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I will take requests for character portraits, as long as its just the face or the upper body. Please nothing like "I want a half eld swordman swinging from a candleholder from a third floor balcone to a balcony across the opera house stage" that would take me like 5 hours to make.
Also, other drawfags welcome to join up! Just refer to a post and say "picked up" so we dont end up with 2+ people working on the same request


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A mildly pudgy red-skinned Tiefling Girl dressed in fine clothing. Maybe holding a blacksmiths hammer, if you like. Her hair should be short-cropped and slightly wavy.

Thanks in advance if you do this.

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I would like a desert elf, wearing leather armour covered in a hooded cloak, tribal tattoo on one side of his face. He is a sorceror if that helps. Had him for a campaign that never had time to kick off. Please and thanks :)

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Ok, gonna start working on it right now
Stream of it here

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A male dragonborn monk, with red skin and black horns, wielding a simple staff. He could be in a fighting stance, or simply standing there staring at the viewer.
Thanks in advance, and I hope you will have fun while drawing him !

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I would like you to draw a humanoid with visible legs, because like most drawfags you seem unwilling to draw below the belt.


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A savage-looking Cavalier (Pathfinder; if you're familiar), with an Obsidian tipped spear. Tribal paint and bone necklaces, etc.. mud caked into his hair. Wild eyed look.

He rides a Triceratops.

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I need a decent portrait for my telepath character.

He's "human", but his body has been created from astral goop, and he's supposed to look "perfect", except for solid-colored eyes. Darker hair, kept short-ish, but messy. No facial hair. Personality-wise he's something of a selfish free spirit, with a mean manipulative streak (because he can).

Honestly, go nuts with it. *shrugs*

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I'd like a better version of this man. A middle aged gritty looking priest of cayden. He often has some form of bruise on him be it a black eye, a bruised cheek, or something else. He's missing a tooth too.

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This is an elven mage that looks to be in her thirties, sharp facial features, pretty but stern looking. Prefferably she has a worried look rather than a smug one.
bright blue eyes if relevant.

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I would like to requests more elf women eating icecream.

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Unrelated drawfag reporting in, trying to get used to my new tablet.

I've got a soft spot for monks, so despite my distaste for dragonborn, you win.


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I can't speak for other drawfags, but fuck feet.

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so she looks like a three year old?

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This man is a monk. A human monk.

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I can draw feet in shoes, and legs with pant's. but bare legs and feet? well, I can do bare legs to. but me drawing bare feet that don't look deformed is very rare.

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I'd like a half-orc druid with a scarred face, maybe include his bear Animal Companion? Please & Thanks!

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An elven sorceror from the swamps with a Baron Samedi vibe. Long black hair with bones braided into it, immaculate grooming, facepaint of a draconic skull on his face, a smug look of elven superiority, and those weird black silky pyjama things that sorcerors and monks wear.

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Requesting a woman of asian/european descent, mid-40s, with shoulder-length hair currently pulled back into a simple bun to keep it in place. She's weary, but is still managing an encouraging smile.

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Could I get a picture of a human fighter? Male, short brown hair, long green coat with a raised collar, and a short black scarf around his neck. Optionally, he has a wide-brimmed hat with one of those ties that goes under the chin. He's holding a glaive with a black blade.

Also, for whoever draws it, is it okay if I take the picture and color it myself, if you don't?

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>as long as its just the face or the upper body.
Catboy. Think Schro from Hellsing / Loveless protagonist. (whether you go for dual ears or cat ears only is up to you)
Short messy hair. Has a thin collar. Wears leather jacket with short sleeves.

homophobic mode: make catgirl instead

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hm... I shall take this one, but it will only be a sketch

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>I can't speak for other drawfags, but fuck feet.
>me drawing bare feet that don't look deformed is very rare

At least ONE of you has some stones!

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If you guys want to make input on your drawings, I'd recommend going into the stream.

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Well, the requester never showed up at the stream so I think this is good enough. Working on the next one now... this one >>18562895

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Wouldn't mind seeing another drawfriend's take on this. I'm not greedy, but I just like seeing different artist's interpretations.

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ok working oh the dragonborn now

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Many thanks OP! I've been watching the livestream but not logged in, draw threads are fun to watch.

>> No.18563968

Real life keeps interrupting me. Here's the monk, I'll be back later for more.

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Putting in a request for my AdEva character.
She's a tiny german girl with black hair, and blue eyes. She wears black and purple. Her plug suit is black with purple tron lines, but normal clothes are fine too.

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Ok, a dragonborn monk in a figthing stance looking a t the viewer. Sorry guys but I got to GM my 4e game now, so im gonna stop drawing for a good while.

>> No.18564196

Hey thank you ! Love the mean look on the side !

>> No.18564336

There. Players still haven´t arrived, continuing

>> No.18564528

If any noble drawfriends wouldn't mind taking a crack at this character in a full body sketch, that would be great. Since the lower half isn't in this protrait, the lower part of her flight suit and boots are black. She has a tail, which is in a closed sleeve that is orange with a white tip.

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Sorry, I went to eat. Thank you!

