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Like the title says, anything and everything Thousand Sons, 4chan. Go, go, go!

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How does it feel to have a Primarch who was sent running with his tail between his legs by the wolf blades of a Great Wolf of the Space Wolves?

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not trying to sound like a fan boy but in the book he was dealing with not only Space wolves shooting at him but wolves and Russ himself, Russ only Survived by fighting dirty

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the trolls cometh

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>complaining about fighting dirty in war
>Anytime, anywhere


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true, it was a oxymoron on my part

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fighting fair is an oxymoron, fighting dirty is a tautology.

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kill everything with mind bullets!

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Was actually referring to the Thousand Sons' invasion of Fenris in M32, at the climax of which the then-Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm wounded Magnus (though he was slain in the process), and the Daemon Primarch and his army were forced to retreat. Not quite Draigo-level shenanigans, but still, Magnus was sent packing by an ordinary Chapter Master. Who died. But whatever.

Also, wolf.

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im interested, but how strong is Ahriman lore wise?

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Strong enough to beat the Grey Knights in their own codex.

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Source here: http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Ahriman

Ahriman is a true master of sorcery and one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy. His knowledge of the dark arts is rivaled only by the Greater Daemons of his patron Chaos God, the terrible Lords of Change. In addition to the multitude of Chaotic psychic powers he can call upon, Ahriman is armed with the Black Staff of Ahriman; an ornate Force weapon which provides a potent focus for his psychic energy. He also carries an enchanted bolt pistol which fires powerful Inferno bolts similar to the weapons used by the Rubric Chaos Space Marines of his Thousand Sons warband.

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Only after fucking the gene-seed research, so it was mission successful.

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and there we have it

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i've got one question regarding ahriman: is he really a Chaos follower or just a wild card?

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>Hei guise, lookie i can clean by bolter with my brain!
>entire chapter suffers from mutations

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He sees Chaos as a tool, so he's a delusional Chaos worshiper.

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The chapter I wish didn't go traitor. This is why I like Dornian Heresy. Just because Thousand Sons isn't a traitor.
Also fuck yeah Egyptian theme armor.
Only furries, My Primarch?
I think he'll do whatever he want to find more knowledge. So probably a wild card.

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More or less a god complex.

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>In the wake of Ahriman’s attack, three Companies of Space Marines from the Invaders Chapter and a relief army of Imperial Guard arrived on Jollana, their mission to secure and reinforce the Librarium. Unable to determine whether or not Ahriman’s forces were still present in the catacombs, the Invaders nonetheless acted with their Chapter’s famed recklessness and launched a full-scale assault – though Ahriman was long gone, an entire legion of foes could have lurked in the cloistered darkness, and still the Invaders would not have cared. Yet as their Drop Pods crashed home, the Invaders unknowingly triggered the complex system of sorcerous wards that Ahriman had left in place as one last act of devilment.

>Slowly but surely, undetected by the Space Marines who scoured the fire-blackened rubble for any trace of the foe, arcane energies began to build. By the time the last of the Imperial Guard regiments had taken position, Ahriman’s trap was fully-charged and burst into terrifying life. The planet rocked on its axis as the otherworldly explosion sent pink fire crackling through the catacombs. Whole sections of the labyrinthine archives collapsed under the force of the blast, and datastacks that had stood inviolate for millennia shifted and toppled. Caught full in the torrents of twisting Warpflame, the Guardsmen were incinerated to a man. Protected by their superior armour, the Invaders fared better, though many were crushed by falling blocks of masonry or lost to the bottomless fissures that tore open the Librarium’s floors. Yet the danger had only begun. As Ahriman had planned, the barriers between the mortal world and the Realm of Chaos had been weakened by the sorcerous explosion. Even as the fires guttered and died, the walls of reality were torn asunder and Daemons burst through into the Librarium’s great hall.

