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Age of Exploration Builder

This is similar to other nation builders, except you will take charge of a viceroyalty colonizing the New World!

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Still happily accepting new players!

App: -
Viceroyalty Name: (e.g. Vinland, Canada, Platinea, etc)
Nation: (Choose one of the European nations (except Swabia) to be associated with)
Starting Region: (Where your first colony lands, either paint one province on the map, or do your best to describe it - it should be coastal and eastern, or in Africa)

A summary of the nations attributes can be found here.

Always namefag as your Viceroyalty name.
The only person who will actually be changing the map is me. Using the map as an example of what you want to do is fine but only my map is official.

>> No.18726765

Actions - To take an action simply state what it is you want to do and then roll a d100. You may take 3 actions per turn. After posting your set of actions you must wait for the next map update to post another set of actions. Armies and fleets can move and fight without you expending actions. Relevant bonuses will be accumulated, and will affect actions as I choose. I will inform you in each update of what actions were successful (and to what degree, where relevant) as a result. Wealth can be spent to bolster action rolls, at a 1:1 ratio.

Population: Each player starts with 1000 colonists. Each population milestone (the first is 10,000, then 25,000, then every 25,000 thereafter) allows you to claim an additional province. Each province you control gives you a trade good, which I will announce for on demand. Some trade goods offer bonuses to actions, all can be traded with other viceroyalties, or better yet, the homeland, in exchange for more wealth.

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Trade Goods: Several goods can add bonuses, and almost all have a value in wealth when sold to the homeland. List following: -
Grain: +750 population/turn per resource.
Wood: Allows you one maintenance free squadron per resource. Value: 3
Iron: Allows you one maintenance free army per resource. Value: 3
Stone: +5 to rolls to actions regarding buildings. (stacks up to +15) Value: 3
Copper: +1 to all combat rolls (stacks up to 3). Value: 5
Fur: Has certain effects related to negative events. Value: 6
Sugar: Value: 8
Tobacco: Value: 10
Spices: 10
Silver: Value: 12
Gold: Value: 12
Slaves: 2,500 population/turn per resource.

Each turn you may sell a number of your goods to your homeland equal to the number of convoys you own. (E.g. with 5 convoys, you could sell 3 gold and 2 silver, if you had those goods to sell). If you do so, you lose that resource’s benefit in the following turn.

This does *not* use an action, like moving military units.

If you do so, I will continue the action each turn until circumstances change or you instruct otherwise.

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rolled 47, 1, 37 = 85

Smithington Colony of the mighty Saxons reporting in.

>> No.18726792

Units: Units can be made without using up actions, and do not require rolls to be created.

Each army costs 6 wealth to train, and 2 wealth per turn to maintain.
Each squadron (naval unit) costs 6 wealth to build, and 3 wealth per turn to maintain.
Each convoy costs 4 wealth to build, and 1 wealth per turn to maintain.

Roll xd10+y in combat, where x is the number of armies or squadrons involved, and y is any relevant bonuses (such as copper or excellent generals). Each roll of a 1 causes you to lose a squadron/army, and participant with the lowest score loses a quarter of their engaged force.

Convoys must be used to ferry armies to enemies you don’t share a border with. Each convoy can carry 1 army. If you win a naval battle against an enemy, for each 5 you win by, you may destroy an enemy convoy in addition to the losses you inflict upon their fleet.

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Accepting applications, I will invite people to start taking turns at 5pm EST, (15 minutes)

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Italian Confederacy
South-East of the Hudson Bay

The Hinaltra are desended from the Negandra family and have broke off from the many wars of their home to prosper in this new land. They have a rich tradition of military excellence as well as a murky history from their beginnings of subterfuge. Their motto is "As the Dragon We Strike!"

rolled 60, 74, 77 = 211

1. Encourage population growth (+13)
2. Improve the university (+3)
3. Encourage population growth (+13)

Pop: 5,500
Wealth : 32 (+7)
Fur: +6
Roads: +1
Armies: 0
Fleets: 0
Convoys: 1

Upkeep : 0

Armies: 0 x 2 (0 free)
Squadron: 0 x 4 (0 free)
Convoys: 1 x 1 (1 free)


Fur : 6

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The Vice-royalty of New Saxony has taken up home in Massachusetts where it makes the World's Best Beer(tm) and very little else.

>> No.18727133

The Vice-royalty of New Saxony has taken up home in Massachusetts where it makes the World's Best Beer(tm) and very little else.

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Viceroyalty Name: Rafnirheim
Nation: Iceland
Starting Region: North American East Coast right between Viceroyalty Von Neue Sachsen and Decimus

It is time to colonize and bring back resources for the homeland.

>> No.18727194

rolled 77, 8, 5 = 90

The governor of Neue Sachsen, Viktor von Helstrum, arrives on the docks of New Saxony with all the pomp and festival denoting his station; which is to say there was no pomp and celebration. Immediately the governor went to work.

1. Encourage immigration. Neue Sachsen is a beautiful land and open too! Free ten acres to anyone willing to settle.
2. Sell our beer. Considering its pretty much all we make we had best corner the market on it.
3. Try to find and get the furry creature in the words. We will have furs.

>> No.18727246


You start with 5,000 population, grain as a resource, and 30 wealth, feel free to take actions.

>> No.18727274

rolled 55, 1, 95 = 151

Act 1) Continue to develop our gold mining.

Act 2) Work on our defences, I get the feeling our native neighbors won't be sleeping forever.

Act 3) Encourage more colonization.

>> No.18727316

Viceroyalty Name: Anglandia
Nation: Anglica
Starting Region: Nothern America, really northern

>> No.18727341

rolled 11, 45, 78 = 134

>Population 5,000
>Wealth 30
>Resources: Grain
We have made landfall and have begun our colony. We must prepare ourselves for this new and untamed land.

0) Train an army -6 Wealth(24 remaining)
1) Gather Grain for the homeland
2) Train the troops
3) Build Walls

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New player app!

