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This shit.

Explain it.

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You know how they were making a Dark Heresy supplement for the Imperial Guard?

It's now been turned into its own game.
3rd quarter 2012

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>>Dat female Cadian with the boob-plate
Fucking hell, that pisses me off way more than it should.

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Wait, wat?

I... kind of really want that.

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I foresee a drastic increase in shitty advice guardsmen image macros once this game is released.

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Core Rulebook??

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Yeah, kinda lame considering that the PC game "Space Marine" got it right in terms of female armour (eg: same as male armour) but hot damn a new game just for the guard. Excellent!

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Well finally my players who keep playing DH like a wargame will get their wishes.

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That's right motherfucker, there are soon to be FIVE Warhammer 40000 Role Playing Games!

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From FFG site:

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Only War! In this all-new standalone Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game, players take on the roles of soldiers in the Imperial Guard, the galaxy-spanning armies of the God-Emperor. Fully compatible with FFG’s other Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay titles, this comprehensive game system explores a previously unseen side of life in the Imperium of Man.

In Only War, each player takes the role of a Guardsman, a member of the Imperial Guard and one of the countless billions of hardened conscripts constantly fighting on myriad fronts at the whim of the Adeptus Terra. In control of this martial alter ego, players go forth at the behest of their officers to fight the eternal and implacable foes of the Imperium – the foul xenos, the mutant, the heretic, and the dark forces of the Ruinous Powers.

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>One GM use Black Crusade
>The other use Only War!
Normal human Renegades and Guardsman only. There is only war and punches between players.

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I'm running a military DH campaign for a while now, and it's has been fun. It's good to know now I will have even a more reliable support to run this campaign, a system focused on military endeavors.

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>>Take the role of a Guardsman with one of twelve distinct Specialties, offering unique skills to your squad to complement those of your comrades. Will you bring the light of the God-Emperor to the battlefield as a Ministorum Priest, or will you wield the Imperium’s most cutting-edge technology as a fearsome Storm Trooper? Perhaps you’ll tend to the machine spirits of the Guard’s many war machines as a Tech-Priest Enginseer, or lead the charge as your squad’s Sergeant. Whatever your function, you’ll be a vital part of the Imperium’s vast war machine.

So, 12 classes.
Ministorum Priest, Storm Trooper, Sergeant, and Tech-Priest leave 8 left.

Wanna take bets?

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>Die instantly the game

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I'm Very excited

Vietnam 40k campaign may happen afterall.

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Oh fuck yes.

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>female guardsman

I'm surprised there isn't a NIGGER on the cover too...

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Mary sues ahoy!

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With every new book released for the 40k RPG I can't help but think what amazing source books 2nd Ed WFRP could have had by now.

For starters the WFRP source books wouldn't be out of print, then by now we'd probably have Lustria, Cathay, Nippon and more.

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wonder if theyll support things like being a tank crew in this? THat'd be a hell of a campaign having the party being a rag-tag crew for a Leman Russ.

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American anon, right?

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I see a Commissar on the cover, so I'm assuming one of them.

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Bottom right.

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Priest, Storm Trooper, Enginseer, Sergeant, Medic, Psyker, Heavy Gunner, Commissar

My guesses for the other four...
fuck if I know

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How so?

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Bloodthirsty xenos and the foul spawn of Chaos are hardly the only threats to a soldier’s life, however. Throughout your adventures, you and your fellow Guardsmen will also contend with paralyzing bureaucratic apathy, a leadership that often views you as expendable, and the fickle political maneuvering of those far beyond your humble station.

In spite of this, your squad must make the best of the situations you encounter, embodying the ideals of the Imperial Guard while punishing the enemies of the God-Emperor. A Guardsman must take the glorious fight to the enemies, and spread the Light of His Word to the darkest corners of the galaxy.

>Munitorium mismanagement: You receive one hundred prayer notes but no ammunition.
>"Who is that down there Major?": Your regiment has been picked by the whims of the Brigadier General to act as the vanguard for the next attack.
>Colonel has been replaced: Some staff officer just had your colonel executed on some trumped up heresy charge. You are now led by a 2nd Grade Junior Officer Harmov

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>>Vietnam 40k
Catachans, fighting chaos cultists, death worlds only, final destination.

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>40K: Space 'Nam
booby traps

booby traps everywhere

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The way /tg/ fanwanks over the guard? We'll have parties full of Strakens and Harkers in no time. "Hurr MY only war chararictor could beat up a hundred spess mereenz bcuz spess mereenz r mary soo fagits"
"Well MY only war charictor was fightan Kaldor Dragio and he punched him so hard his butt ksploded into buttpoop!"
"Spess mehreens shur r mary soo fagits!"

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Booty traps everywhere also

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Going to upload a 52 page Guard pdf supplement for you guys, based on Dark Heresy. Just have to remember my mediafire password.

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The REAL Vietnam

6 Terrified Cadians. Very far from home. Their only protections against the jungle below is the armour on their chest and the lasgun in their hands

Thats not the apeal of guardsman. the apeal is they are average men like you or me who are fighting for thieir lives

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Congratulations, you are 100% unreasonable in your assumptions.

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I don't even... But why would they do that...? I guess I'll buy it. even if I would have liked it better as a supplement.

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Honestly, as an IG player, I don't really feel this book was all that necessary.

But I'll skim it for material no doubt.

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The entire squad has hellguns and meltabombs. Final destination.

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> that is not the appeal of guardsmen
> your assumptions are unreasonable
Uh... have you SEEN /tg/ on a guardwank day? It's worse than HFY threads.

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The light!! It's so bright!!! IT HURTS!!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!
Cannot wait to get my jarhead friend into some roleplaying for nerds.
I supposse that the GM will be the Officer, giving orders all day, every day...
"Gunslinger 3-1, this is Gunslinger Boss. The rest of the platoon have been eaten by demons"
"This is Gunslinger 3-1, copy that. Ok boys, we have some NASTY shit on our hands. Check your ammo."

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>Heavy Gunner Specialty
>Make one
>Get GM to allow me to buy the blank background package from DH
>Make sure a teammate is a commissar
>Fuck year, Jurgen and Cain

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Yes i have. the fanwank is based on what i said. Normal men in impossible positions who just say fuck it and do something crazy.

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"D-cannon shooted, everyone goes to the Warp"

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This reminds me of when Black Crusade was announced for some reason...

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it's spawning miniture guardsmen

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I now sort of want to run this mainly for the sheer potential comedy that will come from ANY scene involving a space marine.

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I have not. But I'm o /tg/ quite often and if there is one archtype on W40k that is a fertle ground for Mary Sues is the Space Marines. Guardsman are expendable, they die easily and are not rewarded by their deeds. Space marines in the other hand, only die after killing a hundred for each of them killed. In the canon, when a whole space marine attack group of several squads is whipped out, it's time for exterminatus. Guardsman are the back bone of the empire, but they die like flies. That's kinda the point.

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I'm sure there will be some cool rules and gear to import into other games. But they already made one RPG that was centered entirely around combat. Why are they adding another? It should've stayed a supplement.

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Actually, /tg/ celebrates guardsmen as the standard every-man. I hope some fa/tg/uys are intelligent enough realise that making them exceptional completely ruins any appeal that they have. The whole point of guardsmen is being one of many, crushing a superior foe as an inferior species with inferior weapons, inferior armour and greater numbers. A guardsman taking down a Space Marine is badwrongfun. Several guardsmen working together to take down a Space Marine and managing it successfully? Now that's badass.

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My assumption is that it will be a low powered game where half the players will brag about how fast they died. Hope it has an accelerated character creation.

