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Yo /tg/,
Me and a friend we're starting IG and saved money for big only shopping, so it's cheaper.

What are your recommendations?
My friend already has:
>a command squad
>20 troops+Equipment

What he plans to buy:
>2 Russ'
>1 Basilisk

We want to have a big army together but also be able to play against each other.

My thoughts:
>1 army box (20 soldiers, 3 weapon squads, 1 sentinel) = 80€
>1 Hellhound (which I'd also use as a chimera) = 35€
>1 Chimera (for the chimera-exclusive weapon bits) = 25€
>1 Russ = 35€
>Total: 175€

OR I could disregard the Army box, as I'm not a big fan of sentinels and buy them all seperately:

>10 soldiers = 20€
>Command squad = 20€
>Chimera = 25€
>Hellhound = 35€
>2 Russ' = 70€
>Total: 175
I trade the Sentinel and the weapon squad for an additional Russ. Good idea?

In addition, I could save a lot of money by buying the snap-fit boxes, where 5 Soldiers cost only 6.60€ as opposed to 20€ for 10 models.
The drawback is that I get no bits at all.
I have a ton of bits from my old army (CSM) though, an I wondered if I could use them.
Are IG meltas, flamers and plasmas different bits than the CSM ones?

I also thought about adding Artillery and maybe a Valkyrie, though that one is expensive and I'm not sure if I need it.

Post your ideas, please try to stay beyond 200€ (250 max.)

I plan to buy from http://www.fantasy-warehouse.de (I'm German) where everything is ridiculously cheaper than on GW.
You can see the price lists there.

Thanks in advance.
>inb4 no replies because tl;dr

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If you don't care, and if your buddy(ies) don't care you're not using GW models.

Pic related.

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I really don't care much, and I'd do it, because GW is morbidly expensive, but we use to play in a local GW and I think using non-GW models would be frowned upon.
I think about inclusing a percentage of other models as regular infantry though, I guess nobody will even notice it.

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Entice them out of the dark side of GW and enlist them to the cheaper models that some are better/greater models.

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Well, it might be a greedy company with ridiculous pricetags but you can play some good matches in their stores. Of course we play a lot at home, too.
If it comes to the guard, I guess I'll go Forgeworld sooner or later anyway. Actually, once I reached Apocalypse point numbers I guess it doesn't even matter anymore what kinds of models I use.

But for the core soldier I think I'll go for a mixed army and include some GW.
After all I get it for an actually fair price on Fantasy Warehouse.
1.2€ for a soldier is not that much.
I get your point though.

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shamelessly selfbumping with creed.

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Tanks worth it in apoc are:

Collossus (not as great in reg games)
Hydras for flyers, Manticore/deathstrike too.

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Do you think a Valkyrie is viable in the dimensions I am posting about? If I replaced a Chimera, it'd be 20€ more, aka almost another Chimera. The model is great though, and I save 15€ to buying the GW model.

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you can get light/medium Dust Tactics walkers to replace sentinels from fantasy flight games CHEAP. also >>18537909 i own a set of the wargames factory troopers, quite nice for filler troops, though i like mantic's corporation rangers MUCH better in terms of detail (i'll be using them to fill the extra space in my infinity army as line/garrison troops)

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this anon has a point. for a squad of 10 IG from GW (with cartoonish detail and all) is about $30, while mantic rangers with great, close to (not quite) infinity level detail is only $25. i'm happy to pay for better quality, especially if it lowers the overall army cost (none of my local shops are GW purists, so im good there.)

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Vendetta can move 6" and fire all three TLLascannons. .75% chance with the reroll to hit on three guns beats the lascannon predator of .66%x2 and .88% on the TLLC it has. And it costs 165 points, while you get the package of outflank, transport(put troops inside = scoring vehicle), and the fact that you pay just a little more then a lascannon heavy weapons team and have the guns twin-linked too.

Valks are for the rocket pods and fitting as many pie plate blasts in the game as possible. Normally with 30 psyker battle squaddies and 6+ griffons. That and 9 valks with rocket pods can fit in one 2k list by the way.

1 pie plate per 100 points is easy for IG to do up to about 2300 points.

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Is anybody readin my OP?
I pay 12€ for 10 Soldiers in the best, and 20e in the worst.
Please stop telling me to abandon GW and answer my questions!

Thanks! I will consider a Vendetta then.

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$1.3333 to €1.00
That would be 15 dollars to your 12 for 10 guys.

This is my price in USD, pic related.

Aussies and Canadians pay more then I do.

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GW's shit sucks and costs more than it should. /tg/ is in agreeance with this. for your budget you can get a lot better shit for army at a fraction of the cost. we get shit done, and sometimes even below budget.

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I feel with you.
Tough I almost pay the same if I buy at GW.
Fantasy Warehouse makes everything cheap as balls ion comparison.

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>I don't buy at GW
>the IG models don't even suck
>I don't even care about the details on my foot soldiers
Instead of anybody giving actual buying recommendations it's just
>Games Workshop

Has /tg/ turned into /v/ since I last visited?

