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The Ctan have been spotted.


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I'm sorry, your C'tan are now shards and controlled by the Newcrons.

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is George Lucas working with GW or something?

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just improving the story

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>Lucas in charge of Tau
>Now they are gungans

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The gungans won againts an army, so that's and improvement

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>Weeesah wh40k now

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>now they all have lightsabers, and a gun that blows up planets

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Lucas would bring back the Squats.

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I know the C'tan aren't exactly popular around here, but I'd like to see some fluff on the new ones Ward namedropped in his tactics article, in WD or online. Though GW would probably only do something like that to accompany a mini release and the Shard is just one unit which already has two different models to represent it. Plus there's the Triarch Stalker, Tomb Blades, Wraiths, Spyders and the Necron flyers to do, as well as the rest of their special characters.

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Holy shit.

In light of the xenophilia thread earlier, I for one welcome our glorious alien neighbors.

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Now we just need to bring this strange entity down to Earth so we can talk to it.

What could go wrong?

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it's the necron unit that probably needs a new miniature the least. Even recent necron releases deserve to be re-done sooner than the Shard needs a mini.

so, naturally, GW is going to release a Shard miniature, and then wait for the next update of the codex, in eight years, to release important miniatures.

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Well Kroot are grimdark land gungans already.

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what the fuck is it guys?

I'm sure there's a logical explanation out there.

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A hoax. It always end up as a hoax.

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yes, it's Lucifer. Lucifer is the Lightbringer, the Sun emits a lot of light, and this thing is absorbing what the Sun emits, and then goes somewhere else. Ergo, it's Lucifer.


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No guesses, but we know it's an anomalous object that's draining energy from the sun.

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It's pretty obvious what it is.

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The new fluff says that the C'tan tremendously expanded their power after consuming the living energy of the Necrontyr.

So I take it that living bodies have more energy in them than the stars?

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It's weather.

No, really, this is basically a cool spot above a lot of heat and heat rising around it, so the cooler emissions are forming a tornado before enough of the cooler area is gone to be overwhelmed by the rest creating a solar prominence.

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Remina is here! Abandon all hope!

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only if you take energy in the scientific sense. If you interpret it as you should, then it's not electricity, but EXTRASPATIAL ECTOPLASMATIC BODILY FLUIDS and you can just say that sentient people happen to have more of it than stars because they're the result of a very refined process of generation.

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living energy is more 'rich' then star energy.

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I'm not sure that would be possible. Considering the size of the "shield" bubble relative to the curvature of the sun, the vessel is probably comparable in size to a small planet.

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Think of it like this: the souls of the living are like delicious steak, while star energy is like vegetables.

Both will feed you, but only one is fucking delicious.

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Try large planet, and you're closer.

If that was a vessel, they would have to be fucking heavy-worlders to survive the gravity and pressures generated by their own ship.

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Great, I wonder when will that thing figure this out and head to us to harvest.

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Guys I asked /sci/ and they say it's just an area where plasma was pushed out by the sun's magnetic fields.

Kind of like a tornado except instead of wind it's magnetism.

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man, that comic gave me the wierdest of boners, right at that one part too.

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>Incomprehensible forces were compressed into the living metal of the false bodies which the Necrontyr had forged as the full power of the C’tan found form. As the C’tan became ever more manifest with the focusing of their consciousness, they began to appreciate the subtleties and pleasures of both matter and life. The close weaves of dancing particles enthralled them and the deliciously focused trickles of electromagnetism leaked by the mortal bodies of the Necrontyr about them awoke a hunger in the C’tan quite unlike the one they had sated among the raging torrents of stars.

More focused perhaps? I don't know.

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If something that big got that close to the sun you'd see a visible distortion of the sun's shape due to the gravity of the object. We're able to search for planets by measuring the gravitational "wobble" they cause in their home stars; and this is something that takes place one orders of astronomical units. We'd notice the effect of a jupiter-sized object fucking with the sun almost immediately.

In all likelihood this is a magnetic anomaly on a tremendous scale or a gigantic hoax.

