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Ever had a player or GM try to work his or her personal fetish into a game?

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Do you really need to ask that when we have multiple threads on this subject daily

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Yes, monster girl fetish.

We told him point-blank that if it gets weird he'll have to give up the character or leave.

Never had any problems.


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Yes and it was horrible.


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I had a player many years ago that used to get off on street racing and ricer culture. Not as bad as weaboo or persecution complex furries. Never the less, he'd try jamming it into absolutely every setting we did, even if it was medieval fantasy or space adventure. He eventually got frustrated at our lack of giving a shit and left. Last I heard he got so fat he had several mini-heart attacks.

So remember, jamming your fetishes in games leads to fatty time heart attacks.

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Does it count if my campaigns are full of lesbians?

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Oh god yes

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Yes. One of the regular members of my first group loooooved transgender stuff. Making guys into gals, playing female characters, etc.

I eventually got him to stop changing my characters into girls when he DM'ed by having them immediately commit suicide if gender changed.

It got REALLY old.

Then, he got smarter about it, and played his hand during resurrections. He'd offer you several choices of bodies to come back in if raised, but the guys just HAPPENED to suck, and the chicks were overpowered. It was basically outright bribery.

So that's how my badass characters often ended up becoming half-crippled halflings with horrid stats.

Now me? I love mind control, but I don't bring that shit INTO THE GAME. That's just not right.

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Maybe. I think it's very possible.

It's even worse when someone might be doing it but you're not sure.
It's like you think someone might not be wearing pants under the table and you don't really want to look.

I tried not to think about it too much.

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A casual dungeon-crawl PF campaign where we would routinely break character but one guy made a loli witch that would oftentimes rub her feet following an encounter amongst other things.

It was meant to be a light-hearted campaign so it wasn't as creepy as if he was seriously trying to roleplay that but yeah

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Once, just once, in L5R I managed to an NPC (my character's wife) pregnant.

Pregnancy is hardly my only fetish, or my biggest fetish, or my weirdest fetish, but it is the only fetish I have that I've ever snuck into a game

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Someone post the Whizzard comic.

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I like halfling women, my fetish pops up constantly and I don't have to do a damn thing.

I have to ask, what is your big hard fetish?

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Does it count if you take fetishes and make them horrifying?

Because after finding out one of my fellow players had a foot fetish i purposefully made a 90 year old human druid who walked around in bare feet and complained about bunions.

I can be a bit of a jerk when roleplaying

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Yeah, but that was with someone who shared my fetish so...

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Soft vore, weight gain, extreme breast/butt expansion, monstergirls, female-on-male rape, and several others.

I also get minorly aroused at the thought of tall (but not giant) women and redemption, but I'm far less interested in either of those, and they're so easy to include in a roleplaying game that I didn't bother including them

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Once, but we never realized it until much later, and it never once actually felt weird in the game itself.

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>the thought of tall (but not giant) women and redemption
Oh baby you're so big it's going to take all NIGHT to redeem all of you.

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Had one who was heavily into mind control and hypnotism. He had a super-Mary Sue DMPC that was entirely built on it. I got so fed up with it and "no, sorry, your will is stripped away entirely" that I just stopped gaming with him.

Couple years later I run into a different DM who's got the transgender shit. Lots of random magical or technology mishaps and whoops, boobies. He even foisted it to a degree on tomboy female characters to where they'd inadvertently wind up having to dress up in skimpy clothes and act like a brainless huge-tittied bimbo.

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Technically any time a female giant is anywhere near the PCs that's my fetish been worked into the game, tangentally though it may be.

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Uhh, do you want me to explain the L5R game or my other fetishes?

Because my other fetishes are listed here: >>18582503

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My fetish is compelling and intricate story lines with lots of character development.
And challenging but winnable battles that require a party to think and work together.
What really gets me wet however is the final showdown with a compelling villain that the players love to hate.
I mask my orgasms by playing dramatic sound clips and moodlighting the room while I playing the speech of the BigBad that I had prerecorded by Brian Blessed.

And instead of cuddling I talk about how the session went with the players and take notes.

I know I have a problem but they never caught on.

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Brian Blessed is now my next BBEG.

Now shall he be a barbarian lord or greater deamon?

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Gay Minotaur/Orc stuff

I play with gay guys

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You're a sick sick person.

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Almost every game I play lets me get off on my dice fetish.

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You fool, your next BBEG needs to be...


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And his voice counts as a sonic attack.

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And perhaps a second-in-command who just doesn't stay dead. Let's name him 'Gordon'.

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I realized the other day that I don't really have any good that guy stories.

You guys always have great stories, is it the online games?

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Two of my fetishes are transformation and corruption.

I somehow managed to not only get them into a game, but make the GM think it was his idea.

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Elaborate, good sir.

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Adorable girls, be they short, tall, strong or monster.

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Sick fucks like you are everything wrong with the hobby today. You are the cancer.

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That picture isn't even of a thread over a week old and you're starting up the topic again.

The short answer is NO. And please don't.

The long answer is no, and please don't because the way it's usually done is kind of uncomfortable. If EVERYONE was okay with it, and it was done in a fashion that relates to gameplay and can't just be hidden (mind control is an example of a fetish that CAN be hidden and nobody will care as long as you don't start making the MC polish your spear), like "I want my bard's con/cha to reflect her TnA" then sure, whatever. But it begs the question of why you can't just play her normally and then think about that stuff on your own time.