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when this is released i bet somebody will do some Only war/deathwatch mash-up based on Space marine

not saying that will be bad..

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It's always easy to forget how massive Chimeras are.

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guard supplement, based on a particular backstory/planet but can easily be adjusted to fit your style. Enjoy /tg/

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the dudes like the length on one of the lasguns on the side

artist cannot into proper scales

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I wish there was a sensible way to roll a campaign with the party being a crew of a Leman Russ.

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Oh shit, nigga!

All my money and everything I will ever own!

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It's called heroic scale. It's designed to exaggerate weapons.

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>Invalid or Deleted File.
Oh well.
Mite b cool. When they gain mroe XP they upgrade their abilities. The loader load faster, Commander get better commmand bonus, Driver is able to drive faster or manuveur faster.

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>I hope some fa/tg/uys are intelligent enough realise that making them exceptional completely ruins any appeal that they have.
some do, but not nearly enough. No where near enough

Much like with Space Marines, /tg/'s general opinion on the Guard is downright depressing.

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Their theme song

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God will they just release a general 40k RPG already. I can't be assed with all these new fucking games.

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"The uh, Tanith First, I believe sir. Gaunt's lot."

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Includes, Ratling, Orgyn rules.

Possible careers: Batman (personal servant), voxman, sentinel pilot, tanker, sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant major, lieutenants, captain, colonel, field chriurgeon, grenadier (storm trooper), Heavy weapons trooper, Infilitrator, Scout, Interrogator, Munitorium liason, Priesty assistant, Rough Rider, etc

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Each new book is effectively an errata. Doesn't work that way, I'm afraid.

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Scout (Sniper)
Feral/Feudal worlder?
Psyker of course

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This seems like a terrible idea. Guardsmen deploy in the thousands, not a a squad of like 5 guys to get shit done.
Dark Heresy you were part of the Inquisition.
Rogue Trader you were part of a Rogue Trader's inner coterie.
Deathwatch you were a fucking Space Marine working with the Inquisition.
Black Crusade you were a powerful heretic.
Now you're a grunt with no freedom. Wut.

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wtf, I'm checking it. One sec.

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Perhaps they'll have it function more like a modern military than WORLD WAR ONE TRENCH WARFARE PREPARE TO CHARGE MAGGOTS.

>> No.18573703

Download didn't stick for some reason, wait one while I re-upload.

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>Each new book is effectively an errata.
Yes, exactly. Can we get a fucking recognition of that with a general product already.

Grenadier will not be a separate class.

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Why would this be a problem? You can do that now. Use the vehicle rules from Into the Storm, roll up a techpriest, driver, couple of gunners. Every round the techpriest either repairs or calculates trajectories, the gunners gun, the driver drives. The vehicle rules are crunchy enough that everyone has plenty to do. Might be more fun as 4 PCs in 2 tanks, though. Much more tactical variety.

If you want them to be chumps, make them all 1st rank DH characters. If you want them competent, 1st rank RT characters: explorator, Rogue Trader, archmilitant, and voidmaster can work just fine as enginseer, officer, trooper, and driver.

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Hey guys, listen up for a second. I know this might sound a little crazy, but hear me out.
What if, and stay with me here, what if we made the grimdark, guys what if, we made the grimdark even more grimdark.

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Now your a Squad stuck behind enemy lines in a heretic riddled city.

Now your a Mechanised Platoon with orders to push behind enemy lines and cause as much havok as possible.

Now your a small team shot down and lost in a death world jungle and you somehow stumble across a necron tomb and the rest of campaign is spent running after you accidentally wake them up and the entire planet is slowly destroyed.

Use your god damn imagination.

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...Go on.

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And how would you generalise the different rules between the different games, each with their seperate theme? Your favoured Chaos God severely affects character progression in Black Crusade and character creation in Rogue Trader is entirely different to Dark Heresy, etcetera. It's easier to have seperate books than a single, standard format for vastly different characters. It's just like why the supernaturals in nWoD aren't all shoved into the core book.

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What I want to know is, "Can I play a game of Aeronautica pilots?". Imagine it, /tg/. Flying your fighter or gunship through the air, dogfighting enemies, extracting friendly troops from hot zones, making your way back after being shot down, limping back to base in a plane that's about to shake itself apart any second. It'll be glorious.

>> No.18573740

What about the Assassinorum? What, don't you want to play as an Eversor?

>> No.18573744

I mean stuff that is essentially general improvements like the psychic shackling rules or the changes to full/semi auto.

>> No.18573746

This looks like Band of Brothers but in space. If so it has some potential.

>> No.18573755

Officio Assassinorum would be the best thing ever as an RPG. Just WRYYYYYYYY all day erry day

>> No.18573762

It would be a fun vidya, but a terrible pen and paper.

>> No.18573765

but modify for aircraft crew instead. And by the way, I would play the shit out of that as a gunner.
Wrong. Their theme is this:

>> No.18573773

And the theme for Aeronautica pilots:

>> No.18573777

Why am I getting a feeling that some fa/tg/uys will rp Rape of an Eldar?

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File: 1.56 MB, 2024x1592, 1329707119722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry about that, mediafire was being fucking slow and session expired while doing that old upload.

This should work (I just re-downloaded it from here):

>> No.18573781

Jungle death world, arctic gear only, final destination.

>> No.18573784

Why am I getting a feeling that some fa/tg/uys will roleplay in their game Rape of an Eldar?

>> No.18573786

Good idea, but we don't really need Guard-specific rules for that.

For instance, roll 2d10 for your Guardsman's strength.

>> No.18573787

They already have the rules and shit for Vindicares in Ascension. Could be fun.

>> No.18573791

>why the supernaturals in nWoD aren't all shoved into the core book

Do you mean to keep gouging out cash for the same formulaic idea or the deliberate desire to paste a supposedly unified setting into a disjointed mess?

>> No.18573792

Yeah, but Ascension is terrible and also that was kind of a dumb move.

>> No.18573796

oh god my sides

>> No.18573797

Sorry I got nothing.

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The rules for this are in Battlefleet Koronus, the Rogue Trader supplement. You probably also want Into the Storm, it's got more vehicle stats. But yeah, you can do this already, it's fun.

>My campaign totally isn't Battlestar Galactica, guys


Oh good god I want to be a voidmaster specializing in vehicle weaponry.

My only objection to this new book is that I don't think it will add much. With minimal houseruling, you can already play anything from a squad of conscripts up to admirals orchestrating planetary invasions, using the books they've already published. What's going to be in Only War that we actually don't have rules for yet?

>> No.18573799

because given a chance you would be one of them, don't pretend otherwise.

>> No.18573800

In my RT campaign, I'm a Voidmaster specializing in smaller craft. I use a guncutter to be every badass chopper pilot in any film ever.

>> No.18573801

It'd be funny instead of Wounds, the game would count Squadmates.

Every time you take a hit, one of the NPC grunts in your team dies a gory fashion. Until it's just you and your player character buddies that are left. One hit kills, bitches.

Also, the Commissar could just execute one of the NPC squadmates (which also of course drains your "health") to buff the team.

All the meatgrindery fun without having to turn the player characters into special only-work-in-five-man-team snowflakes.

>> No.18573805

Rules for campaigns, mass battles, strategising maybe. Except not because it's squad-level. Who knows? Guard specific stuff I guess, maybe some squad-level resource rules.

>> No.18573811

Seriously? A team on Guardsmen to get shit done? Why not just play Dark Heresy with Guard only?

This could have been Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau, Officio Assassinorum or shit even Newcrons.

>> No.18573816

Because Guardsmen are the most boring class in Dark Heresy. This should at least give them some more interesting capabilities.

