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ITT: Real people who look like they go on amazing adventures

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amazing? Not sure. "hilarious"? oh yesss

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>you are now wondering exactly why this man works out so aggressively

he will be our vanguard against the ancient aliens when they return to be worshiped as gods

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Look at that policeman on the far left.

He's running at that lucha not with anger, but with a face of pure child-like joy,

You know, you JUST KNOW, that when he finally reaches that motorbike he'll cry 'Take me with you!'

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>running through Mediterranean alleyways after white collar criminals by day

>enjoying a glass of port on the rocks in a villia with silk curtains, satin sheets and a beautiful lonely young heiress

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These guys.
Flecktarn, G36. P8 and a buddy. What more do you need?

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this man's story must be told

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That kid is fucking dead

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Yeah I read that Cracked article too.

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Oh man, this thread would make for an awesome party.

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I have a folder just for this

Will you come with me on this adventure /tg/?

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looks like the kind of animal that would accompany you on an adventure.

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If you don't got an owl, better throw in the towel.

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from another cracked article

Uzi: check
tailored suit: check
awesome mustache: checkmate

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It's that time /tg/

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And I even got to ride a moose.

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"Shall we be off to the Amazon in my dirigible?"

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We stand at your side.

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Pick up that can.

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Yeah ? Well, fuck you guys

Also fuck your petty owls

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100% bad ass

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Newcomer: Nigga With a Huge Mace

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Every good party needs a dorf

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FUCK da po lice

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It's now on, pals

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Holy shit I think I remember when Bungie put this up on their site. Man that was a while ago.

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does the fact he already went on an adventure and became emperor disqualify him?

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We all know Putin is adventuring every day

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"you bring pet? I bring truck"

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That's just unfair to everyone else in this thread

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Holy fuck, is that pic real life?

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100% bad ass

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he didn't want any trouble

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A traveling bard

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for the Omnissiah

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>"lemmie show you how an ex-president gets any seat in any restaurant he wants. Hell, any seat on any plane to any country he wants. For free!"

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Come at me, bros?

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There can be only one

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Holy shit, look at that kid! Motherfucker will end you and won't feel a thing.

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I'm more afraid of the kid with the balloon.

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Love these photos

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>shitty american plastic rifle that is fallings apart in hands of operator
Pick one.

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Are... Are those guys actual priests ? Jesus they look like mafiosi or something

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What the-

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They're on a mission from god

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Sorry about skyrim/arrowtothekneecrap..
but this guy is badass

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This looks like a job for, CITIZEN RIOT!

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Theres some website for people to post pictures of themselves showing their unique styles.
Its basically just people putting random clothes together that fit as poorly as possible and calling yourself special.

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That's just a hipster.

IIRC the guy is a Brazilian military who just executed some narco-troops.

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>this is my fetish

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I try to be as coat as possible. I'm pretty coat right now.

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Thank god I'm not the only one. I thought "Not sure if scared or aroused."

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this guy actually goes on crazy adventures.

I know because I go on them with him.

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That guy fought like a true bad-ass and the music was actually quite fitting.

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I knew this photo will come in handy one day

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that guy isn't really going on an adventure.
he is clearly the guy who first discovers and is subsequently killed by whatever that monster drill unearths.

it's then going to be to the true adventurers to stop it.

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>Look childrens, this is how you kills a werewolf

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I want to live there. Looks beautiful.

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What the fuck, did he GET AWAY after all that?

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If anyone has the original of this without all le reddit aroe to tha knee XDDD shite I'd greatly appreciate it.

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American EOD at its finest

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holy shit

how can one get such a round shaped belly

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>Our first adventure!

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Uh, numbers?

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A powerful wizard.

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Yeah, he was probably on PCP.

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Isn't that the Seattle "Superhero" guy with a secret base in his comic shop?

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Normal folks can't, its a blessing from gods of manliness and adventure.

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It would have been awesome to go on an adventure with Louis, especially Gendarme-modo.
Like him arguing with orcs and dorfs.

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adventures in LOVE

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It's a training session. He's wearing body armor and gear and heavy clothing, and they're firing salt canisters. Hence the white puffs that bounce off of him.

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>M-my wizard powers! Will I make it?

