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Hey everyone, I don't know how much you guys enjoy this or not, but I love customization, and since I'm going to start playing 40k soon, I was wondering if I could get any help with creating a custom chapter. I don't like that half ass "They are this chapter with different colors" I enjoy the full detail aspect. Anyone willing to help me out?

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What do you enjoy? I made a whole chapter based around the Knights of Ni from Monty Python, complete with Holy Handgrenades (Melta bombs) and Power Herrings (Power swords).

This gives you a chance to do whatever the fuck you want with your army. If anyone questions your armies awesome heritage then fuck them. It's yours.

There are few greater sights in apocalypse games then a whole table full of people in tears of joy because there's a dreadnought on the table that looks like the Black Knight.

And that, bitches, is what wargaming is about.

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Well I'm the guy from a thread, who wanted to add females to a Space Wolves army. I'm one who really enjoys writing the story as much as making the models and playing. So just need a good homeworld and other stuff of that nature.

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Pick a type of environment you enjoy and build off that.
I built my IG regiment based on the idea of a whole planet being
like the Badlands of the Southwestern US.
Once you pick that, it should all fall into place.

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>who wanted to add females to a Space Wolves army.

If you're just getting into 40K you might not know yet, but there are no female Marines. At all. Ever. Women can literally not be made into Space Marines.

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I know, but as I asked in the thread "would you care if I sat down with Sisters of battle in my army?" everyone said no. So I'm going for it.

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A Space Wolf starship crashed millenia ago into a amazonianesque planet, sexy fun times between the wolves and the girls produced a super strong race of predominantly female warriors? Just throwing ideas around.

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I'm liking it, I'm liking it alot

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Or the Space Wolves brutally raped the women and held them captive for breeding purposes. That sounds more realistic to me.

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>Space Wolves

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that doesn't make the females space marines at all.....

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Use Black templars rules. Have mixed units of Sisters/Scouts and Marines. Look on bits websites or use spare parts to wolf-up your sisters.

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Here's a hint kid, rape is a terrible thing and does not automatically make something SO MACHORE. It just makes it stupid and juvenile.

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After a few generations of training and reproducing and raising their children to be warriors, it could eventually happen.

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Well, if it's cool with your group then whatever, but you may want to brace yourself for the major nerd butthurt that you might get from some of the other "hardcore" 40k players. But I mean, with anything you take the good with the bad. Also, to make it even more awesome, combine "female marines" with "chaos turned grey knights" for maximum butthurt. Also, this.

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When on earth did I say rape was a good thing? I'm a female. We're talking about Space Wolves here.

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Not actual Marines. Marines are genetically engineered and get all those extra organs and shit that make them what they are implanted. Even if they could reproduce, it would not mean their offspring get the same shit they do.

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That's true. Regardless, they could still eventually be churning out some fantastic warriors. They wouldn't be on the same level of Marines, but still.

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Wait, so that means they randomly go around raping stuff?
Hint, space marines don't really have a sex drive.

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Also, just to clerify some things, and I'm not trying to be "That Guy". The reason there are no female marines is not because the Imperium doesn't allow females to join the ranks, it's that the gene-seed (The stuff that actually makes a Space Marine, a Space Marine) and other implants they put into their future marines is actually not compatible with the female genome. They literally can not become a Space Marine in any sense of the word. But if you wanna play it, go for it dude. Green stuff them boobs on that power armour!

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They're undisciplined drunkards, what do you expect?

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we're talking about Space Wolves man,

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Thanks for clarifying that.

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Also! (Kinda which there was an edit button.) For those who don't know. Space Marines can't reproduce. Their genitals are entirely removed because one of the implants they get already gives them super testosterone.

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Again, NO. SEX. DRIVE. They physically cannot get an erection!
Besides, everybody knows that rape is the domain of the White Scars.

