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ITT: things you want from Only War
rules for aircraft like thunderbolts or marauder bombers.
Top Gun 40k would be amazing to run.

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>To run a Kelly's Heroes/The Dirty Dozen crossover campaign set in the 41st Millenium.
>To run a Generation Kill campaign set in the 41st Millenium

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I just want to play an Ogryn.

Fer Bob.

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This, plus

>To run an X-COM campaign set in the 41st Millennium

Also solid rules for vehicles in the corebook, and being able to play a decent Storm Trooper/Kasrkin without having to go through the excrement that is Ascension.

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>mfw I am going to be running a gaurdsman one shot on friday that is the Fall of Berlin

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>Top Gun 40k
>Mix elements of Only War with Aeronautica Imperialis
This is most good.

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Individual regiments having quirks or unique shit, a la deathwatch's chapter specific rules. I don't want my Kriegers to be the same as my friend's Praetorians or Cadians.

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I want to run a game with a tank crew

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A-Team in 40K.

A-Team's insanity + 40K's Insanity = MY SIDES ARE MOVING ON THEIR OWN!

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I read that as "I'm going to play a Guardsman that gets shot on Friday". And wondered why you added the redundant part about getting shot.

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rolled 3 = 3

You mean like Link Related?

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I want Only War to die, or at least to go back to being a fucking DH supplement like it was supposed to be, and for FFG to pull their thumbs out of their Imperial-wanking asses and give us playable Eldar and Tau.

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That is an amazing idea, good gentleman.

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Which side of the fall?

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Murdock as an insane Tech-Priest with a penchant for being able to fly ANY vehicle, human or xenos...who was caught 'molesting' cogitator banks once.

"She was asking for it, boss!"

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>generation kill campaign

Why isn't this the end all, be all of anyone looking at Only War?

Fuck Top Gun, let me be the embedded reporter with the imperial guard. I fucking hate anyone that plays IG in the tabletop, because they literally are all expys of each other, but I will be that guy, the writer asking questions and writing shit down while you are fighting for your life against rebels or mutants or chaos marines. I'll tuck my notepad in my breast pocket, pick up my lasgun, shoot down whatever we're all shooting at and then go back to writing.

I'll be the guy who has no idea why you all do what you do. I'll ask questions, i'll fuck up the prayers the first few times, i'll take the mild hazing. Because I want to show the imperium at large that the men here, fighting and dying on this misbegotten planet are doing it for the emperor, and their honor an valor are without question.

It's just that the only one reading this will be a few planetary govenors and maybe an inquisitor, and then it gets buried.

But i'm still here, writing, asking the Colonel why he chose to send barely trained men into the killing fields of heavy bolters, stubbers and auto cannons in nothing but a set of barely armored Tauros assault vehicles they hardly knew how to operate.

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They will be playing SS officers. Of course cleverly guised up as Krieger Deathcorp based pdf. I have 12 characters written up and plans for how each one will die.

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>Your face when you realize Hannibal is secretly a Champion of Tzeentch

"I love it when a plan comes together."

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"The Emperor's plan is in everything, kid. And I love it when His plan comes together!"

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>Wanting to play space weeaboos and space faggots.

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I want to play backass feudal PDFs with flintlocks and fixed bayonets.

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And I am actually writing that campaign up in advance of only war right now as well.

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Rules for everything in the Military, rules for Regiment creation ala Deathwatch, I want to run a game with a Tank Crew, or the crew of a Fighter/Bomber, a game set behind the lines in an artillery base, with everyone having a different role.

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rolled 7 = 7

Eldar I can see, but why do you think Tau are faggots?

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>Wanting to play the Imperials, again, for the umpteen billionth time, in a game for which there is absolutely no FUCKING need because its shit can be effortlessly covered in DH

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And instead you get executed by the first Commisar you annoy. Or worse, turned into a Servitor as an example to others who question the Imperium in anything. If you aren't shooting the enemy when you are in the front lines, then you are either just in the way or a traitor. Ave Imperator.

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Son, I couldn't care less about 40k.
You need to get your head checked.

