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What would be the easiest system to adapt for running MLP?

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>Implying OP isn't trolling

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Any of the numerous /tg/ universal homebrews. Or, you know, one of the decicated MLP systems, you faggot.

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Freeform, more than likely, or else the Amber Diceless system which is mostly freeform.

Polite sage sense this thread is likely to be saged anyway; Why go against the flow?

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dnd 4e has ponys, unicorns, pegusi, and homosexuality, try starting there.

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FATE, Freeform, d% can be made into anything, GURPS is universally universal

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/tg/ did a collaboration with /mlp/ a while back trying to homebrew a system for it, not sure if they got anywhere.

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>ponies in the magical world of cthulu

Find me a GM that'll be crazy enough to run it and I'll bring snacks forever.

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More like /tg/ newfags laughed and yelled and saged and derped their arses off and threw them to /mlp/.
It's a pity.

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You faggots have an entire fucking dedicated board. Use it.

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Pretty sure there was a module for it for Savage Worlds if I recall.

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Par exemple pricks like >>18524383

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Risus is perfect for everything.

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Dont play that shit just man up and play MOTHERFUCKING LASER PONIES!!!!

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>doesn't know /tg/ is for /traditional games/

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Can pegasi shoot lasers?

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Ruleset for playing Blank Flanks based on Unknown Armies:

There was a thingy for Savage Worlds, but I don't have the link.

And of course there's Don't Rest Your Hooves:

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Dogs in the Vineyard seems like it would work well, what with the "Solving people's problems" focus.

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Right. But imagine if there was a /wh40k/ board. We would rightfully divert all WH40K-related material to that board, from /v/, /co/, and /tg/, even if it was a video game, comic book, or the wargame, because there would be a specific board for it.

Hence, this thread should be in /mlp/

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I think only unicorns can shoot lasers. Though I've never watched the show mind you.

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I am retarded. Please excuse my faggotry.

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Uh, only if not relevant to the boards
Yes, you appear to be.

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I still maintain that Call of Cthulhu is a perfectly valid template for MLP games.

I mean, think about it. Elder Horrors who emerge when the Stars Are Right, and which are defeated by consulting the local library?


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By this metric, doesn't Adeptus Evangelion belong in /m/?

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not to mention mlp is and was banned from /tg/.

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Yes, you'll find a dedicated thread for it there

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and every other board for that matter

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It's what the intro to the first season was. The season intros are the only parts worth watching in my opinion, but presumably OP wants something a bit more in keeping with the tone of the show.

>Right. But imagine if there was a /wh40k/ board.
There is. It's /tg/. And yet you don't see people on /v/ directing Warhammer discussion here when there's threads on the Warhammer RTS games or the Space Marine game.
This is a thread about a pony traditional game. There is a board for ponies and there is a board for traditional games. It can go on either.

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If there's one up now, it isn't in the catalog.

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Over the Edge. You choose one primary stat, two secondary ones and a weakness. It's the best for light stuff like this. Toon is another contender, of course.

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These threads always turn meta. It makes me sad.

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/v/ talks about space marine
/tg/ talks about space marine vs threads and hates everything when they do
/mlp/ is for everything mlp. The pictures, the show, the porn, and yes, even the games

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The only people who ACTUALLY care are the faggot mods and people who automatically assume its bad. That being said, this does belong in /mlp/ even if it is heavily /tg/ related.

This leaves us in the unfortunate position that the people can help make this a thing (/tg/) can't due to over-restrictive rulings and retarded sage-bombing trolls, and the people where it "belongs" don't actually care (/mlp/).

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sounds like a personal problem to me.

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I imagine as well that there are is in fact a large contingent of fa/tg/uys on the pony boards that are perfectly capable of coming up with mechanics for a Pony Tabletop Game. In fact I've seen and read the Pony Table Top Adventures system, its fairly decent even if the whole pony thing isn't my bag.

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Also no NWNs or Planescape Torments here anymore, they go to /v/, and no /v/ stuff that makes /tg/ ideas because they also belong to /v/ and no quest threads because they go to /lit/ and drawthreads to /ic/, writefaggotry to /lit/ as well, 40k weapon gen threads to /k/, 40k book talk to /lit/, and tRPG discussion can as well go to /lit/ because hey, fucking books.

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What a huge fucking shame that you can't play a character from a show for little girls.

How fucking tragic.

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How do?

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While the idea of a rp system for pathetic manchildren like me to live out fantasies of being a marshmallow horse is strangely alluring, I doubt It'd actually be a fun thing to do for more than a couple of sessions. More than that and I think it'd get a bit... odd.

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Nightmare Moon isn't the only Cthulhu-like thing around. You also have Discord, and recently, we have Tartarus.