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Then how come it's so round and big? I swear soemtime skeptics come to more retarded conclusions than fucking /x/.

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Maybe it's the type of energy? I mean, there's licking minerals and microbes from cave walls and there's a fine stake.

In the old codex the C'Tan went a little mad when packed to the physical bodies, and found bioenergy to be much more refreshing than plain star energy.

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But we all are made of atoms, we all are cosmos, we are the same...

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more or less. Solar storms happen because the sun's magnetic field gets twisted and warped to the point where it folds in on itself and "snaps".

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I was assuming the ship was the smaller object located in the center of the dark bubble (circled in pic related), and that the shield extended a significant distance from the hull.

Also, to even construct a ship of that size you'd need gravity controlling technology to keep its superstructure from collapsing in on itself.

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Don't try to change the subject you xeno scum.

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thats still an earth sized ship

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C'tan or their powerup from eating necrontyr isn't something that should be explained in realistic sciencey terms, that's a fools errand as 40k is not that kind of setting.

Explanations have to be in-universe style, like "Souls process the PURE ENERGY of the warp to a form agreeable to C'tan digestion".

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While your opinion is valid.. The object you have highlighted is a mouse cursor...

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C'Tan don't eat souls, they consume the bioenergy of living things.

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why an advanced alien race would use a mouse cursor the size of the earth as a ship?

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jesus christ, you're right

what is a kilometers-long mouse cursor doing above the surface of the sun?

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It's not like it matters if you have a soul in the 40k unvierse anyway. There's no heaven, only the Chaos Gods and the Warp.

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rolled 17 = 17

Is pointing out the truth

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Doesn't look like a mouse cursor to me. The photo's grainy enough that it might just be "noise" in the pic, though.

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Then, say that the anima (it's the 40k term for the bond between the body and the soul) processes the energy of the soul into a very specific kind of energy that can be absorbed by C'tans, or measured and collected.

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yes, it does matter, but from the C'tans' standpoint.

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>the anima (it's the 40k term for the bond between the body and the soul

No you retard, "animus" is latin for sul/mind/consciousness

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and anima is also the 40k term for the bond between the soul and the body

is there a contradiction?

It's actually a very old piece of fluff, but the dark eldar codex mentioned it when explaining their resurrection techniques.

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In spanish anima is also soul.

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You know what sorta looks like a mouse cursor when viewed from above...

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And of course, it cannot be both, simultaneously.

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>they said is was a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
>they're coming

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Probably the weirdest thing is that the C'tan got their massive powerup from a race that had been "pushed back until they were little more than an irritation, a quiescent peril clinging to isolated and forgotten worlds". And while I don't want to start yet more Ward-hate, the star-gods' powers being boosted to insane levels as a result of consuming the Necrontyr does seem to be something he introduced. Old codex mentioned that the C'tan feasted upon them, but not that they gained anything significant from it.

>The C’tan feasted upon their entire race, leaving behind only ghostly echoes of the Necrontyr. Only a few of the very strongest retained their intellect and even they were shadows of their former selves.
>The Old Ones’ mastery of the warp was now countered by the C’tan’s utter supremacy in the material universe, and the enemies of the Necrons suffered greatly in the slaughter which followed.
- Codex: Oldcrons

>As the cyclopean machines clamoured, the C’tan swarmed about the biotransference sites, drinking in the torrent of cast-off life energy and growing ever stronger.
>Glutted on the life force of the Necrontyr, the empowered C’tan were nigh unstoppable and unleashed forces beyond comprehension.
- Codex: Newcrons

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the big thing is Zonama Sekot, then

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>implying that isn't the Mayan serpent god collecting some plasma so he can wreck your shit on December 21st

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>You know what else sorta looks like a mouse cursor when viewed from above...


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No, when they harvest you, your soul is left unmolested and goes to the warp.

Somewhere it was said that when the C'Tan began tho convert the Necrontyr, the warp was ablaze with their souls, or something to that effect.

