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Sup /tg/

Im hungover and hankering for some vidya to play. Was just wondering if Dawn of War II Chaos Rising/Retribution were worth getting? Asking you guys since /v/ is a shithole and spessmarines/xenos are slightly more /tg/.

tl;dr Dawn of War II expansions, yay or neigh?

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I had some decent fun with them when they were on sale at christmas time. Chaos Rising was pretty fun, if I felt the campaign a bit short. The tank fight (if you go full purity) is hard and good fun. Retribution was kinda eh for me, since it's the same locations and mostly the same battles with only you have different units.

I'd wait for a sale on them, but if you've got a DoW need then they're still pretty good.

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Crusader kings II

Do it.

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Retribution was a huge letdown when I realised that no matter what campaign you were playing, you went through the exact maps with the exact same missions in the exact same order.

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Dark Crusade wasn't much different in that respect.

I haven't played Chaos Rising, just DoW2 and Retribution, and enjoyed Retribution 41,000 times more than DoW2. Though so far I've only played with Guard and Marines, the missions, while the same, don't feel identical, since different armies put emphasis on different things.

With Guard it was either massed guardsman waves or Baneblade and Russ swarms, while with Marines the only vehicle I field is the Dreadnought, since tactical marines with a missile launcher are a working backbone for me.

Original DoW2 was a huge letdown. The missions got boring fast and I just didn't care for the general gameplay that much.

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the entire DoW2 series was about MP, the SP aspect was an afterthought.

as a strategy game it is awesome. it actually requires thinking and not just mindless clicking and throwaway units in spams.
all your units are important and losing one would set you back
no base building is the another significant improvement in strategy games.

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I found Chaos Rising to be absolute shit. I really didn't have any fun with it at all and just slogged through it as part of some neurotic need to simply finish what I started.
I fucking loved Retribution. Funny lines here and there, and just generally liked the gameplay more.
HOWEVER, as it's been stated, it's the same fucking campaign over and over and over again with a different skin for the other factions. Even to the point of "that's my stealthy guy, that's my shooty guy, melee guy, etc" for almost all of them.
Multiplaying the campaign did have a significant impact of the replayability for me. Going through Orks with one friend, IG with another, and so on.
The Tyranid campaign is really fucking weak though. It's like they realized that the formula they used for every other campaign set up wouldn't really work for them... and did it anyway. Only one hero unit, so if you multiplayer that, P2 gets to be fucking scrub units.

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oh, and I almost forgot.
No GAMES FOR WINDOWS bullshit on retribution.

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Chaos Rising Campaign is great, Retribution campaign is akin to intercourse with a rake.
For MP, Ret is probably better.

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>Was just wondering if Dawn of War II Chaos Rising/Retribution were worth getting?
Well, if you liked Compan-
>/v/ is a shithole
Oh, ok, nevermind.

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Retribution was horrible.
The only reason to play the campaign is the hilarious scenes.

Chaos Rising didn't have enough missions, so you were forced to take on the last missions with sometimes suboptimal loadouts. That made the issue of non-standard builds (like ranged commander) being useless even more retarded, as some of the items that you got at fixed points in time were clearly leaning towards a special playstyle (like a sword for the commander).

Obviously, Vanilla had its issues, but I still loved the approach towards RTT. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to see someone else build a similar game with non-Relic-Assfucked balance.

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If you like it when 40k stops taking itself seriously than retribution's ork campaign is one the the greatest things for that.

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...It also suffers from Relic's disregard of integral parts of RTS gameplay, like PROPER PATHFINDING or BALANCE, so it's actually quite horrible in MP. I'm surprised that they managed to make it an RTS at all and not jump on the RTT bandwaggon (They did get quite close, though).
Still, there's worse games out there.

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I wish TLS would become a full-fledged game with actual support.
I read that they released it as stand-alone DDL version, but TLS always suffered from really fucking broken balance, which made about 99% of all builds fucking useless. And I don't mean that in the "hard, but fun" way.

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40k taking itself seriously is something to laugh at, its far too absurd to ever work.

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oh god, the pathfinding. Those games fucked the word so bad that Paizo gives me nam like flashbacks.

>Why? Why are you have way down that ledge? Why can't you move? Fuck, my reinforcements are appearing next to you jammed in that wall! >Fucking Christ why can't I just delete you!?
And you guys! Where are you going!? I said fire at range! RANGE! That's melee you sluts!

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go into cover 3 stand in the fucking open

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Not to mention stuff like ability handling (Hey, I just wasted energy for an attack that didn't happen!).

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Retribution was alright, I never really got to play much multiplayer except Last Stand so I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject. I have Chaos Rising but never played it.

If you're in a DoW mood though, remember that there's a Dark Crusade group that has threads up every once in a while. (There's a steam group too)

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The Space Marine campaign was also unintentionally (or maybe not...?) hilarious.





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Why the fuck they made Diomedes take off his helmet I'll never know.

Saying that, the Space Marine campaign did give you a good sense of closure unlike some of the others.

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>good sense of closure
It killed off my favourite characters for no reason.
And no Boreale cameo.

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Who? Avitus?

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Retribution should have just been an ork-only expansion. Then they could have made 4 or 5 followup expansions about the Kaptin and his band of merry Boyz.