Ponyville, besides being built right next to the Forest of Eternal Horror, is also within a day's walk OF THE GATES OF HELL ITSELF. To quote Twilight Sparkle, "That's CERBERUS! He's supposed to be guarding the gates of Tartarus, but if he's here that means all the ancient evil creatures that are imprisoned there could escape and destroy Equestria!"

This is a direct quote from the show. The same episode also gave us a reference to an "epic pony war in the future."

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Holy shit, you're all useless gits.

Took me five seconds to edit the image, ten more to post it.

Most of you spent twice that spewing up at one another ITT.

Not my interest, not my fight, not my fucking problem.

Now shut the fuck up, all of you.

/mlp/ folks, you have your thread up.
/tg/, I'm linking it to its rightful destination for discussion.


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This being opposed to the RP system for pathetic manchildren to live out fantasies about being a lesbian elf sorceress with big boobs who wants to fuck everything she sees.

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>/v/ talks about space marine
/v/ talks about the whole setting, the way /tg/ used to.
>/tg/ talks about space marine vs threads and hates everything when they do
That doesn't happen much. We get versus scenarios here only after /v/ is tired of them.

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I don't do those much anymore either... Reality hits you hard bro.

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I thought /tg/ would be more interested in my own wacky theories on how pone magic works

I personally think that Pegasus magic grants them power over water, since they're able to manipulate clouds, essentially liquid water. They're probably able to create ice crystal within to create lightning, as well. And since there's probably no way their wings could function without some sort of magic to support it might be that they need hydrated air to fly properly, or they can't fly much if at all.

Thoughts, etc.

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ITT: easily walked on faggots spew their hatred while simultaneously defending a little girls show

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I've had a ton of fun pretending to be a little girl with magic powers, so you never know.

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>come from /mlp/
>see this as first thread

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There's a lot of blind and irrational hate here. Are the Australians already out of school?

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No, I'm just tired of watching both sides of this debate keep shitting on a larger and larger series of lawns.

By the way: you super creative types with an active interest in the MLP game can go post in that thread and spread the love accordingly. Or you can flail around in here, because that's fucking productive.

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dunno bro, I've only seen the cute pictures

without ever watching the show all I can tell you is the purple one pours alcohol with glittery magic stuff from her horn when confounded to drink

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The purple one is Stocking fyi.

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Well magic is based on friendship, hence "Friendship is magic". It's basically powered by the WAAAAUGH, except with cartoon horses. Other than that it's pretty much just rule of convenience.

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does that mean the hick one is Panty?

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Yeah pretty much, also, the little purple reptilian is Chuck in disgiuse.

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>come from /mlp/
>see this thread
>people rage over ponies
>direct me back to /mlp/
>go to same thread there
>everyone raging about tabletop horseplay
>come back to /tg/

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>/tg/ related content they want, do they?

Radical Inquisitor performs experiments on Imperial forces. Is your Deathwatch Killteam bad enough dudes to save the imperium from PONIES?

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There's a /vp/ board, yet I don't see you telling Pokemon Tabletop Adventures to go back there.

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if you guys want to bring /tg/ things into /mlp/ at least bring it into the lifeboat, we've got a few fa/tg/guys in


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Not to your fancy?

Dark Heresy Acolytes sent to investigate chaos taint on nearby agri-world's livestock populations.

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Yes, how very confusing.
>Do I want to discuss it as a roleplaying game?
>I should go to the dedicated thread for it.
>On which board?!
Wow. That was really tricky!

If the people of /tg/ want to impart their knowledge, they're free to visit and do so. If they don't, they won't. Dragging around this particular dead horse got you your own board. Be happy with your playground and stay off of our lawn.

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Because they're not dumb enough to come here

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That was before moot decided that we was wrong about turning the ponyfags away, though.

I'm just a user but I see no issue with /mlp/tg/ crossovers
Just like I see no issue with /sp/tg/ crossovers or /co/tg/ crossovers. Or even /d/tg/ crossovers.

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go away you embarrasing piece of shit

>> No.18524678

If you guys want to bring /tg/ things into /mlp/ at least bring it into the lifeboat, we've got a few fa/tg/guys in


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Go back to /Mlp/. Seriously. The whole "Brony" status
isn't helping your reputation.

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Nurglepony's nurglings look SOOO HAPPY!

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I am going to post this in both threads, because I don't know who's where and who cares.

There is a Savage Worlds MLP module that works pretty well (Savage Worlds in general works pretty well).

There is a horror game called Don't Rest Your Hooves based on the horror game Don't Rest Your Head.

There is Ponyfinder, a pony rendition of 3.5/Pathfinder.

There is Ponylite d20, which I don't have a link for but which is nice and simple.

And of course you can run ANYTHING in GURPS.

Wake me when we have an AD&D 2e version.

