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>ITT: Real people who look like they go on amazing adventures

The awesomeness must continue.

Old thread:

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>female Malkavian

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To virginity, AND BEYOND!

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Imagine for a second, what he has seen.

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He has seen the sea. He knows her lulls, her peaceful slumber and restfulness. He has seen her disquieted, rough, choppy and sickly green. He has seen the sea wroth, ride out her anger, whispering sweet nothings into her ear to soothe her anger.

This man has saved us from the sea and never has he been thanked. The years grow on him, like the barnacles on his boat. He is tired but he goes on because he loves the sea.

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Holy shit, that dog is a fucking STALKER!

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>Wizard with his familiar.jpg

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Animals can have adventures too.

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Hear the rime of the Ancient mariner
See his eyes as he stops one of three
Mesmerizes one of the wedding guests
Stay here and listen to the nightmares
of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by
Caught by his spell and
the Mariner tells his tale.

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The lack of Tobacco Urchin is disturbing.

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Every party needs a chef.

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She has a dick.

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a gunshot to the face didn't stop this fucker

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I feel like he could be an awesome recurring allied NPC

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Wow, oarfish. Lucky bastards - they normally swim deep.


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Just don't piss him off, otherwise he will stab you in the back.

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Back stab rolls, so, many, back stab rolls.

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Hot damn, is that an oarfish?

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that implies that there are naked pics of her

If so, where are they?

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Varg is more like the hero of a JRPG.

The one who goes from town to town to fight the evil religion that has invaded his home country.

In the end he fights a god and wins with the power of friendship.

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Always wanted to try an entire D&D party of bards.

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Clearly, when an adventuring party bursts into his throne room, that golem in the background will spring into life.

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No, no, that's clearly a Gate to Hell. The statue is merely ironic.

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is it safe to assume that their cars transform and combine to create a giant robot?

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no, the cars would have to be all different colors

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Right, the pope will command the bronze Jesus like Kali in Sinbad


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Actually it looks like Kairos in the background...

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No Justice
No Peace
Fuck the Police!

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but the gateway to hell is in turkmenistan

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citation needed

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"Yep, that's a gate to hell, alright..."

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To make good assassins, you need to train them young.

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the one on the right looks so happy

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What's that? I can't make much out of it.

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Are those fucking AMT hardballers?

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>having a black guy treat school kids like slaves for a lesson

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I'd say that's more of a vent or a skylight. A gateway is something you can walk through.

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really who is s/he?
There are multiple gates it just makes sense to have ne of the holies cities on Earth over this paticularly large one.

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She'll kill you last.

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>really who is s/he?
>hurr durr what is google

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It's a giant pocket in the earth that's full of gas, when they tried to dig into it the digging team and all their shit fell through and into the dark, fearing a massive gas explosion they hurried up and lit it on fire before the gas spread. So, it's a big ass burning hole into the ground and it has been burning for decades, no one really knows when it'll stop.

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pretty sure jesus says to sell off worldly possessions and give the money to the poor. i don't think a church that hordes enough cash to declare itself its own nation (and then there's the art) follows that rule.

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You do not have the proper papers to be here.

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London Riots

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Oh not this argument again

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is that will smith?

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Dohoho, we could do an entire thread on Liberia alone.

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This man sells the finest silks and magic carpets made from the pubis of virgins.

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I have so many of these, I'm pretty sure I've been a large contributer to the proliferation of liberian militia pics on /tg/.

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Never really saw these on /tg/ that often, but after unloading them all on threads like these about three times in a few weeks they were posted all the time.

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For some reason they like blinding themselves, guess it doesn't matter if you don't aim anyway.

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Sub-Saharan Africans had rocket toyotas before the Libyans made it mainstream.

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Filipino Posse

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Another one that looks like a black metal photo.

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More self blinding.

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>Nobody posted professor awesome yet

Get on MY level

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Aha, I see the villain of this story has the normal henchmen retinue. The creepy one and the over-confident one. Over-confident one goes down easy, and the creepy one gives a taste of just how tough the end boss will be.

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he was in the last thread

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Btw I think that's a real skull.

