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My body wasn't ready.

>SCP – Containment Breach is a free survival horror game based on the stories of The SCP Foundation. It’s currently in alpha stage of development.

>Please note that this is the first public release of the game it’s still very unfinished and has lots of bugs in it. The saving system isn’t finished yet, but the game doesn’t have much content at the moment, so you’ll be able to see almost everything there is to see in about half an hour. You can’t get out of the facility in the current version either, so don’t bother looking for an exit.

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Oh boy. Here we go.

Well, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to a Delta Green game, so... Downloadin'.

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may I have a picture of gameplay?

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Here's the gameplay footage.


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So a key gameplay mechanic is blinking?
I like it

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Mother of god.

I... Don't think I can play this. My body will never be ready.
>It actually has a blink bar

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Dare you brighten this image, /tg/?

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>BLink bar

Jesus fuck imagine going against the "Shyguy"

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What SCP even is this?

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See >http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-173
This motherfucker is in the game.

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I hope we get to put a bullet between everyone of the fucktarded Mary-sue "special" researchers and akin and Abel.

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... I don't think I can play this.

I am in the position where I know TOO MUCH about the SCP Foundation to dare open this game.

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I have read 85% of SCP logs. I shall never be ready. Also fuck 173 :|

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Ok this looks interesting.

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dude, exactly

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Smart man right here

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I'm sending Pewdepie a link... maybe he'll play it for us.

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The door to the chamber didn't open until AFTER I was designated for termination.

Fuckin' SCP foundation.

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Please no

That guy is so damn aggravating

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>March 5th
>SCP-173, SCP-106 and SCP-895 are already in it, and I’ve got plans for more of them.


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There should be a command for 9mm retirement.
In fact, the goal of the game should include finding an 'emergency exit' pistol

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How do you survive? If you run, even closing doors, then 173 gets you.

If you try looking at it, then whenever you blink, 173 gets you.

Also that coward of a guard runs away when the door jams. A burst of 5.56mm could end this nonsense.

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This one is a fucking laugh riot.

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It always struck me that Delta Green would raid and attempt to 'sanitize' SCP facilities.

SCP seems to be about containment and preservation. DG seems to be more about eliminating threats.

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>mfw that preview video

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I don't think many of the SCPs can be sanitized. Containment is the best you can do.

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I knew I saved this for a reason.

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Seriously, the experiment log for that thing is the funniest page on the wiki.

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That's why I said 'attempt'.

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I always imagine the SCP Foundation cooperating with Delta Green and MJ12 at arms length, taking the worst things they find into containment. I like the idea of one day running a mission where the agents have to return the favour by reclaiming an SCP-Foundation facility, or recovering some dangerous SCP in their area.

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Survival horror is best when you can win - but that victory requires swift reflexes, a swifter mind, and nerves of fucking steel.

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Even the stuff that could be destroyed, generally isn't. The Foundation prefers to contain everything possible because it could be important later. Things are usually only destroyed if they're not worth the effort of containment. Nothing wrong with contacting Delta Green to eliminate a threat they aren't capable of handling themselves though. Even if they're usually too proud to admit such a case could occur.

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Apparently you will be able to escape in the full game- and even be able to figure out how the containment breach happened by finding documents.

Right now, however, THE RIDE NEVER ENDS.

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No doubt it'll be "lolclefescapedandhe'ssatan".

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Mr Bones Wild Ride should be an SCP.

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......I think someone could write a decent SCP based on Mr. Bone's Wild ride.

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>Still no SCP-093 game
If /v/ isn't going to fix that, maybe /tg/ should.

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This game is pretty much.

>Ten seconds later

It's pretty cool, but I must suck, because it keeps appearing in front of me.

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What's with the hate of Clef being Satan?
I loved these tiny tidbits like 682 just staring at him.

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I swear to god there actually IS an SCP very similar to that.

Give me a minute to track it down.

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It'll do that. It's not winnable right now, and anytime you are not looking directly at the thing it teleports to you.

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This must have been written to troll waifufags.

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That bus thing? The one with the seriously disturbing reports?

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...Or maybe someone had an interesting idea and wanted to humanize the foundation a little.
Not everything is written by fuckwits.

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342, called a Ticket to Ride?

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Man it's been ages since I've checked out the SCP wiki. I forgot how good some of the pages were.

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Didn't they test that on 682?
Afaik that was a three-part story, but the third part didn't exist when I read it.

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If any of the SCP's are 4chan culture references (I doubt any of them are), it's http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-572.

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any idea how i could run SCP as a setting?

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SCP-112, otherwise known as The Variable Coaster.

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Because the great thing about the SCP foundation is that for 1: These things aren't really explained. They do these things, but it's never caused by divine power or straight up magic or science, it's never explained, and 2: The researchers were HUMAN. They had issues and fears just like normal people and would react in generally the same way. Making clef Satan was just stupid because it took away both of those good things.

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Guys press Y

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I think SCP makes a better feature in a setting than a setting itself.

I think they would fit in great in a World of Darkness game. Especially if they are containing shit that even the main setting groups would be scared to see released

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Your options are Delta Green, Unknown Armies, Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, World of Darkness and, for a limited time only, Delta Green.

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Several ways.

1. Paranoia: you are all Class Ds. Try not to die. Alternatively Paranoia: High Programmers: you are all Research Project Leaders/Other high ranking level personnel. Time to run SCP.
2. As CoC/Delta Green. You're all SCP AGENTS. Bad shit going down, make it stop, eliminate witnesses and get the bad thing into the box.
Genius: The Transgression: You are researchers. It is time to do SCIENCE to the SCPs.

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rolled 43 = 43

maybe delta green? and the pcs have to go, locate, and "bring" the "items to the instalation

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...But the implications were completely ok.
It was never confirmed that he was Satan. It was just hinted at. Hell, doesn't that follow your first point?
And the whole Foundation is extremely dark comedy. Half the staff being lunatics/SCP-like beings just fits the theme.
But that might be a matter of differing opinions on the theme of the Foundation - I consider it to be awesome, whacky and disturbing stuff instead of straight horror. But then again, I hate good horror.

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rolled 98 = 98

guys, guys... i just died.... and i think i feel my pants wet... is this a good sign?

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Then I suppose it's just a matter of personal preference. I enjoyed the SCPs like the vending machine and the clockworks, but not as much as 173 and the other horror SCPs.

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Party are retrieval agents. SCP shows up somewhere, they go find it, subdue it, then bring it back.

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rolled 36 = 36


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I think stuff like 173 and 87 to be fascinating in a morbid way.
They also cause my overactive imagination to prevent me from staying awake for too long, as I will get panic attacks at night due to the effect of not having slept in a certain timeframe.

But hell, I loved the original Alien movie and consider the second one to be extremely overhyped. Didn't change the fact that I had some panic issues afterwards.

Stuff like 914, the vending machine and that apocalyptic parallel world are my favourites.

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This is kinda similar to an idea I had for a survival horror game.

It'd start out like a tactical shooter. For three missions, things are fine.

Then on the fourth level, things seem to go well and then all hell breaks loose. Your weapons, previously capable of gunning down anything don't work. You squad mates go mad and refuse your orders.

You've only got one chance.


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Hell yeah, 914 is one of my favorite SCPs too.


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wait, this looks cool, but i don't know anything about it. would anyone mind explaining what SCP is to me?

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They got an SCP named bullet cat. Even though it's kinda mediocre I have to like it based upon name alone
Here, just read http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-173

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i did read that, i'm just curious as to what the whole story behind all of this is.

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There's all kinds of crazy stuff in the world.
Someone has to contain it.

I think the story of the Factory is a good primer.