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>implying I wasn't a fa/tg/uy before /mlp/ was around
>also hurr my other post was humorous sarcasm you moron

Nigger, get your eyes checked because you're seeing boards in black or white. One thread that happens to dip into another board's subject content normally would cause an uproar. It's only because its ponies, and they're easy to hate on. Go fuck a duck, kind sir, while I enjoy both of my favorite boards of /mlp/ and /tg/.

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Don't give us all of that "Tg" is ued for games crap. It IS, but go discuss your brony shit back on /mlp/.

>> No.18524698

You ponyfags are like furries, you drag your shit around and shove it everyones face and then get mad and self righteous when they tell you it's creepy and to go back to your basement

>> No.18524704

Fuck you and everything you stand for.

>hurr durr i'm only pretending to be retarded
>i trol u

>> No.18524705

I think I'll drop by /mlp/ and discuss my FATAL/FiM crossover idea. I mean, it does involve MLP, which means it is entirely within the theme of the board, correct? This logic is absolutely irrefutable.

>> No.18524706

As opposed to the other things manchildren pretend to be?
Like vampires, barbarians, wizards, oh and assassins because we all know manchildren loves pretending to be murdering sociopaths.

>> No.18524707

FUCK. This is technically the right board for this kind of discussion but... Fuckingshitcock.
Why did it have to come to mlp? Why?

>> No.18524715

>enjoying /mlp/

What the fuck

/mlp/ essentially killed off 4chan as the only place I could discuss pone with people who weren't retarded

Thanks to that quite literally the last bastion of any sane ponyfags is a single thread in /mlp/, while /b/ faggots and others spread their piss in the sea of piss

>> No.18524718

>3 rage filled posts
You autism, bro?

>> No.18524719

Get the fuck out of here already.

Where are the mods? Any thread slightly out of line gets deleted usually.

>> No.18524721

You got your wish and it wasn't the right thing? Wow. My heart bleeds for you.

>> No.18524722

You may enjoy both boards, but WE don't enjoy YOU.

>> No.18524726

>the last bastion of any sane ponyfags
>implying it wasn't the only bastion ever

>> No.18524728

Can we be fwends?

>> No.18524733

What thread would that be? The MLPG and /b/reads are both equally retarded.

>> No.18524736

No one wanted a fucking pony board, I believe literally the only reason moot considered it was because someone pointed out that making a pony board would pretty much kill ponies, like how /vp/ killed Pokemon on /vp/.

>> No.18524737

reported for unsafe

>> No.18524741

>the last bastion of any sane ponyfags
>implying it wasn't the only bastion ever
Too bad it went to shit after about the fourth episode.

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>I could discuss pone with people who weren't retarded

Get a load of this homo!

>> No.18524748

For one, at least MLPG actually discusses theshow.

There is almost nothing but endless tripfag circlejerking on /b/ threads. It's pretty much just avatarfagging with ponies

>> No.18524750

There's plenty of other places with moderately sane people to discuss pony shit with.

The idea is to not let anyone else know where they are though, so they don't fill up with ponyfuckers and such.

>> No.18524751

>speaking for all of us on here
Please leave.

i like how someone on mlp can get our jimmies so rustled. if it was a troll, well done. if not, jesus. guys, we need to not get buttfrustrated so easily. polite sage

>> No.18524753

Mad levels are off the charts.

>Mfw bronies think ponies are normal

>> No.18524755

Gee. I'm sorry the rest of the internet has been denied to you and that you believe 4chan has something magical about it. If you don't find it here, you can (and should) find it elsewhere.

>> No.18524760

Alright fuck you, since the mods are not around.



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You know, I'm starting to think its just one really frustrated neckbeard who is impotently raging at the world, the same guy posting in every single thread and reporting anything that doesn't fit into his tiny image of what /tg/ is...

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>> No.18524776

this is an excellent theory. i believe we may have an answer to /tg/'s shittery as of late.

excellent work, doctor.

also deff skwadron? cant argue with that

>> No.18524777

It's true! Even /tg/'s own spin-off chan has a pony thread!

>> No.18524779

Man, what the fuck happened to you guys?
When did you become uptight dickwards?

>> No.18524782


>> No.18524783

Yes. We call him The Janitor.

>> No.18524787

I think it's because they're on their periods on something...

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>> No.18524793

I suspect it's just that Australians are on earlier because of the weekend. They're always dickwards.

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>> No.18524808

>Implying you can be anything more than a ponyfag

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>> No.18524818

I suspect that it's just the rampancy of MLP everywhere else that has led to a complete over-saturation. I mean, I like Deff Squadron, but if there were people using Orkz as avatars and writing their posts as Orkz, some people would get tired of that too.

Not me, though.

>> No.18524822

late much, sage guy?
go fuck a duck like the ponyfag said. or just settle down and read deff skwadron. either way, chill the fuck out. u mad.

