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I half expect, and welcome it, getting massively hated for this. Meh.... Fuck it.
Abaddon is NOT the biggest failure of Chaos. I can hear the fa/tg/uys crying out in rage at that last statement. Yes all his Black Crusades have failed to bring the Imperium to its knees but the fault does not lay with Ole Harmless. No, it lays with Chaos. Yes Chaos is the reason Chaos can't beat the Imperium. Lets look at Chaos' forces. Chaos Space Marines, trying to get them to work together is like trying to get lasting peace in the Middle East. Not fucking happening. Sure you can get some to work together for a short while but, then you have the backstabbing and "My god is better than you god." bullshit. Then you have to worry about the one guy you have, who is keeping your forces working together, becoming a Daemon and leaving to go do Warp shit. Or becoming the other option and you still end up fucked. And Daemons; killing, raping, and mind fucking evil bastards who will gladly show you your soul before eating it. Even if you are on the same side. Team killing fucktards who can't stick around for long. So yeah you can totally count on them. GREY KNIGHTS. Well fuck there goes your daemon allies. At least the Imperium is an easy target. Fuck no. An entire galaxy geared towards war. Good fucking luck fighting through that. Hell, if the forces of Chaos weren't in the Eye of Terror they would be fucked. Ah, the good old Eye of Terror good luck getting troops to replace losses from the clusterfuck of doom. Hell even if you get the Imperium on the ropes, JUST AS PLANNED, via Eldar kicks you in your bitz. Hell the fact Abaddon can get enough troops to work together that often says a fucking lot. Also cut the guy a break, he has no arms.

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>Abaddon is NOT the biggest failure of Chaos.
Of course he isn't.

The biggest failure is the man who does the least. Probably some cultist who died from sneaking or something.

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not the biggest, just the most public failure of chaos

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But he isn't even a failure. Each of the Black Crusades that he commanded (shock horror, not all 13 were his) had very specific objectives, such as getting his fancy daemon-sword or securing the Blackstone Fortresses. Heck, even the 13th wasn't a failure, Cadia is in utter turmoil. By the end of the campaign it was almost entirely crippled, leaving the forces of Chaos with a way out of the Eye.

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Perfectly agree. Part of the reason the gods like him is because he has managed on multiple occasions to get the forces of chaos united for an extended period of time before it all inevitably goes to shit. Hell, it must look even more impressive when he manages to do that for some pretty selfish goals like "I'd really like that sword".

While others have managed to... organize (for lack of a better word) chaos in their own Black Crusades, Abaddon has been one of the most consistent unifiers they've got.

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Slightly incorrect there, Abaddon has led 13 Crusades - the ones led by other champions are counted outside of those. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, the only real source of information on Crusades outside of the 12th and 13th is Liber Chaotica, and even it only details a few.

Brace for incoming text.

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“And the Fallen will band together,
And herald one among them King.”

For four hundred years and more, the Eye will sleep. It will be assumed that those inside have torn themselves apart, and left themselves as little more than barbarians, struggling and clawing at one another on those worlds upon which they have been stranded. These assumptions will be proved mistaken, and the price will be dear.

The Traitor Legions will return, and at their head the Abandoned One will scream his bloody cry. He will lead the Legions of Black, and rekindle ambitions to force the Empire of Mankind to bend knee before Chaos and lament before his might.

This invasion will demonstrate little of the subtlety and malevolent brilliance that he will later show, but in this endeavour he will learn much to aid him in future times. Toward the Heart of Humanity will his forces be driven, in the hopes to accomplish where his thrice-damned forebears have failed. Wherever the Crusade passes will be left burnt cinders and shattered husks, devoid of life forever more.

But, as they will do both before and after, and in a manner eerily reminiscent of the dark days, the Guardians of the Imperium, Priest of the Machine, and giant warriors in gleaming armour who bring purity and death in equal measure, the Chapters of the Astartes, will march forth together, and as one, turn The Abandoned One back; but not until a bitter struggle has been waged, and one too close to the beating heart of Mankind for fears ever to be assuaged.

It will be on his excursion to the forbidden hills on Uralan that The Abandoned One will lay claim to the sword that imprisons the essence of Drach’nyen. Of how he obtained such an item, I cannot see.

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“The eye will close on the King of Blood,
And a Fortress will rise to contain him.”

After dashing the assault on mankind’s bastion of strength, He who sits on the Golden Throne will turn his efforts to contain the threat. The Fortress of Cadium will be built, and savage Lupine Warriors will guard it with many others whose names, in time, will be forgotten. The bastion will be considered insurmountable, and for a time will prove so. Other such places will be planned, the naval port of Belis Corona and the castle of Nemesis Tessera will be the foundation blocks on which any other incursion from the Terrible Eye is to break like a wave. When these measures are completed all will wait, with breath abated, to see how they will fare when the Eye will once again open. They will wait nearly three hundred years.