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rolled 2 = 2

here bro

this is the TL;DR version

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Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but what exactly is "Mr. Bone's Wild Ride" a reference too?

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don't listen to this guy.
All you need to read is right here

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>Clinking on the thumbnail to enlarge the pic
>Fill bricks in my pants

>> No.18712277

This is also a good primer.
It's an awesome showcase of Foundation morals.

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the wild ride is probably the creepiest thing done in RCT2

>> No.18712283

someone made a ride in roller-coaster tycoon that took 1 hour REAL life time to complete or.. I think it was something like a few years in game time to do one full cycle... once you get on the ride.. the fun never stops

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God damn.

At first I thought everyone was joking about 173 teleporting to you after I managed to wander a decent distance without encountering it.

Then I came across a room with steaming pipes, went through the steam and HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY PANTS ARE NOW BROWN

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I fucking hate the SCPs with gifs are really scary images. Seriously - I want to read about the decaying man, but the images prevent it.

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>> No.18712410

>keeps crashing
well fuck

>> No.18712421

Now we know true horror.

>> No.18712458

Just imagine the mission in which you have to rape SCP-231-7 before the time runs out.....

>> No.18712479


Hahahaha... it's probably worse then that

>> No.18712507

same problem

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>"Yes, I've been playing chess with 914. …Yes, I'm aware it's supposed to be non-sentient, but that hardly explains why it's winning."

Pffftahahahaha I love how in the midst of all this horror and crazy creepypasta stuff they can slide in a few jokes here and there.

>> No.18712553

man this is gonna be SWEEEEEET

>> No.18712565

>implying that researcher isn't just playing chess with himself and thinking its 914
>implying being around SCPs doesn't slowly drive all of the staff mad, so they think that one of them is an orangutang and immortal and such-like craziness
>implying the ride ever ends

>> No.18712574

anyone know how to get the game working?

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>> No.18712687


Truth. It is seriously kawaii as fuck.

>> No.18712701

Blink with one eye, then blink with another. Problem fukken solved.

>> No.18712711

Apparently not possible in game.
Better strategy is just have a second person with you.

>> No.18712729

Too grimderp.

>> No.18712787

>my face upon reading that page
>my face when I don't have a face suitable to replicate my facial expression

>> No.18712817


Not if you give the victim drugs to turn them amnesiac after every third time

>> No.18712821

>reading the SCP list
>start wondering what a /d/ version would be like
if only

>> No.18712825


.... I know /tg/ always devolves to this, but I'm ashamed to realize I sent it in that direction, this time.


>> No.18712850

Already have the GOC.

>> No.18712857

...The Deviant Foundation?
It would involve an insane amount of Dicks and really nothing else.
The amounts of rape, lactation, size changes, gender changes, goo girls, etc. would be neglegible.

>> No.18712869

well /tg/ made a "Naughty Perils of the warp" chart, so i don't see why they can't make some kind of perverted SCP.

>> No.18712879

It's every 7th.
The notes just say that the 3rd or 4th times are the worst.

>> No.18712895

The crying in the staircase comes from a Siren and the shadow creature is there to prevent you from turning around, so that you will reach the bottom and become a sex slave?

>> No.18712899

...share the chard?

>> No.18712924

I've never heard of these other foundations. Can I get some links? Are they all SCP related?

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>> No.18712968

What's this about Clef being Satan?

>> No.18713011

oh /tg/, you're so predictable

>> No.18713017


In a few of the stories, there's a couple weird incidents that seem to hint that Clef is Satan. Most of them being the fact that several of the more mythologically-oriented humaniod SCPs seem to recognize him.

Most of the other indications are given by Clef himself, and it's not clear whether he's lying or not about them, so we don't really know.

>> No.18713051


Now I'm imagining an SCP version of Corruption of Champions.

Oh god what.

>> No.18713064

rolled 51 = 51

is it glorious? it must be

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>> No.18713113

What is this and why am I fapping to it

>> No.18713133

It's a Slaaneshi Perils chart.
You're fapping because you like the chart

>> No.18713156

>read chart
>imagine the psyker to be Boone
oh god, i'm so sorry Boone

>> No.18713189

The bastard child of /tg/ and /a/.

>> No.18713202

Don't press the Y key. Seriously.

>> No.18713231

Not to mention the weird effect he has on some of the other SCPs.
When he entered 682's chamber by accident, it didn't maul him. Instead, it stared.

>> No.18713242


Err... What happens?

>> No.18713252

here, it's the the real secret hidden uncensored truth about clef's powers

>> No.18713276

I would never leave her side.

>> No.18713278

And would you happen to have a copy of this chart?
For research purposes, of course

>> No.18713338


>> No.18713339

Which one was The Factory again?

>> No.18713356

I think it's the one that makes SCPs.

Does anyone have stories on these guys?

>> No.18713433

The SCP side has a story on it.
It's afaik one of the SCP 001 contenders.

>> No.18713495

I brightened it, still can't see shit

>> No.18713504

rolled 6 = 6


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>> No.18713621

any writefags in the house?

>> No.18713660

The reptile that adopts any fetish that it gets put through?

Not to mention the potential for being raped by ghosts. Or slightly changing all of the "impregnates humans" SCPs... And there's already the sex-changing SCP.
Fuck, the potential is endless. I'm getting a boner just from imagining it.

>> No.18713666

I wonder if anybody would play Delta Green with SCPs.

>> No.18713701

let's hope someone picks up the idea

>> No.18713723

>The reptile that adopts any fetish that it gets put through
... is that a /d/ version of fucking SCP-682?

>> No.18713823


>> No.18713883

>implying I'm not going to run this for my group.
It'll start of easy and fun, they get sent on a couple of low-risk missions, kick-ass and collect SCPs.

Later they get sent on harder missions, truly horrifying things are uncovered/recovered.

Later still, chillin at HQ after a particularly mind wrecking SCP killing/recovery, suddenly alarms sound...

>Containment Compromised
>Containment Compromised
>Designation "NUMBER-OF-HORRIFYING-DEAD-THING-THEY-BROUGHT-IN" has breached research room 5
>Research Block A has initiated lock-down
"Quick, Recovery Squad 567, you need to retrieve your weaponry from the armoury immediately"

"What the fuck has happened"

"A massive containment breach, we need you to kill NUMBERS"

"But we did that already..."

"Apparently not, you need to destroy it now, before it manages to do any more damage and breach the containment of the other SCPs"


"SHIT, well what the hell are you still doing here? Get going, Command will help as best they can, but it's going to be hell in there..."

then I get to go all DON'T BLINK on their arses.

>> No.18713896

why, what happens?

>> No.18713907


>Still no SCP-093 game

>In the distance, approximately 700 m from the farm, two massive, humanoid beings are crawling across the landscape. The entities do not notice the subject who remains quiet but whose drawn sidearm is visibly trembling.
>Subject requested to remain still and silent as beings move. They are featureless, facing at an angle moving across the field of vision so the faces are only visible for a few moments. During this time it is clear they have no facial features. The arms they use to drag themselves are short at times and long at others, stretching out to varying lengths each time they move. There is no rear area to the beings, all bodily design appears to end at the torso. The two creatures take approximately ten minutes to disappear into the distance before the subject begins to panic and begs to return. Request declined. Subject instructed to enter the home from the cellar, and not to leave the home under any circumstances.

>> No.18713918


Nice try, SATAN.

>> No.18713920

Have them get that one sword that's terrible

>> No.18713925



>> No.18713974

there are several swords in the SCP archive, which one do you mean?

>> No.18713975

Marshall, Carter & Dark Tycoon.

>> No.18713987


I would love to see a point-and-click Adventure game version of 093.

