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Quick question about Nemeroth, does he return after 1000 years? When he was arising to Daemon-hood he was halfway through until Captain Titus interrupted and was killed. So what happens?

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i think it's purposely left as an ambiguous ending so that they can choose to have him in a sequel at some point.

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I really hate cliff-hangers, but I suppose it's the most convient way to make a sequel .

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I agree with this one.
Also, finished this recently (I know, late as fuck) and Leandros is the biggest space marine-grade asshole since the BTs.

Oh and I loved Mira as a character. She's the kind of officer the Guard should follow as an example. She was also honorary battle BROther (sister?) tier.

Lastly, I have a question. If any of your got all the servo skulls yet, does Alexander survive? His recordings really got to me for some reason.

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Not sure if he does, I don't have every Servo-skull. I should probably go back and find the rest

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I don't think he'd be revived unless he was full daemon. He's dead, but if some powerful daemon or god wanted him back in action they could do it.

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Portal destroyed, chaos invasion trapped and curb-stomped, artifact destroyed, ass kicked by a single Ultrasmurf...

Yeah, I think his failures there compounded so hard that he won't be back. He wasn't even fully formed into a daemon yet.

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Yeah, the fact that his face was caved in by one Marine with a bad haircut during a quick-time event speaks poorly of him.

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''The Codex leaves no room for doubt''

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>Leandros is the biggest space marine-grade asshole since the BTs.

I think most people excuse him for being suspicious of the Captain for possible corruption. That's not the problem.

The problem is him running whining to the INQUISITION instead of notifying his superiors within the Ultramarines themselves.

But yeah, he's an asshole and is pretty much the stick-wedge-firmly-between-buttocks stereotype that people hate the Smurfs for.

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And a very neat way for them to nod to the UltraSmurf stereotypes and then say, "Nah, nah, just fucking with you, you're playing mister Ballsofsteel McBadHaircut the Great over here, UltraSmurf Noobison the Ponce is a prick."

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>The problem is him running whining to the INQUISITION instead of notifying his superiors within the Ultramarines themselves.

If he waited it could have been too late. Remember that one rotten apple can ruin an entire basket of apples.

The cancer had to be removed and who better to detect the cancer and remove it other than the experts.

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they are battle BROTHERS. if he goes running to the inquisition every chance he gets none of his chapter will trust him.

no one likes a tattle tail

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But the thing is.

The Inquisition fucking hates Space Marines chapters, unless they are directly controlled by the Inqui.

They hate the Smerfs more than normal because of just how powerful the ULTRAMUHREENS actually are, what with bypassing their OWN codex limit of 1k marines by having a thousand fucking chapters at their beck and call.

This is the type of shit the Inqui can and probably WILL use to damage their reputation, what with one of their fucking CAPTAINS (Was Titus 3rd Company? Can't remember) is possibly corrupted.

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''Will you be joining us soon, brother''

Nemeroth saw the corruption in Titus. His corruption explains his ability to resist the concentrated raw power of Chaos stored in the shard.

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>does Alexander survive?

he doesn't. He bleeds out in the final message

Relic did a good job with Space Marine. I hope they make a sequel

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He looks like he just remembered he left the Freezer Open.

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All we know for sure is that Nemeroth though he was because he could resist. For all we know Titus is just so fucking iron-will loyal that he can push past the pain better than his subordinates could.

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Thing is, what Titus displayed looked more like a blank/untouchable ability than psyker. And unless I'm mistaken, people know of those. And even if he was becoming a psyker, it was just a matter of sending him to the Librarians, no?

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>Alexander dies of bleeding.
I'm sad now. He deserved better than that. He could have died protecting some civilians or something at least...

His and the medicae's logs were the ones that got to me the most. Don't know why, though. Which, if any, affected the rest of you all?

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Or he just jizzed his pants.

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Not every person knows what a blank is. In fact most don't live to see adulthood due to them making people feel uncomfortable all the time. Leandros was still young and may still be learning the ways of the Imperrium.

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Alexander. The plight of a downtrodden guardsman with good voice acting always stirs.

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I really liked space marine, rented it when it first came out, and played it through, could've been better but since i only know relic for its RTS games for their first melee/ranged fps it was good.

How's the multiplayer co-op?

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>He deserved better than that.
why? This is 40k, not everyone gets a "good" death

It's actually one of my favorite parts of the game. Very representative of the setting

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It's my understanding that he's just dead. Having your head smashed in before achieving immortality tends to do that. Of course, Chaos Lords sometimes have this odd tendency of not staying that way.

It's certainly a possibility. THQ decided not to do a Space Marine sequel because of their MMO might have some clashing factors. But he might come back since they have now downgraded Dark Millennium to a regular game due to budget cuts.

