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On the fringes of Segmentum Ultima, nearly 200 years ago, a loathsome, forested ball of ice called Ifalna was brought into compliance with the Imperial rule of Terra. Afterwards, it was largely forgotten.

During a routine stop to check the status of the worlds fledgling tithe accounts, the Departmento Munitorum discovered that Ifalna was in a state of most desperate crisis: the recently instated Planetary Defense Force had been crippled; nay, crushed and scattered by a hostile force that no one could scarcely have imagined even existed on the remote backwater planet.

You are one of the unfortunate guardsmen who has been dispatched to this inglorious place. In all, your numbers are 222.

1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
200 Guardsmen (with assorted weapons load-outs)

You are currently traveling in a column of 4 Chimera transports - much of your units gear is being transported by the vehicles, leaving little to no room for personnel transportation. Hence, most of the guardsmen drudge through the slushy 'road' left in the chimeras wake; with a fortunate few clinging to the sides of the tanks; some warming their hands by the heat of the exhaust vents.

The snow is hellish - falling in sheets so thick that you can't see the man in front of you most times. If it weren't for the dull grumble of the vehicles and the path plowed through the snow drifts by their relentless advance, no one would be able to keep direction at all.

Your orders are:


The planet has a 36 hour day cycle, most of it spent in darkness or murky twilight.

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What sort of experience do we have as a regiment and where do our roots lie? Also can we have some idea of the way our guardsmen are equipped, as I presume they have greatcoats etc

But I honestly wouldn't have put it past the Departmento Munitorum to dispatch a regiment with no prior experience in fighting in icy conditions to this hell-hole.

Alternatively if we're a Valhallan regiment I guess it's party time.

And what info do we have so far concerning the hostile forces we'll be facing, anything would help, general estimation of numbers/what race they are.

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I may have jumped the gun and presumed we're playing as an entire regiment, if this is not the case I apologise.

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Presently, the convoy rumbles to a halt, and the relentless growl of the tank treads crunching through the compacted snow ceases, replaced by the murmering of idling engines.

The auspex array in the command vehicle has indicated that the convoy has reached it's assigned coordinate. The Commissar calls the Sergeants into an informal semi-circle at the flank of the command vehicle, flanked by a distracted tech priest, having to nearly shout to be heard through the droning of engines and the roar of the blizzard.

"The men are yours! We've got seventeen hours before I have to send in the report, and they'll be expecting good news! The Emperor needs a patrol base. Get it done, Sergeants!"

(You may perform actions through any of the 222 individuals in the convoy, or a group of individuals, if necessary. Your units current stats are as follows:)

Roster (tentative):

1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
200 Guardsmen

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 15
Stamina: 10
Morale: 10
Purity: 30

The men are in a state of complete disarray - they've scarcely seen nor spoke to each other since the beginning of the brutal road march through the snowy darkness, and they are exhausted and hungry.

The blizzard cares not for your state - it continues to pound the convoy relentlessly, gathering snow amongst the treads of the Chimeras even as they idle.

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Your detachment is from a regiment tithed from a temperate world with hot summers and cold winters. They have not experienced anything as lousy as this place, climate-wise.

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I suggest we split some men off into a couple of patrols and station them around our 'base zone' to make sure we aren't caught with our pants down whilst we fabricate our base.

We need to get some buildings up asap, since standing in the cold will do nothing for morale.

What sort of building materials do we have with us? any prefab buildings?

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Form the chimeras into a circle and use it to form a shelter of sorts, then have something to eat and drink before getting to work and setting up the base.
Make sure to clear the snow away regularly to keep the chimeras from getting buried.

Always keep a ten men on watch in case something comes after us.

What exactly constitutes a patrol base?

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eh i would say around 4 to 6 men...also we need a way to make sure that they don't get lost in this storm

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Just what materials do we have to build with?

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"I'll see to it, sah." The guardsmen attending you responds. He heads off and directs several fire teams into a loose 360 perimeter. Around the convoy - or at least you assume that's what he does - you can't really see a damn thing for all the snow and darkness.

The transports contain no prefab structures; however, they do contain several dozen portable heaters that can be networked to two large generators you've brought. There are flak-resistant tarps which are very large and modular - they can be used to construct, tents, lean-to's, and so on. There is also equipment for digging fighting positions, light de-forestation work, and so on.

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"That hit the spot." +2 stamina, +2 morale

In the loose shelter provided by the circled Chimeras, your men take turns eating their first meal in ten hours.

After eating, some of the main vainly chip away at the massive snowdrifts with their entrenching tools, to little avail.

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A patrol base is a temporary encampment (but not TOO temporary) from which you can stage your operations in the area. It's for supporting your unit alone.

1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
200 Guardsmen

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 15
Stamina: 12
Morale: 12
Purity: 30

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looks like we will have to use the heaters and generators to dig in proper fortifications in the ice.

So, construct proper shelter and set up generators and heaters, then designate some of the heaters to be used for melting through the ice and making fortifications.

Rotate the watch regularly, we don't want them to get tired in the cold and unable to pay attention.

Our lasgun powerpacks won't recharge quickly in this cold, will they?

>> No.18553192

I suggest we try and find some building supplies to use.

