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This board need more Eldar.
I declare this thread to be dedicated to all things Eldar. Art, conversions, writefaggotry and everything in between is welcome in this thread as long as it is related to the Eldar in some way.

Just be sure to keep your soulstone on your person at all time lest you invoke the gaze of She Who Thirsts

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We fight for the Craftworld!

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You're posting on /tg/, Slaanesh is always watching.

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In Khaine's bloody vestment we clad ourselves.
For our way is the way of Khaine in the Aspect of the Destroyer.

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does a half eldar ultramarine qualify?

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Joke's on her, I have seven soulstones. Jesting aside, all I do these days are surf the wraithnet and play Deus Ex.

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bumping with Eldar voidship

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so which looks more like a canon eldar, this?

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or this

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This is how i imagine a ordinary Eldar

I would say that's a Dark Eldar

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I say this
(it's a woman)

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Eldar don't have to look the same, you know. You've got your curvy space elves and your androgynous uncanny valley types in equal numbers

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Ideally something in between. The first image looks a shade too human, the bottom looks more like a traditional Grey. This one's about right, IMO.

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How about Chaos Eldar then?

Myself, based on the Storm of Magic description of Druchii Anointed I think something close to Melbu here.

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Damn space marines

Always stealing that eldar swagger

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Some day I'll play a Exodite Eldar in Rogue Trader...

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I want info on Crone World Eldar.

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Well we've got Dark Eldar coming along down line sometime soon. It shouldn't be too hard to strip away a lot of the Commoragh-specific stuff to get a general Eldarish base to work from, then add traits and skills more appropriate for an Exodite.

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Attention Imperial Citizens: Fascination with Foul Xenos is High Heresy. Desist, or face the Wrath of His Holy Inquisition.

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Hey, do you have that portrait of a female Eldar that looks incredibly similar to the one you just posted?

Some guy posted it once on behalf of his DevianTart friend.

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This one?>>18597898

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There are quite a few pictures of the character. I'll post the ones I've got. They're beautiful pieces of work.

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>giving a chance to cease heresy
>not sure if inquisition.jpg


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And >>18597912 got the last. This one's older, so it looks a bit different, IIRC.

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This is how I Eldar.

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YES! Thank you.

I'd help dump pics but all I have is either Chaos or Imperium in nature.

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Eldar, where women has to do the mans work and man go and wash the dishes at home.

No wonder you cant reproduce

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This thread needs more half-Eldar.

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Do eldar suck as badly on the tabletop as everyone says?

I have been thinking of starting an Iyanden army because they seem to use lots of mecha, like war walkers and wraithlords, and it would be a shame if such cool models sucked.

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I agree

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Half-Eldar you say?

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>Do eldar suck as badly on the tabletop as everyone says?

In competitive games, they're lagging a bit. In casual games, though, they're far more playable, but you need to keep in mind that Footslogging Eldar lists still won't work. Eldar arn't tough or numerous enough to hoof it on foot - pretty much everything that can have a Transport or a Jetbike should. So really a fluffy Iyanden list with lots of Wraithguard and Wraithlords on foot are going to struggle, I'm afraid. While they might be tough, they're too short ranged to really work.

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that image always reminds me of this little blurb. I don't know why, just the same sort of atmosphere

>Striking Scorpions
>Warp Spiders
>Dark Reapers
nigga you serious?

>it would be a shame if such cool models sucked.
war-walkers are good
wraithlords are OK, but not as strong as they used to be
wraithguard are also OK, but expensive to buy

Eldar are average in casual play. Provided you're not playing balls-to-the-walls competitively you should be fine. It's more important to enjoy the aesthetic of your chosen army, since you'll be buying and painting them for a long time.

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As an amendment, though, regarding the two units you mentioned; War Walkers are ace. With Scatter Lasers, they kick out a huge amount of st6 shots, easily enough to trouble transports and tear chunks out any Infantry squad that strays into their gunsights. They are fragile, though, so don't get any closer to the enemy than you have to and try to stick to terrain where possible.

Wraithlords aren't so great though. They're passable anti-tank platforms when kitted with a Brightlance and EML, and sometimes I'll toss in one with two Flamers and a Wraithsword if I've got 100 spare points, but they're not going to win you many games.

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My favorites.