>> No.18573820

Didn't FFG say "NO" to xeno-related games (disregard the Ork Freeboter and Kroot Mercenary from RT)? I thought they said.

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are you implying that in the grimmdakness of the 41st millenium the dominant humans are only white males? the 20% of whites from actual earth of which only 10% are males? you mean that only 10% of our worlds population expanded all over the galaxy while females became a genetical anomaly?

>>neckbeard: the movie

>> No.18573834


I'd say it's because FF refuses to give their customers what they want but apparently there is enough excitement about playing a Guardsman...whoopee...

>> No.18573841

IIRC, they refuse because they think that humans cannot comprehend the ways in which anyone else (xeno) thinks, so that's why they do not make any RPG for them.

>> No.18573846

They may not have approval from GW to take license with xeno races in a splatbook.

Of course, we'll have to see what their Star Wars system is. If it uses the d100 system it might be easy to port over things or design your own alien races.

>> No.18573847

from the 40k fiction ive read skin pigmentation became similar because of small populations that started human worlds caused similar characteristics over time and the enviroment of the planets themselves ie: cadians all have purple irisis

>> No.18573849

Well, that sucks.
On a higher note, YES! I can finally do my 40k Apocalypse Now/Heart Of Darkness campaign!

>> No.18573852

I like how that female guardsmen found in needed to have breast molded shaped cuirass

>> No.18573861

Yeah it's pretty sexist. They don't even tend to have stuff in their other art.

>> No.18573862

>This could have been Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau, Officio Assassinorum or shit even Newcrons.

No it couldn't. There's not enough from GW, as not even GW knows how they want to expand the fluff on the xenos, not enough from GW to do that.

Sad thing is that currently Dark Eldars is the only ones with decent enough fluff and fitting enough to be given some love.

Well.. And Orks, maybe we get an all Orkz book for RT, but I don't think we'll ever get a Orkz game.

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The way we always do it when we play Guard games is that everyone has access to two progression lists. So everyone's a dual-class scum/guardsman or assassin/guardsman or arbite/guardsman, etc.

Although once I ran a oneshot where I gave everyone identical character sheets and they came up with completely different personalities. All Guardsmen with basic skill in medicae, tech use, command, and demolitions, because they'd all just gotten out of the same training, but totally different people.

Incidentally, I too am sad at the lack of Xeno game support.

>> No.18573869

not all, its just common. check out eisenhorn he mentions it

>> No.18573875

That's a good idea, the dual-classing thing. I think for a oneshot everyone being the same is okay, but in a longer campaign it would be grating. But doubling up on progression is pretty cool. Do they get double the xp too, but it has to be split between the classes?

>> No.18573883


its real man

>> No.18573886


Which is bullshit. If I can get into the shoes of how a psychic genetically-engineered ubermench who can learn things by eating people's fingers and thinks a tractor is a tank, then it's not that much of a stretch to play a damn ork.

>> No.18573887

So, we know there are 12 Specialties in the game. From the description, we already know these 8:

1. Ministorum Priest
2. Tech-Priest Enginseer
3. Storm Trooper
4. Sergeant
5. Medic
6. Sanctioned Psyker
7. Heavy Gunner
8. Commissar

Any guesses on what the remaining 4 are?

>> No.18573893


>> No.18573899

Is Medic confirmed, yeah? There might be a scout type, a pilot/driver type, a technician type (like vox-operator). Possibly also an officer if commissar is there, like a Lt.

>> No.18573902

Guys, what if they have rules for playing an artillery crew? It would be like, a group of guys fucking around, until someone comes screaming at them to fire earth-shaker rounds in "that" general direction.

Then they go back to fucking around.

>> No.18573903

Well, let's look at the average world people live on in 40k
>>Hive world
>>No natural sunlight
White people.
>>Void ship
>>No natural sunlight, very little artificial light
Extremely white people
>>Forge world
>>Little to no natural sunlight
White people.
>>Death worlds
Also varies. Catachans are pretty tan, for example.

>> No.18573904


>> No.18573905

That isn't boobplate. There's no ridiculous crease in the middle.

>> No.18573915

bumping the guard supplement, now I am off for the day.
Have a good one and smite the Emperor's foes /tg/

>> No.18573916

Don't hate just because the guys who crew the king of battle get to hang around and shoot the shit.

>> No.18573920

light infantry
para trooper
death world veteran
mech inf
radio operator
could be a million things

>> No.18573921

technically they have to eat brains

which is why space marines as zombies is hilariou

>> No.18573924

>No it couldn't.

I think they could have pulled it off, they made up entire Sectors. It wouldn't be hard to throw together a subrealm of Commorragh, a Craftworld or an Orky world, Newcrons could have some truly fantastical places to visit based on the codex.

>> No.18573927

Whos hating? It would be basically a guardsmans daily life simulator at that point.

>> No.18573929


The first four on that list are from the announcement post, the rest are from the description page. So yes, they're confirmed.

>> No.18573930

The next game needs to be about Titan princeps and their crewmen.

The epitome of teamwork, one guy fails to route power to the legs in time, the whole party dies.

>> No.18573933

>Confirmed for not knowing how insanely well drilled artillery crews are.

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whats common? everybody being white and male?
well, i suppose it has sense, must be our british hominid heritage.

>> No.18573945


I think it may be due to the artist not being able to draw feminine faces, if she did not have the chest plate I would have just thought she was a skinny male.

>> No.18573958

Next core book we play the guys who just sit in front of the Emperor's throne and scream.

>> No.18573959

no the eye colour

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Nah, normal xp, you just have two classes worth of things to choose from. Your total xp spent determines your rank for both. It's exactly how Deathwatch wound up working, where everyone can buy from their standard Space Marine advances, and also from their Specialist advances.

And you can buy as much or as little from either tree as you want. An Arbite/guard might be playing an officer, and just buy straight guard advances except for the early access to Command from Arbite. A scum/guard might go the other way, playing that guy who's kind of a shitty soldier, but kills at cards, tells funny stories, and can get you the gear you desperately need because he knows a guy who saw a crate fall off the back of a munitorum truck.

>> No.18573964


That is until SUDDENLY a wild dreadclaw/drop pod/warp spider/ battlesuit/etc... appears and starts shooting.

>> No.18573977

Cool. It sounds pretty cool, I may steal the idea (although perhaps for... Arbites or something).

>> No.18573992

You forget the parts about being deployed, avoiding patrols, getting to a location where you can make the shot, making sure you avoid detection, planning your escape route, initiating your escape after taking the shot and leaving the planet.

Vindicare assassination is difficult shit.

>> No.18573993
File: 6 KB, 381x400, 1322581898876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what about asians? or indians? or south americans? and what about skimos? or what about all those supposed miriad of different races that the different worlds of 40k have generated? are they all different shades of white?

>> No.18573998

i really love deathwatch im hoping this will be as fun. played dark heresy quite a bit which was cool. wonder which way they will go with this

>> No.18574002

Filthy mud races got exterminated long ago.

>> No.18574006

If yo really want the representation of earth cultures in yo wargame, check out Infinity. I figure in 40k shit happened after such a crisis period (essentially post-apocalypse) and so long ago that there's nothing recognizable from 'earth' left.

>> No.18574007

is this really important?

>> No.18574012

Considering skin color is a function of the effects of exposure to sunlight on groups of people over thousands of years, the vast majority of people in 40k are almost certainly white as all fuck, given that most 'civilized' worlds in the Imperium have no natural sunlight. There are certainly -some- non-white people, but they're outnumbered some billions to one by hivers and void-born.

>> No.18574018

Salamanders are BLACK.