We had de-forestation equipment? Then lets cut down some trees and make some tents/other temporary buildings that don't use our chimeras as part of the structure.

Also, we need to think about the possibility of digging some trenches/making a defend-able perimeter.

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First secure the perimeter, set up turrets and hard points to ensure we don't get fucked up by a sudden assault.

Then use our digging equipment to start getting our main structures and encampments at least somewhat underground. It will be warmer and more insulated and more protected against assaults.

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Over the next two hours, the troops string tarps together between the chimeras, leaving a few openings for heat to vent; at the end of the two hours, the snow between the vehicles has melted such that the men are crouching in mud - you'd almost forgotten what it looked like (not really, but).

The problem is, once there's heat and shelter between the vehicles, that's where everyone cares to stay. Unless someone is very specifically tasked with something, almost everyone finds some excuse to sham out beneath the tarps and warm their frigid fingers by the heaters.


Those few unlucky enough to get picked for tree-chopping detail head out to the nearest woodline, clambering through thigh-high snow, to wack at some wirey trees that look like over-sized bramble bushes. There isn't much wood to be had from them, and what there is almost uniformly curved due to the spindly nature of their branches. Still, they bring back what they can.

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Several squads begin plying the frigid ground where they can; where ever the snow is melted such that they have access to it. It's a slow and arduous process, but at least the hard work gets their blood up... a little, anyway.

There are still about two dozen men stationed at the perimeter, though as the watches rotate, there are grumbles of "can't seem to find so-and-so" and complaints of people trying to ditch out on their shift.

>> No.18553383

Rotate out some heaters to the perimeter, we need the men to enjoy sentry duty to an extent.

break up the interior of the base a little more, so that we have obvious sleeping and eating areas with enough open space in-between to discourage people milling around when not performing a specific task.

We need to set up a command centre of sorts, around the command chimera will do, make sure sentry duty is always the same groups, fire-teams possibly? so that we know who is here and to make sure no-one goes missing/slacks off.

Also have the troopers assemble on a parade ground of sorts in front of the command chimera before going off to patrol duty so that we can really enforce that we are watching them and that they will perform as we expect of them.

>> No.18553401

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 20 (+5 from perimeter watches)
Stamina: 12
Morale: 17 (+5 from being able to sham in the heat)
Purity: 28 (-2 from shamming in the heat)

>> No.18553450

Have the Commissar make rounds to the Guardsmen giving inspirational advice/speeches/whatever the fuck Commissars do that isn't shooting people.

>> No.18553468


Once the make-shift command tent is built onto the side of the command vehicle, the troops (those who aren't on watch) assemble for formation on an area reasonably cleared of snow, near the command tent.

There is a lot of shouting and anger between the Sergeants at the front of formation - it comes to light that 4 guardsmen are missing from the rolls-- and they're not stationed on the perimeter, they already checked. The men have been standing in formation for a half hour already as they try to sort out who's missing and why.

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"Oi, glad he thinks of us little guys now and then. Wouldn't want to forget to be scared for our lives."

-1 morale, +1 purity

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Can we work out what these men were assigned to do last?

Send out patrols to look for them, make it well known that this is because the Guardsmen are absent and that they should blame their missing comrades for this.

We need to find at least a trace of these Guardsmen so that we know how to proceed with defending our position.

also increase Paranoia level of Command staff.

>> No.18553496


Check the supplies of food, rations, weapons, ammo, whatever. If they deserted, chances are they looted the supplies before the left. If everything's still here, then... well then we have other problems to address.

>> No.18553501

Well, son of a bitch. This could make an excellent excuse to push the men into more work, though.

Half the men- choose squads without any missing troops- get to sleep. We'll need some well-rested forces in a few hours. The other half are all assigned to work. Triple the watch detail in case those men were taken out by hostiles or got lost in the snow, everyone else needs to get moving on this shelter, double-time. As far as we're concerned, those men were taken out by enemy action. Anyone shirking work at this point is actively damaging our readiness for combat in the face of the enemy and will be beaten for it.

>> No.18553503

Four men missing, return to duties, have other guardsmen fill in their roles. Delegate a few to ask the disappeared guardsmen friends of their last known location to get a idea of when they went missing and have some small groups look for large clumps of snow that might contain a body. Morale is going to drop from this isn't it.

>> No.18553515

Find out what sergeants were responsible for those four and order them to find them. They may take 10 men for this task.

and see to it that each guardsman performs at least 2 sets of prayers to the emperor per day.

What's our techpriest doing?

And what about our auspex? how precise is it and how likely is it to find incoming hostiles, assuming someone is on it at all times.

>> No.18553555


"'Aven't seen him since movement, sir."

".. I was wondering where he was when we were puttin' up the tents, now that you mention it."

"I know I saw him before we put boot to road... was about seventeen hours ago now."

+5 stamina (for resting some of the men)
+2 combat readiness (for heightened state of alert)
-1 morale (would rather be sailing)
+1 purity (for lack of bullshit tolerance)


The supplies appear to be intact and un-tampered with.

>> No.18553576


Hmm, if they did desert, I doubt that would just high-tail it into a blizzard without jacking some supplies first. I think there's something else going on here.