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I hope they manage to throw in some form of larger squad play, with rules for vehicle combat and the like.
I'm also very curious to see how they manage to make a team of Guardsmen/Commisars/Psykers/Techpriests work outside of "You are the best of the best..." and shit like that.
I'm sort of hoping everyone just gets to be a fairly high level officer, with one dude being more or less in control, sort of like Rogue Trader.

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And you need to stop supporting shitty business practices.

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Thinks DH is about combat. Lets laugh at him. Point and laugh.

It is about INVESTIGATION you idiot. This is the one to cover proper combat with regular humans. And nothing to say they won't do your thing down the line. Entitled much?

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I was going to make a comment about how technically that might not always be true despite the common fandom view of the setting...but then I remembered that Commissars are *PCs* in Only War. So yeah. Yeah, pulling that shit will just get you fragged ASAP.

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What do you mean?
I'm not going to buy the game at all, I don't really like the DH system.
Tau and Eldar r 4 fggts.

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Private Burlone?

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Actually it's pretty unlikely they will--something to do with GW's "no original canon that greatly changes things about the setting" policy or some shit. FFG can add new sectors to the map or a new later-founding Space Marine chapter, but including new details on Eldar society is a no-no. I guess. That's what I heard anyway.

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Blackadder in Space.

We've already had a "prelude" of that kind.
Idiotic officers, jaded squad leaders and incompetence all round.

"Emperor above, our battles have strategy? THERE'S A PLAN?!"

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Don't know much about business do you? If people want it, they will buy it. You can go cry in your corner and not play with anyone whilst we are over here having fun and wrecking up the place as Guardsmen.

But practice what you preach and just don't buy the thing douchebag. Or write them a letter. Crying on /tg/ about it is just going to get you laughed at. And justifiably so.

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Because i'm a god damn reporter, not a cadian bred to do nothing but die, and maybe fight. I'm here at the behest of my masters, and woe to you who think they'll let you murder me.

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Dark Heresy's combat system more than covers everything you need, and all the other shit can just be roleplayed. Only War is a pile of redundant crap. Give me some fucking xenos already.

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the only people that a commissar would hesitate on blamming would be an inquisitorial agent.

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Unless your master is an Inquisitor, you're probably not going to be able to swing that.

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FFG already said they will never do xenos races because their mind set is too alien for people.

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>pile of redundant crap
>is not even out yet

Way to get ahead of the game pal. At least hold your righteous fury until a judgement can be passed on the final product.

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People buy Twilight, too, doesn't make it not shit. Laugh all you want--at the end of the day, you're the ones who wasted your money on yet another bullshit reprint of the 40KRP ruleset and tables for yet more Imperial retardation. Enjoy your buyer's remorse come the next edition.

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Another Anon here. Just pointing out, that may be the case (who knows), but it isn't like GW hasn't changed their mind before. What holds true now may not always in the future. But ultimately if you show a genuine desire for it, and FFG can pitch it with proof of the demand to GW, then maybe, just maybe, things can happen.

Then again GW and sensible business practices aren't exactly known for being in the same sentence very often.

>Astrachan oshedre
Captcha gives us a sign.

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You really think journalism has survived in the 41st millennium?

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>mfw when I'm in an IG campaign and this and I A-Teamed a practically archaeotech jeep-like vehicle. As in I ramped and flipped it and my gunner and I were completely unharmed. (99 drive check on my part, 03 agility test for him to avoid getting pasted and a 02 toughness check for me to not pass out in a burning vehicle. While combat servitors were shooting meltas from their seats.

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Man, you just can't enjoy things, can you?

Do you know any Eldar fluff? Welp, that means you can use an Eldar from one of the books as a template and play one.
Same goes for Tau.

You can just convert them from the Table-top, too.
BS 3 => BS ~30
Humans get 10+2d10, maybe Eldar have 20 + 2d10 and call it a day.

Same talents, same overall "classes" Ask your DM to let you have shit available that would fit your path.

But stop bitching about new things that aren't what you dreamed about.

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Well, I assume we could probably cook that up ourselves. But rules for penal legion troopers might be interesting.

