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Greatest legion/chapter, or BY FAR the greatest legion/chapter?

>not caran if you age normally outside the Eye of Terroran
>not having to rely on daemons, Chaos' "blessings" or updated technologyan
>not being a puppet of either the false emperor or the chaos godsan
>havan a primarch who was so badass that he single-handedly purged an entire planet of criminal scum, and intentionally let himself be killed just so he could win a philosophical argumentan
>havan remarkably pure geneseed despite being routinely exposed to Chaosan

Just face it nerds, the Night Lords are better than you and whatever shitbags you think are the best - they just are. You can point to the skulls and bat wings on their armor, and cry out in nervous desperation, "LOL! DAT MEENS THERE EMO! LOL I WIN!" all you want, but deep down inside you know that that's not true.

Every single night that you lay down in your little bed, you piss and shit yourselves to sleep in anguish and torment, cowering in terror of the horrifying awesomeness that is the Night Lords, hunting you down. Hunting you down and obliterating your tender, defenseless anus with a gigantic power fist.

They are coming for you, and there is nothing that you can do to save yourself... or your poor, devastated bunghole.

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Who gives a shit?

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That's not the Ultramarine.

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my diddley.

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Brute force>Sneaking

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konrad curze died like a bitch.

he just sat there and took a bullet in the face crying his little bitch tears about how his dad didn't love him anymore.

and not a single imperial fuck was given on that day.

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I said come in, don't stand there!

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>night lords

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Anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better than you.

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God I hate that retarded way of writing "-an" at the end of every sentence.

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Fuck off, and try to stop being so jealous of the great and glorious Night Lords.

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We are cooler. Deal with it.

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The space marine is best utilized as a force multiplier, being able to act completely independent, nearly without a need to resupply.
The other legions may be fierce, but the alpha legion knows when to conserve its forces for the right time.

Defeating a planet with a single human agent, They're so badass they don't even need to fight.

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>They're so badass they don't even need to fight.
because when they do fight they usually get their asses kicked.

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Well, to be fair, Curze was a psychopathic monster.
He just had a weird sense of "right".
It's not like he purged the criminal elements from a society, he just used terror tactics to rule with an iron fist.
Once he left, all that shit started again, but worse, now the gangs used his style of being scary motherfuckers.

The VIII legion isn't doing that great, really. Without support from either Chaos or the Imperium, they basically are falling apart.

You want a legion that's doing well? Try the Word Bearers.
For an actual comparison, read that Word Bearer trilogy and compare with Soul Hunter.

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Well first off, the thing about him being a "psychopathic monster" is exactly what the criminal scum and corrupt oligarchy that Curze went after would want you to think. And it cannot be denied that Nostramo prospered under his wise and reasonable patronage.

And as for the Night Lords supposedly fairing poorly, just because they don't go on huge, gawdy, obvious Black Crusades every so often doesn't mean they're going belly up. They just have a better way of doing things.

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Have you read Soul Hunter?

Kurze was BATSHIT. The problem was, his Legion took his demented ramblings for truth. His prophecies, at the end, were made specifically to fuck with them.


If all sources are right, he told Sahaal "Yeah, you'd be Captain." Then he told Talos, "It's up to you." God knows what he told the other Night Lords, but he was still a troll after death.

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Damn.10/10 nigga, that was real fucking funny.

But seriously you guys need some equipment or anything? No? Are you sure? You've barely got a full set of power armour between the lot of you..

It's okay if you need some, I mean we're fucking swimming with the shit over here. You need some slaves too? grab a couple, hell grab a billion, we got more than enough.

Oh well, whatever. Our still living Primarch says hi by the way.

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Oh, right, another thing.
There's a difference between "stamping out crime" and "killing all criminals in a brutal fashion".
See, stamping out crime involves rehabilitation and improving the general conditions of living.
The latter is just hanging some skinless corpses from the ceiling using chains.

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>not having to rely on daemons, Chaos' "blessings" or updated technologyan
So I guess Krieg Acerbus, the daemon prince, does not command more Nightlords then anybody else?

Nightlords should form a Noise Marine Raptor army, that would come down on enemies from above, screaming emo lirics through a doom siren.

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>Hiding in the shadows.
>Not facing your enemy face to face in combat like a true warrior.