Viceroyalty Name: The Sultanate of Chessepioc
Nation: The Sultanate of Mauretania
Starting Region: The eastern shore/mouth of the Chesapeake Bay

>> No.18727422

rolled 45, 29, 60 = 134

1. See is there are natives in this area. Don't make contact unless they do, in this case be friendly.
2. Figure out what usefull resources we have.
3. Secure a source of food.

>> No.18727440

Dangit, ninja'd for Chesapeake. Alright, reapplication!

>The Sultanate of Ajaf
>Sultanate of Mauretania
>Louisiana's "toe"

>> No.18727455


1. Build a proper port
2. Assess local resources
3. Scout for signs of indigienous inhabitants

>> No.18727461

rolled 100, 42, 2 = 144

forgot my rolls

>> No.18727469

A *lot* of new immigrants arrive.
Your university starts going up rapidly (+40 to next roll for a university)
New Pop: 8,760 - New Treasury: 39

Many new immigrants arrive. (You don't need to use actions to sell goods, 1 convoy can just sell 1 good, full stop.)
New Population: 6,460 - New Wealth: 30

You build a small gold mine - +1 wealth/turn
Many new immigrants arrive.
New Population: 5,600 - New Wealth: 14

You raise one army.
The troops are... Well, they're professional, at least. You construct a palisade around the town. (+1 to combat rolls at capital)
New Population: 5,750 - New Wealth: 24

Ok, I'll handle newer apps, and new actions can be posted.

>> No.18727489

>> No.18727504

rolled 64, 68, 97 = 229

1. Encourage population growth (+13)
2. Improve the university (+43)
3. Improve the roads in my province. (+3)

>> No.18727509

rolled 81, 69, 55 = 205

Governor von Helstrum sends out scouting parties to get an accurate topography of the Neue Sachsen landscape. In the mean time he also put forth efforts to expand the current merchant fleet.

Raise 2 convoys. Sell 3 ships full of delicious Neue Sachsen Ale!
1. Scout out Neue Sachsen
2. Continue efforts to encourage immigration (+1)
3. Construct a proper port.

>> No.18727530

rolled 70, 75, 70 = 215

>Population 5,750
>Wealth 24
>Armies 1
We need more people if we are to seize this land, send message home that we have found a land with good soil that stretches as far as the eye can see.

1) Send for colonists
2) Grow grain for the homeland
3) Send the army west/south-west to scout the land

>> No.18727545

rolled 53, 83, 68 = 204

Act 0) Build 2 Fleets (-2 Wealth)
Act 1) Send those fleets back to Saxony, laden with our gold!

Act 2) Encourage New Immigrants

Act 3) Try to establish proper farms.

>> No.18727553


You start with 5,000 population, 30 wealth, and your first good is sugar.

Smithington - Your town has been approached by dark-skinned Indians. Your people do not share a language, what do you do?

a) Drive them off!
b) Let them watch
c) Try to trade with them

>> No.18727557

uhhh....chief? Forgotten, or merely not-in before the turn deadline?

>> No.18727564

Yeah definitely ninja'd. I am slowpoke today.

>> No.18727569


I was writing turns when you posted, I'll handle them as part of this turn.

>> No.18727578

Viceroyalty Name: Commonwealth of Avalon
Nation: Brythain
Starting Region: Falkland Islands

>> No.18727587 [DELETED] 

rolled 18, 6, 53 = 77

We attempt to pantomime that we mean them no harm, offering them a bit of our rations to try and foster good relations.

...We were talking smack to ourselves earlier, but we're willing to not start a conflict if they don't.

>> No.18727611

rolled 42, 55, 87 = 184

We go with choice C

>> No.18727616

too late to get in on this?

>> No.18727644


>> No.18727648

this is a new app by the way.

>> No.18727649

rolled 35, 5, 18 = 58

1. Cut down some trees.
2. Find Injuns.
3. Make a stone quarry.

>> No.18727727

Viceroyalty Name: Emirate of Rabat-Oeste
Nation: Sultanate of Mauritania
Starting Region: Puerto Rico

>> No.18727876

There are natives, but they appear to be scarce in number - you are already starting to grow beyond their numbers.
You have little fertile land for grain, here. There are also plentiful woods inland. There are many small furry creatures suitable for trapping.
You redouble efforts to establish grain production, bringing in a baby boom, 1,200 extra population.
New Pop: 6,200 - New Wealth: 31

You quickly build up a bustling trade port (supports 1 maintenance free squadron, 1 free maintenance free convoy)
You establish that the site is ideal for a sugar plantation.
You are sure there are numerous indians here, but they seem to avoid your explorers at every turn.
New Pop: 5,000 - New Wealth: 31

1. 1,520 new immigrants arrive.
2. You finish construction of your university (the +3 bonus to d100 rolls becomes permanent!)
3. You continue to expand your road network, gaining +2 wealth/turn instead of 1!
New Pop: 10,280 - New Wealth: 47
You can now choose a new province to expand in to! Please denote which one.

Neue Sachsen is very thoroughly scouted, granting you a permanent +2 to combat in your capital. Your neighbouring provinces are most likely to produce wood, or grain.
1,400 more men arrive.
You build a small port to outfit ships (Allows 1 maintenance free squadron)
New Pop: 7,860 - New Wealth: 35

Your population rapidly inflates by a further 2,900.
Your men establish that there are few natives, and the unsettled land may have stone, and if not, has plentiful trees for logging.
New Pop: 9,400 - New Wealth: 23

>> No.18727884


We discussed this post -
You build 1 convoy, and begin selling your gold.
The homeland is delighted with the discovery, dispatching an additional 6 gold to help fund your colony.
1,660 new immigrants arrive.
You manage to set up some basic farms, providing 100 pop/turn.
You fail to trade with the natives, however it seems your peaceful intentions have at least saved you from fighting with them. For now.
New Pop: 7,260 - New Wealth: 33

In what can only be described as a 'disappointing' few years, nothing happens.
New Population: 6,200 - New Wealth: 32

Ok, sorry about the slow turns, but hey, lots of rules clarifications were done.