>> No.18714007


This one:

>> No.18714013

was meant to be a reply to

>> No.18714034

i can`t hear any sound, i`m the only one with this problem

>> No.18714070

You will crash the game if a Y is entered as part of your name.

I'm sure it's unintentional.

>> No.18714090

press it during the game

>> No.18714114


>> No.18714177

Reading SCP-427 makes me wonder why they don't get people to sit in front of it for 45 minutes to become superhumans.

...Or take a unlucky SOB and throw them in front of it for... a week and see what happens.

>> No.18714181

>half the thread talking about SCP
>the other half talking about a porn version
is this normal for /tg/?

>> No.18714196

Cross SCP contamination, They don't want to risk the researchers or scientists having adverse reactions to new or current SCPs

>> No.18714197

The game crashes whenever I start playing.

Any tips, /tg/?

>> No.18714211



usually the proportion talking about Rule 34 is much higher.

>> No.18714213

Is there a Y in your name?

>> No.18714222


>> No.18714223


Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.18714228


What other letters crash the game while used in a name?

The name "Honk" causes crashes.

>> No.18714245

>...Or take a unlucky SOB and throw them in front of it for... a week and see what happens.

Because after an hour they become a monstrously powerful blob of flesh that could potentially cause a catastrophic breach in the facility.

>> No.18714321

It seems to me that synergy amongst the different SCPs can create a super powerful monstrosity.

It'd take some incredible efforts to pull that off, though.

>> No.18714325

For anyone who actually likes SCP-682, please read this.
Then kill yourself.

>> No.18714340

Play #1
>walking down dark hallway, randomly appear in room
>nothing but a dial from 'rough' to 'fine' and a key. Turning the key makes an engine noise. Walk around room for half an hour whilst turning key, never find way out

Play #2
>intro movie
>subject blah blah enter the test chamber
>door is shut
>subject blah blah enter the test chamber now or you will be terminated
>door still shut
>subject blah designated for termination
>door opens
>walk inside
>nothing happens
>walk outside
>get shot and die

Well that was fun.

>> No.18714359


682's almost become a sort of mascot for the site. Grandfather Clause, I suppose.

>> No.18714360

Great, now I'm going to dust off my old PS2 and play The Suffering 1 & 2 again.
Thanks fellas.

>> No.18714365

Sorry I'm late.

Lawful Good - M-Epic (from Delta Green)
Neutral Good - Delta Green (from Delta Green)
Chaotic Good - Army of the Third Eye (from Delta Green)
Lawful Neutral - SCP Foundation (from SCP Foundation)
True Neutral - Ice Cave (from Delta Green)
Chaotic Neutral - The Serpent's Hand (from SCP Foundation)
Lawful Evil - Majestic 12 (from Delta Green)
Neutral Evil - Karotechia (from Delta Green)
Chaotic Evil - The Factory (from SCP Foundation)

>> No.18714384

Really? That's the damn mascot? Not, you know, the original 173? I mad.

I laughed. A lot.

>> No.18714400

>Bitch about 682
>With fucking Abel running around being a gigantic anime faggot

Admittedly 682 is overly expanded upon and built up a sort of silliness from it all, but it's still leagues ahead of the real shit stains that Clef and others have spawned.

>> No.18714413

The problem with 173 is that they don't want to make edits to the original creepy pasta. They want to preserve it as much as possible, and thus they can't mess with it as much as 682. 682 is easier to have fun with.

Though, I agree, it is a tad bullshit

>> No.18714440

They downsized Abel by a large margin. He killed his squadmates and now they locked him in a box at the bottom of the ocean. I'm pretty sure they wanted to outright delete him but there's enough fans around to cause a shitstorm

>> No.18714453

It's so fucking dark. I mean I realize it's suppost to be dark, but I just can't see anything at all. So I just wander around in pitch black then suddenly fall over dead. Not very interesting or scary.

>> No.18714463

Either turn up your monitor contrast or mess with the config settings

>> No.18714464


And the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too, and the tests too.


Not sure how I feel about the blinking mechanic. Seems like it'd only be really punishing around a couple SCPs

Can't DL this at the moment, but whats the idea so far? I hate the idea of SCP Foundation being a grim dark hold pen for all the SCPs.

>> No.18714486

Also, I can't believe they haven't picked a 001 yet. I mean jesus fuck, it doesn't have to be something epic, just the very first SCP. If it were me, I would just make it like a revolver that drives people to kill. I'd make it a very 1950s noir thing, and just have it be an artifact that was discovered by some detective who then started the foundation with a grant from a mysterious benefactor. BAM! Done! None of this super-christian 'lol its the angel in front of eden' or other shit.

The papers thing? That lists the SCPs or possibly causes them? That's fucking fine! Just go with that! It's been like 5 years for fucks sake!

>> No.18714489

You're one of the guys sent in to clean 173s chamber when something breaks containment and cuts the power. 173 kills the other two guys and what I assume is the Old Man who decays things transports him away or something. I don't know. The rest of the game is solving puzzles while trying to keep 173 from killing you. After that, I don't know. 173 kept glitching through the walls and I couldn't continue

>> No.18714509

They decided they didn't want to make an 001. None of them feel right and it's not that big of a problem anyway.

Also, I'm pretty sure they already have a knife that does exactly that

>> No.18714510

SCP-342, the bus thing which makes you disappear.
Is hilarious.

>> No.18714532

Not the guy you're replying to, but that's not bad!

What I really want to see in this is basically a Dead Space-esque game (ironic, because I hate Dead Space) where the objectives are you restoring the facility for a good portion of the game and maybe trying to escape once everything's completely FUBAR.

I would fucking love, though, one of the levels being you have to go to place X through this corridor, but you can see the Old Man sitting in the center of it. He's far enough away that he doesn't come after you, but there's no way around him. That's when you realize you need to get to The Machine, and put your standard issue gun through it on the Very Fine setting, in order to make something that can kill the Old Man.

>> No.18714535

Oh. I'm okay with that.
I hope the game goes in a direction that doesn't have a main enemy protagonist, and is more a "Survive the night in the hotel" kind of theme.

>> No.18714542

SCP-011 seems like a pretty chill guy

>> No.18714552

From the development threads on /v/ I'm pretty sure that's how it's gonna go. It pretty much has to do that. Both the guys chasing you are indestructible I think

>> No.18714553

It is called System Shock 1.

>> No.18714557


Item #: SCP-2831

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to remain in a sealed room that is capable of holding it's mass (The subject is a form of a liquid, so any reinforced container will work). Area must be slightly more humid and with a higher moisture content than standard room conditions.

Description: SCP-2831 is a large, amorphous blob, colored an opaque purple weighing about 2000 kg. SCP-2831 was made when a subject who had taken SCP-3133 (Substance that triggered at-will sex change in certain people) and then was left exposed to SCP-427 for nearly 84 hours 23 minutes (Estimated). Other attempts to reproduce this SCP using this method have failed. Durability is similar to flesh beast produced by SCP-427, but are far more vulnerable to heat or cold. Other forms of energy or blunt trauma seem to have little effect.

When this SCP is exposed to a human, it immediately attacks it. However unlike the other flesh beasts, it does not attempt to consume it's targets. Rather it dissolves all of the subjects clothing, then flows into any openings the 'prey' has on it's body, as if mating with it. More curiously, it switches the sex of the prey. These 'switches' appear to have no pattern, some happening only three seconds apart but never longer than five minutes apart. SCP-2831 will then continue to forcibly mate with the prey for several days, during which SCP-2831 seems to supply the prey with all the required bodily needs.