It matters to people who retain their sentience as a spirit, and get raped by daemons. And it wasn't always like that, before Chaos the warp was like a revolving door for souls and resurrection was a thing.

Today you still got infinity circuits, the laughing god and so forth.

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I think you're referring to this quote, from a daemon commanded by Abaddon to reveal what's on Mars.

>“In the shade of Terra, beneath the mountains of mist, there is a new type of death. A sacrifice of men, but the precious souls are not consumed, they are cast adrift. Many are the daemons that wait like carrion to feast on the leavings from this rich table.”

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Could be, though I remember the Necrontyr slaughter luring Enslavers instead of daemons (which did not exist back then).

But in any case, that too proves that souls are cast aside.

To be fair, in the old codex they were like animals, not bothering with living things, and the Necrontyr had to lure one into a necrodermis. The Void-Dragon could assume a form that could blot out the sun.

So they were always god tier strong, just didn't need to assert their power on mortals because to them they were just dist blowing in the solar wings and sticking to planets.

In the new one they were sentients, old foes of the Old Ones, and you know what sort of shitstorm people would have cooked up if they were left scattered across the universe in the god tier power level still on, feeding off on the stars for even more energy. There would have really been nothing to stop the C'Tan from flying off and fucking shit up.

So make them weak from their engagement with the Old Ones and left to lick the cold energies of the stars for sustenance, until they're once again introduced to the delicious cake of man-flesh.

I think feeding on bioenergy is quite fitting for an energy vampire thing. Isn't there some indication that they might have once been mortals like us? This is what some of the Necrons are after as well. Maybe they became energy, living energy, and found that only more living energy could sustain them properly.

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>dist blowing in the solar wings

That's: dust blowing in the solar winds.

Fuck me I'm retarded today.

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Old Ones/Eldar
>Asuryan summons the power of a hundred burning suns and unleashes them upon Kaelis Ra (Failed to destroy him)
>Khaine duels and defeats Aza'gorod shattering his living metal form (Fails to destroy him)
>Cegorach force feeds Tsara'noga its own brethren again and again (The living essences of the Yngir live on in the mad Star God)
>The Black Stone Fortresses wail on Mag'ladroth (Failed to destroy him)

>They gather the energy of the of the living cosmos and feed it to their mighty weaponry. They unleash this ultimate power on the C'tan utterly overwhelming them ( No C'tan could withstand this vicious assault. The C'tan were shattered and one of them is confirmed dead)

I guess this means that Science is superior to magic and sorcery, huh?

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yes, but other bits of fluff mean the contrary and are equally valid.

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The C'tan's war with the Old Ones might never have even happened. It's suggested that not even the Deceiver knew whether or not he was telling the truth. As for the C'tan's origins, the old codex describes their birth as follows:

>It is said that the birth of the star gods took place during the creation of the universe itself, formed of insensate energies unleashed in that churning mass of unimaginable force. In this anarchic interweaving, the sea of stars began to swirl and eddy into existence and for an age the universe was nothing more than hot gas and dust ruled over by the incomprehensible forces of billions of young suns. Long before planets had formed and cooled, the first self-aware entities emerged from the seas of plasma and mountainous flares of the suns themselves.

>In later eras these creatures would become known as the C’tan, but at this stage in their existence they bore little semblance to the terrifying entities they would later become. They suckled as monstrous parasites upon the uncaring parents that bore them, shortening the lives of suns by uncounted millennia. In time, these star vampires learned to fly on diaphanous wings of magnetic flux, leaving their birthplaces to drift to new feeding grounds and begin the cycle anew. They paid no heed to the hunks of solid matter which they passed in the void, the internal fires and pulsing electromagnetism of these new-born planets insufficient to even register on their monstrous hunger.

Goes on to raise the question of whether the C'tan were always colossal dicks, or if they were somehow tainted by gaining physical form. New book doesn't really have anything on how the star-gods came to be, though yeah, looks like Orikan wants to become one, as well as Szeras (who was equally as responsible for biotransference as the C'tan, yet only they were punished, but that's Szarekh for you).