The problem with bringing fetishes into the game are manifold, the biggest being 1) It's creepy as hell (no offense exhibitionists), and 2) what purpose does it serve in the game? It'd be adding it for the sake of getting your rocks off, but there's plenty of time for porn when my friends aren't here.

TL;DR As long as you're not waxing your carrot at my table and everyone's having fun, whatever.

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I know a gay guy who always projects his sexuality into every game, ever. It doesn't matter what system, DnD, VTM, Rifts, this guy always plays a flaming homosexual who tries to seduce every male npc the party is introduced to. Not only that, but the player himself is very loud and disruptive when at the table whenever his character isn't trying to fuck men, so him trying to fuck men is the only thing that ever happen whenever another player is dumb enough to invite him to the session.

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I have a guy in my group with a big thing for harems.

Now that's pretty fucking normal by anyone's standards, to say nothing of /tg/ standards, but the annoying thing is that he works it into most of the characters he plays. Worse than that though is when he GMs he all but forces it onto one/multiple players. Maybe because he thinks they would like that? Many of his characters start with multiple female NPCs who are all in love with his character, but get along just fine. PCs he likes will end up having multiple women throw themselves at said PC, not a terrible thing, but then they all end up getting along with each other and living in a big happy family, all in love with the PC and randomly super-powerful.

It's not too weird or sick, but it can really fuck with character development.

For example:

>Playing nerdy guy, more interested in how stuff works and robots than women.
>There's metal that can capture souls, the souls then control the metal.
>Find woman my character gets along with well and cares about.
>See potential love interest for character development.
>Riding on a train in a private booth with as of yet POTENTIAL love interest and another female NPC from my guild.
>"You know you could have a threesome with them if you wanted."
>"WTF, that's really not in his character to try something like that."
>He had never set up the other NPC as potentially interested in me AT ALL.
>"Well they're acting really seductive towards you."
>He basically spent 20 minutes telling me that they both wanted it and that it was totally possible until I finally gave in feeling very awkward.
>Retired that character right after that because he had been ruined for me.

I really liked that character too.

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I like giantesses and transformation.

I don't think anyone minds when I play a master of many forms and wildshape into a giantess.

They do make jokes when she turns into a giant octopus though;
"Your character is a woman and a tentacle monster? She's her own worst enemy lol!"
>mfw that is not my fetish

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I'm a colossal furfaggot but nobody knows this, and I *much* prefer it that way thank you very much.
Thus, gnolls, gnolls everywhere.
In my campaign I've based gnolls on hyenas - their hunter-gatherer society is matriarchal because females are the bigger, more aggressive sex, while males are smaller and deferential. There's some immigration to civilized lands, mainly by males without prospects in their tribe, and the Empire sometimes uses them as foot soldiers and scouts.
What the players (yet) don't know is that since only few males are ever chosen as mates by females, most of the young gnolls are jailhouse gay. Combined with their submissive nature they are often taken advantage of by 'civilized' population, and there's an underground slave ring selling male gnolls to sexual slavery.
I'm quite confident that when the players learn this after heroically smashing the slave ring, I can pull this off as 'attention to detail'. Wish me luck!

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Okay, there's a difference between being gay and just being a fag. He needs to learn the difference.

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Oh that second line of greentext is there because the woman's soul was caught in that, thus what set her up for the whole potential love interest thing. Forgot to add that.

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Stopit. Just stop.

Keep that in your fantasies, sure, whatever, but change it slightly in the game, just say there's a slave ring of them, leave the other shit out. Problem solved, you keep your shit away from the table, and can fap to the "real" reason for the slave-ring later.

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I'd be perfectly fine with it. But then I'm an over-tolerant /d/evian/tg/entleman...

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I just wanted to kill things and get stuff.
Now I feel dirty for that role-playing XP you gave me.

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you sick fucks

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Fucking sick people is my fetish.
>Nurglette prime waifu material.

>> No.18582906

I partially agree, but some of this thread is bitching about those people. Please don't lump us in with the sick fucks.

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Nagging about sick fucks is your fetish?

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Heres the thing. If something comes up in game which is incidentally a fetish for one of the players/GM whatever we all move on. Bonus for that guy orgal, but we aren't going to dwell on it or revisit it. If the GM purposely places his fetishesin game, that is different. That is a road straight to awkward times, because it ceases to make the game abiut the actions of the players and makes the PCs puppets in the GMs fapfantasy. Which is not fun at all.u

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You do realise that if most of you were the players in OP's pic's game, you would probably never catch on?

Yeah, I disagree with intentionally throwing fetish fuel into a game, but fuck it. If it's something as innocuous as that to the point where the players might never catch on, then there shouldn't even be a discussion either way.

You're silly.

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My fetish is shoehorning my fetish into games.

It can get a little meta at times.

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that would be fun if the DM got pissed and got his character executed by some church

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>it's okay to do bad things if no one notices

What are you, 15?

>> No.18583338

>it's okay to do bad things if no one notices


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I was thinking of throwing a fountain of fertile in my next game that knocks up who ever drinks from it.

The quest is innocent enough but, some lord wants a flask from it so his barran wilfy could bear him a heir and so won't fall into his bastard of a bastard son's hands.

