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Yo, /tg/, You guys might be interested in this.
Tell me what you think.
I had no idea the human voice could do this.
Kinda makes me want to make a bard.
Dumping the first issue of the DnD comic to make it ever-so-slightly /tg/ related.

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An orc bard.
Who throat-sings his enemies.

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On another note, what sort of things would you make a REALLY high-level bard do/become?
Some sort of god of music?

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glad to see I can start such an avid discussion.

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well if no one's paying attention, I suppose I'll just stop.

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Still here

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Fine. What would YOU make a high-level bard character do/become.

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Please don't.

I had plans to make a psionic artificer, cross classing as a bard. YOU PLUG YOUR EARS? WELL MY MUSIC PLAYS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR MIND!

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Ronnie James Dio

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>On the bright side, they're orphan zombies
>...so no one's gonna miss 'em.

This remains my favorite quote of the series. Way to start on a high note, writer.

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I've always wanted to play a bard character that becomes so powerful, He actually becomes the god that sings the universe.

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What did you guys think of that music, by the by.

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>This is mah fappin' arm

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did anyone actually.... hear the music?

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Its...and interesting sounding thing. Not bad though

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>mfw suddenly gnome in pimp suit
>mfw suddenly interested in comic

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It's the same sound they used for a few episodes of Samurai Jack.
I wonder if it was electronic or if they really got a mongolian to sing for them.

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That's Jinx

He is a troll of the highest caliber.

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I still want to hear more about bards. What can they do at incredibly high levels? What have your bards done at incredibly high levels?
Does anyone actually take perform: Poetry as a skill?
Do they have any friends?

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The more responses I get, the more likely I am to dump one or two more issues.

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>Do they have any friends?

High level bards are like Genghis Khan. They sire multiracial empires by the power of song, diplomacy, and charisma-enhanced virility.

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Spoiler: sometime around issue 12, he half-admits to orchestrating issues 3 through 11.

The best thing about having 20 intelligence is that no one can tell if you're lying, telling an incomprehensible truth, or just fucking insane.

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Back when we played fourth ed (Oh how stupid and naive we were.) I player a dwarven bard who did nothing buck heckle. Took Perform: Comedy as a skill and just started shouting at people.

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Slutty tiefling sorceress that wears next to nothing.

No originality.

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Dude. Nobody gives a fuck. Shut up and dump the comic.

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I was planning on making a very Poe-esque bard in my next campaign, so I'd take on poetry in that case.

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That is the best thing ever. Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race.


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Kay. Page 25.
Not sure if I'm gonna keep going.

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Correction: I numbered these really shittily. It's more like page 21.

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>not playing a bard with a powerful metal voice and a magic electric guitar blessed by the skyfather

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Anyone know where I can find the rest of these comics? A lot of the earlier links on /rs/ seem to be dead.

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Well if you're gonna be an asshole about it.

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>Slutty tiefling sorceress that wears next to nothing.

To be fair, Tieflings have a legitimate biological reason for wearing little clothing. Their bodies run naturally hot, so wearing heavy garments with poor ventilation causes them to overheat.

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>Creatures with fire resistance

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Well despite the guy who thinks that no one cares and I should just dump the comic, I think I will dump number 2.
I'm just kidding about people taking poetry not having friends.
Khal took perform: Poetry and he's the bossest fucker in the comic.

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Human fighter, dwarf cleric, halfling rogue, elven ranger. Yeah, the entire comic is just trope after trope, and everything plays out by the 4e rules.

The thing is...it's done brilliantly, so it's still cool.

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>hurr I've never worn too many layers of clothing and not been able to take any off
It's THOROUGHLY uncomfortable.

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I really should go in and change all this numbering.

