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Describe your most recent combat encounter through the use of song.

Ours would have to be somewhere between:




A fellow member of my adventuring party posted the full tale up elsewhere.

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Not /tg/ related, get back to /mu/ dickweep

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>describe your most recent combat encounter
>not /tg/ related

I'm not entirely sure that you know what people post about on /tg/.

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>Implying music is /tg/ related

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You're right, we should all fuck off back to /lit/ since RPGs come in books and books are clearly not /tg/ related.

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Pretty much yeah.
That's the whole point of this.

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Reported. Yes, we get it, you're the buttmad PonyFag anon who decided to spam every thread with HURRR NOT /tg/ GUYS!!! because we don't like your pastel coloured faggots show.

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Fought a fire mage who was aflame, on a boat which was aflame, on a sea which was aflame.

Half the party died and shit, it was pretty harsh.

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>Overthrew the tyrant king
>My Bard sang the shit out of this very song
>Many rock on moments were had

Fuck Yeah Bards!

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