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>> No.18524831

>chaos knight steed.
>dat flank pad

>> No.18524833

It isn't just MLP that's incited these kinds of reactions before. /tg/ on the whole seems to have a massive stick up its ass or something.

>> No.18524836

>not me though

Not me either!

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>> No.18524846

I saw some one in a warhammer fantasy thread raging a gw for their new empire kits.

New kits that aren't necessary, don't replace any old ones are decent and which just add.

And they were complaining how gw ruin empire. /tg/ seems to be in a melodramatic mood i guess.

>> No.18524847

In other words, they hate it because it's popular.

>> No.18524851


>> No.18524853

Its the small-board's overactive immune response. Because they're already kind of socially shunned on 4chan they feel the need to constantly protect their super speshul clubhouse.

I don't blame them, I pity them.

>> No.18524858

It's the Australians, man. Check the board at a different time, you'll see.

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>> No.18524861

There is absolutely no need to twist my words like that. It's disliked here because MLP was so overused that it clogged up related content for a while.

>> No.18524862

Hey buddy... That's not your real E-mail!

>> No.18524864

I never saw any 'rampancy', what I did and still see is that all you have to do is post a single pony picture and the entire board goes apeshit.

Half the reason I got into MLP is because it's trolling Easy Mode.

>> No.18524866

I never saw that, honestly. It never got to Elf Slave What Do levels or even Drunk Captain Confesses Her Love To You levels...
And they never clogged down, they were just annoyingly common.

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>> No.18524870

So, if I wait for around 12 hours, would that then be an okay time for me to discuss games that would go well with ponies with /tg/?

>> No.18524873


>> No.18524874

This one is.

>> No.18524876


>> No.18524877

[nosageon/tg/]I'm sorry the ! is a 1.[/nosageon/tg/]

>> No.18524887


>> No.18524903

There might still be a bit of hassling, but it would certainly be much better.

>> No.18524908


>> No.18524912

You guys know saging with an image still bumps a thread, right?

>> No.18524915


>> No.18524917

Live in/near Ypsilanti?

I know a guy.

>> No.18524921

it doesn't.

>> No.18524922

If you like ponies you are an infantile embarrassment to humanity and you deserved all the bullying you got in school.

>> No.18524923


>> No.18524925

Nope. Go test it on a slow board.

>> No.18524928


>> No.18524933

>see pic

It's /tg/-related. If someone has a question about how to bake a cake shaped like a pony, then /ck/ doesn't tell them to "fuck off to /mlp/". The question is related to two topics, both of which have boards. It can go on either.

>> No.18524938

I'm gonna dump the ENTIRE flashpoint comic series after this if the thread isn't dead yet. It's about 600 pages of pure shit.

>> No.18524946

I thought /tg/ was as sandraker as it got around here? But my god... The papercraft board is GLACIAL.

>> No.18524952


>> No.18524954

/tg/ is towards the faster end of medium speed.

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>> No.18524966


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>> No.18524977

You do realize that OP will just start a new thread if you kill this one, right?

>> No.18524979


>> No.18524982

This is a Pre-Heresy chart, and thus must be confiscated for your protection.

Only use Post-Heresy charts when speaking on matters of heretical nature.

>> No.18524988

I dream of one day scratchbuilding this and using it in an apocalypse battle. Complete with Deff Squadron fighters flying cover, of course.

>> No.18524989


>> No.18524992


>> No.18524995

This shit again.

I have no idea why. Don't you freaks already have your own board? It's a whole board dedicated to you guys, to do whatever. Seriously, it makes no sense at all for you faggots to come here.

>> No.18524997

Id he makes a new one, then we will destroy that one, as well. AND EVERY THREAD HE MAKES!

>> No.18524999


>> No.18525003


>> No.18525009


>> No.18525035

For the love of god keep going.

>> No.18525045

's over ye grot. Dey win.

>> No.18525047


>> No.18525074

Not much left of the old deff skwadron, but the question remains, what should I spam next should the faggot come back?
>Doom of Mymeara
>Siege of Vraks
>Damnatus Crusade
>Flashpoint Comic Series

>> No.18525083


>> No.18525092


>> No.18525099


>> No.18525113

Dead threads make me smile.

>> No.18525122


>> No.18525132

What the hell happened here?

>> No.18525134


>> No.18525140


We stopped you from shitting up /tg/.

>> No.18525144

As I bow out from the battlefield, victorious and content, the question still remains, what terrible fiction should I spam next should this threat arise anew?

>> No.18525150

rolled 6 = 6

MLP fanfic?
Fight fire with plasma

>> No.18525160

Choice numbah wan:

Flashpoint Comic Series

>> No.18525164

numbah two:

Damnation Crusade (think Tankred)

>> No.18525165

This for fucks sake this belongs here.

