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Guys I've got it

I've got this idea for a wargame that I think would be sick as hell.

Aright, you ready?


The basic premise is that two or more players battle each other using gummy bears/worms/whatever as miniatures, each when their own special rules.

Whenever you kill an enemy unit in game, you will take the gummy piece and eat it. The objective is to kill/eat all your enemy's gummies.


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I think you should suck a thousand dicks and not post till you've done it twice.

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DIABEEHTUS has spoken.

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Note to self: don't use lead based paints on my gummies.

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sounds delicious.

clump of gummies you always find at the bottom of the bag = hq?

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..but.. but dicks aren't sweet? They're salty...

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*obligatory joke about not playing with your food*

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That is an awesome idea.

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sucking a thousand dicks or gummy wars?

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Ok, but you'd have to eat my gummies for me, I'm diabetic.

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Sucking a thousand gummy dicks?

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How much does a bag of 100 gummy bears cost roughly? I'm so going to play this shit.

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>Gummi Bears: Bonuses based upon number of other individual bears around them. MUTANT BEARS: The rare 'double-bear' is treated as a large unit with triple stats of a normal bear; can pick up and throw 'objects'.

>Gummi worms: Have the ability to burrow, acting as complete cover. If damage dealt to a gummi worm is not lethal, rip it in half and treat the two pieces and seperate worms with half the original stats.

>Swedish Fish: Aquatic units, massive speed boost in water.

>Sour units: Any non-sour units that touch a sour unit are sent into a frenzy.

I'm sorry, I know little about war gaming and just found this amusing. I hope someone can make sense of what I'm trying to convey.

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You can play the evil faction of non sugary sweets and chewing gum

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Sounds delicious. I imagine having the delicious treats cost points depending on their weight in grams. More grams = more action points for your unit.

1 action is 1 attack OR 1 movement OR 1 ability useage. Gummies have special powers based on their color - say, red could have +1 to all their rolls when activated, green could be great at camoflage etc. Multi color gummies cost +1 point per color but can spend action points to activate powers related to any of its colors.

Also, gummies have 1 defense per 2 grams of weight. Attacking allows 1 dice per action spent on attacking. Each roll of 4+ is a success. Beat the enemy defense to kill it. Since smaller units have much less defense but are more mobile than larger units you have a good strategical point in unit composition as well.

Also, if you kill an enemy gummy you get to eat it.

Expansion Packs include Death By Chocolate, Artillery Candy Rocks and Marshmellow Madness

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Gummi worms are way OP

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>Read thread
>Like the sound of it
>Look at the packet of gummi sweets on my desk

The ultimate army

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I prefer the holiday expansions: Cadbury Crusher and Advent Annihilation. Of course the Halloween expansion, Too Much, seems like a good idea at first...every time.

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This thread made me remember this old thing from years ago. It's about the size of an actual foot.

Would there be rules for covering the larger, unusual shaped gummis?

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A gummy foot the size of an actual foot?!


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It's a transport vehicle for smaller gummy creatures.

Three-foot gummy worms are Titan-equivalents. Try eating one of those bastards in one go, sucker!

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And thus was I finally able to afford war gaming.

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This sounds like more of a winter game than a summer game.

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Sticky fingers everywhere. Would you really eat something someone else has been touching?

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Motherfucking spiders every time.

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Remember: walk without rhythm and you won't attract the worm.

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Additional rules to the gram based rules.

If you cannot eat your enemies, you lose.

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rolled 82 = 82

I-I-I dont know if eat it or just....

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oh thats nothing watch this

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The messiah rides the great maker! Bearon Harkonnen is doomed! (Yeah, I said it.)

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Sounds like a ripoff of WARMUNCHIE

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OK, you got me. I looked it up, and was disappointed that it doesn't exist.

Well, now it does. I think you just named our little homebrew here.

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I like it, it combines my love of Gummi candy with my cheapness, because what is cheaper than buying like 3-4 bags of gummies to wargame with?

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Having to rebuy them after every loss?

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'sick' does sound like the right word

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Still cheaper than buying Warhammer figurines,

Around here I can get a bag of gummi bears for a DOLLAR, and that is like...at LEAST 50 bears, not to mention when you factor in the whole not having to assemble them, paint them, and all that other crap you have a Wargame that my cheap ass would actually play every now and then when I want some fucking gummi bears.