>> No.18714564


After a set period of time, SCP-2831 will eject it's prey. The length of time the prey spends inside SCP-2831 varies. If it's a single subject, mating can continue for days (In one case, three weeks). But if multiple people are present, it quickly tries to attack and tire as many people as possible, but then randomly 'preying' off as many people as possible at it's leisure. Why it ejects it's prey is yet to be determined. SCP-2831 can be forced to release it's victim early, just simply decrease the humidity in the test chamber.

The prey may or may not be ejected in their original sex, but all recorded events with subjects after being with SCP-2831 claim the experience the best moment in their lives. Subjects will attempt to go back to SCP-2831, and if withheld, tend to become violent. Brainwashers are suggested for dealing with any post subjects of SCP-2831.

Subjects that do come into contact with SCP-2831 are noted to have the same organic optimization as exposure to SCP-427, albeit at a slower rate. All subjects who have come into contact with SCP-2831 have yet to change into flesh beasts. The one with the longest exposure to SCP-2831 appears to have 1000% more muscle power than she did before, but with little to no mass increase, a near complete alternation of her internal organs, and overdeveloped sensory organs (Able to see in Infrared spectrum, extremely acute smell/sight/hearing), and according to estimates an IQ of nearly 370 (Based on MRI scans, subjects mental state makes it had to judge accurately). Additional, tactile senses are vastly improved, to the point where they constantly think about reproductive urges.

>> No.18714569


I'll say this.
Able has potential. After all, he is a psychopath. And 682 could be horrific, if his "unstoppable horror" thing were played right. But most people only see the parts of them that are shit, like Able being a badass dark&edgy anti-hero, or 682 being, well, the wacky lizard mascot.

>> No.18714582


Document #2831-1: Subject [REDACTED] appears to have become pregnant as result of a tryst with SCP-2831. Subject violent resists anyone trying to harm her 'child', and even beat Dr. [REDACTED]. Subject [REDACTED] seems to crave liquids and ingests a startling amount. Pregnancy is also progressing far faster than what is normal for a human baby, roughly about 4000% faster. All known attempts to scan the fetus have failed, only returning the result of the subjects waist area being a large grey blob, even though the subject appears physically healthy in every other way. Subject [REDACTED] also wishes to come back into contact with SCP-2831. A decision has not yet been reached.

Document #2831-2: Make sure new guard post will not give into the test subjects so easily. We nearly had a massive containment breach when the subjects escaped, and 'donated' them to SCP-2831.

>> No.18714586

What? Are you saying that Dead Space is a clone of System Shock? Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Next you're going to tell me that Battlefield is just like Call of Duty and the walmart brand "Fig Bars" at walmart are just Fig Newtons!

>> No.18714614


>> No.18714623


>> No.18714677

I can't really remember why Delta Green and MJ-12 are at odds.

>> No.18714678

>And 682 could be horrific, if his "unstoppable horror" thing were played right.

He will be one of the major enemies for my group in the SCP game I'm going to run.

Sure he goes down to combined fire-power and other decently thought out attacks, but you only have so much ammunition, and he just keeps getting back up...

>> No.18714709

You'll need to give them loads of diffrent kinds of attacks. He doesn't just regenerate, he comes back with an immunity to whatever you hurt him with. Shoot him with bullets and his hide becomes bullet proof.

They incinerated him with an SCP as hot as the sun once and he turned into the baseball sized clump of nigh indestructible matter. After he regenerated they did it again and the clump was much bigger then before

>> No.18714713

Motherfucker! As awesome as that game would be I do not think I could handle that shit.

>> No.18714731

Couldn't they just throw it into space, moving at high speed away from Earth?

>> No.18714749

If they wanted to destroy it. Do they? I'm asking because I'm not sure. I know they keep a bunch of other shit lying around that could destroy the world.

>> No.18714752

Video games go on /v/

>> No.18714753

They have a Joke SCP called the Sun Launcher

It grew wings and flew away to a nearby town

>> No.18714755

They tried that. They fired it into the sun.

It grew wings and came back. On fire.

>> No.18714761

They do want to kill it. Just look at the testing log. If anything has a remote chance of killing it they try it.

They once threw in flowers thinking he might be allergic.

>> No.18714766

>in SCP
Frankly, they could just launch half that shit into space if they wanted to.

>> No.18714773


Yeah, I couldn't either. Just watching that demo video nearly gave me a heart attack.

>> No.18714782

you could do this with a lot of SCPs, I suppose the reason it hasn't been done is that they'd rather have it on earth and observed (whilst still being a very potential threat) than lose observation/containment of it.

It's described as incredibly intelligent, you wouldn't really want to risk it finding a way back to earth.

Better they just keep it contained until a way to kill it permanently is found.

>> No.18714793

did you even read the fucking thread?

>> No.18714796

I probably won't play it either, but just because of the controls of indie games like these. I assume there's no sprint button, and that annoys the piss at me when I'm strolling away from the Old Man. Also, hitting buttons on doors is a test of dexterity that it shouldn't be.

>> No.18714802

I didn't suggest throwing it into the sun. If the thing is indestructible and growth tougher when you attack it, that's obviously a suicidally dumb idea.

>> No.18714806

Can Shiki kill SCP 682?

>> No.18714817

Why not keep 682 on the Moon?

>> No.18714819

I'm not sure if it gets tougher when they try to kill it. Just harder to kill. His strenth stays pretty consistent I'm pretty sure

>> No.18714829

Their moon portal is too small for him

>> No.18714833

>Resident evil is unplayable before 3!
>Silent hill series as a whole is shit!
>Penumbra is pretty crap!

Fucking casuals. Everywhere.

>> No.18714841

Still an extremely stupid idea. Worse case scenario, its antics somehow extinguish the sun. Wait, that's not even the worse case scenario.

>> No.18714842

Yep, I'm a casual vidya player. Which is why I'm here. On /tg/.

>> No.18714847

So much of the SCP stuff is abject shit. I might have found a dozen of them that are remotely interesting.

Guess that's what happens when you're based around community generated content.

>> No.18714854


There is a sprint button, but hitting door buttons was a bit of a bitch.

>> No.18714861

Why the fuck are you just wandering around the site? Just go through the top rated pages. Read the Lego, read the Coffee Machine, read about Me, read about Crunch. Don't sift through all the shit, let other people do it for you.

>> No.18714881

Document #2831-3: Subject [REDACTED], the one who previously spent the most time within SCP-2831, had her request granted to return to the SCP with a condition that they would not be interrupted. There is no way we'd ever do this, but we were curious about how far one's evolution could progress and when/if the subject would become a flesh beast, so we lied.

Subject [REDACTED] and SCP-2831 began the mating once again, only this time SCP-2831 did not release the Subject for nearly three months. Subject [REDACTED] appeared to human afterwards, but competency in all degrees was massively increased. Continued testing wasn't possible before Subject [REDACTED] had to be restrained, but list of feats are as follows:

- Punched through sector 72's blast door with bare hands
- Able to hear things 100 meters away despite being in a 'soundproof' room. Subject also reported being able to see in spectrum's that were not discovered.
- Able to interpret what a person is going to say or do just by looking at their body language.
- Skin able to withstand [REDACTED] caliber anti-tank round without so much as a bruise.
- Intelligence being unable to accurately measure with the IQ system, but was able to correct researchers with their research (Despite subject having no prior background in biology).

The mental state of the subject appeared to be far calmer than before. Subject either tried to seduce anyone it could or request access to SCP-2831, claiming they had a bond that 'Your underdeveloped minds cannot understand."

After four months, Subject [REDACTED] claimed we were boring her, and attempted to make her way towards SCP-2831 again. We expected this, and put SCP-2511 in place of SCP-2831. Subject [REDACTED] is now held in place, but discussions are being held what to do next.

