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Hey /tg/, I need your help concerning two things. One is about finding a book/a series of books which revolve around an order of wandering monks/priests or at least one of them, a daughter of one of the priests who dabbled with the Undead in the sense they appease them and help them find their peace. Now, all I can remember is that this part of the world where the plot occurs is somewhat separated from the other kingdoms by some kind of magic or perhaps merely by superstition and the other rulers simply deny any possibility of magic/Undead anywhere. Sort of medieval setting, I think.

And the other thing is finding out the name of an RPG setting that I once downloaded from /tg/ last year or so ago, in one of those share threads. Unfortunately since then I've had to format my HDD and none of it was backed up. I recall the setting was like this: the world is covered in a forest, or maybe just the part where all the adventures happen are covered in vast forests. Not jungles, nothing exotic looking, just tall, insurmountable trees. And this world has a central Tower to it from which an ancient bloodline sort of watches over/rules the humans, and these background figures have a form of immortality in which they recycle their souls and constantly crafting their new bodies when the old ones fail them. It has been suggested to me that I might be looking for "Summerlands" but it has turned out to be something quite else.

I do remember the corebook for this setting had very little images in it, mostly words written in a certain style, all dandy and with an ancient look to it, even in .pdf format.

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You know what? I'll be dumping some Demon's Souls/Dark Souls art/fanart in the meantime. It might benefit some of you folks.

Oh and scans from that special edition of Dark Souls Design Works artbook can be found here (be warned, in total they are 1.78GB):


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The book you might be looking for might be Sabriel by Garth Nix. Some of the bits connect with Sabriel and others don't but it seems like a fair match

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Oh I knew I was getting some, if not most, parts of it wrong, but yes indeed that is the book I was looking for. Much obliged, kind anon.

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d souls makes such beautiful women

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can someone explain this? i've seen that little stick thing done before and i never understood it

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Well, this variation is mostly about how Lautrec making Anastacia uncomfortable. Have you played the game before? If not, warning warning spoilers ahead: Lautrec kills the Firekeeper Anastacia and takes her soul.

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Oh and here's how Lautrec looks like.

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i know he kills her, i just never understood the little stick mouth kiss thing

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>find her dead
>fight to get her soul back
>bring her back to life
>"i don't want to talk to you"
what did she do that made her never want to talk

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I think it has something more to do with you restoring her voice. If I recall she was a mute before Lautrec killed her, correct?

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you gonna get raped

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Way I understand it, she was raised to become little more than 'that thing that keeps the fire burning'. Her tongue was cut to stop her from speaking any god's name in vain, her legs crippled to stop her from escaping. For all intents and purposes, she wasn't even considered a proper human being. And she believes it, too. Your resurrecting her was probably the only act of kindness she has ever witnessed, and it might have been more than she could handle. Probably reading a bit much into it, we really didn't get much info on firekeepers other than Being a Keeper of the Flame is Suffering.

Here's her Firekeeper Soul item description though.
>Soul of the Ash Maiden,
>Fire Keeper of Firelink Shrine.

>A Fire Keeper's soul is a draw for humanity,
>and held within their bosoms, below just a
>thin layer of skin, are swarms of humanity
>that write and squirm.
>Was the Ash Maiden locked in this dark prison
>for some transgression, or by her own will?

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As far as I understand what little of the overall lore we have of Dark Souls, the Gods in it are very arrogant and seem to have only loathing for humanity, seeing them only as their inferiors and possible servants/slaves.

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damn you From Software, stop making me care so much.

now i want to bring her a picnic and eat with her

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>you gonna get penetrated

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I know, right. Same for the Fair Lady. But keep this line in mind:
>held within their bosoms, below just a
>thin layer of skin, are swarms of humanity
>that write and squirm
She literally has ghostworms crawling under her skin.

I don't know HOW From has made such an awesome setting using so few words. If I compare this stuff to the billions of paragraphs worth of material I don't care for in FR...

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FR is just overstuffed, bloated with shit. I, for one, am quite pleased by FromSoftware's approach to lore-telling. Hell, one of the devs says the amount of lore in Dark Souls is abnormal for him.