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Maybe Swedish fish can have some sort berserk ability, all stats are raised but each turn a fish in the school dies making somewhat of a double edged sword.

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my god.

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Oh! Ooooh! Can Xeno play?

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can't stand the taste, though they look cool as balls

>tactic: field gummies that your opponent finds unappealing or will make him queasy
The game would quickly devolve into some kind of masochistic ritual

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We might need to change the weight rules a bit if we want these bastards to be balanced. Weight class determines defense, maybe?

>1-3g = 1 def
>4-7g = 2 def
>8-10g = 3 def
>11-15g = 4 def
>16-20g = 5 def
>21+g = 6 def

My measurements are probably way off, but you get the idea.

Now for breakfast. Hopefully whatever I make has less than 4000 calories in it. You guys are a bad influence.

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>Opponent plays licorice and jalapeno flavored army.

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And already powergamers have ruined YET ANOTHER game for me. Fuck you guys...

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Fuck man, for the price it costs to buy a 40k Battleforce you could get a THOUSAND gummy-bear warriors and then some. Just imagine the epic-scale gummy battles you could have at such prices.

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>Grab 5 lb gummy
>"Hope you're up for eating a Titan, friend."

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If they want to drop 30 bucks a game, let them.

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I am ashamed to say that I would actually enjoy that to a certain extent, but regardless, it is the DISGUSTING gummi flavors that I would have issues with, not the massively huge ones. (As long as there seriously isn't a rule that you have to eat all of it, just eating the head would be cool I would GLADLY take it home and finish off over the next few days.)

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Counts as landmines

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For the record, this game has to be played with Latex gloves on, there is no alternative.

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Don't forget about the other gummi options:

Gummi sharks: Basically big version of the Swedish Fish

The ring-shaped ones: Possible bonus/marks any HQ/Hero units/flying saucer unit?

Also, perhaps stuff like gummi pizza/burgers would represent super monsters, or would they work better as objectives?

For lots of rank and file troops (Like an IG to the gummi bar space marines) could use sticks of gum. Freedent or whatever in the little rectangular paper ones are the individual models (Could probably also use bubblegum). Longer strips could be used to form temporary barricades by folding into a ^ shape (disrupting charges and giving a cover bonus?). Gum tape rolls could be used to make an extensive trenchwork series.

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>running troops into landmines so you can eat delicious gushers
yet another reason for choosing horrible tasting gummies for your force.

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Hey bro, can I use my counts-as army?

>> No.18562140

Only if both people get the alcohol advantage.

Plus side: the drinking game variant comes standard with this one.

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Not 40k, reported.

Take your LOL SO RANDUM XD MLP shit back to /b/.

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Can't the tattletrolls make up their minds? "It's 40K, sagebadsage!" last week and now "It's not 40K, sagebadsage!" Sheesh.

Anyhow, pic very much fucking related if you're alright with accepting hard candies as well.

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Isn't it against the rules now to make a post to say something was reported?

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And the price for most retarded /tg/ user goes too!

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Dudes, stop feeding the troll.

Now, let's get back to discussing deliciousness and pretend explosions.

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Nah, there are still people who don't like 40k, it's just that >>18562141
is a 14 year old, who just got home from class, and is spreading his teenage butthurt as far as he can.

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Maybe gummirats could be some sort of tank?

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>not using fruit by the foot to make trenches
>not using airheads to make rough buildings

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excellent pic old chap,
all the better for wings of war, or crimson skies?

>> No.18562227

Who else is now imagining one of these large gummi colas between two licorice wheels as artillery?

>> No.18562235

Fuck, mini frogs as swarm unit!

>> No.18562243

Would you balance forces by number of gummies, or by total calories?

>> No.18562245

Sorry, busy trying to work out how a gummi battlship will work. This will involve a lot of twizzlers.

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>One 5-pound bag containing approximately 485 pieces
>Naturally flavored with balanced sweetness
Mouth watering, colorful candy
>Flavors are pineapple (white), strawberry (green), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), and raspberry (red)

>$15 dollars

Well, I know what battlepack I'm getting...

>> No.18562247

>all the better for wings of gum, or sugared skies?

Fixed it for you.

Also, holy fuck, you can literally make a smurf army.

