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So, /tg/. Which 40k codex GW is going to update next?

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Doesn't matter, only two options:
1. OP, everyone plays it
2. Shit, only fan boys play it

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Chaos Legions then Space Marines

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This is 40K, you've got it backwards.
1. Shit, everyone plays it
2. OP, only fan boys play it

Or do you only play in Tourneys (which are full of fanboys) or something?

Anyways I heard either Black Templars or Tau.

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I bet it will be Tyranids since they got a new codex two years ago (yea, F every other army that wait 5+ years for an update) and has the most vocal and whiniest players in the whole 40k community. And maby Eldars.

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Tourny fag.. so yeah

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Chaos Space Marines or Tau. Maybe Eldar.

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It took almost a decade for either DE or DH to get an update, and WH are still waiting on one.

CSM seems to be the next one in line.

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>most vocal and whiniest players in the whole 40k community
>not Tau

Anyway, it's either Tau or Chaos Legions.

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>Witch Hunters
They are Sisters of battle now

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Black Templars got a big errata recently, so no.

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Blood Angels dealt with their White Dwarf codex for four years, Sisters are going to have to do the same

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Last errata that they got was in 2010 or early 2011

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By GW standards that's recent.

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Dark Eldar went 12 years without a codex. 1-2 years is NOTHING in their scale.

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Grey Knights are borderline OP and there is a HUGE influx in people who play them.

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Well then... What changes would be present in a new Tau update?

Will Pathfinders finally make it to troops?

Will the XV9's make it into the codex?

Kroot? Demiurg? Niccassar? Vespid?

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Let me summarize for most of /tg/ and just say: who the fuck cares.

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I hope Vespid will become somewhat good. They are cool-looking models.

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But im not complaining. im just saying that when GW released the lastest erratas(circa half a year ago), BT's and Tau for some reason didnt get one.

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I care!

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They also had some of the best models and were the cheapest army to built.

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I hope CSM get some love in the new dex. The only thing wrong with them now is old prices, if GW had reduced them by 10-20% that would've been awesome. And they should get rid of that Icon nonsense.

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Most likely to be in the next codex are Tau and Black Templar.

I would've mentioned Dark Angels, but they're obviously going to be in the next starter box

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I'd love to see the Octavian Orks. Anyone heard anything about when/if they're coming out?

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Chaos player holding onto his ass here.

Dis gon' be good. I don't even care if it's shit, I never win anyway. I just have lots of fun and like the cool little men.

New codex, new models. New things to charge at the munchkin wolfwolf and boxspam lists and die gloriously. My local region is one where I seem to enrage, infuriate and otherwise drive to Khorne all the giant 40K landmasses by being cheerful while losing and enjoying myself more than them.

It's worse when I win, because then they know they got fucked over by bad rolls or special mission rules. Those moments of stuttering, spaghetti-spraying rage keep me going.

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If Matt or Kelly write the Chaos codex, it's gonna be good, if Cruddace, it could be stupid good or crap.

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My bet is on Tau being erased alltogether like the squats.

"They were eaten by tyranids but hey look at this awesome new race of silicoids we found!"

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Wasn't there a hint of Rylanor still being alive? I thought i read something about tarvitz sending him down to guard something.

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Could be, since they brought Loken back.

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Well that just spoiled whatever book that happens in.

At least it was a nice spoiler though.

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Well, sorry. At least you don't know in which book this happens.

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Yeah should be fine. I just fininished the one where the most interesting character says "fuck this shit" and ejects himself into space. Was kind of a asspull of an ending.

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The rumours went that Horus Aximand will be in the next book, but it's hardly credible.

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Vanilla Marines, duh

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Can someone make a list of the Codices and status of the Codex?