>> No.18525177

and finally:

Doom of Mymeara (scanned)

>> No.18525179

Flashpoint is /co/, so go with this one. No sense in saging foreign-board material with foreign-board material

>> No.18525183

This shit belongs to /lit/, fuck off

>> No.18525194

rolled 69 = 69

Actually, it's comics... so /co/?

>> No.18525198

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Non-Magical Farmer Ponies" bullshit that's going on in the d20 system right now. Earth Ponies deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine Earth Ponie in Equestria for 2,400,000 grass seeds (that's about $20.000) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid steel with my katana.

Equestrian parents spend years working on a single earth pony and teach it up to a million times to produce the finest pony known to ponykind.

Earth ponies are thrice as smart as Unicorns and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a Pegasi can buck through, a earth pony can buck through better. I'm pretty sure a Earth Pony could easily hatch a dragon egg with a simple horizontal buck.

Ever wonder why the other pony clans never bothered conquering Equestria? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Earth Pony and their bucking of destruction. Even during the reign of Chaos, Discord targeted the Earth Ponies first because their bucking power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Earth Ponies are simply the best ponies that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Earth Ponies:

LA -1
+20 to all stats
Normal Size
Proficient with all weapons
Raise Sun and Moon (Su): Twice per 24 hours a Earth Pony may raise the sun and lower the moon, or vice versa.

Now that seems a lot more representative of the awesome power of Earth Ponies in Equestria, don't you think?

tl;dr = Earth Ponies needs better stats in d20, see my new stat block.

>> No.18525201

Yeah but flashpoint is about 60 times longer than the above deff skwadron. I'd be typing captchas and watching simpsons for the rest of the day.

I could do that or break down the ultramarines movie into each individual frame and post those.

>> No.18525204

Oh, my apologies.
Yes, /co/, now fuck off.

>> No.18525209

No. All FW books remain in /tg/, except for the pages with background. If page has both stats and background, crop. If it has pictures only, it goes to /co/.

>> No.18525212

Oh fuck you, they're comics, obviously they belong to /co/, like OP was supposed to make this thread in /mlp/.

>> No.18525216

You wound my honor (and my other honor).

I see I have no choice but to bust out the big guns.

>> No.18525227

You brought this upon yourself. I am innocent.

>> No.18525235


>> No.18525238

Reported for rule violation, that shit belongs to /co/ you prick

>> No.18525241


>> No.18525264

Pretend it's for a super hero campaign.

>> No.18525274

Sorry, but no. /co/ shit goes in /co/, also reported for capes, the most infantile comic genre ever.

>> No.18525283


>> No.18525284

>/mlp/ - Pony
>This is the destination for all My Little Pony related content on 4chan.


>> No.18525285

You know, every pic is also a sage, so if you stop responding about how much reporting you've done, you won't have to look at it anymore.

>> No.18525296

Psst, global rule 7 bro.

>> No.18525309

Except he's shat up a reasonable thread.
This is why /tg/ sucks, it can't do shit anymore.
Help on a tRPG? lolfuckoff
How's this for a campaign idea? lolfuckoffpicsarefrom/v/idya

>> No.18525313


>> No.18525321

Posting that you reported someone is against the rules


>> No.18525340

>Except he's shat up a reasonable thread

No. Eat shit you pony loving cocksucker.

>> No.18525348


>> No.18525350

My Little Pony belongs on it's own terrible board. You have your own hell; Go and stew in it, and take your horrible deviancy with you.

No-one is going to play along with your pathetic attempts to make it 'related', or the even more retarded attempts at muddying the waters.

Go home, ponyfag.

>> No.18525355

ITT: Shitstorms. Shitstorms everywhere. Plus some pic related from both sides

>> No.18525357

Guess I'll just start a new thread this afternoon when /tg/ is less buttfurious...

>> No.18525361


>> No.18525362

>mfw someone gets upset by kids cartoon

>> No.18525370

I will always be there for you.

>> No.18525374


Just because it's an image doesn't mean you can be excused for not taking ten goddamn seconds to proofread.

>> No.18525377


the funny part is, /tg/ can, and frequently does do shit.

the problem here is that it's mlp shit, and ponyfags are right up there with furfags.

the really funny part is, back when mlp was kicked the fuck off /tg/, it was pretty much the only thing to get kicked the fuck off /tg/.

well, except for the 'elf slave wat do/japanese bird/pan seared foi grois' shit, but captcha killed that.

>> No.18525379

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I remember old /tg/ when we jumped at any RPG-related challange with glee and joy...

sounds like a good idea. /tg/ is usually pic related but some very...narrow-minded... individuals seems to take offense at the slightest hint of something not to their liking

>> No.18525380

Ooh, are we enemies? I've always wanted to have an enemy!