>> No.18574020

What's the point of this? How would it be different from just getting Dark Heresy and saying "Everyone roll up a Guardsman"?

>7002 ffightn

7,002 Guardsmen are fighting the evil Kap'cha xenos.

>> No.18574021

Goddamn, a Ratling sniper character would be awesome... A sneaky scrounger and be a scout/snipe, it'd be fun to roleplay after reading the fluff about them in the codices.

On the tabletop, my Ratlings (I fielded 20) were the greatest trolls; pinning and snipin' and harassin' fire.

Hope it's not just humans... Ogryn would be cool too. Fuckin' Hulk-Smash some bitches.

>> No.18574026


I always assumed it was because GW is from Nottingham and Nottingham has a real problem with Black crime.

>> No.18574041

Salamanders aren't "African American" black, they're BLACK black, with glowing red eyes. And this is described as a flaw in their gene-seed.

I did see some black Catachans in artwork, I think they're trying to mimic the trope of the token black guy in the squad in Vietnam movies.

>> No.18574042

The developers of the game focused more on creating an interesting universe to them, rather than making it ethnicly diverse. It was a facet that game designers mostly JUST DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT. It's natural to just assume white people, after thousands of years of whiteys dominating the civilised world.

>> No.18574051
File: 18 KB, 210x210, 1318378783184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>and so long ago that there's nothing recognizable from 'earth' left.

but british white males

>>most worlds dont have natural sunlight, so all those billions of asians become caucasians.

makes sense, really

>> No.18574057

>after thousands of years of whiteys dominating the civilised world.


>> No.18574063


>> No.18574072
File: 49 KB, 510x373, 1297807052582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im hoping there will be a regimental book that covers all the different types of guard regts there are ghosts, chemdogs, praetorians etc

also hoping for Ogryns and ratlings

>> No.18574075

>>most worlds dont have natural sunlight, so all those billions of asians become caucasians.
More like all those billions of asians become asians with pale skin, barring any feature-blending from them interbreeding from other ethniticies. The lack of/surplus of sunlight only affects skin color, remember. However, after thousands and thousands of years, I doubt there's any real recognizable Earth ethniticies beyond 'pale, ugly motherfucker' left.

>> No.18574081

well, space marines are faggots...and their armor isn't antomically correct, so that breaks immersion for me if I can't realistic build it in real life. There has been some good quality space marine costumes here and there, but they have had to modify the designs so they can move their arms without pauldrons hitting or choking out their heads.

>> No.18574085

I really wonder if there's enough material here to justify another entire game.

Pretty much all the 40k gear has already been printed in the various sourcebooks. As are the various enemies IG would shooting at. Mass combat system too, and many of the vehicles.

Excluding the new character specialties and backgrounds and other new fluff, I fear the book is going to have a huge amount of copypasta trawled from the previous gamelines and filtered through whatever tweaks the Only War ruleset has.

And that's scraping the barrel to just to fill the corebook. Apart from *maybe* filling a sourcebook with the Aeronautical stuff, I have a feeling the additional books will just have shit we've already seen just repackaged. With maybe some gazetteer type of book that's useful exactly once. And of course new backgrounds and specialties - we certainly don't have enough of those - specifically made for the few people that really want to play a Cadian or a Catachan but are somewhat superfluous in most games.

tl;dr - IG RPG treads the same ground as the previous games. You already have all the stats and fluff in the books you own, have fun buying them again with the Only War logo on the cover.

>> No.18574086
File: 134 KB, 333x500, 1322751472798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>It's natural to just assume white people, after thousands of years of whiteys dominating the civilised world.
20% of worlds population is 20%, it doesnt matter how much you dominate, what you have to do is breed.
Realistically speaking if there was a human empire in the year 40.000 all over the galaxy they will be everything but white people.

>> No.18574092


Oh god yes, give us Ogryn. Fashion them in the style of Gav and Bob.

>> No.18574096

While I feel this announcement bodes ill for Dark Heresy I think I might enjoy running this. Favourably with somebody who took their entire knowledge of 40k from Gaunts Ghosts... Oh boy, will they be in for a suprise when shit is grimdark all day long.

>> No.18574097

More like the past 500 years or so. In the Dark Ages Muslim scientists were charting the stars and had refined lenses to the point where they made glass eye implants, while Europeans were still covered in filth and were dying of plague.

>> No.18574099

This was the game I wanted when they originally released DH.

>> No.18574105

ogryn squad with a nco in charge called the boover boys. ripperguns everywhere!

>> No.18574110


Ogryns should have a potatoe knife as staring special equipments. I dare you,GW.

>> No.18574116

So the LASER GUNS used by the Guard break immersion for you? Or the daemons and aliens they fight?

>> No.18574119

>>Damn those boover boys, they drive me to drink!

>> No.18574120

The lesser men merely evolved into the glorious white man.

>> No.18574121

No, daemons are real, everybody knows that.

>> No.18574123
File: 221 KB, 940x1000, 1232175175980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM: "Welcome to my game of Only War."
Players: "Thanks. So, what do we need?"
>DM: "You will each need..... 1000 CHARACTER SHEETS!!! HA HA HA HA!! I'm gonna be killing you bitches left and right!"

>> No.18574138

The technical scientific numbers in 40K are not bullshit because 40K weapons and armour are worse than First World War equipmenet, they're bullshit because the writers know nothing about science.
The species in 40K are not ridiculous and retarded because they're supposed to die the moment they take a single step, they're ridiculous and retarded because the writers cannot into biology.
The ethnicity of humanity in 40K is mostly white not because 40K mysteriously killed off all the coloured folk way back, but because the writers simply didn't bother to think about race or its importance in a sci-fantasy parody setting.

The designers of 40K are a bunch of pasty white gamers from Nottingham with no understanding of any form of science. They write game rules and over-the-top fluff. They don't give a fuck about how white the 40K universe is, because it doesn't fucking matter. If you want black guys in 40K, paint some fucking black guys. If you want space muslims, paint some fucking space muslims. Bam. There are now space muslims in 40K.

tl;dr - GW does not give a fuck about including ethnic groups in their games deal with it.

>> No.18574141
File: 68 KB, 296x624, 4413720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah! nco is been survived a dozen units destruction eevryone considers him bad luck unit is conscripted miners tunnel warfare setting for the win against orks

>> No.18574144


"Aww, Emperor damn it! And my character only had three days on his tour, and with a wife and two kids back at the hab block."

>> No.18574151
File: 625 KB, 1000x563, 1318700182699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont see ching chong eyes anywhere, but i can smell the brittish stench from a mile away, also pigmentation gets lost if the paler ones breed more, not if there is more or less sun. the sun condicionated the appereance of one or other kind of pigmentation, but it doesnt get lost just because there is no light, thats not how genetics function. a black is a black, and 12.000 niggers in a cave fucking and breeding for 10000 years are going to still as black as ever because the color of the skin is passed to the next generation.

>> No.18574153


Theme song of the campaign I am going to run. They will be in deep shit at the beginning and it will get progressively worse. My objective is to make at least one PC commit suicide out of desperation.

Now, who will be my main antagonist? Chaos renegades or Tyranids?

>> No.18574156

well he was fucked from the start then. have you seen act of valour?

>> No.18574160

I'm talking from a meta-perspective. I'm not saying WHITE MEN RULE THE WORLD THEREFORE THE FUTURE IS WHITE.

I'm saying from a Western European perspective, everything is very, very white-centric and it's naturally for a Western European game developer to NOT THINK about including ethnicities that are minorities in their nation in their game unless the game is specifically based around something ethnic.