The other thing is that he might have been doing something entirely appropriate for the setting had he not been an only-by-the-book douche during the whole affair.

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You see that little thing floating above Nemeroth claw?

That's a shard containing the power of the Chaos Gods. Enough power break the walls of reality and summon an entire Chaos fleet.

Titus was exposed to the power of the Shard two times and he survived. No mere pysker or even an untouchable can endure such power.

Loyalty to the Emperor > comradeship between battle brothers.

Nobody gains from harming the Ultramarines. The Imperium needs the Ultras to survive and the Inquisition knows this.

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This is the same Imperium that loses entire planets due to rounding errors, right?

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I always pictured Leandros being the typical Mary Sue and Titus being a 1st edition space marine, probably because he sees the Codex in a different role.

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The only way Titus could have survived is that he himself was a servant of the Dark Gods, or perhaps the Chaos Gods choose to spare him for now to use him later for an unforeseeable plan to fell the Ultramarines.

In any case....Titus was a danger that had to be removed far from the Ultramarines. What Leandros did was right and with it he may have saved his chapter.

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...Or what he did was fall directly into the hands of one of the Chaos God's many, many plots, and Titus' expertise could have saved several more planets from a chaos incursion, or prevented him from eventually becoming the First Company captain and ruining some shit, or any number of things.

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an eldar did it.

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Even the Eldar know that they are retarded.

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I do believe the ending was a huge JUST AS PLANNED.

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It sort of fits with the fact that Leandros is like, THE biggest tool I have ever seen in any universe.

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When they were requesting reinforcements, Leandros called in the Black Templar......Guess who was with the Inquisition?

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Are you Implying the Black Templar are tools?

Hell, they probably don't even like that Inquisitor, they hate HERESY more than the fucking Grey Knights, they PROBABLY just accompanied him because he asked and you don't fuck with a renegade Astartes Captain.

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>Captain disrespects and disregards the Codex
>Captain is responsible for a Chaos invasion
>Captain touches the warp like it was nothing
>Report him to the Inquisition
>Get called a tool by a tool

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Oh shit! I could see it now

>first game by THQ
-lolyalist meheen push buttan to figh ork and chaos
- try to be close to canon

>second game by THQ
-Kaos mehreen push buttan and fight (anything chaos and not chaos)
- still try to stay true

> third game by THQ (Biaoware EA)
-TItus repent and join back ultrasmurf
-gay romance in there someware
-fuck the canon you entitle nigger

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mfw the sequel starts with a crashed transporter with everyone dead and Capt. Titus fully turned to chaos

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>Titus was exposed to the power of the Shard two times and he survived. No mere pysker or even an untouchable can endure such power.
3 times.

He broke it in the fall remember, and survived that huge warp explosion from it.

I'm putting my money on latent psyker, sensei, or pariah.

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How the hell did he survive the fall from the spire?!

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First, he is a space marine, they can survive bullshit like that.

Second, thunderhawk got him midfall.

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Magic Thunderhawk of friendship.

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I was about to respond to your statements but then I saw the pic and lost it.

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Blood Ravens and their speed-painted Thunderhawk.

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Hey Guys

What if

Hey, Listen


What if

Get this

What if, Leandros was Alpha Legion getting Titus in trouble so he'll be separated from the rest of the Ultras so he can be converted and Chaos gains control of his latent psyker abilites?

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Knowing Relic and their love for bullshit like that it's very possible.

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>implying he is a latent psyker

Still going with Sensei

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>Captain disrespects and disregards the Codex
like pretty much every Ultramarine Captain. The people who take the codex as gospel are the ones who do it more disrespect

>Captain is responsible for a Chaos invasion
>not the Inquisitor and his heretical warp-research

>Captain touches the warp like it was nothing
It's not unheard of, even among regular (non-blank) humans. Space Marines (especially captains) are made of stern stuff.

>Report him to the Inquisition
>Get called a tool by a tool
By giving one high-ranking marine to the inquisition you open up a whole can of worms of investigation. Inquisitors are loose cannons and the entire chapter is potentially at risk if one captain is found wanting.

The first step would be to contact the librarius, not the inquisition. Space Marines don't fuck around when it comes to chaotic corruption, and Titus would be willing to undergo examination. It's likely he was planning to submit himself to Calgar and the Librarians to check for taint when he made it back to Macragge anyways.

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Wasn't it the Inquisitor who was making the power source who was responsible?

>You get tricked by an inquisitor.
>inquisitor releases chaos on planet
>You call another inquisitor and accuse your captain who was also tricked of being heretical

That's how I saw it at least. Don't get me wrong, this was totally appropriate for the setting (the whole idea of the Imperium being that it makes so many hard decisions a day that they're all easy, there needed to be some dark to smudge all the noble bright of the game).

