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How does /tg/ think GW can move the 40k plot forward? Impress me, I know you all can.

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40k has no plot, it's a setting.

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Orks shoot everyone ever.

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The setting is there to sell miniatures, not novels.

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But the setting doesn't need to be moved forward when there is still 10,000 years of history to fill in

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Abaddon finally manage to leave the eye of terror.

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Emperor is assassinated by Orks.
Emperor is assassinated by Tau.
Emperor is assassinated by an irate Imperial Guardsman.
Emperor is assassinated by syphilis.

I should be on the GW payroll.

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lol thats stupid.

What do you think black library is for then?

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Emperor really dies.
Then resurrect.
Start a campaing against the humanity because they aren't what supose to be.
Join the Tau
Kill the Ethereal.
Now the Greater good is ME.

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I'm talking about things the rulebooks and codices imply actually happening in future editions. For example: latest edition rulebook states that there have been faults found in the Golden Throne, implying the death of the Emperor may be a reality. On the title page of that same book, you'll find a picture of the Emps as little more than bones in rages attached to cables, as compared to the 3rd ed rulebook which shows a more fleshy figure.

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Space Marines get sick of everyone's shit and reveal their true power. They kill everything and move to Terra to live with Emperor and the primarchs for happily ever after.

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This. 40k has been around for 25 years and little of the "plot" has advanced beyond retcons. It's a setting to sell miniatures and books.

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Games Workshop makes more money from minis than books. Shaking up the setting with major plot advancement would sell more novels at the expense of destabilizing the actual game, and GW isn't willing to do that when the game makes so much money as it is.

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in lore, its a repository of all the porn the Eldar ever made, they don't want anyone getting any in case of another "Fuck we made a chaos god by fucking" incident

out of lore its a publisher that publishes fan-fiction, some of it good, some of it complete shit.

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way back. Back in 3e the plot moved slowly , it was nice

Then 4e came. and the global campaigns. and the "one ending we had ready and used even though the outcome was actually different"

The fanbase just went ballistic over that and GW havent tried since.

Cant remember which planet wars in particular but it was supposed to be some major plot advancement stuff. (13th crusade perhaps) but the lore went all derp, things like Dark eldar beating eldar, orks loosing. when in fact Orks came first in the scores and eldar second.

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As I recall, the 13th Black Crusade was on Cadia, and ended with much of the Chaos Legions being stranded on the planet because of the defeat of their fleet.
That's the sort of plot advancement Im talking about. Now future novels or campaigns can be based around that outcome.

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Jesus, the same old parrot lines word for word, every thread. Nobody said these until the mid-2000s.
The fact that it is a setting doesn't mean it can't have plots. In fact, as it turns out, most settings exist to facilitate plots, and 40k is just such a one. In 40k you can make up plots that are not disruptive to the rest of the setting. Or, you can be GW, and do the eye of terror campaign, which ultimately wasn't that disruptive either. Why? Because the whole point of 40k is that the Imperium is on the edge of collapse. That Chaos has broken through the gate and is burning agri-worlds on the periphery just reinforces a theme that was already there. Cadia was fleshed out just for that campaign. Before that, Cadia existed, sure, but its importance wasn't hammered in so far.
That's what you do with 40k. Invent a planet, make it important, then burn it.

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So resume where Eye of Terror left off, with the Imperium doing damage control for a major chaos incursion and armies being recalled from important warzones across the galaxy to help out with that.
Another thing: Eldrad is dead. He's dead. He's watched the galaxy since before the Imperium existed, and guided it, and now he's dead. How do we know that without him things won't get a whole lot worse really fast? What if his actions have been keeping Bjorn and Dante and the other long-lived characters alive for so long? The plan has gone off the rails, gentlemen. Everyone is at risk.
Another thing: Imperials and Eldar collaborated pretty extensively during the campaign. Dark Angels and Space Wolves fought side-by-side. On the other hand, so did Orks and Orks. Dun dun dun.

And the millennium turns and the doomsday cults surge like they do every thousand years.

But really, nothing has changed. Some worlds are made up and destroyed. Eldrad has died, but he is the character with the longest lifespan of all and you can play infinite history games with him. The Imperium is *still* on the edge of collapse, where it's always been. It's still a bunch of screaming, heavily-armed bald guys surrounded my menacing aliens and being picked off one by one.

