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i bet i wont get perma-banned fo posting pointless crap in this board, mods dont even care about this board.

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spiderman thread anyone?

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looks like that tree
is under the sea

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You have in fact, contributed to the wellbeing of this board by posting a surprisingly beautiful picture. Thus, you do not deserve a ban.

Sage for lack of further content.

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it's clearly in a fish tank.

On another note, I want that fish tank. It looks so much better than the one I have right now..

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Thanks for the new wallpaper friend.

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This would be a great setting for some adventurers who get shrunken down to micro scale. Wandering through the foliage, threatened by wandering amoebas and brine shrimp, ever looking for the next microscopic air bubble to take a breath.

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Shit yeah! Ghost shrimp up in that bitch!

I love those little shits. They move around like underwater alien horses.

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FYI, guys, it's a stick with an underwater bush planted on top. Always comes up in /an/ tank threads

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That, or the world's undergone a sudden increase in water levels. Plantlife adapted quickly, but humans... well, they still survive, but scattered.
Reminds me of Blue Sub no. 6 and Waterworld.

Adventurers will be salvagers, looking for what's left of human culture that haven't gone waterlogged in undersea ruins. They say Tokyo and New York ruins have the highest concentration of salvagers...

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in that case we have to genetically engineer/necromance a new line of underwater trees. i vote mahogany, those things are three hundred feet tall and breath fire, even underwater

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>>Genetically engineers trees
>>Makes them breath fire
Real men make their trees' branches razor-sharp, let them whip their branches around fast enough to break the sound barrier, and make the trees mobile. Then imbue them with a hatred of all life. Why? Pic related.

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so you're just going to use the evil treants from ravenloft?

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Might be cool.

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Except deadlier, more homicidal, and they breed explosively. Because fuck laws, like laws of nature, society, common sense, and all that. Fucking LAWS said I couldn't arrive at an audience with the king buck-naked, three hours late, dead drunk, and with four demon sluts on each arm. Fucking LAWS said I couldn't then proceed to be-frog the king, crown myself emperor of mankind, and bone the queen right there in the throne room. BUT I DID IT ANYWAY, GOD DAMMIT, AND I'D LIKE TO SEE WHO'S GOING TO STOP ME!

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That is a gorgeous aquarium.

On a huge scale it would be an awesome set piece for an aquatic campaign.

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ponyo thread?

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Shameful display. Plants and fish that could never meet in nature living in disgustingly artificial enviroment. I feel deeply insulted by the stupidity of that tank.

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i think you meant
>shamefur dispray!

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I want to make a post-apocalyptic campaign setting where most of the NPCs make a living demolishing buildings in drowned cities like this, to get to the steel used in their construction. The PCs could adventure around this world in a catamaran built with scrap iron from a skyscraper, that still has a few vague reminders in its structure of its stationary past.

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I feel deeply insulted by your stupidity. Many plants can handle being completely covered in water for three days, and in some parts of the world there are plants which will last a very long time under water. It is not impossible for fish to meet a plant, that is not such a plant, but still.

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More pictures of overgrown post-apocalyptic settings would be great too. In the campaign I'm putting together, SUPER GLOBAL WARMING caused massive coastal flooding, a collapse of general infrastructure, a scarcity world war, and a new dark age, so both flooded cities and overgrown places fit really well. An no, I'm not trying to be realistic with the setting, per se, just dramatic and novel.

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I improved it.

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>mods dont even care about this board.
>implying this isn't one of the most strictly moderated boards.

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I think the most strictly moderated board is /h/.

I often see threads created, locked, removed, banned, warned within minutes.

All day everyday.

those chaps take their hentai seriously.

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pic related

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