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>>to slowly
>>to slowly
>>to slowly
>>to slowly
>>to slowly
>>to slowly
>>to slowly

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oh, and the Dragons. Fire Dragons are manly as fuck

>gotta go fast
>massive explosions
>enormous phallic weaponry which with they spew hot death all over their enemy

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>expecting GW publications to be without error
Even with that it's a good story. Spans the whole codex, and details different parts of a larger battle.

Real neato, if you ask me

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The big guy himself.

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Here's hoping for more Altansar fluff-love in the next Eldar codex. And something to add to the list of Maugan Ra's list of badassery.

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Cool Elfdar book, Path of the Warrior. Part of a series.

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Path of the Seer was good as well. I'm really looking forward to Path of the Outcast later on this year.

Path of the Renegade's worth a look as well.

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>More like Path of the Gayness

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Altansar won't feature. It's re-emergence from the Eye was a 13th Black Crusade event and the timeline has been rolled back to its start.

I predict that Chaos codex due this year portrays Abaddon as "about to start his terrible thirteenth Black Crusade, that will crush Cadia and the Imperium once and for all".

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Love being able to see events from three different perspectives. Can't wait for Outcast as well.

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>Altansar won't feature.

If the author wants it to feature, it'll feature. All they have to do is roll back the date at which Ra guided it out of the Warp. It's not like such retcons are a rarity in GW's fiction.

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is it true the Path of the Seer/Warrior/Outcast novels featured the Phoenix Lords?

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Books aren't just up to one developer.

They need to appease Jervis, Alan Merrett and ultimately Tom Kirby.

Why do you think Dark Eldar harlequins are identical to the Craftworld harlies from 2006, down to the point cost and inability to take a dedicated transport?

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Fire Dragons are manly as fuck, see pic.

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Path of the Warrior features a little of Kahandras, and mentions Baharroth and one other whom I've forgotten.

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Yeah, Karandras at least plays a large role in the last chapter of Path of the Warrior.

There were one or two others, but they weren't featured as much (given that Path of the Warrior was about a Striking Scorpion).

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Where'd you find all that art? Everything I come across is so low-res.

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Kirby doesn't give a damn about anything so long as the money rolls in, and Merrett's given the thumbs up to far stranger things in time. It's utterly farcical to claim that something will or won't feature at this time, to the point where all one can do is hope one way or the other.

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/tg/ and Deviantart, basically. There's a few other bits I've picked up from other sites, but most were just gathered from here or DA.

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not enough half space elfs!

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I'm quite comfortable in making predictions about GW's policies beforehand.

Here's some:
-Caestus Assault Ram won't move from forgeworld to the core game SM codex, reasons obvious from a design standpoint

-Chaos Codex won't have Crone World Eldar in it, SM codex won't have Death Spectres in it, Eldar codex won't have Altansar in it, Tau codex won't have Thexians in it, Daemons codex won't have special characters not affiliated with the Big Four in it and Ork codex won't even have a Death Skull special character in it. Codices focus on posterboys, not the more obscure fringe.

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did someone say half-eldar?
I know how can it happen...

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I do have a soft spot for Guardians. There's a sort of plucky heroism about them, so it's always very gratifying when they get a lucky streak and pull off something amazing.

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Thread needs more Kroot.

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You can't really say "no" to a meltagun.

I think if the military ever develops them EVERYONE will enlist. Because meltagun.

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>I declare this thread to be dedicated to all things Eldar.
>needs more Kroot

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>Codices focus on posterboys

That'll be why three hithero-unknown Hive Fleets got almost as much specific fluff coverage as Behemoth, Kraken, and Leviathan did in the new Tyranid codex, then. Sometimes, a Codex author mixes things up a bit, and regardless of the likelyhood, it's one of the things I'm hoping for come the new book.

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their voice acting in DoW2 helps

>"The Craftworld is our home and we are her Guardians!"

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Oh god, yea. The Eldar as a whole had some fantastic voice acting in DoW2, but the Guardians were really well done.

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I kinda wish there was more fanart of Retribution's Eldar heroes. There's next to none.

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Time for Harlequins, I think.

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maybe i'm just picky, but that appears to just be maugan ra and death jesters, which are harlequins...

>> No.18598583

Because really, who *doesn't* love psychedelic death-clowns in space?

>> No.18598594


There's certainly a Death Jester in the background, but I think the ones in the foreground are supposed to be Reapers.

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I have a friend who run a Ulthwë Storm Guardians list.
I must say, those storm guardians are fukkin' nuts. I mean, they go into battle with only a thin sheet of wraithbone between them and whatever nasty thing their fighting, and they are assumed to charge into melee with the creepiest fuckers the galaxy have ever seen.