>> No.18574167

I think its about time they released a new edition of dark heresy with all the tweaked improved rules. It still has the best premise of all thegame lines.

>> No.18574169

'nids. And do 'em right. Make 'em truly horrifying.

>> No.18574171
File: 2.99 MB, 256x195, 687474703a2f2f696d616765732e346368616e2e6f72672f74672f7372632f313237373933313530393137342e676966.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 Days Till Retirement: The Game

>> No.18574181

who the fuck cares you can have every colour in the rainbow in your game if you want maybe the artist has fuck tons of pink she wants to burn through

>> No.18574187
File: 14 KB, 404x304, 1314977245310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 Days Till Retirement: The Game

Until they release "Dark Heresy: Hiveworld"

And then it´s "3 Days After Retirement: The Game", with you playing a Guard veteran PTSDing the fuck out like in that Eisenhorn story.

>> No.18574190

For one time, I want to see scary Orkz. Not the kind of comical relief Ork but the kind of Ork that rips the turret right of your tank and proceeds to rip your sargeant into small pieces with his power klaw.

>> No.18574192
File: 126 KB, 328x449, 1320809722333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well of course you dont care, because you are white
>>jokes on you, im bookawawoopi
oh yeah? you sound quite white to me

>> No.18574200

That's all about how your GM does it. If he wants to make Orks scary, he needs to throw out all the standard descriptors, and describe them as what they are to a normal Guardsman: a two-and-a-half meter tall monster screaming incomprehensibly, and devouring his friends.

>> No.18574204

im white, infairness in very very white, are you not white? is that why you care so much?

>> No.18574209

>>he needs to throw out all the standard descriptors
or just look at the pictures in every codex

>> No.18574211


Do Orkz actually eat humans? Always thought they'd prefer Squigs

>> No.18574214


Hive and Forge Worlds are the exception, not the rule. And most Hive worlds have populations living outside the hives, too. Hell, Veruvanhive gets plenty of sunlight and is really just an exceptionally large urban area, not a STACKS OF STEEL ON STACKS OF STEEL sort of thing.

>> No.18574222

Who cares about the opinions of non-whites though?

>> No.18574225

40K is white because the designers are white and don't give a fuck about ethnicity. That is all.

>> No.18574227

What I meant was, when you're talkin' about Orkz, you're gonna use Orky slang to talk about 'em. You're gonna say "shoota" and "choppa" and "bitz" and "gubbinz". Don't. If you want Orkz to be terrifying, describe their gear as what it is. A mechanical monstrosity made out of metal and the skulls of dead enemies, held together with barbed wire and painted with blood.

>> No.18574228


They aren't above using their claws and tusks to fuck you up. From the panicked perspective of an on looker they might as well be chowing down.

>> No.18574229

nah im pretty much white too
>>jokes on you, im so black my skin sucks all light creating an unipersonal black hole

i care because somebody has to do it

>> No.18574232


Well, *every* enemy is pretty scary when your gun doubles as a flashlight and the only "power" your armor has is dependent on how you've hit gym.

Which is kind of what makes IG awesome. They're not special, like at all. And yet they go out face the same enemies as the Space Marines.

>> No.18574237

I managed to make orks in RT rather scary even when they were working for the RT, by the simple expedient of highlighting exactly how little they care for their lives and those of their own
>>Burna boy is being overwhelmed by a nid swarm
>>Warboss shoots burna's fuel tank
>>Try to intimidate an ork from an obviously superior position
>>Ork snarls, bares its teeth, and yells something incomprehensible that needs no translation
>>Warboss offers them rides in a fighta-bomma
>>Fighta-bomma crashes on the way into the hangar, killing the pilot. Boss just yells for a new one
That and the boss was disturbingly smart, and basically only stuck with them because they were in the habit of fighting BIG FINGS, and made absolutely no secret of that. I think they were scared that he'd turn on them any second if he happened to get bored.

>> No.18574242

>tl;dr - IG RPG treads the same ground as the previous games. You already have all the stats and fluff in the books you own, have fun buying them again with the Only War logo on the cover.
Pretty much but instead of the new content coming out as an expansion for the old and somewhat buggy Dark Heresy ruleset, it's getting folded in to a bunch of existing DH rules and the whole lot are being modernised. IMO that's better than publishing it using the old DH rules, then releasing DH v2.0 next year and suddenly the fairly recent DH - Only War sourcebook becomes obsolete.

>> No.18574245

I think its best for the people you think arnt being correctly represent in the "unite colours of the imperium" to complain about it.

>> No.18574252
File: 255 KB, 1400x676, commissar Asuka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It better have playable ogryns and ratlings...

>> No.18574258


Hive Fleet Colossus.

Zoats, Zoats everywhere.

>> No.18574265
File: 61 KB, 483x369, Ogryn_&_Ripper_Gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ogryns yay but ratlings im not so fussed about

>> No.18574273
File: 60 KB, 430x316, 1222984161916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn´t want to play Halfling Oddball

What´s with them negative vibes, man?

>> No.18574275

Anta baka?! I didn't help you to find your courage in the face of the enemy b-because I like you or anything. S-so don't get the wrong idea. Idiot.

>> No.18574281

Considering this was supposed to be a Dark Heresy sourcebook, looks like DH gameline is (un)officially dead.

I think I'm cool with that, it had a good run. And I think the original Dark Heresy still works fine in a low level play.

I just wish they'd re-launch that game, rebooting it to start from the Ascension level. Because I do want to run/play an Inquisitor level game. I just don't want to deal with the clusterfuck that was the Ascension book, and with the whole terrible bolt on high-power system on top of a game that was never designed to go that high level.

>> No.18574294

just never liked the idea of em. halflings in general arnt really my thing. cant put my finger on why but there you go

>> No.18574300

Oh, gods, yes. To describe the appeal of this is to describe this game to, hopefully, be a bit like the Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode, set in the 41st millennium with high technology and high expend-ability. The inner-Grognard gnashes his teeth with barely-restrained sexual tension built by seeing and knowing what this game could produce.
The appeal is that the odds are impossible, but those guys are going to keep fighting, sort of like that dwarven peasant who gets ripped to bits by wolves as he sets out from his ancestral home, standing atop a berm and looking across a wild, unclaimed world free to him and his whims; that is what this could be, without the noblebright themes, and it will be deliciously gritty with that undertone of determination.

>> No.18574315

>Considering this was supposed to be a Dark Heresy sourcebook, looks like DH gameline is (un)officially dead.
No, it just looks like they've stopped work on DH v1.0. A 2.0 version with updated mechanics is probably in production.

>> No.18574320

Because they're even shorter and wussier than neckbeards are with little to make up for it other than "They're good cooks".

>> No.18574326

Ratlings are also badass snipers.

>> No.18574330


They are also insanely nimble, great infiltrators and are naturally gifted with sniper rifles.

>> No.18574334

maybe i think it was the whole unreliability of them as soldiers. with their willingness to disappear in a heart beat if things get tough

>> No.18574341

mind i wouldnt be pissed if they were included. i dont have to use em but im sure some others would like them there

>> No.18574352

you just made my fucking day
i shit you not I saw this, ran to FFG, then teared up
I was so excited for the guardsman expansion bcause of the guardsman game
dear christ i might cry

>> No.18574370

Vindicare Assassin.

>> No.18574373

I wonder if they're going to fold the character "race" into more general backgrounds.

Like for example, you want to play a Heavy Gunner that's a Death World Veteran or a Noble Born or an Ogryn or whatever.

I think adding specific delineation between regular humans or Ogryns and so on in addition to character backgrounds is a bit too complex for the game system. At least considering how the other 40k gamelines have handled the "class" + "background" stuff.