+Blood Angels -
+Chaos Daemons - Horrible rules.
+Chaos Space Marines - 2008? Outdated.
+Dark Eldar -
+Eldar - 2006. Reasonably outdated.
+Grey Knights -
+Imperial Guard -
+Necrons -
+Orks -
+Sisters of Battle -
+Space Marines -
+Space Wolves -
+Tau Empire -
+Tyranids -
+[Squats] - Fucking Ages Ago.
+[other] -

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2012-2013 release schedule:
Space marines
Dark Angels
Black Templars
Chaos Space Marines
Space Marines
Blood Angels
Space Marines

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+Blood Angels - 2010, pretty good
+Chaos Daemons - Horrible rules, 2008
+Chaos Space Marines - 2007, need an update
+Dark Eldar - 2010, pretty good
+Eldar - 2006. Reasonably outdated
+Grey Knights - 2011, awesome rules, borderline broken
+Imperial Guard - 2009, really good, borderline broken
+Necrons - 2011, pretty good
+Orks - 2008, could use an update, but still potent
+Sisters of Battle - 2011, kill me
+Space Marines - 2008, need an update
+Space Wolves - 2009 crazy-good
+Tau Empire - 2006, forever 4ed
+Tyranids - 2010, mediocre compared to Cruddace's other creation- Imperial Guard

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Spoil it for me please. Im reading Fallen Angels (Horus heresy) right now. Did Loken apear again in the Horus Heresy serie (not counting the first three books)?

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He makes a comeback in Garro: Legion of One.
CSM is still a potent army due to Lash, special weapons spam and Obliterators.

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Added Black Templars

+Black Templars 2005 - One good build, overall alright.
+Blood Angels - 2010, pretty good
+Chaos Daemons - Horrible rules, 2008
+Chaos Space Marines - 2007, need an update
+Dark Eldar - 2010, pretty good
+Eldar - 2006. Reasonably outdated
+Grey Knights - 2011, awesome rules, borderline broken
+Imperial Guard - 2009, really good, borderline broken
+Necrons - 2011, pretty good
+Orks - 2008, could use an update, but still potent
+Sisters of Battle - 2011, kill me
+Space Marines - 2008, need an update
+Space Wolves - 2009 crazy-good
+Tau Empire - 2006, forever 4ed
+Tyranids - 2010, mediocre compared to Cruddace's other creation- Imperial Guard

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Awesome, thanks.

Man, it seems like it was yesterday that Space Marines got their codex.

And, fuck it, my Eldar, CSM and DoC armies can wait. Tau need some loving.

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>Fallen angels

Holy fuck that book was terrible. Stopped a little after the Imperium came. Boring as fuck.

The next one, legion, was much better.

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Guys, I JUST started my first army, and it's Tau.

Did I fuck up here? Are we seriously not going to get an update?

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Well everyone told me that Fulgrim was terrible but i enjoyed it allot. Also Legion was 7th book and Fallen Angels is 9th. Legion was cool.

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Who knows, GW is keeping it's release schedule under wraps for now. For now, yes, you fucked up by starting Tau, they are one of the worst armies out there.

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>CSM is still a potent army due to Lash, special weapons spam and Obliterators.
Meh. Unless you're in the 'ard Boyz (or whatever that tourney is called), it's all pretty much subjective to your local metagame.

I consider CSMs to pretty much be a mono-build type of army.
HS? Oblits. Only Oblits.
FA? No.
HQ? Lash.

I'm not contesting its potency, similar to Eldar's one trick pony "Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents", but they really need bring some of the other unit choices up to par.

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Hey, I'm in the same boat as this guy:


Just started Orks. Is it safe to buy a Codex or will they be updating any time soon? What can I expect from the boyz on the table?

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I really doubt they'll Squat the Tau Empire.

Besides, you've got pretty cool models and a fair bit of potential in regard to painting and converting. You'll be sweet, maybe not a winner in "srs games", but you'll be sweet.

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Lash and Warptime got an errata. Now they are no fun.

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Yeah, CSM have like two working builds: Rhino-spam and Lash or a combination of both.
HQs: Abaddon, Kharn, Slaanesh Sorcerer and DP are only worthwhile choices, argueably Fabius due to boosting Chaos Space Marines.
Elites: Terminators or Chosen
Troops: CSM and Plague Marines, others are meh.
Fast Attack: no such thing, if you don't count Forge World.
Heavy: Obliterators and Havocs.

