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Hey fa/tg/uys, /m/an here. The top 8 most voted teams will play in the mini easter cup later today. Since I'd like you guys to participate, why don't you vote for /tg/? Right now you don't have any votes, so start votin'!


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That pic is not an accurate representation of /tg/.

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its our team fool

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Proceed to start shooting at the other team players.

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We have a dreadnought
We win even if we lose the game
Because the lives of our foes are already forfeited.

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also it appears that someone from /tg/ was one of the founding members for /m/'s team

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our coach

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good boy here have a neckbeard gaben

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we need more votes!

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who's that on the right of doomrider?

who's the terrorist guy?

why is OTC on there that's a /toy/ thing

is the mexican guy the luchadero that killed the dragon?

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what am I supposed to do with that? Roll it?

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Noh. It's a girl.
You don't know Craaaaaaaazy Hassan? For shame.
Don't know why he's there. Lego is a /tg/ thing too I guess.

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Crazy Hassan

Some anons have talked about removing him, but he had a nice display last winter, and also Lego Quest


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I say replace him with the MC from SWQ

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I've always wondered why we don't have an ork on the team, but I guess having our secondary theme be the ork song is good enough for now.

who's that on the right of doomrider?
Our right? Noh.
>who's the terrorist guy?
Crazy Hassan.
>why is OTC on there that's a /toy/ thing
Because we cannot say no to OTC.
>is the mexican guy the luchadero that killed the dragon?

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we need an ork on the team yes

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after being kidnaped by minna yes he needs a break from the base

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Now that we have a thread I might as well ask...

We should start to make the custom faces for the team (Gearmanbro said that the team should have like half the total players have one at max). If no one from here can make them we could ask the /m/ guy...

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yes please make some faces

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Half of the characters on "our team" aren't talked about at all on /tg/.

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The only ones i'm missing are lego man and guy on the end next to lego man

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I wouldn't say half but yeah a lot of them aren't talked about anymore like Noh, Deeprot, OMHenderson, Nigra and TOC. And some rarely show up like I CAST FIST and Hassan.

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We need Old Man Henderson and Sanguinatus as players

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Oh, that's Noh? Well that makes more sense then. I CAST FIST was never big-time enough to warrant a slot though, and neither is Nigra unless we need a token black guy. Luchador could be swapped out for someone much more /tg/ related and known as well.

That's one of the mechs from Battlemech. An Atlas I think? Battlemech gets enough love here from its fans that I can see why they got a slot on the team.

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>using a generic Commander Cold instead of Azimuth of the Ice Men...

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Old Man Henderson is s sub and if for Sanguinatus you mean the guy from the Catan story, we also have Catan as a sub.

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I agree with I CAST FIST. It was just one image not a /tg/ created content. Nigra too. It was great seeing some old stuff but they should be replace.

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how come whenever we vote for /tg/, /g/ get a vote as well?

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>It was great seeing some old stuff but they should be replace

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>how come whenever we vote for /tg/, /g/ get a vote as well?

See? there is the problem.

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Time change. Thing of the past should now be only in memory while we look toward the future.
Now that you mention it. /g/ have the same votes as one for a while.

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Wait.. so we're funding /g/s entry into the tournament? The hell?

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this pisses me off!

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Another /tg/ vote has gone to /g/.. for fucks sake, this is costing teams like /co/, /n/ and /mu/ who could all potentially enter

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And again.. there's rigged in here

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This must be the work of a tactical genius..../gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg/!!!

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Welp, the poll is at 117%
I think there may be a problem here.

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doesn't really matter as long as we are in.
But maybe it's just the Hungarian mentality that speaks from me
"I don't mind if my cow dies as long as the neighbor's cow die as well"

Also I'm pretty sure /g/ would get enough votes to be in the top8 an the amount of votes doesn't really matter if you are there

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What did I do.
Anyway what the fuck /g/. There's not even a thread on the cup on /g/.

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/g/ had 0 votes when /tg/ had 0 votes. Then /tg/ made a thread, and suddenly /g/ votes picked up.. so there's something amiss

I support /x/. They wont win the poll, but the fact that it means /n/ or /co/, who were in 7th and 8th for most of the tournament (and are now 9th and 10th) wont get to play.