>> No.18525381


>> No.18525388

Get a load of this faggot.

>> No.18525393

Tell me one major difference between MLP fans and Pokemon fans.

>> No.18525397

Hey! Now stop right there.

There were other things that were kicked out form /tg/ but were still /tg/ related. stuff like for example the WAKFU RPG and CCG discussions that the janitor threw a shitfit over and spewed bans like crazy over.

>> No.18525398


>> No.18525400


>> No.18525404


>> No.18525411


>> No.18525417


I seem to remember that being pretty distinctly split- discussion about the show went to /co/, but the CCG and RP were fine- and then, on the line under that, it said mlp was not welcome in any form.

however, I didn't save a screenshot of it, and I should have. too much time on /soc/ and /k/ rotting my brain, i guess.

>> No.18525420

>> No.18525422


>> No.18525434 [DELETED] 

This thread proves that this pic is still true

>> No.18525435


>> No.18525448


>> No.18525449

This thread proves that this pis is still true

>> No.18525458


>> No.18525464


>> No.18525473


>> No.18525480


>> No.18525482


>> No.18525483

what happened to ye olde /tg/?
A time and place where pic related was the norm and no anon had to fear the everpresent banhammer. A place where pics of all shapes and sizes roamed free on our fair board and all discussions were welcome...

It seems time has caught up with us... and aged us into grumpy old men, whining in our rockingchair over the youth of today.

>> No.18525487

No it isn't.

>> No.18525492


>> No.18525499

>saving furry porn

>> No.18525500

More like time caught up and killed lots of you, then kids came in and started yelling about things that were /tg/ related.
Par exemple this thread

>> No.18525502

I just don't like MLP and the rules back me up.

>> No.18525503


>> No.18525507

The original pic didn't have the save part in it.

>> No.18525516

Rather it's the influx of people who take shit overall way too seriously. The proportion of people who like fun and those that treat traditional gaming as some sort of holy ground to be protected against all was thrown off, and this is the result.

>> No.18525518

I am trying to be friendly and open-minded, but at this point posting ponies anywhere but >>>/mlp/ is just being deliberately provocative. That's just the way it is. I can't see it ever changing, even with an executive order from the mods.

>> No.18525538

That's what makes it extra heretical

>> No.18525544

Man, reverse flash is such a dick.

>> No.18525548

pic related.

Oh and if we go by that, the rules pretty much invalidates /tg/ as a whole since almost everything we discuss would fit on another board.

40K Lore - /lit/
minis - /toy/
battletech - /m/
arms and armor - /k/
drawthreads - /ic/
writefaggotry - /lit/

So yeah moot should just remove /tg/ since we don't serve a purpose any more.

>> No.18525550

>I am trying to be friendly and open-minded
>Buthurt over ponies
Grow up, 40kid.
People will like things you don't.
It's still /tg/, not /wh40k/
Deal with it.

>> No.18525553


>> No.18525556

>"now for my final thesis"
>Final Thesis
>Not Final Hypothosis

>> No.18525561

As one of the original few ponyfuckers... drawn to the show through threads on /tg/ no less (lots of pony threads on /tg/ back in october 2010).

I'd just like to say sorry /tg/

Sorry for helping to establish a fandom that has gone wildly out of control.. where circlejerks and attention whoring reign supreme, where an obnoxious homophobic furry roleplayer named Seth (he's the guy who made Flare) is considered a 'guest of honour' on equal grounds with actual people from the show. Simply because he runs the shitty, fanfiction ridden blog that has proclaimed itself the face of the fandom.

I see these threads cropping up on other boards. I see them turning into a clusterfuck of arguments and meta bullshit and hysteria... and it doesnt bother me. I understand. Bronies just cant stop shoving their shit into everyone's faces. It's annoying as hell for all of you.. and as a part of this I really dont have the justification to burden you all with more of our garbage.

I just want to resign myself to mlpg... enjoy the show with my bros over there.. and laugh at the stupid antics of the rest of the fandom.

I dont want to hurt you anymore /tg/. You've treated me to well over the years

>> No.18525562

/tg/ (after 3h 3m):
>238 posts and 100 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
/mlp/ (after 2h 19m):
>29 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.18525563

>"Best cure for depression? COMICS!"
>Can you get more obviously self-product placing?

>> No.18525564


>> No.18525575


>> No.18525579


>14. All pony/brony threads belong on /mlp/.
>/mlp/ - Pony
>1. This is the destination for all My Little Pony related content on 4chan.

Others aren't quite so strict.

>> No.18525584

>inb4 rape

>> No.18525586


>> No.18525589

Fucking THIS.

>> No.18525597

I like how you ponyfuckers made up this imaginary /tg/ that ever tolerated you.