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It's impossible for the Deceiver to know whether he tells the truth or not.

Consider this:

The C'tan, at their height, had the power to shape reality. With a word, the Deceiver's lies could become true, and his truths could become fiction. Imagine what it would be like if you were to say something like "The Sky is blue" and suddenly, the sky has always been red throughout recorded history, and everyone, yourself included, remembers this to be so.

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tried making a post about this but wanted to know if the remaining c'tan can fight in true full form and not in shard mode also is it possible that there are more c'tan out there than just the 4 we know about?

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Well, that goes into the whole "If all the orks believe the Emperor is alive, he'll wake up" sort of stuff.

It says they had a mastery over the physical realm, but I doubt the can permanently change skies with a snap of their fingers. They could, possibly, alter the composition of matter and energy so that a world had red skies (like if there was a blue house they wanted to be red, instead of altering the wavelength of blue and red, they'd just change the composition of the atoms in the paint, so that they reflect red instead of blue). Or do permanent manipulation of reality, but after they leave the situation would revert back to normal.

There's a fuckton of C'Tan now, and all of them, even the 4 previous one, are in shards.

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Didn't the Nightbringer carve the fear of death into all living things (expect the Orks)?

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If you give any creature ultimate power and the ability to use it you betcha its gonna become a enormous dick.

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It's not mentioned in the new book, but yes.

>Primordial fear of the Nightbringer had been imprinted upon the collective psyche of many more races than it could ever have fed upon, but it cared not. It had become the personification of death in every species’ racial memory, the terror of mortality its parting gift to the galaxy. To the Eldar it was known as Kaelis Ra, the Destroyer of Light, while to the emergent race of Man, it simply became the Reaper. Of all the young races, only the Krork escaped the Nightbringer’s boon, their race being spared the fear of death.

>> No.18612891

It's because the new book was trying focus on the Necrons rather than the glorious deeds of the C'tan.

If this story still holds true then it points that the C'tan have a degree of Omnipotence not at the same level of Chaos Gods but enough to cause this effect.

>> No.18613035

the Chaos Gods aren't omnipotent at all.

>> No.18613088

In warp they are Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

>> No.18613193

"Hey, Slaanesh, do you want this Eldar?"

>> No.18613264

Mmm...Looks scrumptious. Can I have it?

>> No.18613292

Do you accept sexual favors in exchange for Eldar souls?

>> No.18613330

Slaanesh offers sex as payment for everything, from mortgages to cheeseburgers.

Oddly, there's not much prostitution. Too redundant.

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>> No.18613405

actually they dont, they have spheres of influence and are limited by the materiums ability to sustain their realms.
The areas outside the galaxy, devoid of sapient life, are no mans land and even part of the warp within the galaxy are calm and hidden.

ITT chaos is a miniscule part of the warp and the influence of the chaos gods isn't even absolute in it.

C'tan, on the other hand, are capable of literally anything and everything imaginable.

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>> No.18613432

>C'tan, on the other hand, are capable of literally anything and everything imaginable.
Even love?

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You sassy bitch!

>> No.18613549


No, you do not have partial Omnipotence.

Either you are Omnipotent and nothing and noone can stand against you or you are not.

Similarly there cant be four Omnipotent beings either as having an equal would similarly signify that you are not Omnipotent.

>> No.18613557

>C'tan, on the other hand, are capable of literally anything and everything imaginable.

If that's true then the Necrons shouldn't have been able to defeat them.

>> No.18613578

Maybe they just couldn't imagine not dying.

>> No.18613587

They were so arrogant they couldn't conceive that they could be harmed, so they weren't prepared.

>> No.18613589


That and of course they would not have any needs that they could not fulfill without having to rely on Necrons.

>> No.18613627

That's a horrible excuse.

"I have unlimited power in this plane of existence but you guys didn't give me enough time to prepare so it's not fair."

>> No.18613630


That does not matter, Omnipotence is Omnipotence.

There are no barriers or limits to your might, You are the end of realitys sentence.

>> No.18613640

They couldn't enter the warp to chase the Old Ones out of their fox holes, Necrons could.