>> No.18553581

It looks like it's likely that these men collapsed or got lost on the trek here and no one noticed, but let's not reveal that conclusion just yet. It's not a possibility which would help morale or aid us in pushing the men to do better.

What can the tech-priest do to assist us in getting this base up and operational as soon as possible?

>> No.18553590

do we know who the hostile's are yet?

>> No.18553595


>what's the techpriest doing

Performing functions checks and fiddling with the generators/vehicles/auspex when you don't have him engaged in something specific.

The auspex device is not the most sophisticated piece of equipment in the Imperium's arsenal - the specific one you possess is mostly a dumb terminal for communication with higher headquarters - though it does possess rudimentary scanning capabilties and an awareness of it's three other sister vehicles.

>> No.18553596

Private Jones as he goes about his work starts singing a low hymn to the emperor to raise moral amongst the other men

>> No.18553599

They either got bogged down in blizzard and died, or wandered off the path and froze to death or got grabbed by something nasty. Probably not desertion. Not really much we can about it.

Continue setting up bases, make watches more palatable by getting heating there, start building up walls around the perimeter if we can to keep at least some of the snow drift out and the walls can be reinforced by snow and ice in case of battle.

>> No.18553600


Well shit. Two possibilities at this point.

1. They got lost out in the snow. They are probably as good as dead unless we do something.
2. They got attacked by something. They are dead.

Problem is, if it looks like we do nothing when troops are imperiled, morale will go down. Have the Commissar take out a search party. Make it look like we care.

If it is trouble, set up some defenses. Dig trenches, set traps, and increase the watch. No man is allowed to be more than two feet away from a firearm at any point.

>> No.18553687


The Commissar sets out with a squad back down the road that the Chimeras churned up - it's already partially re-buried in the falling snow.


The base construction continues, with men fortifying their fighting positions with bags of mud and whatever other materials are available.

Presently, the sharp crack of lasfire shatters the gloomy tranquility of the snow-laden night. It's followed by several more rapid reports. There's shouting from the perimeter.

>> No.18553696

What do we know about the weather patterns of this planet? Will the storm pass? Is it night time right now? What is the average temperature?

>> No.18553702

Have the auspex scan the area where the fire originated. It won't do much, but shit, it's better than nothing.

>> No.18553714

>There's shouting from the perimeter.

Report NOW. What are they firing at?

>> No.18553715

Also, local wildlife, ect.

>> No.18553718

Auspex scan the area, wake up troops and arm them, take defensive positions and prepare for an assault, keep auxiliaries on other sides of the perimeter to defend against any flanking maneuvers.

>> No.18553766


The only thing the auspex can see is the heater, and the very dim glow of recently fired las-packs.


The camp rouses quickly, gearing up and heading to their assigned locations. It's deathly quiet.


"I saw something, sir! I know I did..." - the original shooter

"I didn't see anything, sir, I just shot because he was shooting."

>> No.18553789

Goddammit. Send half the men who were roused back to bed, keep the other half on some level of alert.

>> No.18553798

Keep on guard men, do we have any flare rounds if so try to illuminate the area where enemies were reported.

>> No.18553802


Dammit, they probably got spooked and fired at whatever passes for a rabbit on this throne-forsaken ball of ice.

Or maybe they didn't. But I don't think we can afford to get super-paranoid and uptight just yet.

>> No.18553804


It's stormy 80% of the time during the current season. It is night time - most of the day is darkness or twilight, with a very small sliver of daylight during the 'noon' hours. The wild life is mostly a mystery, at least to your men.

>> No.18553805

I want the man who fired questioned, if he was just being an idiot, scold him. Tell him if it happens again he'll have patrol duty for the rest of the day. No chance to get warm. That will let him think about wasting ammo.

>> No.18553809

Tell our boys to conserve their shots. If we are on a frozen planet then the lasguns won't have that big of a source from sunlight or heat correct?

>> No.18553820


Private Jones volunteers for the next watch, presumably for not having been on one yet.

Praise to the emperor

>> No.18553822

Did we just seriously send the Commissar and a bunch of valuable troops out into the middle of a fucking blizzard after four derelict men? WHY? That's throwing good money after bad! Those guys are dead and we have a job to do that doesn't involve sending more men off to freeze to death.

>> No.18553830


Have two sergeants take some troops over to the area they were shooting at and check it out. I don't want anything out there that we don't know about.

>> No.18553845


We want to boost morale by putting on appearances. If the guardsmen hear that the Commissar went out looking for the missing men, and was forced back by the snow, they will respect him more.

>> No.18553876

interesting, but there isn't much we can do right now, just keep patrolling, keep fortifying and have everyone keep their lasguns close.

>> No.18553880


Dude, this isn't an RP thread, just a regular quest.

>> No.18553891

Is there any way we can charge las packs from the generator?

you know, like a little socket we can plug them into.

>> No.18553899

What, by giving the appearance that the Commissar is easily defeated by mere weather? Never send someone who needs to command others' respect into a situation where he's expected to fail.

>> No.18553910


I know, figured it'd be fun to see some flavour before he died horribly millions of miles from home, make the quest people seem less faceless I guess... never mind thou

>> No.18553926


Guardsman Jones finds himself shivering on the perimeter, despite the portable heating unit. He can swear there are voices on the wind.

