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Okay, so this guy in the Soulstorm intro is Lukas Alexander, right? Why is he in Kaurava? I thought he was in Kronus getting all the other guys off his back yard and organizing all the rabble after, because, you know, he's the planetary governor. So why's he in Kaurava all of a sudden?

Secondly, I thought Magpies winning DC was canon, meaning Alex should be dead. Is there something I'm not getting or is it just Soulstorm being retarded?

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All Imperial Governor Generals are grown in vats from the same High Lord's spooge.

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Alexander is dead, they just didn't want to create a brand new face for a guy who only appears for a few seconds. For another example, Relic reused the Inquisitor Toth model in the DC Blood Ravens ending.

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Obviously he's Alex's cloneson.

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Soulstorm was VERY rushed.

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The "canonical" ending is Magpies winning in DC, but the individual stronghold events aren't necessarily canon. It was a victory, but not a total victory like you'd get playing the campaign. Like, Kronus wasn't turned into a recruiting hub or anything. And Alexander wasn't killed until the Soulstorm intro, though that one is a little strange to me as well. I guess he got reassigned after his planet got confiscated.

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Why an epic, risk style grand strategy type WH40K game was never made is completely beyond me. I really liked the strategy, rts style of gaming in the first couple of WH40K games as opposed to the much more limited, tighter focus on squad combat used in WH40k 2 and on.

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To be fair, it wasn't technically rushed. Iron Lore just went under when the game was like 90% finished, and Relic just released it as is because it would have been a lot of work to actually finish it for real. That's the reason it took forever to get the patches for it, because Relic didn't actually write any of the code, Iron Lore did. So it took a lot longer to actually find the bugs than it would have otherwise.

If they'd actually finished the game instead of just releasing a buggy mess, it would have been awesome. It's my personal favorite of the DoW games, but I spent months fixing all the leftover bugs manually with mod tools, using the "Bugfix patch" as a base.

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Fairly sure that there's a piece of wargear of Alexander's that Thule nabbed from his corpse. Of course they use it to honour such a great general, even if fate forced them to fight.

Either way, put it down to Soulstorm being rushed or it being Lukas' twin brother Georg or something.

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>To be fair, it wasn't technically rushed. Iron Lore just went under when the game was like 90% finished, and Relic just released it as is because it would have been a lot of work to actually finish it for real. That's the reason it took forever to get the patches for it, because Relic didn't actually write any of the code, Iron Lore did. So it took a lot longer to actually find the bugs than it would have otherwise.

They used Relics engine and half of the coding from DC. Relic just didn't care about the game and kept slashing the budget.


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Alexander's death is confirmed in Chaos Rising.

>These claws were recovered from the body of Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander, the Imperial Guard commander who opposed the Blood Ravens on Kronus. They were to serve as a testament to the honor and courage of the First Kronus Regiment or an indictment of blindly following orders, but instead found themselves back in service.

Also Retribution:

>Hand of the Governor-Militant
>This power fist was born by General Lukas Alexander, Governor-Militant of Kronus, during the Dark Crusade. Recovered from his body following the Battle of Victory Bay, the general's memory has been redeemed by the treachery of the Blood Ravens.

>Alexander's Livery
>An ornamented breastplate of the same make worn by General Lukas Alexander during the defense of Victory Bay on Kronus.

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Go yell at everyone who complained, "but there can't be that many space marines in a battle at one time!"

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I used to mod DoW1, SS is 99,99% identical to DC. It took them so long to patch a gamebreaking bugs because they don't give a fuck about DoW MP or competitive (ha ha ha) scene.

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Sturnn > Stubbs.

Final Liberation

it's pretty fun, if a bit dated now

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Sturnn is Stubbs later in his life.

I wish I wasn't making that up.

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Final Liberation was good for large scale battles and Chaos Gate (barring camera issues) was fun for the more squad orientated stuff.

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>I wish I wasn't making that up.
you are

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>Not sure if troll or just stupid.

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Back when Soulstorm was first released, someone claiming to be a playtester posted here - at least I think he said he was a playtester, can't remember exactly since at the time I didn't think to screencap the thread. Anyway, it was someone supposedly involved with the expansion's development, and he had this to say:

>I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's primarily THQ's fault that Soulstorm is not as good as it could have been. Less than a year to develop (without source code), only ten weeks of QA testing (several of which were completely wasted due to not getting builds in on time), and promises from Relic of a zero day patch, which completely fell through and then got pushed back to April.

>Basically THQ doesn't give a shit anymore and was treating the game like shovelware. Iron Lore was completely capable of making a good, high-polish game, if they were given enough time. They weren't. Their financial troubles and shitty DSL connection aside, they worked damn hard on trying to get the game to work. Many hours of testing that could have been spent on finding the numerous minor bugs that had to be shipped were instead spent on waiting for new builds or trying to get online play to work properly. This shit is pretty standard stuff that is little more than well-organized trial-and-error, and a delay of a few months would have done wonders for the game, but that simply wasn't possible. The contract with Iron Lore ran out in the start of January, which basically meant they were already working long hours without pay to power through the gold mastering process, and renewing the contract was not an option.

>TLDR: Blame the publisher.

Don't know if that's true or not, though from what I've seen, the guys at Iron Lore did genuinely care about their work (at least enough to bother showing up and posting on fansites before and even after release). Make of it what you will.

