still some debate over what fossils exactly show the very first microbes on Earth for this same reason.

Sometimes it's REALLY hard to tell the difference between someone that represents an actual living system and random, inorganic processes.

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