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I have an awesome idea for a sequel, fuck you guys if you don't like it:

>Play as Leandros some years later

>He's a mehreen with a sense of penance, feeling he betrayed his chapter

>He joins Deathwatch

>While fighting off a nid invasion and Dark Eldar raiders he discovers Titus is posessed and on his way of becoming a chaos champion himself

>You have to fight your mentor.

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A Chaos Space Marine game would be sweet.

>> No.18580792


The fact that the captain has [No spoilers on /tg/] the touch. [No spoilers on /tg/]

>> No.18580804


Guys what if...

Guys are you listening?

Guys what if...

Guys what Captain Titus is ...Alpharius?

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then alpha legion fans would become even more insufferable

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Leandros did the best thing he could have with the information given and could have been acting in a manner that would space Titus' life. Think about it, Leandros only knows that within the course of a day Titus has been directly exposed to warp energy twice, gone toe to toe with daemons and fought hand-to-hand with an ascending daemon prince and survived a multistory plunge. He knows he and Titus are going to be put under quarantine and observation because of fighting daemons, but he's suspicious of Titus' surviving everything else. If he lets them take Titus back to Ultramar he runs the risk of Titus being very corrupted and being a threat to whatever ship takes them back. You also have to remember that Titus dropped warp energy into a Titan to destroy the spire, frying the Titan's systems; this is after he also destroyed numerous facilities and Titan components. The Mechanicus are going to be after Titus and Leandros knows that. By turning him over to the Inquisition he puts Titus out of the Mechanicus' reach; the Ultramarines could very easily hand Titus over to the AdMech to smooth out any problems between them, but the Inquistion would not.

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Nemeroth design is awesome. Best looking Chaos lord to date.

>> No.18581076

He does have a really nice design. I hope more 40k video games take advantage of the design freedom it gives them. I'd love to see some of those really cool Chaos designs from early 40k.

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I'd play the shit out of it.

>> No.18581500


>Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine: Rise of Nameroth

You play as him as a champion


>> No.18581536

I would be interesting, but I'm not sure how many people would want to play a game where you already know how the character turns out.

>> No.18581578


Yeah, I would love to play a game with a Chaos champion as the main character, but one that the player can direct as they want rather than being pigeonholed into one development.

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Space Marine was a good third-person shooter and I really liked how Relic (THQ) represented the warhammer 40k universe in both this game and Dawn of War.

I'm just a little concern regarding the status of THQ because last time I heard they were doing bad and nearly going bankrupt.

>> No.18581744

Who were you rooting for, /tg/?

>> No.18581766


The Warboss, duh.

>> No.18581769

Like accepting different boons from different Chaos gods changes the appearance of your character?

>> No.18581777

None of the characters were hammy enough. The next game better have more screaming and yelling, and the orks better sound more like DOW orks.

>> No.18581789


Yeah, it could be a sort of influence system where the more heavily you worship one particular god, the more benefits you'd get from that side, but the more drawbacks you'd also collect from essentially making your character increasingly specialized.

So if you like a certain strict play style, it would be worth it to devote entire to one side, whereas a more minmax approach to get the best benefits without losing flexibility would mean staying with Undivided.

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This game as well as DoW fucked with my concepts of whats good in an ork army. Spess Marehn made Tankbustaz n bomb squigs much more uncomfortable than they really are and DoW made us actually enjoy to play Flash gitz, stupid GW, why you no make Flash Gitz better?

>> No.18581793

>and the orks better sound more like DOW orks.

Oh god yes, the DOW orks were hilariously awesome with all their voice acting.

Actually, all the voice actors in those games just sounded like they were having entirely too much fun hamming it up.

>> No.18581796

They did some serious cut backs.
So much so that they Dark Millennium is now single player.

>> No.18581807

after every Ork i ran into just said "OOMAN" for like three hours of the game it got rather frustrating

>> No.18581817

''The Inquisition will destroy you, Mira...''

Why did Titus care about Mira and her men? They were just expendable Guardsmen.

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Except the AdMech have no pull over space marines. There are rules in place for reporting such suspicions to the chapter and until the end none of them knew it was warp energy.

Basically leandro's lost his shit and ran to the first person he could so he could look good for handing over a possible traitor

He spat on the chapter and codex more than Titus did by using it as a guide instead of his plan for every second and would be lucky to end up harvested and servitorized following his return to macragge

Basically no matter what you want to argue, leandro's was a bigger dick and broke faith in his chapter to deal with the situation which is tantamount to heresy itself given he had no previous reason for doubt

>> No.18581822


Because Titus is a nice guy.