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You don't need zombies to incite mass panic. Sometimes a single leopard will do

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You might find this interesting.

Critical thinking Unit 1. Evaluating images as evidence.
- Relevance: For an image to support a claim, it must depict all of the key ideas contained in the claim.
- Significance: This concerns how much interpretation of the image is necessary; does the image speak for itself, or must we make assumptions about it in order for it to support the claim?
- Selectivity/Representativeness: If a general claim is supported by an image of a specific example, then we have to ask whether the example in the image is typical. It may be that it has been carefully selected to support a point, when actually most examples would go against it.


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Fuck off, and stop shitting up this awesome thread with your autism.

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Party is full

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>Hordor - Super human strength. His whole vocabulary consists of one word, "Hordor."
>Super human strength
>Only ever says Hordor

Mother of God . . .

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I mean, Oderus sometimes happens but that old lady seems awfully chill about it.

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This is the best dog.

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IRL, the guy is a Chinese Janitor who also acts as his town's dogcatcher. Only difference is he doesnt put em to sleep.

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Was that written before or after the Hodor character was made by GRRM?

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What's with Serbs and tigers?

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anyone got the pic of the guy in a suit with a huge fake mustache and an axe?

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Btw, Africans come in different colours.

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His eyes just radiates adventure.

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>you will never go to Rhodesia and kill commies
Feels bad man.

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Dont worry about the dungeon, where's the bar?

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I love this thread.

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Every adventure needs an evil Lich

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/k/ has many of these sorts of people

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More incoming

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Jesus that looks painful, I don't care how that ring is supposed to be designed to lessen impact.

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Hilarious adventures with Jim and his best friend, who is also a shark

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Hi, Johnny.

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in california, is it illegal to walk around with a halberd if you don't actually draw it or threaten anyone with it?

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I think I had a nightmare like this once

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how the fuck is he smoking that cigarette?

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those are sappers, not commandos

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Wait, I forgot I had this image; theoretically, we can have a small army with the amount of known /k/ommandos.

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No one has posted this yet
I am ashamed.

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Can I ask you a question.


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Only if you're black.

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Someone say smite evil?

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If it's made of wood you'll be fine. If it's made of metal or plastic though it'll be banned for being a tactical assault babykilling extended clip halberd.

>> No.18704097


.....Draw it?

So wait...what...there's such thing as a sheath for a halberd? I always thought you just carried it...

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why does he have a dildo sticking out of his pocket?

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For sodomy when he's too spent to get it up and he's out of viagra.

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Go to /k/, make an OPERATOR/War Gear thread. I promise you'll see all the adventurers you want crawl out of the woodwork to participate.

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That still counts as one!

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NO, fuck you, really, fuck you. All fucking day complaining, is you can't reach me stop changing the rules every 5 minutes.

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Don't hate the player Legs, hate the game.

I don't just make up these rules on the fly, I just enforce them.

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>random pics of models, attractive women in fashionable clothing, and unadventurous looking people
come on guys. step it up

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I think we ran out of cool pics in the first thread

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Ran into this guy at PAX East 2010; fuck could he ever drink.

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Image limit reached

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Image limit reached... with this faggot.

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Isn't this dude in jail now for pedo charges?

>> No.18705331


Yep. He's enjoying amazing butt adventures now.

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As a Scot those pieces of shite make me physically sick.

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One day I'll make a character in Black Crusade based on him. He'll be an Apostate, born and raised on a recently Imperialized world. He discovers his true heritage, and discards the weakling Emperor in favour of the gods of his fathers. Then he starts shooting up Administratum messhalls (or whatever is the Adeptus Terra equivalent of McDonald's) and burning Ecclesiarchy cathedrals.
All with a charming smile (that high Fellowship has to go somewhere) and mad Doom Siren skills that inspire his followers.

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I was a terrible loving nerd in HS. I mean TERRIBLE. Magic cards, AD&D, debate team, marathon LAN parties, all of it. At one point I was putting in about six hours a day on a MUD. A Star Wars MUD. Stop and think about that one.

I made fun of the kids who wore kilts.

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We just really like them.

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