His partner doesn't seem to notice anything, though, staring boredly into the darkness down the bore of his rifle.


Hours later, the Commissar returns with his entire search party - they also have one man on a make-shift litter, with severe hypothermia. They find one other, but he was dead on arrival.


The find the blast marks in the snow from where the friendly shots landed, but nothing else.

1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
197 Guardsmen

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 22
Stamina: 20 (+3 from continued rest)
Morale: 15
Purity: 30

>> No.18553933

do we have a radio? can we contact HQ?

>> No.18553946

The one that started the shooting to be scolded by the newly arrived Commissar. Inform the Commissar that if the man shoots at nothing again, he shall be posted on patrol duty for the rest of the day.

>> No.18553950

we need to set up a medical tent or similar facility, so that we can easily see to it that the men don't die due to weather conditions.

Also it's always good to let the men know you care.

so if we have time send the medic round to have a quick look over everyone and see if they're ok.

>> No.18553964

you need to hush

>> No.18553977


Excellent, we found someone. Two people, but only one can give an account. Were we able to preform any kind of autopsy on the other causality?

Also, guardsman Jones is hearing voices. Bring him in for questioning, and check to see if he is going insane, or falling to Chaos or something.

>> No.18553980


hmmm, When his turn on the perimeter is over he'll tell his sergeant (unless the sergeant is also there)

>> No.18553982

I second this motion.

>> No.18553993

huh, so they did get results. Didn't actually expect them to find anyone

Now that things are more or less stable, time to get back to training.

I want a guardsman's schedule to look like this:
eat, pray, then train, work or keep watch with more eating and praying in between, then they get some free time and go to sleep.

>> No.18553997

We have a medic...?

>> No.18554006

Proper term is Medicae. And I hope so.

>> No.18554018

I presumed we did, since we should, hopefully...

>> No.18554037


The medical tent goes up more-or-less around the hypothermia victim - the medicae make their rounds, finding that most of the troops are suffering from being cold and annoyed.

Hours later, the Commissar emerges from the command vehicle, calling the Sergeants together for an informal horse-shoe formation.

"I've made our report to command, it's regrettable that we suffered preventable losses, but the important thing is that we've accomplished our mission so far.

Higher tells me that our sister battalion is stationed about fifty kilometers to the north. They were hit a few hours ago. They don't know by what, but they took casualties.

There are foot hills about ten kilometers north; higher is expressing an interest in them. Consider them in planning your patrols.

The Emperor protects."

>> No.18554038 [DELETED] 

Well, OP? Do we have a medicae? What's the verdict?

>> No.18554066

Who's in charge around here? Commissars don't technically hold ranks or commands, so it appears there is no clear leader. I say we elect a leader from the sergeants.

>> No.18554071

Hmm, perhaps we could send a Chimera with volunteers to assist?

Making it optional to the troops will make them think they have a choice, and the expectional ones with a sense of duty or those who have friends in that company will of course go to help.

>> No.18554086

we can't afford to lose more men to what is more or less a symbolic gesture. They can handle themselves.

>> No.18554088


Hmm. If we send out troops, we can reinforce the position, but we may be unable to defend the home base. Also, how are they getting there? If we deploy Chimeras, the base will come down, since we built it around the tanks. If we walk, the men will be tired and cold when they arrive, and late to boot.

If we don't go, we are disobeying orders, and failing the Emperor.

We go

>> No.18554091

We should have a Lieutenant or Captain, but Command has seen fit not to send one. So the Commissar will take command for now.

>> No.18554099

issue some assistants to work with the medicae, 2 should do (so long as it doesn't disrupt anything else) and attempt to send a patrol of 10 men and a chimera to the lowest parts of the foot hills.

>> No.18554127


Ten men are preparing to depart for patrol, but...

"Sir, if we move the tank, half the base comes down."

>> No.18554145

ah shit.

well I didn't want to send them without support.

I guess we need to rethink this...

I suppose we could attempt to remove at least 1 chimera for use in patrols, and just find another way to make the base stand up.

>> No.18554148

We use the logs and remaining tarp to replace the Chimera.

>> No.18554163

The pitch blackness is beginning to yield to a dull twilight, and with it, the snowfall is relenting ever so slightly.


It's up to you gents.

>> No.18554185


>> No.18554201


With some work, the men manage to replace the Chimera with beams of wood that were chopped from the forest earlier. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done... sort of. Unfortunately the wind sees it as an invitation to howl through the guts of the camp, but it's mostly a superficial discomfort.

>> No.18554224

Tell them men if they want to fix this, they best get to work. Chopping trees, fitting the tarp better, etc.

That should motivate them to move.

>> No.18554228

How deep is the snow? Perhaps we can make housing in the dirt, we do have the digging equipment.

>> No.18554235

are igloos a viable option for housing our troops?

>> No.18554247

Great idea! Begin digging down to form a sort of trench system. That should be better.

>> No.18554248


Jones carries on with the watch, keeping an eye out and cursing the wind on this emperor forsaken planet

(also If we do send these men, make sure they are in constant vox contact with the rest of the unit, better safe then sorry)

>> No.18554262

And use the tarp/wood as a roof. The ground would the heat better too.

>> No.18554266




"Easy for him to say, he gets to sleep inside the tanks..."