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And they risk their immortal soul by doing so. You think Guardsmen are ballsy? They ain't got shit on Guardians.

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Wasn't it the remaining survivors that got out, not the entire craftworld?

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I don't always post on /tg/, but when I do, it's to dump my huge collection of Eldar pics.

I promise rare and awesome shit for you bros.

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Nah, the whole damn Craftworld escaped the Eye.

>> No.18598715


The entire craftworld first appeared over some planet where its warriors helped Maugan Ra and Ulthwe to beat a Chaos force, sort of like Legion of the Damned.

Later it was seen outside the Eye.

Whether this is considered to be happened at "present" in 5th edition is anyone's guess, personally I doubt it. Mentions of Cadia in Guard codex don't mention it full of Chaos invaders either.

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Thank you for being in every single Eldar thread, working hard and posting an enormous amount of images since as long as I can remember.
I have been a long time Lurker of /tg/ and I can say that you are among some of the people that helps make this board so great. I have yet to get the chance to thank you properly, and I'm not sure if you get as much appreciation as you ought to, but thank you, from every member of /tg/ for contributing to this site for so long.

Sorry if it seems kind of corny, I'm simply appreciative that there are people like you who are willing to positively impact a site which I spend so much time on.

I do believe you've inspired me to follow suite and contribute to this board somehow, although I won't adopt a trip, I hope to give back to this board that I love so much.

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So much sexual tension.

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the entire craftworld

Biel-Tan and Saim-Hann were fighting on a Daemon-world and wrecking face, and then Ra comes with Altansar and they all escape

or something like that. The Eldar did really well in that campaign (except Ulthwe, haha)

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That means a lot, thank you!

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Motherfucking Swordwind is here.

>> No.18598798

>or something like that.

You've got the gist of it. IIRC, the Eldar were losing ground, until Altansar appeared in the skies above the world. The Eldar within, described as being pale and ghostlike, made planetfall and saved the day by kicking a hell of a lot of Daemon ass.

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I doubt it. Eldrad's still around isn't he?

Wishlists for next 'dex?
-Black guardian profiles from codex craftworld for guardians (i will totally play the shit out of a storm guardian list if this happens)
-invulns for phoenix lords
-better points pricing on some units (wraithguard, shining spears, reapers)
-plastic wraithguard
-More flavour options for the autarch
-Mini-autarch (young king?) essentially 2W exarch with pick specific aspect equipment opposed to autarch's full custom
-3+/4++ rune armour again

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I'm not usually one to harp on boob-plate, but dear GOD. That Eldar's tits might as well be surgically attached to her chin.

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>> No.18598827

>>Those helmets

>> No.18598829

>Eldrad's still around isn't he?

The current Eldar codex describes Eldrad as dead, having been consumed by the Talisman of Vaul. He's a historical character, essentially, like Tycho in the Blood Angels book.

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>> No.18598844

>A coven of Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons Legion practice a great ritual within the webway in the hope of gaining access to Commorragh. At the climax of the ritual, hundreds of Dark Eldar pour out of an invisible portal into their ranks, led by vaulting troupes of Harlequins. Battle is joined as the Tzeentchian Sorcerers counter-attack, and the delicate fabric of the webway is breached in the process. The arterial walls of the webway buckle and burst and the resultant backlash strands the combatants in a shattered pocket of reality with no way out. It is rumoured that they fight there still, locked in an endless cycle of war and rebirth for the rest of time.

Rather ironic how the Thousand Sons' most successful venture in recent times was written by Ward, in the Grey Knights codex of all places.

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>> No.18598864

That bit of fluff you quoted is from the Dark Eldar codex, written by Kelly.

>> No.18598874

Er, forgot my picture.

>> No.18598878

After Biel-Tan, should i dump Ulthwe or Iyanden?

>> No.18598885

Forgot my pic.

>> No.18598886

Go for Iyanden, if that's okay? I'm a little short of Wraithguard and Wraithlord pictures, if you've got any.

>> No.18598894

huh... o he is, so 13th crusade in eldar dex at least still happened... Also he's only mostly dead. I also wouldn't be complaining about him being put into a wraithseer body for new 'dex (waystones suggest it could still happen)

>> No.18598910

Iyanden it is, friend!

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>> No.18598920


Eldar and Chaos Marine dexes are from 4e.