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Lash needs to hit. Woopty-doo, you're BS 5, what do you care? Warptime- yeah this sucks, but thinking about it it's the way it was meant to be used/

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>HQs: Abaddon, Kharn, Slaanesh Sorcerer and DP are only worthwhile choices, argueably Fabius due to boosting Chaos Space Marines.
Babs is too expensive. Sorcerers are generally bad. Fabs is gimmicky at best, but fun for a theme. Khorne Lords with lightning claws or a daemon weapon are useable.

>Elites: Terminators or Chosen
Possessed are alright. Not the best, but they ain't spawn either

>Troops: CSM and Plague Marines, others are meh.
'Zerks are arguably the best troops choice, tied with Plagues. Lesser Daemons are actually pretty versatile, even a small squad.

>Fast Attack: no such thing, if you don't count Forge World.
small unit of raptors with meltaguns are decent and in some cases better than chosen.

>Heavy: Obliterators and Havocs.
Havocs are horribly overpriced. Vindicators are almost always a better choice, and you'll see Predators and Land Raiders every so often (though it's usually just obliterators)

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>argueably Fabius due to boosting Chaos Space Marines.
Too unreliable, not worth it. 3pts per model and you have to roll for what happenes.

>Fast Attack: no such thing, if you don't count Forge World.
FW Blight Drones are actually pretty awesome, give your list some extra punch once HS slots are full. But yeah, it's FW, so people might get pissy if you field it.

Other than that, exactly what you say.

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>One of the worst

Excluding Eldar, Daemons, CSM and Tyranids? Tau aren't really that bad, they aren't as easy to build as Space Marine armies or Dark Eldar (I want to say Necrons but it's rare I see an "optimised" list for them, even though its easy as piss) but they can compete easily with Orks and Sisters of Battle. Heck, if you play 1750-2000 points, they can go toe to toe with almost any army. Especially if you allow Forge World.

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>Khorne Lords with lightning claws or a daemon weapon are useable.
Nah, if you want to fields LC lord go MoN. Reliable 4+ to wound is better than +1A.
As for daemon weapon - if _either_ die rolls one, you're fucked.

>Possessed are alright.
They roll for power _randomly_, _after_ deployment. Too unreliable.

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Abaddon is priced ok for being a raging beast that he is, though it's difficult to fit him in a list usually.
>Sorcerers are generally bad
With Lash they are good, you can bury them in a squad unlike a Daemon Prince
They are fine I guess. I forgot about lesser Daemons entirely- they are ok as objective campers.
>small unit of raptors with meltaguns are decent
Decent if you have the points
>Havocs are horribly overpriced
True for Heavy weapons, you can still give them 4 meltaguns/plasmaguns and drive them around in a Rhino.
I used to like it, but since everyone is packing so much antitank its dead meat.
>Land Raiders
I wish Chaos Land Raiders started at 190-something points with Heavy Bolters or something for sponsons with option to upgrade. Because their primary role for me is transport, they almost never get to shoot their guns,

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I play Orks, and I love my Speed Freeks army. Warbikes are awesome with their twin linked dakkas, and my Battlewagons/Trukks are able to hold their own long enough to get close to the enemy. The codex gives alright info on how to build an army depending on who you're playing against, but playing Orks you really have to strategize since you're pretty squishy. Octavian Orks are rumored to be in the works. Orks in the Octavius system have been duking it out with Nids for quite sometime, and since Orks get bigger and stronger the more they fight, Octavian Orks are going to be some kind of Super-Ork

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>Tau better then Eldar

>> No.18583180

>Nah, if you want to fields LC lord go MoN. Reliable 4+ to wound is better than +1A.
MoN just gives you T5. I'll take the extra WS6 I6 attack over that

>As for daemon weapon - if _either_ die rolls one, you're fucked.
It's less the attacks, and more the psychological effect it has on people. People get tunnel-vision over that sort of thing

>They roll for power _randomly_, _after_ deployment. Too unreliable.
look at what they DO get first.