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>Real life adventurers thread
>no Professor Badass

What the fuck, /tg/, get it together

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veryone in this thread deserves infinite internets

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They were SHOOTING HIM. Looks like beanbags or somehting, but fucking still.

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That would be the evil elite guards.
While this pic would be the rag-tag freedom fighter force.

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His Partner In Crime

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I was just about to

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What's this from? Like even, not the site. Thanks in advance.

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The entire Libyan Nation went into an adventure when it decided to fight itself.

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>a master of camouflage

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Brazilian police force fighting the drug lords. Found them on tgbooru

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Fuckin' Italians man. They were good men.

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Kudos for anyone who recognizes him.

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Solar Exalted reporting in.

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oh man

fucking french policemen

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Fuck yeah IRL steam tank (without steam, but still)!

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He's spraying kerosene on the child btw.

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"...and that's why the people of Botswana now worship me as a god."

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It's like they're wearing power armors.

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There's a beautiful .gif of a rioter pushing a French cop, and him leveling the beanbag gun right at the guy's face from two feet away, backing him into a wall, and then shooting him.

The only weak Frenchmen live in Paris, the rest of them are still violent, conservative, hairy, awesome motherfuckers.

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That guy's FRENCH!?

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Healing spells? Fuck you.

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I shall play you the (sad) songs of my people.

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i could recognize those uniforms anywhere

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Little known fact, if you put a crab on your head, it will control your mind.

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>Lead singer of an Italian heavy metal band.

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My power is maximum.

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>power armoured riot police
>french foreign legion
>plus, you know, every pre-20th century european war
I hate the "hurr durr french are cowards" stereotype.

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I guess if the population is willing to throw down and light the cities on fire over their vacation time, you learn to dress for riots

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Wow dude, you should stop to browse /b/

Disregarding your average frogbashing and parisians faggots, most of the frenchpeople are fucking badasses

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I'm sure these two go on motorcycle adventures all the time.

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dear god, does he need to wrap a wet towel around a tree and rub himself against to clean himself?

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Oh shit! God damn. Not the kind of guy you want to fuck around with.

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I was *just* about to post that justice picture

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My dexterity is minimum.

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I don't know what to begin with

All of in this guy is so naturally badass

>> No.18701925

Libya had some great images for this...

>> No.18701928

I don't think they're french in this gif.

>using the FOREIGN legion as an example of french non-cowardice

The french are normal people, just like the rest, though.

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Demon hunter Jesus is prepared.

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a wizard

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Heill JĒ«rmungandr

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The end times will not interrupt out game of Uno.

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i imagine all these people in that crap predator movie where they wake up on a hunting ground planet.

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The end times will not interrupt our game of Uno.

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Looks like some black metal picture.

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That's because it is.

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Oh my God. It's that primarch, the Night Lords guy.

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Those aliens are fucked.

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link to that page please?

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A french cop was recently acquitted for shooting at a highschool protester's head with a flashball. The kid lost his eye.
Is this badass or what ?

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Who needs an adventuring party,? I brought my own.

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The French are definitely getting their groove back. The postwar period was so dull for them.

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Guy in back's more interesting.


Reads more like Corax than the Night Haunter.

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The chicks dig those eye-patches.

>> No.18702066

If I was half as confident as he is...

>> No.18702079

New prestige class: Hair Wizard.

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Holy fuck.

>> No.18702084

its the average reaction people have when The Rock kidnaps you to go on an adventure against your will.

"I can't go with you Rock, I have a family!"

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that hair is amazing

>> No.18702117

image limit hit

>> No.18702122

Dare you enter my magical realm?

>> No.18702132

Well, I'm not sure it was him, but I've seen a guy that could be the victim on tv, and he had both his eyes. Maybe he had a glass one.

>> No.18702152

The last king of Babylon ?

>> No.18702170

>implying french nationals can't join the FFL

>> No.18702184

All they did was lose to Germany mano e mano, and that's not all that embarrasing.

Being Danish I know that feel.

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Is it just me or does 4chan worship and clean the boots of any and all riot police?

>> No.18702203

It's better than sympathizing with those dirty hippy communist bastards.

>> No.18702204

Its the closest one will get to the TES:Oblivion guards with their teleportation abilities and endless numbers.

Also, they're elite level cops.