>> No.18562250

Some of the units could be combined from various candies.
If we had a rough set of guidelines for determining stats, we could run this kind of like brik wars.

Actually why not just modify that? Damage means your remove pieces of the unit, etc?

>> No.18562259

Don't forget they have the mini-bottles, so you don't *have* to build it in 1:1 scale to the gummi bears

also, stuff in pic seems prime material for making vehicles out of. Just add some licorice wheels and a coca-cannon and you're done.

>> No.18562262

I think the unit costs should be managed by the pounds each battleforce weighs.

>> No.18562269

What's that? I already win?

>> No.18562270

goddamnit, something ate my pic.

>> No.18562272

Goddammit guys now I want to eat some gummy bears really bad.

>> No.18562279

I propose we make point costs be in "grams", and correspond to actual gummy mass.

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>> No.18562289

Oh god what are those abominations

>> No.18562290

but what happens when someone breaks out the teddy grams?

>> No.18562292

What if we determined points based on calories?

>> No.18562295


Maybe for skirmish games. Army games would be in ounces and pounds.

>> No.18562302

Oh god I remember that pack...so many horrible tasting licorices. It's like the perfect force for tormenting your enemy.

>> No.18562304

Got some "Lighthouses" here.

>> No.18562306

Sugarfree=cheese lists.

On the other hand, maybe sugar content by weight is a measure of unit power, so sugarfree would be able to have more units at a less effectiveness per unit?

>> No.18562311

But that would be more difficult to measure than pounds or grams.

>> No.18562315

So, anyone up for a round of Fatpocalypse?
... Do you lose if you can't eat all your opponent's gummies?

>> No.18562316

Check the listing on the bag?

>> No.18562322

Any skaven players out there?

Also, they have gummi penguins. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

>> No.18562324

why can I only see penises?

the "Milk Farm" isn't helping either..

>> No.18562332

It's Mill farm.
But yeah they're dicks.

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>not using sour gummies

>> No.18562342

Christ, are these real?

>> No.18562358


Yes my son, they are.

>> No.18562376



"Yeah, my priests are Jesus."

>> No.18562386

>This will be the last time we cross paths

>> No.18562391


more like sacrelicious

>> No.18562394

We can't really have only one hero unit, can we?
Are there any others?

>> No.18562400

>make molds of existing table top units
>find recipe for making gummies
>make gummie versions of your army

>> No.18562411

>sell molds or spread them around
>create internet site with molds of generic units from popular wargames

>> No.18562438

If a player refuses to eat a type of candy or is full, they should have a penalty of some sort. In this case, the referee and/or audience picks up the duty of consuming the fallen units.

This will probably be loosened in Apocalypse games for obvious reasons.

>> No.18562443

>mfw this thread

This already sounds better than 40k and WarmaHordes. For one, the minis are a lot cheaper.

>> No.18562444

>Using these molds for profit and not for food.

>> No.18562447

>not using them for both

>> No.18562456

Honestly? If my opponent fielded a gummy Baneblade I wouldn't be mad. I'd be all the more determined to take that thing down.

I like this idea.

>> No.18562470

I think that in competitive situations, like tournaments, players should have to provide gummies for their opponents. That way there isn't any jalapenofart flavor horseshit, but you can keep the "can't eat, lose" rule.

>> No.18562482

So each person plays his opponents army?

I think that might lead to balance problems.
Maybe just have a common stock of gummies to draw from, and be able to bring your own if your opponent approves?

>> No.18562490

Good point. Then again, this opens up a new tactic- giving your opponent crappy gummies. Still, given that weight seems to be tied to strength, this might not be that effective.

>> No.18562496

This sounds good. Removes the P2W aspect, too.

>> No.18562521

Sour gummy master race reporting in.

>> No.18562568

Structured play would work better (ironically) as a drinking game. It provides an easy metric (alcohol per volume) and would be more sanitary. Also, harder to game the system with crappy ones when everyone is drinking from a pool of a few kinds of alcohol

>> No.18562600

Hmm, you should have to consume your own losses.. Makes awful flavors and giant pieces less appealing..

>> No.18562635


This so far seems the best idea, that way if someone comes in with Tabasco Bears, they are the ones eating the Tabasco Bears.

>> No.18562639

Sounds good, but this gives incentive to lose.