Get on my level bro.

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Actually, we don't have much need of fancy equipment to cower behind, or slaves to tend to us while we laze about doing nothing - sort of like Lorgar, who has wasted countless years napping in that asinine temple of his.

Oh, and by the way, have you enjoyed replacing your enslavement to the dead emperor with enslavement to the dark gods? Or have they been amusing themselves by twisting your tiny little mind to such an extent that you can't even answer my question?

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Iron Hands here.

Whenever the other space marines make fun of us because we got raped in the heresy, lost all our Tactical Dreadnaught Armor and lost our primarch to a pretty boy we console ourselves with a single thing.

It could be worse, we could be Night Lords.

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>his wise and reasonable patronage.

The dude built himself a palace out of the still living bodies of ''criminals''. Fused bone and sewn flesh. Inside his bloody palace he would sit naked upon his throne listening to the pained moans and horrified screams of his victims.

Even by Imperial standards his acts were beyond madness and insanity.

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Well during one of his last talks with Talos he actually told him how much he have come to hate his own legion as much as everything else in the galaxy.

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Hey guys. We're just here chilling and protecting the Imperial Palace from Horus. Yup. Sure is cozy!

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Wanna see a trick?

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Blood Angels here. Chaos is for ugly chapters.

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Actually even with the *our spiritual liege* fan wank around the imperial fists are the greatest chapter/legion.

-Been around since the beginning of the great crusade
-Experts as siege warefare (this includes planets, cities, fortresses. The only kind of warfare present really in 40k besides jungle sweeping)
-Their geneseed makes badass chapters as well like the black templars, and the crimson fists.
-Their geneseed is just as if not even more "pure" then the smurfs
-Been in every major battle in 40k including the battle on terra (where they were the key loyalists), unlike some who were at the other side of the galaxy
-Their homeworlds includes HOLY TERRA ITSELF
-Rogal Dorn
-They have enhanced willpower and strength of mind
-They got the coolest name
-They look awesome, pic related
-They have the best ship/star fortress in the imperium the phalanx

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But you already gifted us with your armoury. I don't understand what you mean.

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So....Kurze is Batman. He is kinda crazy, stupid powerful, has the bonus of not aging and being a sort of demi-god. He rules over a crime infested area, where he strikes from the shadows. When he leaves, imitators try to take up his job, but only he and Adam West can be the real batman

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>Kurze solving the Lord of Change's ridiculous and impossible riddle to find out which bridge the bombs are hidden under

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Two words: Iron Cage.

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>actually we don't need to blah blah blah blah

Yeah okay well good luck with that. I'd love to stay and chat but we're kinda busy doing things here and I'm sure you've got.. you know.. loads of nothing to get done.

(Seriously, though. Get your shit together son, you're embarrassing us. Even the Alpha Legion has done more than you guys and none of them even know if they're traitors or not.)

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So, serious question here: do the Night Lords have any friends? Any allies? Any connections outside of other Night Lord warbands at all? I know that they teamed up with the Red Corsairs that one time (and then they promptly turned on each-other), but I mean long-term connections.

Or do they just sit out on some desolate rock, all alone, waiting for some unsuspecting ship to pass by so they can attack and loot it?

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Alpha Legion went full retard recently.

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They just sit out on some desolate rock, all alone, waiting for some unsuspecting ship to pass by so they can attack and loot it.

That and masturbatory monologues.

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Dominion of Fire. Nuff said.

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Sup dad?

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Hey man, don't forget first war for Armageddon. They needed 100 Grey Knight terminators to take you down and you fucking annihilated most of the planet before you went. That was pretty boss.

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Kharne... Damn he's such a great guy! I'd still purge the filthy heretic without a second thought but damn is he just great.

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What level is that? From what I've seen it's the level of children (or perhaps Orkz); screaming and punching each other another until one falls down.

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Don't forget that in addition to said GK terminators there were the 4 sphess mahreen chapters, 2 titan legions and 30 Imperial Flash Light regiments.

Angron, he gets shit done.

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I remember reading what happened in that battle. Aurelian took you down. Yeah, you might have taken him with you, but he was still a Brother-Captain, not a Grand Master.