>5+ Inv
with the added potential of;

>Scouting rhino
>Furious Charge
>Power Weapons

None of the options are bad, and they only supplement the purpose of possessed (shove them into combat). They're a tad more expensive than I'd like, but they're essentially slightly more durable Khorne Berzerkers that are either more mobile or a hell of a lot more proficient in close combat.

I usually just stick to berserkers, as they can claim objectives and have frag grenades.. but Possessed aren't as awful as people make them out to be. They're a damn sight better than.. say.. Noise Marines

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Yeah. Tau can beat Rhino Spam armies. Eldar cannot. Problem?

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Just download a pdf for the codex, they're all easy to find. Sure, it won't help you once 6th ed and the new codexes are released, possibly making your army obsolete and forcing you to restructure your list to be effective, but at least you've saved £20 on the book, or however much it is these days.

All in all, the best way to sustainably enjoy this hobby is to torrent all the books and buy models second hand or discounted online. If push comes to shove and you need a real copy of the codex for tourneyfagging, then cough up the dough, but if you're taking it any less seriously and don't play with total cunts, just use a pdf and save yourself the cash.

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>MoN just gives you T5
He meant the Nurgle Daemon Weapon I think
>Tau can beat Rhino Spam armies
How exactly?

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>With Lash they are good, you can bury them in a squad unlike a Daemon Prince
I just don't feel Lash does much against decent players. I mean, it's a powerful ability, but it's not hard to avoid

>True for Heavy weapons, you can still give them 4 meltaguns/plasmaguns and drive them around in a Rhino.
right, forgot about that.

>I wish Chaos Land Raiders started at 190-something points with Heavy Bolters or something for sponsons with option to upgrade. Because their primary role for me is transport, they almost never get to shoot their guns
In the same boat. Wish they'd get power of the machine spirit next time over. If it's guns survive dropping the troops off it does fine.. but..

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Dark Angels next, just before or just after sixth.

>> No.18583210


Oh, would these new orks come in the form of a codex, or just an errata? Planning on tooling around in the kiddie 500pt army games in my local geedub, possibly drive up to the LGS for warhams night to get a grips with the community.

Playing Bad Moons myself, kind of a dumb move given that I'm a pretty noob painter.

>yellow on black

>> No.18583211

True enough for Lash, but it's still isn't worthless.

>> No.18583214

What about Traitor Guard? That'd be sweet.

>> No.18583215


Dude, they're the next posterboys. no way their codex is going to come out before the rules are updated.

>> No.18583224

6 broadsides, lots of crisis suits. I'm not saying they can do it reliably, I'm saying they can do it and still be able to take on most armies. With Eldar, unless you list tailor or use FW units, you simply cannot demech marines and still be able to kill them with your resultant fire power before they kill you.

>> No.18583235

And Eldar can shut down Grey Knights psychic powers, which is a huge deal.

>> No.18583250


Heard it was Kelly. Rumours only, of course.

>> No.18583256

It's Dark Angels. They're on the WD spines, they're the Marines in the new starter paint set, it keeps the Marine->Non-marine->Marine pattern and 6th edition is rumoured to be coming in summer.

>> No.18583258

Please let it be Matt. I want Abaddon the Spiritual Liege.

>> No.18583262


People say Fulgrim was terrible? I liked it.

>> No.18583272


Orks were 2007, late 2007 but still 2007.

>> No.18583279

I've no idea, maybe it has something to do with retconning Fulgrim willingly becoming a servant of Slaanesh?

>> No.18583282

>With Eldar, unless you list tailor or use FW units, you simply cannot demech marines and still be able to kill them with your resultant fire power before they kill you.
Scatter Lasers, fire dragons and dire avengers

I got problems, but metal boxes ain't them.