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About that... While going through the Retribution sound files and the text in DOW2.ucs, I found something intriguing.

>Martellus: The renegades sent to raze Argus were slaughtered? That is an unexpected fortune.
>Cyrus: Not all of them were renegades, Martellus. Many were faithful servants of the Emperor, simply following the orders of their Chapter Master. They had no reason to question him.
>Martellus: I do not question the tragedy, but I am more concerned what the presence of xenos at Argus portends.
>Cyrus: It portends war. The defeat of a common foe merely leaves the stronger for you to deal with. The Kaurava Campaign taught me that much.
>Martellus: Perhaps. But it may also portend opportunity. Two fatigued opponents are always preferable to one rested enemy.
>Cyrus: Possibly. If nothing else, Argus is dangerously close. We can hide here no longer. Gather our brothers. It is time to regroup with Captain Angelos.

A cut scene from the campaign, one of several it seems. However, the following lines from Cyrus are of especial interest. They appear to be taunts, perhaps as part of a boss fight.

>"Damnation... they have already come for us!"
>"I will not fall to this reckless vermin!"
>"You should never have let me out of sight!"

And finally...

>"Hrrk... what... what is happening..."
>"C... Captain Boreale... s... send for... help..."

A flashback? Or could it mean... Boreale WAS originally going to be the Ancient?

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>Boreale Cameo
But hes a Pariah now and there were no 'crons on DoWII. . .

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Oh, and for any Techmarine fans, Martellus also has a set of similar battle quotes.

>"So... it appears they do not discriminate between renegade and faithful."
>"Thus do we invoke the Machine God. Thus do we make whole that which was sundered."
>"Your acts are sacrilege before the Omnissiah!"
>"I... should have liked... to have seen Mars... one... last... time..."

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I reckon flashback.

I think Relic were actually pretty shocked how many people wanted the ancient to be Boreale though.

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I think we can all agree this is how it should've went down.


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I've had a fair bit of fun playing Retribution with a couple of mates.

We set up our teams fluff wise, aka "Imperial forces", "Chaos with Traitors", set the opponent to AI on the hardest difficulty and decide their team fluff wise too then we add in a few extra rules like no reinforcements once a unit's been deployed past the base or limits on certain units and go from there.

My favorite example was a game where we all went Guardsmen using that Krieg skin, the rule for this game was that we could only use T1 units (though we were allowed T3 upgrades), used the previous no reinforcements rule and that we had to hold certain regions. The enemy was Orks. Game went on for three hours, we covered the entire map in networks of sandbags, gun emplacements and barbed wire. Pointless or not, it was fun.

There was one squad I remember in particular, a heavy weapons squad backed up by an automated turret, they held the northern part of the map from waves upon waves of ork infantry, eventually being overrun when a battlewagon smashed through.

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Aren't there no Pariahs now?

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>"I... should have liked... to have seen Mars... one... last... time..."

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...Did the techpriests there kill him because of the stolen piece of armor?

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It didn't say he was going to become a Pariah, and given that he was from a psyker-heavy Chapter I'd doubt he had the gene (though DoW never actually mentions the relationship between psykers and pariahs - Taldeer even chats to one with no problems). Also, the Kauravan Necrons were transforming everyone, pariah gene or no.

Maybe. It could even have been just an easter egg, left in there for a curious fan to find - though the fact that they actually bothered to record the line makes me hope it was something more. Whatever the case, that line and the above one mentioning Kaurava are the only references to Soulstorm in Retribution (well, there's the Box Smasher as well), which I find odd even with all the hate directed at SS. After all, both expansions didn't take themselves too seriously; Soulstorm with its obvious wackiness, most of it actually intentional, while Retribution had all the memes and the entire Ork campaign.

Then Eliphas would be resurrected yet again, and Boreale and Diomedes would team up to kick his ass. Like so:


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Might as well post this as well. The Guardfags will like this one. A briefing (the lines have that intercepted message effect) for a mission that never was.

>Priority Channel Decimus... invoking our seventh distress signal, platoon condition is critical.
>The platoon is at... four percent strength. Fancy way of saying I'm the only one left.
>We have enough guns to fortify a bastion. But nobody left to fire them... nobody.
>We had no casualties just one week ago. Now... I just don't understand, it's like the xenos got organized.
>They used to be just a bunch of feral bugs, and then just overnight...
>Every maneuver, every tactic we had... they were prepared for it.
>If you don't find us, know this: we did not yield. Not one of us. We've gone to the Emperor with our heads high.
>I've stashed the gear. The lads and I would be honored to think you'll use it to fry every last one of the xenos here to a terra.
>Serving the 450th has been an honor. The Imperium... overcomes.

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so after the huge debacle of discontinuing their entire paint line and replacing it with an inferior (although larger) one, GW wants to sell fucking transfer sheets for space marine chapters for $6.60 each. that's right, same as their glue, for a SINGLE TRANSFER SHEET.

on top of it, it's "limited edition" bullshit like dreadflet and space hulk v3 and shit.

I'm done. seriously I'm done with you GW. I just threw all my miniatures away and called the local GW claiming that I was on the registered sex offender list and am not allowed to be anywhere near minors so if they ever see me again to call the cops.

fuck off.

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