>> No.18581826

1 he was a white knight
2 they proved themselves very capable soldiers
3 they fought well enough to survive orks, daemons and chaos marines so they proved to be useful enough for the emperor that they should be able to fight on in his name

>> No.18581898

He is a space marine. He isn't suppose to be nice.

He is suppose to be a remorseless killing machine.

This is more proof that he is a traitor.

>> No.18582025

You think the AdMech would just throw their hands up and say, "Nothing we can do about it, they're Space Marines."? Ignoring all the damage to AdMech facilities and equipment, the use of the reactor in the Titan means that Titan now has to be dismantled, repaired, re-sanctified and very possibly scrapped because of all the Warp energy flowing through it. Not to mention adding the reactor would be a grave insult to the machine spirit. Even in respect to the way the AdMech view machines, the Titans are each holy relics and icons; they're viewed as a living embodiment of the Omnimessiah's wrath. What Titus did was both blasphemous and heretical in their eyes and they'd be out for blood. They'd assassinate him or kidnap him to face their judgment then servitorize him and send him back to Ultramar as a warning.

>> No.18582051

>the use of the reactor in the Titan means that Titan now has to be dismantled, repaired, re-sanctified and very possibly scrapped because of all the Warp energy flowing through it.
The alternative is an entirely lost forgeworld, unable to be reclaimed

>Not to mention adding the reactor would be a grave insult to the machine spirit. Even in respect to the way the AdMech view machines, the Titans are each holy relics and icons; they're viewed as a living embodiment of the Omnimessiah's wrath.
The power source was created with the co-operation of the mechanicus. They built it -expecting- to use it as a power source for all manner of weapon systems. It's not a coincidence that the thing could slot so easily into the titan's main weapon

>What Titus did was both blasphemous and heretical in their eyes and they'd be out for blood. They'd assassinate him or kidnap him to face their judgment then servitorize him and send him back to Ultramar as a warning.
If it was blasphemous and heretical they wouldn't have sanctioned it's creation.

>> No.18582100

>The alternative is an entirely lost forgeworld, unable to be reclaimed

This is 40k we're talking about here, where saving the world will get you tortured and killed.

>The power source was created with the co-operation of the mechanicus.

Which is as secretive, factionalized and prone to infighting as the Inquisition. Besides, even if it was made to be used in a variety of weapons, the Titan was not made to use it and such a modification would be an insult to it's holy form and machine spirit.

>If it was blasphemous and heretical they wouldn't have sanctioned it's creation.

See the previous rebuttal.

It's like dealing with the Inquisition, just because Inquisitor A says it's okay to use a daemon weapon doesn't mean Inquisitor B won't kill you for it.

>> No.18582255

No anon. You are the heretics.

>> No.18582275

>mfw when I got a triple kill with my Lascannon

The best part of the game is multiplayer.

>> No.18582277


In Leandros' defense, Titus is the Captain of a company.

You know who inside the Chapter that leaves Leandros with to go over his head?

Marneus Calgar. Kind of a busy guy. Don't think he'd have been able to get around to it in any sort of quick fashion.

>> No.18582289

>the Titan was not made to use it
No, but it was made to be used in things like the Titan. Herpaderpdiderp. You think something capable of such power would be slapped in a lasgun or something?

>> No.18582308

Anyone have a video of all the audio logs?

>> No.18582379

I'd put it in a lasgun.

>> No.18582415

The Inquisitors looked baddass in that game.

>> No.18582443

No, that guy looked like Skrillex, and the other one looked like an old man, simple as that.
Also, hurr durr im a psyker i can stop bleeding durr furr

>> No.18582499

I always thought that Drogan looked like Till Lindemann.

>> No.18582518

I liked how inquisitors looked like people who'd survived a long hard career of fighting crazy shit that pops up and tries to overthrow worlds.

They look like hard bitten men of the battlefield who've lived for quite a long time, I mean, shit one 'war' is enough, these guys are looking at careers of 100-150+ YEARS of war.

>> No.18582521

Was Thrax's accent Spanish or French?

>> No.18582526

more like hurr durr I'm a demonically possessed corpse, I can't actually die.

>> No.18582553

Even the daemon in Drogan's body was like ''wrf'' when Titus survived the source's power.

>> No.18582572

More proof that he is a heretic.

>> No.18582590

He doesn't. Remember how the docs were injecting the wounded to kill them humanely? He took a hit, and gets injected in the trenches where you split off to power the generator.

That one really got to me.

>> No.18582643

>Caring for a lowly Guardsman

You are as pathetic as him, worm.

