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So /tg/, which dual colour guild do you like the most?


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Azorius master race

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The Legion. Which is a cheap answer, because they're, like, the good guys and shit. Not going to let it stop me.

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Izzet, of course. Though I have some love for Orzhov and Simic as well.

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Flavourfully, at least. I didn't care for their cards very much.

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Izzet all day everyday.

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My decks:
Grixis con-trolling EDH, with the option of Crosis or Nicol Bolas as my commander
Monowhite Elesh x Myr EDH
Golgari swarm EDH, with the option of Savra or Nath as my commander
Boros control standard.
Selesnya equip aggro modern,

No real one favorite from a gameplay standpoint. But from the fluff I like Izzet.

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I like RG but Gruul is awful. I'll settle for Boros.

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2) Orzhov
3) Izzet

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>implying there is a u/b guild
Fuck you wizards. There could have been so much great fluff.

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Depends. Flavor-wise, or mechanics-wise?

Flavor, I love the Izzet, the Orzhov, and the Simic.

Mechanics-wise, I like a lot of U/G cards, and a lot of W/B cards, but most U/R cards bug me.

Though my favorite deck I've ever run was U/R Ascension...

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Ever heard of the Dimir?

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Simic Combine.

You are flawed and broken, but we can fix you.

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Maybe... he was making a joke?
I dunno.

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>Implying House Dimir exists

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Uh, guys? I think you missed the joke. What with Dimir being the secret guild that the rest didn't know about, and all.

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Not that this is really relevant, but when I started playing Magic in the mid 90s, right after Fallen Empires dropped. The people I played with honestly believed decks weren't allowed to have opposing colors in a deck without having the allied colors as ell.
I asked where that rule was in the book and they all looked at me like I was crazy.

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1. Izzet. Caught between light and shadow, and between life and death.

2. Flavorwise the Simic (between light and shadow and between order and chaos) and mechanically Orzhov (between nature and artifice and between intellect and emotion).

3. Flavorwise Dimir, mechanically Selesnya.

4. Flavorwise the Simic, mechanically Dimir.

5. Azorius.

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A combination of Simic and Izzet. I guess it's easiest to say I'm very Rikuish.

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>implying the "hurr durr dimir doesn't exist" joke is funny
>implying that less than 98% of ravnicans have heard of House Dimir
>implying they don't just play along and pretend to not know to let Szadeck feel important

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Some groups have rules that apparently materialized out of nothing but are enforced like they're basic parts of the game.

The EDH gang at one shop I visited knew for a fact that only one legend could be in a deck.

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>The EDH gang at one shop I visited knew for a fact that only one legend could be in a deck.
They are correct.

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Why there`s no love for the Gruul?

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>With the exception of basic lands, no two cards in the deck may have the same english name.

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>Some groups have rules that apparently materialized out of nothing but are enforced like they're basic parts of the game.

Eventually we tracked the rule back to a theme tournament held nearly a year before at a gamestore in a town 40 miles north. But I felt it was just bizarre that there was this rule that was in place without any support and no one thoguht to check.

Then I played proto-Boros aggro.

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Usually it's due to a group houseruling something, and as time goes on and members rotate/leave, the part where "This is a houserule" comes in gets left out.

I've met groups who thought you could only have 1 copy of a Legendary creature in a deck. I've met groups who thought you could only have 1 Legendary at all, period. Ditto for Planeswalkers.

I've seen people who think you can only have one Planeswalker on the board at once, who think there's a limit on how many Mythics you can have, who think foils do 'double' what's printed, who think that you get infinite free mulligans if you have all lands/no lands/"can't cast anything in your hand", etc.

It's one thing to have these as house rules, and to know that they're house rules. It's another to take them as dogma and preach them as such.

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I think he means no legends but the general

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>implying it's a joke
>implying it's not explicitly stated in the fluff
>implying any of the guilds exist anymore

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There's more than one legendary card.

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Izzet. Fits my personality type excellently.

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See, now we're reading it differently. I read it as "You are only allowed one legendary creature," not "you can only have one copy of a legendary creature."

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Are you fucking retarded?

I would post conley.jpg but some kind gentlemen already used it. (Really, we need more pro reaction pictures)

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He means they think that you can only have one total Legendary creature AT ALL.

Like, if you have your Commander, that's all the Legendary creatures you get, period.

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Here ya go.

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Gruul Clans, nothing like brute force and simple goals to get through life.

And if you disagree with me I'll burn down your house and cannibalize your entire family. 'Cause that's how I roll.

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So you're saying it's legal to run two Geist of Saint Traft in a Highlander format?
If so, you're wrong.

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No, you cunt. The orignal fellow thought you could only have your General and no other legendaries in your deck.

You can have Geist, and Elesh, and Galina.

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See >>18726417 and >>18726425

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No fun allowed

Slow games, interesting surprises


Risky, can either fizzle or bang

Destructive and crazy

Overrated and predictable

Brutish and boring


My personal favourite. This is my combo. However, I'd still say U/B and R/W is better

Runner up for favourite. Playing it just feels smooth and natural.

None of this changes the fact that combining 4/5 colours is better than all of these.

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I meant what I said: only one legend in a deck. No "copy" or even "of a".

It was on their flyer, and when I asked them why they had that rule, they looked at me like I had started masturbating in front of them.