>> No.18702254

My dad was a riot cop, he once walked through a massive fire. Appearantly the sight on fully armoured riot cops marching through a barricade of fire was enough to route the autonomists.

>> No.18702259

It's just odd that, you know, crippling abuse and police brutality is praised and cheered on here while at the same time, most of the people on 4chan seem to follow a libertarian philosophy, putting value on personal freedoms, or at least, their personal freedoms.

Is it just a desire to see someone kick someone else's ass and get away with it?

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thread continued


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Holy shit! I tracked down this guys band (thank you tineye)
He is a real Italian monk who leads his own metal band.


If you like Disturbed or Rammstein give him a listen.


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Half the time the people whose asses gets kicked fucking deserve it, it's just never a good story in the news.

For instance, we had a big deal about cops shooting at rioters 20 years ago or so. The often untold part of the story is that most of the fighting that day started after rioters had tried to burns a bunch of cops to death by pouring gazoline on then and setting them on fire. Luckily fire prood riot gear had been issued a few days prior, otherwise they'd have been fucking dead and not just horribly burned.

>> No.18702362

gb2 /mlp/

>> No.18702380

I don't. More like the opposite actually, I viscerally hate and despise them. It might not help that I'm french, too.
My >>18702020 was sarcastic.

>> No.18702437

When the people don't deserve it it doesn't seem to be a good story for the news either.

Also, if I understand your story, cops shot at protesters to avenge others cops assaulted at another time by different people ?

>> No.18702534

You got roughed up by them while doing some vandalism, huh?

>> No.18702539


Hah, they arnt warriors. Their traitors to all of scotland for siding with the english.

Infact if im not mistaken, Robert The Bruce was hung drawn and quartered after that battle. So how on earth a campbell has anything to do with the noble Bruce is beyond me. Or maybe thats his firts name. Well. Isnt that a fine choice for a name...

>> No.18702572

Shit was getting completely out of hand, culminating in a guy that was later discovered to probably be fucking nuts (something with his wife I think) ordered them to shoot at their legs. I ain't saying it was cool, but but you have cops dealing with indivuals who've proven all day that they wanted to fucking hurt them, bad. The rioters were not just victims, there were loads of wounded on both sides, the difference was that it was the cops that had guns, which meant they could end it.

>> No.18702624

I fully support anyone who beats on the entitled Occupy faggots.

>> No.18702704

Did the occupy people ever fight back? I mean really fight, like burning dumpster, cars, barricades, tactics to take out armoured cars, homemade crosbows, molotovs and it all results in pictures taken from roof tops showing unusual amount of light from the streets and massive smoke trails towering over down town?

>> No.18702717

Looks more unhinged than experianced.

Oh yes lets include the gays because any immotionally retarded unhinged things they do are just like adventures... or are they like poop? Oh yer... nasty poop people.

Invent hell and go there.

Finest idiot more like, shockwaves go through the armour and deform the skull.

>> No.18702754


By the way, that's a myth.

>> No.18702756

Occupy people? Cause riots and fight?

Nah, then they'd risk winning.

>> No.18702781

>Finest idiot more like, shockwaves go through the armour and deform the skull.

I see you're an uninformed idiot. That kind of explosion is mostly for show, it's the same kind used by Hollywood. Lot's of fire, very little force. And he was pretty far away from it.

>> No.18702813

If they did that, they might scratch their iPhones or get a stain on their Levi's SkinnifitTM jeans.

>> No.18702839

>some guy with weapons and armour
>shoots unarmed guy
>strong man hua!
>ohmy god im so fucking retarded and have an inferiority complex.

Kennedy said something to the effect of. If i see one man being set apon by others. That man is my brother.

It was also said by other people before him.

>> No.18702861


The Occupy kids weren't fighters, that's why. It was a revolution without fire or a leader.

>> No.18702864

If you run up to a riot police officer who is wearing power armour and try and pick a fight with him, you deserve to get shot in the face with a beanbag.

>> No.18702876

To be fair, if you start pushing man around with a beanbag gun, you're fucking asking for it.

>> No.18702877

>idiot thinks bumrushing a policemen is a good idea
>gets shot with a bean bag in response
>police brutality baaaaaaw

>> No.18702896


It was more of a "Hey man, what the fuck?" than anything.