>> No.18525604


Thank you for posting this. I read up ot 31 and I just got an awesome idea for a campaign twist. I was stuck and went ot /tg/.

Lo! Brilliance has struck!

>> No.18525606

>"That's the front door. You go on ahead dear, I'll get it."

...what? What is he going to do, walk out the back?

Keep posting though, I want to see what happens.

>> No.18525607

>I see them turning into a clusterfuck of arguments and meta bullshit and hysteria... and it doesnt bother me. I understand. Bronies just cant stop shoving their shit into everyone's faces. It's annoying as hell for all of you.2
>implying it's the ponyfags' fault that faggots are 12/10 trolled by any mention of mlp
tg related is /tg/ related, fuck the rules, fuck the haters.

>> No.18525613

I am simply pointing out that the prevailing board culture and the rules are against you in this case. No need to stoop to generalizing and name calling when we could be having a rational discussion. I take offense to your profiling me as some 40k fanboy just because I enjoy a few reaction images from that particular canon.

You're not welcome here right now. If it wasn't for shit-post threads like this you might have a hope of changing people's opinions of you someday, but for now all you're doing is stirring up trouble. Quit while you're ahead fur-fag

>> No.18525615

If we're going about stupidity, what the hell is his girl doing walking up all casually to a fight?

>> No.18525620

Oh good. Wait a sec, you were inspired by DC Comics? I'm so, so sorry.

>> No.18525625

Don't do it bro. Don't do it.

>> No.18525626

Oh i'm posting all the advertisements aswell by the way.


>> No.18525631


>> No.18525637


>I take offense to your profiling me as some 40k fanboy just because I enjoy a few reaction images from that particular canon.

>Quit while you're ahead fur-fag

The hypocrisy would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

>> No.18525639

Man they really want you to buy some green lantern stuff.

>> No.18525640

The number of adverts I've seen actually is starting to BOTHER me...

Especially since the page count still seems to be 24. Are they really replacing 3-4 pages of a comic with adverts and not giving us more comic? That just seems wrong :(

>> No.18525648

next one coming up

>> No.18525657

I got to the end of my post and realized that it's 4chan and no one cares about rationality or maturity. The only way to communicate is through insults.

Cunt. Goat-fucker. Australian.

>> No.18525659


>> No.18525665

>I take offense to your profiling me as some 40k fanboy
Then you should stop acting like one. I don't care where you get your reaction images, I have reaction images from places I'm not a fan of, or even like, too.

Point is, an RPG is an RPG regardless of setting.
It's /tg/ related whether it's ponies or furfaggotry or 40k or cyberpunk or earthworm simulations.

Oh, and for the record I'm not a ponyfag or a brony. I just think they have as much right to be here and discuss traditional games as any of us do.

>> No.18525668


>> No.18525669

See his patch
>Firefly reference

>> No.18525676


>> No.18525677

>This page's dialogue is simply awful. Seriously, they couldn't get a proper writer?

>> No.18525681

The trigger discipline on that moron. I hope he fully intends to kill whatever he's lasering right now.

>> No.18525683


>> No.18525686

>I just think they have as much right to be here and discuss traditional games as any of us do.

Ummm, nope. You're wrong.

It's in the rules dude. Emphasis mine on ALL.

>/mlp/ - Pony

> 1. This is the destination for ALL My Little Pony related content on 4chan.


It's not hard to read, is it?

>> No.18525693

It doesn't matter what you think. The majority of the board disagrees with you and as long as that is true pony threads will never exist here without being trolled to hell. Arguing like this will only make us hate each other all the more.

Both sides need to grow up and act like mature responsible adults to coexist in peace.

Unfortunately, this is 4chan and pigs will fly before that ever happens.

Pony... friends just need to cool their jets and give us time to forget how much we hate them.

>> No.18525694

>trigger discipline
>before the 90s

What the fuck.

>> No.18525703


>> No.18525711


>> No.18525712

colour me unimpressed.

>> No.18525713

And, of course, it's against the rules because of shit-storms like this.

>> No.18525715

>He hasn't been even read into the program or anything
>No comparmentalization of the "secret" and "secure" facility
>Just treating a general, even of another service, so flippantly

I really hate when people don't do their research before making a presentation of the military. Shit, you really just have to ask a military guy and he'll set you straight on how things work.

>> No.18525726

Your comment was made of more win than the actual published dialogue.

>> No.18525733

Right, because it's so hard to abide by the rules of the place you're using to post.

Oh, you're so mighty an rebellious, kid.

>> No.18525736

Colour you dealt with.

>> No.18525738

>Don't forget how he's a lieutenant still, even after seeing a lot of combat and being in for that long.