Or to look at it another way, it adds a psychological aspect to the game.

>> No.18562648


Also kinda removes the motivation to win.

>> No.18562658

Have the person who killed it decide who has to eat it.

>> No.18562667


giant pieces are already unappealing.

why am I paying a lot for online shipping for you to eat my guy?

>> No.18562695


So the only reason you win in Warhammer and/or WarmaHordes is because you get to eat the other guys miniatures? Well dude, most of us play for fun or to win, not all of us like the taste of Plastic and metal.

>> No.18562713

But if you get a benefit for losing, ie eating delicious candies, that removes a motivator for winning.
Better to benefit the winning side.

>> No.18562725

It was but the redshirts told me they'd ban me from the store if I kept doing it.

>> No.18562728

This is a good compromise. Give the nasty-tasting units buffs, since players know they can't field them without the risk of having to eat them.

The only hole is that some players might actually /like/ the taste of these monstrosities.

>> No.18562791


>> No.18562807


>> No.18562866

1/3rd cup water
2.5 ounces gelatin
1 bottle tabasco

Put water in pan.
Dissolve gelatin slowly, leave to fully penetrate
melt over half heat hob
mix in tabasco
pour into mold
freeze 15 minutes
coat with sour sherbet

>> No.18562877

>make molds for generic minis
>infinite skeletons/goblins/bandits
>also if any are terrible you eat them
>players get to eat things they kill


>> No.18563085

Im going to go for soft clay! Thats all i can think of whilst doing no reaserch and periodicly vomiting in preperation for playing this game.

>> No.18563103

Aaaand archived.

>> No.18563125

Google food safe silicon mold kits.

>> No.18563307

You just reminded me of the candy legos

>> No.18563770

just thought, the models come to you fresh out of a mold. you just need to get a flat bowl, like a lasagne bowl, place the molded plastic parts into it on some raised area, pour in food safe silicon so it takes up half the model parts. When it's dry, flip the sheet, pour in more silicon. You now have a 2 piece mold kit. Find a way of joining the silicon, but not permanently, pouring in liquid gelatin, leaving the gelatin to dry and then removing both halfs of your mold. You should, with any luck, have bits you can cut off to glue together with sugar or food glue/whateverIain'tacook

>> No.18563979

Currently thinking that themed fruit snacks totally would work as hero units.

Case in point: A transformer assembled from transformer fruit snacks like pic related to duke it out with gummi jesus above, surrounded by jelly bean swarms and legions of bears.

>> No.18563985

fuck, captcha ate my pic.

>> No.18564093

>> No.18564378

Does anyone know if these packs are worth get it? I'm wondering because while they cost a dollar a piece, each one has only nearly twenty units and they aren't part of the core gummy lists.

>> No.18564397

They're overpriced like all of Welch's stuffs.
Just get some Generic stuff. It might not look as good but only tourneyfags will give you a problem for it.

>> No.18564473

Guys, guys.

What about Werther's Original?

>> No.18564487

>Werther's Original
Some kind of Caramels?

>> No.18564497

Indeed. Delicious ones.

>> No.18564499

But those aren't gummies.

>> No.18564517

They don't seem to translate well to units, or have anything particuarly interesting about them for a wargame.
Maybe objectives could be chocolates?

>> No.18564533


>> No.18564564


Use them as bases by heating the bottom of a gummy and attaching it to the werther's?

>> No.18564618

Hell, this is brilliance for bases if you use a chocolate bar broken into the little square sections as bases.

And I still say objectives should be gummi pizzas or hamburgers.

>> No.18564661

This is the best idea in a long time. We should work on more crunch, etc.

>> No.18564674

>Work on more crunch
I see what you did there.

>> No.18564685

I still say just use Brik wars.

>> No.18564686

But we'd have to make sure we won't get fed up with it.

>> No.18564708

...I-I love you, /tg/.

>> No.18564725

Well, I was thinking

Cookies and other hard, baked sweets could be vehicles.

What about those double-baked biscuits you're supposed to dip in coffee?

Would there be a rule about not being able to eat a defeated unit? (Like, if neither player can eat it, what happens to it?)

>> No.18564731

3rd party and or referree.
Alternate rule, it doesn't die. But that might lead to cheating.

>> No.18564744

Those biscuit things could be like longboats, or maybe battering rams, if those could be included somehow.

