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Hey guys, have you worshiped glorious leader yet today?

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Who the hell is that and why should I care?

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Pic related.

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I regret the loss of /jp/ as much as you, O comrade, but don't start this shit.

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That isn't cultist-chan

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I don't know who your picture is supposed to be, OP.

Some kinda weeaboo thing, I guess.

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Reported, smashed my compuer, called the cops, called the FBI, called my mom, burned my house down.

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That is not the god emperor, begone Heretic

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This is new.
But you know full well that /tg/ is not sworn to one queen alone.

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Haha, time for guillotine!

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you guys still worshiping your false corpse god?

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You know what? ⑨.

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This thread is now Cultist-chan.

Reject your false empress!

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Bakas don't know about Cirno.

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Go away saruno.

Alice is queen.

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Lohyahleests don't know 'bout Cultist-chan.

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The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

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Bitch, please. Get that weeaboo shit outta here. We are all emperor-fearing people on /tg/.

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You're all a bunch of Bakas posting in a Cirno thread.

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Your loli fetish is not the queen of /tg/. Show respect to the true Queen of /tg/!!!

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>cosplaying as the Lady of Pain

That's a flayin'.

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Who the fuck is that? I dunno bout you but the closet tg ha to a queen is Cultist Chan.

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>That feel when you realize Jennifer Hepler is just Draw Ttam in disguise

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>Showing respect or reverence to The Lady of Pain.

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So then... all those Mehreens are actually gay for Guilliman?

Suddenly everything makes sense.

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Man, I miss when she'd post those disturbing fics here.

Did she end up dying, or what?

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All hail the queen!

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There is only one true /tg/ related ice-queen.

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Time for Lolicron!

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I beg to differ.

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Oh, I know about Cirno.

Fuck Cirno. With a chainsaw.

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I'm Queen of /tg/ now!

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Shut up and let me suck on your tits!

I hear they are full of ice cream.

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

And yes, before you ask, I do hate fun.

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Pic related.

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Maybe when Touhoufag was still around, little one. But we Cultist-chan territory now.

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>implying /tg/ isn't full of queens.

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Macha is queen dammit, she's married to the Empra!

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Slaanesh says hi.

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Did somebody say Heresy?

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These lands are mine, you fools. heed my words, for they are BACKED WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS

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Whatchu gon' do about eet, lohyahleest?

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High five!

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well, fuck ghandi's here might as well name him queen 2012 and get it over with

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Suika's better.

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>ICHC watermark
You are the worst kind of person.

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Suika thread?

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So why should a fairy lord over /tg/houls?

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Now, see, I like Cirno, but this is in NO WAY related to Traditional Games.

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>Implying it's nor Sara Byrd-Rogers

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/tg/ =/= /a/

You seem to be lost. Get that shit out of here.

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> touhou
> animu and mango

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...but it is.

Saged, reported, burned, maimed, urinated on.

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>Implying Chen could be queen with these two around
But no, seriously. I can't really think of a way to make this /tg/ related.

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>traditional (not vidya) games

No, what's wrong with YOU.

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Pretty sure only four guys actually give a damn about Touhou on /tg/. That's a terribly small population and a queen cannot come from that. Get out.

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good point


technically, the series is a vertical shoot-em-up game, and not an anime sries, or a manga series. any such works are generally fan works

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Uranium called, it wants it's density back.
Touhou is /jp/.

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If any character from those games would be /tg/ related, it would be Alice, not Cirno.

She's basically a fa/tg/uy as is.

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OP here, Cirno's still Queen of /tg/ and Suika can be a countess or something.

And I'm actually going to run Blood Angels in 40K tabletop, running them as a renegade faction, and wondering how to add in touhou-style aesthetics, suhc as Cirno and Flandre's crystalline wing. The trollier the better.

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here. This was the point. You can get hissy about Touhou not being anime, but you're getting hissy about it on /tg/. Not exactly the highest of grounds.

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Isn't it too popular for them yet?

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I want /jp/ to leave

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=/= != ≠

(Translation: two equals signs with a slash between them does not equal an inequality sign.)

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i fap to cirno plenty but i still don't see how this is related or how she can compete

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Switch Touhou plot into a campaign idea? The Scarlet Devil one got a really good thing for a quest. One day an unatural red mist appear and cover the sky and land. Blocking the sun and plunging the land into total darkness and coldness.
The party must travel and find the cause of the red mist that is threatening to destroy the land and etc etc.
Greatest Oni ever.

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Yes it does.

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I am still amazed how our creation has not yet rebelled against us. Or did someone forget to unlock the door to the dungeon again?

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No, it doesn't. The official typing version of that, baring the actual symbol for it, is !=

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>implying Chen would WANT to be queen of anything.
Chen is nice.

Unless she's hanging out with Tewi.

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You're an idiot who didn't understand the concept of mathematical symbols or computer code in the first place.

>> No.18727181

Oh please, I'm not into coding anymore, but I at least know the basics, and that != is "not equal to" not this =/= shit.

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That one doesn't involve the Yukaris, though. But I'd agree, the red mist sounds like it could be a damn good hook. Especially if you sold it well.

People would likely have fled its advance, so many towns would be uninhabited. Those that stayed would likely be in their homes most of the time, and wouldn't stray from their village. They would be isolated and panicky, since the people they sent to the next village over didn't come back, and there are other foul things that use the mist as cover to hide their movements.

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=/= is how you'd express it in maths. != is a convention in many programming languages. Given we're neither doing specifically formal maths nor programming, neither is more right than the other for this situation.

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This ain't fucking /prog/, nobody gives a shit about the code. =/= is a visual representation of an equal sign with a bar through it. Use some fucking imagination.

>> No.18727219

Try using 'is not equal to' instead of '!=' maybe then the difference between code and written communication will sink in.

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/tg/ has no queen.

/tg/ needs no queen.

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Not my fault you guys can't see the superior method of communication, known as programming.

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Impartial third party here, since this shit is still hitting the first page.

Maybe you should be less of an asshat. You're the one that sperged out on a perceived coding violation out of context.

You are the reason we have a bad name.

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I know how to use it, but what you're doing is the equivalent of bitching out somebody for not using English in an international forum.

>> No.18727278

Just ignore it. It's obviously trolling now.

>> No.18727287

If it's so superior why didn't you use LISP to communicate that then?

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But seriously, back to my next topic, how does make small crystals for models?

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