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[citation needed]

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>Denizens of /tg/ are prone to claiming a wide variety of things about the Space Marines, usually about their sexual activity (or lack of it), ranging from assertions that the genitalia of a Space Marine is nonfunctional to claims that they are castrated during the creation process. They never have any supporting evidence for these theories and it is not clear whether or not Space Marines are allowed to have sex, which chapters would allow them to have sex, if they even can have sex, if they're still capable of normal human reproduction if they can have sex and are allowed to have sex, or what bits they may or may not still possess. Still, that doesn't stop anyone from stating their personal opinion as if it were fact.

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Your welcome! I feel so helpful... I love this place!

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Don't ask me for a source, but I thought Space Wolves didn't actually have their tackles removed.

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Actually, the whole "no genitals"thing is unconfirmed fanwank, but we do know they lack sex drives.

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reposting for emphasis of his point:
>Denizens of /tg/ are prone to claiming a wide variety of things about the Space Marines, usually about their sexual activity (or lack of it), ranging from assertions that the genitalia of a Space Marine is nonfunctional to claims that they are castrated during the creation process. They never have any supporting evidence for these theories and it is not clear whether or not Space Marines are allowed to have sex, which chapters would allow them to have sex, if they even can have sex, if they're still capable of normal human reproduction if they can have sex and are allowed to have sex, or what bits they may or may not still possess. Still, that doesn't stop anyone from stating their personal opinion as if it were fact.

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Uh, in the Space Wolves codex, there's a scene where a Wolf Lord makes a pass at what he presumes to be a female human. Just sayin'.

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No, no. I'm fairly certain it is actual canon. It's unfortunate that I have to sputter "I read it in one of their fluff books they put out every once in a while, but no I don't remember the name of it." line, but I'm fairly certain it's true.

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The lack of sex drive is implied big time, but the "lolnodicks" thing is just stupid.

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So he thought it would be funny.
Making a pass at someone doesn't mean your serious, or even interested. It's probably something he did because he was bored and remembered hitting on women way back before he was collected by the choosers of the dead.

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>but we do know they lack sex drives.

they've been indoctrinated to the point that they just don't get it up, for want of a better term. I believe one of the Horus Heresy novels has a bunch of Emperor's Children at a concert with a bunch of normal people. For some reason or another it's CHAOS MUSIC and all the normal people start to having a sexy orgy... and the Children just kinda start killing everyone because they don't know any other way to express themselves

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you're just being prissy, I'm doing it now

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Yes I am. I only stumbled upon this board a week or two ago. Still have no idea how to...Do that connect post number with thing...Thing...I'm a big dumb idiot.

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Click the post number, it'll automatically place it in the field.

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Oh, also -- Lukas allegedly bedded a dozen women in a night. It was implied that it was before becoming a Space Marine but they get recruited at a young age, so, uh... Yup.

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Oh no, I think the "female Space Wolves" thing could be badass. I just object to the "lolrapethey'respacewolvessothey'reserialrapists" thing.

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> http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=132379

> http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=124020

Sup dawg. Herd u liek homebrews

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MY GOD MAN! A full ten internets for you good sir! Man this place rules! Also, here. Have this.

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>but they get recruited at a young age, so, uh... Yup.
Death world.. Feral culture... it's entirely conceivable that someone in their early teens is going to be having sex. Especially a physically capable, healthy male like all modern space marine recruits are.

There is absolutely zero mention of (non-chaos) space marines having sex, in any written GW material. And no, "making a pass" isn't good enough

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Go back to wherever you came from. Ugh.

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>early teens
>12 women in one night

o i c

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Space Wolves are selected after falling valiantly in battle on their homeworld. The "Choosers Of The Dead" come and retrieve the ones who proved themselves worthy and are still alive enough to be saved by Imperial medicine. Thus Space Wolf initiates are usually adults (by the standards of their homeworld's primitive Viking-style society at least, so prolly around sixteen at the young end). Point is, plenty of time for Lukas to get his pimp on.

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>"man they said he did it before becoming a space marine right in the fluff... BUT I BET THEY'RE LYING ABOUT IT SPACE MARINES HAVE SEX GUYS I'M RIGHT"

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The Choosers Of The Dead are basically the equivalent of the Valkyries in Fenrisian mythology, but they're male. Because they're actually Space Wolves who come to collect those they have chosen as initiates.