Also there more then a few harems aswell, but only as 1000 and one style set pieces.

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Not the fetish itself, but the act of inserting it into the game is inherently bad. You yourself (or the guy I first replied to, if that's not you) admitted that it was wrong.

>Yeah, I disagree with intentionally throwing fetish fuel into a game


Even if it's a fetish for something that would happen anyway (like heavy armour), the fact that you're mentally getting off to it makes it bad, whether or not your group knows that you are.

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what would happen if a male drank from the fountain? would he still get pregnant?

>> No.18583365

either he turns into a pregnant futanari or just gets a bad diarrhea

>> No.18583369

He's stuck with a painful erection until he can impregnate a girl, at which point shit goes womb-dagger shaped and said girl becomes pregnant, regardless whether or not the man and woman would be able to produce viable offspring otherwise.

>> No.18583479

haven't decided. Mpreg *isn't* one of my fetishes. Mostly like roll for it.

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Honestly, if a fetish of mine came up in a game, I'd try to steer away from it. I'd just feel too weird. Problem is, many of my fetishes could potentially wind up naturally in a story. Mind control, all sorts of transformations (TG, inanimate, WG, shrinking, age regression, to name a few), and light sub-dom themes.

>> No.18583510


What the fuck is a womb-dagger and what hell is with stuff becoming shaped like it?

You know what? Never-mind, I don't want to know.

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umm... source? just wondering dafuq is it

>> No.18583559

fa/tg/uy saved up his allowance

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Anon dude, are you me?

>> No.18583584

you must be new here

>> No.18583585

The best are strong, warrior types that are inexplicably shy around this one guy for reasons he cannot discern.

Pic not really related but the pose is.

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>Be slimy rich villain
>Buy slave girl
>Sit under a tree
>Enlightenment (become Buddha)

>> No.18583617

>doesn't know about the womb-dagger

>> No.18583631

Best part of that is when the tough girl attempts to act "cute" and "feminine" for the guy she likes.

That is the cutest thing. Surprising how the first time I encountered it was in an RPG

>> No.18583662


Seriously, it's the cutest thing. It's not even a sexual thing sometimes. I just really like it. Like if I didn't like a game and suddenly that type of moment happened, I would continue playing the game just to see if there were more.

>> No.18583685

Greasy, oily looking rich fellow is actually a very nice person. Buys the slave girl, and que the next panel, where instead of any amount of horrible things, he's cooking a pleasant meal for the little elf girl and later, they picnic outside in the fields, happily content.

Apparently the man is just very nice, despite his appearance, and doesn't think anything of buying little elf girls to take care of.

>> No.18583727


Hmmm... I'll have to include in my next game, see how the players react.

Do you think it should be an NPC in love with a PC or an NPC in love with another NPC?

>> No.18583758

No plan survives first contact with the PC's. NO PLAN. Make it NPC and NPC.

>> No.18583779

At this point, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to NOT involve my personal fetishes in a game, because I've been on /d/ for so long that ANYTHING in the proper context can turn me on.

However, I also have the apparently-miraculous ability to not get turned on by what would otherwise be sexy stuff OUTSIDE of that context, so it's never been a problem.

...Hmm. This thread has actually given me an idea for a society for the PCs to run into. Thanks, /tg/!

>> No.18583789

Okay then.

Already got a plan

>> No.18583803

Well lets hear it then

>> No.18583811


It's setting-specific, and three of my four players browse /tg/.

>> No.18583817

>It's not even a sexual thing sometimes.

It's always a sexual thing. In this case is dominance over a woman. She subside a part of her personality to conform to your expectations. Same reason some women like "bad boys" or the idea of "taming" a man.

>> No.18583889

Okay, so I like the idea of women getting flustered in my presence, it doesn't mean I like dominating them...





>> No.18583940

Domination isn't always about lording over them or physically holding them down.

Don't worry about it, it's the mildest form of the mildest form of domination

>> No.18583974


I'm fairly certain there is a genetic aspect to that, don't feel bad.

>> No.18583987

That's the point entirely. I get thrills whenever I invite disaster by including my fetishes in game and hoping that I'm devious enough to fly under the radar.
Not sexual thrills, mind you, but more like rollercoaster thrills.

>> No.18583992

How do you feel about the idea of a confident women landing a soft kiss on the lips of a stuttering boy attempting to ask her out?

>> No.18583996


An Asuka is fine too.

>> No.18584025

Sounds about right.

>pic related
I like.

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>> No.18584036

Well good, that means you like female domination as much as male domination. Which means you're a good person and not a sexist fuckhead

>> No.18584050


>> No.18584079

Well, there is something about domination...

>> No.18584095


It's actually more the submission part which has the Unfortunate Implications. The subtext through a lot of domination works is usually along the lines of "This is what He/She Really Wanted" and the dominant partner is the one giving it to them.

Which is fine if true, but, well, Unfortunate Implications.



>> No.18584117

Yeah, it is complicated and conflicting but that's why communication is so important.

>> No.18584134

I'm just gonna have to say that those two make my favourite couple ever.

God they're adorable

>> No.18584147

Hell yes.

I am so glad the anime expanded on their interactions. One of my favorite scenes was Krillin charging Super Buu and 18 calling out his name.