>> No.18574379
File: 861 KB, 2325x3225, 1328904093356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first supplement stat this

>> No.18574382

I cannot get this game soon enough.

>> No.18574388

Is both insanely OP relative to the power level, AND not as badass, because they're raised from birth, and trained insanely well, to do it. A Ratling sniper has the same training as any other IG sniper, which is to say, not much.

>> No.18574450


Well, all guard units have a 4 month training period.
Snipers are elevated based on marksmanship and then given training, I think.
And once established, a regiment sets its own standards.
So 4 months to get in the IG. Then the real training starts.

>> No.18574473

most armies around the world arnt far off that for basic inf.

>> No.18574477

Point is that saying "If you want a sniper be a Vindicaire" is like saying "If you want a support gunner be a Devastator Marine"

>> No.18574496
File: 154 KB, 801x608, Halko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw the three guardsmen are a a white dude, a black dude, and a dude with tits

>> No.18574512

but they're adding another xeno class in rt soon. that makes 3? why don't they just do a xeno book then?

>> No.18574520

In bayonet attack on the demon. Living a dream

>> No.18574535
File: 31 KB, 459x499, 95695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You all know who's responsible, right?

>> No.18574537

The God-Emperor has made it clear my group needs to recreate the Blackadder series.
This will be hilarious.

>> No.18574553

we've been through that

>> No.18574591
File: 163 KB, 281x417, you_funny_guy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Brazzers watermark

>> No.18574619

wonder if they do a vehicle book?

>> No.18574622

Wow it didn't take long to the "Hurr diversity" retards to somehow bitch about this thread.

Will make my Tallarn campaign that much sweeter.

>> No.18574634

I am going to buy this game.

And this is the setting I will be playing.

>> No.18574647

Can I play in your game?

>> No.18574691
File: 33 KB, 595x456, starshiptroopers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think my game is going to be like Starship Troopers, the movie.

With Tyranids, of course.

>> No.18574705

It'll go fine up until two of your players decide to have sex in the shower.

>> No.18574716
File: 524 KB, 720x540, 1300740646567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my setting will be a little different


caution wee bit graphic, but you know, we are playing IG here

>> No.18574720


Odds are we're going to have to use Skype since some of the party will have moved to different countries.

>> No.18574730

A rag tag group of guards men have been captured by the vile force of chaos!

Using there whits and whiles they must survive and find a way to escape from the cultist prison camp!

Shenanigans in-sue due to the varied backgrounds of the captured troopers and the incompetent chaos prison staff due to them trying to look good to receive the dark gods blessings.

>> No.18574765

So, Starship Troopers?

>> No.18574776
File: 28 KB, 450x331, soranowoto1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to use this as a setting.

>A platoon stationed in the middle of buttfuck nowhere
>They do mindlessly boring shit all the time
>Grimdark happening behind the scenes
>Everything goes to shit near the end

>> No.18574778
File: 85 KB, 510x341, 1987_predator_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not having a force of Xenos-hunting Catachans.

>> No.18574782

Red Vs Blue

>> No.18574816

I know my GM is going to run an all-female guardsmen campaign.

Well. Why the hell not.

>> No.18574829


Except none of my players look like Denise Richards or Dina Meyer.


>> No.18574835


>impaled through shoulder by bug
>expression: mild anger

Man it just occurred to me that Denise Richards is either a terrible actress or has too much plastic in her face to emote properly.

And considering that this when she was younger, I'm guessing it's the former.

>> No.18574840
File: 18 KB, 294x294, here-we-go-again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm surprised anyone can get mad at boob-plates on GM models anymore. Eldar and Dark Eldar have them, Sisters have them, Inquisitors have them, Assassins have them, Sisters of Silence have them, those old female adventurers in in power armour (aka. closest thing to female space Marines GW has ever released) had them, all GW released female Guardsmen have had them, and every female in WHFB has them.

But slap a pair on a Cadian guardsman, and suddenly it's totally against the norm and unrealistic and "I will not stand for this faggotry!" Especially when the models are heroic scale and everything is a little cartoonishly proportioned.

As for Mira, I do admit that it was far more "realistic", but you also have to realize women do have breasts and they are sensitive. I knew plenty of women in the army, who bitched about how the kevlar squashed their breasts.

It's about the same as dudes wearing a plate instead of a cup. Lets see you go for hours with your nads squeezed against your body.

You don't have to have individual cups, but a top part that could be adjusted for a little looser fit would do it.

>> No.18574857

Guys, this is fucking retarded.
A whole new game line based on the Imperial Guard....I mean, we already have a military space fantasy game, why publish another instead of keep with the main idea which was made this a handbook for Dark Heresy?
They should had developed a game concerning the Adeptus Mechanicus, at least is a faction which really does have an excuse for adventure.

>> No.18574862

Well yeah, but the point of the Guard is you get your boots (either in 'too small' or 'too large'), your uniform (ditto) and your lasgun (which is an awesome weapon of destruction which can obliterate all the foes of the Emprah). The idea of the Munitorum taking time to make space for tits is absurd.

>> No.18574888

>But slap a pair on a Cadian guardsman, and suddenly it's totally against the norm and unrealistic and "I will not stand for this faggotry!"
it goes against the Guard ethos

think about it. Inquisitors, Eldar, Sisters.. they're all one-of-a-kind individuals worthy of their own personal suit of armor

Guardsmen are just meat. Disposable, ready made, one-size-fits-all meat. Designing armor based on gender (and cup-size) implies that they're worth actual consideration.

If it was an all-female regiment, I'd have no problem with boob-plate. But when it's a mixed force there's really no point. It's a wasted effort for absolutely no gain aside from mild comfort for a select few who are almost certainly going to die before the campaign is finished.

>> No.18574897
File: 86 KB, 490x700, 673f76f4-5661-4be4-a26b-246d0c00ba70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the only correct way of conducting a Space Marine - Guardsman meeting.

>> No.18574902
File: 557 KB, 968x987, Cadians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I mean, we already have a military space fantasy game, why publish another instead of keep with the main idea which was made this a handbook for Dark Heresy?
Because the Dark Heresy rules are very outdated compared to the Black Crusade ones and are more than due for an update, and if they released this for the DH v1 rules then released DH v2.0 next year, everyone would bitch about how we'd only just gotten the guard suppliment we'd all been waiting for and now it was obsolete? Fuck you, FFG! Etc.

>> No.18574910

You know if you change the word guards/guardsmen for Marines and mention Iraq you can develop a brutal trolling post?

>> No.18574926


That is what pretend is for.

>> No.18574930
File: 62 KB, 799x402, swlf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remnant company healing their wounds on a garden planet loads of planets guards represented all of a sudden tyranids/chaos fuck up "medical leave". limited weapons and loads of civvies slow down PC's this will be a cool game

pic unrelated but handy

>> No.18574943

Wow, now that is "greed insulting the consumer's intelligence" tier marketing. Like when they introduced the Dark Eldar career path in an Adventure instead of a handbook so people buy it and may be get hooked into another sucking trilogy of modules.

>> No.18574953

Wait, there are stats for dark eldar players? What?

>> No.18574959

This will be my campaign:
and my players will eat it up.
They loved when I did a Das Boot style campaign with RT, so they should enjoy this.

>> No.18574961

Typical Only War campaign:

"You find yourselves pinned behind the sandbags, with any measure of forward progress seeming a near impossibility. The sandbags are being torn to pieces by the Orkboyz's Dakka, and their flamers are bearing down on your position with murderous intent."
"We decide to fall back to the bunker 20 yards behind us for better cover."
"You are executed for cowardice, roll a new character."
"You can't just kill him like that!"
"You are executed for insubordination, roll a new character."
"What the fuck man?!"
"And YOU are executed for blasphemous language and losing control in the face of the enemy, roll a new character."
"..." "...." "...."
"What?! That's what the fucking rulebook says."