It's not even list tailoring. Everything else in the Eldar book is horrifically overpriced.. you don't really have much choice

>> No.18583291

Fulgrim was fantastic. The only one i haven't liked so far was fallen angels.

But yeah that awesome reprisentation of chaos in fulgrim and that crushing atmosphere when you know everything is going to shit.

That horrible feeling when you realise one of the main characters is actually helping lucius but he doesn't realise it.

>> No.18583317

Is it? They simply don't use them and then still kill you. The only thing it really cripples is Draigowing. They can't beat a Blood Angels jump army, nor a Space Wolf army because Eldar can't outshoot them and can't kill them in assault. This is why my local club begrudgingly accepted Forge World units - some armies just need them. Still, not much point in sitting here arguing which army is worse when both need updating. I'm more surprised no-one called me out about saying most Necron armies I've seen are terrible.

>> No.18583331

I'm ready for the Nid codex that won't be coming out.
Synapse needs to give immunity to ID like it used to, and less shooty more CC.
If I wanted to play IG I would play IG.

>> No.18583466


>> No.18583480

It will be something no one wants: either Dark Angels or Black Templars.

The few niche SM players who like those factions can suck my ball sack. The shear amount of SM codices and update hogging through the years is driving the game into the toilet.

>> No.18583492

>The shear amount of SM codices

Has been part of the game since 2nd edition. No, it's not a lot of fun seeing non-Imperial codexes being pushed back time and time again in favour of more Space Marine books, but this isn't a new phenomena. There's no need for hyperbole - it's not killed the game yet and is unlikely to do so.

Besides, current rumours are suggesting it's going to be Chaos Marines. I guess we'll see 6th edition afterwards, then a Marine book to kick things off.

>> No.18583493

>Possessed are alright.

stopped reading there

>> No.18583499

They used to update a lot more back then via White Dwarf any way. Now days we have to perpetually slog through marinehammer where the marines are mostly OP and the cool armies are all horribly overcosted.

>> No.18583505

Sorry, gonna bring some negativity into the scene.

I've not picked up my Warhammer in about a year now, a bit after the new Nid codex came out I guess. Become massively disillusioned with the Hobby.

Started about a decade ago with a Dark Elf army, right after Fantasy 5th Ed was launched, and branched into a small Tau force, then a large Nid army after that (as well as Beasts of Chaos, back when Chaos was good).

Anyway, Games Workshop are just an old company that are MASSIVELY slow to adjust to a modern envionment. The simple fact is, their Codices and Army Books are becoming increasingly cheesy and batshit stupid, the power creep has gotten out of hand, and they don't "patch" anything.
Now it's 2012, and you're running a competitive game system, but apart from a half yearly (if you're fucking LUCKY) errata or FAQ, there's absolutely no adjustments to their lists. This shit needs to go digital, and they need to be making monthly adjustments to ballance lists of. With texts being digital these days anyway, and every man and his dog using tablets of some kind to read them, it's not unreasonable to say you buy the army book, and have the version updated with the monthly changes, rebalances, rule clarifications etc.

THey also need to nerf the shit out of most things again, hard to get a sense of scale on how good something is, if everything you can possibly field is a demon heart scarring bullshit fluff writing, man mech baby holding, landraider deepstriking, one hit killing, nuclear explosioning, rape train of ultimate death machine.

Soooo, to answer OP...who cares what codex they redo next, it'll be fucked from what the game used to be anyway.

>> No.18583519

>where the marines are mostly OP

Except they're not. Dark Angels are crap, Black Templars really outdated. Regular Space Marines are very well balanced. Blood Angels and Space Wolves can put together a few really powerful lists, but aren't inherently overpowered - an army which includes a little bit of everything instead of spamming the best units is far from impossible to deal with. The only real valid point is Grey Knights, who can be an utter nightmare for certain armies to deal with, regardless of what they bring.

>> No.18583525

that's fucked!