>> No.18584153

Aaaaand now my mind has gone from d'aww to baww in under a minute

>> No.18584196

Alright, I have a confession to make. My sickest fetish. Though I try not force it into every game I'm in, sometimes it just bleeds out.

I like...functional, happy couples. Of consenting age.

>> No.18584202

You fucking sick pervert.

I hope you burn in Hell.

>> No.18584221

I...have a thing for cross-social-class coupling. In literature.

>> No.18584229

I know! I'm so ashamed!

But they're so happy! And consenting!

>> No.18584232

>Venus's Burn
No surprises there

>> No.18584235

I, I think I may have this fetish as well.

Looking back, I realise that a lot of the characters I've played in the past have been happily married. In fact, I now realise that I took the "blissful betrothal" advantage with every single one of my L5R characters

>> No.18584246

At least you haven't spoken about heterosexual, consensual sex in the missionary position for the express purposes of procreation.
[nospoilers]which is my fetish[/wereallyneedspoilers]

>> No.18584259

Not even death can save us from this evil.

I don't really involve my fetishes because they're along the lines of rape, domination, and mind control. It would get in the way of my style of DMing. I guess I got it easy though that I was gifted with genetics that can get me laid here and there well enough that I don't need to use my PnP RPG's as my porn. Could also help that I've got a password to every possible porn site I could ever be interested in. Hurray for being a pirate!

>> No.18584262

Okay, that's it. I really have to get into Legend of the Five Rings now. Anyone have any games around the Roselle area in Illinois?

[where'sthegoddamnspoilers]Holy shit, your sick[/whydon'twehavespoilers]

>> No.18584265

My personal fetish is having fun.

>> No.18584270




... Yeah, me too.

>> No.18584274

Ehh, I'm okay with this since pregnancy is a thing for me.

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>> No.18584287

I know, right.

>> No.18584302

I...I don't even know what to say...

>> No.18584307

You're the sickest fuck I've ever "met" and I wanna give you a hug

>> No.18584316

You mean like...middle class and lower middle class?

>> No.18584322

>fetish is a buzzword

>> No.18584323


>> No.18584327

Fun is an outdated buzzword.

>> No.18584330


this is a work-safe board you sick fucks! take that shit over to /d/

>> No.18584341

God dammit, I ran out of Oh My pictures.

>> No.18584366

Fun fact, what people are referring to here as fetishes, are in fact kinks.
A kink is an unusual sexual preference, note in this sense unusual is not referring to how common it is, merely that it is a deviation from the norm.
A fetish is something you almost require to get off, i.e. you struggle to get off without it as you have linked whatever the fetish is over to gratification to an abnormal degree.


>> No.18584369

N...not necessarily.

>> No.18584370

Hint for blissful betrothal in L5R

Most GMs will let you choose what family your betrothed comes from, choose a Doji or Bayushi for the most advantages, or a Hida for a secure homestead.

>> No.18584372

Androgyny and dominance/submission...

Playing mostly shadowrun and V:tM I never had any problems getting some of that in a game.

My main SR char is so cybered up that it literally has no gender anymore and my main V:tM char is a willpower 10 Tremere who is stupidly loyal and submissive to her elders.

>> No.18584373

We all know we're using the word fetish wrongly but it no longer matters. Like how we all fag eachother regardless of sexual orientation, dislike for homosexuals or personal fetishes for dry firewood.

>> No.18584377

I'd have more but I can't remember the name of the Doujin at the moment..

>> No.18584403

I have a character that absolutely hates shoes and refuses to wear them to the point where she has almost lost her job over it.

Hardly injecting my fetish into a game though, considering I don't have a foot fetish.

>> No.18584411

>No Anon, your pasted links will not work

>> No.18584427

>personal fetishes for dry firewood
Oh my God, my sides. Why is that so funny?
Oh God...you mean, even more divergent social classes?! Urk...ugh...sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little...

>> No.18584430

It loaded for me on firefox. Are you using Chrome?
stealthsage because bad links are not a fetish

>> No.18584432


This joke stopped being funny when people started using it in forums where commonly virtually no sexual deviancy exists. Places populated by relative normalfags.

It only made sense in places where stuff like loli, rape, traps, tentacles, futa, monster girls, whatever were common. Like /d/, /a/ or /jp/.

>> No.18584433

This is my fetish.

>> No.18584441

>> No.18584451

Speaking of Blissful Betrothal, one of the people I played with once had a thing for meek, feminine little boys with overbearing/powerful female NPC connections.

In an L5R game he took Blissful Betrothal to a very high-ranked (and much older) Crane woman.

In Pathfinder (essentially the same character, used the same picture and everything), he wrote a female caretaker into his backstory that apparently had spent most of their time together bossing him around.

Then there was the Dresden Files game (I didn't play in) where he was either a fey or half fey little boy with a psychotic mother who was emotionally abusive towards him.

I dunno, it just felt kinda creepy after a while.

>> No.18584453

>> No.18584457

>> No.18584463

Oh good god you met Colette.

>> No.18584467

I am using chrome, it's probably the 4chan extension parsing the links incorrectly. It refused to pick up the ' and anything after it

>implying /tg/ is not /d/-lite
/tg/ is a gateway drug into /d/, with that in mind /tg/ is also populated by those who came back.
Those who came back changed, came back wrong.

>> No.18584477

Oh good lord, that reminds of a moment that nearly killed my group with laughter during an Eberron campaign.