That's why they mention 13th Black Crusade events. In-universe, their timelines are ahead of all 5th edition books.

>> No.18598929

- 18" shuriken catapults.
- Dire Avengers get Shuriken Catapults, Pistols, and CCW as basic gear.
- Fire Dragons can swap their meltaguns for flamers. Their exarch can get a "Burning Fist" (Powerfist).
- Dark Reapers can swap their reaper launchers for shuriken cannons.
- Autarchs can take Webway portals.
- Tank Squadrons
- Add the venom as a transport option for farseers & seer courts, harlequins, and autarchs.

>> No.18598933

Oh yea, certainly, the door's been left open. Q'ssandria's, the only member of Eldrad's protegés who believes he'll be back, is also a pretty clear nod to the greek Cassandra - a seer who was cursed to have people never believe her predictions. If GW wants to bring Eldrad back, they can.

>> No.18598942

This thread makes me want to ask a question that's been bothering me for a while. Is it true that the there are loads of Eldar hybrids in Commorragh? (To maintain some sort of buffer of something)

>> No.18598947

suppose it did take it up to m41 999 so it could only go back

>> No.18598955

>> No.18598957

Here's some Biel-Tan Wraith constructs for you.

>> No.18598964


>> No.18598975


>> No.18598984


Jes Goodwin says the hybrid thing here
8:10 onwards.

Mind you, it's more likely that they're results of some haemonculi project than of heterosexual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation.

>> No.18598988


>> No.18598991

Where did you get that info from. And sure why not? We're talking Dark Eldar here.

>> No.18598995

Phil Kelly made an offhand comment about there being half-Eldar denizens of Commoragh in one of the youtube videos he and Jes did in the runup to the Dark Eldar codex being released. Personally I don't like the idea of Humans and Eldar being able to produce offspring, so I just put it down to Haemonculus dickery.

Also, that's the image limit.

>> No.18599004

I know, I was referring to Ahriman's successful baiting of the Invaders (three full companies walked into an obvious trap, only a dozen walked out) in the GK book, as well as acquiring knowledge that will "bring the Imperium to its knees". Just a comment on how the Thousand Sons seem to face defeat in all their other conflicts. Though of course, a new CSM codex ought to change that.

>> No.18599027

Aha, yes. It's Jes saying "There's probably a higher birthrate there, there's probably more hybrids there..." in regards to how the Dark Eldar have survived. Given the context I'd actually assume he's referring to Mandrakes, as the concept art speculates they might be the descendants of Eldar who interbred with Daemons.

>> No.18599042

how did i forget 18" cattys in mine... and the avenger thing...

I like that idea for fire dragons, not so sure about the reaper thing as there would cease to be much point using the reaper launcher.

quick mathhammer

5 reapers at standard marines, 1 exarch

12 shots @ bs 4 = 8 hits
4 shots (fast shot) @ bs5 = 3 hits
11 hits on 2s = 9 wounds
(vs marines) =6 dead

reaper launchers

8 shots @ bs4 = 5 hits
3 hits (fast shot)@ bs 5 = 2 hits
7 hits at s5 (3+) = 4 dead marines

And that's not even looking at orkz/nids that aren't getting armour saves from this.

>> No.18599057


Chaos can get anyone pregnant with anything, and we do know there's a precedent for human-eldar hybrids from the old times.

>> No.18599058

>three full companies walked into an obvious trap, only a dozen walked out

Wait. I don't suppose you know the actual date this happened? Because after the Invaders destroyed Idharae, Alaitoc launched a punitive attack on their homeworld - and attack which only three companies survived, IIRC. If Ahriman's trap happened after this, then the Invaders have basically ceased to exist as a Chapter.

>> No.18599060

New thread

>> No.18599069



>> No.18599082

Bring the Reaper Launcher up to three shots, and give Dark Reapers themselves BS5. That should make them a lot more attractive.

>> No.18599113

Yup, Alaitoc's attack occured in 895.M41 and left three companies alive. So it looks like the Invaders are, to all intents and purposes, wiped out. Interesting.

>> No.18599115

913.M41 it says. The Invaders were driven off their Chapter planet in 895.M41, which would have given them 18 years in between to start building up their numbers again... assuming they could, and that they didn't do anything so stupid in that time as well.

>> No.18599122

Maybe go back to them having Eldar Missile Launchers instead of Reaper Launchers?