>> No.18714888

After I'm done with the room they tell you to walk in and then the lights dim, if I try to enter the hallway the game just goes pitch black. There doesn't seem to be any sort of flashlight, and once I'm in the hallway I'm fucked because its totally black.

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

>> No.18714890

SCP343 was my personal favorite. He should get a couple more interactions with people/SCPs.

>> No.18714900

Majestic 12 allows aliens (the Grays- actually puppets of the Mi-Go) to abduct and experiment on American citizens, and indulge in other nasty crap, in exchange for technology and insights into highly advanced science.

And that's why Delta Green doesn't like MJ12.

There's also a bit of a federal history (from before Delta Green was officially shut down), with MJ12 considering DG to be incompetent, irresponsible cowboys who enjoy blowing up valuable things and chasing ghost stories. Delta Green thinks MJ12 are corrupt and too narrow-minded, unable to see the bigger picture or make the right decisions.

Maybe they're both right.

>> No.18714901

I spent about a month in my spare time reading through it. The top rated is mostly whatever the creepy version of Mary Sue (Emo Sue? Cutting Until Pain Becomes Love Sue?). Of the ones I found interesting, probably the best was the treatment of the Wandering Jew, but most of it is just so much drivel that I would expect of a fanfic site devoted to horror-mythology crossover.

>> No.18714906

press Y in the hallway, it activates the light switch.

>> No.18714921

Turn up the brightness on your monitor, or in the configurations.

Don't do this.
Then again, I still don't understand what it's supposed to do. But I don't want to try myself.

>> No.18714923

No SCP, even one with /d/-rotten brain, would be stupid enough to attempt this experiment.
>oh, so exposure to 2831 massively increases strength, toughness and intelligence? well how massive can it GET? :V :V :V

>> No.18714924

Well... has MJ-12 actually advanced science with the insights provided?

>> No.18714959


This is the most horrifying thing on the site.

I dare you to prove me otherwise.

>> No.18714962

>find the organic gun
>can only fire a maximum of 30 teeth
>have to wait a few hours before it grows new ammo
>better make them count

Please do it, kind sir ;_;

>> No.18714971

Yeah, MJ12 basically ensured DG got shut down after the Cambodia incident (pretty sure it was Cambodia, somewhere in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Conflict). Additionally, there's a fundamental difference in guiding philosophies: MJ12 is all about leveraging whatever they can get a hold of in order to create an advantage for the USA, which when combined with their arrogance means that they think they're in control of a lot of things that are using them....especially the fake aliens.

DG's philosophy is kill it with fire. A lot. Then some more. Then more fire. BURN IT FUCKING DOWN. Toss some holy water on it. BURN IT AGAIN. BURN THE WATER.

DG also is more aware of the occult and more actively deals with the occult than MJ12 who was more of an alien thing (which is kind of funny).

>> No.18714979

I was wondering why that one wasn't brought up.

>> No.18714982

What would you use it on though? Not like it could kill the other SCPs

>> No.18714984


Why all the Y?

>> No.18714991

Not in the public sector.

You can get NRO Delta (the MJ12 wetworks branch) agents with nightvision, thermal vision, super-strength and all kinds of other freaky powers. The Outlook Facility has incredible amounts of research into behaviour and memory altering drugs, and unbelievably cruel but effective methods of psychological torture.

Stealth technology. Energy weapons. The list goes on.

>> No.18715011

Other personnel gone crazy/working against you? Or maybe just to slow something down to give you enough time to escape.

>> No.18715022



I had forgot all about that report. I think I repressed the memory of reading it the first time.

>> No.18715038

IIRC, they do leak out tech to the public. It's pretty slow and done through a bunch of cutouts, defense contractors, back-room buddy deals, and at least one of the 12 has made a running fuckton of money from patents in this manner...but yeah, none of the really cool stuff is released or leaked...yet.

>> No.18715048

I've read so many of those articles. Just days spent hitting the random article button. I can remember the jist of two or three dozen SCPs.

I'm thankful.

>> No.18715079

being the bitch ass pansy I am I need someone to give me a quick summary to sate my curioristy.


>> No.18715081

at least you got it working, mine starts for about 2 seconds then crashes

>> No.18715082


>> No.18715098

scary barnacle cthulus make more scary barnacle cthulus.
It's quite good, actually

>> No.18715101

I'd see it as an alternate way to disable 682 should it becomes immune to bullets, even though it could only be used once.

>> No.18715129

They've cut him in half with a lazer, had his neck shredded by 173, put him in what amounts to the sun, put him in a box that exposes him to ungodly amounts of radiation, and countless other ungodly horrors. Do you REALLY think a fucking TEETH GUN is going to stop him?

>> No.18715153

Yet he does seem to lose those "upgrades" between different killing session.

>> No.18715156


Yeah, the actual idea behind it isn't anything remarkably special.

But it's one of the few pages on the site to have a wholly unredacted report included. And now I'm GLAD that some of the other pages are censored because holy shit that is terrifying.

>> No.18715170

Yeah, his immunities wear off after a while. That's why he's not just a massive, immovable brick by now

>> No.18715176

i downloaded it and it keeps crashing ingame, am i doing anything wrong?

>> No.18715185

Item #: SCP-2511

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel MUST be male. Females are barred from coming within 100 meters of SCP. Male subjects must make sure no female pheromones are on them, otherwise SCP-2511 may confuse them for a female.

Description: SCP-2511 is constantly shifting mass of tentacles with a diameter of about 1.98 meters and weighting about 342 kg. Tentacles are overly muscled, incredibly flexible and dexterous, and have a mushroom shaped head (Similar to a human male's penis). Tentacles themselves vary in length and thickness. Tentacles seem to be coated in some sort of aphrodisiac that takes effect nigh instantly when it comes into contact with a female's skin. It moves around either by rolling or walking on it's tentacles. The tentacles are capable of stretching out to at least 10 meters. It is unknown what is at the center of the mass.

SCP-2511 was found in [REDACTED] while investigating the reports of [REDACTED]. When SCP-2511 gains the scent of a female, it is compelled to seek her out, then begin to rape her. The more the prey resists, the more forceful it is. During the violation, SCP-2511 attempts to fill all orifices of a female, and continues to violate them until the prey is exhausted or falls unconscious. SCP-2511 seems to prioritize females within the 14-17 age bracket to the exclusion of nearly all other females. More bizarrely, it targets any female wearing a school uniform of some sort. Also note it only targets healthy females. Those overweight are often ignored by SCP-2511 and only seems to attack them if desperate.

>> No.18715191

Anyone having screen troubles?

I can't start a new game because the screen refuses to resize to something I can view. Tried all the settings, but it still refuses to work.

>> No.18715193

Y'know, I was gonna redirect you to the Bone Hive..

But then I read the unedited after action report. Holy shit...

>> No.18715196


The substance SCP-2511 excretes seems to act as some kind of paralyzing agent but amplifying the tactile senses of the user. This substance is far stronger than any recorded drug known, and no subject has actually escaped once SCP-2511 has grappled them. SCP-2511 becomes incredibly aggressive towards anyone trying to interrupt it's mating process. Females are knocked out (SCP-2511 only mates with one female at a time) while men are most likely killed.

SCP-2511 shows no reaction to men or women who have entered menopause. SCP-2511 seems to go by smell, as it attacked anything covered in female pheromones. However any time it realizes it's prey is not a female, it becomes enraged, and most often destroys the subject by ripping them limb from limb. Female subjects, despite how horrific it appears, suffer little to no long lasting physical harm from trysts with SCP-2511. Mental harm is far more long lasting.