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Just because they're said often doesn't mean it's not true. 40k is not a plot, it can contain plots because it is a setting. What you said does not refute our point.

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>How does /tg/ think Tolkien Estate can move the Lord of the Rings plot forward? Impress me, I know you all can.

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Magical Ice Ages comes, wipes out all traces of anything and our Stone Age begins.

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>Comparing an open ended setting originally made for narrative skirmishes more like an RPG than a wargame to a novel.

>Comparing 40k to Tolkien.

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Dont forget the Tyranid Hive Fleets; remember that every fleet the inhabitants of the galaxy have faced so far were merely splinters of the main hive. Eventually the whole bulk of them will come down on the galaxy, riding the rape train.

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Or so the theory goes. They're better kept like that, as a looming threat, and new hive fleets introduced one by one.

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I liked the 50k idea with the entire Imperium on a 1 AU ship.
But GW doesn't have the balls to change the setting that radically.

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Because if they changed the setting you faggots would complain about how the Tau were eaten by Tyranids, the Imperium collapsed into several warring factions and the Eldar were all killed off by Chaos troops.

Moving the plot forward in any way that makes sense would destroy or drastically change many of the factions.

It would be the dumbest thing they could do.
If you want a plot that consistently moves forward just watch Days of our Lives from start to finish.

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>>18680562 In 40k you can make up plots that are not disruptive to the rest of the setting.

Except moving "the plot" forward would make the timeline go to the 42th millennium and the would have to be renamed Warhammer 41k.

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Orks join the Tau Empire to fight "fo' da Greatah Good!"

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...And then it was all a dream.

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And ends up upsetting both Ork and Tau players who move on to Warmahordes and spend the rest of their days browsing PP forums on their Macs while sipping latte and feeling superior to 40k players.

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I slap my dick repeatedly on the emperor's cheek on the throne while every Astartes and other important person watches my version of killing time.
Watching and eating popcorn.

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Well, since the Imperium follows the HURR COLLAPSING ROMUHN EMPAYUR storyline...


ONE WITH ITS CAPITAL IN TERRA, THE SECOND HALF WITH ITS CAPITAL IN ULTRAMAR (its in the Pacificus anyway, thats a huge chunk on the Imperium)


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The Empra "dies" for real and the Imperium falls in ruin, or really just exacerbates what was already happening.

Instead of a huge Imperium mankind is broken up into
100's of kingdoms each trying to hold onto what they have.

Chaos can't really press the advantage as they still have have each other to deal with, along with other forces. Even with the full Imperium gone, all the kingdoms of man that exist become even more capable of defense as they just have to worry about themselves instead of shipping men and material elsewhere to fight in endless Imperium wars. Every system of the former Imperium is now a fortress world.

With the Empra gone, the Astronomicon is also gone, so the Nids no longer have their bug light and generally fall into disarray but still a threat.

All the other forces generally remain the same, Orks fight everyone, Tau nibble away at the remains of the Imperium, Eldar roam the galaxy wondering who will protect them now, Dark Eldar continue to fuck with everyone, Necrons keep on keeping on.

Meanwhile on Terra the Empra resurrects and plots the Reconquista of the Imperium.

So basically, it advances the story a tad, but doesn't really change that much at all.

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The necrons should say "Nah, fuck this shit, we are gonna party... like it's 998"

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Please, if the Emperor falls a thousand worlds will become infested with demons within seconds, thus giving the Chaos gods bigger armies of demons and heretics then ever seen before.

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Tau go full Soviet Russia and stop being so noblebright; Ethereal's questionable method of keeping the other castes in line is revealed and it turns out Farsight was right all along.

Or at least that's what I'm guessing the new Tau codex fluff will be about. Of course knowing how these things go I doubt it'll have any actual consequences in the overall plot.

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Like 20th Century Fox is now 21st Century Fox?


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Again, advancement of the plot.
Chaos no longer needs to push through the Cadia Gate, as they can now spawn everywhere at will. One of two things can happen: Chaos shatters the Imperium and replaces it as the dominant force in the galaxy, or Imperium holds them back with the help of other xenos races, but their power is severely crippled.

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Tau aren't especially noblebright, their problem is the bland genericness that just gushes out of them. Both their fluff and unit design are stale as fuck..

They are completely out of place in the setting. Warp and technological decadence are what makes 40k unique and Tau are completely untouched by either of them.

