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Imperial guard image thread time?

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space marines: deepest cut stops bleeding within seconds
imperial guard: bleeding for day and not dying

which one is tougher huh?

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Neither. 40k is shit.

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Tougher? Doesn't matter whos tougher, whats important is who carries the day!

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God I hope Only War has rules for playing as Kriegers.

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up in this bitch

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anyone in this thread know where to get decent female Imperial Guard models?

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yes. best youll prolly get http://www.shadowforge.com.au/monk/index.html very bottom, two conversion kits that include torsos and heads, first set cadian, the other mixed+winter theme.

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thanks dude, much appreciated

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no problem, I had the same issue myself for the longest time.

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I miss these days.

I don't want IG to be mini-SMs but I do miss these days.

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This picture is the single most badass thing ever to come out of 40K

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Never enough Vostroyans

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Not ever.

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Still needs more.

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Vostroyans, now in 3D.

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my personal belief is Vostroyans + Krieger forces against any enemy will = complete asskicking

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give me that
a regiment of Catachan with Marbo

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The catachan regiment is there to cheer Marbo on and win bets.

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that and to do the bragging for him of course

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They started it, he intends to finish it! *cue epic music with pic scene.

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"Are you telling me that my entire host verses one man is a no win situation?!"

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"You send that many, don't forget one thing."
"A good supply of body bags."

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Since when do you ever keep silly pictures?

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Well, always, they just don't get posted as much. I'm not entirely convinced the first one's silly, though. It's just done in a cartoony style. I can totally see Guardsmen posing like that atop dead enemies for propaganda pictures.

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It's just that the only stuff I ever see you post is either official works or fanart that's both A) good and B) looks serious/neutral.

Like this

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Eh, sometimes I'll toss in a few less serious pieces into an image dump, just to mix things up a little.

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Traitors and weaklings

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Cowards as well. Don't forget that!

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ooo the ideas for only war are flowing so freely in this thread.

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>what the filename said
>what I meant to post
>what everyone saw

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>Tiny babby chainsword

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I gotta bail. Work's a bitch.

Enjoy, guys.

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I just want decent vehicle rules, and decent anti vehicle weapon rules, where a melta is able to actually spit on a higher armored ride without looking silly. As it stands, the best way to disable a vehicle is to blow a hole into it and kill the crew with a knife.

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I wonder if female Guardsmen are massive sluts like the women are in today's militaries.

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Commencing Valkyrie aerial insertion...

Prepare to drop!

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Because aparently the Elysian Drop Troops can't figure out how to shoot a meltagun without a stabilizers.

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Going to be made into noseart for my Vendetta I'm currently painting.

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Alternate version.

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Damn flood detection.

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Statistically, you will almost certainly die when assaulting a well-maintained fortress with a competent commander. You must strive to make your death useful.

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Warmill's in-progress Valkyrie VTOL conversion kit. I'll be ordering approx. ALL of these when they finally come out. They've been almost a year in development now :(

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Be swift and silent - as the breeze that crosses the dunes without stirring a grain of sand.

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Aerodynamic forces on that joint make me cringe.

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Is that a Lasgun with an underslung Lasgun?

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No no. It's a Lasgun with a flashlight attached.

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Da Sergeant Major asked me what my job was an' I said it was to, uh, do what I was told. He said I was a genius and gave me another medal. I likes da Imperial Guard!

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Y'know, 1e mentioned ogryn psykers being a thing.
Think about that.

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with a motherfucking BAYONET attatched!
don't forget that

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As do I, friend.

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No problem. We showed them skinny Eldar. Come on lads, says I, we're gonna go over there and bury them in their own holes, no worries. There was no worries about cover, 'cos there wasn't any cover. No worries about timing, 'cos us lads were first in. Easy as breakfast.
– Sergeant-Ogryn Graxugg, only survivor of an entire platoon

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Just hope they don't make them too underpowered if so.
They should start with Jaded for one... And something to do with lowering fear rating like one of the backgrounds in DH.

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Nah, soon as you're old enough you're sent to join the regiment. Colonel Stagler don't approve of educated men, says it was educated men that got Krieg bombed to shit in the first place. The colonel says that all a man needs to do is fight and die. That's the Krieg way.

>old enough is fifteen years old, by the way

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Fuck year Death Korps.

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By fifteen they should be dead or a Grenadier.

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Guess this should be asked in the WHFB thread.

Anyone read this? What's it like?

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Krieg isn't stupid.
They send you out when you're going to fight effectively. Twelve-year-olds are the ones being sent into the wastes to shoot at mutants.

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Get to twenty you make sergeant.

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Get to thirty and you are a coward who has not been trying hard enough - Summary Execution.

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I hate me webcam, but meh.

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So to make amends

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I just realized how bad that photo is, you cant even tell that there are 3 drop sentinals, 3 tauros venators, and that there all Elysians. My bad.

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Why don't you guys just play a better wargame? One that is better suited for what you obviously want/like, without the bullshit of 40k and spess mehreenz.

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So... 40k?

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Who says I don't like Space Marines?
What, I'm not allowed to like both?

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You know, thinking about Imperial Guard has reminded me how thankful I was that DoW got lasguns right.

They shoot lasers, which move at the speed of light. There's no projectile, there's just a line drawn between you and your target, for the briefest of moments, and then the afterimage left in your eyes from the flash.

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Better than Dan Abnett.
Who had a guy using a longlas ADJUST FOR WIND.

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>can afford an elysian army with a wing of valks
>can't afford a decent camera

That actually makes a lot of sense

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Hey man, maybe the wind was blowing really hard... and... shaking the gun or something.

I got nothing. You got a page or book for that? I own the Gaunt's Ghosts series, and I never caught that myself.

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I don't even remember. There are thirteen goddamn books.

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I'm mortified that none has yet posted The Commissar

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Women: Bleed for a week every month and don't die
When light passes from air to a glass block, it changes velocity, and bends somewhat.

Different windspeeds at different parts of the path cause different air pressures along the path, meaning the light beam will refract and shit as it passes from one pressure to another.

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rough rider alternatives!!!

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Dapper muthafucka aren't they?

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Why is that man wearing a sash over his chef's costume?
And why do none of them have large why poofy hats?

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Speaking of ogryns, how tall and how much do you (/tg/) think they weigh? Im thinking that each arm and leg is as large as a full grown man and more massive, so say, 100 kgs each, and that maybe 3-4 fully grown men would make up their torso, so about 200-350 kgs more.
Would an approximate weight of 500-800 kg and a height of 3-4 meters (give or take half a meter) be somewhat correct? I am basing this assumption on what I remember of ogryns and regular guardsmen standing side by side.

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Ogryns are 2.5-3 meters tall and stocky.

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Stated as 8-9 feet tall.

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