Document #2511-1: SCP-2511's ability to restrain females came in useful when Subject [REDACTED] involved with SCP-2831. SCP-2511 seemed perfectly able to hunt it's 'prey', with Subject [REDACTED] seemingly unable to sense it's presence despite her superior senses. Subject [REDACTED] is currently held by SCP-2511, however Subject [REDACTED] stamina seems to be far more than a normal human. It's been nearly four months and SCP-2511 still hasn't released Subject [REDACTED]. Recommend using SCP-2511 to restrain any female SCP's in the future.

>> No.18715219

the thing is: many SCPs need to be contained, on the grounds that they might be useful... some day.

Also: many of the things they have either cannot be destroyed (such as the self-protecting secret... it's not round.) or fuck with reality too much to guarantee it's destruction (like the school building with random internal geography.)

>> No.18715228

My theory is they already broke it but they just can't remember if they did

>> No.18715249

yeah, and 835 also encompasses what a well-written SCP article should be like (for a Kepler, I mean). It shouldn't be invincible, just really tough.
It shouldn't be immediately world-ending, but if SCP lets it out it would fuck shit up. And above all, it should be really, REALLY fucking creepy, it should have an alienness that can keep you up at night.
Some other good ones are 173, and that one that hunts down and kills whoever sees it. the stairwell SCP is pretty good too.

>> No.18715260


>> No.18715284

yeah yeah, keter.
also half my examples weren't

>> No.18715287

Goddamn it, it closes as soon as I click anything.

>> No.18715295

They're actually going to kill the one that hunts you down. They're worried picture of it will set it off and send it to a crowded area, since a single pixle is enough to set him off. The worry is him running somewhere with a news crew and exposing the entire world to him

>> No.18715317

what number was that one again? I can't find it.
Also the old man, I forgot him.
FUCK the old man

>> No.18715327

Is there anyway to keep it from crashing as soon as I use any key/click? Note that I have tried it with several names.

>> No.18715341


>> No.18715365

Alright, you can stop now.

>> No.18715409


Pfft, pussy

>> No.18715414

Can anyone upload a playthrough? I can't play it at all due to computer issues.

>> No.18715422

In theory, all SCPs are merely being kept until a method is found to destroy them, unless they provide some sort of serious benefit to the SCP Foundation.

A lot of SCPs just can't be destroyed. Yet.

>> No.18715426


Ok, which one of you made this?

>> No.18715434

Depressing AND creepy as fuck.
I need a drink... why there is no alcohool in here, damnit ?

>> No.18715440

>Secure, CONTAIN, protect
They aren't out to kill the SCPs. They want to learn from them. The Serpents Hand or whatever is the one that wants to kill them all. SCP only kills them when it's necessary

>> No.18715485

Most, if not all of the destroyable ones are beneficial/neutral.

I presume because the truly horrific destroyable ones have been destroyed already, but still.

>> No.18715585

>Oh, shit, I'm a Class D?
>WHAT ARE THESE MANNI- oh they're also class Ds.
>Hey what's in the chambeOH SWEET GOD I AM NOT READY FOR THIS

Oh god damn it run you terrifying bastard.

>> No.18715657

>Able being a badass dark&edgy anti-hero

The thing is, and the SCP site acknowledges this, Able isn't the real SCP... the coffin he's attached to is. Able is just the unhappy additional aspect of that damned coffin.

Frankly, they've proven pretty well that he is a bullshit mary-sue mode, but he's exactly the right amount off mary-sue mode, and his bullshit is considerably limited.

Not to mention the fact that the overwhelming majority of his appearances are the ones where he looses. He looses fighting 682, he looses against any human who wishes to join his "elite force", he looses when faced by damn near anybody at damn near anything other than shoving a sharp object into yielding flesh... he's the Worf of SCPs. A Badass by reputation, a punching bag by story.

>> No.18715693

actually, there was an invulnerable man SCP once... He was decommissioned because it turns out he had an undiagnosed peanut allergy, and died choking on his own tongue.

So yeah, an allergy took out one unstoppable SCP, why not try it again?

>> No.18715857

i think that when not under direct threat, he reverts to a "safe mode"... which is resistant to damage and heals quickly, but isn't really ready for an immediate defensive response.

Of course, within fractions of a second of a threat, his body reacts and adapts, meaning anything that won't kill him instantly will make him impossible to kill by-that-means.

And thus far, nothing has killed him instantly.

So, what they really need to do, if they ever want to "decommission" him, is probably a series of rapidly-shifting and mutually-exclusive conditions that would result in near-instant death repeatedly. And I have no idea how they would accomplish this. Hell, the bookends that make stories don't even know how to accomplish this. ("The Thing That Killed SCP-682" started off as four paragraphs on a sheet of paper with a title... eventually it stretched to be eight hundred pages long, and the title, finally, changed to being "The Thing That Tried Very Hard to Kill SCP-682 But Ultimately Failed")

>> No.18715868


>> No.18715881


That testing log made me laugh more then it should have

>> No.18715960

Damnit, i'm giggling like a damn fool.

>> No.18716005

It took me WAAAAAY too fuckin' long to get that it was talking about fire.

>> No.18716037


The Bone Hive isn't too creepy, just your standard brand of contagious body horror.

...And then you get to the last addendum that suggests the victim is left conscious through most of the process.

>> No.18716057


Every time

>> No.18716085


I think Able is used as sort of a guideline for determining the bullshit factor of new entries. If something is more badass than him, it's a Mary Sue and needs to be expunged.

>> No.18716091

That is an explicit rule, or it used to be.

>> No.18716101

>Put hemp on Thing-I

>> No.18716141


>> No.18716146


I love how these things are classified as Euclid for no other reason than they're just SO GODDAMN ADORABLE.

>> No.18716153

Able has been re-written. His history still technically includes MTF Pandora's Box but...it didn't go well. And O5 wants to pretend they never allowed it.

So, the Able Line doesn't actually exist (in the same way) anymore.

>> No.18716174

Man, I haven't actually gone to the site in a while. I guess they're trying to improve it then?

>> No.18716183

That's GOC - Global Occult Coalition. They are for destruction of SCP's. Serpent's Hand is...I don't know. They seem to worship humanoid SCP's, or they ARE humanoid SCP's, or...something. They haven't appeared in much stuff.

>> No.18716191

i'v never found this all that scary... disgusting sure not much more, any one mind explaining why it is so bad?

>> No.18716197


Yeah, they deleted a bunch of entries that were considered too stupid or mary-sueish, last I heard.

>> No.18716219

Anything ever happen with scpfoundation.org?
For the record, it was basically a more 'immersive' scp site. It looked semi official, and basically just had scp entries.
But they didn't have everything transferred over last I checked and it doesn't seem to be finished.

>> No.18716228


Did you read the uncensored version of the report?

Pure, unadulterated body horror.

>> No.18716234

Yep. I actually really like what they are doing. instead of takin all the bullshit-sues and saying "Fuck, nope these don't exist," they are actually killing them off in-universe or rewriting them to be less bad. (or doing both)

>> No.18716237

For me, it's the clear implication towards the end that just because the MTF Leader got away, she's still infected and still become a part of it. And even suicide won't help. She'll become part of this entity. Trapped. Not dead, but no longer alive. Conscious. Forever.

And that's what fucking gets me everytime. I really fucking hate the ones that will never let you go. Stuff like SCP-106 will eventually be done with you (pic related). SCP-835 will take you. You can't escape, and you'll never be free.


>> No.18716248

>implying 343 isn't the most sue SCP closely tied with most named doctors (I'm looking at you bright and kondraki)

>> No.18716274


Read the unredacted report linked at the bottom.

>> No.18716276

I think you technically have to give a lot of those a pass given how old they are.