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Chaos can already spawn where they want at will.

Cadian gate and black crusades are only important because it's the only way to get an unified fleet of mortal Chaos followers from the Eye out and about.

Daemons can pop up wherever the warp/realspace is thin, so wherever there are psykers or warp storms. Chaos fleets trying to leave the Eye from other ways than the Gate get scattered around the galaxy, this is the main method by which CSM warbands attack.

Emperor's death would just shut down Imperium's travel, which effectively kills the faction.

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If the emperor die there is a possibility of creation of a warp rift [or even worst, the creation of a chaos god added to the god-emprah's creation. The emperor himself being the god created by the faith people had in him, the other one being the "dark side" of this faith who deemed to many innocent to death (exterminatus)]

Anyways Terra would be inhabited by a lot of demons (or grey knights).

I don't think he Emperor would resurrect, but he would incarnate himself in a new body. (or stay in the warp to play chess with tzeentch)

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The Imperiums faith and stubbornness will keep them from working with xenos. Chaos would be new superpower, and it would only be a matter of time before the other races would fall.

Although, even if Chaos would conquer everything else (after thousands of years and a lot of dickery from the Gods) they would just fight other Chaos factions. It would just be a war for all infinity.

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The Tau have only been exposed to the rest of the galaxy for a relatively short time. They havent had their Age of Strife or Fall like the Imperium and the Eldar have. Maybe future editions will show the Tau's descent into grimdarkiness in their way.

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This is irrelevant, but
I wonder. The Emperor was aware of the pretty bloody large fact that the Astronomican was pretty much a lighthouse, so I wonder why didn't he near immediately catch onto the fact that things from outside the galaxy (Tyranids, Galasians etc) may have spotted it?
My solution (okay, guess) for that is to develop an Astronomican light suppressor system. Essentially it would block its' energies from flowing out past the galaxy. That way the people inside the Milky Way may still use it, and nothing may have sensed it.

Back to the topic. My guess how to move the storyline forward? Abaddon finally becomes competent and gets his 14th Crusade to clusterfuck Cadia. Then the next planet. And the next. Meanwhile, the Eldar have been stirring up the Orks for some reason or another and now the Imperium's fighting on two fronts.

Then the Orks go out of hand, Elfdar shit themselves at their failure, Tau get slaughtered by Orks, then Necrons become irrelevant and Tyranids are always an enemy to fight later.
In desperation the Imperium, Tau and Eldar ally, it ends up being 3 vs Orks vs Chaos. Tyranids and Necrons popping up every now and then and getting their asses handed to them respectively.

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>Chaos can already spawn where they want at will

Not they can't. The Emperor protects them from just that.

>> No.18681381

Wasn't the Emperor working on a human equivalent to the webway? If so I'd assume that the Astronomican was only supposed to be a temporary solution.

>> No.18681388


False. Daemons demonstrably pop up all around the galaxy, as do Chaos Marines. The latter can leave the Eye without going through the gate, the former don't give a shit.

Any idea that "emperor prevents daemons from manifesting outside the Eye" is ridiculous and false. He just blocks the warp gate he's sitting on and which he himself created with the webway intrusion attempt.

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I have no doubt Chaos would rejoice at the temporary fall of the Emperor and the Imperium, and would sweep out of the Eye of Terror with glee.

It just wouldn't last, they would finally take Cadia tho it's worth now would be in question, and they would no doubt also take 100s of the worlds. However, just like they always do as soon as they remember that they hate the other Chaos Gods almost as much as they hate the Imperium it would be full on civil war again.

Basically Chaos would be a bigger territory but still remain it's chaotic self.

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>Abaddon finally becomes competent and gets his 14th Crusade to clusterfuck Cadia

When the warp freezes to ice, maybe.

>Imperium's fighting on two fronts.

They are already fighting on two fronts. More if you count heresy.

>Tyranids and Necrons popping up every now and then and getting their asses handed to them respectively.

Both these factions are super strong. The Necron ships reached Mars and the nids devour more and more everyday.

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>The Imperiums faith and stubbornness will keep them from working with xenos.

Despite the fact that, in times of great need, they've done so before? The Imperium certainly isn't going to start holding peace conferences with aliens, but if Chaos is hammering through the walls of reality all over the galaxy, Xenos races will suddenly become a very low priority.

>> No.18681422

Why do people say abaddon is incompetent when he's only failed once or twice?

