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Okay /tg/, I'm going to be playing in a RT game soon and I have a question.

I am the most experienced player with the system and with 40k in general, should I be the parties Rogue Trader or their Explorator?

I would be fine with playing either of them, I just want a second opinion on what would be best for the game.

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OP here, it should be noted that the rest of the party essentially knows jack shit about 40k so whatever i did i would be able to actually be able to inform the party of my knowledge without meta gaming.

also if the DM npc's a Seneschal, master of ceremonies, is it ironic?

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>Most experienced.
You should be playing the Seneschal. Seriously.
Pencilpushers may be a dime a dozen, so your role may not be as irreplaceable as a Navigator, glorious as a Rogue Trader, exciting as an Arch-Militant, or HONK HONK I'M A TONK as an Explorator, but a good Seneschal is THE most important component of a successful Rogue Trader group. The Trader is there to have the authority, you're there to put that authority to fucking work.

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That is somewhat hard to say, you don't actually need a Rogue Trader in the party.

The group i GM for have Rogue Trader who is a distant alcoholic that keeps to himself and only appears when it is plot relevant.

Both roles can be pretty important, the Rogue Trader is the leader and party face with OK melee ability, the Explorator is the technical skill monkey which doubles as tank.

If there already are someone with OK social skills then go for Explorator, quite a few of the technical skills are pretty hard to get otherwise. And someone with good tech skills can be invaluable.

If there is noone with good social skills it gets harder, it can be pretty damned important to manage to make that hostile Planetary Governor/Rogue Trader/Inquisitor/Pirate Chieftain happy/intimidated/bribed.

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After looking over the class and seeing this post I'm now extremely tempted to play one.

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While the above poster is technically correct (the best kind of correct), The Authority is a very important thing. The Rogue Trader is looked at by the other players as a party leader because hey, the job description is basically that. It is much better for the group if the party leader knows what he is doing.

On the other hand ANY character may hold a Warrant of Trade, so what I'd recommend is that you choose whatever career you like and then be the Rogue Trader. Actually, I'd recommend playing a Dark Heresy character so you can Do Everything. You can, if the GM is indulgent or inattentive, manage to get a Fellowship plenty high in Dark Heresy without using the origin path system (Fellowship is easily the most important characteristic in Rogue Trader).

tl;dr: You should be the Party's Scum.

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This is true too.

The Seneschal is the key to a great many functions.

He manage the money, he controls the spies, he have access to a load of specialized knowledge.

Of all the careers he not the Rogue Trader keeps the ship(s) running.

And of course if your group is comfortable with intra-party intrigue, it is the Seneschal who is ideally placed to viciously betray everyone else, have them brutally murdered in their sleep, spacing their remains and pilfering their accounts.

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Wait so that means I'm the brains, the spy master, and the treasurer?

Okay I'm choosing this class. Mostly to keep the party from buying and doing stupid shit. Also because I'm the best with paperwork as I used to be a forever GM.

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The Seneschal do not dazzle in combat, it is competent enough but is not amazing.

But no other class have their fingers in as many pies as the Seneschal.

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>Wait so that means I'm the brains, the spy master, and the treasurer?
Yes. The Arch-Militant is there to command the troops that YOU recruited and equipped. The Explorator is there to handle all the doodads YOU tracked down and got installed on the ship. The Navigator is there to use the charts and primers YOU found on the black market. The Rogue Trader is there to put a pretty face on all the assets YOU manage. The Voidmaster is there to drive everyone around, essentially. He's a bit of a wildcard, but you can be damned sure he really needs you for something.
Meanwhile you're picking up all the leads for Endeavors, maximizing profits, gathering the intelligence, arranging all the services, and most important of all making sure the larders are stuffed with extravagant food and you're fully stocked on the finest wines.

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Also a warning for the other players.

If they want to play the Arch Millitant they need to be aware that it is not intended as a melee class, it gets melee talents pretty late but excels in ranged combat.

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Thank you for the help, I now know my true calling in 40k.

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So to sum up;
>Hahaha look at that Stalin, he chose the Secretary classes, what a buffoon!

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And then Stalin viciously betrayed everyone else, had them brutally murdered in their sleep, cremating their remains and pilfering their homes.

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I was the most familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe in a Rogue Trader game once, and took on the Rogue Trader mantle.

You just end up cleaning up your team's messes.

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You should be an ork. Be the Kaptin.

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Given, Seneschal does a lot of that, too. Usually by giving a few thrones to scum willing to knife someone in a dark alley.

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Definitely my style.

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Anyone here know what a good systems setup for an Overlord-class battlecruiser is?

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Which class makes for the best melee fighter in the early levels?