>> No.18564787

>Codex: Gummi
>Gummies are flexible and many-formed, and represent the faction with the most wide range of abilities - however, they are not really great at anything

>Codex: Chocolate
>Chocos are great defensively and offensively, but move slowly, and if they melt, become unviable

>Codex: Baked goods
>Cookies and pastries have a strong vehicle element, and are strong, but need support units to work effectively

>Codex: Mixed
>Choco-covered, stuffed pastries, gumdrop cookies, etc
>Great, but high point cost and can field few units

>> No.18564819

Wouldn't most baked goods go bad/stale after a while?

>> No.18564832

>Hardening rule
>If it goes stale, it loses some offensive capability, but gains armor.
>Also less palatable.

>> No.18564835

You've got to make them like the day before the match yeah.
Palatability as a game mechanic? More expensive to field?

>> No.18564838

Hahaha, I really wish there was an in-depth codex on gummybears/other candy so I could get a game like this together. That would honestly be awesome.

>> No.18564870

>Palatability as a game mechanic?

It's pretty much an indicator of how willing you are to sacrifice/the enemy is willing to kill it, since someone has to eat it. Thus, playing units your opponent dislikes might be seen as underhanded but effective.

>Opponent enjoys Twinkies
>Play Snowballs

>> No.18564872

I don't think that'll happen, this concept is fucking sweet.

I personally like the idea that the model/gummi's stats are dependent on their mass and sugar/calorie content.

From a diet website:
Gummi Bears
serving size is 10 (22 g)
87 cal per serving, 13g sugar
1 bear is ~3 g (Round up), ~2g sugar, and ~9 calories

Gummi Worms:
serving size is 10 (74g)
293 cal per serving, 43.6g sugar
1 worm is ~8 g, ~5g sugar, and ~30 calories

Gummi Fish (Assumign sharks here and not swedish fish)
Serving Size is 10 fish (50g)
198 cal per serving, 29.5g sugar
1 Fish is ~5g, ~3g sugar, and ~20 calories

Perhaps calories=hp, sugar = dice to attack with, and overall mass = def? So a gummi bear would roll 2d6 vs the worm, which reduces the result by 8, and needs 30 calories of damage to remove the worm? (Assuming here multiple units can combine attacks)

>> No.18564878

I mean, should we quantify it? Relate it to points somehow?

>> No.18564888

Wow, eating three gummy worms = eating 100 calories? Damn.

>> No.18564891

Fuckit, let's just eat. No use sugar-coating it: we're fat and like eating unhealthy food. Making a game over it just prolongs the inevitability of diabetes and an early death.

>implying I'm not fat myself

>> No.18564897

So guys, what Wargame are we going to jack the rules from in order to make Gummi Wars a reality?

>> No.18564905

Not everyone on /tg/ is actually fat, stereotypes aside.
I would probably let my opponent eat his own troops. I can't really eat that much candy in one sitting.

Brik Wars or something simple. Its about candy.

>> No.18564913

>Playing as a fleet of "Fruit" pies
>Being a chem major
>Reading the ingredient list to your opponent
>Explaining clearly what each of the dozens of chemicals do to the human body
>Oddly enough, never take a casualty

>> No.18564924

And it's self handicapping - if you're dominating with captures, your decision making becomes impaired!

>> No.18564932

Oh god those things
the ones that have lard and salt in like their first two ingredients, above fruit?
Those frighten me
you are a sick man

>> No.18564954

I still love them.

God hep me I love them.

But I can't make the mistake again of eating one and reading the ingredient list while sitting with an open browser to wikipedia.

>> No.18564955

Naw. It's kinda subjective.

>> No.18564970

Current rule is capturer chooses who has to eat it.

Looks like your carcinogenic strategy is about to fail

>> No.18564971

God have mercy on your soul

Those are the bad guys of this.
The evil fruit pie armada. Large, elite units only.

>> No.18564987

Santa and Easter Bunny chocolates should totally be HQ units and/or titans. Hell, the holiday is coming up and they're always cheap as dirt following the corresponding holiday.

Should they have different stats depending on if the chocolate model is filled or hollow?

>> No.18564990

Of course. That effects how much you have to eat.