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OK, I believe THQ is to blame for how development was handled, but still they released the game with a bug that made MP unplayable, and it took Relic 6 months to patch it. In the end it doesn't matter, sadly.

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I'd believe it. I've heard rumours of THQ forcing DoW2 out the door as well because they were in financial troubles. Then there's that whole "40 weeks of DLC!" shit that was stuck onto SR3 and the multiple directions that tore SPESS MAHREEN apart.

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You mean the Holy Icon resource bug? That only really mattered if someone was playing SoB, and also happened to be an assho-

>online vidya gaming

Oh, right.

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Dow 2 : Space Marine Drama!

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Oh, that was THE gamebreaking bug but there were other. For example observers (not sure if it worked for defeated players who observed) could use soul abilities of Dark Eldar players'.

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To be honest, I think that applies more for this guy than anyone else.


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Where is the greatest Spehs Mehreen of them all?

Where is captain Diomedes?

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He is busy getting hit.


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You mean the complete retard who didn't notice FUCKING EVERYONE AROUND HIM turning to Chaos? Like, seriously? Because his sense of duty apparently smothered all of his brain cells, and he had a dutyboner for the Chapter Master?

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but he needs FACTS!

Seriously though, they should've had Diomedes either on Gabriel's side from the very beginning of Retribution or at least telling both Kyras and Gabriel to fuck off while he goes smite some heretics.

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...Yew dayah?!


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Where did this handsome fella go during Ret?

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Don't forget the Dais of Destruction "accidentally" stacking it's frontal-cone attack on top of itself five times over, instagibbing ANYTHING in front of it.

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Many believe the penitent crusade ending is canon but it's never spelled out. The only information giving out is that found on his hammer, which declares he was declared renegade. However, Gabriel was also declared Renegade by Kyras so take it as you will. He could've been dead, or helping the Imperium elsewhere, or even helping Gabriel on another part of the planet/system.

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the nameless commander turned into traitor after defeating that demon of nurgle

>makes sense

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People generally assume he was sent on a penitent crusade into the Eye of Terror as per that one Chaos Rising ending, but that doesn't really mesh with the fact that the rest of his crew - save Avitus for obvious reasons, and Thaddeus, whose absence is never explained or even mentioned - are still around and not in the Eye getting their asses stuffed with Abaddon's cock. In that particular scenario, everyone aboard the Retribution is sent off to atone. Though this is assuming that Relic actually cares about following their own endings specifically.

Anyway, he at least gets one mention in the campaign:

>Hammer of the Nameless
>This mighty weapon was lost to the Blood Ravens ten years ago, when its wielder -- the youngest Force Commander in the Chapter's history -- was branded a renegade by Chapter Master Kyras. Many Blood Ravens believe that this hammer banished the plague daemon Ulkair back into the Warp.

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Just a reminder.

Thule is dead...fufuhahaahaHAHAHAH!

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He wasn't nameless. His name was Commander. His full name was actually Commander Commander Commander, due to his father being a total douche when he was born.

So in-game, his full title would be Commander Commander Commander Commander. This explains a lot of Martellus's behavior, by the way.

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>Thule is dead...fufuhahaahaHAHAHAH!

You're darned right he's dead!

Dead tired of killing you! DOHOHOHOHOHOHO

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>loosing eye on kronus
>becoming handicapped on calderis and locked into walking grave
>dies on typhon by eliphas hand

why the hate towards thule, gw?

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Because they were trying to make Eliphas "cool" again while still completely missing the point of what made him so interesting in the first place.

However, seeing as how the chaos campaign is generally regarded as one of the worst, the chances of it being canon are slim.

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>mfw we will never learn the of secrets of Kronus and Cyrene

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Relic did give Thule possibly the best comeback in the history of the series though.

>Thule: I have grown practiced... at killing you... Eliphas.
>Eliphas: Death is but the beginning, Thule, as you will mark when your soul belongs to Chaos! For decades, I was flayed and burned! Every accursed second I thought of you and your meddling!
>Thule: Pity... I forgot you... long ago.

Pity it wasn't actually included.

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But eliphas had nothing to do with the tyranids wrecking thule's shit.

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Thule was probably wrecked by the Tyranids because
a) they probably thought it was cool to have an Obi-Wan-esque character in the campaign without killing Gabriel
b)Dreadnoughts seem to be well liked by the fans and having a well known character become one would make for an excellent subplot
c)Thule wasn't that popular after DC. Dreadnoughting him gave him a second chance and it worked. Thule went from Davian Tool to Davian Cool.

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Sickest of burns

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>Davian Thule: Emperor protect.....let....none.....find us.....wanting...

>Eliphas: Hmhaha...Davian, he can not hear you.

In the end Eliphas has come on top and this rivalry has ended at last.

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>>fucked dawn of war, space marine and saints row
>>TQH bankruptcy imminent

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>Lord Abaddon: No he can not, but I hear you both.

What do you guys think of Abaddon's portrayal in the DoW2?

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I thought it was lame. Several orders of lame. It was like comic-book villain, except without all of the cool stuff that goes along with that, only the lameness and the boasting.

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I didn't really feel his menace. He always seemed a bit 'armless to me.

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Pretty accurately.

I cannot see his arms in the video vox dialogue.

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