Other ideas:

Tallarn: Muhajadeen for the Emperor. Faith bonus.
Cadian: "Looked into the eye and spat." Willpower Bonus
Elysian: "Skyfall" Agility Bonus

Give as many regiments as you can bonus flavor stats?

Rules for Commissars, of course. Vehicles and Tanks are a must.

Rules for having Extra NPC's in the team. Basically, fodder troops to make you feel like a real guard squad. They can have their own arcs, and personality traits to suit your team.

There are no more Fate points. There are War buddies.

If you have to use a fate point, your fellow guardsmen assisted you to make sure you didn't fail, or didn't fail as hard. Part of being in the guard is all about working together.

Burning a fate point: There are no fate points. Your war buddy dies in order to save you. Player or DM has to make a narrative of how your buddy heroically (or unheroically/accidentally/purposefully/ect) died to save your skin.

As the unit grows, your squad gets more war buddies.

You do not have your own individual War Buddies/Fate points. They are shared with the entire group, like a wealth rating. If you all burn a fate point/war buddy in a 4-5 man group, 4-5 of your buddies are injured (if used) and dead (if burned).

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The propaganda has to come from somewhere.

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>stop bitching about more redundant horseshit being rammed up our asses

How about you stop sucking FFG's cock, shitheel.

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Or something like that.
They still have journalism, but it's pretty heavily censored.
Most of it is gossip, tabloid-style, I imagine.
Or underground heretical stuff.

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Never is a LONG time. Which is why you should never say never. Things change. It is inevitable. Tzeentch is laughing.

>Implying that the writer of Twilight isn't rolling in money and can now do what she wants
No serious bro? That is the best you have? If you don't like it then just pirate it like a normal person and don't buy it ever. You are just being butthurt because you aren't getting your way. And it is hilarious.

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Printed from high towers and purely fictional.

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>Saging and posting a picture

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Doesn't stop the sage on /tg/, but he's still a total fucking cunt.

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Not the guy you're responding to, but boy, you have a lot of hate don't you? I recommend a warm cup of tea perhaps a cookie.

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I can't really decide if you're trolling, which I hope is true, or if you're just that damn autistic.

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I want it to be so brutal that it makes Dark Heresy look like 4e.

Bam. That's all I request.

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That'd be awesome.

I like the anon who mentioned an X-Com style campaign. Imagine it. You're part of a backwater pissant planet's PDF, all you've got are autoguns and stub pistols as standard issue. Strange signs of xenos activity break out. It's up to you to fend off the invasion while simultaneously keeping your local leadership believing that the threat is real and that there's a reason for the greater Imperial authority to bother trying to save your shithole world rather than just hitting it with a few cyclonic torpedoes. All the while dealing with the usual X-COM shit of weird alien base/starship assaults, facefuls of alien wing-wong, mind control, HIDDEN MOVEMENT, and rookie troops who can't shoot for shit.

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just for the record, dark heresy is 20+2d10, rt 25+2d10 and deathwatch 30+2d10 standard

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Lets hug him guys. That should really set him off. Come here so I can hug you buddy! LETS BE FRIENDS AND SING SONGS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP!

But I bet if they announced a Core rulebook tomorrow for playin Eldar and Tau he would still bitch because the combat rules were already covered in Deathwatch. Or as a Supp, BAAAW I have to OWN 2 BOOKS NOW!

Can't win with these retards.

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I think it's for real. The shit he's saying is pretty much flying on FFG's actual OW forums, though worded a bit less vitriolically.

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Since most equipment is supplied by the guard, there will be no use for wealth rating. Soldiers will be payed of course in standard Imperial Creds/Throne Gelts (though I'm sure Guard just call it creds).

They can use their limited funds to purchase items on the black market, requisition office, or leisure activities.

Psychology: In the 41'st millenium, there is only war, and it is ugly. Introduce a cthullu styled system, where the horrors of war can over time erode your mind and soul (a new version/renamed insanity points/PTSD).

Burning off some of your excess cash on luxuries like Amasec, fine foods, and going to a brothel, or even getting into a bar fight to blow off steam is recommended. It reduces your PTSD by a small amount. Too much PTSD, and you go stark raving mad, shitting yourself and huddled in a ball over the warp deamon you just saw slurp your friends entrails out like spaghetti.