"Hey, man, hey, wh-"

>> No.18702923

Ok, so now lets everce that. If the policeman rushes the protester and gets shot in the face.

Does he deserve it, retards?

>> No.18702925

Watch the gif again. He CLEARLY pushes the cop. What the fuck did he think was going to happen?

>> No.18702927

Look at that gif again, dude's getting all up in his face and pushing him.

>> No.18702942

Are you an idiot? Did you not watch the gif? Police dude is WALKING AWAY, when the idiot kid goes up to him and pushes him.

>> No.18702946


>> No.18702948


Not those guys, but obviously he 'deserves' to get shot in the face with a beanbag for his stunning lack of prudence.

I'm just wondering why the protester is armed and the cop isn't?

>> No.18702957

If a dude's minding his own fucking business and the cops runs up and pushes him for no reason and the dude beanbags him, then yes, the cop had it coming.

>> No.18702975


I never said he didn't push him. But he definitely didn't bumrush him.

>> No.18703009

I never said he did, but he's still being a fucking retard. I don't say he deserved it, but he fucking asked for it.

>> No.18703038


The guy I quoted did. I honestly think it's an over-reaction regardless. It looked awesome, and I laughed, and the guy was obviously a dipshit, but that doesn't really excuse the cop for the off-handed "Whatevs, pop ya in the face." response.

>> No.18703104


Critical thinking Unit 1. Evaluating images as evidence.
- Relevance: For an image to support a claim, it must depict all of the key ideas contained in the claim.
- Significance: This concerns how much interpretation of the image is necessary; does the image speak for itself, or must we make assumptions about it in order for it to support the claim?
- Selectivity/Representativeness: If a general claim is supported by an image of a specific example, then we have to ask whether the example in the image is typical. It may be that it has been carefully selected to support a point, when actually most examples would go against it.

You didnt SEE what he did off camera. So what use is it to assume the protester was acting unprovoked. Infact, from this image we allready know that this cop is violent, more than the protestor.


I really dont think pushing is a shooting offence. Whatever happened to sorting out your problems other ways.

Frankly. emotionally retarded really hit the the nail on the head didnt it...

>> No.18703118

Yes, that's how SYG style self defence laws work.

>> No.18703130

Probably not, but seeing as it's night and they're walking off out of any kind of unit coherency they've probably been busting heads all day, or just standing in a line with people spitting on them.

I think his probably already short fuse has been burned for that day.

>> No.18703134

>I really dont think pushing is a shooting offence.
Who's getting shot here, exactly, and what does it have to do with the gif?

>> No.18703168

Critical Thinking Unit 2: Assessing and Developing Arguments

You commit what is called an appeal to authority fallacy.
"An appeal to an authority is an argument that attempts to establish its conclusion by citing a perceived authority who claims that the conclusion is true."

In this case, your saying that because the SYG self defence law says its ok, then it must actually be true.

But this doesnt prove anything. Your just repeating what the laws said.

>> No.18703201

If you break the law, you deserve to get punished. This is one of the core pillars of society.

>> No.18703218

he once went on a joyride in a brand new 2007 Corola and wound up going through a fire hydrant down the road from the house he was living in
up north he shot at some hunters by mistake and they shot back at us

he threw a half full beer keg through the windshield of some guys truck then beat up the guy( the victim had stolen from him)

he's one wacky motherfucker

he is also an ex-junkie, and a very good friend so I won't disclose any more info

>> No.18703232


That just makes it an understandable response. That doesn't, by itself, make it the right response. Now, if that guy had a weapon of some kind, like a knife, that's another thing. Or if there was some backstory involving the guy that would make it the right response, I don't know if there is. Just by the .gif alone, though, it just looks like a frustrated dipshit going "Hey man, what the fuck?" and getting shot in the face as the immediate, instinctive response.

>> No.18703250

No it's not. We got rid of divine-inspired rulership so that laws could be legitimately challenged.

>> No.18703252

what law is more valid, natural law or constructed law?

>> No.18703261

We saw that he physically provoked a dude with a beanbag gun and got the expected response.

Maybe that particular cop was being an asshole, or maybe the guy's a retard, both cases are equally likely and the version people are gonna pick will likely be decided by whether they are pro or anti authoritarian.