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That wonderful god complex~

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>Before they departed for Titan with their fallen, the Grey Knights made a great pyre of Daemon carcasses, immolating the unholy flesh with sanctified flame lest its taint bring further corruption. Varn would live to fight again in the Emperor’s name. So too would all but three of the Grey Knights who had fought in the great hall – though those who survived had earned fresh scars. Of the Invaders, only a dozen survived, and none would be permitted to retain any memory of their deeds this day. Nonetheless, a great victory had been won. Though the rebuilding would take many long years, Jollana had been saved, and the daemonic threat against neighbouring systems had been stilled in its infancy, at least for now. Ahriman’s trap had been defeated, though at great cost, but the Chaos Sorcerer was still loose in the galaxy with the knowledge he had stolen, knowledge he would soon use to bring the Imperium to its knees…

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If you guys have read prospero burns you guys know that the wolfs win and and the thousand sons get away.
Here is the kicker.. The wolfs have 13 great companys the secound biggest of all the space marine legions, and all 13 companys where deployed against the thousand sons including sisters of silance and custades. Now then here is the thing, The Thousand son where the smallest of all the legion they had more then a thousand marines but not as many a to be 2 thousand mariens. About a 1000 Thousand sons escape from prospero.. And at the end of prospero burns Russ tells the skald that his forces where depleted when he went againt Magnus.... so yeah 13 thoasand wolfs went aginst hardly a thousand sons and the sons hardly lost any marines..... Wolfs not so tuff now are they?

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Two long posts got eaten. Fucking 4chan X.

A Space Marine is horribly OP in the lore, and a Thousand Sons marine can solo a planet. One on one, TS marines > everything but Grey Knights. Ahriman is the greatest of the TS, and he has more skill and knowledge of the Warp than any other human barring the Emperor. He was already the greatest sans Primarchs, but then he got the Book of Magnus, and spent 10k years studying the intricacies of the warp, so he's pretty OP lore-wise.

As far as brute strength, he's at least Beta, possibly Alpha class depending on who you ask. If he ever gains access to the Black Library, he could become a new Chaos God.

As for the "Chaos is a tool, deluded Chaos worshipper" bit, he sees the warp as a tool, not Chaos. He was disgusted when they were sent to the PoS, and he stayed to stop the flesh-change out of loyalty to the Legion. Even now, he only encourages Chaos worship in order to acquire more knowledge or artifacts.

Admittedly, some portray him as "Hue hue hue, Corpse-Emperor lulz", but I prefer him as he was in the book Thousand Sons.

Missing quotes, but that's what I get for quick-replying 8 paragraphs of posts.

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Anyone read this yet?

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Wrong, the Thousand Sons had 10,000 troops prior to the invasion of Prospero, in their separated into 9 cults. They were still the smallest Legion, but it was only cut down to 1k after the flesh change took them. They were holding off the Wolves+Custodes+Sisters of Silence, but with Magnus blocking their precog out of shame and allowing the sneak-attack, the orbital bombardment prior to the attack, and Tzeentch sabotaging most of their greatest mages they were overwhelmed.

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>To their foes, Thousand Sons are automata, deadly walking armoured suits who feel no pain or fear. But what is it like to live inside that armour, a spirit divorced from flesh?

But I might have to now, 1k Sons are my favorite.

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any good fanfics with Ahriman on the webs?

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>they can't even resist the touch of chaos!
>laughing grey knights.jpg

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Nope, but the single best 40k fic is Confessions of a Wayward Son by Tyrant of the East. It's a loyal TS marine, and is definitely worth reading.

As far as non-TS 40k fics go, try the Cain and Abel series on ff.net

There's another Commissar being 'trained' by Cain and she's named Abel. It's a hilarious series, and you can see how Cain looks from someone else's perspective. Almost as good as the Cain books.

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I think there was one series I read called Incubri something, had Ahriman in it. Definitely worth a read.

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>But what is it like to live inside that armour, a spirit divorced from flesh?
Wait so they do feel something inside those dust bin? I thought it was only the powerful psyker of the chapter that still have emotion and thought.
>Save the dust and spirit of a Thousand Sons marine when his armor is destroy
>Move it to a SoB armor
>Laugh as he wake up
*snigger* Good Morning, Sister.

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>Wait so they do feel something inside those dust bin?

Apparently so.

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Incubi Umbraeque by Osmandias on FF.net
It gives a look from the Chaos side and Imperium. Ahriman's written close to character IMO.

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Does Magnus know about the Blood Ravens?