Being out in the field for long periods of time can really rack up PTSD points. The longer you are deployed seeing the horror's of the Galaxy without R&R, the more susceptible you become to your mind breaking, Platoon style.

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They way I hope it'll work?
No more Fate Points.
Just have something like "Squad Capability" that works like "Infamy" in BC.
Only the number represents how many people you have and how good they are.
One of the PCs about to die? You can chose to live, someone throws themselves in front of the bullet, saving you.

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I know which one applies to you, fagboat. Enjoy your fifth, FIFTH! goddamn rules reprint.

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Thought it read Top Gear 40k. I want that now.

>Hey chill man, you can have the things you like too if you want

>> No.18677732

>You can chose to live, someone throws themselves in front of the bullet, saving you.

I don't really like this trope, what if the bullet goes through the other guy and into you anyway? Or what's stopping the bad guy from pulling the trigger again?

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I'd like this, on one condition.

Keep the lasgun variable setting rules from BC, and add in some other kind of rule that properly simulates the enhanced effect of focused multiple lasgun fire on a single target. That way, autoguns aren't objectively better than lasguns in *every single fucking way except ammunition and jam resistance*.

>> No.18677757

>what if the bullet goes through the other guy and into you anyway?

Since killing the mook is essentially like Burning a Fate point, you come up with an interesting narrative why this "doesn't" happen.

>Or what's stopping the bad guy from pulling the trigger again?

Because he just went, and he doesn't have anymore free actions left?

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This is totally going to be somewhere in my Only War campaign.

Guardsmen will cower in fear at the wrath of Commisar Fagboat.

>> No.18677764

I just want to play as a Tank crew and try to survive at the end of the war.

>> No.18677778


Not so much a trope. The idea is that one of the squad risks his life (and dies as a result) but they save your ass for this round.
It could just as easily be interpreted as they pop out of cover and one of them runs over to you to drag your sorry ass to safety, but they lose a guy or two in the process.
This, of course, assumes that you're officers. Might be there should be a Morale stat now, showing how willing to fight and how content the squad is. Low morale means they perform poorly, are less likely to help? Or maybe you wake up stranded on a scouting mission with enemy snipers all around.

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Anyone have ideas for traps one would run into in a city invaded by the russians

>> No.18677803


Heh, yeah. Now I'm going to have to use Commissar Fagboat too.

>> No.18677804

Children lying in wait with bottles of T- and C-stoff. Young kids ambushing you with knives and rifles. Mines. Fucking mines everywhere.

>> No.18677811

adding it to the map now good idea

>> No.18677818

Landmines. Goddamn landmines everywhere.

Also explosives rigged in every goddamn building, activated by tripwires.

You try to roll into town through the street? BOOM. LANDMINE.

Try to go house to house, clearing out the occupiers? BOOM! Room crumbles around you.

>> No.18677824

thanks I am trying to go for as much mind fuck as possible

>> No.18677831

In that case, be sure to drill it hard into their heads that they're shooting at kids and young teens. The Hitler Youth came out in force to defend Berlin, and they should FEEL that.

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>> No.18677840

Hitler youth and then there were a ton of kids on the russian side as well

>> No.18677841

Bonus points if you keep the same tank through out the entire campaign. Of course you could switch out parts on the tank like sponson guns and main guns, but if you keep the same chassis then you get bonus points for lasting that long.

>> No.18677855

You know what I would like to see for Only War? An abandonment of this whole "favored antagonist faction" thing they've had going on for a while now. RT has the Eldar and Orks, DW has Tau and Tyranids, etc... Fuck that shit. I want some basic stats from around the entire 40k block. I want to pit my PC Guardsmen up against whatever I damn well feel like pitting them up against with no fucking metaplot in the way.

>> No.18677858


"Now listen up maggots! I am only going to say this once! It is pronounced FA-BOW-AT. The next orkstain that says FAG-BOAT gets a one way trip to meet the Emperor! You want to call me a boat, then you learn that boats don't have any brakes! Now sound off like you've got a pair!"