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Better idea. Emperor finally regains his powers, gets up off his gilded toilet and says "Everyone chill the fuck out, I got this." Then massive anal rape for Chaos.

>> No.18681430

If my brain is right, then the Webway would be a hell-spawned son of a bitch to navigate, one way or another. Again, if said potato is correct, then having a beacon that you can navigate that fucking maze with would be kind of handy.

And yet again, if my braintato is right then one pulse from the Astronomican is all the Tyranids would need to see some Delicious Galaxy. After that, memory can guide them here.

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"His immense psychic powers constantly keep the Chaotic powers of the Warp at bay, preventing their intrusion into the material universe and protecting his people throughout the galaxy."

So where is your source to refute this?

>> No.18681452


>Despite the fact that, in times of great need, they've done so before?

A few incidents can't make up for a couple of thousands of years of hate. The Imperium will stand by their dogma to the end, because that was the Emperors will.

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They are untouched by the warp by design. How the heck would you change that? Daemon are just another race of hostile monsters to them and psykers are the same as energy guns.

The technological decadence is also pretty much impossible to implement for Tau too. Humans are bad at discovering new things because every fucking scientist died during the Dark Age of technology and the only people left are genetically engineered peasants. Both groups of Eldar are dying out and can never achieve technological improvement over the designs that existed during the height of their power, chaos is just chaos, necrons are also devoid of imagination just like humans and Orks and Tyranids aren't really interested in knowledge. Tau don't have inherent handicap like that so the only reason why they would suddenly stop discovering something new or copying designs of all the other races would be completely arbitrary retcon.

Tau are just generic humans of the setting, they are physically weak, don't multiply fast, they don't have PSI or magic and their starting level of technology is lower but make up for it with Science, imagination, open mindness and will to progress. 40k doesn't really need them at all.

>> No.18681483

>Meanwhile on necron's base-planet
"Errr so, we are here and stuff to like, y'know kill the empra and shit, m'kay"
"Yeah, whatever, who wants to shot at him our super awesome people killer thing that we got on the backyard?"
"No idea, wanna play asteroids?"

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Hey, my guess at the future. Besides, this setting's had enough retcons, why not make that the mother of them all?

Also, >implying those three would be a threat when Orks, Chaos and Imperium/Elfdar/Tau gang up on those two, then resume their own fighting.

>> No.18681495


>hurfdurf the in-universe propaganda is reliable for the reader

It's refuted by the appearences of daemonic invasions all around the galaxy, popping out of spontaneous warp storms or from imperial heads. The Emperor does not, actually, protect like that.

>> No.18681498

>necrons have already won science

>> No.18681507


Because the Emperor is growing weaker. This is written in the lore.

Read the fuck up.

>> No.18681544


>Hurp durp, it's propaganda, believe what I say instead

>> No.18681550

I thought of mentioning that but because their weapons are so pitifully weak (they can't even match Vects black hole grenade with their field guns) and the fact that they never managed to reproduce some of the technologies Old Ones used I wrote that off as in universe propaganda.

I know that Webway is supposed to be partly psychic in design but considering that the Necrontyr were still able to punch through it anyway I'd say that they should also have been building a subspace network of their own.

>> No.18681561


He's indeed growing weaker, but that's irrelevant. Daemons manifested all around the galaxy when he was alive and walking, and pushed him and his sisters of silence and his custodes out of the webway like they were chumps. If you supposedly can prevent chaos from manifesting outside the Eye galaxywide, Horus Heresy would not have happened and the daemons in the Imperial webway would have been beaten.

Titan would not have a huge daemon living under the fortress-monastery of the Grey Knights and Ganymede would not be abandoned and quarantined because of a warp gate.

You see, warp is pushing through even in the Sol system in the Emperor's doorstep, and possessions and daemonic incursions have been common throughout the Imperium's history. Emperor's role is vital ensuring imperial warp travellers won't get lost (and eaten by daemons) and that the warp gate under his ass stays closed, but that's pretty much the extent of it.

>> No.18681567

Who thinks Flames of War needs to move the plot forward?
It's been early 1940s for so long, come on, move ahead ten years, have Germany conquer Russia.

>> No.18681579


Abaddon has got some bad rep but the fact is that every crusade has achieved a goal. He's working towards something far bigger than just butchering a bunch of cadian meatbags. You'll see, he'll prove himself worthy of Chaos.