>> No.18564739

This one was rather fast so I can try to make more before my missing player shows up.

>> No.18564743

no problem

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Oh right, I forgot. Is it still okay if I color it?

>> No.18564826

yeah go ahead. I wanna see how it turns out.

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I will probably re-do this when I have more time. For now I tried to give it a smartass look.

To start with, green was probably the wrong color

>> No.18564967

Ok guys that´s it for tonight, I think. My missing last player has shown up

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Would you draw this character frantically carrying far more stolen goods than she has any right to?

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Cyber-Elf, Shadowrun. Long, dark hair and eyes. He's the party's face, so his cyberware is very understated, but you can clearly see he has some mods around the eyes and such.

Considers himself a dashing rogue, but crosses the line into perv a bit. Tends to wear flashy shirts with the top two buttons not done up and a simple chain, with some narrow sunglasses to complete the look.

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Chacharadon Apothecary, face scarred as hell, teeth filed.
Go nuts.

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I'm in need of a good portrait for an Exalted character I'm going to play in a campaign.
She's spry girl in her middle to late teens whose Southern heritage is most visible in her light brown complexion. Beneath a fringe of slightly frizzled black hair which frames an innocent face is a pair of sparkling amber coloured eyes and her face never seems to be bereft of a smile. Her time as a thief in training has gifted her with a fit and athletic looking body.
Her somewhat unruly hair hair, whenever it's straightened out and combed, reaches down to the small of her back but is very often formed into various braids.
She is normally fond of wearing various kinds of dresses or similar due to the warm Southern weather. Or draw her looking like a thief. But no weapons though.

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Coloring this only served to remind me why I don't drawfag in these threads. I fucking hate metal.

Anyway, thank you again. Sage because OP is gone.

>> No.18565702

Hey guys I'm back.

Never done cyberpunk before, I'll try.

>> No.18566412

Here ya go, buddy.

Anyone still in here?

>> No.18566531

I request you request something sexy.

>> No.18566587

I don't do porn, personal policy, but I'll gladly take on any more character portraits that pique my interest/sound fun to draw.

>> No.18566611

see >>18563159

>> No.18566622

Can you draw me a 6inch rouge male pixie with a rapier in cloth armor he's going to be my new champ portrait.

please and thank you

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Xeno kissing Warrior-kun. But not in a vulgar way, he already has a girlfriend.

>> No.18566807

looks pretty nice

>> No.18566881

Someone draw either Solaire as a Knight of the Blazing sun or rocking out with a knight of the blazing sun

>> No.18566910

Damn, stopped paying attention when you said you were off.

Thanks a bunch for the picture!

>> No.18566952

i need a little warm up.

>> No.18566959

Please draw for me loll daemonette doing the this face at an inquisitor (buck teeth being fangs of course)

>> No.18566965

Nigga, that's kawaii.

>> No.18566969

*loli daemonette

>> No.18567016

Throwing in a request:

Looking for a lanky Elf with short, scruffy blond hair, a non to serious "dude-bro" face, a well worn, but stunning scarlet cloak, with an electrocuted looking Monkey sat somewhere on his person.

Many thanks.

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I'm still looking for a drawing of my campaign's main villain.

He's tall, thin, and bald, with scarring all along the right side of his head. He's missing his right ear. His right arm below the elbow and right leg above the knee have been replaced with advanced looking prosthetics. He's wearing cargo shorts, combat boots, and a t-shirt with an M.C. Escher print on it (print optional if you don't feel like doing the extra detail work.) He's flicking around a butterfly knife with his left hand and he has a sour or angry expression on his face.

>> No.18567040

Draw a chibii Franz and Deathclaw

>> No.18567063


>> No.18567074

Cleophee swinging her hips? Backside shot, in a leotard?

>> No.18567137

Can I get my seven foot tall Nosferatu Darkman rip off drawn in this pose?

His main feature is his abs

Abs, full of Justice. Sparkles of Justice optional.

>> No.18567179

draw a skeletal paladin in scalemail two-handing a mighty fancy falchion.

y'know if you want to.

>> No.18567195

Draw a skaven version of this

With warpstone instead of watermelon (warpmelon?)

>> No.18567242


A Guardsmen and a Stormtrooper having an good boogie time

>> No.18567255

how about a humanoid slime alchemist gentleman?

>> No.18567308

I forgot the staff.

>> No.18567389

Back. Just finished GMing. I like the head. I don´t really know how a dragonborn looks like, I´ll admit. Just went with the flow on mine

>> No.18567543

hey grea/tg/uys of this draw thread. Will you help me out?

>> No.18567634

So can anyone at all take up my request? Here's a better description of him.
Scruffy looking priest with an old angry face. Clothing appears ruffled as if he never takes proper care of it. He wears a small tankard on his belt as a symbol of his faith and it dangles by a small bit of chain. He often smells of ale and has an accent from some far off land. He also seems to always manage to have a bruise somewhere on his body be it his face, chest, or arms and legs.

Prone to violence, Gambling problem, Alcoholic, Mahayanist, racist towards elves, racist towards gnomes.