>> No.18677870

This film:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beast_(1988_film)

I would play in that campaign so hard.

>> No.18677905


I can't tell you why Anon. I can't tell you who. But I am emailing this to someone now.

>> No.18677920

"I swear to the Emperor, as soon as Fagboat gets in front of the column to lead the charge, I'm going to put a las shot right in the back of his fagboat head."

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>not making a grizzled deathworlder named Lincoln Osiris

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Mysterious anon is mysterious.

>> No.18677962

Feral world units would be fun as hell. "Conan with a lasgun" was one of my favorite Guardsman archetypes to play in DH; an entire unit of that would be hilariously awesome.

>> No.18677991

>what kind of farmer are you?

>> No.18678005

Tropic Thunder was great and all, but I want to get some of THIS shit in:


>> No.18678007

Hell yeah.

For some reason I'm reminded of my Black Crusade character, a renegade guardsman who was essentially John Rambo in First Blood. A good soldier pushed so hard that he started punji trapping people in the jungle in the name of dark gods.

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Mah nigga.

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>> No.18678043

One of the pics on the announcement article showed a unit of Mordians.

>> No.18678049


Yeah sorry bros. It is bad enough that I even let you know that I did that, as he could see this thread and know that I talk to you. He is also aware of how serious I take the secrecy of this game information since it could jeopardize things if I miss-step. All I can say is that at least I hear these things and try to get them into the right ears if I can, so they can be properly considered down the line. I can't even leave some usual comments since eloquen/tg/entlemen can be savvy and you fuckers could figure out who I am. So lets just leave it at that and I shall slip back into the shadows to watch and listen. ;)

>nryors footnote
Ominous captcha. Ominous.

>> No.18678065

Rock on then, brother.

>> No.18678067

Yes. Named the tank and keep her alive through to the end of the war. The longer she's alive you got some sort of bonus like connection with the machine spirit.

>> No.18678086

No problem, mystery anon. Just don't do anything foolish to yourself, whatever the hell you are.

Personally, I've decided on Time Lord.

>> No.18678117

tanks get battle honors which increases the effectiveness of it and gives bonuses to the functions of the tank.

>> No.18678147

The high end shit like Commissars, Storm Troopers, and Sergeants had better be decently balanced (and, in the case of the Commissar, there better be some means besides having the GM slap his shit to stop That Guy from fragging the rest of the group on the thinnest excuse).

>> No.18678224

It's really quite unfortunate how many accidents happen to befall commissars attached to Catachan units.

>> No.18678236

Yeah, but that treats the symptom rather than the disease. You frag the commissar too early and then it's YOU that ends up looking like the That Guy.

>> No.18678242

Only good posts in the entire thread

The rest of you fuckers start getting constructive here

>> No.18678258


Commissar Lord reprimands him for REDUCING morale and wasting valuable lives that could be given doing something important. Reminds Commissar That Guy to keep it down or face exile to some terrible place, like mandatory service in the front line.

>> No.18678292

Something like this would be ideal, I think.

>> No.18678314


In real urban fuck-fests like Berlin and Stalingrad the defenders would use spike-strips (like the kind the cops use to stop car chases).

But instead of spikes its fucking TNT.

>> No.18678316

At the same time however, as a Commissar I'd better have the ability to grant combat bonuses to the squad once a session or something by popping a cap in some background NPC's ass.

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I'm assuming there will also be rules for Traitor Guard?

>> No.18678337


"You know, I don't recall you actually being a Commisar. You didn't just find the hat and sash did you? I'm sick of that happening. Everyone's getting executed this time! Now form an orderly line. I said an orderly line dammit! No that is not a line! Do you now see how I saw through your disguise? You couldn't even teach these men to form a line for their own execution. That is like lesson 1 of being a Commisar."

>> No.18678339

Playable? Probably not by default save via houseruling and mix-matching with BC.

Enemy stats? I sure fucking hope.

>> No.18678348
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This is how I plan to Commissar.

>> No.18678366


Yeah, Enemy guard are a must for enemy NPC's.

Blood Pact from Gaunts Ghosts comes to mind. There's also some bands of traitor guard led by an aspiring champions from a Chaos Space Marine chapters.