>> No.18681580

That's not purely in-universe propaganda. The Daemons codex states, from word-of-god perspective;

"Through his powerful mind and the unconquerable might of his will, the Emperor shields humanity from the worst depredations of Chaos."

In the next paragraph, it then states "...for without the Emperor's protection, Mankind would be scattered and alone in the Darkness, utterly helpless before the dark temptations of Chaos."

So while the Emperor isn't able to prevent all incidents of Daemonic intrusion, the Daemons codex does seem to suggest that without him, they would be far more commonplace.

>> No.18681582


Who's weapons are weak, the Tau or the Necrons? Because the Gauss Flayer is a mighty fucking weapon.

>> No.18681585


Why not? What I say is actually consistent with what's actually happening in the setting.

>hurr durr uplifting primer says orks are weak and scared by loud noises, it must be true because it's written there

>> No.18681594

Considering how it should be a product of culture that has unraveled all the mysteries of physical reality I'd have to say that it is mighty weak gun, even in the fluff where you don't have to follow the game design restrictions.

>> No.18681602


That's quite obviously referring to the Astronomican-Warp travel and that Imperium would instantly lose all cohesion and power without it.

>> No.18681609


>Comparing the book specifically made for Imperial propaganda to a rulebook

My God. Why do I even bother with you trolls.

>> No.18681623


", but has the potential, due to its Gauss Nature, to be able to destroy even the most heavily armoured vehicles. "

Right... Weak.

>> No.18681632


Haha. No.

Nice try though.

>> No.18681638

Just chill everyone, Papa Vect has a plan.

>> No.18681649


How is stating the truth - that anon who claimed Emperor prevents daemonic manifestations around the galaxy is wrong and his evidence is contradicted by events of the setting (daemons manifesting all around the galaxy including the Sol System)- trolling? Are you autistic?

>> No.18681654


Why isn't demons invading every weak imperial planet out there?

Because they can't. They need cultists to weaken the Emperors protection to actually enter those worlds. If he wasn't protecting the planets, they would just spawn like fucking rabbits.

>> No.18681664

Yep. Weak.

It is pretty fucking shitty universe if the ultimate weapon you get from completing the science is a fucking GI's assault rifle from the Red Alert that you can destroy everything with if you are allowed to shoot long enough.

In universe there are small arms like the Gravity pistol and Tachyon arrow. Because of that I always assumed that Necrons just ran into a scientific dead end and in their hubris assumed it to be the end of everything.

>> No.18681692


He's right. The Emperor, on some level, does provide blessings. Like the Astronomicon, or the True Faith of the Battle Sisters. He *does* protect, though He does it rarely.

>> No.18681711


But it is. It's actually the only reasonable explanation given the occurrence of daemonic manifestations around the galaxy.

>> No.18681728


He protects the veil between the warp and reality constantly. His subject? That's more rare.

>> No.18681738


Daemons *can* be warded off by invoking him, in extremis. Sure, it doesn't always work, but faith in the Emperor does provide a measure of protection from the depredations of the warp.

>> No.18681740


That's false.

The daemons and gods manifested in the materium in limited quantities before the Emperor, and there's zero reason to assume that would change if the Emperor died.

He couldn't even beat a localized incursion in his webway, aided by his Custodes and Sisters of Silence, nor create wards as strong as those of the Old Ones, as his were unstable enough to shatter because of just Magnus' telepathic sending.

He isn't putting out some galaxywide shield.

>> No.18681754


Tachyon Arrow *is* necron technology though.

40k is an universe where plot armor matters far more than technology.

You know how you beat the most advanced things comprehensible in 40k? Send Space Marines with it. They'll shout a lot and do some heroic stuff and win, no matter what it is they are against.

>> No.18681757


The barriers are weakened thanks to cultists and rogue psykers offering a window to bypass the protection. There is a reason why the invasion from the warp goes slowly, and that's because of the protection from the Emperor, but even the mightiest wall can fall in time, and that's what's happening.

No protection = Massive invasion (because the demons do want to invade the "real space". Really bad)
Current protection = There are some holes which are used by demons to get out, but they can't "lol, massive invasion on hundreds of planets"

>> No.18681758

Wouldn't faith in anything be able to do that?