Hell, the guy even has some titles for his underground boxing he participates in to fuel his gambling problem:
Everyone's Favorite Pugilist Priest, The Brawling Bishop, Father Fisticuffs, Eyegouging Evangelist, The Dynamite Deacon, Padre Pugilist, The Pugnacious Padre, The Combatant Clergyman, High Priest of Pain, Arch Bishop of Asswhooping, Savior of Swat, Preacher of Punches, Mauling Messiah, Shuffling Shepherd, Hermit of Hurt, Shepherd of Scuffle.

He's a Barbarian Monk. I even made him Irish.
Listen to this song and think of him will you?


>> No.18568158

I had a LOT of fun with this one.

>> No.18568176

I would like to request that you draw a character in the campaign I DM. She's a berserker/artificer. I drew her myself, but as you can see, I am not a particularly skilled artist and would appreciate a better version.

>> No.18568186

Feminine male Halfling? paler skin and a scar aross his nose like hawk from DA2 please

>> No.18568206

Is an amateurish sketch artist welcome around these parts?

>> No.18568222

As long as you don't draw stick figures

>> No.18568232


I don't suck THAT much, no.

>> No.18568252

Requesting a somewhat Half Orc-ish woman. Her skin's a light gray-green, ears are slightly pointed but not Elfish. Red, animalistic eyes. She's smiling, but her mouth seems a tad too wide and she has a mouthful of serrated teeth like a shark. Hair's red, and chin-length. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

>> No.18568258

Then go for it buddy :)

>> No.18568276


I'll have a crack at that for you.
>H- h- here I go...

>> No.18568293

b-b-back that drawing up

>> No.18568296

30-something looking elf wizard

>> No.18568306

what´s cayden the deity of?

>> No.18568322

can i get a picture of a full elf (female) talking to a half-elf (male) while he holds a rope tied around a kobalds neck (like a dog) with a cash register under his other arm?

>> No.18568336

I'm playing a zombie RPG as a "Good-Hearted Redneck". Can I get something along the lines of Ellis?

>> No.18568349

Cayden Cailean (pronounced KAY-den KAY-lee-en)is a chaotic good deity, also known as the "Lucky Drunk," "Drunken Hero," or the "Accidental God."

Basically he was a Sellsword who got shit faced one night, his friend bet him he couldn't do the test of the starstone and sure enough as drunk as he was he pulled it off and became a god. He's a god of free will, Fun, and Drinking. Hell his symbol is a mug of ale.

>> No.18568362

Best deity ever.

>> No.18568387

Hail lords of Draw!
Might I humbly request a chaos corrupted Psyker garbed in shaggy black robes.
He is a biomancer so most of his skin has blistered away and out of his exposed innards, a snake crawls through him like a worm in an apple.

>> No.18568579

still here, if a drawfag is able to take this request, it'd be super nifty!

>> No.18568601

Sorry guys, I'm kinda tired, I'm stopping for tonight. I know these threads last for quite some time though, so I may be back tomorrow. Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.18568608


I'll start as soon as I finish the "skeleton paladin," unless another artist wants to pick it up.

>> No.18568620

still here if anyone wants to help me out

>> No.18568641

I would like to do it, but seriously need money to through together a rogue costume.

>> No.18568675

A Half-Orc with very strong orc blood, with long dreadlocks, large, well-maintained tusks (they have been described as "glorious" and "magnificent") and a polite, welcoming smile on his face. If you do the upper body, he is wearing a fur, like the pictured except brown bear fur, and is extremely muscular and broad-shouldered. He should also have quite a few scars, both large and medium-sized. He also carries an axe on his back if you would like to include that in the picture.

>> No.18568751

This is excellent. The world (full of fools to crush beneath his heel, presumably) is a nice touch.

Hats off to you, dude.

>> No.18568828


Quality is dubious, as I'm using mechanical pencils and a shitty scanner on my printer, but here you go. I can go over it in ink too, if you'd like.

>> No.18568854


Oh god, let me resize that

>> No.18568863

dude not this guy, but the guy who told you you're welcome, but that's badass. You made yourself out to be some kind of novice.

>> No.18568893


Let's see if this is any better.


Well thanks, man.

>> No.18569337

A (human) freerunner. I figure he'd be wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt and cargo pants.

If you draw him in absolute full, he's wearing special ROCKET BOOTS kinda like in the attached picture.

>> No.18569350


Here you are, a swap sorceror. Sorry, this one didn't come out as I had hoped. I'll probably do a second one at some point tomorrow and post it on here asap.

>> No.18569425

Have a good night, anons and drawguys.

>> No.18569666


I think I'll pull my request up front for anyone to take a crack at.

>> No.18569777

Bumping the thread.

>> No.18570177



>> No.18570376


>> No.18570400

Oh wow, I'm rofling on that one. hehe

Also I just noticed... that bump I did... 666 get... >>18569666

>> No.18570401

This lovely lady with her hand's on protag's face (standard male head.jpg will be fine) seducing him, or in general being sexy as hell.

Maybe standing in a pillar of fire, or kneeling on a chair or something.

There is not enough art of Xana.

>> No.18570403

>more elf women eating icecream.

Is 5:00 am here, so this is it for tonight.