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Honestly, I think fire/ice resist could be swapped. Devilish critters are all hot as hell, so that protects them from cold, but they really fucking hate their home dimension and are always wanting to chomp on ice cubes, take cold baths, and so on, and get fucked up by heat. Greater undead on the other hand radiate the chill of you gwave, so they're easier to freeze, whereas fire sucks against them (and undead aren't likely to overheat or care if they do, while solidifying from intense cold is more likely than vs a lifer).

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Fuck off, filtered. If you aren't going to dump, die in a motherfucking fire.

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Is there somewhere I can download all of the DnD comics to date without having to find them individually? I'm rather enjoying this.

Tangentially, my current PF character is a Bard played as a storyteller who, outside of performances, acts like Mass Effect's Mordin, only obsessed with history and archaeology. Good times.

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Golly, if I had known he was going to get so mad...
I would have kept dumping anyway for the people who are actually reading this.

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Sorry, friend, I got mine from a storytime over on /co/.

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Khal's exile for illegal poetry is some of the best dwarf-culture fluff I've ever read. How's it go...

"Will we disobey our clan, for our love?

Because they're dwarves, they will stay loyal to their clan... but they're so in love they CONSIDER it. And that poem gets him exiled.

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Don't mind him, hes just being a spoiled manchild.

Behold, the race I was going to make my psionic artificer/bard

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>Gets mad at dumper for trying to converse while dumping
>blocks dumper who got mad at him for getting mad, while dumping the comic despite his assholery

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>spoiled manchild
>on /tg/

Oh the irony.

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dude what
that is fucking bonkers I love it

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I'm pretty sure those two posters aren't the same guy.

>captcha: waaat what

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That rack. Damn.

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I'm very vanilla when it comes to PCs I make. the only exception is construct characters. Warforged make m'dick ROCK HARD MAN

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The plan was to make some kind of magical psionic guitar, then go on a journey spreading peace through the grating noise of metal getting transmitted directly to your brain.

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That page...that last panel. I lost it. GG

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This Jinx guy seems pretty neat.

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So what instruments do your bards play, /tg/?

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Drums, motherfucker.


Then again I usually play orc bards. Half-naked, half-wild orc bards.

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Man. Bards are just such a cool class. There are tons of ways to play it.
That's what I love about DnD. so openended.

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Some argue it's the most closed system out there. I think they're retarded.

>> No.18591405

Buddabuddabuddabuddadrums motherfucker
I personally want to make an orc that plays the panpipes.
Holy shit
Got it
My next character will be a warforged fiddle-player.

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>"Hey, my money's gone!"

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I love unorthodox mixes of classes.
What's the most unorthodox race-class combination you guys can think of.
That isn't Orc Wizard. I mean come on guys we can only take this so far

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No nononono. Banjo. Play dueling banjos at every opportunity.

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>Banjo-playing Warforged
it's... interesting. I dunno.
I've just loved the fiddle for forever.
A Warforged playing Devil went down to Georgia would be fucking great, I think.

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>Fiddle-playing Tiefling bard
>Between adventures, hang out at the crossroads challenging all comers

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Look up the song Swamp Thing on youtube and play that.


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You are amazing.

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take all of my money.

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Arright guys.
I think I'm out for tonight.
Was nice to chat.
Come on down to /co/ once in awhile and drop these off to bait me into dumping the rest.

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Sir where might an elegan/tg/entleman find that comic book for free for downloads?

>> No.18591545

I dunno
I got 'em in a /co/ storytime thread.

>> No.18591560

Buy them. The studio's a long way from wealthy, and their writers deserve to be paid for this. God knows Wizards isn't doling out the cash.

>> No.18591565


Appreciate it.

>> No.18591619

That's a good point.
I'm almost tempted to go out and buy two copies of these, then gift the second to make up for all the dumps of this hard work I've done.
Once I scrounge up enough money I'll do it.
is there a hardcover version? I'm notoriously bad with the single version of comics they usually release.

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I think so, actually. Check the publisher's website. There's a URL on the very first image on the thread.

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OP's video link is awesome.

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