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Around sixteen is very different than 'early teens' imo. Sixteen makes sense.

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Space Wolves are weird.

Njal Stormcaller was a big fellow with a full beard raiding with other warriors when he was recruited.

Their gene-seed won't activate without the Canis Helix, it's possible that this allows also them to recruit older folks.

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And that would actually be quite young. Usually they're older when they're chosen since they have to prove themselves in battle by going out like total badasses. And holding on to that last thread of life long enough for the Choosers to get there.

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Granted, feel kind of like an idiot now that that's posted.

OP (If you're still lurking) if you're still in to the idea of a "Space Wolf" type army, why not switch up the theme from viking norsemen to Galic, or Celtic origins? You could at least get some pretty neat pauldron designs out of it.

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I always wondered, but do you guys also rage at CHAOS space marines who look female?

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If they're not slaaneshi.

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That's different...Kind of. Mostly it's brought on by chaos mutation. So none of it actually works... Kind of. Slaanesh just likes to fuck with people.

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Not OP, but this is brilliant.
Hell, if you're good with a detail brush, do Celtic knotwork versions of the various markings.

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It's funny because this is literally how Iron Warriors create new marines. They have a daemon thing that gives birth to new bodies.

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Go me. Also, if I'm not mistaken their helmets were pretty cool as well. I always liked that one Space Marine...Veteran maybe? With the outstretched wings coming off the front of the helmet. I think there's an art picture of it in Codex: Space Marine in the Honour Guard section. Always wanted to take that and shave it down to look like batwings instead see if it looked alright as a CSM.

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>who look female

We all know where this is going.

Anyways, I once played a BC game where a renegade (female) pleased all 4 of the gods in the trails given to her first (some interparty competition etc etc) and her reward was geneseed.We all deicided that with how she greatly pleased all 4 faces of chaos it was OK to make her a Astartes with motherfucking Ahriman and favor of the gods assisting us with the process.

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That's only some of their recruits. I believe it's in the novel "Killing Fields" or the one before that, that goes on to explain their crazy mutation vats they grew guys in, but most of them get rejected and flushed down the toilet. Like other traitor legions most of their new guys are taken from left over heretics to see if they have the stuff, or to just watch them suffer through it and die. A lot of the traitor legions gene-seed is actually stolen loyalist stock. They rarely use their own, which causes discontent between the new recruits and the veterans, seeing them mostly as "mongrels" that are staining the name of their proud legion.

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>and her reward was geneseed
so, a ballsack. The progenoid gland was also referred to as scrotum back in rogue trader

what a lucky girl

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Laughed way to hard at that.

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female space marines?

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male or female, I'd tap that, I'd tap the hell out of that

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Your gonna get snoo snoo'd.

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I would only ever tap it to deal 1 damage to target creature or player.

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"female" marines.

Their gene-seeds are fucked and instead of becoming totally straight action heroes, they become pretty effeminate emo kids.

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If Slaanesh wants female Space Marines, he is going to get female Space Marines. It's the warp, I ain't got to explain shit!

Also, considering the Emperor is a posthuman god and a master of biomancy, whose form would change and shift into whatever he needed it to be at the moment, the no-female-space-marines rules seems a bit arbitrary.

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I'd bang goblin sharpshooter too, man.

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What is this from?

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No, in absolutely no material it's stated the Emprah was actually omnipotent or some shit. The shamans shit was retconned I think. So he mighthave been just a very powerful psyker warlord, a mutant of some kind, Jesus Christ come again of fuck knows who or what. The point being he is portrayed as having limitations, the genetic engineering thing taking him decades to correctly figure out, and still with only a shitty success rate. It's not like he didn't just choose the easiest path.

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I'll just leave this here

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>The shamans shit was retconned I think.


They both still have the Shaman thing up, but I don't think that implies he's omnipotent. I don't know about his form changing, but It's basically implied that he's almost every major figure in the history of humanity.

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