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Quoted from Dragonfag in the barrel_roll chat

"Dragonfag: >poll total is 121%, rounded down from 123
Dragonfag: >123% = 100% + 23%
Dragonfag: >/g/ have 23% of vote
Dragonfag: hmm...
Dragonfag: The rounded down of course is because the website doesn't recognize the 0.5% that the teams with 1 vote have. 4 of the 1 vote teams x 0.5 = 2% extra.. in case you're wondering
Dragonfag: TL;DR, has to be rigged, no other explanation"

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I got a new question. Why /tg/? Why not board like /sp/? It's not like we're THAT popular.

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As I said before, I believe it's because /tg/ contains /g/

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Oh. That's it. Problem solve. The poll just confuse /tg/ as a vote for /g/ aswell.

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Yeah, look at the total votes. It's 224 votes according to the site, but there's 276 votes shown.. 52 difference, same as /g/ votes

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what about >>>/t/ ?

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Right, this seems fine and all but at what time would this occur?

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/t/ don't have a team and aren't on the poll

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/m/an here again. Dammit I didn't know you guys had such a big fanbase. Maybe it was a mistake? I hope /m/ still gets to participate.

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>Polls closed. sp, tg, m,a,pol,cgl,3,n will play in the easter charity cup

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Have we even updated our team lineup, or skill cards and that sort of thing? I lost track of things when my computer went to shit.

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/tg/ should also register some friendlies for the next weeks.

>> No.18624195

were a sleeper army we can get going with in moments

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join so we can watch past games

>> No.18624210

Tourney soon FATGUYS!

>oh really, when?

About 90 minutes or so

>> No.18624222

That's only a small extra cup. The real Summer Cup starts in three months.

>> No.18624226

>About 90 minutes or so
Dammit and I'm going to sleep.

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guy's we need to overhaul the team most of the other cup teams have gone though testing and other shit

>> No.18624288

Well, there was a major overhaul after the cup and the current formation takes most advantages of player skills; this cup is a perfect opportunity to see if we're fucked and if so how hard.

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>yeah we need to do that at some point

>> No.18624325

>pic is us after the cup

"oh god why is everything broken!"

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You need faces guys.

>> No.18624351

we need someone to do them!

>> No.18624363

Face/m/aker does them. Ask in the /vg/ threads if necessary.

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As I said earlier in the thread, we could ask that /m/ guy (face /m/aker I believe) to make them. We should first decide wich players get a custom face though...

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First I heard of this. Pretty cool

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doomy, atlas, tankred ORANGE CHAINSAW

>> No.18624499

Doom DEFINITELY needs a new face. he looks like bozo the clown as it is

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If we're changing the roster at all, I suggest:

1. making Ball Of Arms Man the new goalie

2. adding a representative from one of Storytiem's campaigns like Tyrone the Monk or Alphonse.

>> No.18624533

Or Planefag/MC from SWQ

>> No.18624542

DOOMRIDER already has the hair, all he need is flaming eyes and a hug grin

Deep Rot should be just a skeleton face on a bald, white character.

Don't know what to do about Tankred...

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>mc in the /tg/ team line up


>> No.18624567

how about hellcow also

>> No.18624575

He's a maxinigger.
AKA a really HUEG nigger

>> No.18624576

don't want to over saturate it. only 1 character, not originally from strike witches (as that is /a/ territory)

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Tankred - bald, black face, ?possibly dreadnought outlines on face?

>> No.18624634

I like that idea

>> No.18624679

come join the the fun chat in http://www.livestream.com/barrel_roll

>> No.18624711

I'd say make him black with an image of the Dreadnought vision slit over the eyes.

>> No.18624755

how about a combo of both

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/tg/ goal theme

>> No.18625028

The goal theme is okay, but I'm not sure if Litany of Fury is a good anthem.

I had a couple of ideas for possible /tg/ anthems:



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>> No.18625058

how about this?

>> No.18625093

come cheer for /tg/

>> No.18625095

Okay, we HAVE to use that for something.

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>I need a hero


Well, it's not really soccer, but fuck it would make a really nic anthem.


>> No.18625133

Were this a democracy, my vote would go to this as our theme.

>> No.18625205

We should set up a poll or something.

>> No.18625259

or just argue over it. We are better at arguing

>> No.18625269


No we aren't

>> No.18625419

First game is /m/ vs /cgl/

>> No.18625430

Everyone loves /tg/'s team, we have a great squad already.

Course, things do change and the team is a bit dated but they're are roots, and they're awesome.

Anthem could do with a change, I support "be aggressive".