Emboldened by the dawn's murky light, a few of the sergeants send teams out to the woodline to chop more materials from the stubborn, thorny trees.

>> No.18554268

How about we start digging some bunkers? They may not be concrete bunkers, but frozen dirt also seems acceptable cover

>> No.18554290

Well guys, I just finished digging the shit hole...your welcome

>> No.18554296

What equipment do we have available? Could we get a standard loadout of each guardsman, tank and specialty equipment?
We also need everyone prepared for basic maneuvers such as moving out at short notice. An underground system of trenches would be handy as well.

>> No.18554298

Whoever we are, tell him that we can do anything they do. But if we went to go cut wood, what happens if the camp gets attacked and no one is there to lead it?

I'll let him think on that while we direct the camp and he cuts wood.

>> No.18554317

Have the Commisar stand out with them unless he is needed elsewhere.
If his men are to handle the weather, he must THRIVE in it, or at least appear to.

>> No.18554324

Work begins on a trench network, to more properly house the patrol base - which will also eventually free up the vehicles. Now that they've had at least a little bit of rest, the men aren't so sluggish, and the trenches begin to take shape within a few hours, as the morning gradually brightens.


Meanwhile, as Jones' eyelids are sagging towards the end of his watch, he notices something moving amongst the snow in the dim morning light.

It has a stark-white coat of fire across it's back, almost like a cape in appearance. The creature looks like something across between a gorilla and a massive elk, with tusks on it's under-jaw. It lumbers around what appears to be a frozen lake, occasionally thumping the ice with a clumsy, mammoth fist; probably searching for weak spots so he can breach through and reach down to grab at some fish.

>> No.18554337


>fur* rather, not fire... boy that could be confusing

>> No.18554344



>> No.18554345

When I see that I immediately think


Nothing brings up spirits other than fresh food!

>> No.18554353

trying to post in this thread...

>> No.18554373

Kill it Cook it. Have ONE man eat it first, then if he doesn't die, give it to the rest.

>> No.18554391


"For the emperor" I take aim and fire, calling out "Xeno life form spotted!" (Then however far away it is)

>> No.18554431


Due to the massive amount of lasfire required to take the thing down, killing and cooking it are almost the same action. When the first shot hits it, it howls in a berzerk rage and thunders toward the camp; it charges right into a fusillade of lasfire and falls before it ever reaches the guardsmen; the front of it's body covered in blast pocks from the las-rifles.

The camp cheers; it's their first kill since planetfall.

"Mrf.. chewy, but at least it's somethin' different."

+2 stamina, +2 morale

>> No.18554454

Have the Commisar order any men who ate the meat report to the Medicae is they feel ANYTHING strange, mentally or physically, that cannot be attributed to the cold.

>> No.18554467


"Emperor be praised"

(Any idea if it could be the cause of the missing men?)

If he hasn't already Jones will tell his superior about the voices

>> No.18554478

Hope some of our lost buddies weren't in there somewhere.

>> No.18554530

indirect cannibalism

>> No.18554537


No blight comes from eating the meat, as far as anyone can tell.


One of the guardsmen reports hearing voices while on watch.


While gutting the creature, you get a look inside it's intestines. Fish bones, and not shit else (no pun intended)

>> No.18554563

Question said trooper thoroughly about the voices.

Then keep an eye on him.

>> No.18554597

As the hours plod on, the general idleness in the camp has the men slacking off and looking for places to casually hide-out from getting laden with any miscellaneous duties.

-1 purity


He doesn't have much to tell; he's extremely tired, having volunteered for an extra watch the night before.

>> No.18554615

Vox the patrol that's out by the mountains. Send private Jones to bed, then check on the progress of A) the man with hypothermia and then B) the underground trenches.

>> No.18554626

Make sure troopers know that they have to sleep/rest between shifts on watch.

or we could just not let them volunteer and put them on a rota instead.

>> No.18554645

Keep them working on expanding the trenches and encampment.

Have somebody give a loud speech on how we have conquered the native species here for now but we must remain vigilant for when the white hunters return during the night, if all remain alert and perform their duties the Emperor shall protect.

>> No.18554661

----temporary scene change----

A sergeant and nine guardsmen are waiting in the holding of the Chimera as it growls toward the base of the foot hills. It grinds to a halt on the snowy flats, the driver looks back.

"We're here, Sergeant. How do you want to proceed?"

(anyone is free to control any of the characters)

>> No.18554697

Let me repeat myself

eat, pray, then train, work, patrol or keep watch with more eating and praying in between, then they get some free time and go to sleep.

That should help with the idelness. And keep them warm.

>> No.18554704

What weapons do they have? Standard guardsmen equipment?

>> No.18554714


"I suppose it was too good to last..."

+1 combat readiness
+1 purity
-1 morale

>> No.18554728


Standard load outs, and a multi-laser on the Chimera.

>> No.18554759

Meanwhile, at camp; the guardsman who was recovered from the snow with hypothermia is making a gradual recovery under the supervision of one of the medicae.

The trench network is in a semi-complete state; it is at least usable, for the time being, even if it is a work in progress.

>> No.18554852

Maybe we should set up some kind of shrine to the emperor? Maybe we could put a chaplain if we have one or use a faithful enough guardsmen to it.