I'll handle applications next, feel free to post actions, everyone else. I'll get to them. Eventually.

>> No.18727935

rolled 55, 45, 62 = 162

Expanding west.

1. I enlarge my port. The new province means new trade.
2. I encourage population growth.
3 I build an academy of science.

>> No.18727941

rolled 86, 78, 13 = 177

With the territory of Massachusetts scouted out the Governor sends out another scouting party to map the area around he colony as well, and discover what resources are available o use. He also continues the practice of selling ale to the mainland and encouraging immigration to Neue Sachsen.

Sell ale.
1. Encourage immigration (+1)
2. Construct road posts and stations inside of the province to link the towns and farms to the capitol city of New Brandenburg.
3. Scout out the provinces around Massachusetts.

>> No.18727947

Expanding west.

1. +3
2. +13
3. +3

>> No.18727958

rolled 47, 76, 27 = 150

1) Continue getting more people in.

2) Expand our gold operations, we need to get in deeper.

3) Hmm...more people!

>> No.18727966


You start with 5,000 population, 30 wealth, your first resource is grain, feel free to post actions.

Ditto, except your first resource is sugar.

>> No.18727985

rolled 58, 77, 47 = 182

>Current Pop. 5,000
>Current Wealth: 31
>Current Resources: 1 Sugar

0) Take advantage of the Port of New Tangier and build one Naval Squadron and one Convoy (-10 Wealth)
0) Sell Sugar w/ Convoy (+8 wealth)
1) Send envoys to the home sultanates to encourage further migration
2) Seek out these elusive tribesmen for trade and diplomacy
3) Build a mill to refine the sugar cane into more valuable by-products

>> No.18727989

rolled 67, 24, 94 = 185

>Population 9,400
>Wealth 23
>Armies 1
Natives? We must investigate these people, are they warriors? Are they strong worker? Are they great thinkers? Are they rich? We must know more before we can decide how to deal with them.

1) Grow grain for the homeland
2) Train and prepare the troops for fighting the natives
3) Study the natives without being seen

>> No.18727994

rolled 61, 42, 88 = 191

1. Up the fur "production".
2. Dig for iron!
3. Dig for stone!

>> No.18728023

I build a second convoy for my second shipment of fur and I begin to ship it home immediately (-4 wealth) (+6 wealth a turn) (-1 upkeep)

>> No.18728027

rolled 45, 46, 3 = 94

1) Encourage immigration
2) Recruit a unit of colonial infantry
3) Search for natives

>> No.18728083

rolled 48, 56, 62 = 166

Herp, just realized that units can be created without actions, so this instead.
0) Recruit a unit of colonial infantry
1) Encourage immigration
2) Search for natives
3) Construct a mill for that grain

>> No.18728132

5,000 pop, 30 wealth, sugar,

The Emirate of Rabat-Oeste, having landed in Bahia del Cid, decides to take the following actions:

Units: Create 1 Squadron, 1 Convoy [-10 gold, -4/turn]
Use the Convoy to send sugar back to Mauretania proper, use the squadron to protect the Convoy.

1) Encourage immigration to Rabat-Oeste, emphasize the fact that we have land and trade goods to the poor Sultanate.
2) Research ways to turn sugar cane into other products in Rabat-Oeste [processed sugar, molasses, rum]
3) Build a seaport in Rabat-Oeste befitting it's role as the crown jewel of Mauretanian expansion into the New World.

>> No.18728151

forgot your rolls.

>> No.18728163

rolled 21, 85, 47 = 153

forgot my rolls.

There's only room for one rum-making sultanate on this continent, buddy.

>> No.18728189

And according to your rolls there's only room for one totally-kickass sultanate seaport, you cousin of a sand-eating retard-camel!

>> No.18728332

You are now allowed 1 maintenance free convoy, 1,160 new immigrants arrive, you expand your university with a wing dedicated to natural scientists. (+1 to all rolls relating to adopting technology)
New Pop: 11,440 - New Wealth: 58

1,740 new immigrants arrive, you start building a servicable road network (+1 wealth/turn)
Construct road posts and stations inside of the province to link the towns and farms to the capitol city of New Brandenburg. Your neighbouring provinces are most likely to produce grain, wood, or stone.
New Pop: 9,600 - New Wealth: 40

1,480 new men arrive, you expand your mines further! (+3 wealth/turn instead of 1),
Population: 8,900 - Treasury: 48

1,160 new souls arrive, you track down large numbers of the natives (results of this pending in a later post), your mill is started, but progress is slow (+25 to next attempt to build a mill)
Population: 6,160 - Treasury: 30

You dispatch a shipment of grain to the homeland. Seemingly in thanks, a wave of 1,340 new immigrants arrive. Your men are still just 'professional', sadly. You begin to observe the native habits (results pending in a following post)
Population: 10,740 - Treasury: 22
(You can choose a new province!)

More answers in a moment.

>> No.18728336


Viceroyalty Name: Novye Svenska
Nation: Great Principality of Ankarasvensk
Starting Region: Argentina somewhere

We have seen that the Saxons have launched for this new world. Inferior as they might be, we must perceive their reason and therefore we ship to the new world to beat the puny Saxons.

>> No.18728340


960 new souls arrive, Your search for natives led to... Well, nothing. (Results pending, as per others), you build a mill, making grain processing much easier (+150 pop/turn)
Population: 5,960 - Treasury: 23

A meagre 420 souls arrive, your people quickly learn that sugar can be distilled, like grain, to create alcohol! (Consider taking action to build a distillery!), and fearfully, your harbours are wrecked by storms, you shall have to try again.
Population: 5,420 - Treasury: 17

Again, I'll have to apologise for the lack of speed. But hey, quality, not quantity, etc.