"You know, humans use a stick to hold their ic-"

>> No.18570407

bumping again

>> No.18570418

Also, made sure to add feet so noone complains

...I have no idea why this one ended transparent and all the others didint =(

>> No.18570476

I can´t decide if this is a "elves don´t hurt the trees for shit like this" reference or just the typical "humans are inferior" elf attitude

>> No.18570495

I'd appreciate if anyone could draw my lighning theme'd swordmage. She has short brown hair and full body runic/magic tatoos. She goes on violent highs in areas of too much magic, somewhat akin to PCP. A picture of her with an evil grin and covered in someone elses blood would be awesome.

>> No.18570599

If anyone' still drawing I'd like to request this:

Led (see pic) dressed up in a classy red gown and purple long-sleeved gloves similar to the one Jessica Rabbit wears in "Who framed Roger Rabbit".

Reference on the gown and gloves:

>> No.18571947

general bump to keep the thread going... for now

>> No.18572002

Holy shit, I thought I was the only person who played Septerra Core.

>> No.18572291

Awesome! Thank you oh so very much!

>> No.18572560

Dude thats fucking great, thanks bro and keep up the good work.

>> No.18572608

Alright guys, I´m back. Anyone still here and/or wants a portrait?

This is the stream

Since I don´t know if anyone is around, please drop in to confirm your request. Remember, upper body shots have a much higher chance of getting done that goddamn landscapes with your entire adventuring party or a fucking wagon loaded with the loot and history of your character.

>> No.18572636

I'd still like


But I don't think I'll be around much for a while.

>> No.18572642


Bumping my request and going into stream.

>> No.18572721

I am still here.

>> No.18572834

Like I said, I re-did this picture

>> No.18572845

If you could, draw a Incubus (Demonic Humanoid with tail) in a suit walking towards the viewer, with a full set (D4, d6, etc) of dice levitating above his right hand while the left is behind his back.

>> No.18572850

Led requester (>>18570599) here. Still here and waiting patiently.

>> No.18572873

I humble request this to be drawn. It's my character in a Black Crusade game I'm in.

A Heretek based on these songs:

He has a utility mechadendrite, a plasma pistol mounted in a MIU socket on his right shoulder and is wielding a greataxe but the rest is up to you.

he's posing on a pict with his pet combat servitor named "Xperiment" that looks like it's about two seconds from falling apart. The combat servitor is armed with a very beaten and rusty heavy stubber.

>> No.18572913

bumping for demonic justice
captcha alizinn a tempest

>> No.18572952

rolled 32 = 32

>niggah, please

hey, can you draw please an antonio banderas esque halfling? I decided he will be my next character if I play fantasy. He will be a flamenco dancer who plays castanets and wears very tight clothes

>> No.18572967

rolled 99 = 99

forgot my pic, derp

>> No.18572968


>> No.18572990

What does halfling mean for the characters appearance?

>> No.18573007

rolled 55 = 55

dunno, i was bored and because i always play human characters i decided to change a little and decided to play a halfling.. Next step was to decide if I wanted him to look as Fabio or Antonio Banderas

>> No.18573008


Just one small mistake that i can see. Led's got bionic legs (hard to see in reference pic perhaps?)
If you could fix that i will gladly offer you one free Internet of your choice as payment

>> No.18573022

Well, requester probably should have highlited the slight detail that her legs are mechanical from knees down...

>> No.18573073

Requesting: Bikko.

>> No.18573109

>draw this vidya character
>draw this anime character

Now I'm not saying that you people are having fun the wrong way, but howzabout we let the people who have requests for characters that AREN'T all over the Internet have a go?

>> No.18573121

If you could, draw a Incubus (Demonic Humanoid with tail) in a suit walking towards the viewer, with a full set (D4, d6, etc) of dice levitating above his right hand while the left is behind his back.

Thats why i did this one

>> No.18573152


>> No.18573199

Truly awesome!

Her good sir. I present you with one free Internet, of the highest odrer.

>> No.18573373

I'd be super cool with a head and shoulders for this one, but what i'm looking for is a ratty-looking hacker wearing a worn urban camo jacket and this guy's balaclava rolled up as a beanie. He has extensive cybernetic modification, including his eyes, and is generally the image of working class, white english scum, with pointed features and nervous, paranoid expression. if you could do some shadowrunny AR feeds and stuff around him (conspiracy radio!) that would be supremely keen.

>> No.18573944

I'm still here. I'd still like to see it done.

>> No.18573952 [DELETED] 

there you go

>> No.18573997


cool, but the transparency is there from your work.

>> No.18574045

>> No.18574062



>> No.18574089

Hey op, how about this: Sexy raven haired witch in a robe of leaves. A single opal around her neck on a piece of string. Think wild haired Morrigan.

>> No.18574238

If I may ask, would you draw a me my pathfinder paladin:

Man in his late twenties, built like a brickhouse. Eyes are the colour of sunsets and his hair is coloured like ripe wheat. He is the son of the godess of cattle and farmers and thus have a cows ears, horns and tale but is otherwise human in appearance. He is clad in heavy plate armour adorned with his mothers symbol (think Venus of Willendorf, but her head is ablaze and she holds scimitar in her one hand and a cornucopia in the other) and he wields a big ass sword carved from a black dragons tooth.