>> No.18582651

Shut up, heretic. Go betray your battle brothers some more. Oh wait, you can't, because you got your ass killed.

>> No.18582927

what are those bullets in their heads

>> No.18582957

service studs

every some-odd years of service a space marine bolts another in his head. Dawn of War II operates on a "one stud = 100 years" way but the actual amount fluctuates. Sometimes different materials represent different lengths of time..

Anyways, that's why Thaddeus with his 80 years served has no studs, whereas Diomedes has been in the chapter for over 400 years (and has four studs). Old Avitus up there has been a space marine for at least 200 years

>> No.18582969

They're the space marine's nipples.

>> No.18582994


Do you think Marneus Calgar gets sexual pleasure whenever an Ultramarine polishes his service studs? Sounds like he woulda had keyed up.

>> No.18583000

Too bad about what happened to Thrax.

You do realize Ultramar puts much effort in their PDF forces, and that they're up there with the most capable regiments, and even get sent on missions when the Ultramarines don't have the time/resources.

In the aftermath of one of the wars on Armageddon, when they began to purge regiments for possible taint, etc. Space Wolves objected to this treatment, because they fought well and hard, and did not deserve to be treated like that.

Not all Marine forces are a bunch of dicks, which I found quite refreshing in the game. And also pissed me off a bit when one reviewer, who said to be a 40K fan, bitched about the lack of "FOR THE EMPEROR!" level madness.

>> No.18583030


As in the Imperium began to purge.

>> No.18583062

I always liked how Leandros sounded so insistent that Titus had unprecedented resistance to the Warp.

He was brought to his knees repeatedly by Nemeroth's attacks, still effectively paralyzed, just able to move a little bit.

>> No.18583135

The only thing I disliked about this game was that the space marines lacked the "robotic" voice when wearing their helmets, I had grown accustomed to it through Dawn of War

>> No.18583140

whoa, is avitus seriously the canon traitor? That's some fucking bullshit

>> No.18583176


Yeah, and Tarkus smacked his bitch ass down.

>> No.18583197

I fucking loved the fact that the voice actor for the Inquisitor was the same guy who did a few audio books/dramas for the black library.

>> No.18583290

I believe it, if that loading screen that pops up early in DOW2 is to be believed Tarkus does not fuck around. Also I want a Space Marine type game where you get to play as eldar, maybe a squad of striking scorpions, or a farseer and his warlock bodyguards.

>> No.18583304


Same here. I'd love to play as a warlock. They just look so badass.

>> No.18583529


So? Who cares about the AdMech? The hell are they going to do to an Ultramarines Captain? They're small-time compared to the Smurfs. The Chapters all have in-house procedures dealing with Chaos Taint and Leandros pretty much fucked them all.

>> No.18583541

Nemeroth failed like a BITCH.

And the Ruinous Powers will be far more interested in Titus.

Nemeroth's sould was tortured, torn and chewed for a millenia in the Warp and then utterly destroyed beyond all hope of recall.

>> No.18583543


>Less important than Ultramarines

Go to bed Ward

>> No.18583547


Yeah, I liked his design too, really looked like a grizzled old dude who had been through a lot of shit.

Dude was still a complete idiot, but he looked cool at least and had a great voice actor.

>> No.18583552

>everyone voiced by Veldoran from Ret

>> No.18583556

>everyone voiced by Veldoran from Ret

So much want.

>> No.18583564

The Adeptus Mechanicus could easily annhilate every single Space Marine Chapter

>> No.18583570

Anyone else notice that the LARGER a character was the more important to the plot?

Only those without face covering helmets, though

>> No.18583576

The same guy did the voice of Ulkair the Great Unclean One. Yes!

>> No.18583582


Ulkair was kinda small for someone who was supposed to be Great and Unclean.

Also why the fuck was Ulkair so big?

>> No.18583594

>warboss is the biggest character
>basically an afterthought in the plot

>> No.18583604


Main character

>> No.18583608


Meanwhile, Steve Blum plays Steve Blum.


>> No.18583610

If he was a Pariah he would simply laugh at it. Pariahs are, for all intents and purposes relating to the warp, non-existent. He would look at the shard thing and just laugh it off, which is pretty close to what he actually did.

>> No.18583618


Everybody is Steve Blum

>> No.18583621

Except then Nemeroth wouldn't have been able to paralyze him with his warp powers. So that's one gigantic hole in that theory.

>> No.18583624

Except the people that are Scott McNeil.

>> No.18583635

And for anyone who want's to see the smexy faces of your favourite characters.


>> No.18583641

A Deathwatch sequel to SM would be plain awesome in general, surely it'd have a way more interesting cast.

The main characters of Space Marine were like generic GW store display models, nothin' to em but the most generic and boring factional stereotypes of the game.