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>Lorgar Aurelian
>taking Angron down

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If by "took me down" you mean just sending me back into the warp. Yes, yes your cockmongering captain and his 100 terminators did manage to spoil my fun, seeing as I was too busy ripping and tearing apart a Great Crusade's worth of the corpse emperor's lapdogs to notice they were conducting an exorcism.

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Hey, 100/1000 years is better than nothing. And you know what else? You're supposed to be some badass Daemon Prince. And a mere mortal killed you.

You didn't even manage to kill off all of his friends in the process? Angron, are you even TRYING?

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That's hardly fair. Firavius was one commander, and was likely sent there to be gotten rid of, since his brain had deteriorated so much from warp corruption.

You see? The Legion didn't lose, they won...because they WANTED to lose.


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Oh god...you realize what this means, right? The Bloody Magpies are stealing concept art now!

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>Implying Sphess Mahreens can be considered "mortal"

>Implying a Sphess Mahreen Kaptain could be called "mere" anything

>Disregards that this Sphess Mahreen Kaptain is part of the most super ultra special chapter in the imperium evar, you know, since their primarch is the goddamn Emperor himself.


And then facing down the aformentioned 4 other sphess mahreens, 2 freaking Titan Legions and 30 Imperial Guard regiments.


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Scound's Fall. Google it.

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You lost in personal combat on Armageddon, old fart. Making up excuses just reminds us why you're not the warmaster.

Even that greenskin Ghaz something has a better record!

>> No.18582414


Wot do you'z mean "even dat greenskin"? Wots dat supost to meen? I'z can krump da lot of ya!

>> No.18582417


Sup, bitches?

Remember Iron Cage, bitches? We do.

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You think you can talk smack to me boy? How's that Black Crusade going? I hear the 13th time's the charm. I accomplished more in 200 years than your armless ass has in the past 10,000.

With nothing but some angry bastards with chain axes and bolt pistols, I bled SEVENTY SECTORS dry. While you've what? Barely been able to make a dent in a SINGLE WORLD with the largest and most well armed chaos force in the Eye of Terror.

You're outta your fucking league son.

Oh, and the only reason you're Warmaster is because the gods thought it'd be worth a chuckle or two to never let you ascend to glorious daemonhood.

But enjoy letting that cigar-chomping mortal Creed hand you your corpulent ass a 13th time.

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Sure is ignorance about Black Crusades here

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Sorry we're late for the party.
>>Purest geneseed, made from the Emperor's own material, not a flawed Primarch's
>>Lead by a guy so awesome, Bloodthirsters are scared shitless of him
>>Saved the Imperium numerous times, all in instances that only the Highlords of Terra will ever hear about
>>Only force able to kill deamons permanently
>>Some members are outright immune to the warp

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Grey Knights.

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Firaeveus Carron was the most competent Chaos Lord in DoW1, by virtue of actually accomplishing things and not just being led into an obvious trap by his underling/outsmarted and killed by an Ork/repeatedly defeated by loyalists then brought back to life to try and get them again next Saturday morning.

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Adaptable enough

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This thread is completely lacking in the proper levels of ANGER and FUCK YOU

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The only thing he was competent in was stealing that Guardsman credit and glory.

>> No.18585117

"So, it's a fair fight?"
"We have a tendency to lose those."

Cyrion and Talos, Blood Reaver

Two of the Imperial Fist organs have ceased to function: Betcher's Gland and the Sus-An Membrane

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"If there's a hole, it's a man's job to thrust into it." And he must have had something going for him if he was considered an opponent to watch out for by Archon "all humans are brainless curs" Tahril.

>> No.18585466

I wouldn't take Tahril's words as fact. He himself was a brainless foul (His keen Eldar senses did not help him to detect the entire ARMY sneaking under his nose).

Carron only achievement was mopping out the remains of a confused and horrified Guardsmen force already devastated by the warp sorcery and daemons unleashed by the heretical Guardsman.

Not very Impressive.

Anyways, It all does not matter. Kaurava is now a Sept of the Tau Empire free of Chaos treachery, Imperial oppression, or any other menace.

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I like Storm Wardens.

>> No.18585594


The part where Talos fights M'shen in Soul Hunter is pretty hilarious to me.