I'd be delighted if you draw it, thanks in advance.

>> No.18574306


I'll have a crack at it tonight, as I have work till nine.

>> No.18574360


No problem!

>> No.18574389

>> No.18574403

>Sexy Balor.jpg

>> No.18574406

Appreciate this man, god send

>> No.18574422

hey, i saw you did this one for me, please accept one (1) internet high-five for your efforts.

>> No.18574882

Wasn't sure about the AR feeds, and already spent way too long on it.

>> No.18574942

that's awesome! thanks!

>> No.18575005

If you could draw me Elesh Nom, the GRAND cenobite that would be just super?

>> No.18575038

could you draw an ensamble pic of my current DnD party? the current roster looks like this;
Atzin- Blue Lizardman Ice sorc dressed in pseudo-aztec robes.
Benedikta- Sergal Fighter, clad in heavy armour and carrying a Griffon egg in a sling from the shoulder.
Cale- Faestir Monk, clad in scruffy travellers clothes, carrying a single Javelin as a staff. He is also quite the musician and carries a Violin in a wooden case.
Winston- Faestir Ranger. A queenshittingly british Musketeer ratman. He is usually dressed in travelers clothes, a tophat and an oiled coat.

I am running the Unified setting for reference.

>> No.18575177

Ok guys I got to go to work. May be back in 8 hours or so if im not dead tired.

I doubt the thread will be alive by then, tho

>> No.18575204

All of my thanks man. You did an amazing job.

>> No.18575576

Too much blood?

>> No.18575610

forgot me image

>> No.18576108

If anyone feels like it, I'm looking for an Inquisitor for an up and coming Dark Heresy campaign. He's a psyker and around 70 so he has grey hair, but other than that I'll leave the minor details up to you guys!

>> No.18576363

Perhaps a bit too much blood and not enough... character?. It'a a nice picture, but I don't think it represents the character I play.

Still, thanks a lot! This is the first time anyone has filled a request of mine on this board, so I really do appreciate the picture. I think I'm in the wrong timezone.

>> No.18578078

Tell me what you think, if you want something changed.

>> No.18578162

Dibs on this. Full color.

>> No.18578290

If face shots only, a tribal tattooed woman with short, unstyled hair and filed teeth. Grinning with an insane but non hostile look to the eyes.

>> No.18578298

If anyone feels like drawing this it would be great. A older man, holding two bolt pistols, with a grey beard, a scar across one eye, a large rosary with the Inquisition I at the end around his neck and a halo of light around his head.

>> No.18578365

Query: what does a swordmage wear?

>> No.18578395

What does he wear on his body, image reference would be great.

>> No.18578421


The closest thing would have to be the guard commander uniform from dawn of war, but without the medals.

>> No.18578517

Re-requesting this, if any drawfriends are feeling up to it.

>> No.18578605

Older Paladin, ex-City Guard that usese a baastard sword and shield. Kind of a grizzled hardened Policeman look, but very much a knight in armor type.

>> No.18578648

Since the drunken priest / paladin got done while I was away, I'll take a crack at yours.

>> No.18578663 [DELETED] 

I'm pretty bad at female figures, though.

>> No.18578676

I'm not sure of what a rosary looks, what do you have in mind?

>> No.18578705

She doesn't have much in that department, so that is fine.

>> No.18578708

It's a necklace of a string of beads, usually with a cross on the end but instead of a cross, I'd like the Inquisition's I

>> No.18578716


>> No.18578864

Leather armor + cape, but with more of a wizard's accessories (Spellbook, wands, etc.) then thieves tools (Lockpicks/knives).

>> No.18578900

Am i good enough to do requests here?
Disregard the coloring, it was an experiment, and it sucked.

>> No.18578919

I'm on the case.

>> No.18578929

Any is welcome to draw, and if a requester is a faggot about taking your time to do them a favor, that's their problem.

>> No.18578965

I'd like some battle damage on him perhaps? Bruise his knuckles a bit and maybe give him a bruise on his cheek?

>> No.18578999

I had alot of trouble with the pistol, and my back is cramping so please excuse the rushed colouring.

>> No.18579020


Don't worry about it man, that's pretty awesome! Thanks!

>> No.18579037

I usually request this guy, just to see different artists' interpretations...

Half-elf wizard. Male, though androgynous. Long platinum blonde hair, gold eyes, wears some kind of white disco getup with matching heeled boots. Lots of really gaudy gold jewelry, and a neckline so low his shirt is almost a vest.

Will post a couple of pieces I've gotten from other drawfriends for reference.

>> No.18579045

These two were both from a /co/ drawthread, if you can't tell.

>> No.18579059

This one is very "David Bowie" which is cool.

>> No.18579077

Last one, very punkish, this one. Definately the most effeminate, and I can't fault it for that.

>> No.18579171

Here you go mate. Sorry it took so long, went out for a smoke.
Hope you're still in the thread...