>> No.18583644


I love this video. Everyone just looks like they're having way too much fun overacting in the best way possible.

>> No.18583656

Titus was a heretic the moment he decided shoving a warp powered device into one of the Emperor's Most Holy Titans was a good idea.

You know Eisenhorn, 'Ordo Xenos.' Radical, yes. Heretical, maybe. Braces on his legs. But he charmed the pants off Hapshant and purged the traitor Quixos. That ain't heretical.
You went full heretic, man. Never go full heretic.

>> No.18583671

Go back to sleep admech.

>> No.18583672


A Deathwatch game would also be a perfect way to get co-op in the main campaign.

>> No.18583674

Blanks only work near people. So you can have a blank to make a unit invisible to psychic detection, and close enough to a psyker cut him off from his power source, but I'm pretty sure you can still throw a bolt of warp energy at one at a distance.

It's not like Khorne powers that makes you resilient to warp magicks.

I could be wrong, of course, but that's what I've pieced together.

>> No.18583710

Space marine like game :
> solo mode : Sphess marine
> Coop mode 2 players : scout
> coop 4 player : guard men, fragile as fuck but survived through ... well, cooperation.

Or : sequel with Titus going to be "judged".
A massive bullshit destroy his prison, letting him alone in another world invasion.
Been chased by inquisition because they think he had been freed by his allies.
You can choose to go chaos or not.
If you do, you can choose your god (or the hardest path : undivided) and get your revenge against those who let you down.
If you remain loyal, you will have to find allies among Imperial faction to stand against the heresy prosecution.
You can help the guardsmen and planetary population and officials, unaware of your situation. They will testify during your trial. You all get shot.
You can choose the Mechanicum, after all you save their world.
Also various space marine chapter, ... other idea ?

>> No.18583730

But... a single Space Marine will handily defeat four guardsman.

Maybe a a squad of Storm Troopers would be equal to an Astartes

>> No.18583735

>find allies among Imperial faction

That isn't how you spell "flirt with Mira to get troops"

>> No.18583751

>make regular campaign co-op capable

>space marines
>as regular game

>storm troopers
>can't use heavy weapons (lascannon) or close combat weapons (restricted to knife)

give the regulars some cover mechanics and change some voice files and you're set.

>> No.18583788

I was wondering why Titus was dropping thunder hammers and jet packs and other expensive weaponry around the place. And was thinking anyone could pick them up.

Then I saw the blood ravens, and and I knew those scabby cunts were there to have it 'donated' to their armory.

Cheeky devils

>> No.18583799

yfw you realize no one ever mentions the Titan again after the Blood Ravens show up.

>> No.18583801


Yeah, every time he just kind of shrugged off and dropped an assault pack I winced.

>> No.18583822

That what I was thinking.
Storm troopers is more accurate I agree.
But with heavy weapons as fix weapons (you have to install them if you want to use them).
Cover instead of shield, maybe medic instead of execution ? Maybe a sergeant who can temporize close combat ?

>> No.18583852


Remember, after the Blood Ravens show up, we never see or hear anything about the Titan again...

>> No.18583858


"Out of fuel"


I hated that too.

>> No.18583859

Stormtroopers do get power swords and chainswords wouldn't be out of the question either (seeing that Guard already has them).

They, of course, couldn't haul around heavy weapons, but could use emplaced ones just fine.

>> No.18583866

Ask Horus,30000, "Warmaster", remember?, went full heretical, went eye of terror empty handed...

>> No.18583876

Space marines can't have titan for themselves, it's another organisation who possess them.

>> No.18583880

Made it happen.

>> No.18583891

Yes, but are you gonna run around with your jump pack looking for the closest gas station while fighting orks? How many pumping stations did we come across in the game?

>> No.18583916

>Stormtroopers do get power swords and chainswords wouldn't be out of the question either (seeing that Guard already has them).
The main idea is to make the gameplay different. Storm-troopers shouldn't be tangoing up close with Orks and Chaos Space Marines unless as a final resort.

>They, of course, couldn't haul around heavy weapons, but could use emplaced ones just fine.
yes, I was just referring to carried heavy weapons

>> No.18583927

>Implying anyone gives a shit about the Admech bitching about tech-heresy, when there's real heresy going on.

>> No.18583952

I'm pretty sure the Blood Ravens already have a Warhound in their arsenal. Along with an Avatar of Khaine.

A power sword would be far weaker than the axe, not to forget that they're not Space Marines. I just think they deserve to have at least viable close-combat weapons when the enemy finally is upon them. Stabbing them with knives is far from that.

>> No.18583972

>A power sword would be far weaker than the axe
uh, actually no. The power fields are one and the same.