>> No.18525743

Fucking Australian shit-posting underage b&

>> No.18525758

Alright you semengargling pony lovers, you fedora wearing pathetic excuses for human males, I gotta go now.

So feel free to shit up this board until I get back.

>> No.18525760

Well excuse me for caring more about the concept of the board than ruleslawyering
Swedish, actually. I just prefer using British English

>> No.18525771

>hair not kept to military regulations

>> No.18525777

>Well excuse me for caring more about the concept of the board than ruleslawyering

The concept of /mlp/ is to get all ponyshit off of the other boards, care about that instead.

>> No.18525779

Oh. Well. One of these days it will actually be an Australian and he'll be mad as hell.

>> No.18525785

I'm pretty sure the super power department of the military is a bit looser with the regulations.

>> No.18525858

ive always found it odd how people associate a kids show with fucking furrys. Such a shame too, adapting a system to the setting would have been really interesting to discuss here.
Alas, you were so intent on being intestinally devastated that opportunity for discourse was lost and now everybody has been trolled.

>> No.18525862


Global Rules and /mlp/ specific rules.

It doesn't belong here.

>> No.18525905

>ive always found it odd how people associate a kids show with fucking furrys.

Not hard when you realise a huge part of the fanbase are manchildren who masturbate to the characters.

>Such a shame too, adapting a system to the setting would have been really interesting to discuss here.


>Alas, you were so intent on being intestinally devastated that opportunity for discourse was lost and now everybody has been trolled.

Rather butthurt than cancerous blight.

>> No.18525908

Unfortenately you're wrong, because /MLP/ is a work safe board, which means the 'pony porn' and adult images are not to be posted there, if there's an exclusion of that [which means it ends up on /b/] then that means, despite /MLP/ being available, they have failed to relegate MLP to the /MLP/ board, thus an MLP toipc in /tg/ is completely valid. your argument is invalid, my hair is a bird.

>> No.18525928

Ummmm no.

It just means pony porn isn't allowed on 4chan at all. Not /mlp/, no anywhere.

It isn't a loophole that permits shit to seep elsewhere. It's just not allowed.

Your "logic" is based on a false assumption.

>> No.18525936

>because /MLP/ is a work safe board, which means the 'pony porn' and adult images are not to be posted there,

I guess that means pony porn shouldn't be posted at all.
The existence of pony porn is not an adequate reason to post shit on /tg/.

>> No.18526030

My 'logic' is that there are aspects of the fandom that fall outside the 'rules' that govern the board... Also, the total banning of something as Trivial as a cartoon is insane at best. It would be, quite literally, like banning Eva, or Sailor Moon from being discussed in a Traditional gaming sense here on /tg/.

Are you literally, so, fearful of candy colored pony's? I'm actually legitimately curious now... my first 'logic' post was something of a troll I'll admit... but now I'm honestly curious as to the absolute hate of a simple cartoon.

>> No.18526036

>300 Replies
Swear to god, trolling /tg/ with ponies is so easy it's not even fun. The amount of energy you've expended expressing your butthurt is baffling! When did you guys get so motherfucking sensitive?

>> No.18526060



Them's the rules.

>> No.18526092

>My 'logic' is that there are aspects of the fandom that fall outside the 'rules' that govern the board...

The 'shits' I give about your 'logic' are zero.

>Also, the total banning of something as Trivial as a cartoon is insane at best.

Then call the asylum, cause I'm ready to move in.

>It would be, quite literally, like banning Eva, or Sailor Moon from being discussed in a Traditional gaming sense here on /tg/.

Call back when they get their own boards.

>Are you literally, so, fearful of candy colored pony's? I'm actually legitimately curious now... my first 'logic' post was something of a troll I'll admit... but now I'm honestly curious as to the absolute hate of a simple cartoon.

I don't hate the cartoon, I hate the fans on 4chan.

>> No.18526108

Ok, that's not answering my question here. and it's not a Baww... unless being curious as to why people are freaking out because one person posted something pony related. I don't see you decending on the threads regarding female armor that turns into /tg/ fap fests, yet an innocent thread about a mlp based system draws this much uproar? I think you have your priority's pretty screwed bro.

>> No.18526123

So, your basis is purely "because there's a /mlp/" ok, so discussion's about Lesbian relationships in RP should be relegated to /u/ then, same with gay to /y/ any weapon based thread should be religated to /k/ oh those larping gif's should be religated to /gif/...

getting the point yet?

>> No.18526164

No, ALL MLP content goes to /mlp/. That's the rules.

Faggotry in roleplay? /tg/.
MLP in roleplay? /mlp/.
Moot makes /faggotry in roleplay/ that says all faggotry in roleplay goes there? Then all faggotry in roleplay goes there.

Getting the point yet?

>> No.18528535

Oh, I get it now, you must be a RAW type of player/dm too... now it all makes sense.

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