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On the fringes of Segmentum Ultima, nearly 200 years ago, a loathsome, forested ball of ice called Ifalna was brought into compliance with the Imperial rule of Terra. Afterwards, it was largely forgotten.

During a routine stop to check the status of the worlds fledgling tithe accounts, the Departmento Munitorum discovered that Ifalna was in a state of most desperate crisis: the recently instated Planetary Defense Force had been crippled; nay, crushed and scattered by a hostile force that no one could scarcely have imagined even existed on the remote backwater planet.

You are among the unfortunate guardsmen who have been dispatched to this inglorious place.

>previously http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18552828/

The planet has a 36 hour day cycle, most of it spent in darkness or murky twilight.

Over the past two day cycles, the men of your battalion have constructed a patrol base on the frigid tundra. It currently consists of a small network of trenches, covered by flak-resistant tarps and wooden support beams hacked from the indigenous trees. The trenches are heated by a several dozen portable heating units, networked to two large generators in the back of two of the Chimera vehicles your battalion possesses.


1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
194 Guardsmen
4 Chimera Transports (with crew)

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 22
Stamina: 22
Morale: 20
Purity: 29

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It is currently the middle of the night - a massive bonfire in the middle of the patrol base defies the blistering wind and snow.

Several dozen guardsmen huddle around the fire as the night drags on, idly bantering.

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Has the patrol that went to the foothills returned yet?

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They returned several hours ago, missing three men and reporting a harrowing encounter with some monstrous enemy.

Their Chimera also seems to have taken superficial damage to one side - gashes and scrapes along it's armored hull, but little else.

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Ah yes, I remember now. Let's check up on the patrols. Make sure that they haven't seen anything weird, and that no one is falling asleep/freezing to death

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>anyone is free to manage any character or group of characters at will - consider yourselves officers not listed on the rolls, if you need a point of reference

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"I don't mean to speak above station, sir, but anyone who's looking for us is gonna see that fire for miles." - one of the guardsmen on watch

There are also reports of hearing voices amidst the wind, but that has been going on for several nights in a row.

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The murky twilight of dawn finally bleeds through the darkness as the fire dies down to a large patch of glowing embers, occasionally fed a handy branch by what few guardsmen remain there, not having already taken to their positions or to get what little sleep remains before their next shift.

Presently, the dull crack of stubber fire breaks the morning tranquility - *pop! pop! pop! pop!* Four successive shots ring out, like someone patiently shooting at practice targets.

Moments later, the crackle of returning las fire rings out, and troops go scrambling through the trenchworks to gear up and get to their positions.

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Contact report! How many, where are they, what are they armed with, etc.

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The eastern hardpoint reports; as they do, the sound of stubber fire can still be heard echoing across the patrol base.

"We count three, maybe four... they're popping shots from a small hill, maybe three hundred meters out. Can't get a good look at them."

The crackle of lasfire grows in tempo; in the distance, the snowy berm from where the fire is originating steams and sizzles as the returning lasfire cooks away chunks of snow and ice.

The attackers, whoever they are, seem to be firing wildly at this point, unwilling to poke even a head over the berm with all the incoming fire.

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Well, we've got them suppressed. Let's keep up the suppressing fire, and send a squad to flank the enemy position, assault it, and wipe them out.

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A squad leaves the patrol base and heads out to flank the enemy while the defensive line continues to suppress.

By the time the assault begins, the enemy is already in the midst of pulling back. It's not entirely clear what their goal was in the first place. There are several sleds positioned to take them down the far side of the hill and out across a flat plain of ice - a frozen lake, it looks like.

When the squad launches the assault, the attackers fall quickly, scrambling toward their sleds or firing back in futility. In all, there are six fallen enemy combatants - though it looks like only two of them actually had firearms; the other four are armed with hand-axes and long knives, most of them still sheathed when their wielder was shot down.

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Loot everything including the sleds and the fallen bodies. We can investigate the bodies and distribute the loot at camp where at least there's a fire going.

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Alright, let's search the bodies so see if there's anything of importance on them. Is the frozen lake towards the foothills as well? Or are the foothills in a different direction?

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The foothills are to the north - the attack came from the east, but it's not too much of a stretch to think they may have circled around.


The combatant's are dressed in hides; some of them have headgear fashioned from an animal skull.

The two stubber rifles appear to be PDF issue - the Imperial Aquila on the weapons stocks' has been defaced by numerous scratches, probably from the tip of a knife.

The sleds are unpowered, entirely kinetic craft. They are designed to move quickly across the ice on bladed 'skates'.

After pouring through all the looted equipment, it becomes clear that the two stubber rifles (and their ammunition, which is all but spent) represents the only remotely modern technology amongst their possessions.

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Let's report the incident to Higher and have that squad look around the area for anything else of interest. Meanwhile, have a rotational schedule for the guys on watch. I would like for around 50 guardsmen to get to work digging trenches and igloo-type things for shelter. The rest of them will either be resting, on guard duty, or patrolling roughly a klick or so out from our position. If this was a probing attack, I don't want a larger force coming in and attacking

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>frozen lake

good thing we didn't send a chimera after them

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I was considering suggesting that just for sheer overkill.

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As the hours pass, the assigned guardsmen expand the trenchworks.

-1 stamina

The brief sliver of daylight passes and the storm picks up with renewed fury as the sky begins to darken.

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Alright, let's bring in the roving patrols. Everyone gets food, warmth if possible. Start occupying the snow shelters that have been constructed so at least some of our guys can stay relatively warm. Ideally, I would like to have everyone in a snow shelter within a few days.
Keep up the night watch. Make sure that they have a schedule and are relieved accordingly.

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Hey OP, I'm fairly sure I'm the only one playing right now, and I have to go out and run some errands. Maybe you could start or continue this thread later today if possible?

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Yup, need a break anyway to run some errands

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