Players I could see getting rid of: T.O Chainsaw, noh, catan, Black lotus, Pun-Pun, Deeprot, Special Snowflake.

Players I could see keeping: Creed, Doomrider, Tankred, Muscle wizard, NigraMarines, Crazy Hassan, Sir Bearington, Old Man Henderson, Atlas.

Players I'm neutral on: Los Tiburon, Just As Planned, Faptau, Maids, Emprah, Gygax, That guy.

Players I could see adding: Castus Grendel, Love can Bloom, Thin your fucking paints, /tg/ sucks at Magic, NO FUN, Elf slave/Wat do?, Quest Thread, Random encounters, FATAL, Fetishes, Homebrew.


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oh lord this game

>> No.18625583

>/cgl/ in charge of not getting beaten like a redheaded stepchild

I prefer players named after characters rather than aspects of the board.

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>Anthem could do with a change, I support "be aggressive".
>Players I could see getting rid of: T.O Chainsaw, noh, catan, Black lotus, Pun-Pun, Deeprot, Special Snowflake.
I'm for keeping Noh and Deeprot, else yes.
>Players I could see keeping: Creed, Doomrider, Tankred, Muscle wizard, NigraMarines, Crazy Hassan, Sir Bearington, Old Man Henderson, Atlas.
Sir Bearington, Muscle Wizard, NigraMarines, Old Man Henderson could easily be gone. Atlas too, probably.
>Players I'm neutral on: Los Tiburon, Just As Planned, Faptau, Maids, Emprah, Gygax, That guy.
I say ditch Los Tiburon (he was like, one short screenshot), and Maids. The rest are pretty strongly represented on /tg/.
>Players I could see adding: Castus Grendel, Love can Bloom, Thin your fucking paints, /tg/ sucks at Magic, NO FUN, Elf slave/Wat do?, Quest Thread, Random encounters, FATAL, Fetishes, Homebrew.
NO FUN, Quest Thread, THIN YOUR PAINTS, Elf Slave, LCB would all be good. But Castus Grendel? Seriously?

>> No.18625646


Castus Grendel I could see as a worthy addition, as well as LIVII. The rest of that add-list are just rage-causing memes that devide the community, not potential players to unite it.

Getting rid of noh would be a very bad move imov, they're a genuine /tg/ character, and one of the few non-warhams related to boot.

But I could easily see dropping Pun-Pun (a wizards community character with no direct relationship to /tg/), Black lotus (A card, and not even a character card or a meme at that) and Special Snowflake (neither a character nor a meme nor particularly /tg/ related.

>> No.18625647

This match doesn't seem like it was meant to be.

>> No.18625680

We should replace Black Lotus with Urza.

>> No.18625695

Grendel was a bunch of BS-ed stories that abandoned all pretense of fact as they went along, with the constant "OH I ROLLED A ONE AT A CRITICAL MOMENT, AGAIN, OH LOOK FURY'D 10 TIMES AGAIN". Nobody talks about Grendel anymore, though you'll still see references to LCB, Creed, and numerous others that became more than a meme, but an embedded part of the board's language.

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>> No.18626017

wow.... our team NEEDS A OVERHAUL!

>> No.18626021

That was an intense match.

>> No.18626034

Not really, but the end though.

>> No.18626039

That was fucking close, but we won.

Now we should talk about formation, faces and anthem...

>> No.18626050

and we need a commissar too

>> No.18626062

We need someone who actually knows shit about soccer formations and stuff to organize our team.

>> No.18626077

For our theme:


>> No.18626155

Are we playing now? Can anyone drop a link? If not can anyone tell when we will be playing>

>> No.18626161

The game is over, but /a/ and /n/ is playing at the moment.

>> No.18626163

you JUST missed our game

Which was a 0-0 snoozefest until penalty kicks, when TANKRED ENDURED

>> No.18626166


>> No.18626188

But /m/ vs /tg/ will come up in the semis.

>> No.18626218

Alphonse would murder the enemy team instead of playing the game.

On second thought, he should be a starter.

>> No.18626227




>> No.18626257

Honestly, we're probably not ready to go up against /m/. Did you see what they did to /cgl/?

>> No.18626272

We need to roll better iniative this time.

>> No.18626302

So, we change the Litany of Fury for _____ (poll?)

Also is face/m/aker in any of the cup threads? Germanbro said that only the starters got custom faces.

>> No.18626303

/cgl/ self destructed after the goalie did a Rider Kick.

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