>> No.18554854

I think we need to make sure that at least one trooper per squad knows how to stabilise his comrades until a proper medicae arrives.

>> No.18554855


>> No.18554863

You know the drill, squad, Jim, you're on the multilaser. The rest of you, keep your eyes peeled, you lasguns on max setting and keep moving.

>> No.18554889


The patrol near the foothills, should use a searchlight on the chimera to light up the paths they intend to tread to help them see better

>> No.18554895

Sir, should I try to raise base on the vox?

>> No.18554927

(sorry gents, was afk getting food. let me catch up real quick)

>> No.18554981

We might as well report in, go on ahead

>> No.18555001

Corporal Walters reporting, sah.

>> No.18555018

The squad fans out from the Chimera, watched over by the multi-laser. The search lights cut through the murky gloom of the twilight. It is eeriely quiet except for the crunching of boots into snow as they approach the foothills.

On the extreme left of the search formation, Trooper Caffran suddenly shrieks and falls into the snow, clawing at his own leg. There's blood, but it becomes hard to tell whats going on as he crashes down into the snow drift, hissing and whimpering through gritted teeth.

>> No.18555035

Sah, Caff's been hit wif sumfin. What do we dew?

>> No.18555040

Form ranks, close in, train weapons on the Caffrans last known location. Once grouped slowly and cautiously approach.

>> No.18555057

Caffran's in trouble, give me lights and fire support, in that order!

>> No.18555076

Caffran is still conscious and thrashing about in the snow.

"Fuckin' hell... someone get me up!"

The wind has picked up slightly.

The search lights swing over to illuminate the partially bloodied dent that Caffran's made in the side of the snowdrift. There's a slight shimmer of movement from Caffran's position, or it could be an illusion from the light refracting through the curtains of falling snow; it was very brief.

>> No.18555080

Yes, Sah! *Trains sights on Caff's location*
Caff!! Y'alright?

>> No.18555086

send two men over to help him whilst the others cover them.

>> No.18555094

"Caff, you alright? Here, let me help you up."

>> No.18555102

you, you and you, come with me so we could help him out!

You four keep a look out

>> No.18555150



Caffran growls in frustration; the two other guardsmen approach and pull him out of the snow drift - he's flinching and yelping as they do; when they get ahold of his leg, they can see that the meat of his thigh has been impaled on what looks like a long shard of ice; it's gone straight through his leg and is stuck inside, and blood is vending out the end where the ice is thinner - it's already melting slightly from the heated of the blood washing over it.

"What in..."

Suddenly, one of the two guardsmen cries out and crashes down into the snow forcefully, as if hurled. There's that shimmer of movement again, but there's no mistaking it. Something swats the other guardsmen and he flies a good ten feet, even with the weight of his gear, and crashes down into the snow.

From nothing suddenly a figure standing in the torrent of falling snow, between them and Caffran, who stares up, pale with horror.

The thing is semi-translucent, as if not completely real. It stares at the Sergeant and his guardsmen through two hateful abysses where eyes would be.

>> No.18555160

OPEN FIRE. Drown the miserable fuck in las fire. Then shoot the corpse until it we are double sure it is DEAD!

>> No.18555170

The creature howls, and as it does, the wind whips around them, carrying the sound in a dizzying spiral of echoes. It takes one leaping bound is upon Trooper Nod in the blink of an eye, and the force of a mule kicking strikes him in the breast plate of his armor; a freezing chill grips him as he's sent tumbling away from Caffran.

>> No.18555181


>> No.18555182


>> No.18555194


>> No.18555195


As the guardsmen who actually have an angle open fire, the last shots seem to pass through the creatures, though their considerable heat causes visible ripples in it's ghostly form.

It turns it's gaze toward Sergeant Cad, raising one appendage toward him.

>> No.18555209

Order Cad to pull the pins for all the grenades on his person, if he's going down he'll take this abomination with him. FOR THE EMPEROR!

>> No.18555219

How are things back at base? Peachy, I assume?

>> No.18555226

"If I'm going, you are too!"
Nod rushes at the beast, attempting to stab it with his combat knife.

>> No.18555227

Sergeant Cad has time to the cold swirling about the creature's long, wispy finger bones, forming another lethal spike of ice no doubt destined for somewhere in Cad's body. Just in time, having heeded to order to fire, the multi-laser shrieks to life and sprays through the creatures form in a blinding refraction of melting ice, light and steam.

It hisses, and is gone.

There are drums, suddenly; echoing throughout the foothills. The sound is rising in a massive swell, even through the howling wind.

>> No.18555232

Whoever is on the Vox Reports the engagement.

Emperor Protect.

>> No.18555249

"Doing so, damn, I wanted to stab that thing."

>> No.18555266

rolled 25 = 25

I try to dodge and shoot it.
If it catches me, I'm going to die anyway, the granade plan is a go

my guardsman balls of steel are ready

>> No.18555287

slow typing is extra slow(5am, kinda sleepy...)

>> No.18555291

Golden Throne! What was that thing?!

>> No.18555295

"I think we should get back in the tank and get back to camp before another one of those things come."

>> No.18555311

"More! There's more!"