>I just think they deserve to have at least viable close-combat weapons when the enemy finally is upon them. Stabbing them with knives is far from that.
Tacticool operators operating operations don't normally lug around giant swords. A knife in the right spot is worth much more. I mean, take a look at Republic Commando or ODST. The dudes never used giant close combat weapons. It would have been out of place

>> No.18583977

I just want my Battlefront 40k. I REALLY hope that's what Dark Millenium is turning into.

The whole time I was playing Space Marine, I was just waiting for Titus to shout HYDRA DOMINATUS and shoot all the loyalists in the face.

>> No.18583978


There are no chapters under Inquisition control.

>> No.18583986

Grey Knights.

>> No.18583993


>> No.18583998


>> No.18583999


Celestial Lions.

>> No.18584001

the inquisitor no his soul becomes a tasty treat for a demon

>> No.18584015

I see what you did there

>> No.18584018

If you go traitor :
- khorne path : fury mode, fury mode everywhere.
- slannesh : perfect mode, the less you're hit, the more you hit. Also better evasion move and sonic weapons, which pass through cover
- Nurgle : more health and regeneration, poison on some weapons, poison those who hit you.
- Tzeench : more shield and psychic power, psychic power everywhere

>> No.18584019

I wish they'd patch the multiplayer so it isn't a broken mess.
Loved the game, though.

>> No.18584021


The Grey Knights are an unusual case. But ok I'll grant you that. They are the chamber militant of the Ordo Malleus so yeah.

The Exorcists are an independent chapter created with Inquisitorial aid but again still independent.
They're affiliated with but not part of the Inquisition.

>> No.18584033


Agreed. Just a tiny bit more attention paid to weapon and class balance, and some fucking server support, and this game would have some pretty solid multiplayer.

>> No.18584043


An Inquisitor arranged to have the chapter eliminated after he came into conflict with them.
A bold move that could have backfired massively.


Deathwatch are not a chapter. They're a volunteer force drawing from multiple chapters for a decade or two at a time.

>> No.18584053

"Volunteer" implies they have a choice

>> No.18584055

Then why does Necromunda and Inquisitor, among other sources, give power axes more strength than swords? Because an axe delivers heavier blows.

And it doesn't matter what you like and what you think, in 40K stormtroopers carry (power) swords both in models, rules and in artwork.

Oh, and in ye olden days even stormtroopers could get heavy weapons.

>> No.18584058

multiplayer 4 man teams. Each man has his own squad of three stormtroopers + himself against four Astartes. As the guard, you are slightly underpowered, but teamwork and lots of heavy weapons allows you to level the playing field.

>> No.18584064


>An Inquisitor arranged to have the chapter eliminated after he came into conflict with them.

That was the joke.

>> No.18584068

>Deathwatch are not a chapter
They are. Download the Index Astartes: Deathwatch article and find out for yourself

>b-but they're volunteers from other chapters!
Exactly how they get the marines doesn't matter. They're still considered a chapter by the High Lords

>> No.18584097

>Then why does Necromunda and Inquisitor, among other sources, give power axes more strength than swords? Because an axe delivers heavier blows.
If we're taking Necromunda into account; Swords can Parry. The difference in cutting power is more related to the quality of the power field than it is to the strength of the blow

>And it doesn't matter what you like and what you think, in 40K stormtroopers carry (power) swords both in models, rules and in artwork.
Aren't you getting snotty. If you're going to play that way; only stormtrooper sergeants carry dedicated close combat weapons

>Oh, and in ye olden days even stormtroopers could get heavy weapons.
in weapons teams, yeah. Which is entirely different from hip-firing like Titus.

>> No.18584098


I can see the four being on sort of a grid with axes of melee vs. ranged and straight-up damage vs. status effects and indirect damage.

So Khorne and Nurgle champions would be more focused on tanking damage up close and personal, and Tzeentch and Slaanesh champions would have more ranged options. And then Khorne and Tzeentch would be damage powerhouses, and Nurgle and Slaanesh would have more crowd-controlling status to indirectly kill enemies.

Sound reasonable?

>> No.18584241

>The difference in cutting power is more related to the quality of the power field than it is to the strength of the blow.

Did you just revert your stance? You said that swords and axes have identical fields, but now suddenly axes have stronger fields.

It's both the size of the weapon and the quality of the force field. And that's the whole point. Titus in Space Marine had the power axe. A stormtrooper (sergeant) with a power sword would deliver much weaker blows, but much stronger compared to a knife or a chainsword.