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A Dark Souls thread? Oh boy!

Hav you guys heard of the new content for the pc version? If you were in /v/ you must have seen the shitstorms about it.

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No, stop it. I would like to avoid having this thread turned into bitching about GFWL and such. And I say this even though I am one of those who will not be buying the game due to GFWL not being supported in my country.

Don't get me, wrong, feel free to turn this thread into Dark Souls lore speculation thread, but leave the rest of it for /v/ and /vg/.

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>helping the anor londo archers
oh fuck you

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And here are the resized Design Works (only 240MB now):


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I have only recently learned that FR has a barbarian tribe that raids while flying on giant raven mounts. THIS IS AWESOME. I want more like this, so I look up on stuff like this. I find NOTHING. No more references to giant raven mounts, as if they weren't some kind of big fucking deal. Instead I get dragons, undead, drow, magicmagicmagic and a few ridiculous clusterfucks. I don't even know what has happened that I find GIANT FUCKING RAVEN-MOUNTED BARBARIAN RAIDERS to be more fascinating than color-coded dragons.

That aside, I only now read OP. I am so, terribly sorry that I cannot contribute, but I just love Dark Souls threads too much.

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I don't mind. I already got the help for the novel I was talking about.

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Sorry, I don't really give a fuck about GFWL, I just wanted to talk about the new zones and the possible new loot like Artorias armor and wathever tail weapons we get from the manticore and Guyra-looking dragon.


I mostly prefer to gravelord the Tomb of the Giants, it fits the theme and gives me a lot of free time to do other stuff while waiting.

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Oh, that's perfectly fine then. Proceed as you will.

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Sorry about that....

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translation please

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Standard text for joining a covenant.

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I guess it's a covenant invitation.

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do fucking want in new content

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>GFWL not being supported in my country.
Man, shit. That sucks.

Anyway, obligatory ENB lore playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4825DBA198EBE9B9&feature=plcp
I like how, though it's otherwise not stated anywhere, we've pretty much confirmed with some of the new content that the ruins in darkwood forest are Oolacile. I also like to picture Oolacile as an elven glade, except with humans. A city in the forest, magic from trees, peaceful magic, beautiful, noble inhabitants, and ancient.

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You know that Priscilla was actually meant to be a friend of the main character in the beginning, a sort of heroine, but they thought it didn't fit in with the overall world.

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This fucking face.

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The Black Raven tribe of Uthgardt barbarians:


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This motherfucker.
The moment I found the two crying Pisacas and learned about his habit of stealing and using people for his absurd experiments I popped some kind of hateboner for him. It didn't help that his tail is the stupid hardest to cut off. Also the part where you're forced to die is bullshit, though it can be circumvented by wearing a rare rign of sacrifice. Still. Very un-Soulslike

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Correct me if I'm wrong but they were the Handmaidens of Gwynevere?

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Heavily implied; they had Princess Guard covenant miracles on them. Which only made my hateboner harder.

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Not really, I don't even know who you are. Besides the whole generic anime character #32967 with ohsounique blonde hair.

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S-so grossly incandescent...!

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Hey, blame the Jap who drew it, not me.

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And now a dinner break.

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What is it about S&O that everyone hates fighting, and they're the hardest boss in the fucking game, but there's more fanart and love for them than anyone other than maybe Priscilla?

What the hell is it about these two that captivates everyone's imagination?

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I love what they did with pyromancy in this setting. I was skeptic when it was announced because I couldn't figure out how it would be any different from sorcery, but they managed in giving it a primal, powerful, and dangerous feel. Gameplay-wise, they could've done better than to make it increase simply by upgrading the flame. Someone once suggested Resistance stat requirements to avoid being consumed by the fire. That would be awesome.

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Damnit, captcha incinerated my image.

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MEANWHILE, Vinheim sounds interesting too. We don't have much to go on, but we know there's, like, this city of magic. THE city of magic, not A city of magic. This is where you go if you want to learn magic. Unless you're Beatrice and have older, darker, more sinister ways of learning.