>> No.18599124

and expensive as fuck.

>implying they aren't already

Actually, if that were to happen, i'd happily pay 35 points for them.

Realised 1 thing i overlooked though, range. 48" range better than 24" for a unit like reapers... that said shorter range reapers mowing down hordes = do want

>> No.18599148


Vanilla necron lords do have S5 AP3 Assault 3 guns for 35 points, but they're only 12'' range and the Lords are only BS4.

>> No.18599161

That is just unbelievably OP... these are not long fangs. It would pretty much signal the death of eldar tanks other than the WS. In fact it would be the no-brainer HS which isn't all that fun.

>> No.18599168

physical beings interbreeding with hostile abstract anomalous energy creatures from another Dimension?

That is ridiculous.

If there are hybrids in the Dark City, then it is due to DNA Splicing experiments conducted by their horrid scientists.

>> No.18599169

18 years...might give them enough time to bring those three companies up to full strength, but it'd be nowhere near enough time to actually rebuild anywhere near a whole company. Yea, they're gonners.

>Actually, if that were to happen, i'd happily pay 35 points for them.

Exactly. One thing to keep in mind is that Reapers are a small, static unit. They're vulnerable to being wiped out by outflanking units or, indeed, anything which can move quickly down a flank and put out a decent amount of anti-infantry firepower. At 35 points a model, they damn well should do a lot of damage.

>> No.18599190


Blood Angel devastators offer 4 missile launchers + signum for 130 points, and they aren't a must have HS choice.

What makes Long Fangs so good is that they get 5 launchers + split fire for just ten points more than that.

>> No.18599204

Fair enough, was throwing out an idea.

I say go with Deathleaper's Fangirl's idea here: >>18599082

But really, I'm just wanting a bit more... flexability in the aspects, despite how contradictory that seems. But each Aspect represents a theme, not a weapon set.

>> No.18599222

>It would pretty much signal the death of eldar tanks

No, it wouldn't. Eldar tanks are still going to be much more resiliant than a squad of 5 Dark Reapers, and if the Reapers are bringing an Exarch, cheaper as well. They also have the advantages of mobility and, in the case of the Falcon, transport capacity. The Reapers might put out more raw firepower, but they're far easier to neutralise. They'd thus each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

That said, I'm still against them getting EML's, because wherever possible I'd like to see Aspect Warriors having weapons which are mostly unique to their own Temple. Reapers just carting around the same Missile Launchers Guardians have on their platforms seems a bit boring.

>> No.18599225

Image dumping over here now

>> No.18599226

When they said half eldar i never thought half-human eldar, humans are so week. maybe half ork-eldar, or half kroot-eldar, or craftworld-deldar.

All of which are tools for a kabal, maybe lower caste dark eldar who gave themselves willingly to simply secure a constant source of souls.

I don't see why they'd try to splice an eldar with a human though, whats the point?

>> No.18599245

It's just what most people think of when someone mentions "Half-Eldar", and unfortunately it does have really old fluff support.

>> No.18599272

and no one seems to remember the old book "Farseer" which focuses on a human-eldar halfbreed

I remember it being an awful book, but it's more recent than.. well, rogue trader

>> No.18599277

Maybe hybrids/half-Eldar are the terms the trueborn give to test-tube babies in Commoragh, to show they're not "proper" Eldar.

>> No.18599286

Any news about the codex?

>> No.18599287

Fair point. at a vague glance they looked OP, after counter examples, it's not as bad as i thought. I would like the reaper launchers to just be kept tbh too, and lower points.

>> No.18599291

>which focuses on a human-eldar halfbreed

Farseer? No, it doesn't. The only thing that's close to a Half-Eldar is at the end, where the Farseer tricks the Rogue Trader into acting as a vessel for the Farseer's soul. I didn't think it was that bad, either. Certainly a bit dated, but a good read.

>> No.18599304

Damn it, i love the look of Wraith constructs! It sucks that Guards are so damn expensive, both points and cash-wise.

Also, i need some help to decide since i'm stripping and repainting my Eldar. Should i do a Harlequin-themed army or a 1800's British Navy kind? Navy, since my friend is making Necron Pirates, and since Eldar and Necrons are ancient enemies...

Harlequins because they're spess-elf spess-killerclowns.
Would post a picture, but limit is reached.

>> No.18599363

I'd go for the Harlequins, myself, because a well-painted and converted Harlequin army is a thing of beauty.

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