The beings with soul have presence in the warp and the perception of warp creatures is probably seeing them in mostly their warp form. Maybe the faith is just makes the person look bigger and scarier in the warp and the daemon dares not to attack him?

>> No.18681760


But he is. The first thing Chaos cultists have to do is weaken faith in the Emperor, so that the Immaterium becomes easier to penetrate. Cathedrals and 'holy places' are also anathema to daemons.

>> No.18681788


>There are some holes which are used by demons to get out, but they can't "lol, massive invasion on hundreds of planets"

Of course not, that's something that can only be done by a tactical gen- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!

>> No.18681807

I used Tachyon Arrow as an example of what kind of small arms actually exist in universe. For some reason the Necron Lords decided to arm their grunts with pitiful flayers instead of those.

But you are right, maybe I'm trying to apply too much logic into 40K. Technology levels aren't exactly functioning well there as can be seen from the Straken's mud hole ambush and Goto's cavemen that destroyed Eldar falcon with sticks and stones.

>> No.18681817

This picture always gets me.
I imagine Emperor of Mankind cooking soup for his sons.
In huge and overly ornate tube using his powerladle.
Just look at his face and how he is wiping spilled broth from his lips.
As if he thinking: "It is salty enough, but Fulgrim can be so picky sometimes."

>> No.18681825


Or maybe their God stand behind them thus scaring the demon. Even demons know when to run and who to run from.

>> No.18681835


Daemons don't need cults to manifest. In the daemon codex they give an example where an entire planet is overrun because of one guy who didn't even know he was a psyker before he exploded into a warp gate.

Cathedrals have little to do with it. If you look at the big picture, there's only one big event that has unambiguously calmed down warp activity galaxywide, and that's the birth of Slaanesh. The effect was probably temporary since it's on the raise again.

>> No.18681855


It's exactly that. The novel "Eye of Terror" goes into detail, faith (in anything as long as it is genuine) has effect on reality, and it is stronger closest to warp - very strong in the Eye.

That's also why faith is so useful against daemons in fluff, reality is thinner near them so faith has greater effects.

>> No.18681867


shoulda quoted >>18681758

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>> No.18682065

I think the eldar would win, thumbs up if you agree guys.

>> No.18682071

You posted the wrong face.

>> No.18682081

Did I? DID I?

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>> No.18682510

Plot-development wise I like the idea of the Emperor "dying" and the Imperium fragmenting into multiple empires and kingdoms.

The Astronomicon is still there or maybe the Eye of Terror is used as a new beacon so human space travel is still possible. The breakdown of the Imperium allows Orks and Tyranids to go batshit and then the lesser races we haven't heard about have a chance to step up a bit more. It would be a bit like the Dark Age of Technology.

And just like after the Dark Age of Technology a mysterious warlord will rise up and begin unifying mankind once again.

In the game you play as the remnants like Ultramar, Adeptus Astartes Fiefdoms, Ecclesiarchicy Popedoms and AdMech Bloks plus all the aliens but in addition to the ominous threat of the Tyranids and Necrons there is this familiar guy at the other edge of the galaxy burning a path of destruction towards Terra.

>> No.18682551

By not moving it forward, EVER.

I don't want my Warhammer to turn like Warcraft.

>> No.18682652


>> No.18682678

I think you mean the Age of Strife. The DaoT was actually a high point. It's just called a dark age because nobody has any complete records of what shit was like back then.

>> No.18683276

Moving the plot forwards doesn't mean something drastic, like the Imperium blowing up or the Emprah dying.

There are other ways to keep things moving (though I do agree that there's a lot of years to fill in before M40)

Like, for starters, the Ultramarines chapter all get eaten by Tyranids in an epic clusterfuckfail. And then a new chapter is created from their geneseed to reinforce the Eastern Fringe?

How about a character or two dies? There's plenty of incidences where a character in one rulebook doesn't make it to the next. Eldrad died.

How about we kill off some of those Ultramarine heros who took up like half the character entries in the last codex? Let other chapters have some time in the spotlight?

Have Shadowsun and Farsight throw down, only one living?

Have Abaddon get killed off by a magnificent trap by Creed but then be replaced by someone far more cunning.

>> No.18683648

More likely (and less Wardwagoning) scenario would be strong chapter domains like realm of Ultramar and Blood Angel territories breaking off of the IOM.

>> No.18683699

why is the first thing any person says is "hey let's just kill off the ultramarines so 40k is fixed"

it seems incredibly juvenile.