>only stormtrooper sergeants carry dedicated close combat weapons

Currently all stormtroopers have a hot-shot lasgun, hot-shot pistol and a close-combat weapon. And since when has 40K rules prevented games from toying around with wargear? In DoW2 you could give heavy weapons to sergeants and commanders, and bolt pistols and CCWs to tactical Marines.

>> No.18584299

Leandros was right to report Titus for going full heretic.
But he should not have gone to the Inquisition. Space Marines answer only to their Chapter, and by going to the Inquisition first, Leandros shat all over the authority of Calgar and Cassius, his Chapter Master and Master of Sanctity.

They're the ones who are supposed to deal with a suspected individual marine.

>> No.18584312


fuck you relic.

>> No.18584777

And how about undivided ?

>> No.18584792

It's typically considered an honour to be selected for the Deathwatch.

>> No.18584847

I think the point is moot now however.

With THQ pulling its belt tight, even Relic got people laid off. Now it seems like they are gonna focus of DoW III more than anything else unless THQ pulls its shit together.

Seriously, who in their right minds thought the uDraw was a good idea?

>> No.18584996


Oh god...Don't fucking remind me.

You know that they were scrapping most of the MMO out of Dark Millenium? They were going to expand on Space Marine's combat. You know, allow dual-wielding chainswords, add active abilities, more interesting combos and PvE based around avoiding hits, rather than tanking them.


>> No.18585020

I know. Hopefully it will still be good. Like a Diablo game or something, because honestly that might be the easiest way to port an MMO into a singleplayer Space Marine tearing through everything.

>> No.18585150

Titus just might be mother fucking Grey Knight worthy or some shit.

>> No.18585169

If we are lucky and there IS a Spice Marine sequel, he just might.

>> No.18585587

Ya that boss fight was pretty lame, quick time events are almost never good as the fight alone, maybe as a part of it, but as the entire fight, nope. Just takes put any feeling of urgency and panic

>> No.18585601

*takes out

>> No.18585624


If it was a final crowning moment at the end of the boss fight, as a finishing execution move, it would've been fucking awesome.

But as the ENTIRE fight? That's just lazy.

>> No.18585676

Why was the vengeance launcher so difficult to use properly?

And the storm bolter felt like a waste.

Also I found myself hurting for ammo in this game alot.

I got pretty good with the plasma pistol though.

That aside I enjoyed this game immensely and hope they do make a sequel.

>> No.18585854

Ugh, not thanks. I still rage just thinking about God of War 2's ending QTE against Zeus. Or MW3 end, where the only interactive really part is where you run after the chopper and press jump. After that it's nothing but "enjoying" an action movie finale where you at times have to unpause the action.

Only QTE finishing move I'd want is one where you get to freely wail on the fucker how ever you like. Like after shooting them silly, you run up to them, put a boot in their face, and when they're down, you can use different buttons to kick and punch them as much as you like, and finish it all of with a bullet to the head, which you can fire any time you want.

That's what you really need. In an action movie, when the protagonist gets pushed around by the antagonist, you may feel like "Yeah, JB, kick his ass!" But in a game YOU are the protagonist and wathing someone else steal YOUR kill, YOUR revenge, is just insulting, no matter how well directed.

>> No.18586037

I never understood why they added the Vengeance Launcher and not a different projectile based weapon. Hopefully when they make a sequel they'll add more weapons like the Flamer.

>> No.18586142

Gotta have that remote detonation weapon, so no one will bitch about that. It's a little like why the meltagun was set on the wide beam, so it wouldn't just be a short range lascannon.

But I do think a regular grenade launcher would have been better. And why can't we ever had a Marine with a shotgun? I've always wanted to see that, a big dude with a big shotgun, going *chack-chick*.

I never had problems with ammo. Short controlled bursts. You kill a lot more orks with a few headshots than just spraying the entire mob. Just level the aim around the shoulder level and fire "pop-pop-pop-pop". Works wonders.

On my first playthrough I ended up using the pistols a lot, to save ammo, so I guess I passed like 90% of the ammo pickups.

And I know what you mean by the storm bolter. With the lowered damage and wild accuracy, I could do more damage with a bolt pistol than a storm bolter.

>> No.18586328


Wait, are there shotgun based weapons in 40K?

>> No.18586348

Yes, they're called shotguns.

>> No.18586374



>> No.18586375


SM scouts, Arbites, IG, you name it, they got it. With a wide assortment of shells that do not come into play in 40K (except regular pellets for IG and executioner shells for Marines). Then there's man-stoppers, slugs and you can even stuff bolter bolts in there.

>> No.18586439

>this shotgun was recovered from the ruins of the armory which Mencius had destroyed rather than see its contents fall into the mob's hands.

Such impudence. The Emperor's own Blood Ravens do not attack in "mobs".

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