The warning cries of the Chimera crew can be barely heard over the wind and drums as the multi-laser shrieks out several more bursts of fire into the snow.

As the sound of the drums swell, more of the figures seem to be coalescing in the darkening light.

>> No.18555326

Form ranks, concentrated las fire, grenades if they group up and get too close.

>> No.18555345

get on the vox and report this, man the multilaser, stick together and do a fighting retreat if they try to overwhelm us!

>> No.18555346

These better not be Necrons...

>> No.18555354

"That solves it, let's get out of here."
Nod raises his rifle, firing into the creatures as he runs to the tank.

>> No.18555360

Since no one else has thought of it, use the dozer blade on the chimera to lift snow into a mound to use as a windbreaker on the worst side.

>no officers
220 men and none of officer quality came forth to apply to manage them at the company barracks? This isnt possible. Even a bad officer would be there surely.

>> No.18555384

You're way late, we're doing other things now. Also, don't call me shirley.

>> No.18555386


As the guardsmen close ranks toward the Chimera, firing out into the whipping snow, the creatures begin to close in; they aren't oblivious to the las shots, but they certainly aren't easily dispatched by them. The multi-laser has a more immediate effect, vaporizing the creature's half formed bodies almost instantly when it manages to land a direct hit.

There are three guardsmen who are not at the Chimera - Caffran and two others.

The towering, lanky forms lumber closer through the darkness, seeming to grow in number, despite a few of them being picked off in their advance.

>> No.18555393

(This is an awesome thread OP, Jones must look into transferring to Cad's Squad, if they survive....)

>> No.18555400

Get back from them. Grenades are coming!

>> No.18555430

"Caff, where are you! Comeon man, we are leaving!"

>> No.18555436


Several frag grenades fly out into the darkness, followed by percussion blasts that send gouts of powdered snow flying in every direction. It's unclear what effect they may have had on the creatures, as visibility becomes temporarily limited in the wake of the explosions.

Still, the dreams continue to swell around the base of the foothills, drowning out the wind, the lasfire, the engine of the Chimera.

>> No.18555437

Caff, we gotta go, man, we gotta go right now!

>> No.18555443


>drums*, not dreams

>> No.18555446

Does the chimera have any extra gas tanks on it? If so, throw one at the approach swarm and either grenade it or shoot it.

>> No.18555467


There's no response; or if there is, they can't hear it. They've lost sight of Caffran and the other two in the din and chaos of the battle.

There's a sudden *shunk!* and grinding of metal armour from the opposite side of the Chimera - more of the creatures assailing the vehicle's flank? There's no way to be sure, but it doesn't sound good...

>> No.18555489

No use, just floor it driver. No need wasting a good tank.

>> No.18555503

We're not leaving our mates to die there! Get the chimera over to where they last were!

>> No.18555527

Cheese it.

>> No.18555537


The driver looks at Nod, then at Sgt Cad.

"Sarge?! Make the call!"

The lumbering husks are just outside of melee range, emerging through the clearly smoke and fog of the grenades. A few more moments and they'll be upon the guardsmen and their vehicle.

(absent instructions, they'll do what the majority says)

>> No.18555546

Get as many soldier on the vehicle as possible and perform a tactical fighting retreat.

>> No.18555547



>> No.18555588

With the overwhelming intent being retreat, the Chimera lurches forward. After the last guardsman is safely inside, they pull the heavy armored hatch shut, slightly muffling the sharp crackling of the multi-laser as it sprays death at their pursuers.

The gunner fires until there's no more targets to be fired at, and the vehicle makes a hasty return to the patrol base.

-3 guardsmen, -2 morale

>> No.18555608


>> No.18555609

Spirits are heavy as the patrol makes it's return to the base. The trenchwork is partially complete, at least, and some tarps have given it a patchwork roof to keep the snow out.

1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
194 Guardsmen

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 23
Stamina: 22
Morale: 14
Purity: 30

>> No.18555636



What the hell were those things?!

>> No.18555644

I say we bring back all patrols for the time being. Also, when is any support coming?

>> No.18555649

Well we know this place is filled with nasty fuckers, set up the hard points with heat based weapons, flamers, multilasers that sort of thing. Normal Las weapons and solid projectile don't seem to be that useful. Hunker down, keep patrols high and continue to work on fortifications.

>> No.18555657

Brothers, let us pray and give thanks to the Emperor! That could have turned out worse, had he not been watching over us!

>> No.18555661

assuming he's rested well enough Pvt.Jones will greet the returners with "The Emperor Protects" and then go about his orders, if he has none he'll start making the small shrine to the emperor that was suggested previously

>> No.18555669

I think the secret is armour.

Something withe better AP could take them down. But put the heavy flamers up front, just in case.

>> No.18555687

A message received on the command vehicle.






>> No.18555702

Heretic magic?! We were not briefed on this. WE WERE NOT TOLD THIS WOULD HAPPEN. We need reinforcements. Tanks! Artillery! CALL IN THE SPACE MARINES!!!!

>> No.18555706

See if we can send out all the details we have on this new enemy. The guard must know it's enemy in order to perform its duty.

>> No.18555715


Heathens and heretics! We will purge them from this world! The Emperor can count on it.

>> No.18555740


"That is easily done." The techpriests crackles through his vox synthesizer.