>> No.18728353

rolled 25, 33, 84 = 142

We will see who brings more honor to the true Sultan, you scorpion addled son of a Frenchman.

Is that a Slavikan colony in Africa? Do they have slaves? Can I buy them?

>> No.18728408

rolled 71, 44, 100 = 215

Act 1) People, get over here!

Act 2) Make overtures to the natives, make a show of our plenty and our willingness to share.

Act 3) More People!

>> No.18728410


You start with Population: 5,000, Treasury: 30, and your first resource is wood.

Going to handle the many interactions with natives next.

>> No.18728425

rolled 86, 67, 41 = 194

Governor Viktor von Helstrum walks the streets of New Brandenburg and his chest swells with pride. It is a bustling city with an active port and ships filling the harbor.

"There is wood out there," he says to his daughter, a young girl of twelve by the name of Hildegard Oberst von Helstrum. "Saxony entrusted us with with the New World, hildegard. The Reichkonig himself gave our family control over this land. Saxony isn't interested in it, because ale does not win wars and make Saxony strong, but ships... Listen to me, Hilde. We will have ships, and Neue Sachsen will be the engine that pushes Saxony into being a naval superpower."

1. Encourage immigration.
2. Expand the port.
3. Construct facilities for ship construction.

>> No.18728451

rolled 63, 52, 1 = 116

Pop: 5,420
Wealth: 17

Free: Continue selling sugar to Mauretania [+8 wealth]
1) Take action to build a distillery and god-willing, create the New World's finest rum in Rabat-Oeste.
2) To increase immigration, establish a version of the Homestead Act where each new proper Muslim immigrant can receive 40 acres of land.
3) Search the lands outside of the city of Rabat-Oeste for natives.

shame about the port, though.

>> No.18728471


1) Encourage Population Growth
2) Built Port
3) Built a convoy

>> No.18728472

rolled 46, 13, 40 = 99

oh christ, a natural 1?

I'm going to get killed by Tainos, aren't I?

>> No.18728491

rolled 45, 67, 53 = 165

1. Encourage pop. growth (+13)
2. Expand the roads (+3)
3. Construct a military academy (+3)

>> No.18728503

rolled 19 = 19

Forgot the roll

>> No.18728516

rolled 19, 73, 97 = 189

>Pop: 6160
>Wealth: 30
>Resources: 1 Sugar
>Mil: 1 Navy, 1 Convoy

0) Sell Sugar! (+8 Wealth)
1) Build that Mill, dangit (+25 bonus)
2) Encourage colonists to fish the Gulf to support the growing population
3) Find more willing immigrants

>> No.18728528

rolled 10 + 1 = 11

You observe that small groups of natives have begun settling a few miles from your new capital. Their intentions are unclear, as of yet.

The natives are not very numerous, seem primarily concerned with basic agriculture, and hunter-gatherer society. They seem to barter primarily in leathers and grains. They appear to be very peaceful.

Your explorers have established the isles are utterly unpopulated other than for your people.

>> No.18728552

I shall bribe them with lots of nice trade goods. (Let's say...-5 Wealth?)

>> No.18728556


Yes it is, and - try making it an action and find out!
Starting to answer turns after this, that long, long wait.

>> No.18728569

rolled 57, 8, 19 = 84

Christ, i'll just retake my actions... forgot 2 rules


1) Encourage Population Growth
2) Built Port
3) Built Convoy

>> No.18728586

rolled 30, 89, 92 = 211

>Your explorers have established the isles are utterly unpopulated other than for your people.
>Population: 5,960 - Treasury: 23 Resource: Grain
1) Expand agriculture
2) Send word to the homeland that these islands are completely devoid of human life other than the settlers, ripe for full settlement.
3) Construct a port

>> No.18728618

rolled 57, 42, 75 = 174

>Population 10,740
>Wealth 22
>Armies 1
Fellow colonists of Rafnirheim, our colony have grown well lately and I'm proud to announce that we will expand. Our explorers have found a good place for us to settle with lots of opportunities for profit and adventure. So go forth and claim your destiny!

0) Expand west towards the natives
1) Grow grain for the homeland
2) Train and prepare the troops for fighting the natives
3) Build walls around the new colony

4) Use army to enslave the natives(roll in next post)

>> No.18728629

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.18728911

Native results pending, and a terrifying 5,420 new souls arrive in the colony!
Population: 14,420 - Treasury: 63
(Choose new province!)

1,720 new souls arrive. Your port now also maintains 1 free convoy, Your shipyard is being built rather slowly (+25 to next roll)
Population: 11,320 - Treasury: 46
(Choose new province!)

You build a distillery. You no longer produce sugar. You produce rum. (Value 10), which you begin selling immediately! You get Homestead Act! (+3 to immigration rolls, permanently) Native results pending.
Population: 5,420 - Treasury: 24

1,160 souls arrive! Your road network is paved over, allowing quick travel throughout your lands. (They now provide 3w/turn) You begin construction of a military academy (+40 to next roll).
Population: 11,440 - Treasury: 73

Attempts to finish the mill are stalled by poor weather (retain the +25 bonus for next roll), You establish a fishery, providing 150 pop/turn. 1,940 new souls arrive!
Population: 8,250 - Treasury: 39

1,140 new souls arrive. you get a convoy (no need to roll, just costs 3 wealth, and 1/turn after)
Population: 6,140 - Treasury: 27

Your work is harder than expected, the rough terrain and stormy seas hamper your work. 1,880 new souls arrive! You build a large port, capable of maintaining a free convoy, and a free squadron.
Population: 8,740 - Treasury: 22

1,140 new souls arrive! No amount of training seems to impact upon your troops. Your expand your palisade with a stake line and ditch, making your capital more durable. (+2 to combat here instead of 1)
Population: 12,380 - Treasury: 21

>> No.18728947

rolled 50, 31, 11 = 92

Act 1) Cultivate the tobacco native to our new province, our homeland shall appreciate the the new pipe fodder.