>> No.18613657

I never said they were Omnipotent I said they are only limited by their imagination.

Its not omnipotent, just close.

>> No.18613672


And they got their asses kicked by the Necrons.

>> No.18613712


A couple also got their asses kicked by Khaine and Vaul and the Emperor.

Basically no, they're not omnipotent. They're just particularly dangerous energy-based xenos.

>> No.18613713

Not sure if anyone has brought this up, but it's not a hoax.

Visit the Solar Dynamic's Observatory's website (http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/aiahmi/), where you can find recordings of the sun. Select the dates of March 9th to March 12th (about noon). Telescope 171 provides the best view, in high resolution, of course. Display as movie (the default setting).

Watch the lower left corner of the feed.

>pic related, mfw I watched it

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A) Colorful language was used to give an approximation of their wide range and levels of power. They are, of course, not the complete lords and masters of the material realm as shown by the fact that they were defeated by the Necron's weapons.

B) They cannot be defeated but yeah they can they can do everything ok not everything but yeah they could also they could beat your dad up book says so.

Pick one

>> No.18613720

More like I have unlimited power in this plane of existence as long as I can conceive it.

They couldn't think of a weapon that was strong enough to harm them, so when I reared its head they didn't think to defend themselves.

>> No.18613756

they beat shards, who were basically labotomized versions of their whole selves and extremely limited in their options.

>> No.18613762


Correction, this .gif is probably closer to my reaction.

>> No.18613766

If that's the case all they needed to do is utter the words ''No more Old Ones'' and the Old Ones would cease to exist.

And if they wanted to hold their dominion over the galaxy they would have spoken these words ''Come forth our Empire of Destruction'' then reality will bend, break, and reform according to their imagination.

Fortunatly , the C'tan do not have that kind of power.

>> No.18613800

The question is not when Ctan is supposed to come and kill us all.

The question is, do they even lift?


>> No.18613822

Read the entry on C'tan shards in the newcron codex, even their shards can.

The reason they dont think of it is because a shard's mind is fractured and broken.

>> No.18613827

So we can all agree that this dude is the Deceiver, right?

>> No.18613829

Could they believe it wasn't butter?

>> No.18613836

So they don't have unlimited power is what you're saying.

"I have unlimited power as long as"

"No you don't, it's not unlimited if it has limits"

"Yeah but"



"Shut up C'tan you are stupid"

Furthermore, a creature that has control over an almost unlimited (which is a stupid fucking phrase in the first place since "almost unlimited" makes no sense in the first place. "I have five blocks, I have an almost unlimited number of blocks".) amount of power but can still be defeated due to human levels of arrogance is a poorly conceived creature in the first place if you're basing it off that.

>> No.18613860

Glorious. The fact that a vessel that is surely larger than our planet can accelerate from a stationary position (in the Sun's corona, no less) to relativistic speeds instantly is just... wow.

I for one welcome our C'Tan overlords.

>> No.18613912


Obviously they possess some kind of anti-inertia technology. For reference, that bubble of negative space (cloaking device? energy field?) is about the size of Jupiter.

Pic related is an alternate explanation...?

>> No.18613914

It never says their power is unlimited, it says their power is only limited by their imagination.

If they can't think to imagine it, then they cant perform it.
The concept of a weapon able to harm them was so alien they never though about it and, consequently, it kicked them in the ass because of it.

>> No.18613960


>> No.18613969

I'm guessing the bubble is just an ordinary "shield" system, like you'd need in any large interstellar space craft.

Contrary to what sci-fi often shows, an energy shield would not be transparent. A field like this one that seems to be able to hold off the light/heat/plasma of the Sun would also inevitably bend visible light, distorting or obscuring the view of whatever spaceship was inside the shield.

>> No.18613981


But that requires them to have such limited imaginations that they never imagined saying "I Win."

Which is such a basic thing that if they could not imagine that, they have no imagination at all and thus are powerless.

>> No.18614051


Conspiracy theory/ancient aliens/occult rap is best rap.