>> No.18565007

>Scales are actually part of the game's paraphernalia

>> No.18565014

And an actual pie as a mothership. They can dock on top of it to power-up the motherpie or separate and attack.

Also, poptarts as carriers holding a fleet-stack of Fig Newtons or a fruit-bar dreadnought (Pic related)

>> No.18565037

I believe this game will lead to many diabetes-related deaths.

>> No.18565044

Overall game timer:

A popsicle.

It's placed in an upright container, and the game ends when no portion of sugary ice remains on the stick. Lends a factor of urgency since sometimes big parts can fall off very quickly.

>> No.18565061

To the victor goes the spoils.. Person who kills food item determines who has to eat it. If the player of said piece won't eat it remove a similar piece from his side if you are willing to eat it?

>> No.18565429

Aside from the fact that your rounding is a bit off, I like this idea. Only problem, though, is how do we work out movement? Point cost?

>> No.18565468

For reference, I can see Sodium and Fat as easy, still usable, nutritional facts.

Also, maybe grant a slight point decrease if you purchase a serving (that is, a squad with a number equal to the serving size)?

>> No.18565480

That's going to be a really small squad.
Most serving sizes are like 2 cookies or something.

>> No.18565496

I like it. Incentive to use things you enjoy.

>> No.18565513

Yeah, I kinda realized that after I had posted. At the same time, though, cookies are going to be really expensive, aren't they? A force made up of any sizable portion of them would be... not very numerous.

Anyway, maybe cost could be calculated by some sort of modified sum of all the stats?

>> No.18565589

Shit, /tg/, I'm not letting this go, now. I'm going to be thinking about this all over the holiday... perfect holiday for it, too.

I'll be back, dammit. I'll be back.

>> No.18565790

In one DnD session I had all of the minions be gummies and the players that killed them got to eat them.

Bonus was that the gummies were home made and I can always make more awesome ones from the molds I have. Amazon has a great selection and the molds are pretty cheap. Just look for "chocolate molds" and most of them can be used for home made gummies.

Legos: http://www.amazon.com/Building-Blocks-Chocolate-Candy-Mold/dp/B005OMXM7W/ref=sr_1_25?ie=UTF8&qid
Bugs/lizards: http://www.amazon.com/CK-Products-Lizard-Worms-Chocolate/dp/B003NCVHTU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=13
Trains: http://www.amazon.com/CK-Products-Train-Chocolate-Mold/dp/B003QP38FU/ref=sr_1_103?ie=UTF8&qid=13
Sea creatures: http://www.amazon.com/CK-Products-Creatures-Chocolate-Mold/dp/B003NCVPBK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=
Dinosaurs: http://www.amazon.com/Silikomart-Silicone-Chocolate-Dinosaur-Mold/dp/B002ZI0QHW/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&

>> No.18566153

Hey guys, I just got the "Bowl of Fruit" intro pack!

Can I play with you?

>> No.18566169

Okay, just remember to put napkins under your minis. Last guy forgot and the table got stained.

>> No.18566177


>> No.18566181

Get out, fruitanon.
Go be a fruitaboo somewhere else.
(is anyone else seeing Fruit as tau? Actually somewhat good compared to the other races?
Fruit Pies are obviously Necrons and only used to be fruit.)

>> No.18566198

>Play Snowballs

You son of a bitch...

>> No.18566250

My Coconut Allies army saw a lot of play until they banned snowballs. That balance move really decimated my list.

>> No.18566256

>This entire thread

>> No.18566644

So this thread has been archived, right?

>> No.18566651


>> No.18567306

OK, dudes. 1d4chan page is up. Let's make this shit happen.


>> No.18567733

Ok, my thoughts:
Serving size=squad size. You get a discount if you purchase a whole serving for your army. All other values are divided by # of appropriate gummys per serving. Round these individual values up.

Weight (in g) = unit hp.
Calories = Unit Cost

Total Fat (in g) = max range of spells (in inches). Default range is self.
Sat Fat (in g) = dice rolled to dispel spell. Default is 1.
Trans Fat (in g) = dice rolled to cast spell. Default is 1.

Total Carbs (in g) = max range of combat attacks (in inches). Default is 0.
Dietary Fiber )in g) = # dice rolled to defend vs combat attacks
Sugar (in g) = # dice rolled in combat. Default is 1.

