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From what I understand, Imperial Guardsmen get the shaft in terms of who has it the worst in 40K. Are there any exceptions to this? Normal human beings, unaltered in anyway, who can even show up Space Marines and hold their own against daemons?

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Sororitas are technically human. Stormtroopers are pretty badass. Assassins of various types are quite good at killing things. Good enough?

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Lower hive citizens and lower hive mutants mutants probably have the worst lives in 40K. If you are speaking strictly military, then the majority of PDFs have it far worse than the IG.

Alternatively, a single ork who is alone on a planet with nothing else to fight might be the worst off as well.

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Requesting picture of the Guardsmen holding the line against the Nids

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The ork could fight with himself
>Zoggitz the Self-Slayer

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Guardsmen can be freaking badass when they put their mind to it.

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Not that one.

The one with the speech.

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This one?

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Hush, say no more mylord.

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Assassins, as in Assassinorum Assassins, are some of the MOST altered humans you can find.

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This one?

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>Guardsmen can be freaking badass

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>a single ork who is alone on a planet with nothing else to fight


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I found it.

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dude, let me tell you
I just got outta the hospital with a single tiny ass tube in my chest. for fucks sake. this whole world looks ALOT more grimdark now.

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And the most COOLEST

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Don't doubt their capabilities, traitor.

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Directing my words to proper path.

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I am planning to start up a Cadian army, but don't particularly like the color scheme on the basic armor.
Any ideas for how I could make them look cooler on the table?

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Dark blue/black/dark grey

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Ever looked at alternative head bits or body bits from a second hand supplier?

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>Ork dies in the fight against himself
>spores take hold on the planet
>More of da boyz rise up and get to live a live of krumpin' and lootin' and fightan
Just as planned.

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I love Guardsmen, Arbites, and all of those. They're so incredible. They could never beat my love for GK though, were my first and last 40k army.

But Jesus Christ I could never field and IG army. So much money for Guardsmen. Damnit. I'll just stick to modelling them.

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I love the Imperium. I have Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Sisters but I don't play as much as I used to.

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tens of quadrillions of guardsmen can overcome anything

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God damn it, why are the Taniths such ugly motherfukckers?

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Sure, right after the first tens of quadrillions in front of them charge and wear down the enemy.

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I've got Knights and Sisters. Penitent Engines, everywhere.
I miss the old GK 'dex, I can't field Stormtroopers anymore. And all my Stormtroopers were converted and given their own names cause they're so badass.
R.I.P. Domino Squad + Bravo Squad

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Fuck the greater good.

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No sir, might you have any links to places I could find such?

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May they find rest in the Emperor's embrace.

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Fuck the craftworlds.

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Them are fighting words, GUE'LA!

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You say that, but that crisis suit's gonna wreck some shit when it lands.
I've wiped whole squads with a couple suits in assault, that S5 just goes to town on guardsmen.

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Fuck the Orks and Gork 'n' Mork

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Any other color scheme. You could also try adding like the hostile environment gear.

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The pic with all the fur coats is actually COMMISSAR CAIN, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM and his Valhallans.

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Lets hear it for mass conscription of the working class.

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Sweety, come back to bed.

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I'm not saying that fire warriors don't eat shit in assault, I've had them wiped by fucking guardian squads. That I2 is just impossible to bounce back from.

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Oh my good sir do i...
>headbits and guard accessories.
>cheap alternate imperial guard models
>thread about alternative models

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Their Valhallans bro.

Really depends on the regiment. Shitkickers like Valhallans and Kriegers get the short straw where say Janizars or Ultramar Regiments get Land Speeders and fancy shit like that.

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Any good Guardsman stories akin to 300? Like a small detachment of Cadians defending against the onslaught of a Traitor Lord and his thousands of followers.

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All tales about guardsmen are good ones.

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Soldiers of the the Imperium. Do not fight for tyranny and oppression. Do not fight for hate and madness. Do not fight for those who mistreat you, treat you like cattle, and cast you off as cannon fodder.

Fight for freedom. Fight for justice and equality. Fight for peace, my friends, FIGHT FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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A small detachment of Guardsmen is 300


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>also there are these guys you get 80 in a pack so quantity..

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Looks like Cain, but that camo-cloak says Tanith.

And, Tanith are ugly because Victorian British people were ugly.

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Thankee kindly, those greatcoat troopers could make some rad grenadier vets, and I'm loling at the mycetic spore opportunist model.

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Almost every IG novel is about the current force being drastically outnumbered.

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Guardsmen used wisely will overcome anything.