>> No.18716282

To the people who were complaining about Dr. Clef being too "special", the guy who writes him commented on the situation here:


>> No.18716290

>The tomato plant SCP will never make an appearance

>> No.18716296

>they are actually killing them off in-universe or rewriting them to be less bad. (or doing both)

I love some of the ways they terminate the worst cases. Like this one, which I'm pretty sure they had way too much fun writing up.


>> No.18716309

They've stopped doing that. After they started doing outlandish shit like riding 682 as a distraction they realized they were becoming sueish as well. Now they just quietly delete them

>> No.18716313

That one was one of the ways in which the researchers were getting over the top and kind of sue ish.
Still amusing though.

>> No.18716318


The one that hurled itself at people who made bad jokes? Somehow I don't think there's going to be too many jokes in this game.

But I would love to see it as a cameo or something too.

>> No.18716331


Yeah, it was pretty over the top, but I still think it's hilarious.

>> No.18716342

I kinda wish they still wrote these, but as "parodies" that only excuse their awfulness by acknowledging it and doing nothing to help it. because yeah, it's over the top, mary-sueish, and totally against what SCP is all about, but it's still pretty damn funny.

>> No.18716348

I can see it making a one-off appearance. There's a tape recorder lying around. The player clicks on it, and it plays a bad joke. Tomato flies out of nowhere and breaks it to pieces. The player chuckles a little.

>> No.18716356


>> No.18716364

That's not true at all. They will decommission an article if it was so fucking terrible (Special Containment Procedures: Contact an alchemist) that people are stunned by the horrible-ness (and they get the author's permission):

It's just that they will no longer go through the ridiculous over-the-top shit they used to. Now it's just straightforward.

>> No.18716370

Chowderclef IS the excuse for the old stories.

And it is also funny.

>> No.18716440

Dr. Gerald's Driving Skills are still semi-canon though, right? It's referenced often enough, even in very serious work. Ecce Perago, where the entire O5 council is assassinated:

"I'm sorry, driver, I don't think I've seen you before. What did you say your name was?" Seven asked absently, fiddling with the ivory chopstick in her hair.

"Oh, it's Rodney. But most people call me Dr. Gerald."

>> No.18716452

There is no canon

>> No.18716465

When was that coined? I hear it all the time, but I've never seen what I assume is the origin.

>> No.18716491

>The feeling of inevitability once you hand the ticket to someone that no matter what you do, something will get you onto that vehicle

Nooooope. Nope. I'm out.

>> No.18716504

today i am a toaster

>> No.18716516

342 is one of the creepiest things on there, to me.
Mainly because you can't stop it once it starts.
Even the other really frightening ones can be escaped eventually, but if you have that ticket you're fucked.

>> No.18716610

That should not be frightening to me.

>> No.18716640

>Object:One (1) plastic figurine from the Warhammer 40K series, identified as a "Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord", borrowed from Dr. Clef's office.

Alright, fess up. Which one of you guys is the mole.

(Because this is fucking hilarious)

>> No.18716658

Why did I keep reading after the bus one!?
Dear god... I just... fuck me.

>> No.18716669

so...I can't get past the...4th hallway I think? the one where you find the first camera screen and timed door switch? 106, first time i've seen him, is just chilling around the corner from the switch. then when i noped into a corner and finally blinked he was gone. waited another few minutes, did some test blinking and walking then finally pressed the timed switch. motherfucking 173 behind the door. stared at him until the door closed. blinked and he was there, in the darkness of my blink, and the game maybe glitched. couldn't open my eyes and couldn't walk right when i finally got them open. after forcing a lap around the room the wierd walking seemed to wear off. try the switch again andd there they are. 106 and 173 just standing there. staring. 106 infront of 173. backpedalled and blinked when the door finally closed. 173 was there in the blink again. nothing else was off though. try the switch again, determined to get past them and they were there again. 106 blinked away and 173 stood there. staring. i backpedalled around the corner and ended blinking as the door closed. he was there now. i was trapped with 173. i managed to slap the switch and backpedal down the hall they were blocking. just as i got through the door, i blinked. when i opened my eyes i was staring up at 173. after a sickening crack and a groan. i fell to the ground and blacked out.
this happen to anybody else? i can't go forward because of it

>> No.18716686

Besides the horrifying nightmare fuel, there are a lot of SCPs that are really cool.

The Worlds Best Tothbrush, the SCP that is a box of basically legos that can become sentient.

I've considered some ideas for SCPs, I forget most of them except one. It was an old man who became immovable by any force on Earth if he was sitting in his favorite rocking chair.

>> No.18716727


Yeah, I like the ones that are just inexplicable or the harmless kind of weird. Not everything has a be a world-threatening horror from beyond human sanity.

>> No.18716780

Exactly. It's even sillier when you realize they have at least one hundred ways to end the world, yet they have no way to not horrible traumatize a little girl to prevent what they THINK might end the world. You'd think they could find some SCP or a combination of SCPs that could prevent whatever end of the world event there is. Fight fire with fire. Fight world ending horror with world ending horror.

>> No.18716804

Collateral damage. The SCP uses most of its power to keep the status quo. They don't want to use the rest of their power, or to change anything.

>> No.18716815

>Dr.Brights Brother/cousin/whatever
>Has the power to take illnesses from people
>Dr.Bright intentionally had him take mental illnesses from people in order to effectively lobotomize him
>Dr.Bright makes it very clear he is to be treated like an SCP and not like a person

>The Magic Camera that makes picture of what people would rather be doing at the time
>Take a picture of this brain dead kid as he plays with blocks
>He's sobbing

>> No.18716839

Dr Bright being a pragmatic, ruthless asshole is basically why he's in charge, and going to stay there, possibly forever.

>> No.18716848

Have they ever tried to use the Coffee Machine to produce a liquid to abort whatever hell beast is in the girl?

What if by some ironic twist, all the trauma they are giving her is just making the situation worse?

>> No.18716860

To be fair.

Those sentient Legos -really- hate Mega Bloks.

>> No.18716884

...Let's try rolling one.
>its own pocket universe
>just some hobo
>alarmingly out of fashion
>holy temple, monks didn't like it
>didn't feel like it
>hairy palms
>threw rubber ball at SCP
>time now runs backwards, my bad
>Don't feed it after midnight

...That actually makes a distressing amount of sense, when you think about it. The classification (only reverses time if you throw a rubber ball at it), rescinding its accomodations and shunting it into a pocket universe after it reversed time, keeping something capable of reversing time in a temple...

>> No.18716892

Well, who doesn't?

Still i'd love to actually have those. I always imagine if my legos could come to life and just live in the backroom, using my collection to build their own little world, and just watch them live in their little world.

>> No.18716915

Well, they tried making a liquid that could kill 682 and it melted an entire complex. I don't think they want to try something like that again

>> No.18716923


>> No.18716955

Well if something like that held them back they would stop doing any tests for any of the SCPs. The risk is in the reward. If it did work, it would only be beneficial, a very flimsily contained world ender is gone, a little girl, after being brain wiped, would be free from a life of trauma, and if the incident ever pops up again, they would have an answer to it.

>> No.18716983

Input: One (1) Glow Stick
Setting: Very Fine
Output: [DATA EXPUNGED], effects were similar to that of ecstasy, along with hallucinations of being at "an awesome rave". SCP status is pending approval.

Oh good lord, this shit is just too awesome to NOT use.

>> No.18716988

>A game based on a breach in the SCP foundation
I have always liked the concept of this. Whether it was a complete breach of a single facility, or someone broke in and released and stole SCPs.

>> No.18717042

>What if by some ironic twist, all the trauma they are giving her is just making the situation worse?
that is implied, they say they have been having to go progressivly further with it

>> No.18717051

>Turns out the trauma just makes the world ender more powerful and kindness is what makes it weaker
What fools we have all been

>> No.18717063


Hence the use of amnesiacs, since apparently desensitization to the procedure make it less effective.