So stick to what we have.
Push cop = beanbag to face.

>> No.18703264

>You didnt SEE what he did off camera.
>assume the protester was acting unprovoked

I'm not assuming anything. But I can clearly see what he'd doing on camera, and that cop IS walking away. And you can keep trying to insult us, it doesn't change the fact that we're right.

You're letting your own bias get in the way of facts. We see the kid provoking the cop. We see the cop reacting. Was it an over-reaction? I don't think so. Bean bag guns are designed just for that, getting unarmed assailants to back the fuck away.

Anything else is pointless speculation.

>> No.18703287

Pretty much it.

>> No.18703341

>If you break the law, you deserve to get punished. This is one of the core pillars of society.
Well, no.

It's more like: If you break the law, you can lawfully be punished, unless the law you broke is itself illegal.

"Deserve" doesn't come into it. Many productive, moral actions are illegal, and so are many harmless ones.

>> No.18703349

Thankfully he got shot in the chest.
Actually I think it was a she, too.
And avoiding the shot in the face means that the cop has at least some kind of idea of how bad he want to hurt the other. But he still shot her for a push, which means that he's an asshole, to say the least.

That's what we have.

>> No.18703388

>shot her for a push,

With a beanbag. A weapon designed for use against unarmed assailants.

>which means that he's an asshole, to say the least.

Opinion. You don't have enough information to make that judgement.

>> No.18703398

>But he still shot her for a push, which means that he's an asshole
Disagree. If you put your hand in the fire, you're going to get burned.

>> No.18703400


Don't be a twat. If it's something significant enough that laws were made against it, most of the time doing it will be objectively wrong and bad, and the other times subjectively wrong and bad. Positivism ignores the fact and truism that pretty much every law we have that people genuinely support was drawn from a legal norm in a naturalist tradition, and most of the mosti mportant ones without even changing it.

>> No.18703419


>> No.18703431

Yes but critical thinking is logic. If you break logic thats even worse. ?Now punish yourself?

Let me get this straight. I say that you did not see the whole event. And you say that thats a bias.


Since when is understanding undesirable?
>So stick to what we have.
>Push cop = beanbag to face.
>Expect not to get shot = get shot
>Expect fairness = get none
>Expect accountability = get none


>> No.18703440

That's certainly an... interesting take on the current legal climate.

>> No.18703445

You don't get to go "huehuehuehue this law is unjust so I get to ignore it" and not expect repriesal. That's just not how civilization works.

>> No.18703457

>Expect not to get shot = get shot
If you attack a riot police officer, you are going to physically hurt. If you're really so stupid as to expect a different result, then hopefully you will learn quickly.

>> No.18703463


>> No.18703469

>Bean bag guns are designed just for that, getting unarmed assailants to back the fuck away.
We don't know what's the model of his weapon.
And assailant is a big word for a harmless shove. Especially since the "assailant" is already backing off when the cop shoots.
Also, cops are designed to use their weapons in specific situations. I know my riot cops are forbidden to shoot their flashballs directly at people, they must shoot at the ground or at walls. They are equipped with those to frighten people, not to shoot at the first contact.

So, you speculate too much to get to your point.

>> No.18703470

If you are being a dipshit and you get fucked for it, then I cannot feel sorry for you. I don't care if the fucking you got was disproportionate to your dipshitting, you could have avoided it by not being a dipshit.

If you made the choice to be a dipshit, and you got fucked, it's still your own damn fault and you could have avoided it by not being a dipshit, it was your choice.

If you start shit don't come crying about the response.

And I just repeated myself three times.

>> No.18703488

>Don't be a twat. If it's something significant enough that laws were made against it, most of the time doing it will be objectively wrong and bad, and the other times subjectively wrong and bad. Positivism ignores the fact and truism that pretty much every law we have that people genuinely support was drawn from a legal norm in a naturalist tradition, and most of the mosti mportant ones without even changing it.

I dont know or care much about philosophy. But all i care about is evidence. And if your trying to excuse the law from being scientific about evidence. Which i belive you are.
Then you are a moron.