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Yes! Do fight for the indoctrinated masses that are blinded by pheromones!

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No no no!

Do you have to follow me everywhere? Stay away from me you vile thing.

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Do you really want to read a book where the guard just roll in and mop up? Or do you want to read a book where they are fighting for survival?

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"Then I got the book just for you!"

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There isn't much that can beat a catachan in the jungle. They've outhunted lictors, for gods sake. And they can go toe to toe against orks in cc and consistently won. Hell, old catachans used to be faster than the average marine, even.

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They are true Marbos.

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I always wonder what the hell they're saying in pictures like that. What would prompt a guy to show a book to the enemy?

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Elysians are the Imperium's finest

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Suck a dick, xenos.

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>Elysian are the Imperium's finest at dying.

But seriously, I love Elysians. Thanks to ODST guys from Halo and Starship Troopers and my own dream of piloting a combat helicopter, the idea of the Ultra-mobile First Response type army appeals to me greatly.

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The Tau don't fight for the greater good, they fight for thier pheromone fix from the Aun.

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Caption this

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Indeed they do, wise one. Xenos doesn't know any better.

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Hellhound? More like Hellbitch.

If you catch my drift.

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Same as always. Why the fuck is he using a holy pistol when he has a storm bolter right in front of him?

Buddy got his warrant, he's up for flight school. Just be careful, top 10% get their pick of what to fly, but the 10-20 bracket are slotted for chinnoks. So if you want attack, do really well.

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I do hope no one minds my imagedump.

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Ew, Chinooks. I'd rather fly an Osprey. Or maybe a Huey or Kiowa if they still use those.
(I might be wrong, my knowledge of the Army's Aviation Corps is stuck in the 90's. Sometimes I still dream of Comanches)

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Lies spawned from the twisted mind of the Imperial.

Only Tau'va can restore what those monsters have can taken away from you. Your sanity, your freedom, and your very humanity.

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just one strength away from instant death, sorry tank commander, looks like 3 s5 hits on your back armor.

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Being enslaved by an inferior race would be an inherently unfree, insane, and inhuman activity. So no.

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There is always artwork on the Vindicare, What about the Eversor, Culexus and the Callidus? I mean. Come on. MORE ASSASSINS

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I know what you really want, Tau.

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more like, where the fuck is the magazine of the storm bolter?
BTW heavy stubber or storm?

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Don't deny it. Deep down you know it's true and you hate it.

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They do die a lot though.


Right back atcha, Gue'la

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They're the hardest to fly, so they grab the best. Little birds are the lowest, don't know where hueys sit. I dunno, I'm infantry, so I think chinnoks are pretty cool myself. And a lot of shit about them is top secret.

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That's the spirit. I'll keep you in mind for a promotion if you keep this up.

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There's plenty of Callidus art!

You just realize it too late.

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>restoring OUR humanity
You Tau are even more backwards than I thought

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Chinooks just have this "Air Truck" vibe that doesn't sit with me.
Unless they still have those guns on the side that the Air Crew can use.

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for everyone who says the space marines are more badass then the imperial guard just try and remember that stronger dose not equal badass. In fact its harder for the stronger guy to be badass because your just not as cool for winning when your already expected to win!

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The first 40 seconds how I inquisitor in Dark Heresy.

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There's plenty on them, brah.

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What can you expect? It's the words of a xeno.

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Except that first image is Gaunt, who is from Manzipor.
The second image is Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!

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Cain being from Unnamed Hive Planet #4643734745132764.

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They are all united in his service, and it's futile to fight amongst ourselves who is the better.

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Generally everything but little birds have guns. It can mount 3 240s.

Again, I think they're cool, but I also want to be eod having experienced ieds, so that makes me pretty much insane.

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Heavy Stubber, BS3 needs ROF to compensate shit aiming.

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What part of Imperial Guard don't you get you ceramite wearing sterile twat! Atleast guard can shoot and make a difference! Fucking balless cunts the lotta ya!

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This...is....bloody hilarious!

The Imperial propaganda machine strikes again!

>The Tau

Why I oughta! No, self control. I will not offend the Gue'vesa by pointing out the MANY faults of your race.


You are delusional, but worry not there is hope for you yet, my friend.

I will never give up until my words reach your blackened void of a heart.

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I'm just posting the Imperium in general. But know it's time for servoskulls.

I fucking love servoskulls.

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"Whatever happens, we have got The Emperor’s blessing. They have not. "

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"The Emperor points, and we obey, through the warp and far away."

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"For justice! For vengeance! For the Emperor!"