I still have the drawing I made of it.
Isn't /tg/ the birthplace of Thri-Keen erotica?

>> No.18584485

Awww... poor Saber.

Good thing his son will fall head-over-heels for her (in one route at least)

>> No.18584500

Oh man, oh man... I wish I could see the whole comic, but I have a suspicion that it's not worksafe.

>> No.18584518

My sides! They're moving on there own!

>> No.18584534

Oh Kiritsugu... Being so chaotic evil that you're lawful good.

>> No.18584537

Oh, this person was a thing already?

>> No.18584538

"their" Goid damn dyslexia and the almost religious will to not proofread.

Eh, have a happy couple.

>> No.18584542

Unless our GM's personal fetish was us dying, then no, on the GM side.

And I'm fairly sure a few of our group have sprinkled their characters with fetishes, but it has never been played anything near sexually. So no-one really cared.

>> No.18584548

Yes, my pretty. Dig yourself deeper!

>> No.18584553

There is actually only one panel where sou see tits when I remember correclt, I don't have the complete thing, though.

It's from the same guy that made the "A cat is fine, too"-Doujin.

>> No.18584562

God dammit...

I also like it when the woman is the perv in the relationship.

>> No.18584566

>fetish thread

>> No.18584573

Is it a fetish to work Wilbur Smith esque violence and innuendo into a campaign? I may have that problem, but it doesn't make figuring out NPC alignment very difficult.

>> No.18584574

Wasn't also responsible for the "ponos, vagoo, j-j-jam it in" doujin?

>> No.18584576

as a GM my fetish is horribly intricate traps

I'm not normally allowed to GM

>> No.18584599

It probably is SFW. This guy made a lot of Type Moon doujins, but they rarely have any sex in them, just sexual themes.

One of his Tsukihime comics originated the somewhat famous A CAT IS FINE TOO.

J-J-JAM IT IN is also from his works.

He has his own manga called something like "Mangaka-san and Assistant-kun". He had another manga called "Doujin Work".

And I can't fucking remember his pen name!

>> No.18584601

>horribly intricate traps
There is one I could think of...

>> No.18584603

I can't believe I know this but is that Kyon and Kyonko?

>> No.18584608

Whoever he is he's apparently responsible for about 50% of all T/M memes

>> No.18584614

Probably the thing that gets me turned on the most is oral sex. Giving -and- receiving. I'd find it somewhat hard to not be either blatant with some kind of oral fixation, fucking sucking on lollipops or whatever, or downright explicit (and I just... don't do explicit sexual rp in pen/paper shit, keep the awkward to a minimum guys).

I don't -think- I've had a GM or a player work their fetish into a game I played in. If it happened, it wasn't something I knew about, so they were pretty good at hiding their excitement.

I -did- play in a V:tM game where a twisted clown villain rammed a giant lollipop up someone's ass, but (as far as I know) this was done for giggles, not for 'is mah fetish >:3'. Especially considering the GM's M.O. was pretty much 'troll the players for the lulz'. (It was high school and it was pretty much the only gaming group I could find at the time.)

Other than that, omg all you guys are turned on by healthy loving relationships too? :O

>> No.18584615


>> No.18584621

God dammit /tg/ will you shut up about fetishes for five minutes? I just had a player quit on me because he accused me of having a plant-rape fetish when I used an Alraune against them. Using it exactly as it should be played, making it bury yourself underground, and then sucking you dry. Failing that, rip your guts out.

>> No.18584629 [DELETED] 

If he's going to quite over something that silly, mayhaps he wasn't the best person to be playing with in the first place?

>> No.18584634

since when are players bigger douches than their DM?

>> No.18584637

This guy are sick.

>> No.18584638

If he's going to quit over something that silly, mayhaps he wasn't the best person to be playing with in the first place?

>> No.18584641

I do it occasionally as a GM but I'm usually so subtle about it the players don't even notice. It works best in a long term campaign with a lot of travel. When the players journey around a huge homebrewed fantasy world they'll see all kind of outrageous shit, in the name of CINEMATIC ADVENTURE! Once they've been to the medieval feudal nation, far east expy-land, the grim northern wild of viking clichés and the land where all humans are enslaved by demonic monsters they'll hardly suspect the recurring slaver caravan or the roaming giant amazons are your personal fetish.

>> No.18584642

Oh Kay, you're even worse off than Macha.

>> No.18584645

Does it count as working a fetish into a game if the situation only becomes a fetish after you've played the game?

>> No.18584647


>> No.18584653

And we come full circle.

>> No.18584659

Yes. Here's Captain MacMillan and that flash-game Sniper

the things you collect from this site..

>> No.18584661

I am intrigued. Tell me more.

>> No.18584677

I laughed wholeheartedly, good show.

>> No.18584679


Material Sniper....

I know waifus are for fags, but....

>> No.18584681

Oooh, that's clever! Kudos to you, sir!

>> No.18584686

I'm a pretty submissive guy.

Most of my L5R characters end up blissfully betrothed to some delicious Crab waifu.

Otherwise it doesn't usually inform my characters. Most of them are brash hero types because I like playing the white knight, even if that white knight is a half-elf barbarian who got way too drunk one night and accidentally summoned their tribe's patron goddess of death and now is working off a debt to her, much older and wiser for his experiences.