>> No.18585620

>His keen Eldar senses did not help him to detect the entire ARMY sneaking under his nose
Yes, because it would have been *such* a shame if ANYTHING were to happen to Lord Vect...

And it still doesn't change the bits that described how fast and far the Alpha Legion had expanded, or how Carron has won thousands of battles and has a talent for predicting the course of wars. Don't use his emotional state as a measure for his competence.

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Shut up faggot

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Don't mind me, just readin' books all day, playin' just as planned against Ceogorach.

To be fair, I did lose that one.

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Can we all agree that the Salamanders are the space bros of the imperium?

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>> No.18585918

Alpha Legion.
Heretics? Loyalists? WHO KNOWS?!
When NO ONE knows ANYTHING about you and your 99,999 identical twins, you're winning.

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My favourites are Thousand Sons, but, yeah, Alpha Legion is the best. They get the most shit done.

And, nobody knows that they did shit when they are done.
As far as I remember, they don't even officially exist because they declared them wiped out three consecutive times.

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"Many will claim to lead our legion in the years after I am gone. Many will claim that they-and they alone- are my appointed successor.

I hate this legion, Talos. I destroyed its world to stem the flow of poison.

I will be vindicated soon, and the truest lesson of the Night Lords will be taught. Do you truly believe I care what happens to any of you after my death ?"

-Konrad Curze addressing apothecary Talos, First Claw, 10th Company

Straight out of the Soul Hunter novel pg 395

The VIII Legion is pretty much the most miserably emo unit in all of 40K and that is saying something but other than the Alphas they are the only ones not enthralled to some supernatural asshole

>> No.18588199

Best Chapter you say

>> No.18588258


>>And it cannot be denied that Nostramo prospered under his wise and reasonable patronage.

Right up until he blew it the fuck up from orbit ?

>> No.18588281

How about the Excorsists?

>> No.18588308

>other than the Alphas they are the only ones not enthralled to some supernatural asshole
And even then, there are still those among them who fall neatly under that category. Krieg Acerbus, as already mentioned, Periclitor, Vandred, not to mention Dhar'leth and Ruven, both of whom defected to the Black Legion. And the Alpha Legion has Kernax Voldorius, Arkos the Faithless, and the fun bunch from Dawn of War.

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I refreshed 5 times and no one has mentioned Legion of the Damned. /tg/, are you being serious right now?

>> No.18588361

Sure is lacking some Salamanders in here.

>Badass primarch
>Cool as shit colour scheme
>Entire chapter of scary black men with red eyes and a penchant for flame weapons
>Being one of the most sympathetic of the generally lawful evil space marines

>> No.18588370

Exorcists are also badass.

>> No.18588376


Individual NLs might throw in with the ruinous powers by legion wide they look down on those guys as dupes. In the end Vandred regretted becoming The Exalted because daemonhood just means being a passenger in your own body

>> No.18588412

Legion of the Damned have pretty badass Dreadmoughts

>> No.18588421

Who takes care of the Legion of the Damned's weapons and wargear? Do they have a bunch of servitors still on their ships that make bolter shells and repair their armor for them or something?

>> No.18588424


Become Obliterator. Unearth conspiracy. "My vision is augmented."

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>> No.18588438

Exalted wasn't actually a daemon prince, he was a possessed marine of sorts, when Vandred got briefly got control back of course he lamented his situation.

That one Red Corsair got turned into a daemon by spending a warp jump outside a ship's hull, and he didn't seem to mind.

>> No.18588443

they're ghosts

they just work, no maintenance. Does the legion even have ships? It seems to me like they just phase in and out to wherever they're needed

>> No.18588480

Just the true best chapter reporting.

>> No.18588488

>>Red Corsair just turns into a daemon

What's this from?

>> No.18588497

So, does the Night Lords' badge mean they're fans of Avenged Sevenfold?

>> No.18588504

shut up heretic

chaos has corrupted your mind you don't know what you're saying

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>> No.18588529

It's from Soul Hunter or the follow up, a Corsair Space Marine gets stuck on the outside of a ship the Night Lords just stole, as it entered the warp. He gets possessed by a demon and likes it.

>> No.18588540

Weren't they started by loyalist Death Guard, World Eaters and Luna Wolves?

>> No.18588553


Blood Reaver.