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"Every position must be held to the last man: there must be no retirement. With our backs to the wall, and believing in the justice of our cause, each one of us must fight on to the end."

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"Do not ask how you may give your life for the Emperor. Ask instead how you may give your death."

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"Those we left behind were weak. To give in to alien domination is one of the greatest acts of treachery against the Emperor."

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"I hate last stands, there's never time to practise them."

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I want to run an RT or BC game that climaxes in a big war between slightly different humans.
Regardless of whether the PC's start it or fight in it, I'd just pop that song in right as I'm about to describe the big speech.

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A whole thread with just me in it? Delightful.

>> No.18634969


In the image, is that a Tetra Scout? shit i love that model, cmon GW do the fucking update to the codex so i can use it in a tourney!

>> No.18634978


I fucking love that speech. I salute you sir, even if you don't go trough with it.

>> No.18634987

Funny, that book coincided with the introduction of the Tau into the game.

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I'm out of servoskulls.

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Seems like the best choice for anyone is to run away from the Imperium while avoiding everyone else.

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And by running away, you mean enlisting and fighting xenos, heretics and demons.


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Sure! You can come hang out with us!

>> No.18635050


Chaos heretic with marauder helmet.

>> No.18635064


I'm sure he would enjoy our company more.

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Thread captured.

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Where are these from?

>> No.18635091

No, son. It's called a Maltek Stalker.

Wait a second... Using every single Villain song from Disney movies you could... yes... maybe... you could make an entire campaign using the songs!

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>Wait a second... Using every single Villain song from Disney movies you could... yes... maybe... you could make an entire campaign using the songs!

What? Nah. Well. Maybe?

Dammit, now I must try it.

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For the Emperor, we win this day!

>> No.18635135

The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - Damocles Gulf Edition.

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>> No.18635159

I thought they already updated the codex on the FW site, does that not mean they can be used in all standard games?

>> pic is mfw if not.

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>> No.18635182

There's a bunch of these.

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Don't stop now. I need more anti-tau

>> No.18635258 [DELETED] 

PC's interrupt their Inquisitor having a
Told to find a cult harboring a high-level Cultist of Chaos

PC's down on their luck visit a Wise Man for a lead.
>Friends On the Other Side
Get shafted by the Wise Man. hijinks ensue.

Acolytes find the
>Court of Miracles
Get captured.

Saved by Cultist they were searching for.
She tells them the Governor's nephew is planning to secede from the Imperium and they're the only chance against it. They have a "weapon". They infiltrate the palace and they find the Governor
>Be Prepared

They return to the cult hideout. It's quiet. Looking deeper, they find a Daemonhost leading the cultists...
>In the Dark of the Night

Acolytes flip shit. Inquisitor sets hive on fire searching for Cultist as the Governor's nephew sets PDF in motion and Cultists come out of hiding


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>> No.18635272

Take all my money, sir.

>> No.18635309


You don't mind putting up links for all that?

>> No.18635331

Making a playlist. This has to be done.

>> No.18635350


Indeed brother. If you make the list, I will do this with my group.

>> No.18635361

Shit, if we add Gaston, Oogie, and some others we could make an entire campaign.

>> No.18635392


We could make a fat Imperial Commander with white hair, think 1700th century wigs that does the "savages" part, infuriating the masses that support the Emperor.

The other side is trying to accept the greater good, and a firewarrior provoking them to fight

>> No.18635398


By commander, I mean governor

>> No.18635445

Nah, for Be Prepared to sync in it needs to be a high-ranking relative. The Governor is old and useless. His daughter, on the other hand, is the target of the Sorcerer (not a Daemonhost).

Link to playlist. Not in order.

>> No.18635460

Had to make some screenshots.

>> No.18635485

I'd suggest at least downloading it, it's hilarious.

>> No.18635494

Anyone there?

>> No.18635499


What should I search for?

>> No.18635506

I'm trying to figure out a campaign using Disney Villain songs.

>> No.18635521

Sure thing.

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>> No.18635536

>> No.18635546


Don't ignore me

>> No.18635548

This bit helpfully notes that the kroot eat their victims and if one eats you your soul is forfeit.

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>please respond

>> No.18635567


I just want a ling to the content

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Last one.

>> No.18635606

I already told you.

>> No.18635634


Apologies, sir.

>> No.18635642

Make sure to get the Damocles Gulf Edition. The normal one doesn't have the Tau bit.

>> No.18635646

Woah, where did that list go?

>> No.18635658

Nevermind, here it is:


>> No.18635659


Took the one of /rs/ so I think it's the normal one

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