>> No.18583526

Don't kid yourself, most of the white dwarf content was also marines

The release schedule is fine, and the amount of non-marine codices has steadily been increasing. Yeah, we lost the Craftworld Eldar book.. but in return there's been Tau, Necron and Daemons of Chaos codices released. The only new marine book since 2nd edition? Black Templars.

>I'm counting DH/Grey Knights and WH/Sisters as wildcards, as they are about as far removed from "traditional" MeQ armies as you can get

>> No.18583534

oh, forgot to mention; Dark Eldar are also a new thing

So that's four entirely new not-marine books. Two of which have been updated recently

>> No.18583546

>becoming increasingly cheesy and batshit stupid
Dude it was always the case. Doomwheels, Jokaero etc. are old things

>> No.18583601

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough.

From an art perspective, alot of their stuff had a unique and, quite a pleasing art style around Fifth Edition. It was darker, Bretonian's had just been revamped and they were no longer "Disney Knights", each army list had some genuinely unique feel to it, there were some tough power playing lists, but there was nothing insanely OP that I could think of.

What we have now, is a MUCH more "cartoony" look to the models (although, on the other hand, some of the new models are just drop dead gorgeous, the new Nid Range in particular). The fluff...well all the retconning aside, some of it's just crap. Just because something exists in the lore, even as a slight background reference, doesn't mean it belongs on the tabletop. Choice is fantastic, but as we saw with the Nids, giving too much choice essentially invalidates half your list. Lictors, were fucking ruined in the new codex, Carnifex's were ballanced.....but then they added OP shit like the Trygon in. Who in honesty would take a Carnifex over a Trygon?! For the tiny extra points spend you gain SOOOO much more then what you lose. Not to mention it comes across as if the rules and list decisions are designed to invalidate old lists to force existing gamers to buy new models in order to remain competitive. That might not be the case, but that's how, as a consumer, it looks and feels to me.

The zone locking of prices is stupid as well. I haven't spent a cent on the hobby since they did that, because they're intent on massively overcharging Australians for the products.


>> No.18583619

Another Fucking SM chapter that will be rediculously OP even when compared to the Grey Knigts

>> No.18583636

Dark Angels are next, I am excited.

>> No.18583682

Trygons aren't OP in any way. Fexes are a legit choice with Tyranid Prime with Lashwhip. Lictors were crap in last edition. As a Blood Angels player I didn't have to adjust that much after the new book dropped for instance.

>> No.18583687

>Who in honesty would take a Carnifex over a Trygon?!
Anyone who's not either playing tournaments or are a fat Timmy Powergamer?

You should sit back, take a deep breath and remember the times when you enjoyed playing games, bro.

>> No.18583704

The problem with the Carnifex is even if you removed the Trygon from the list, it's still a really unappealing choice. Slow, easy to kill by Monstrous Creature standards, and not that amazing in close combat. A crap unit is a crap unit - the fact that the Trygon is both useful and worth its points is just the final nail in the Carnifex's coffin.

>> No.18583720

Sixth, not fifth was when everything really got sorted out for warhammer fantasy. Fifth was a terrible system, better than 4th but more like a patch for the game than actually sorting anything out. Bretonnians came back into existence for the game then, having been AWOL since 3rd.

Otherwise I entirely agree. But damn you for reminding me that Chaos Pumba was a thing.

>> No.18583746


This. And you can still play competitively, in action, without taking the most competitive possible list. I'd argue this is actually a good way to get better at the game, for those who *do* want to play competitively. Taking the most cheesed-out shit possible all the time doesn't demand that you give the utmost effort and employ the utmost cleverness in order to pull out wins, when it comes to the act of playing the game itself as distinguished from list construction.

In other words, whether you're a beer-and-pretzels/Timmy/whatever fun gamer or exclusively play tournaments that have prizes, there are good reasons to take shit like 'Fexes and try to make them work however you can. It may be that you surprise the shit out of someone who thinks they have the metagame figured out, for one thing. It just takes effort and creativity.