>> No.18614128

rolled 12 = 12


>> No.18614183

Why so NOPE, anon?

Discovering proof that there are sentient aliens capable of interstellar travel is the first step towards banging dat blue xenos ass.

>> No.18614217

Or enslavement, extinction, or much much worse.

>> No.18614236

But try to remember, they were more or less limited by the physical reality they possessed. It wasn't some Q shit where they just appear and take your ship inside a hydrogen atom or something.

Imagine them having the full knowledge of all formulas, all mathematical equations, string theory and theory of everything. While we have assumptions on how quantum physics work, they know exactly how it works, they could see it, feel it, they were it. They could see to infinity and beyond, count the particles of space, etc. They were the one-eyed men in the land of the blind.

If knowledge is power, then this be baaad mojo, man.

So now that they know all this, they have to put it into action. Look at the Orrery in the new codex. You think they just built that shit and it works on magic? No, they had to figure a way to hook it to all the stars, have a way to create all that technology with the knowledge the C'Tan possessed, etc. The idea can be simple, the execution might not be, but it's possible.

The "imagination" is the part where they have to figure out a way to use the knowledge they have to execute the plan they want to be made. It's those brain puzzles, where you got the pieces to solve it, you just have to figure a way to make it happen. I believe it was Richard Feynman that said that you need to have imagination to understand how things work.

It's not magic. If the had "unlimited power" in that they could ship up anything they wanted, why the fuck didn't they? Because they can't. Because it does not work with magic rules.

>> No.18614241


>> No.18614253


Yeah, like no banging of blue ass!

>> No.18614259

If they're harvesting resources from stars, they've obviously moved beyond the point where human slaves would be useful, or where we could represent a threat to them that might provoke an attack.

So unless they're a species of Dark Eldar-like sociopaths who want to abduct and torture you for lulz, you're probably safe.

>> No.18614264

So a fair trade-off, then.

>> No.18614281

Did anyone else notice how it starts out as several things, the merges into the singular thing before firing away?

>> No.18614344

I'm doing something wrong. What am I supposed to be seeing?

>> No.18614365



>> No.18614386


put it to march 13 instead of march 12, you should see some sort of... uh... giant jellyfish on the sun and suddenly leaving

>> No.18614412

You're supposed to see the Sun's coronal discharge warping around a huge black orb that starts sucking up solar plasma before jetting away into space at incredible speed.

>> No.18614434


Obviously the dark filaments are containment/relativistic fields, the same as the spherical anomaly, which siphon material from the sun to the vessel. In the final hours of refeuling, the filaments combine, drawing more and more mass and energy, which may form a catalyst which begins the fusion reaction necessary to jump-start the interstellar drive.

>> No.18614452 [DELETED] 

I'm not seeing anything unusual, other than the glory of our mother the Sun.

>> No.18614458

Did you let it load?

In the bottom left corner you can see little dark tentacles licking the sun, then unite and what seems like something blasting off away from the sun.

>> No.18614470

I would guess that it was drawing up plasma from the surface of the sun via a charge differential between its shields and the plasma itself, and it took some time for the charge to build up to a point where a stable "tendril" of plasma was formed.

>> No.18614496

That's just the Sun doing what the Sun does.

>> No.18614523

Just throwing it out there, but I don't believe the pics are in the visible light spectrum.

It's possible that the dark areas simply reflect cooler temperatures, rather than the actual absence of light.

>> No.18614539

Just saw it. Looked liked >>18614458
description. Either it was just some random burst or He Who Slumbers in Rings

>> No.18614548

That's just what they want you to believe.

I've seen a lot of footage of the sun, and I've never seen a coronal mass ejection like this before. The presence of a "bubble" outside the sun like that isn't normal.

>> No.18614557

Eh, I don't know you guys. It looks like someone shoop'd a vorticella onto the sun.

>> No.18614577

See: >>18613713

It's present in "official" video footage of the sun, not just in a conspiracy theory blogger's pic.

>> No.18614596

Xenos infiltrators detected. Deploying countermeasures.