>> No.18584688

everyone's a fag on 4chan

>this isn't her but it's the only other "girl with sniper rifle" I have on hand so whatever

>> No.18584695


>> No.18584699

Seriously, and L5R gamers in the Roselle area of Illinois, around Chicago? Come on, I'm going into the Navy in September! I've only played like four systems for RPG's!

>> No.18584702

I want to play with you but 1. I've never actually played L5R and 2. I live in Australia

>> No.18584703

It's funny how they look alike though. Up to the clothes and eye color.

>> No.18584709

I've always had a personal fear of betrayal, so I worked it into the game with a shapeshifted half-demon who the party worked to save and then she helped them get out of bad situations herself, building trust and all that jazz. Then when the time came, she turned on the party, being a sort of BBEG for that part of the campaign.

And then when I thought about it; the power play was kind of sexy. Dangerous women and all that.
Still have a fear of betrayal but now its a fetish too? The mind is fucking weird.

Zelly not actually related in this case.

>> No.18584719

I've got a thing for girly guys (and this is 4chan, so who the fuck doesn't?), but the only time I ever put on in a game, nobody ever saw his face because he was a Krieger.

>> No.18584725

Damn. Well, hopefully there'll be a few games on the ship or in the base I'm assigned to.

>> No.18584767


His pen name is Hiroyuki

>> No.18584788


>> No.18584795


>> No.18584872

I have a GM who is apparently into cross-dressing. Aka his sister caught him in HER bathroom webcamming it.
But for some dumb ass reason he has decided that all my characters have to either change into women or are forced into women's clothing as part of the adventure. It's quite irritating. I have my own fetishes but fuck man I don't bring them into the game. Least of all force it on my players.

>> No.18584873


it's always confused me: how can 4chan seem to so ubiquitously worship femme-boys and traps while i never fucking see them out walking around? and why does everyone i know act all annoyed, creeped out, disgusted or whatever about them?

>> No.18584889

De Nile

I fap to traps but would admit it only over my dead, cremated, consecrated, body.

>> No.18584890

>how can 4chan seem to so ubiquitously worship

Fact: The people who like traps talk about their fetish

The people who don't do not participate in those conversations, giving the illusion of consensus

Also I troll u

>> No.18584911

Because that's how fantasies work. Wait until you hook up with twins and have to try to explain to everyone that you would rather just do them separately, cause it was really uncomfortable for everyone involved.

My DM has a thing for competent women. Not super unstoppable badass warriors, just women who are competent at their jobs, whatever those jobs may be.

I can't bring myself to mind this.

>> No.18584921

Yeah, forcing your fetishes on players is poor form. He should slide it in with clever reasons to cross-dress. Maybe you should counter-troll your GM by only playing non-gendered, non-sexual beings that are nudist? Like a warforged or a blob of sentient slime or something.

>> No.18584927

>Warforged in a dress

This amuses me to an unnecessary degree.

>> No.18584934

Because it's okay to talk about fetishes on the internet* but they're not appropriate to indulge or discuss in public?

*Or at least the bits of it that are porn-related, like half of 4chan, or part of a community where porn is widely accepted, like the other half of 4chan**.
**Also it is common to accept or at least imitate social behaviours within communities. Not everyone who plays along with the trap thing actually thinks traps are hot, it's just part of the 4chan culture.

Also your post makes me imagine you stood in the middle of an office, unshaven, haggard face, in a flowery dress, indignantly shouting "But 4chan LOVES this!" at a circle of disgusted co-workers.

>> No.18584935

I'm sorry, now all I can think of his a slime with a pretty ribbon blushing.

Welp, time to shoot myself.

>> No.18584939

>My DM has a thing for competent women. Not super unstoppable badass warriors, just women who are competent at their jobs, whatever those jobs may be.
Just tell him he's breaking your suspension of disbelief.

>> No.18584970

>in the middle of an office, unshaven, haggard face, in a flowery dress, indignantly shouting "But 4chan LOVES this!"

>> No.18584994

The medieval fantasy genre is my fetish.


>> No.18584995


/psssshhhhhnickersnort! maybe i should sometime. maybe i really should.

>> No.18585001

What's really priceless for me is that I'm in a World of Darkness game right now where the party is 90% humans, two of them are girls playing guys who just happened to be male "escorts" who will play ball if you pay them enough.

Where it gets interesting is that one of them has a "secret identity" to keep his whoring from messing with his personal life. The whore-sona is more a typical overly gay guy (sensual, straight forward about his orientation, that sort of thing). But the one that's hit my sweet spot is his "Clark Kent" identity....

He's a trap. Plain and simple

In his effort to not be noticed by society, he's kinda blended what he feels he looks most like into a very meager looking thing that's not quite one gender or the other. So, my aim now is that i'm actually going to try and get my character and her "Clark Kent" form to be a thing this go around. What's even better is that he's borderline with the other male escort.

So I've managed to jackpot of 3 of my lesser focused fetishes in one!
1.) Traps
2.) Corruption through seduction
3.) Theft of love

>> No.18585004


>> No.18585053


>> No.18585078

Fuckin' Tieria.

Replacement bodies...

As I pray, Unlimited Trap Works.

>> No.18585114


>> No.18585162

no one cares about slimette
we want metal slimette

>> No.18585172

This leads into the question I had. If I have a thing for superheroes, and I talk my group into playing, say, Champions, but there's nothing creepy/sexual about the game, does that count?

