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a couple days ago there was a thread involving mimics that eventually led to the idea of a half mimic being born. unfortunately i had to leave and the thread 404'd, so i was wondering if 3.5 stats for a half mimic were ever created?

tl;dr 3.5 half mimic stats, anyone have

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What game is this?

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dark souls, the spiritual sequel to demon's souls
this is a relatively accurate representation of a ds boss fight

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Dark Souls

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Dark Souls' bosses severely disappointed me. Mario,Luigi and The Four Douches were the only ones that left me feeling good about beating them and provided a challenge.

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Wolf wasn't bad either. A lot of them were more about the tricks though. Same was true in Demon's Souls too, it wasn't the bosses that were hard, minus one or two, it was the levels themselves.

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Maybe playing Demon Souls just prepared me for it but I dunno. Biggie and Smalls were pretty much only hard by merit of there being two of them. I had a lot harder time with a shit ton of Demon Soul bosses.

Nothing will ever compare to Flame Lurker. Fuck you Flamer Lurker. Fuck you so hard.

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mfw the Flame Lurker got stuck on the bones

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well according to google, there is supposed to be a PC release of dark souls with some of the originally cut content

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