Anyways; take a leaf from the old Overfiend. "Advance" the setting with some big events without really changing much. The Armageddon war is a good example.

Hell, he even killed off Tycho in that campaign, though I doubt many remember or took part.

>> No.18683862

I am working on just such a post-Imperial setting, here is ideas so far


The Imperium dies with the Emperor. For all he was he was just a mortal man in the end. Only warp-rift was casued by the implosion of the throne and the astronomican rather than the Emperor himself. About 1.5 light years in every direction fucked but little else.

The Space Wolves, because of their already X-bawks huge navy, fuck the codex numbers and warrior trained serfs carve out a Protectorate of their own, all swear loyalty to King Ragnar Whitemane. Huge battles fought to secure new realm, 500 year war. Thousand Sons used this as a distraction to nuke Fenris. Tribes of Fenrisians are sheltered in The Fang and later seeded about the 13 fifedoms of the Protectorate. Ragnar dies on Garm in the closing years of the 44th millennium at the hands of Emperor Abbadon of the Cadian Commonwealth.

Ultramar breaks down as an Empire. Because of the loss of unified government all the ultramarine crusader successors get their assess handed to them when the supply lines dry up. Set sail for the only place they can think of, Ultramar, ancestral home. Ultramarines are fighting a loosing battle with Orks on one side and 'Nids on the other and Chaos everywhere else. Welcome brothers with open arms. No man may be master of two chapters and so to convince them to stay Chapter Master Sicarius grants them their own worlds to call their own. This binds them to the area of space of his choosing and they are thanking him. Downside is that Ultramar consists of ~350 worlds, most of them not having a population big enough to recruit from so sometimes multiple systems have to be given. Ultramar Empire is carved up but retains a united defense, becomes Ultramar Commonality.

Tau are eaten by 'Nids after epic battles. Farsight Enclave survives. Some refugee convoys manage to GTFO just in time.

>> No.18683972

The a huge swathe of the galaxy around the Formosa Sector goes tits up as everything is murdered by the awakening Necron Star-Kingdoms or plundered and murdered by the Orks at the behest of the Brain Boyz looking for more materials, breeding grounds and training practice for the WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! efforst against said Star-Kingdoms. THe human held worlds were too week and fractious to hold out against either and were subsequently obliterated.
Formosa was not fractious. Ancient Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz by the death of the Emperor was pulling the strings of most, if not all, of the strings behind most, if not all, of the governments of that sector. Managed to hold everything together. Formosa Imperium becomes microcosm of Old Imperium even has Space Marines, grown from the rmenants of the Blood Drinkers and Silver Skulls orphaned companies.

Eldar rebuild their old Empire in the south of the Segmentum Tempestus. Eldrad Ulthuran just about survives his trip through the Realm Of Chaos and gets the harlequins and Pheonix Lords on his side and together they bully the ruling councils of the 15 surviving Craftworlds to converge their space borne homes on a patch of uninteresting interstellar space. many vassal worlds are assimilated into the Empire. Most sentient species are considered equal in their inferiority to the Children of Isha. Eldar become ruling elite and single biggest ethnic group of the largest xeno Empire in the galaxy. Most of the worlds joined them willingly, in exchange for help against the orks and Necrons.

>> No.18684002

In those dreadful years of M42...
We had our victories
after the hell of the thirteenth crusade we still stood
even after our heroes died we still stood
but we can't stand here forever, unless we do something drastic...
Exploraters, by the will of Him on Earth, children of Terra, expand our borders; go forth and take all the land of the universe and bring it under the domain of the Golden Throne!
M41 was the age of war and defense
M42 is the age of expansion...
Through the void....

>> No.18684105

In the 42 millennium Chaos finally realizes the error of their ways, and joins the Imperium.

Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau and Necron all in turn do the same, and the Galaxy is one, just in time to kick the full Tyranid invasion dead in it's ass when it arrives.

The Emperor rises and proclaims his work done, retires, moves in with Slaanesh and together raise a family.