>> No.18678407

They have that. It's called Black Crusade.

>> No.18678420

There may however be mechanics in OW that are useful ported back over to BC if you want to do an all-Traitor Guard game.

>> No.18678466


Or just use OW and pretend to be Alpha Legion infiltrators. And see how badly you can screw the Imperium over without getting caught. THEN move to BC to finish it later.

>attedden serving,
Captcha even gives you a codename.

>> No.18678491

I just want to point that while yes, people are raising complaints of that nature on the official forums, they also had a tard who came in there and started spouting shit about how making "brotherhood" a core theme of the game was not only cliche (which, sure, it sort of is), but that it was somehow offensive and disrespectful to actual military servicemen. Also that it was blatantly masturbatory and (I shit you not) homoerotic. So yeah. The guys on FFG's forums can by and large go fuck themselves. And probably literally, judging by how hard that one guy was projecting.

>> No.18678572

Hahaha oh wow.

>> No.18678609

I want me some fucking Rough Riders as a specialty.

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That dude you are quoting sounds like he is totally suppressing the gay in his own system.

Pic related.

It's a Cultist.

>> No.18678626

So, do you guys think there'll still be hellguns around, or will they make the switch to "hotshot lasguns" like the main tabletop game did?

>> No.18678643

Yes this!

I want to see a young commissar in the Lieutenant George mould who will happily execute chaps who just aren't jolly well joining in.

>> No.18678660

We need a heartwrenching tale of an Ogryn who just wants to settle down and raise a farm of multicolored Grox, and his best friend who's a regular Guardsman who looks out for him.

>> No.18678685

Last time I checked BC or RT think they mentioned that Hellguns are sometimes called Hot-Shot Las.

Also there's an adventure booklet that will be giving the impression of OW. You play Catchans in a Death World fighting Orks. Coming out on Free RPG day.

>> No.18678699


Clearly there is only one thing we can, nay MUST, do about this brothers. We must stat up rules.

Now would Homoerotisism be a Trait, or a Skill? Or could it be both? Should it have sub classes like Homosexuality(Open), Homosexuality(Closeted), Homosexuality(Bi-Curious), etc? Should it have Lore skills associated with it? Like Scholastic Lore(Brotherly Loving) for those units who are drilled in it? And Forbidden Lore(Brotherly Loving) for those who have to hide it?

INB4 Dark Angels

>transverse illiow
Even captcha is getting in on the action.

>> No.18678700

Nice. Though I don't remember that bit of fluff. I do, however, remember that lasguns have since Dark Heresy been able to take one-shot high powered charge packs called "Hot Shot Charge Packs" that give them a damage bonus and Pen 4 for the one shot they're good for.

>> No.18678751

Before Inquisitor's Handbook, those were the only thing basically simulating hellguns.

Speaking of which, I hope they knock the Pen rating of the Cadian-pattern hellgun back down to 4, or maybe 5. 7 is just insane--shears straight through light power armor.

>> No.18678783


does the guardsman kill the ogryn in the end?

>> No.18678803

They're suppose to blast through light armor. Which is why they call it "Hellguns". If you lower the Pen there would be no point of using them vs bolt weapons.

>> No.18678807


Well, in the grim dark future of 40k, being gay in the military is fine, so you can scrap the Forbidden Lore and the (closeted) bits.
Unless we're talking about some kind of pleasure cult within the guard, in which case it would still be something like Forbidden Lore(Heresy)

>> No.18678817

And then he became an arco-flagellant and won.

I genuinely don't get why people complain Only War not to be a DH splatbook.
DH is not a good system to start from.
And patching it to current level would make the book half a rulebook itself with all the drawbacks and none of the advantages.
It bugs the hell out of me to have to refer to update documents for everything in DH and how half the shit used in the splatbooks doesn't really connect to the rest of the system.
Also the difference in price between FFGs splatbooks and rulebooks is not that big.