Sodium (in mg) = inches moved when given a move order
Cholesterol (in mg) = bonus to spell roll (cast and dispel)
Protein (in g) = bonus to dice rolled in combat

Spells: (Roll d6s equal to trans fat, and attempt to roll under the %. Any targeted enemies and enemies within their Total Fat range of the caster roll d6s equal to their sat fat, and cancels each success with a 6)
Vitamin A: +1 to shooting die rolls per success
Vitamin C: Heal 1 hp per success.
Calcium: +1 to dispel rolls
Iron: +1 to defense rolls in combat

>> No.18568030

(Full spell list, as per wikipedia's list. Forgot to add, you're trying to roll under the % daily given in the label. Any % > 5 means auto-success on anything but a 6):
Vitamin A: +1 to shooting die rolls per success
Vitamin C: Prevent the next 1 damage this turn per success..
Calcium: +1 to dispel rolls
Iron: -1 inch to enemy movement per success
Vitamin D: -1 to enemy defense die per success
Vitamin E: Heal 1 hp per success
Vitamin K : End an ongoing affect per success
Thiamin: Target enemy makes a single combat attack against an enemy within their range, with 1d6 per success.
Riboflavin: Ignore terrain for 1 inch per success
Niacin: Reroll one defense die in combat per success
Vitamin B6: +1 inch movement per success
Folate: +1 to defense rolls in combat per success
Vitamin B12: Reroll 1 die in combat per success
Biotin: +1 to defense die in combat per success
Pantothenic acid: -1 to enemy attack roll in combat per success
Phosphorus: 1d6 damage hit on enemy per success.
Iodine: If enemy is damaged, increase that damage by 1 per success.
Magnesium: 2d6 damage hit on adjacent enemy per success
Zinc: Can create a new gummy adjacent to this one, with a calorie value of up to twice the # of successes
Selenium: 1d6 damage on target enemy. If they take damage, repeat this against two enemies still within range of this caster. Repeat until no more damage has been done, all the enemies in range have been damaged once, or you've split a number of times equal to your successes.
Copper: Can create a new gummy within your spell range, with a calorie value of up to the # of successes.
Manganese: +1 to any allied spells within range per success.
Chromium: +1 to any allied combat attacks within range per success
Molybdenum: Enemy within range must reroll one combat die per success
Chloride: Enemy within range must reroll once defense die per success.

>> No.18568650

Added to the page. Feel free to add anything you see in this thread, or any other ideas you have.

>> No.18568695

>in grams

>> No.18569076

Sorry. Force of habit as an American. I'm a scientist, I should know better by now...

Thanks! Those rules are a bit too complicated for a mass-battle imo, but hopefully they'll work well for skirmish-sized stuff (A single bag of candy apiece or something)

>> No.18569395

Well, if we get this into a playable state we'll have to playtest it. At the very least, I'll probably be playtesting this at my 20th birthday party. (Next year we're using shots.)

In all seriousness, I'll have to trawl this thread and try to cobble together a ruleset.

Oh, and one more idea. Make a thin, large cake of some sort to use as the battlefield. If an area's hit by mortar fire, scoop it out and count it as cover.

>> No.18569496

Love the cake idea. Plus, of course, grahm cracker destroyable houses as well for some terrain and cotton-candy-on-kitkat trees

>> No.18569805

Gingerbread houses would probably be better as buildings where available.

>> No.18573025


>> No.18573110

Huzzah, she lives!

Also, going off of those stats for the "spells," 1 cup's worth of solid milk chocolate is fucking crazy-powerful. It'd probably be a titan-type unit anyhow, but it's still ridiculous stats:

899 calories, 168 g total, 50g fat (31g saturated), 39 mg cholesterol, 133 mg sodium, 100g carbs (6 g fiber, 87 g sugar), 13 g protein. Don't forget 7% vitamin A, 32% calcium, and 22% iron.

Fuck, sodium = move is bad. Haribo gummy bears apparently have no sodium, while the chocolate titan would be zipping around like a bat out of hell. Maybe the base movement should be like 6", and 1/10 of the Sodium is a bonus to movement? I'm thinking that the Cholesterol bonus to spells should be 1/10 of the listed value as well (Rounding up)

>> No.18573544

you dont already do this for Warhammer?

... this would explain why Ive been banned from 3 hobby shops

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