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ITT: Post images that just inspire you to build your own campaigns/chars/worlds/whatever around, or based off of that image.

Tl;Dr: Post pics that inspire you

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I wish I was joking

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Haters may now commence the hating

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Why would anyone hate--

>Anime girls

Oh. The pic is still cool.

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Worse than that bro, the girl in the image? Cirno.

That image is of Gensokyo and he's inspired by touhou.

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I have no fucking clue as to what you just said.

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Touhou is a series of bullet hell music games from japan staring girls in frilly hats.

4chan hates them, except for /jp/.

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I won't ever make a good setting. I tend to overintellectualize everything to the point where nothing interesting remains.

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If only /jp/ likes them then I think I'll stay far away from the Touhous.

Anyway, polite sage for getting off topic.

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Oh god, colours. It's like the image is covered in a light sheen of oily water.

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Most epic boss battle ever

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Bamp for lovely landscapes.

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Good album, that one.

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I"m helping!

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Sorry, just came into the thread, but I need to know; What kind of soldier is that, with the wings on the back that stretch up like that?

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Polish Winged Hussar I think.

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Thanks, man. Have some state of the art Steampunk airship weaponry.

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wish i was a dragon...

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I like 'the meaning of fealty' as a theme.

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Bustling cities and set pieces, the more used, built-upon, and lived-in the better.

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I'll post what I got

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Big Bad for a campaign I've been tinkering with takes all his visual cues from this guy's face and headdress.

I've never played the actual game.

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to be fair, 4chan hates them BECAUSE /jp/ loves them.
Also because of a fanbase.

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OP here, glad to see this thread survived through the night, and with great content i must say!

Im going to dump some more

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I wish I was an elf and a wizard. To live in an impossibly beautiful city with no violence or death, spend time in peaceful study, never look at or think of any ugly shit... I swear, if scarcity is ever eliminated, I'll grab a planet for myself and build a place like that. Most transhumans probably won't care about this shit, but Luddites who don't want to explore the universe or something are gonna love it.

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whoa, that's just the Pisa's Duomo cloned and pasted everywhere...

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(sorry, I have very few pics on this machine)

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I like how many of those pics look like prosperous Civilized/Imperial worlds from 40k.I'm gonna use those for a Dark Heresy campaign.
This one's for Ambulon on Scintilla.

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Damn 4chan x dump list... keeps crashing my chrome... does this happen to anyone else?

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I'm more inspired by some sense of desperation in a picture.

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Have some more.

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Artist is Zdzislaw Beksinski

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off topic language question for native english speakers: "despair" or "desperation"?

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isn't "desperation" commonly used to refer to when you have to pee really badly, especially in fetishist circles?

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1. To lose all hope: despaired of reaching shore safely.
2. To be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat.

1. The condition of being desperate.
2. Recklessness arising from despair.

I suppose that the difference is that desperation includes a motivating compulsion to do something, hence the recklessness.

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Ah, thank you. Well, then "despair" is what I meant.

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despair, more elegant and suggests more dread, rather than trying really hard.

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anyone still here?

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Yeah, i like nothingness with the occasional object that only reminds you that there is even more nothingness ahead

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I'm a fan of alien landscapes myself. But yeah, I know what you mean about how one subject can make a desolate space seem more... enhanced, I guess.

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Wizard need changeling badly.

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Better contribute something I guess.

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The flying necromancers castle

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Nice, any more forest overviews like that? Oriental, evergreen, jungle, it's all good.

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Love fey/changeling type locations.

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A library in a tunnel too big? Sounds like a mystery to me!

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I've mostly saved things like character designs for NPCs or for what certain items look like.

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It gets easier and easier with each passing day to spot the faggot trolls.

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I've always wanted to run a game based on this pic. Maybe Little Fears?

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I've seen that one used for Exalted. Just imagine a caption reading "Receiving Dawn Caste Exaltation in 5... 4..."

I got pretty close to running a campaign inspired by this picture. What sunk the ancient city? What can we loot from it? What the hell is that thing!?

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I love everything about this picture. Even the furries are tolerable.

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dumping my stuff, 1/?

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>>18727459 should have had 2/?

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I actually used this one for the art I presented to my players representing a druid council conclave. Generic as fuck, but they liked it.

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I was going to use this art as a desert city/library setting for a one-shot adventure, but I unfortunately never got around to it.

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I really have no idea why I love this picture so much

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Heh, funny story

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That is my wallpaper at the moment. I really want to run a post apocalyptic tribal setting based on it - where IC the players don't know what the weird giant metal things dotting the forest landscapes are, but OOC they recognise things like FedEx and coca cola and microsoft from the wrecks of planes and from billboards half-covered by vegetation.

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Forgot image

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19/19, last one, dump over

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This thread is all kinds of awesome!

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I maintain to this day that if I ever get the chance, I will run a campaign set in the '50's where the Russians beat America to the Moon.

It would basically be Communist Star Trek. Only with less Shatner and more Red Scares.

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>That feel when you want to save everything but refrain to because you know it will never be of any use.
Here we go, I get febrile again. Fuck you, /tg/.

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gonna start a mini dump

this is my all time favorite photo. period.

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Then you will like this one.

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sick, thanks for the inspiration

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There are also several other variations. Reverse search the image to find the author.

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I love low fantasy/low magic settings.

Looking through Hârn sourcebooks and medieval city statistics is exciting for me.

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