>> No.18703491

>i before e except after c
>seems alright to me
>whelp, must be right!
>5 seconds later.....damnit brain you fucking retard.
>don't worry, just sharing my retarded thought process, not actually taking the piss of your typo

>> No.18703492

>b..b..but we need a big government that will save people from themselves and ban christmas incase it offends muslims

>> No.18703511

The worst thing about typos is that it's as much muscle memory as it is language memory, so it is much harder to "un-learn" a frequent typo than it is when writing by pen.

>> No.18703513


All of my wat

>> No.18703518

All your saying here is to assume that every policeman will shoot. This is illogical. But if it was true at a percentage of the time higher than 50%, the logical step would be to take action against cops.

They have guns,
You get plains
They get plains
You get satellights
Bla bla escelation.

>> No.18703522

>Expect accountability = get none

We don't know if the cop got in trouble for this or not. You're speculating.

>And you say that that's a bias.

NO I'm saying you have a personal ideology and that leads you to not look at the image from an impartial standpoint.

From an impartial standpoint, it just looks like a kid provoking a cop and getting punished for it, whether you think it's an excessive punishment or not is opinions.

>>Expect not to get shot = get shot
You'd have to be an idiot to expect to not get shot in that situation.

>Expect fairness = get none
"Attacking a cop=beanbag tp the torso" seems fair to me.

>> No.18703545

What I'm saying is that don't physically confront a large, trained man in body armour who is carrying a shotgun.

The logical step with the cops is to not break the law and to stop being an angsty OWS teenager.

>> No.18703550

I always thought that people like this existed only in fairytales

>> No.18703552

FAL is most adventurous rifle

>> No.18703557

Escalation would only apply if you're one of those with a us vs them mentality.

>> No.18703568

>cops are designed
>I know my riot cops are forbidden to shoot their flashballs directly at people, they must shoot at the ground or at walls.
And you somehow miss that they could easily choose to or be re-designed to use lethally.

I dont like you. You have selective logic.

>> No.18703573


Nobody is asking anyone to feel sorry for the person getting shot. The person was being a complete retard pushing a cop. But just because the person doesn't deserve sympathy for being retarded doesn't mean the person deserved getting shot in the face.

>> No.18703574

damn Emma is such a bro

>> No.18703578

Yes I have. He wants to hurt the other without necessity.
A cop is not a fire.
Actually, that's how civilization advances. Raising against obsolete and detrimental things, and refusing to be happy about being thrown back down.
That's how humanity works.
I don't see anything worth calling an attack in this gif. At least on the protester's part.
But anyway, it's not so much about what you expect, it's about what you accept. Disproportionate violence is disproportionate, even coming from a cop.

>> No.18703582

Real quick, when did I ever state that we:
1. Needed a bigger government?
2. Needed to protect people from themselves?
3. Had to give a shit about people not liking christmass?

>> No.18703583


My riot cops have to bounce their ordnance off the ground to reduce the kick. But it's hard to cry direct fire foul when you're armed yourself. The hose is easier to use. Both sometimes kill people or knock an eyeball out. We do not fuck around in Belfast.

The weirdest thing for me is an officer moving through a riot or away from a riot on his own. That is a fantastic way to get stabbed. Also not using the baton. You can beat all round you with those and its less of a pain to explain afterwards. Nothing says 'kindly get off ta fuck' like a drawn baton.

>> No.18703585

vag vikernes?

>> No.18703596

Makes me wish a got a picture of something that happened while I was working.

I got seasonal work standing on the corner as the statue of liberty, and one of the days, a guy in gregorian monk wear crosses my path. he turns to me, says hi, and we have a short talk. People were staring...

>> No.18703603

>disproportionate response is okay from a policeman under government's orders
>disproportionate response is not okay from a government

Conservative logic.

>> No.18703610

>Disproportionate violence

>Yes I have. He wants to hurt the other without necessity.
You don't have enough facts to say that. He seems to have reacted instinctively.

>without necessity.

>> No.18703615

>Belfast riot police
I do not envy their job.

>> No.18703618

Those two posters are not the same people, wtf brah?

>> No.18703619

When did I mention government?

>> No.18703675


>> No.18703681

Sorry, facts.
Shooting that protester and pushing lightly that cop are widely different in terms of damage and pain, so it's unquestionably disproportionate violence.
If he lets his "instincts" get the better of him, then he's just worse, especially as a cop. Anyway, instincts or not, he wants it. And he doesn't seem bothered afterwards.
What was the necessity according to you ? The protester was backing off already.