Personally, if I played 'Nids I'd probably be running triple-Tyrannofex at high points levels right now, for example, and people would probably be like "oh wait what now it has a 2+ save?" after wasting missile shots on them and shit, never mind not expecting long-range heavy anti-tank shooting to ever come from 'Nids.

>> No.18583767

what about tyrannofexes

>> No.18583773

I remember those times, I just wish they lasted a little longer.

And fuck of Fex's are a legit choice, the Trygon can do the exact same job a Fex can, but with more wounds, more attacks, more initiative, whilst maintaining a support role. The only thing a Fex does better is monolith killing...and even then, not sure how that works anymore as I've not read the new Necron's Dex, I called no joy at Grey Knights.

Either way, you'd still take a fucking Trygon, because it CAN eat a land Raider, then go on to fuck up elite units as well. A fex...gets power fisted with a single swipe, has trouble catching anything it doesn't Mycetic Spore ontop of, and is only good for attacking Armour 14 tanks. I'll give it to them, they were pretty OP in last codex rules, but they're stupidly underpowered even by current standards.

You're right. Sixth Edition was the abolition of Hero Hammer (you'll have to excuse my ignorance, it's been a while), and the move to units rather then super powered army stompers, with only decked out Vampire Lords and Chaos Lords still able to wade through units.
Seventh was, on face value it was better as a rule system, but it the army books that accompanied it gave it a massively sour taste...High Elves ASF bullshit through ballance out the window, and the Daemons of Chaos were just...lets go ahead and say "fucking stupid".
The Dark Elf Army book was quite a good one, but it did get a big power jump in the 8th Edition ruleset, which has made me like it less.

>> No.18583815

>and even then, not sure how that works anymore as I've not read the new Necron's Dex

Monoliths don't ignore the 2D6 penetration granted by Monstrous Creatures any more. A Trygon can smash one up as easily as it can a Land Raider. These days, Carnifexes have a slight niche for smashing Bastions in Planetstrike games, but that's about it.

>> No.18583846


>> No.18583861

Ironically, what you described as what you'd play is considered to be the "cheesy" nids list. Tyrannofex buffed Gants are just face rapingly good, and is largely what is used in the competitive scene.

As for using Fex's, useless. Any unit half their cost can wade through them with a powerfist, they lack Synpase, fast units can avoid them...they're dead weight. To counteract their movement issues with Mycetic Spores puts their cost into Trygon territory, and they can deepstrike AND bring other units onto the board behind them.

Trygon gets you more attacks, at god tier initiative (we're talking Eldar elites levels of speed here), as well as a brilliant assault weapon...or better yet...fleet movement.

There's seriously no competition, even in a themed list. Trygon will do everything a Carnifex is needed for (can opening) but then go on to slash its way through hordes of troops as well.

Not to mention, it's a fucking Ravener on crack, and Ravener's, short of Lictors, are about the coolest things fluffwise to ever come forth from GW fluff.

>> No.18583887


>> No.18583896

>Tyrannofex buffed Gants

You're confusing Tervigons and Tyrannofexes. Tervigons are the Termagant-buffing factories, Tyrannofexes are the giant shooty bugs.

>> No.18583911

Speaking to my local manager at my GW he said that the suppliers have started to give the new stuff code names. Aka the new paints were operation yellow. Apparently next is Operation Green which could be i don't know Orks maybe.

>> No.18583925

I'm not doing well here!!

Tyrannofex's shoot greased up seed pods that impode and rip things into themselves in doing so. They got a pretty awesome looking model recently as well.

In my defence, it's late here in land of Aus, I had a long day at work, and I'm on and off a skype call with a frustrating connection between typing on here.

I miss my Lictors...they used to be so cool.

>> No.18583944

Its been like 24 hours since a space marine codex... so space marine codes which would be next

>> No.18583945

>I miss my Lictors...they used to be so cool.
funnily enough, they're still pretty good at killing tanks

pop up in the rear and shoot two (rending) S6 shots at that delicious Av10. They're on the cusp of playability. Give them the ability to charge on the turn they come in replace their +1 to reserves (while on the table) with either a +1 to reserves (always) or a re-roll to any reserve rolls you make and they'd be god-tier

>> No.18583947

Dark Angels.