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Toss-up between Explorator and Missionary. Explorators get a power axe straight off and have easy Strength advances, Missionaries get melee attack talents early on and have easy WS advances.

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>Thread about Seneschals being awesome.
Fuck, yeah. I'm an RT and our shit would crumble with ours. I give bombastic speeches to inspire the crew to greatness and wave a sword around, and I do most of the talking when a big deal needs to be struck, but the Seneschal is always right there with me to make sure that shit goes right.
It's like I'm the President, but he's the one-man Cabinet, Congress, CIA, and FBI.

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Why is this class so bad ass!

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You know who's who, how to, what's when and where, and that "why" is money. As long as the nobleman who actually has his name on the deeds gets his honeyed duck tongues and exotic wines, you can use as much of his money as you please to act on that knowledge and he won't know the difference. That's why.

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I kind of suspect that they deliberately made the Rogue Trader the weakest character in mechanical terms, to counterbalance the fact that he (usually) owns the ship and commands everyone on it.

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Rogue Trader is weakest mechanically? I've never had a problem keeping up.

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Seneschal with a bunch of combat-related Elite Advances. Fuck year.

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I didn't even catch that at first...

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Idunno why you'd choose RT as your first 40k game if most of you don't know a lot about the setting.

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Not their first time, they've played a bit of DH and BC. Also they have a basic knowledge of the setting, but nowhere near what I havel

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ADVICE TO ALL SENESCHALS: Take that elite advance package that makes you an Inquisitor. You think people didn't want to fuck with you and jumped at your every suggestion before, just because you had funds that were by their standards effectively infinite? You think you could skirt around Imperial law before? Motherfucker, you have no idea.

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This sounds like an amazing idea for what I want to do, what book is it in?

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Into the Storm, I believe. Don't quote me on it, though.

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Be a bitching Seneschal who is under the last wishes of the last rogue trader's dying wish to see his family's business rise back to the glory it once held.

And to do this he recruits a bunch of skilled dirt shoe, planet bound individuals and offers them information and the stars in return for their skills. This can include the Rogue Trader's son who has been spending his time on a <type of world> with his mother's family, oblivious to the rest of the universe and slightly uneducated.

Then you get to play the guy who knows what the heck is going on, and get to teach the players by teaching their characters in game.

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He definitely shouldn't quote you, as the only elite advance that makes you an Inquisitor is in Ascension (2000xp to become an Interrogator, 2000 more to be an Inquisitor, how do you like them apples). You are thinking of Agent of the Throne, which makes you a spy for an Imperial organisation, not an Inquisitor.

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That is an amazing idea!

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>>18602366 here.
Yep, after checking my books, Into the Storm. Pg. 103. Agent of the Throne.

Tisk, tisk. One of the suggested Writs of Authority is an Inquisitorial Rosette. Rosettes are not given to lackeys of the Inquisition, only full-on Inquisitors themselves. Seals and warrants are a different matter, though.

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Reminds me that my party has an Inquisitor on board, in their team.
Since he always roleplays like shit when he can play with us, but is usually unable to attend to our group meetings, he's basically now an NPC.
Pic highly related - it's basically him, with an Inquisitorial rosette.

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Indeed, it's very easy to rp an inquisitor wrong. And if you choose to go for the AotT advancement and take =][= "career", then it really should fit your backstory

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wait is there a mechanical way to become an inquisitor or is it just fluff.

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So what's this I hear about playable Dark Eldar coming to RT?

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Mostly fluff, on the RT end. Your Rosette gives you a significant bonus to bossing people around and scaring the shit out of them, and the rest of the package lets you get more knowledge, bossing people around, and scaring the shit out of them. The Dark Heresy stuff is more in-depth, but any right-minded GM would let you take those as elite advances if you chose the Rosette.

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If my memory serves me right, the will be a DE Kabalite Warrior player class introduced with the upcoming Soul Reaver supplement book. Most likely to also include more armory stuff, shit load of Eldar fluff and maybe a short campaing or mission

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I'm new to RT what is the Rosette in?

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Interesting. Maybe it'll have Eldar Corsairs finally playable too, though I'm not getting my hopes up.

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Unlikely. Soul Reaver's an ADVENTURE supplement that's just going to happen to have creation and play rules for Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors. The whole thing is themed strictly around the Deldar.

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so besides house ruling there is no actual stuff on playing an Eldar? What were the agreed HRs on eldar again? thanks, I have a friend who wants to GM a RT game and I always liked playing badass elves that were less LegoLASS and more LEG-O-LASCANNON.

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This is why I love you guys.