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What? No, there's no way anyone could be so stupid as to think that. The EDH precons alone are proof enough.

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Golgari, for all things fall to Entropy. If we didn't sift through the refuse to cause rebirth, all would perish.

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Already have that one.

Those were fun threads.

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This was in the olden times before last year.

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You'd be surprised. There's some weird little shops that look like a basement when you walk in, and the people in there are this little incestuous group who have only been playing with each other for years, often without really ever spending much on new cards. It's like... grognards. It's like walking into a store populated only by people who play AD&D. Sure, the store STOCKS 3.5, Pathfinder, 4e, other games, but they ignore it. They just sit in their own little world, like time stopped for them decades ago, with their own little set of rules, and their own regulations, and they decry anyone who tries to bring them back into the time stream.

There's a guy in my 'group' like that. Until VERY recently, the last pack of cards he bought was Betrayers of Kamigawa. All of his decks were from the 2001-2003 era, and they all sucked. He'd never change them, at all, and constantly bitch that 'new cards are bullshit' when you built a better deck than his.

Now, imagine an entire group like that, except they go ultimate scrub and start enforcing houserules to keep things as stagnant as possible, until eventually they forget that their houserules aren't the real ones.

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Yep. I once new a guy who'd been playing since Beta. He had a BW deck. Thought it was the most unique thing in the world and that no one else had ever had the idea.

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Being a self-admitted humongous nostalgia-fag, I prefer to play with the older cards. Hell, my main decks are dumbass tribals: Thrull, Mercs, and Skellies (LOL). I however, would never snub new stuff to that level or get butthurt over it. If you're gonna play old shit, expect power-creep to go rampant on your ass.

That being said, my EDH groups only rules are no Eldrazi and Skittles is banned as a General for some reason that I honestly dgaf about.

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On topic: Dimir and Orzhov. I love Transmute mechanic, and Orzhov is pretty obvious. My beloved Thrulls reside there, and Teysa is one badass bitch.

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>no Skittles for some reason
Probably because he only needs 10 general damage, even if he's not your general.

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See, that was the thing. He's not butthurt about actual power creep. He's butthurt because he built a shitty, awful, HORRIBLE deck, and it loses a lot.

It doesn't lose a lot because of power creep, it loses because it's a shitty deck. Beat him with cards released after Kamigawa? New cards are broken bullshit, things were better back when I played, blah blah blah.

Beat him with cards released BEFORE he started? Old cards are broken bullshit, I'm glad they balanced it right back when I played, blah blah blah.

Beat him with cards from the same sets? He just rages silently. He built a shitty deck, and was scrubby about it.

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I'm gonna need more rope...

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This guy is a bastard. Our hero threw what amounts to a small moon at him and he didn't die.

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Now Yawgmoth, there was a good villain. He had a medium-sized moon brought down on him and went down with class.

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IIRC Yawgmoth got up after that one too.

Ripping celestial objects from the sky to crater people's heads in just isn't what it's cracked up to be these days.

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What? Magiclampoon?

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Yawgmoth murdered more heroes and planeswalkers directly or indirectly in his run than fags like Nicol Bolas could ever hope to defeat.

Damn, I love me some Phyrexia. However, if they bring Phyrexia, or even the Eldrazi, to Ravinca in this next block? Imma rage so hard.

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Who are aware that the Ravnica guild system is disbanded, as stated in "Agents of Artifice", yes?

That's right, we're going back to Ravnica...WITHOUT THE GUILDS!

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Why is white yellow?

>> No.18727004

It's gold, like sunlight.

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>no more Azorius

>> No.18727127


I'm sure there'll still be some guild remnants around that the cards will reference. Also RTR I am assuming will be a multicolor heavy block, just like Scars was an Artifact heavy block in reference to the original Mirrodin block. I can't see Wizards trolling the fuck out of the fans and making RTR some sort of mono-color matters block.

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They will learn to be free.

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1. Boros
2. Selesnya
3. Orzhov

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>Anything other than Boros

I scoobydoobydo

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Maybe we'll see wedge coloured "guild remnants", like a WUR Azorius/Boros hybrid or something.

>> No.18727661

and maybe an island of doctor moreau BUG or RUG faction?

>> No.18727683

Simic and Izzet teaming up to create an island populated by freakish half-biological half-mechanical beings?
I can dig it.

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1. Dimir
2. Golgari
3. Izzet

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At the end of the ravnica books they were very clear: the guildpact may have ended, and the guilds weren't magically enforced, but they put the whole thing down to paper and were going to make it legally enforced. All the guilds remained. Except Dimir. They're not part of the new agreement. On the other hand, Szadek's ghost is still around and has a ton of ghostly followers, so, Dimir's still around too, it's just that no one believes in them...

...in other words, it was the only block in, like, the history of forever that ended basically where it started without fucking over the entire thing.

Now, I don't remember Agents of Artifice out and out saying that the guilds were gone. It just didn't really come up, if I remember.

Whatever the case, Ravnica without guilds is basically not Ravnica and not worth doing. So, if anyone at Wizards has even the slightest shred of sense, we're going to see all 10 guilds back in commission. Maybe with different mechanics, maybe each guild won't even have its own mechanic this time (though I think that would be a mistake), but if we see a "post-guild Ravnica" it's going to be a huge fucking let-down for everyone who wanted to go back to Ravnica.

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