He was a Champion of Khorne though, so his deep taint probably assisted the process.

>> No.18588567

>That one Red Corsair got turned into a daemon by spending a warp jump outside a ship's hull, and he didn't seem to mind.

Holy FUCK that's hardcore. Is that how Doomrider became a Daemon Prince?

>Chaos: Oh my gods, somebody make that mortal a daemon.

Someone needs to draw this

>> No.18588568

The Black Legion are undoubtedly the best Chaos Space Marines ever. Yes, really! Thanks to the heritage of Horus and their myriad evil deeds, the Black Legion are the exemplars of the Chaos Space Marines. With a few fringe exceptions... all Chaos Space Marine legions want to be like the Black Legion and recognize Ezekyle Abaddon as their spiritual liege.

>> No.18588569 [DELETED] 

hey guys I'd make a thread but I would get 0 repleis so ehre it goes

what happened to Corax?

>> No.18588582


Oh possessed. That's a lot different than becoming a daemon and actually a whole lot worse.

Still hardcore though.

>> No.18588594


Ran away at the shame of what he did to most of his legion after Istvaan.

>> No.18588613


I don't think he was possessed. He got PoW's after his transformation and nothing indicated a daemon was in driver's seat.

>> No.18588614

>The captain of the Venomous Birthright, who went by almost twenty irritatingly ostentatious titles, the shortest of which was “Warleader Caleb the Chosen”, was nowhere to be seen.

>“Lord Flayer, it is an honour to have you aboard. Our vox is still crippled; we had no idea it was you on the shuttle…”
>“I do not care. Where is your captain?”
>“Warleader Caleb, Scourge of the—”
>Variel raised a hand. “I desire a new cloak. If you delay answering me each time to list the many titles your master has earned, I will make that garment out of your skin. That is a warning. Please heed it.”
>The officer swallowed. “Captain Caleb is overseeing the launch, my lord.”

Fuck you, Variel. Now we shall never know what Warleader Caleb was the scourge of.

>> No.18588622

Ran away to the Eye of Terror out of shame that he would never be an Ultramarine. Oh, and the whole monster thing too.
Currently bro-ing it up with Leman Russ, probably. Maybe Vulkan as well.

>> No.18588624

fuck, sorry for deleting my post but I'm kinda drunk and it was full of typos, my question for anyone who missed it was: "what happened to Corax?"

anyways, I know that he ran away I just don't know where to. Has the subject been touched by any authors or did they leave it at this?

>> No.18588645

fucking primarchs man, they're such cunts.

instead of coming back and helping humanity reach it's former glory they dick around in the eye of terror

>> No.18588655

They ain't ghosts. They're the Fire Hawks, infected with a Warp contagion, which is why they burn with that ethereal fire and have the strength of ten Marines. And also they have a Veteran Sergeant who can suck out souls and resurrect his Battle Brothers with this skull relic.
Not to be confused with the Flame Falcons, who just straight up immolate in battle like bosses.

>> No.18588693


Caleb was the corsair who got daemonified by the warp ride.

>Caleb was slowly coming to terms with what his new form could do. The Pantheon had blessed his resurrected flesh with corporeal vitality, as they did for all of their servants, but with a twist of thought, a flash of concentration, the Corsair could reshape reality itself.

>He knew a life of faith would be rewarded with great beneficence upon death, but this was no mere possession. He walked in the province of daemonhood now, mastering gifts no mortal should know.

>Outside of his body, his blood simply burned away to nothingness, unable to exist unanchored to the material universe.

>He’d blessed and thanked the Raptor, before strangling it with a smile. The lesson had been learned. Caleb was no longer a creature of this realm. His powers were unnatural for a mortal; they were entirely natural for a warp-spawned avatar of the Pantheon. He obeyed laws of a different reality now.

>> No.18588698

Even better, they found Leman Russ' armor.
So he's fighting in the Eye completely naked. Probably bludgeoning Chaos Marines with his engorged penis.

>> No.18588722

I laughed at this way more than I should have.

>> No.18588723

Rogal Dorn stuck around, and where did that get him?
With his skeleton stuck in fucking amber, that's where.

>> No.18588748

Hey, the Celts did it. If it's good enough for the Celts...

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