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Our group's Senechal has taken the Tainted Blood of Malfi Homeworld option from the Radical's Handbook.
The guy has a base Int score of 63 (should be around 73 now), a load of corruption points, an inferno pistol in a concealed holster up his sleeve and a freakin Halo artefact hidden under his bed (he is still reluctant to use it...)
...oh and he is wearing a black leather coat all the time

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As for general Rogue Trader alternate careers.

Both Augmentist and Gland warrior have been popular in my group.

The Augmentist is nice for more durability and nice skills, while the Gland Warrior is probably overpowered due to its "no negative effects from drugs" ability.

If you allow the Gland Warrior do make sure to limit availability of Barrage until the rset of the party is ready to face more deadly foes too.

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What the hell in this thread deserved to be archived?

No, seriously, is there anything here that's worth preserving?

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Remember that Gland Warrior only stops negative effects that require a test. There are a few negative effects that are automatic that it doesn't stop.

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Ah, that is right, then Barrage is not problematic as its penalties are automatic.

But in general the Gland Warrior is pretty damn beefy.

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If you want a combat seneschal, or at least ensure you can survive a lot of things, go Augmenticist.
Poison gas ? you don't care. mind control ? screw you, psyker, I don't give a fuck. Thrown out of an airlock ? I'll be back without a scratch.
You want to be as hard and give no single fuck like a godamned space honey badger ? Augmenticist !
With a flip belt, you'll become a FLYING Space honey badger !
favorite flavor to slap shit : a pair of Seraphim hand flamers, or the classic best quality muscle graft + Dual-wielding thunder hammers. Dual wielding Powerfists is fine too.
Let the arc-militant cries himself to sleep, you are a murder machine who can flip out tanks, with the best omnimessiah goodies from the Techno-nerds AND how-can-I-hold-all-this-bitches High Charisma.

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Good god.

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Two guys in my party did that, ended up having all three Physical Perfection purchases before the Explorator got his third "The Flesh is Weak" which annoyed him.

Now one of them is sniffing on the Arch-Heretech just to rub it in.

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I'm currently playing a rank 5 Augmenticist RT. Currently using :
- sororitas power armour
- a thunder hammer & a Loi pattern flaming power sword;
- best quality muscle grafts.
- machine 3 trait.
- a flip-belt, an archeotech blurshield and a Conversion Field.

She has :
- pulled out alone a Rhino which was blocked in heavy mud.
- survived a teleported bomb on her bridge and piloted her ship to safety despite the explosive decompression.
-laughed at a sniper assassination attempt. The sniper used an autocanon.
-pulled a dynamic entry on Dross like Captain Titus in Space Marines, jumping out of her Guncutter in the middle of the storms, her navigator on her back, and manage to survive the fall as her grav-chute was disabled. The Navigator was fine too.

you too, can do that kind of crazy shit. BE AN AUGMENTICIST.

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I'm so gonna wound my players so some of them will be forced to take augmentics... and they're gonna love the hell out of it !
Pic related - they're going on a chaos infested world, next session... good oportunity to take out some limbs.

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Of course if you want to be an even better Seneschal/Spy, then the House Operative is pretty damn good, particularly the "if someone interrogates you and fail their roll you get the information instead" talent

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Go both?

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And now i am envisioning some gleaming cyborg James Bond.

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Unfortunately I think that a Cyborg James Bond that is also an Inquisitor is taking things a bit far... Then again this is 40k.

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Think Adam Jensen with an Inquisitorial rosette and I think you've got it.

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" Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology !"
> The Six Milion Thrones-gelt Man.

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That actually sounds like a badass character concept for rogue trader.

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Inquisitor gets involved in Inquisitorial politics, ends up badly hurt, gets rebuilt, his enemies decides that if bullets will not get rid of him then they need to find other means. A few months later he is handed an warrant of trade.

Could work pretty well.

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>Adam Jensen
>Inquisitorial rosette
Now I want to make this character and then he'd have to say that he never asked for this.


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This thread is now my character.

"I didn't ask for my rogue traders father to put me in this position. But I will follow through with his dying request!"

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>The Agent of the Throne Elite Advance gives you authority equal to an Inquisitor

No, it does not. It gives you a badge (that you should ideally keep secret) which you can use to tell people "My boss is more important than your boss".

A +10 bonus to Command and Intimidate checks against people who understand the significance of your symbol is far from the authority to declare people Excommunicate Traitoris or ordering an Exterminatus.

You're above the dime-a-dozen Acolytes you'd see in low-level Dark Heresy games, but try to push your authority beyond your limits and your Inquisitor will put you down in an instant.

Don't forget that the same elite advance can also give you the authority of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Munitorium, Navis Nobilite and several other institutions. Agents serving those organisations don't have the authority of an full Inquisitor, why should an agent of the Inquisition?

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