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What the hell is this anyway?

Post something about the list you intend to use.

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It's a corruption of an acronym.


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Anyone know is Kasrkins are still pewter or resin?

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>It's a mockery of ISHYGDDT
>I dont't have a fix list yet, that's why I'm posting.
See my OP for what I'm planning to buy. I obviously wanna use that stuff.
But I can be assed to change my plans completely if necessary.
I definately like the Leman RUss, especially Plasma. I also like flanking. I also like Hellhounds.
Heck, I like everything about the IG except the sentinel and I'd take that one too if it's actually good.
Generally, I'd like a lot of heavy firepower.

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If not too much of a trouble could some one make 1500p IG list against orks? Ork player usually plays choppy army with 2 loted tanks with boomguns

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A little self checking helps.

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Just spam flamers, flamer Chimeras, Hellhounds, and Russ'

Boom, no more orks.

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Buddy, this is why I posted:
>image related

Scout sentinels are boss for outflanking some cheap guns to eat the sides of predators and leman russes. Their strength is enough to harm almost all tanks in the game for melee, making it double worthy.

Armored sentinels are best in numbers or as a single to tie up a unit. They can even hold back terminators in melee if you pack three or so. I suggest these over orgyns if you want a 'melee' unit.

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seriously. you're really planning on spending more than you need to?
the idea is to help you save money with cheaper and possibly cooler troops so you have more cash to spend on tanks n shit.

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>against orks
Pack everything in transports. Any of them do well, you need stuff to pop their walkers and biggest vehicle.

Flamers out of chimeras do best IMO when they get close. A command squad/HQ squad with 3 flamers and a heavy flamer rocks hard core.

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probably should have rephrased. Are there any Resin Kasrkins?

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People convert those from the space marine scouts usually.

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I don't plan on spending too much money, but I don't even have a clue about different figure producers.
Asides from that, Fantasy Warehouse has very good deals and, most importantly, free delivery for orders over 50€. If you can tell me a specific company that will deliver withing 3 days for free, offers considerably better prices and has nice-looking models, I'll check it out.

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GW has their minis at 28mm heroic.
The sites we all produced for you are the same 28mm / 28mm heroic. Heroic is the body shape/super huge head, hands and other body parts in relation to a real persons body. Which makes some people puke that it exists at all. GW has been trying to go more 28mm standard, not heroic so they intend to make it more 'normal' for their prime human models.

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>GW fires five of their old rulesmakers/model crafters
>They go make other games with GOOD models, not the shit GW forced them to make
Yes, it's true. Mantic games has andy chambers helping.

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I always found that a little weird on the Space Marine models, though I think the Imps are rather realistic; looking at a model I'd say the head/body propotion is around 1/6-1/7 which is natural.
I wasn't saying that the models from the companies that have been posted look bad, I just said that to largely abandon GW, I'd need a specific company that fulfils all the different criteria.

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For a marine to be proportionate the armor would have to be paper thin in the chest area.

>> No.18538643

Only problem is that it comes with very limited extra bits. Just the pistol sergeant and minigun dude per 10 troopers.

Wargame shocktroops cost $20, come with 38 models and contains various heavy and special weapons.


They're also usable with IG bits, is you want to replace those retarded arms and guns. Cadian arms should be pretty cheap from bits stores.

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Problem still is
>10-30$ shipment+longer delivery time

I'm really not a GW drone but I just have the benefit of a German onlnie shop that can deliver GW stuff quickly and for free.
Though they also sell other system's figures, eg Mantic, if anybody would bother going to fantasy-warehouse.de/, maybe there are some better models I could include?

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You need to order in bulk. Which is what OP was planning to do right?

>> No.18538724

From how much up is the shipment free?
Also, will the models come from the US?
Because we planned on meting this week and have some IG matches, wich will probably not be possible if we are talking about 2 weeks delivery time.

>> No.18538742

$29 for 10 Cadians
$20 for 38 shock troopers with heavy weapons

A little extra for shipping and having to wait a little longer, doesn't seem that big of a deal.

>> No.18538743

fedex I suppose.

A week? You may not order many things online I take it. Speed = cash. That's the rule of shipping, magnified by the weight and distance. So buy in bulk, ship cheap.

You should have planned this weeks ago if you have just one week left.

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Then there's also Mantic Games Warpath Corporation.


>> No.18538830

That's why I usually choose a site that has their store basically in my neighbourhood and ships in one day.
As opposed to one month.

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You limited your own options. We don't need to answer it for you apparently.

>> No.18538976

Limiting my options was the point in this thrad as I wanted to know what to buy,

>> No.18539023


I suggest you buy one of these:


>> No.18539043

not OP but are there any models i can use as count-as storm troopers? I don't like the current GW storm troopers.

>> No.18541158

I'm looking into those war games factory shock troopers and they look neat except for the arms and head. Anyone know any good place to get bits for imperial guard?

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