Act 2) Population Boost

Act 3) Population Boost

>> No.18728954

rolled 64, 7, 39 = 110

1. Encourage pop. growth (+13)
2. Create a grand theater (+3)
3. Construct a military academy (+43)

>> No.18728966

rolled 4, 1 + 1 = 6

You manage some basic communication. The natives request that you allow an enclave of their people to live and learn amongst yours. They invite you to reciprocate, should you accept.

"The pale men come for our very lives! We must fight, my brothers!" (Rollan')

>> No.18728986

rolled 7, 49, 94 = 150

>Population: 8,740 - Treasury: 22 Resource: Grain
0) Build convoy
1) Encourage Immigrants
2) Search for whales
3) Encourage even more immigrants

>> No.18728991

rolled 70, 63, 41 = 174

We welcome the chance to learn from you and for you to learn from us. May our peoples benefit greatly from this exchange.

>> No.18728995


Your men are killed. Taking almost half of the tribe's warriors with them, incensed by your treachery, they attack the town. Since you've no defenders, you score a flat +2 from the town's defenses.

>> No.18728997

rolled 9, 60, 78 = 147

The influx of new immigrants has lead to the expansion of the colony, and the foundation of the city Meissen. In the heavily wooded territory work begins on logging.

Selling ale.
1. Build the shipyard. (+10 wealth, +25 production)
2. Begin logging operations and construct a large facility to make the process easier. (+15 wealth)
3. Open up the waters of the Atlantic to fishing vessels.

>> No.18729004

rolled 6 = 6


>> No.18729010

rolled 89, 80, 14 = 183

To: Sultanate of Ajaf:

Instead of crossing the dangerous Atlantic to sell your sugar to Mauretania proper, how about you bring it to Rabat-Oeste instead? We'll buy it for the same 8 you get from Mauretania.

>> No.18729014

rolled 49, 55, 32 = 136

>pop: 8250 (+150/turn)
>wealth: 39 (+1/turn)
>resources: 1 Sugar
0) Sell Sugar (+8 Wealth)
1) The cursed mill must be built! We cannot allow those Rabati scum to monopolize the market for sugar products. (+25 bonus)
2) Sending the envoy with the bribes out among the natives to build goodwill (-5 Wealth)
3) Seeing as so many from our homeland accepted our offer, we must continue to attract colonists.

>> No.18729031

rolled 54, 73, 88, 27 + 4 = 246

The Indians manage to break their way through the caravan, and butcher 4d100 + 400 colonists, and pillaging 4d6 wealth's worth of goods.

>> No.18729061


I imagine you'll want to fight back in this turn.

You lost 640 pop, and 16 wealth. (5 wealth remaining)

>> No.18729063

rolled 63, 56, 27 = 146

>Instead of crossing the dangerous Atlantic to sell your sugar to Mauretania proper, how about you bring it to Rabat-Oeste instead?
>We cannot allow those Rabati scum to monopolize the market for sugar products

I'm guessing that's a no.

I'm waiting to see how the native exploration went before I take my turn...

>> No.18729114

rolled 1, 6 = 7


And, yes, it's your turn to fight injuns now. Since you have no army, and no defenses, your natural 1 is going to sting quite badly.

The natives, it seems are cannibals, and follow your men back to the capital. With no defenses, and no troops, it quickly becomes a slaughter.

>> No.18729142

rolled 9 = 9

rolling 1d10, even though I don't have an army. Good luck, brave colonists.

>> No.18729154

Avalon extends its condolences to those of Rafnirheim suffering from savages. Home is only where all savages are gone.

>> No.18729156

rolled 52, 27, 40, 56, 80, 15, 61 + 7 = 338


The Indians manage to slaughter their way through the town, and murder or abduct 7d100 + 700 colonists, and pillaging 7d6 wealth's worth of goods.

Despite the lack of real weapons, the colonists manage to resist somewhat, killing many of their attackers with scythes, hammers, and the like.

>> No.18729175


1,030 colonists are killed, and all of your wealth is plundered.

>> No.18729183

rolled 89, 65, 38 = 192

>Population 11,740
>Wealth 5
>Armies 0
"Great ruler of Iceland, it seems that this new land has more dangers than we first anticipated. In a stroke of terrible luck the natives have bested our armies and raided our coffers, without aid we will surely perish. If need be it I shall conscript the farmers and we will all go to Valhalla to defend our homes, but if you can send us aid, be it weapons and wealth or strong soldiers then we may pull through and resume our quest to provide for the homeland.

-Javmoj, caretaker of the Ragnirheim colony"

1) Form farmer militia for defence
2) Request help from home (Soldiers)
3) Request help from home (Money)

>> No.18729216

rolled 61, 67, 78 = 206


0,33) I shall compose a fine symphony to show the elegance in which we conquer this barbarian land.
0,66) I shall sent forth a request for a quartet to perform my symphony, which is now downgraded into a sonate, due to lack of instruments. I shall pay with my own family fund, if possible
1) The Great Nation of Svenska will build a mighty army. Build one army.
2) Built a second convoy, while the first convoy travels with instruments, wood, grain and what else to sell to the flourishing economy of the principality.
3) I shall comprise ramparts to hold of barbarians, if they should occur (I do not go looking)

I will roll everything just in case.

>> No.18729223


Gunpowder technology has been refined to the point where it has obsoleted almost all other infantry warfare tactics!
Each player now has a project: Adopt Gunpowder technology, progress for which is currently 0/10.

Starting from next turn, actions towards this rolling 50+ will progress this number!

The benefit for doing so is secret... For now.