>> No.18614631


Is this big?

>> No.18614687

Big in terms of size? Yeah, it's much larger than Earth.

Big in terms of news? We'll see. It looks like a massive alien ship was sighted refueling itself from our star last month. That said, from the video it looks like it flew away at such speed that it would have surely reached us already if it was heading our way. So maybe it doesn't matter, unless you care about the existence of aliens from a purely intellectual standpoint.

>> No.18614915


We Imperium soon.

>> No.18615038

Woah.... What's really creepy is how it was lurking just on the other side of the sun, in syncronous orbit.

And on the same day as the massive 3/7 solar flare, its 'tendrils' started forming.

>> No.18616404

Could someone make a gif, or a set of pictures of this thingie? For some reason any flash videos I try to watch are all fucked up and reinstalling flash player does nothing.

gif would probably be more convenient for reposting in future mindfuck threads.

>> No.18616524


All the videos of this on YouTube (and there are several) are accurate. The OP's link is a good start.

I went back and scanned the days leading up to March 9th. You can see the filaments as they come over the horizon.

>> No.18616615

It's odd, I downloaded the archive of images spanning the period when this ship/C'tan/whatever can be seen, and a number of frames appear to have been redacted and show only as blank black pages.

>> No.18616686

>mfw /tg/ analyzes this in depth, while /x/ ignored it altogether
I love you guys.

>> No.18616704

The cover up has started.

Quickly, mods, delete this thread and destroy any evidence of this thread. QUICKLY, BEFORE THEY FIND US.

>> No.18616754

We shall breed with their women and in time our differences will be forgotten.

Such is the way of nature.

>> No.18616800

8 frames in total are missing, which appear to have been the frames in which the small object in the center of the bubble, hypothesized earlier in this thread to be the hull of the vessel, appeared.

Seems like this one is confirmed.

>> No.18616839


>official NASA footage
>redacted frames

>> No.18616882

What if they're giant predatory abominations with featureless faces, flesh-rending claws, and a horrible mass of tentacles in place of their lower bodies?

>> No.18616921

That... that is actually something.

Now I'm sure there's a good explanation for this, I'm just missing a PhD or two neccesary to understand/know it, but to one of the laity, that does not look like something I've ever seen, read or heard about regarding phenomenon of the sun.

>> No.18616922


>> No.18616934

My dick is already hard.

>> No.18616961

This is some serious shit. We need /sci/ and /x/ in here, now.


...a...and /d/, sure.

>> No.18617000

Guize, we need to start to sound like retards so Men in Black will think we're usual consipracy theorists.


>> No.18617002

It's a thermal vortex we get them all the time.

Imagine a tornado who's differential goes from 5000 K to 3 K.

>> No.18617015

Can you do a thermal vortex?

>> No.18617081

Assuming you mean "do" in the way I think you do, probably not.

It's hot enough to vaporize your dick (and the rest of you) on contact. Also, it's thousand of kilometers wide, so even if you got around the temperature problem, it would be loose as fuck.

>> No.18617135

Do these thermal vortexes usually create the large spherical area of darkness you see in OP's pic?

>> No.18617206

Works for me.

>> No.18617217

No they didnt, Aniken won they were dying by the thousands

>> No.18617514


/tg/ will either start an interstellar war or bring about peace between our species. No middle ground.

>> No.18617524

As much as I Want To Believe, I think this nigga's up to something. The bubble effect might be nothing more than just an optical effect.

>> No.18617593

Considering the post you linked to, do you think the bubble is just a sign that the Sun has been well satisfied by anon's dicking of the thermal vortex?

>> No.18617615

rolled 15 = 15

Think of it this way. A few massive tornados of plasma combined into one giant super funnel. The giant circular space was caused by the suction of said super tornado. I can't explain it in proper terms, or what exactly caused it, as I'm not astrophysicist , but I know that is somewhere in the ballpark to the basic mechanics of what was happening.

Amazing. And it brings new ideas on FTL travel in my Space Cowboy setting.

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