>> No.18574984

>Wow, now that is "greed insulting the consumer's intelligence" tier marketing
...how? How is releasing a book with a newer ruleset so it doesn't get obsoleted insulting?

>> No.18574985

I've always wondered, Fantasy flight releases quite alot of these books, does their stuff really get bought enough to warrant all of these? Given the outlook of the pnp rpg industry etc. Genuinely curious, new to wh40k d00d.

>> No.18574990

Tu eres muy tonto:

Pero que MUY tonto.

>> No.18574996

i think its in hand of corruption im trying to find the page for you

>> No.18575002


That's why you play a Catachan

>No commissars
>breaking Ork warbosses over your knee
>snappin' Ravener spines
>throttling Chaos Lords
>soloing Eldar warhosts

>> No.18575017

The playable Dark Eldar Kabalite stats will be in an upcoming Rogue Trader adventure book.

Was expecting to see normal Eldar first, but whatever.

>> No.18575022

3rd ed. Codex: IG also has a drawn picture of a female guardsman with bewbs on her armour.

For one, each planet is responsible for training and equipping their own PDF, which is why Guard actually comes in so many different styles, and not just Cadian flavor. So while Munitorum does see to it that everyone is suppose to get more or less the same gear, they don't always supply the units themselves. Or else all regiments from all planets would be the same, which they most certainly are not.

And on Cadia the whole population is trained for war, not just men, so surely women have been included in the figure.

If you think making armour suited for men and women is "too complicated" then how about shoe and helmet sizes (at least we had S, M and L)? How do you know what size shoes and helmets to issue for a regiment? Or maybe you make a guess and have all sizes in storage many times over, most common sizes the most, and other less (I had to have non-army issue slippers, because they ran out of sizes). So making flak armours in 2 types with 3 sizes each is not that big of a stretch.

Or at least having more custom adjustment for the fitting, so you can loosen the top part for the female form.

And most regiments have the flak woven into their clothing, like Valhallans, Tallarns, Mordians, etc. So they don't need to worry about it that much, since the clothing is flexible and will form to any body.

>> No.18575026

dating sisters of battle after they sneek out after lights out

>> No.18575029

"In M41 a crack commando unit were to be executed by an inquisitor for heresy that they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from an inquisitorial black ship to the maelstrom. Today, still wanted by the inquisition, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team."

>> No.18575041

It's just an idiotic way to design armor, bro, there's a reason you don't do it IRL.

>> No.18575044
File: 78 KB, 400x300, 1325626659573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to play your game!

>> No.18575047

This is how I guardsman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha9nJubRlrE

>> No.18575048


>Lots of gunfire that doesn't hit anything, and then a Baneblade flips over.

>> No.18575057


40k is supposed to be idiotic.

>> No.18575064

what army issued slipper!?! mine couldnt get you enough shirts!

>> No.18575071

I had suddenly pictured a group of monks singing the A-team theme in Gregorian style.

>> No.18575076


>Not Idiotic
>Imperium of Man

You may choose one, but ONLY one. Remember these are the guys who will deploy mecha that have at least 50% of their mass made up of a giant church on the back.

>> No.18575081
File: 47 KB, 741x278, oops-sorry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No commissars

Technically, yes.

>> No.18575093
File: 115 KB, 326x226, 1286592834091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>riding Chimeras and Centaurs in Armageddon
>seeing some fucked up shit
>recording it for laughs
>singing falsetto pop songs adapted to 40k ("I´M HERETIC SCUM, BABY!")
>incompetent lieutenant wants to call for Earthshaker artillery support Danger Close

>> No.18575107

It supposed to be a satyric fun setting for laugh at the perspective of future during the Margaret Thatcher years.
Now it just had become Fascist in space Ultimate power trip masturbatory fantasy.

>> No.18575111


Ah. Ahahaha. Ahahaa. I remember trolling a few 40k threads with this exact premise. And it's actually canon. Delicious.

>> No.18575119


somebody missed this earlier>>18573883

>> No.18575131

We need to get a choir of elegan/tg/entlemen to do this. It would be awesome.

>> No.18575134
File: 123 KB, 569x768, awwwwwwsn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.18575143
File: 25 KB, 222x282, 1289613689930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So somebody tells Commies to get fucked and this somehow equates fascism? Just how far fucking left do the English ha- oh never fucking mind, as if I don't know already.

You blokes used to be cool.

>> No.18575149

IKNOWRIGHT! Busted up Leman Russ in the middle of assfuck nowhere, cultists all around you, the crew starting to come apart at the seams...
god damn it feels good to GM for ROLEplayers sometimes.

>> No.18575150


Plus one. The Beast is a fucking awesome film.

>> No.18575152

i want in on that campaign

>> No.18575154
File: 153 KB, 600x896, Cadian Shock Troops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3rd ed. Codex: IG also has a drawn picture of a female guardsman with bewbs on her armour.
yes, a female warrior from amazonia's all-female regiments or whatever.

>And on Cadia the whole population is trained for war, not just men, so surely women have been included in the figure.
yes, so they make a single, unisex piece of armour rather than pointless segregation

>If you think making armour suited for men and women is "too complicated"
It's not "too complicated", it's just a waste of rescources.

>So making flak armours in 2 types with 3 sizes each is not that big of a stretch.
when you can make twice of a single type it is. Women NOW can perform adequately in combat with male-fitted body armour. Do you really expect the Imperium to put more consideration towards the comforts of an individual than modern day earth does?

>Or at least having more custom adjustment for the fitting, so you can loosen the top part for the female form.
That's entirely reasonable and would probably be what was represented in Space Marine. But cutsom-molded boob-plate is a little different. It requires an entirely different manufacturing method than the angular plates of regular cadian bodyarmour, for little to no ergonomic benefit

And most regiments have the flak woven into their clothing, like Valhallans, Tallarns, Mordians, etc. So they don't need to worry about it that much, since the clothing is flexible and will form to any body.
All guard regiments used to have cloth-like flak vests. The plastic Cadians fucked it all up by giving themselves carapace plates

>> No.18575156



>> No.18575162


All of my why are yours, friend. All of them.

>> No.18575180

oh that's easy, I just tuck them inside and everything is hunky-dorey, the heat only hits your sperm count temporarily and I'm pretty sure I'm not having kids the natural way with all of the psychological disorders in my family tree, my son and/or daughter is gonna be selected for best opportunity as much as I can afford

and then, then I'll have a kid naturally and put them in a Gattaca situation, make them both compete against everyone's perception of them as I play the role of nurturing father after having set up everyone to skew their social lives into hell...

...I really shouldn't have kids...

>> No.18575229

maybe cos ill fitting body armour is the single most uncomfortable thing i think i have ever worn. mix in that you have to hump loads on it and actually manoeuvre in it and it makes sense to contour it to the body.

mind she would need some MASSIVE boobs to make that much necessary

>> No.18575230

>Guardsman RPG
>Guard games are already completely playable.
>No Officio Assassinorum RPG
>No Ork RPG
>No Eldar RPG
>No Tau Empire RPG
>No Necron RPG

Well fuck you too FFG.

>> No.18575243

You win everything forever good sir.

>> No.18575254

No one else cares, Heretic Scum!

Also, just make it yourself. D100 is SOOOOO easy to mod and home brew. Almost easier than D10

>> No.18575264
File: 104 KB, 660x809, elfdar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The grim darkness of the far future is full of ample breasts.