>> No.18729298

rolled 1, 84, 27 = 112

Population: 4,390
Wealth: 0
Resources: Rum [1]
Units: Convoy [1], Squadron [1] [-4 wealth]

Units: Convoy and Squadron to Mauretania to sell Rum [+10 wealth]

1) Along with the next Rum shipment, the Emir of Rabat-Oeste will return to Mauretania to request armed troops to protect our town from the savage Tainos. [beg for help]
2) Rally the citizens to build a defensive wall around the town
3) Ask for more citizens to replace the lost martyrs [+3 roll/immigration]

Jeez, those natives weren't playing.

>> No.18729338

>the Emir of Rabat-Oeste will return to Mauretania by sea
>rolled 1

>> No.18729366

rolled 29, 11, 91 = 131

oh god another natural 1

This colonization effort is going the way of the Darien Scheme.

captcha: etchtse displeased

why yes, I am displeased captcha.

>> No.18729457

rolled 19, 52, 38 = 109

there's only one way this can end

>> No.18729462

Guess who you're gonna meet....

>> No.18729482

I'd like to add that I want my army loaded upon that convoy as soon as it's complete.

>> No.18729486

rolled 5, 7, 6, 6, 6 = 30

I raise 3 armies, 2 navies and 5 convoys and attack the smallest colony of Brythain.

(-50 wealth) -11 per turn

>> No.18729537

eh? You're going to send your troops across the entire length of the atlantic just to take the Falklands?
Does transporting troops take time?

>> No.18729574

It's the small island off the coast of canada that I'm sending them at. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Partially discussed in chat.

>> No.18729596

rolled 46, 55, 88 = 189

there's an irc? link?

>> No.18729623

rolled 8, 88, 59 = 155


>> No.18729666

rolled 95, 10, 25 = 130

Those Falklands have and always shall be property of Anglia. Even if we leave for vacation for 3 years.

>> No.18729744

You begin harvesting tobacco, and can trade it forthwith. 840 new souls arrive.
Population: 15,360 - Treasury: 78

1,520 new souls arrive. Your Grand Theater unfortunately was snowed over in the winter, and rotted came spring. You complete your academy, giving you +5 to all combat rolls (not per army)
Population: 12,960 - Treasury: 88

1,980 souls arrive. Your men can affirm there are whales around these isles, but can't pin down where they congregate. (Try again).
Population: 11,560 - Treasury: 16
(Choose a new province!)

Production of your shipyard is stalled. (Retain +25 bonus, good use of wealth)
You set up a large logging camp. However, since it resides outside of your lands, it may be in danger... (You now have wood). You establish fisheries, granting 150pop/turn/
Population: 11,470 - Treasury: 42

You finally finish building the mill, granting +1 wealth/turn. By Allah that was hard work. Native roll pending. 640 immigrants arrive.
Population: 9,040 - Treasury: 44

You arrange a system of minutemen, giving you a further +1 to combat in the capital. The king, disappointed in news from the colonies, but eager to see them grow, dispatches 5 wealth, and, without men to spare, instead sends you a skilled gunsmith. (+3 progress on gunpowder)
Population: 13,240 - Treasury: 11

More coming.

>> No.18729779

You sing a song. You don't need to roll to raise units, it costs wealth, check the rules plix. You fortify your capital with a palisade, granting +1 to combat rolls at the capital.
Population: 6,140 - Treasury: 18

These are black days for Rabat-Oeste. The Emir is lost at sea, and the sugar he sailed with is lost. (No money from it is gained this turn.) You surround the capital with a palisade (+1 combat rolls @ capital). 600 new immigrants arrive to re-fill the town. Luckily, the cannibals leave your people be.
Population: 4,990 - Treasury: 0

>> No.18729810

>Population: 11,560 - Treasury: 16
0) The new colony will be the island south of west africa
0) The convoy will ferry the army to the new colony from the start
1) Search for whales
2) Construct palisades
3) Encourage fisheries

>> No.18729812

rolled 90, 69, 68 = 227

1. Begin to import the knowledge of gunpowder.
2. Encourage pop. growth
3. Continue to build the grand theater

>> No.18729825

1. +4
2. +13
3. +3

>> No.18729827

rolled 34, 99, 24 = 157

Sorry, forgot to roll.

>> No.18729835

rolled 6 + 2 = 8


The Sulian colonists make their best effort, but are most certainly doomed.

>> No.18729865

rolled 39, 32, 66 = 137

>Population 13,240
>Wealth 11
>Armies 0
>Gunpowder 3/10
Our hope lies in the gunpowder, we must equip our men with it and make sure we can make our own. All men who are not providing food or safety must do everything they can to equip our new axes with gun barrels and start up the gunpowder production.

0) Train an army (-6 wealth, 5 remaining)
1) Make Gun Axes (Gunpowder progress)
2) Make Gunpowder factory (Gunpowder progress)
3) Develop strategies for better fighting the natives

>> No.18729887

The Sulian town is at your mercy, what do you with it?

>> No.18729919

Ajaf, the local indians accept a missionary in to their ranks from your town, and offer you gifts of 8 wealth.

>> No.18729925

rolled 21, 52, 66 = 139

Pop: 4,990
Wealth: 0
Resources: Rum [1]
Units: Convoy [1], Squadron [1]

Tragedy befalls the Rabat Alcohol fleet as they sail into a hurricane. Most of the fleet returns to Rabat-Oeste, but the fleet with the Emir is lost forever. The mayor is appointed the new Emir.

Movement: Sugar to Mauretania

1)Try to influence homesteaders to immigrate [+3]
2)Try to influence homesteaders to immigrate [+3]
3)Research the mysteries of gunpowder as a way to stop the Taino

>> No.18729928

rolled 49, 68, 23 = 140

Building a second tobacco fleet to send back home.

Act 1) People!

Act 2) Research Gunpowder

Act 3) Let's get some more people!

>> No.18729983

rolled 1, 97, 22 = 120

"News from Europe, my Lord Governor."

"I see, so gunpowder has become the king of the battlefield. This only strengthens our cause. Continue with the construction of the shipyard, and commission a new cannon foundry."