>> No.18579200

Oh, i forgot to give him pants...
Oh well, evil never rests, why should he?

>> No.18579210


Hoo boy, this is taking a while.

>> No.18579211


>> No.18579219

didyu rike it?

>> No.18579242

Well, might as well request this. I'll include his gear if you want to go beyond a simple bust.
Character is a male human dragon shaman roughly six feet tall. Hair is black/charcoal, eyes are hazel. He's just gotten to the point where scales start coming in, and they are bronze. It is personal flavor that he's beginning to lose his hair as the scales grow in.
Let's say he's in his dress/court attire (we came into possession of a keep and we might as well look like we rule it) which is a feather-trimmed indigo cloak. He's also got a broad-brimmed blue velvet hat, feathers optional. Under the cloak he wears a Mithral breastplate with a minor protection enchantment. Other than that, he's got a pretty standard outfit. Utilitarian, and not a lot of flappy parts. The weapon he's got is just a plain Greatsword, nicked heavily from almost constant use and three run-ins with acid-spewing dragons. It's beyond due for a replacement, but it still has life left in it. Around his neck is a simple necklace with a shard of slightly luminescent blue crystal. Has a single earring (stud) in his right earlobe, enchanted. wears a single ring on his right ring finger, enchanted.

>> No.18579273

Yeah, that's perfect. I'm prestiging into Grey Guard, it's perfect.

>> No.18579332


I'm on it!

>> No.18579353


I'm on it (under my normal name)!

>> No.18579354

Thanks kindly.

>> No.18579357

This guy.

Well, not quite, but a picture like this, only instead of a space marine, we have a Fiery Red headed Gnome giving us that shit-eating grin.

Could he be wearing a green coat, with a thick darker green cloak draped over that.
The cloak is a distinctive Dragon skin one, with a huge popped collar.

His eyes are a wild blue, and he wears a strange hat he stole from a Fey Mad Hatter rip-off.
Slightly tilted.

The cup would be made of silver, with a white heart as a symbol on the side.

>> No.18579413

I doubt this guy is still here but the concept of rocket boots was just too fun to pass up.

>> No.18579531

A large slavic-looking man. Shaggy hair and mustache with a beard that used to be trimmed but has finally forced the dreaded razor into retreat with reinforcements from forced march conditions. Ramshackle armor hides underneath a fur coat, and his lance rests on his shoulder while an arming sword hangs from his belt. Bonus points for including Sasha, his horse.

>> No.18579655


In their tongue, he is the Playakin. The Pimp-born!

>> No.18579685

Such swag.
Thanks again.

>> No.18579764


Here you go, man. I hope you like it. I can attempt revisions if need be.

>> No.18579849

Oh man, I appreciate it, I didn't make it clear that when I said girl I meant pre-pubescent, that was my fault.
However, she is a clone, and that would be a lovely picture for her genetic donor, so don't feel like you need to do anything else, it's still awesome and I will find a use for it.
Thanks a bunch.

>> No.18579907


I'll do a young version then, too. No big deal.

>> No.18579940

Alright, if you feel up for it, I would certainly love it.

>> No.18579999

Hey, if there's still people here taking requests, can I get this charcter drawn?

She's a bard--though not originally the travelling type. A trained pianist and organist, she was horribly injured in an airship accident. Rescued from the flaming wreckage by a mad tinkerer, she next woke with her body transformed--her dead, burned, broken flesh replaced with steam-and-magic powered brass and steel, with a steam organ taking up most of her torso, the pipes extending up over her shoulders, the keyboard folding out from her sides to rest in front of her waist so that she might play. Half of her face, one whole arm, the other forearm, adn one whole leg have also been replaced with magical metal, leaving, truely, just her brain and half of her torso as flesh.

>> No.18580047

i request a sexy horny drunk dwarf
wihout beard please

>> No.18580077

>without beard

I don't know what kind of sick twisted fetish you've got, but this is a worksafe board!

>> No.18580079

if its not much trouble draw her
flirting with a sphynx..........

shes drunk and horny after all

>> No.18580097

you mademe laugh
have a horny guy in return

>> No.18580123

>implying you have to be drunk and horny to hit on a sphinx

sphinxes are fucking nymphs my friend. do you know the riddle one of them gave me the last time i saw one in a bar? "what has multiple orgasms and hums?" and then she started humming

>> No.18580138

Not a very good Sphinx if she gave away the answer.

>> No.18580145

What can I say, she's easy.

>> No.18580147

mine was
what was wet and have feathers
i answered "a duck"
i lost a good chance dammit

>> No.18580155

alcohol my friend, alcohol

>> No.18580196

Drawthread? Wonderful, I have a small request I've been meaning to make for some time now.

I basicly want this picture in drawn form.
Soon (As in when they finish their current mission) I will join Planes & Mercs Griffin flight, and I planned on having this on the side of my plane. When I presented this picture however, I was urged to find "a stylized, drawn version" of it.
So, if anyone would make a drawing of this, be it sketch or a simple tracing, I would appreciate it.

If you are feeling super productive, I would love it if this was drawn like in those old Soviet proaganda posters.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.18580258


Here's something I made in another drawthread. I thought it was relevant.