It's all but explicitly implied that it's the sheer trauma from whatever the procedure involves that keeps whatever lovecraftian monster she's bearing under wraps.

>> No.18717078

I'm having trouble understanding the report somewhat.

I get that they need to rape her or something every day to keep a monster baby from getting out, but this apprently happened several times before?

>> No.18717089

What if it's only under wraps because the trauma feeds it and thanks to the Foundation its getting a steady meal?

>> No.18717097

It's fictional rape-magic, please don't expect it to make much sense.

>> No.18717102

Wait, so is SCP-106 in the game?
I haven't seen it, but that's not saying much, as I keep on having tea with SCP-173.

>> No.18717105

No, no no. I get the super rape. I mean about the baby things. She keeps popping these things out right?

>> No.18717135

No. She has one super hellspawn world ending lovecraft baby, the super rape keeps her from giving birth to it, at least thats what we assume.

>> No.18717136

yea...he's there. the old man is there all right. he just. stares.

>> No.18717145

she's number 7. there have been 6 others before her and they all gave birth and/or died

>> No.18717155


I was pretty sure that she *was* one of the demon-babies (grown up somewhat), and the mother died some time ago shortly after she was born.

Then again, I haven't read it in a while. I'll check again to make sure.

>> No.18717188

no. there was a 'satanic sex cult' that local police raided and they rescued 7 girls. within less than a day, the first girl gave birth and the incident occured. since then, 5 more have all given birth/been a part of incidents

>> No.18717189

Each of them gave birth to a progressively more horrible thing, each of which was barely terminated before doing something terrible. 7's childhorror will supposedly be so terrible that they won't be able to stop it, hence the amnesia rape.

>> No.18717190

I read the edited one, and then, oh god, the second one oh Jesus fucking Christ, I am forever scarred.

>> No.18717216


And I'm completely wrong, silly me.

>> No.18717227

I suppose I just feel it's incredibly unnecessary for that "SCP" It's not really horror, its not something fun, it's just...well sick. Almost like someone decided to throw their worst fetish onto the site.

>> No.18717230

but what does the rape do, exactly? are we sure it's actual rape? are we sure it isn't them just shoving there hand up and in there the stir things up? maybe forcing the head back in if she's givig birth?

>> No.18717248

that's part of their whole shtick. they do horrible things so the rest of us can sleep soundly at night. for the greater good and all that

>> No.18717250

We only know that its traumatizing and terrible.
Thats kind of the point.

>> No.18717251

We don't know for sure what it is. We just know it's very tramatizing.

And that it's probably rape

>> No.18717290

well we all know it's traumitizing. but what exactly is the point of it? how does it keep her from giving birth the Clem's son?

>> No.18717293

Well whatever it is, it's described as incredibly traumatic to the little girl. They get literal criminals and sexual deviants to do the procedure.

>> No.18717300

amnesia and memory rewriting is common/freely available/encouraged for the operatives after performing it.

It must be pretty horrifying.

>> No.18717310

These joke entries are amazing.

>> No.18717312

The point isn't how, the point is that it does. And the SCP foundation will keep doing it.

>> No.18717335

We have no idea. They dont even confirm that it stops whatever is in her, the Foundation knows that the shit they put her through some how keeps her from popping out the thing, but it becomes less effective the longer they do it, so after it's reached a certain point, they wipe her memory and start all over again.

>> No.18717341

The foundation found out that stress and trama stops labor from happening. So they made the most stressful and tramatic procedure possible to keep it from giving birth

>> No.18717362

help. he won't stop. staring.

>> No.18717384

Don't Blink.

There is currently no way to not blink, or to beat 173.

>> No.18717396

>After some analysis, I have determined that it is not necessary to administer a Class A Amnesiac every time Procedure 110-Montauk is carried out. In fact, it is better to delay for some time before re-administering the agent. Analysis of Subject 231-7's emotional response indicates that efficacy of Procedure 110-Montauk seems to peak between the third and fourth performance of the procedure: the dread of anticipation of events seems to heighten emotional response for a time, before familiarity with the procedure begins to lessen the efficacy of treatment. My recommendation is that Class A Amnesiacs be administered once a week during Procedure 110-Montauk. The calendar has been modified accordingly.

>> No.18717452

173 and 106 are in the doorway though. i can't go forward.

>> No.18717470

Yeah thats the end of the game so far I think

>> No.18717479

For such an important facility, the halls and rooms are pretty fucking dirty.

>> No.18717496

173 does that to wherever its in, so it might be that.
In general, security breaches fuck up a place.

>> No.18717857

This shit fucks me up

>> No.18718145


Rapidshit isn't working for me, could someone upload it to MF or some other filesharer?

>> No.18718209

I need more .gif pages like http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-895

>> No.18718224


we should put the codex astartes into 914 on all of the settings

>> No.18718369

After reading SCP-105, there is no denying that the "Serve, Contain, Protect," name is as much horseshit as the Ministries in 1984. There are far, far, far too many SCPs that can and should be destroyed immediately, except they don't. They just keep fucking with them.

They're after power.

Because if they weren't, SCP-76-2 (Able The Anime Faggot) would have his little magic coffin dropped into the Marinas trench.

Seven. Miles. Down. Lets see if that animu faggot fuck can swim seven fucking miles up in the hour he has before he asphyxiates. Fighting the massive, incredible pressure the whole way up. And fuck, to really make things hard on him, put his little box in a much bigger box filled with concrete, or a solid cube of titanium alloy, then push that fucker off the deck of a cargo ship.

But no. No. Even after he fucked them up good, they keep an eye on him. Just, you know, in case they can bust him out again. Faggots.

>> No.18718387

A large leather-bound book with elegant script written across the cover in a strange language, upon inspection each page is filled with what is presumed to be many different languages allmost all of which are unknown/untranslatable, one section of the book however is translatable, and the words "Roboute Gulliman is a Chaos sucking Grox-lover and a gigantic phallus" are repeated over and over in every language ever recorded.

It is presumed the other pages also translate into this, although without any known comparison for the script it is impossible to tell.

>> No.18718396

>Because if they weren't, SCP-76-2 (Able The Anime Faggot) would have his little magic coffin dropped into the Marinas trench.

They did that though. Pretty sure he has his own on-site nuke as well

>> No.18718495

>They did that though

PFFFFT "200 meters below the seabed" is not "The Marinas Motherfucking Trench." The only disposal more final then the Trench is being fired on a satellite rocket booster right into the fucking Sun.

Because anything dropped into the Marinas Trench can't be recovered, you see. They want to at least have that option. Wonder why.

>> No.18718519

But they DID recover an object from the Marinas Trench


>> No.18718579


Yeah, a document is recoverable with the grappling-arm of a ROV sub.

Huge-ass stone coffin-rooms, not so much.

But the more I think about it, this has "NASA rocket booster to the SUUUUN" written all over it. Cheaper then ANOTHER tac-nuke, in the long run.

>> No.18718648


i smell butthurt

>> No.18718740

They want to keep an eye on Able. If they drop him down the trench what happens when he manages to climb out carrying the coffin on his back?

The guy is not an anime protagonist. He is Doom/Quake style FPS protagonist with his own semi-mobile respawn point.

>> No.18718764

It would also leave him vulnerable to those hardly mentioned SCP Terrorist groups

>> No.18719235

I now know what my next Dark Heresy campaign is going to be. The only hints I can give them are 'SCP' and 'Anphelion'

>“Why not? It's been done before.”

>Codex: Dark Angels 4th Edition 1st Printing.

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