Raise one fleet.
1. Shipyard construction (+25, +5 wealth)
2. Cannon foundry construction (+5 wealth)
3. Encourage immigration (+1)

>> No.18730007

rolled 50, 55, 40 = 145

The administration and government of Rasalhague, the burgeoning colony of the great Republic of Norrland, have devised a new set of actions with which to bring more people to the new world.

The Viceroyalty of Rasalhague are offering not just land, but wealth to any willing colonists in Norrland tempted to make a new life in the new world. [Spend 10 wealth to attract immigrants]

In addition, Rasalhague sees great possibilities in the rich and fertile soils of the land, a convoy of ships will be purchased, and farm animals, particularly cattle, will be bought and transported to the new colony. [Spend 4 wealth on convoy, spend 4 wealth on cattle/farmstead construction]

Finally, the Viceroyalty of Rasalhague seeks to establish a church presence in the colonies, a letter to the pope has been written to ask of his blessings. [3 wealth spent establishing a church]

>> No.18730016

With the colony under my control I give them option of either surrendering and swearing to follow me or being enslaved

>> No.18730053

Given the option of servitude or servitude, the towns folk choose servitude. (You gain the province, with the trade good wood, 7,200 population, and 9 wealth)

>> No.18730122

With the raid over with I dismiss all but 1 navy unit to patrol the waters.

Current forces:
2 convoys (large port supporting both)
1 squadron (wood)

>> No.18730152


The Sulian Empire has declared war on The Kingdom of Saxony!

Religious unrest in Swabia has grown to the point of open rebellion against the pope, and catholicism. Several new denominations are springing up in Saxony, Swabia, and Svea, and are spreading rapidly!

Anyone not from Mauretania, Ankarasvensk, or Slavika choose!

We shall adhere to the: -

We shall: -
Bar the other denominations from coming to our lands!
Welcome all christians to the New World!

>> No.18730196

rolled 92, 8, 36 = 136

We shall remain Catholic, but welcome our protestant brothers, all children of god are welcome in the new world!

>> No.18730232

We shall continue to be the relit flame of the Norse faith. All who wish to join us in this worship or follow the catholic faith of our homeland are welcome. All others are barred unless they are willing to work as slaves.

>> No.18730295 [DELETED] 

rolled 25, 18, 1 = 44

Rasalhague shall remain Catholic, the colonies will be barred to any and all non-catholics! Deus Vult!

>> No.18730312

Rasalhague shall remain Catholic, the colonies will be barred to any and all non-catholics! Deus Vult!

>> No.18730317

The people of Avalon declare their allegiance to the Celtic Church of Brythain and sever direct ties to the corrupt papacy.
We welcome all christians, but follow a lenient form of protestantism.

>> No.18730427

sorry i'm late, work was long...

am i still in time to play?

>> No.18730428

rolled 41, 97, 93 = 231

The Viceroyalty von Neue Sachsen makes no claims on the souls of men. Their requirement is that you serve the state and the colony in whatever capacity you are able.

>> No.18730464


Come join the chat (link in the thread) I'll give you some 1:1 catch-up time afterwards.

>> No.18730478

Yeah, I just got on a half-hour or so ago myself.

Here's a link to the chatroom: http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.Mibbit.Net&channel=%23Nation

>> No.18730514

rolled 32, 98, 28 = 158

1. create new trade routes
2. build a libary
3. encourage immigration

>> No.18730540

Unfortunately, the south atlantic whales continue to elude your ships. You set up palisades, and a stake wall around your capital, offering +2 to combat rolls there. Unfortunately, your men have trouble staying off shore long enough to catch plentiful fish.
Population: 13,210 - Treasury: 15

Gunpowder progress 3/10, 1,640 souls arrive, and you build the darned theater. +6 to immigration rolls, permanently.
Population: 21,800 - Treasury: 59

Unfortunately, it seems gun axes are ridiculous and unworkable. Meanwhile, you get +2 to combat rolls against natives.
Population: 15,740 - Treasury: 4

1,580 new souls arrive. 1/10 Gunpowder
Population: 6,570 - Treasury: 7

1,440 new souls arrive. Gunpowder 1/10
Population: 16,900 - Treasury: 83

The shipyard is unfortunately destroyed in a storm. Despite all your efforts. Gunpowder progress 4/10. 460 souls arrive.
Population: 12,080 - Treasury: 40

1,200 souls arrive. You build cattle ranches granting 150 pop/turn. You start work on a church, but resources are slow to trickle in. (+25 to your next church roll)
Population: 12,850 - Treasury: 16

>> No.18730560

rolled 48, 60, 18 = 126

1)Search for Whales
2)Survey the new colony, especially seeking indians (using the army)
3) Encourage fishing.

>> No.18730564

rolled 8, 45, 88 = 141

Raising Three armies to stand in defense of our towns.

Act 1) Try to construct a proper market to assist in any future trade with the natives.

Act 2) Continue Gunpowder Research

Act 3) People!

>> No.18730576

rolled 88, 23, 15 = 126

1. Immigration! (+19)
2. Expand my port cities to handle the upcoming expansion (+3)
3. Continue adopting gunpowder. (+4)

>> No.18730578


The Protestant faith is spreading rapidly through Anglica, Saxony, and Swabia!

The Reformed faith is spreading rapidly through Svea, Norrland, and Sulia!

Saxony's allies in Norrland have honoured their alliance, and are now at war with Sulia!

Saxony's allies in Swabia have honoured their alliance, and are now at war with Sulia!

Sulia's allies in Lucibria have honoured their alliance, and are now at war with Swabia, Norrland, and Saxony!

A Lucibrian fleet is rumoured to have crossed the atlantic!

A Saxonian fleet is rumoured to have crossed the atlantic!

A Sulian fleet is rumoured to have crossed the atlantic!