>> No.18580275



>> No.18580293

Glorious exposition, comrade!

>> No.18580448

Man, tell me about it, I know a girl who sucks at riddles, but just says "Now you gotta eat me, right?" and winks.

>> No.18580456


Sorry if it's a little too Disney, but here you go!

>> No.18580480

That's adorable, thanks man!

>> No.18580482

I would /r/ but I'm about to fall asleep so on behalf of all the fa/tg/uys, how about something metal as fuck with like a barbarian dude cutting dragon heads off and scantily clad bitches are wrapped around his legs cuz they want to fuck.

>> No.18580498


No problem, glad you like it!

>> No.18580514

>Busty wench
>Small gap

It's like you know me.

>> No.18580600


I'll give it a shot before going to bed.

>> No.18580613


Dibs! I got dibs!

>> No.18580627

Excellent! Now I have two guys on it!
This is wonderful!

>> No.18580632


Oh I will SO out-manly you. You don't even know.

>> No.18580658

>My face when I end up getting a manly and bloodied barbarian in a pose and dress like seen in >>18580196.

>> No.18580666

At the risk of looking desperate, I would like to post that I'm still vigilant upon this thread

>> No.18580674

I'm going to bed after my current drawing is finished, but I'll draw yours tomorrow if it isn't done by then!

>> No.18580689

So which one is it that you are drawing now?
Mother Russia or manly barbarian?

>> No.18580695


Gloorious Mahdur Rahsha

>> No.18580724

Brilliant, I will make sure the spokesman hears about this.

>> No.18580758


Almost done.

>> No.18580788

Cool. I just realized I've been having an allnighter.
Being eurofag is suffering...

>> No.18580832



This was a lot of fun to draw.

>> No.18580842

Beat me by a minute, but here's mine as well.

>> No.18580853

Neat! Thanks a lot brother.
Now, let's see how the other guy does...

>> No.18580880

Raaah! Motherland!
Thanks man.

>> No.18580897


No problem!

Cool beans man. I like the less literal interpretation you took, it feels dynamic

>> No.18580899


It's on like Donkey Kong!

>> No.18580902

Now that I have not one, but two possible pictures for my plane, I think it is time I went to sleep.
Stay frosty!

>> No.18580937

I'm going to bed now, finally. Fun drawing tonight.


I'll have yours done at some point tomorrow unless somebody else steps in and does it instead, brother.

>> No.18581087

Thanks a lot, brother of mine.

>> No.18581224


>> No.18581275

done with the flat color. will finish if the thread lives tomorrow.

>> No.18581284

Dwarf with a monocle putting on a shock glove.

>> No.18584185


Bumping, re-requesting.

>> No.18584201

Did I miss something?

Why the warning? Previous drawthreads went by with no problems.

>> No.18584207

Probably because of the goblin sucking dick as an opening image

>> No.18584237

One of the mods is lactose intolerant and didn't like it that the goblin was enjoying her ice cream.

>> No.18584285

>lol it was sfw because the phallic shape wasn't an actual cock nevermind the erotic lewd imagery

>> No.18584334

>taking safety for work seriously on 4chan

>> No.18584469

I wonder how lactose intolerance is distributed among fantasy races.
I would suppose that orcs, hobgoblins, gnomes and humans have widely adopted pastoralist societies and were selected against it, while chaotic hunter/gatherer societies like elves' did not. Goblins were probably scavengers before they could rely on other's groups products, and they're too small and chaotic to master animal husbandry.
The mod probably reached that same conclusion and censored an illustration that openly broke versimilitude. I must approve of his initiative to refine our wandering imaginations.

>> No.18584581

Anon reporting for duty. Any requests?

>> No.18584655


>>18579999 would like to be drawn! If you would be so kind, anyway.

>> No.18584687

You can enjoy something you're incapable of eating due to illness or a natural resistance to said thing. E.g., I am allergic to apples, but fuck man, apples are the best fruit ever (and anyone who says otherwise is a dumb fuck who takes for granted the almost divine splendor of the apple)

>> No.18584714


Man for a few years I was allergic for bacon. Just one rasher would cause horrible rashes, stomach cramps, headaches and vomiting.

But man, you know... bacon.

So I just ate it until my body adjusted to it. It took about 4 years of slowly increased doses with gaps of several months in the beginning to every few days by the end. I was so sick most of the time.

But now it's all good. Totally worth it.

>> No.18584735


>> No.18584905

Working on it. Sorry it's taking a while, mechanics are always rather complicated to draw.

>> No.18584933


That's fine! Please, take all the time you need. I ain't in a rush.

>> No.18585060

I hope I got all the details right.

>> No.18585076


It's perfect! Thank you, friend. Thank you.

>> No.18585126

Are you able to draw:

A horrible and scary creature with sharp, barbed, spiked tentacles of "Obviously kills you", mercilessly tearing apart a kawaii uguu :3c~ tentacle 'monster'?

>> No.18585151

A muscled man, topless with faint scars on his whole body, with one almost fresh one across his right eye. He should be smiling with a dark brown beard and hair covering most of his face.