Homosexuality (Open) is a skill that grants the bearer +10 Charisma when rolling positive interaction with females and and -5 when in positive interaction with heterosexual men, but +5 when intimidating by questioning his sexuality. (Do not apply to chemgelt characters)
Also it allows you to discount-buy Common Lore (fashion or homosexuality)

Homosexuality(Closeted) is a trait to choose at character creation.
It gives you Hatred (Homosexuals) and makes buying Str cheaper but Int more expensive.
Also it allows you to buy Homosexuality (Open) when failing a WP test against seduction by the same sex. At that point the character also suffers 1d10 insanity points.

>> No.18678820


Well, the Ogryn did accidentally snap a Sorista's neck.

>> No.18678832

Light armor, yes. Light POWER armor is a different ballgame altogether (and knocking it down to Pen 4 or 5 still gives you a good chunk of damage bleedthrough on a target wearing it, save against something with Unnatural Toughness).

>> No.18678853


Neah, have Homosexual be a Background Trait.
You start out with:

Perfect Uniform - You possess an uncanny eye for clothing and their arrangement, as such, even in dire situations you have an impeccable attire. +10 Fel tests, +10 Command tests

Fight for you right to LOVE! - Once per game, this character can inspire all around him with the Homosexual Trait into fighting beyond what is normally possible by human standards. For the duration of the combat, ignore any Critical hits that do not result in Death.

>> No.18678860

You're forgetting one thing though, broseidon. While the 7 Pen is a LITTLE ridiculous, keep in mind that the Cadian-pattern hellgun has a range bracket of only 50 meters. If they lower the Pen, they better up the range bracket to compensate.

>> No.18678885
File: 42 KB, 460x273, generationkill-reyes_1216397957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You dress like a goddamn pimp-queen

>> No.18678896
File: 36 KB, 536x402, takei-queen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why thank you captain. You don't look half bad yourself.

>> No.18678897

Stereotyped as hell. But dammit that is why it is fun.

Showtunes to raise morale of any characters with the Homosexual background trait.

"Brothers, ready your voices and drown their wretched warcrys! Let the Emperor hear you! This is for Commisar Fagboat you filthy xenos!"

>> No.18678907

Yeah, I can understand that. Bring it up to something like 75-80m or thereabouts.

>> No.18678908

Hm. One could do both, I think.
The Background Trait (Without the "For Love" schtick) being the first stage from where on you would have to choose upon failing a test to either embrace or fight your newfound sexual orientation.
Down the fighting path you could have religious fervour and doublethink.

>> No.18678915

...Did you guys just figure out how to recreate the Sacred Band of Thebes in Warhammer 40k Roleplay?

>> No.18678923

We're about to come to that.
Cannot figure out how to balance that properly.

>> No.18678936

yes, they are called space marines

>> No.18678941

Yay, it's tango-night in the Blue Calgar!

>> No.18678943
File: 39 KB, 334x500, I Loled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18678963


"Commisar, before you execute me, I just wanted to let you know I always loved you."
"Stupid Guardsman...... it's not like I like you or anything, it's just.. it's just.... "
"I'll be waiting on the other side for you. Now do your duty to the Emperor you beautiful son of a bitch."
"I wish I knew how to quit you..... *BLAM*"

>> No.18678980
File: 505 KB, 1157x884, Krieg march.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Squad-mode kinda like in Death-watch, but more refiend.
Vehicle rules. The ones from death watch actualy were decent. But i would defantly like to see more on Imperial tanks/APCs/Aircrafts.
Speaking of which, Driver had better be a class option.

Also Ranks, Awards 'n Medals. I don't think Codex IG even really covers the subject beyond just the basics. Maybe even Banners or effects based on Regiment.

>> No.18678984
File: 11 KB, 480x360, Blue_Oyster_Bar_Reversed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look, they all donned their "Black Carapace".

>> No.18678987

Yes. You can also requisition more advance parts and improve morale to whatever area you're in.
Oh and more likely that High Command will send someone to try and rescue you if you're stuck behind enemy line.

>> No.18679008
File: 47 KB, 382x472, collaborators019mw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's so gonna get a new haircut when they are gone.

>> No.18679062

It must be hard, being Commissar Fagboat.

Always having to blam his potential love interests.

>> No.18679093

Indeed. A tragic love story for our time.