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So handsome~

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/r/ full image

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Delightful group of chaps mucking about!

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anon delivahs

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His mouth make me think of a vagina.
Oh god Ahriman is so handsome.

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Has there ever been an explanation for the burning Blood Angel?

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A captured loyalist Blood Angel turned into a Daemonhost.

That is all.

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Not really.

I bet that he's Ka'Bandha.

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The Blood Angel gets an upgrade then. FTW!

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is that a robot/andriod on the left?

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I think that's the Dark Mechanicus.

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Fuck da spess woofs.

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That Thousand Son is so gonna backstab the GK. It will be sweet.

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Erroneous on so many counts. First of all, the Emperor's Children were the smallest legion of all the Space Marines. And not because the "Thousand Sons" are named as such, doesn't mean that they're just a thousand men.

Your "wolf's not so tuff now" statement just pisses the crap out of me. Educate yourself first before you go on blabbing like a moron. There is no sense in comparing the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves. As it was stated in some novels, Horus/Chaos orchestrated a plot that made the two legions fight against each other to help smooth out the plans for Terra's invasion.
The Wolves are the Emperor's executioners, and the Thousand Sons are the Emperor's sorcerers. Both legions are equally godlike in strength, and despite the heresy, both chapters were loyal to the emperor.

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>Implying Grey Knights aren't master backstabbers
>Implying Thousand Sons aren't master backstabees

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Damn, i wish they were still loyalist. At least we have the blood ravens. Fuck you, magnus!

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Yer, fuck dem.

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So what? They'll chain backstabbed each other?

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Fucking Space Wolves.

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I thinks it's more along the lines of
>Grey Knights are master back stabbers
>Thousand Sons are masters at getting backstabbed

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Ohhhh. Thanks for clearing it up.

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Prove it.

Do you have their founding certificate?

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There was a psyker who saw the future of the Thousand Sons, and she started screaming about a Raven of Blood. Also, the Blood Ravens don't know who their founding chapter is, they have an abnormally large number of pyskers, they have a focus on knowledge and learning, and the Inquisition was abnormally quick in deciding to destroy them when they thought they had fallen to Chaos. They also have a similar color scheme to pre-heresy TS.

If it looks like a Son of Magnus, sounds like a Son of Magnus, uses warp powers like a Son of Magnus, etc.

There is more evidence supporting TS>BR than any other Legion.

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The Warmaster's word is the only proof and evidence you need.

If lord Abaddon says the Blood Ravens are Black Legion, then they are Black Legion.

End of story.

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"Smoulder that troll over there, Izibek!"

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How fucked is my ascension party when there are 8 rubric marines and one chaos marine sorcerer loose on the planet?

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Bomb the planet from orbit. It's almost the only way to be sure.

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Ascension is some broken shit, so probably not at all.

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Okay DM of black crusade game here, quick question

Thousand son sorcerer enchanted the entire party armor and weapons with runes and wards that bind the targets soul to the armor and forces them to serve the sorcerer, should i allow the group to reroll and have the sorcerer keep them as buffed up chaos servants or let the other players keep playing.

i ask this because the fucker orchestrated the death of the squad but for him (he was the sole survivor)

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Sounds like he was playing smartly.

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Just according to keikaku.

Sounds like you're DM'ing the bastard son of Eldrad and Ahriman. Swear loyalty now while you can.

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oh he's playing like a fucking champ, if i allow him to keep them (which i will) his forces alone are

6 Rubic Marines
6 Rubic Raptors
4 PCs (newest addition

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>Pyrae Temple
>No Canis Vertex maintaining solemn vigil
Artist should be ashamed.

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Other shit he's pulled:

Caused a Company of Space Wolves to be eradicated by the Grey Knights
Lead the Charchadons a wild goose chase through a craft world that ended in the killing of the majority of Charchadons AND craftworld eldar, he wasn't in the same system as this was happening
"Borrowed" several farseers from the eldar

Magicked away a titan, only to have it fall on another titan

i honestly wouldnt be surprised if he had a plan to end the emprahs life, and itd most likely involve some sort of grey knight shenanigan

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I am Sorry, all I hear is faggots with tall hats.

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Please, could anyone upload the 0.3 version?

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