>> No.18585194

Landscape painter here, anyone want environment concepts done? Heres something from a previous thread

>> No.18585218

How complex are you willing to go?
I have an idea that might look nice, but would be a lot of work.

>> No.18585266

Well around the level of that, maybe more if it was a really neat concept.

>> No.18585294

Picture a large island exploding. Giant rocks flying through the sky.

Freeze that frame.

Now draw plant life, houses, small towns on the floating fragments of rock.

Connect the floating fragments with rivers-in-the-sky, metal cables, giant trees/vines, stone bridges, air currents, streams of magma, or any other connector deemed suitable.

There should be no "ground" below, just more chunks of flying rock, disappearing into the fog.

This is now your setting. Big rocks floating in thin air with gravity-defying rivers or ropes or bridges connecting them.

>> No.18585371

Here drawfags, have a description of my character and a picture, I would love to see someone elses rendition of her. Do note that she is Albino, while I think I gave a good description of it, its often better to just say it.

She stands at a height of 5'7" with white hair that goes down to her waist. Her eyes are red in the irises and slightly bloodshot on the whites, She is thin and has an athletic build. Her skin is very pale and her upper right arm has a tattoo that says “328” in sterile lettering. Her clothing is comprised of a jumpsuit that is tied around her waist, a black armless undershirt and a welding mask that is pushed out of her face, She often goes around shoeless. On her back is a large tattoo of a sakura tree with white flowers.

>> No.18585403

Sounds good, but I work traditionally so if I was gonna do this, I'd use a huge canvas. It'd be a big project. But I'll definately think about it!

>> No.18586170


>> No.18586282

its awesome dude

nothing like drunken dwarfs

>> No.18586354

Bumping for this humble request, elegan/tg/entlemen.

>> No.18586390

I would like to try this.

Is the requester around?

>> No.18586747


No ice cream on the Internet?

>> No.18588767

Hey Psyker guy! I finished your request, hope you like it.

>> No.18588880


You have my pencil!
(and my pad)!
(and my scanner)!

>> No.18589117

Thanks a lot sketches!

>> No.18589414


Thanks man, no problem!

>> No.18590588

I'd love a landscape done!

A lighthouse standing on a cliff over a sea of sand, long since dried up. The lighthouse is the last beacon of light in a wold where the sun has grown old and dim.

In the campaign the party has been transported to a dark, shadowy reflection of the world, and need to use the lighthouse's beacon to light a path back to the normal world.

>> No.18591464

I'd like to see this woman drawn with a more aggressive face. Like she was drunk and upset. She's got one leg up on a chair and she's pointing at someone and shouting something along the lines of "You wish you could have me!" She doesn't need to be armed with the knife anymore either. Maybe it could be sheathed on her thigh?

>> No.18594116

being a bit frank here and re requesting this.

>> No.18594241

Guess I'll try this again. Requesting some character pics for an AdEva game I've been running. They don't all have to be in the same pic.

- Operations Director: A happy-go-lucky looking American blonde guy with baseball cap. Early 30s.

- Commander: A somewhat stern looking Japanese woman with black hair in a bob cut (with bangs). Late 30s to early 40s.

- Head Scientist: A thin and slightly sinister looking Eastern European (possibly Russian) guy with brown slicked back hair and glasses. Early 40s.

- Assistant Scientist: A nervous looking American woman with brown, messy, shoulder-length hair. Mid 20s.

It takes place in Alaska, so they should wearing appropriate clothes/uniforms for the weather.

>> No.18594263

But dude, think about it. It'd be totally pitch black where the beam of light didn't hit if the sun's gone out?
I mean have you ever been out in the country at night? It's total darkness. No light, nothing. Cant see your hand in front of your face.

>> No.18594296

The effect of the sudden change in style there is really strange to look at.

>> No.18594641

Bump for this.

>> No.18594781 [DELETED] 

Jesus christ this thread still hasn´t 404´ed? I thought for sure it was already on auto sage, or is auto sage no longer a feature?

>> No.18594789

The limit has been increased to 300 posts a few months ago.

>> No.18594802

Oh well, then its still 5 posts away from that. Anyone wants something in those 5 posts? Otherwise I´ll go draw some tiefling/deva porn as practice

>> No.18594814


Bumping for this please.

>> No.18594815



>> No.18594840



>> No.18594844

oh hey look, its the mod trying to justify being a prick

>> No.18594846

Why did the OP get banned? Did he start the thread with porn?

>> No.18594852

Oh, it's just a warning... so the image was overtly suggestive?

>> No.18594860

Ok working on these pics. Get in the stream so you can choose stuff as it comes up. Once it is done I will start a new thread I guess


>> No.18594866 [DELETED] 

It had a close up of a elf girl eating/licking icecream while it dripped down from the heat. Also, I was extremely proud of how awesome her hair looked

>> No.18595195

>Operations Director: A happy-go-lucky looking American blonde guy with baseball cap. Early 30s.

>> No.18597123

The person who requested this got into the stream chat and it ended up as a very different pic from the request. To start with, he wanted her dancing, and then wanted a opera-like dress... etc

Anyway, I hope this is good for you

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