>> No.18703687

They obviously share an ideology, since the second poster put his sarcasm to support the first's statements.

>> No.18703693

>Sorry, facts.
>my opinion is a fact

Oh, so you're just a troll then. 10/10, made me reply multiple times.

>> No.18703699

Your... interesting... in a really stupid way... but i dont wanna destroy your inthusiasm. Even if you are biased to all hell.

Youve probably studied law at college to be that mixed up about logic. Dont tell me your 'civil studies amerifag'.

>>Let me get this straight. I say that you did not see the whole event. And you say that thats a bias.
>NO I'm saying you have a personal ideology and that leads you to not look at the image from an impartial standpoint.
So your saying that my 'ideology' is that i wished i had seen the whole event, preferably before assuming provokation / punishment. (terms which YOU introduced in your next statment)

>From an impartial standpoint, it just looks like a kid provoking a cop and getting punished for it, whether you think it's an excessive punishment or not is opinions.

>>Expect not to get shot = get shot
>You'd have to be an idiot to expect to not get shot in that situation.
If expecting not to get shot at ANY time makes me an idiot... then jeez, maybe i should be more paranoid... right? >>Expect fairness = get none
>"Attacking a cop=beanbag tp the torso" seems fair to me.
This is also an opinon. One not based on evidence.

Shooting people for being shoved is not a proportionate responce, and where i'm from, atleast the cops talk about proportionate responce.

Proportionate = fair

This is not really an opinon. Because it is logical because the word proportionate could mean roughly anything proportionate.

>> No.18703715

Did he overreact? Yeah. Do I feel sorry for the retard in anyway? No, he's being a retard.

>> No.18703728

>doesn't accept my delusions
>must be a troll
Really ?

>> No.18703753


Last year some fellas on the Short Strand set a car on fire and rolled it up the street. Rumour has it some shots were fired round guns. It was fucking insane retro shit (Belfast is much, much better than say 20 years ago - its just when it rains it pours).

The police just stood their ground. The wee bastards literally couldn't take the heat. They never made it to the police line. Acting brashly would have had that car roll right back into the crowd. Getting too worked up is always going to make things worse. Gotta agree disproportionate violence is a good way to turn a slick operation into a shitstorm.

I was with them one time it got hairy on the twelfth. I was a volunteer medic at the time. I was a good head higher than the woman at my side of the vehicle but I was entirely confident that anyone who rushed the van was getting dismantled.

She was in a pair. They all were. Seriously - what cop walks down the street alone?

>> No.18703758

Nah, he's green texting to imply that the previous poster has these opinions.

You know, implying implications and all that bullshit, are you new here or something?

>> No.18703782

If they did I'd give them some respect.

>> No.18703812

Here's an opinion of mine : braving the danger of trying to call out and get a reaction out of a riot cop on whatever he or his group has been doing is not being a retard.
That being said, I don't feel sorry either. Actually, if I thought she was a retard getting hurt without being aware of the danger, then I'd feel sorry.

Well, the thing is, people have been acting as if this cop was awesome, and then saying that what he did was deserved. That's a bit more than not feeling sorry.

>> No.18703839

Ah, the subjugation of ireland.

Ive seen this before somewhere.

>> No.18703859

That was more than calling out. Though I'll have to agree with you on the rest. Personally I'd have given him a warning to fuck off before bean bagging him.

>> No.18703866

No, he's green texting to parody those who would answer to the other guy that escalating violence isn't a good thing.
You can infer that from his use of "but" and the obvious incompatibility between the opinion in the greentext and in the post it responds to.

>> No.18703898

This is why the green texted implying of implications is stupid, it confuses people.

>> No.18703947

>That was more than calling out.
Well, true. But riot cops are good at ignoring people talking to them... I understand that going into physical contacts can seem like a way to actually communicate.

>> No.18704035

Sticking your dick into an electrical socket is also brave.

>> No.18704100

I've been within 10 feet of this guy. He rides around Portland all the time, something of a local hero. He's normally in full armor, though. He pulled up at a red light while I was waiting for the train.

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