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>Wanting to go to a city filled with pansy ass mages, when you have an archives filled with thousands of years of knowledge, collected by a dragon that has obtained immortality

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They're unique fight, I guess. And at the same time they're personalities. You read their equipment description, you learn who they are, and it tells you just enough to fire up your imagination and fill in the blanks. Also, Ornstein is one of the four knights of Gwyn. That's a big goddamn deal. We'll meet two others with the added content.

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Mostly because Snorlax and Picachu may be the hardest and most hated pair in the game, but it's also hard to deny their awesomeness because of it.

Also, Gwynboobs' boobs afterwards.

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>but there's more fanart and love for them than anyone other than maybe Priscilla?

Because people ship them as either A) Best buddies just doin' their job, or B) Buttbuddies.

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"Huhuh, hey Ormstein "
"Heh, yeah Smough?"
"That Gwyn chick in there has huge boobs"
"Hehe, yeah, oh crap here comes some guy Smough"
"Huhu, should we like, do something?"
>You died

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>Said Archive is in a faroff land said to be the birthplace of one of the overgods where only the undead live now, in a massive tower guarded by crystalline creatures and servants of aforementioned dragon (who happens to be mad with power), near Godcity which hosts only the most loyal and trusted guards of the deities themselves, who go so far as to protect a city that is abandoned, which is just past Sen's Funhouse, a legendary gauntlet out of which no one has come out of alive since ever

Yeah, no, I just want to levitate stuff.

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I'm torn. I want to create a setting that is heavily inspired by Dark Souls, but don't want to rip them off completely. But some of the stuff is so great that I want to use it. At the same time I'm almost certain that I'm not nearly creative enough to come up with some of the crazy shit DkS has, or create a world that is actually mysterious. Dat Ash Lake, man. Izalith, Tomb of Giants, fucking Kiln of the First Flame.

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combine dark souls and final fantasy crystal chronicles (gamecube version, not the spinoffs)
evil miasma covers the world except for areas protected by Flame. touching the miasma slowly causes you to become undead. the Flames must constantly be fed to keep them burning, so brave adventuring parties are sent out with a tiny bit of Flame to gather more souls feed the Firekeeper

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Ah, with Dark Souls inspired, I don't necessarily mean anything with the curse of the undead. I'm more about the little things, like the pantheon, the individual nations. From the item descriptions alone you have so many fantastic characters that you don't even meet in the game, yet they are still interesting. Knight King Rendal, who stood alone against a dragon, or Arstor, the Earl of Carim, who creates innovative and life-saving magical which are surrounded in horrible rumors regarding their creation Purging Stones are made out of people.

It's less for an actual game and more for a nwn module, I'd like to throw in subtle hints about the setting in item descriptions as well and be generally very scarce on details, yet offer just enough information on a setting so that a player might be interested. I do like the Crystal Chronicles suggestion, though. Loved that game.

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>go to DM's house for regular game
>couple other people there, not to uncommon
>start playing
>everything proceeds as normal
>suddenly DM says "you have been invaded"
>other people sit down
>they pull out character sheets and proceed to hunt us down
>half of party killed, other half used up lots of one shot items
it only got worse when they started playing darkwraiths

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>PC version getting exclusive content.
If it doesn't come onto consoles, From and Banco better be prepared to die indeed.

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Cheer up.

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>March into offices, painted all black with red at the edges
>Carry sign with "Dark Spirit [name] has invaded!"
>Beat them in the face with aforementioned signs

I think they'd appreciate the effort.

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>Marching into From Software with these signs
>Nakajima walks out
>Two police officers are standing by his side
>They're holding black signs with "Phantom [Name] has been summoned"

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I would have no regrets.

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Oh wow, my thread is still here.

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I have one other question dear /tg/: what are some good fantasy novels that have Undead in them as the central theme?

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I don't know about central themes, but Mogworld by Yahtzee Crowshaw has an undead as the main character.

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Sorry, I appreciate your help, but no.

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