>Messiah. lcornpurp
You said it captcha. You said it.

>> No.18679095

Light Power Armor should be punched through via Hellgun. They're that powerful. They're meant to be used against heavily armored personnel. Which is why Storm Troopers use it.

>> No.18679101
File: 5 KB, 160x132, Rule #36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides road blocks, Land mines, Ambushes, and a distince lack of bridges, rubble, and the occsional civilian who refused to leave their home?

If were talking nazis, cant leave out the volkssturm. Old people and childrent. who could ask for better soldiers?

Also they need to have atleast one tank battle, Tiger at the least. Tigger II or JagdTiger if you think they can handle it. Maybe even an E-100 or a Maus if your feeling bold

and lastly, National socialists were working on an Atomic, almost even completed it. If you dont mind fudging history a little, you could have the germans threaten to detenate it once the bulk of the russian army has entered the city as a final FU to the reds.

>> No.18679105


What if him and that Guardsman fellow who is always winking at the other Troopers ended up in the same unit?

>> No.18679109


(What really made the hellgun a bit scary in Ascension was that Storm Troopers automatically did Tearing damage with it--if they keep that for OW, I support a mild Pen decrease to like 5 or 6).

>> No.18679115

Random table of quirks should be more than enough really. It saves space for more important stuff.

>> No.18679124

Let's just say someone's getting a Tactical Insertion into their Drop Pod.

>> No.18679133
File: 45 KB, 750x600, 750px-Baldeale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18679135

I wouldn't mind that as a talent. It should be pretty high and costly to get.

I for one would love to play commissar. Leading my fellow players and npcs in Dirty Dozen style campaign.

>> No.18679143

And there better be a lot of shit in that book and not just half-assed reasons for another book.
There's gonna be a book just for regiments, no doubt.

>> No.18679144

Yeah, a high-tier Hellgun Mastery or some shit talent that requires one be a Storm Trooper to get.

>> No.18679148
File: 165 KB, 622x800, ciaphas_cain_by_otisframpton-d37gif5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is relevant to my intersts.

>> No.18679151

ya think they'd inclued rembrances into the game? wothless fighter sure, but they'll probably be the only guys in the group who's social skills surpase blatent threats/intimdation and barking orders.
Becuase when something happens theirs always a jackass their with a camra, or an idiot with an art degree and an opinion.

>> No.18679156
File: 131 KB, 600x423, forte60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't know Commissars could wield Bazookas

>> No.18679169

My group's regiment is going to play in the same sector as the pretty marines, and are frequently asked to augment their campaigns. That's right. Pretty Marines Fan Club, ahoy!

>> No.18679174

The men will always be able to find their enemy, simply follow the direction of the lady commissar's jutting tits.

>> No.18679178

Probably also specialties and vehicles they don't have room for in the corebook. We might also see Ogryns and Ratlings that way.

>> No.18679179


Hopefully you are a better commissar than the one in DoW 1, still remember my amusement whan i realized that it often was better to have a commissar in a squad outside of combat kill one of his men than to kill someone in a squad that was in combat.

"You see those cowards in squad alpha? How they waver and are on the verge of breaking? *BLAM* That is how i would serve those maggots, that would put some steel in their spine, Kellerman, call up the HQ an give them an exacting report about this shameful incident."

"Sir, you just shot Kellerman."

"I want action not excuses, Haldorf."

>> No.18679180
File: 45 KB, 200x272, Thomas Pynchon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm probably not going to buy this if it doesn't bring anything significantly 'new' to the table, but I remain optimistic

What I DO want is an easy way for me as a GM to make battles and missions, preferably in the time span of 5-10 minutes since most of my games are very low-prep. Oh, and I want rules that don't bog down the mass combat and give me the tools to draw the characters into interesting, cool and dangerous situations on the battlefield.

The PTSD stuff someone suggested earlier would be cool too

>> No.18679195
File: 162 KB, 711x930, forte39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her orders are born from the Imperial Fire within her heart.

They just take a detour through her bosom

>> No.18679204

Can you imagine my disappointment when I realized that man to be Kurt Vonnegut?
Shame on you.

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