>> No.18585176

Or perhaps this is more to your liking, good sir or madam?

>> No.18585193


>> No.18585196

It counts as long as you masturbate afterwards.
But as we've learned from this thread, it's okay if they never know.

>> No.18585212

then yes, I may have done this. o_o

>> No.18585253

Dear god what the fuck, and other such stories.

The problem is, there are people who'll get off to the horrifying variant.

>> No.18585261


>> No.18585310

I somehow think at this point in the thread this will fail to wipe the smirks off of peoples' faces.

>> No.18585323

as a GM i inserted my fetish once, and it was to counter act a player doing the same.
it was pokemon tabletop adventures. he decided to catch a gardevoir and treat it like the perfect girlfriend.
i turned it into a yandere

>> No.18585345

Naw man, that's not cool. Of course the GM can ram in his thing down the player's throat like the Fetish Führer of Einsatzgruppe, but that takes away all the fun - the entire point is to see what you can get away with.
Heavy-handed methods just kill the magic completely.

>> No.18585373

DM was a furry.

I once had to fight a Shadow the Hedgehog & Sephiroth, except Sephiroth was a cross between FF7 Sephiroth & the DM's wolf fursona, and Shadow was "built like a bear and hung to match" .

Sephy would yiff when he attacked, turning people into puppies on a critical hit, and was defeated he howled at the moon & vanished. But Shadow, Shadow went into a "rage of uncontrollable hormones" and raped one of the (male) player's (male) character using "the power of the emeralds" to stop the rest of us from intervening.

It wasn't really snuck in I suppose. Last session he ever DM'd.

>> No.18585375

I managed to troll people by introducing $Giant_Female_NPC, and have that NPC be not destructive at all, and not sexual towards the players at all.
Her role was basically "Go fetch me an x from the lair of y, and I shall reward you with plot item z."

Apparently, this was extremely upsetting, and I have no idea why.

>> No.18585393

are you implying /tg isn't all of those things?

>> No.18585449

To be fair, that's kind of what is expected of your character once they get married to someone, in Legend of the Five Rings. Even if the man and women are both gay as can be, a child will be expected.

>> No.18585476

Somehow I get the feeling that this story is not entirely true.

>> No.18585563

but bears have small dicks...?

>> No.18585588

That's gorillas.

>> No.18585626

so you were roleplaying dark souls?

>> No.18585702

this is how you roleplay dark souls
have a few other friends show up to "just hang out" and then half way through the session have them pull out character sheets and start hunting the PCs down

>> No.18585711

My GM has a knack of having (obviously sexually) dominant and strong females.

>> No.18585714

A cat is fine, too.

>> No.18585734

Uhh, bears too. Like a pencil, I tell you. Don't ask why I know.

>> No.18585838

Well, we've had mind control, the debauchery of loving relationships and now we are discussing animal penises.

I love you, /tg/.

>> No.18585936

Yeah, it's called 'thursday' around here parts.

>> No.18585992

GM, slave girl fetish, my character, twice, once in dark sun, once in star wars.

Quietly avoided his games after the second time of being enslaved and stripped.

>> No.18586012

it's thursday?

>> No.18586067

Yes, actually.

>> No.18586074

>have a few other friends show up to "just hang out" and then half way through the session have them pull out character sheets and start hunting the PCs down
that's a fucking great idea

>they teleport around the map and flip around in heavy armor

>> No.18586114

Played as a catgirl once, it was a one shot anyways so I wasnt trying to make DEEP characters.

>> No.18586138

My DM used a transformation-based evil weather curse effect on the entire party, changing their race or their gender. He even let unhappy players re-roll their choice if they didn't want to keep the transformed form their first got (I was the only one who did so, but mostly because changing turning into an elf screwed up my build pretty bad).

The thing is, I knew the DM has a pretty big transformation fetish. I'm still not sure how much of it was him trying to demonstrate how retarded of an idea it was to sleep in the abandoned village filled with fog and how much was an excuse to inject fetishes into the game. Especially after it turned out my halfling-turned-human also grew like three cup sizes.

>> No.18586195

>Especially after it turned out my halfling-turned-human also grew like three cup sizes.
I hate it when that happens. This shit isn't cheap, you know

>> No.18586230

Giantess fetish here, but I can't slip it into games since everyone knows about it, including my mom.

>> No.18586232

>halfling to elf: my build is ruined
>halfling to human: a-ok
>what were you playing, exactly?

Nevertheless, it's almost certain that your DM was injecting his fetish into game, but was using pretty mild touch. As long as no-one's character was unfairly gimped that's fine in my books.

>> No.18586525


Ranger, so it wouldn't have been as bad as the elf/dragon rogue who got turned into a bugbear or the human cleric who got turned into a trogolodyte. Actually, in retrospect, I probably should've kept the elf build, but I was mad mostly because I was planning on expanding to Halfling Outrider within two levels, and that screwed up my plan with that to the point where I wanted the roll to see if I could get back my halfling side.

I can't really be too mad about the extra feat and the extra skill points though, and while I lost some points in dex, it was already insanely high and now my strength is just as high.

>> No.18586543


You tactless fool, how did you manage that?