>> No.18730596

rolled 23, 47, 31 = 101

Raise another convoy
Sell timber and ale.
1. Construct musket workshops in New Brandenburg.
2. Construct a shipyard, again
3. Allow for settlers to also take up residence in the fertile fields outside of Neue Sachsen.

>> No.18730609

rolled 75, 53, 50 = 178

>Population 15,740
>Wealth 4
>Armies 1
>Gunpowder 3/10
Our coffers are steadily emptying, and we cannot ask the King for more aid so soon. Thus we will build a trading port and try to profit from the ship sailing to the other colonies. If we cannot make this colony work then the dream that sent us here will die forever.

1) Make Gun Axes (Gunpowder progress)
2) Make Gunpowder factory (Gunpowder progress)
3) Build Trading Port

>> No.18730681

rolled 60, 92, 57 = 209

Population: 6,570
Wealth: 7
Resources: Rum [1]
Units: Convoy [1], Squadron [1]

1) Transport Rum to the Slavikan Africa colony to see if it can be exchanged for slaves to work the sugarcane plantations
2) Use the Homestead Act to encourage more immigrants to settle Rabat-Oeste
3) Ask the Sultan of Mauretania to consider sending an army to Rabat-Oeste to push back the Taino, as we don't really have the money to defend ourself currently.

>> No.18730697

rolled 6, 1, 6, 6, 10, 8, 7, 8, 8, 1, 9, 4 + 16 = 90


The Sulian fleet has anchored in Bermuda.

The Saxonian Fleet and the Sulian fleet meet on the high seas!

(Rolling for Saxony)

>> No.18730702

rolled 15, 30, 62 = 107

Rasalhague shall begin establishing the colony infrastructure.

1. Considering the location of the colony, it would be prudent to make travel as quick as possible in the area. With that in mind, the parana river shall be used to ferry goods and supplies from the outlying farms to the central city, where a major port will be constructed to facilitate trade with the homeland.

2. More efforts will be spent to expand catholic presence in Rasalhague, particularly with the construction of grand churches. Rasalhague decrees an invitation to all Catholics to join the newly established colony.

3. A university shall be established, so as to attract brighter minds and provide education.

>> No.18730727

rolled 1, 2, 8, 10, 9, 8, 4, 7, 3, 4, 1, 1, 1, 5, 2 + 21 = 87

And the Sulians.

>> No.18730794

rolled 8, 10, 10, 5, 2, 9, 7, 10, 1 + 24 = 86


The Sulian fleet loses 8 squadrons in a humiliating defeat. The Saxons lost only 2.

The Lucibrians try to finish what their allies could not!

>> No.18730815

rolled 1, 9, 7, 9, 2, 3, 8, 2, 4, 2 + 14 = 61

And the battle-worn Saxons.

>> No.18730827


The Lucibrians send the Saxons trailing to port in Smithington, sinking 3 of their squadrons and losing 1 of their own. (Now handling turns)

>> No.18730977

rolled 97, 52, 97 = 246

The Sultan returns from watching Game of Thrones and returns to the business of governing.

>pop: 8890 (+150/turn)
>wealth: 48 (+2/turn)
>resources: 1 Sugar

0) Sell Sugar! (+8 wealth)
1) With the new interest in Islam amongst the natives, the Sultan sends to Mauretania in hopes of bringing a true Imam to the colony.
2) And perhaps the religious shall follow a well-spoken Imam?
3) Tell us more of this....gunpowder.

>> No.18731442

rolled 22, 60, 91 = 173

Quick turn-

>Immigration x2
>Gunpowder x1

>> No.18731493

rolled 51, 70, 43 = 164

Also, stay Catholic

>> No.18731546

The whales put on mustaches, fooling your whalers, who mistake them for gentlemen. No natives here, either. The fish, following the whales' lead, also hide behind mustaches.
Population: 14,860 - Treasury: 14

Unfortunately, the excitement over war impedes your market. Ditto gunpowder. Somehow, though, 1,760 slippery eels of immigrants reach the colony.
Population: 18,760 - Treasury: 74

2,140 souls arrive. No luck with the gunpowder or port expansion.
Population: 21,800 - Treasury: 71

...Roll better. 620 souls arrive.
Population: 12,840 - Treasury: 45

6/10 gunpowder progress, now. You construct a port capable of maintaining 1 free convoy.
Population: 17,240 - Treasury: 3

The Slavikan slave traders accept this deal. You are now trading Rum for Slaves until otherwise stated. 1,900 souls arrive. The sultan dispatches an army with muskets to assist you.
Population: 10,970 - Treasury: 11
(Choose new province!)

The port is stalled by news of war. Your church is finished, offering +6 to immigration rolls permanently. You begin building a university. (+40 to next roll for such).
Population: 14,500 - Treasury: 16

The Sultan himself returns with a small delegation including a number of imams, who are spread amongst the native population. 1,040 new souls arrive. 3/10 gunpowder progress. Native converts begin trickling in to the colony, inflating it's growth.
Population: 11,230 - Treasury: 62

>> No.18731631

rolled 24, 66, 74 = 164

>Population: 14,860 - Treasury: 14
1) Spend 2 wealth on whaling boats to find those dastardly whales
2) Encourage fishing
3) Construct a whiskey distillery in St. Helena

>> No.18731810

rolled 13, 55, 89 = 157

Not sure if I take the last turn now and wait for next week's update, or wait for next week to take the turn, so I'll say what I'm going to do now.

Pop: 10,970
Wealth: 11
Resources: Rum [1] - trading for slaves
Units: Convoy [1], Squadron [1]
Gunpowder: 1/10

Build: Convoy [1], Army [1]
Expand to New Province: Santo Domingo [easternmost province of Hispaniola]
New Trade: Sell whatever I make in Santo Domingo to Mauretania, unless it's Sugar. Take Sugar to Rabat-Oeste, turn it into rum, then sell it.

1) Get Immigrants!
2) Research the explosive properties of gunpowder
3) Train the army forces to find and either kill or enslave the Taino indians.

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