But the Abandoned One will not falter yet, indeed, his allies and sponsors will rally around him in ever greater numbers and his second assault will be every bit as strong and direct as the first. This time however, the defenders will bear the brunt prepared. Savage fighting and unholy slaughter will erupt at the moment the invasion storms the Cadiam walls, and continue until its costly conclusion five years later. In the meantime the evil forces, once stymied at Cadium, will spill out from either side and begin rampaging where they can. But the preparations will prove to be strong, and a new hope will burn in the hearts of men. The Abandoned One’s hammer blow will ring hollow, and he will retreat back to smoulder in ire.

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“In an Age of Apostasy
The Wolf Warriors bay and howl.”

Tallomin, Prince among Daemon Princes, will lead an attack, but the outcome is hazy and the events indistinct to me. The only thing I know with certainty is that the Wolf Warriors will play a large part in Tallomin’s destruction. Whether he will be eternally banished or will yet rise again, I cannot see.


“In the Fourth insurgence,
The horror will be spliced with fire.”

And again his legions will sweep forth, possessed of a renewed fervour. Cadium’s walls will be besieged and the Blood King is to personally lead the fleet towards the Segmentum emptiness. But at El’Phanor, the Citadel of Kromarch, the drive will halt. But the Abandoned One, terrible amidst his wrathful hordes, will lead the charge against the stolid walls. His warriors will fall like leaves, but the fortress will crumble, and the defenders be consumed by his boundless appetite.

The life and sanity of that beleaguered place is to be washed away in an orgy of annihilation. But these sinful excesses will prove his undoing, giving as they will men time to regroup, and exact a well-planned revenge on the disarrayed forces of evil that infest the ruins of the once proud castle of Kromarch; the dark ones will be shredded to rags by their own violent indulgence.

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An ancient Prince of Khorne named Doombreed will sweep humanities finest and purest to the brink of destruction. Few will fall if compared with other invasions, but the cost will be high indeed. His war will be nothing less than a declaration of war upon the Adeptes, staunchest of all the foes of Chaos, and he will be defeated.

But I lament the Warhawks and the Venerators, for they shall be lost.


“And men will bare their breasts
And invite destruction to take them.”

Apostasy will reign for many years, and the Eye will cast forth countless harbingers of death. I cannot guess at how many crusades will be launched during these dark days, but the Abandoned One will return. This I know. And men will grow mistrustful of each other and cosmic forces of tremendous power will isolate and disenfranchise our strongholds and citadels. And the ever-watchful dark will fall upon us in our weakness and seek to destroy us and much ruin will be caused. But our end will not come here. Not yet awhile.


“For the seventh time,
He came as shadow.”

Comes the time called the ‘Ghost War’. The Abandoned One’s fleet will flood in a heavy tide from the Gates of Cadiam, and then disappear. There will follow years of hunt and seek and confusion and paranoia and disinformation and deceit. Raids will occur in far-flung places. His hand becomes Night and his standard secure, He will fall through the eye to prepare. Man will wait for the outcome, with dread like a vice around his heart.

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“At the Medusa’s Walls
The Iron Guards will break.”

By accident or design, the mordacious fleet is to emerge from the opposing side of the Terrible Eye to the Cadiam Gate, in the place known as Helica. Men will guard this place with hands girt in Iron and the very Chapter Kith themselves. Savage attacks on Helica will prevail, burning towards the capital, Thracian Primaris. Yet there his assault will fatally be delayed, as his Warriors of Iron clashed with the Iron Handed ones at sturdy Medusa. What will occur in that engagement my lord has not gifted me to see.


“At the time of the twelfth,
All things will be decided.”

It is at this time that his great plans will seem at last to bear fruit. Mighty blows will fall at Gethesmene and Schndlegeist, and the warrior Ravensberg will carry the day. But mankind will reel from the Blood Kings assault and he will escape with Blackstone, and the ruin of man is further assured.


And Angron will rise to challenge men and curse them and eat their world, leading a train of traitors and a legion of Daemons, they will blast out from the Eye’s red pupil. They will appear as if from nowhere in an ancient vessel of indescribable proportions at Armageddon, that already falters from its own mischief. The land will be turned into a cauldron. But once again the Lupine Warriors and Knights in Grey lead a sally to rout the deadly foe. The mortal shell of Angron himself will be destroyed and he will be cast back into the infernal realms.

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Posting walls of text while dumping Abaddon pics is my fetish.

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Too bad recognising a joke isn't your fetish. The Failbaddon and Disarmed memes are jokes of the absurdist stripe. THanks for playing, though.

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>was bored and felt like posting Abaddon fluff in an Abaddon thread
>hurr autism
Sure, okay. Have some more Abaddon.

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>Too bad recognising a joke isn't your fetish.

I've wondered about this for the longest time.
Why is it so many people backpedal with "It was a joke" nowadays?

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/tg/ = teh autism.

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