>> No.18583957

6th is supposed to be coming out in summer, so there's not a lot of time to put out a 40k codex between Fantasy Empire and then.

Dark Angels are strong favorites for the starter set and are now the Marines appearing in the starter paint set. So my money's on Dark Angels being the next codex.

>> No.18583963

They should have come with upgrade options for first turn assaults, and a higher base cost and the permanent +1 reserve rolling/re-rolling bonuses. It seems illogical, even from a fluff point of view, that their pheromone trail only activates when they decide to.

They also need Brood Synapse back.

Flesh hooks are nice, but, it's hardly the fearsome lurking ambusher it used to be.

>> No.18584010

Dark Angels.

>> No.18584051

Is that a plasma combi-plasma?

>> No.18584065

Obviously you're exaggerating, but your exaggeration shows you're ignoring the real problem. It's not that they update Marines too much. It's that they don't update anything enough. In fact it's been a year now since the last Marine codex, and another year since the one before that.

>> No.18587457


>> No.18587590


The real problem is the Army Book format itself.

>> No.18588001


Like >>18583505 said, printed media still has a long way to go now that digital media has opened so many possibilities. WotC had surprisingly good with the Character Builder that got monthly (or something) updates including any new classes/powers from Dragon Magazine.

It just sucked that it was on the .net format (?) when I usually use Linux.

>> No.18588048

Utter shit.
Six chaos players, four Grey Knights, a Dark Eldar, and two people with Orkz.
That is what I have to deal with.

>> No.18588228

>Nids need more CC.
Problem with that is it'd make them worse as is.
40k is not designed for CC. The core system would need to change.

>> No.18588275

It is clearly a plasma cannon combi plasma.
He was watching too much Spider-Man that day when he asked for it.
DA have a good shot at being in the starter since the new 40k starter paint set has official snap-fit Dark Angels.

>> No.18589620

Hey, this looks like a 40k complaints general! If so...

Question: did Ward design the Newcrons specifically to fuck with the Eldar? Now, the background actually allows the Eldar to appear cool, since they scared the Crons off and all.

But on the tabletop... that one-off AV13 means they're immune to S6 and you've got to rely on ridiculously expensive S8 weapons and suicide Fragons. Then there's that fighting in the dark stuff. What don't Eldar have, despite being Space Elves? Acute Senses. Even the goddamn Rangers can't see shit in the dark.

>> No.18589726

sry guys i don't care i just play Skaven on WHFB

i got a small warband of dwarfs 2 but meh rly small

>> No.18589838

Because 2006.

But seriously, doesn't the Eldar Sniper Rifle give you a certain hit on something... where's my little rulebook... Who cares, Rangers have a BS of ... 4... well, shit.

Because two thousand and fucking six.

>> No.18589854

Alternatively, WHFB is geared towards CC.

>> No.18591865

Look more closely, bro.
A DA faction that turned to Chaos is coming out of the closet.
The v6 starter set will include bits to let buyers play DA ... or Fallen DA.

>> No.18591890

Dark Angels then chaos legion then probably tau

>> No.18592051

>Will the XV9's make it into the codex?
i think thats reasonably likely, We've had a few things moved from FW to codex recently. IG got Valkyries, Nids got Trygons and almost malanthropes (venomthropes). Deldar got their fighter (though it looks different.)

>> No.18592060

He's in a robe, and has a sword.

>> No.18592075

Alpha Legion.

>> No.18592187


>> No.18592348

Going by your picture, he's 3rd among the mentally handicapped.

I've always wondered; can a person with Down's syndrome be more intelligent that someone is doesn't have any mental condition? I mean, look at the average person. Not too bright, right? Think about some of the idiots you know. Fuckin' morons, right? Smarter than a Down's? I can honestly say that I could not be certain of that.

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