>> No.18684108

Orks are getting their shit together. Necrons are waking up and the old programing is kicking in. Brian Boyz are being spawned and something more than 'Lets wreck all of the shit' is driving them.
The Duality of or divinity has become a Trinity as the Gork and Mork awoke from their slumber of a million years and one of them promptly upon waking kicked Khorn of his chair for being the pretender that he is. Then they went back to brawling, this time with an extra combatant present. The effect of a Chaos God of War upon the orkoid over-soul was that they started to get a little more disciplined. Skar Boyz became more common and Comisarz began to emerge in the ork ranks to keep every one focused on the correct targets.
Tyrannids were used as practice, the increase in biomass from planets a mile deep in corpses attracting a seemingly endless supply of fresh training material and the prospect of a fight attracting more Orks and ork spores grew in the Battle Worlds.
The WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! effort became the only thing holding the Necrons in check on a galactic scale. Not that the orks were ever appreciated for this job. Not that they ever cared for the approval of others in any case.

>> No.18684157


Im impressed, anon.

>> No.18684207

aboard the Enterprisus Explorater Kirk strides into the observation deck on the large Sword class vessel, they just jumped from the warp after a 4 month journey wracked with peril but a decent amount of the crew survived the harrowing journey. As he strides in the cogboys at the controls silently plucking away at a vast array of mechanisms that to the untrained seem like a mismatch of childs toys, when in reality, they run the whole ship.
He strides up to the captains chair and next to it awaits the navigator, The captain speaks "Navigator Checkov, I suggest you know where the warp currents have taken us?"
The navigator straigthens a bit, "Uncharted territories, as planned from the beginning." Kirk sits and fumbles with his vox array controls.
"Could someone send in the Voidmaster? I want to know what the world below is like, and what we have to deal with." He prayed to Him on Earth that it wasn't something horrifying or tainted by the ruinous powers. His ship was strong but anything large scale could shut the explorater operation down faster than one could blink...

>> No.18684252

I have a question that I'd normally start a thread for, but I can't post pictures from my phone.

One of the people I play with is dead set that because in the rulebook it says that calvary count as infantry, and so tactical genious can be used on them. Im sure that's not how it works, but he refuses to listen. Is there anything that just states that this is either wrong or right?

>> No.18684296


If youre referring to Creed, that fucker's allowed to infiltrate Titans, so I think cavalry will be fine.

>> No.18684372

>how would you move the plot forward
The emprah dies and the astronomican goes out. Much shit happens, warp storms all over the place.

The Elfdar haven't predicted this and, now that thier protectors are dead and Slaanesh is after them, they crap their pants and resort to desperate tactics.

They get human psykers from all over the galaxy, breed them and throw their souls into a custom-made infinity circuit. Due to the fast human reproduction cycle, they fill up the circuits with more power in 200 years then they pured into their own during the last 10k. So, now the eldar have this massive amount of strong souls, all of them having been raised or brainwashed into serving the eldar race.

300 years after the start of the project, the curcuits reach the amount of power they need and they infuse it all into a single eldar during conception, thus creating their own god-emperor.
He marries Macha somwhere along the way.

Now, the orks are orking, the necrons are doing their thing, the nids turn towards the new god-emperor, the tau are eaten and chaos gets ready for a fight with the elfdar, their emperor and their new human psychic slave race.

And, once again, in the 42nd millenium, there is only war.

>> No.18684408

Because Imperium Fanboys

>> No.18684440

Nah, it's more to do with people not bothering to actually read the fluff, or deliberately ignoring it in favour of MEEMZLUL.

>> No.18684492

It's not about abaddon himself, it's about how the writers present him.

He invades, loses, says ill get you and your dog too and runs away.

>> No.18684813

Isn't that pretty much how almost all Chaos Lords are portrayed? Besides, not every attack led by Abaddon is a huge frontal assault. One of his so-called 'crusades' was nothing more than a series of raids all over the place that resulted in mass panic and confusion, as well as the acquisition of the Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night. The Antecanis Massacre described in the rulebook is another example of Abby going for a more indirect approach - he launches an attack against a supply world, cripples it and leaves with loot and bitches before Imperial reinforcements arrive, while using his uninformed 'allies' as a meatshield, then proceeds to come and go throughout the sector as he pleases.

There's also the Crythe Cluster campaign in Soul Hunter, a further example of Abaddon trying to plunder resources rather than make some ill-conceived attempt to topple the Imperium once and for all. And he probably would have succeeded too, if the Night Lords weren't pussies who ran away at the first sign of a real fight.

>> No.18685816


>> No.18686019

That feel when you start a thread at around 10am, and come back to find the same thread is still here after 10+ hours.jpg

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