>> No.18586548


One guy got pretty badly gimped, but he also got two free racial feats and a free magical bastard sword that stacked with said feats for his trouble. He also got the offer to have a re-roll to get something else, but he turned it down.

>> No.18586624


Is the transformation at least reversible? Personally I would draw the line there. The only way I'd really be okay with a permanent polymorph if you died legitimately and were reincarnated or something to that effect.

Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but I see something like that as akin to a permanent disease that you can't get rid off.

>> No.18586732


If there's a way to reverse it, we haven't found it yet. We are at a spelljammer filled with bizarre alien magics and a race of aliens similar to proto-tieflings who might be able to do something, and there's always wish, miracle and that sort of spell (especially since we do have an archivist of Boccob who's an ally of the party and can probably at least point us to someone who can cast these spells in return for our current quest on who destroyed the mountain).

>> No.18586826


Should rename that file to "I'msobetaIturneditintoafetishtostaysane.jpg"

>> No.18587030

>ctrl + f
>"transformation", "polymorph", "transgender"
>Barely any results

Well I guess I've got a tale to tell involving tails then.

>DMing a game of 3.5
>Players sent on quest to ambush some wizards from a rival university
>Specificially to get a magic item they're transporting from a recent conquest
>Combat goes well enough and they manage to scrape by without anyone dying
>After looting the corpses they fine a golden chalice that's obviously the macguffin
>One player decides to test it out
>Druid summons up some water and a wave immediately washes over the area and transforms them all into rabbit
>I pull out a bunnies and burrows conversion I worked up and things get desperate
>Have them roll for gender as a joke and only one player remains male and the magical item that did it is now owned by some wolves
>This remains irrelevant for quite some time until they get into a situation where they need to make an army
>PC that remained male suggests jokingly that he should knock them all up
>Players think it over and realize that might just work
>After a year or two of constant baby making the party captains a small army of their own children into a wolves den
>They manage to kill the whole pack and lose most of their children
>Given opportunity to transform back and don't take it, instead go on to conquer the world with "love"

>> No.18587076


>> No.18587688

>tg fetish on tg

stop the presses

>> No.18587711

I like bondage. I like dungeons. I like fantasy settings. See where im going with this?

>> No.18587735


Doesnt work well in a traditional fantasy setting. Especially when most of the setting is made to be patriarchal.

>> No.18587737

A fantasy about some kind of bondage...dungeon?

>> No.18587748


This is just a general thing to everyone into weirdly obscure shit like animal transformations and stuff. Get help. Go to a psychiatrist and get yourselves examined because I DO NOT want to unknowingly be near you fuckers.

I hope to fuck that that green text story is fake, because arguably that would mean there's 3 or 4 people who are alright with that stuff.

>> No.18587778

Like hell it won't. Sorceress, casting charm, dominate all day every day. A sexy drow priestess keeping you in her unspeakable dungeon. Nagas, nymphs, dryads oh my.

>> No.18587782


>> No.18587788

>I DO NOT want to unknowingly be near you fuckers.
Are you a rabbit? No? Then with /these/ guys at least you know you're not getting raped.

>> No.18587800

Do players/GMs mix their fetish in just to get a rise out of the other players? Or are they just that oblivious to how creepy it is?

Or maybe they really do think the game's supposed to be pseudo-sexplay, and the other guys at the table are into it too.

>> No.18587840


>>18587030 here, that gave me a chuckle.


First time it was kind of on accident in order to start up a bunnies and burrows homebrew as mentioned up above, after I was outed as a weirdo I decided to push the limit from time to time to see how far I could go without ending up like the DM of the Whizzard.

>> No.18587872


>> No.18587878


It isn't a sense of fear, it's disgust. The same way you don't want to be in an elevator with a deformed person.

These guys can all go get killed attempting to fuck a horse and the world will be better for it.

>> No.18587985

But you said "unknowingly". Can't be disgusted by something you do not know is there.

>> No.18588072


The not know part is what's disgusting about it

>> No.18588080 [DELETED] 

Disgust is a part of fear.

>> No.18588100

That uncertainty won't be lessened one bit because one anon at the other end of the world decides to go talk to a shrink about his fetishes.

(The shrink will tell him that he's fine.)

>> No.18588255

They used their child as shock troops? That's cold man. Cold

>> No.18588261

Sounds like you guys had fun. I really don't understand how that story got so many strong reactions here.

>> No.18588274

It's just one newfag being a newfag.

>> No.18588807

Fuck newfags, enjoy love! And happiness! AND CONSENT!

Delicious debauched consent!

>> No.18588814

I have a fetish (kink? Grammarfacists above seem interested in using the proper term.) for characters with mental baggage of some sort that prevents them from getting close to anyone, and character interaction towards the end of overcoming it. Done with couples, though gender does not seem too relevant.

In a story I was writing, it was a powerful sorceress of borderline chaotic-evil alignment, who had had trouble getting along with people, and eventually given up on it, deciding she didn't need them, and refused to care about anyone else, or what they thought of her. Despite a rather abrasive an casually caustic exterior, inside, she was a rather lonely and tortured soul. (Though she refused to admit it to herself.)

One time in an RPG, I played a bitter and weak magician haunted by a bloodline curse. He actually was quite competent at interacting with people, usually for various charlatan-ish purposes. He had a lot more angst, but was actually quite a lot of fun. Other players seemed to enjoy his sarcastic and vitriolic demeanor.

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