+1 combat readiness

Spirits seem to be sagging amongst the troops in the patrol base - their numbers have thinned for little appreciable gain, at least as far the general rank and file can tell. The stories of the ghostly foes encountered in the foot hills don't help much as they circulate through camp, either.

>> No.18555765


"I think... that the enemies we face are in league with Chaos! Emperor protect us..."

>> No.18555766

agreed we need heavy weapons

>> No.18555770

Bad situation, only thing we can do is keep on working, we're imperial guard here, continue fortifications, set up walls to help with snow drift and wind chill, build more trenches, get our encampment deeper underground for warmth and hunker down and prepare a defensive formation that would make a WAAAGH think twice.

>> No.18555784

Should we start setting up heavy weapon emplacements in the direction of the hills? The heretics seem to be in that direction only.

>> No.18555799

Sarge, permission to use a heater to turn back the snow near our camp? If they strike from snow we take away the snow!

>> No.18555801

"care to help with the shrine brother? Let some light reach this forsaken world"

(To note: What heavy weapons do we have? I'm guessing we have a few flamers and grenade launchers?)

>> No.18555818


"Ah, of course. I will help you build the shrine. But... it feels wrong to make a shrine to the Emperor out of wood. Do we have some gold, or some metal?"

>> No.18555836


That's entirely up to you guys.


Work continues on the base as the long night falls and the wind chills. The trenches are at least somewhat insulated, and the network of heaters keeps the place warm. Those on watch, however, don't have it so nice during their shift. Those who patrol shuffle hastily between heated stations, and those who man a specific station spend just as much time and effort trying to get warm as they do trying to keep watch.

Another troubling factor is throughout the night, there are numerous reports of fell voices on the wind. (-2 purity)

>> No.18555837

De Emperah Provides, Troopah. We will make do wiff what we have.

>> No.18555861

"I shall help you two construct this shrine. Emperor willing, we may have some spare metal."

>> No.18555882


"Think we can convince the commissar to hand over some of his gold gubbins to help construct the shrine?"


"Actually, that was a bad idea. Forget that I said that."

>> No.18555890


A small percentage of the total weapons are for specialized purposes such as flamers or grenade launchers. An exact number isn't too specific at the moment. There is also a multi-laser turret from each Chimera (separate from the one mounted on each tank) that can be placed at fighting positions.

>> No.18555893

Voices in the wind eh? We shall drown them out with the singing of hymns!

>> No.18555923

*begins loudly chanting imperial hymns, motioning for all the other guardsmen nearby to join*

>> No.18555934


*joins the chanting*

>> No.18555936


The task of pushing back the snow proves impossibly arduous, as even as the troops make progress, the weather is quick to coat the freshly cleared space with new snow.


The construction of the shrine by the enlisted men raises spirits slightly. (+1 morale, +1 purity)

>> No.18555953


"Agreed Brother" Jones will join in with the hymns, and see if he can't get a transfer to Cad's Squad.

"If we have the wood, we could set up a ring of fires around the camp some feet away, this may make these things think twice"

>> No.18556000

Some of the men are keen on building a bonfire, in wake of the mournful omens and biting cold - some of the Sergeants are skeptical. On one hand, it would raise morale - on the other, it would be a huge violation of light discipline, and could give away the camps position if it was in question to anyone searching for it.

>> No.18556018

Like any good imperial guardsman, no matter how impossible the task he continues to try at it. Singing litanies along with the others a he works.

>> No.18556021

I say we light the fires. Warmth will make the men happy, and who knows; maybe they'll enjoy something to shoot at.

>> No.18556061


A bonfire is lit in the center of camp, and several dozen guardsmen can be found huddled around it at any given time, swapping stories, jokes or what-have-they. They keep an eye out for the commissar, and are sure to tone the conversation down at any sight of him.

+5 morale, -2 combat readiness

>> No.18556082

What are the stats now?

>> No.18556104



1 Commissar
1 Tech-Priest
20 Sergeants
194 Guardsmen

Stats: (out of 100)

Combat Readiness: 22
Stamina: 22
Morale: 20
Purity: 29

>> No.18556113


I'm wondering does our Tech-priest think the auspex will pick up these creatures? Might be useful to know if it doesn't

>> No.18556134


He seems doubtful. Or at least you think he does. His face is mostly gizmos.

>> No.18556184

also to propose an idea, we know their location, and we need to check out the other unit's position, would it be worth considering sending a chimera out with our best men to try a push against the foes to try reach the other unit?

Have two flamers in the unit, perhaps a few old fashioned molotovs?

Rather then wait for them to come to us, plus command wants results.

I guess the Tech-priest should try fix the chimera's damage too

>> No.18556185

Well, ask him to give you a straight answer other than gizmo-face-gestures.

>> No.18556188

Well gents, it's been a good time. I'm pretty exhausted, so I think I'm gonna call it a night. Will probably do another chapter later on in the week, maybe on wednesday.

>> No.18556199

We should try to vox the other regiment first. See if they're alright.

>> No.18556207

This was the best thread I've ever found on 4chan, ever. OP is a God. I look forward to the exciting conclusion.

>> No.18556231


I'll be busy planning converting some guardsmen for ice world conditions, great thread OP

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