The real question is why do Sisters wear high battle heels?

>> No.18575265


You could just bind them.

>> No.18575266

maybe this will have some of that?


>> No.18575271

No, Primo Victoria is better.


>> No.18575274

cos they look super cute?

>> No.18575275


The don't. Pretty much every SOB picture done by GM or FFG has the armour have flat feet like boots.

>> No.18575276

those heels aren't just a fashion statement, they're sanctified weapons

but really, GW is into heavy allusions of fetishism

>> No.18575289

for a whole battle? also that wouldnt be comfortable either and it would impair breathing abit as well

>> No.18575293
File: 400 KB, 842x1200, john_blanche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is perhaps the most famous official sister pic and has dem heels.

>> No.18575295

Maybe for the well fed and bred, but this is the guard we're talking about.

>The real question is why do Sisters wear high battle heels?
because blanche likes putting high heels on everything. Or the inherent masochism present in the entirety of sister fluff ("yeah my pen is covered in needles because words are evil and I should suffer while writing")

the miniatures don't have them though.

>> No.18575300

I don't know, I've never seen that before.

>> No.18575302


None of the others do. They all have flat boots, like the models.

>> No.18575309

3rd edition rulebook art; before your time, kid

>> No.18575326

only with abnormally large breasts

Women today do fine with regular body armour. They can do fine with it in the year 40k too.

>> No.18575332

dont think we can include blanch as cannon more like a recruiting poster kind of artist.

also im trying to find the one he did of one of the primarchs that had heels too.

>> No.18575336

No, I don't need help to generate random aliens and nor do I care about small-times.

>> No.18575340

wat, I simply must see this

>> No.18575346
File: 85 KB, 716x447, tacticool_by_kain_moerder-d4obvg2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some guys are drawn, HE-L in hand,
Throne, they helped themselves,oh.
But when the xenos comes to their front,
Throne, they flee like rabbit breed, yes.

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no nobleman's son.
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one.

>> No.18575352


>> No.18575353

modern body armour isnt a solid piece across the chest though.

>> No.18575362

You must be trolling...that or you are worse than those filthy spaniards who feel nostalgia about their Franco.

>> No.18575381

trauma and impact plates are

>> No.18575395

"Sergeant, I didn't get to shoot my Heavy Bolter."

>> No.18575443
File: 3 KB, 126x126, 1328296090316s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agreed but they arnt modelled like that they are fitted and come in different sizes.

im not saying that boob plates are perfect im saying they are plausible and a (again not perfect ) stylistic choice

made my point best i can. we dont have to agree

>> No.18575455
File: 429 KB, 769x1145, Jhagatai_Khan-John_Blanche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18575466

The most important point of boob plate in 40k is that it's about the only way to distinguish females in a game with small plastic models and horrible face design/ helmets.

>> No.18575497
File: 169 KB, 471x1000, 1328785620482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now that we can agree on!

>> No.18575794

>yes, a female warrior from amazonia's all-female regiments or whatever.

It doesn't say it's all female.

>yes, so they make a single, unisex piece of armour rather than pointless segregation
>It's not "too complicated", it's just a waste of rescources.
>when you can make twice of a single type it is. Women NOW can perform adequately in combat with male-fitted body armour. Do you really expect the Imperium to put more consideration towards the comforts of an individual than modern day earth does?

You're assuming the Imperium just started from a clean slate. If the production lines and concepts were already in place, there's no reason for the Imperium to stop doing it. Remember, Imperium during and after the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy was veeeery different from the Imperium of the late 41st millennium.

Humanity has had around 28,000 years time to make women viable combatants and have equipment moulded to suit all parties. Unisex, adjustable breast plate would be ideal one, but then you have worlds that use rigid cuirasses and shit.

Yes, today you have female soldiers wearing kevlars made for the male form, but like I said, knew a few women in the army that disliked using those things, and none of them sported huge mammaries. Also, most women I know from boffing prefer chainmail and such over plate, and if they have plate, they either have one with enough room (the type with the wedge on the front) or hammer out some room in the upper parts.

I know comfort isn't always the most important thing in military design, but gear that fits you proper will ensure you get 100% out of yourself. I'm sure if a regiment is issued one size too small boots, their combat effectiveness would surely drop, what ever Munitorum thinks of it.

And how is it a waste, exactly, if they all get used?

>> No.18576058
File: 214 KB, 415x666, legacy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To add, from what I can tell, Shira Calpurnia seems to be sporting a female form fitted carapace, with a little curvier chest area, compared to the slabs the men wear.

This is the only pic I can find of female and male arbites next to each other, but individually you can look at Shira from the cover of Enforcer here:
And compare it to this piece of male arbites, where you can see their more blockeir, slab-like chest plate:

Shira was merely Arbitor Senioris, so she ain't that high on the rank scale, and while Adeptus Arbites might not be as numerous as the Guard, they're pretty massive organization as well with millions of people all around the galaxy, and both men and women under it.

>> No.18576141
File: 27 KB, 247x320, becauseofreasons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa whoa, this means I will finally have stats for IG vehicles to use against my Black Crusade players! FFFFUCK YEEAAAAH

>> No.18576437

my response to this announcement is a resounding...


we already have books about being a guardsman. i was looking forward to the next 40krpg being centered around alient players. like eldar or even t'au

i dunno. i might get it to complete my collection of 40krpg core rulebooks, but then again im not really interested in this at all

>> No.18576560


>Officio Assassinorum RPG

>Ork RPG

>Eldar RPG

>Tau Empire RPG
Might actually work.

>Necron RPG
Go fuck yourself

>> No.18576578


Hand of Corruption has stats for Chimeras and Hellhounds.

>> No.18576832

the eldar one would work, if it was about the black library and the harlequins

but yeah thr ork and necron ones are nono

>> No.18576911

>the eldar one would work, if it was about the black library and the harlequins
>but yeah thr ork and necron ones are nono
Come on, Gorkamorka has shown an Ork-centric game has legs. The Eldar one is less plausible, for starters the race is a shit-ton harder to RP than Angry Space Hooligans, they've got a wildly alien mindset and the only Eldar whose behaviour would fit into an RPG framework are Corsairs and Dark Eldar, and they're already being put into Rogue Trader.

>> No.18577244


>> No.18577306


How about no.

>> No.18577405

The campaign everyone will play's theme song.


Enjoy being knee deep in mud.

>> No.18577419


She is wearing carapace armour that has been stated to be expensive and sometimes customized to offer a high amount of protection, the fluff for flak armour on the other hand has always said it is a cheaply mass produced piece of armour. Though your fannon is nifty it actually has no real backing and still has the disadvantage of slowing down the production process since all the guardsmen will have to be measured before hand or it will be impossible to tell how many flak jackets of size X will be needed. You should also remember that many planets do not even produce their own equipment so with the communication being a huge issue already within the Imperuim how would a forgeworld now how many female chest plates they should produce?

I do not have any issues with the over exaggerated female amour you see in most fantasy and sci-fi games but it really is not practical and soldiers have used cheaply massed produced uniform for hundreds of years without any real issues apart from some comfort problems.

>> No.18578194

>dark heresy comes out

>rogue trader comes out
Nice! Space exploration and adventure. Still imperium but its cool

>deathwatch comes out
Ok, so more imperium, but i guess this is awesome regardless because its SPESSS MUHREENS

>black crusade comes out
This is great! FFG is looking for roleplaying opportunities beyond the imperium. Chaos campaign could be badwrongfun, but hey at least were outside of the box now

>only war announced
ok, back in the imperium.

>> No.18578205
File: 103 KB, 283x244, rip_and_tear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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