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Hey hey /tg/

Hypothetically speaking, if we were to have ourselves some Lego Quest this week, what would you folks like to do? Magic empire-building one zombie at a time with the Apprentice? Pulp sci-fi sword and burner action with Spaceman? A return to the badlands for more post-ablockalyptic survival with the Wanderer?

Another installment of Endman's Adventures? Something all-new?

http://legoquest.wikia.com/ has suptg links and a more or less complete overview of everything that's transpired so far.

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Could I get an orange see-through chainsaw?

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No, only orange transparent chainsaws.

I would be down for an Azimuth backstory though. Or some other tales of the Ice Men.

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I recently upgraded from a single giant container to a pair of wheeled three-shelf units. This should (in theory) speed up the game.

Bottom shelf: bricks.

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Top shelf: minifigs, accessories, other related stuff that usually goes along with them.

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Oh man, Lego Quest, you're like my hero

I was almost considering making my own Lego Quest but as I oversaw my munitions I am woefully underprepared for anything as high quality as your adventures

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The main issue is my insufficient minifig supplies. Would you happen to know where one could obtain them in bulk for relatively cheap?

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Go back in time to the early 90s and have your parents buy a pack of five or six minifigs for $5.99 every couple of months.

Or you could try Bricklink. The cool minifigs are more pricy, but if you find a specific dealer with a jackpot of parts you can really stock up.

>Pic related; all dem Blacktrons

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Alright, cool, because I had an idea for a quest following intergalactic space police tracking down a powerful space necromancy syndicate hellbent on conquering the galaxy

I have SOME minifigs, but not nearly as many as I would need for such an endeavor

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It does make things easier when you have a whole bunch of minfigs.

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I'm wondering why nobody is interested in this thread, your quests are always amazing

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rolled 5 = 5

"After the Brick: Dead by Dawn" was my first quest, but if it hadn't been structured as a one-shot that didn't require knowledge of the backstory then I would never have tried it . So in the interest of exposing at least one more person to the wonderful world of Lego Quest I vote for running something new (I like the idea of learn more about the history of Azimuth and Rom the Space Knight).

(My personal favourate was apprentice quest, but I always felt like that was one of the less popular ones.)

Rolling for the SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE!

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I find it disturbing how happy he looks about that disemboweling.

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Aw shit i haven't seen LQ in months, i was beginning to wonder if you went the way of the dodo.

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No, I just haven't had any free time to run this!

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I just realized all the Megaupload links for the .cbr collections of After the Brick are dead, so here's all three books in one .rar:


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spaceman and wanderer were tied off pretty nicely, i'd save them for a time when you run out of new ideas, i missed some of the apprentice ones but isn't that in midquest right now?

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Have any asian-themed Legos? Maybe something a lottle more weeaboo this time?

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Lego Quest guy! I remember this shit. How have you been? Have you been making a lot of new threads? I haven't been on /tg/ in a damn long time.

What happened to Endman of Futuron?

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how about something new?i noticed you have a lot of knight figs, why not a game where we are a knight going around helping folk with (enter plot here) developing in the background.

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Spaceman and his friends started a new adventure a while ago, but I haven't had time to continue it. The Apprentice is in the same boat.

I... don't have any Asian-themed Legos. The closest I can do is putting some of the 1-stud disks on minifigs' heads like rice farmer hats.

Endman? He escaped the City of Gold, if that's what you mean. Endman's good for one-shots because the focus is on acquiring treasure and bedding women (since we already know he survives to appear in the Spruesworth Saga).

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The Spruesworth Saga is in my top three quests on /tg/, if not the best.

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aw shit man, let's play some endman.

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I don't know about that... I'd rather stick with the Apprentice if the subject was medieval fantasy.

I did have an idea for a cyberpunk game called BLOCKOUT...

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Fucking do it.

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Oh god yes this is everything I have ever wanted

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In other news, seen those new dinosaur sets? Pretty sweet.

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Dinosaur sets? I've only seen the alien invasion ones. What are the new dino sets?

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Like Metal Gear Solid, but Lego. Metal Brick Solid.

I might do it even, though I have only a shitty camera.

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Appearing without their bones, how embarrassing.

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>What are the new dino sets?

They are Jurassic Park in all but name.

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Reminds me how the alien set was more or less X-COM in all but name. And there's Not-Indiana Jones... and Is-Indiana Jones.

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Lord of the Rings and Marvel Super Heroes hit the Lego lineup in 2012

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Damn look at that mustache, son.

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Seriously? I just got the DC Superhero set that has Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor in a giant robot too.

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Can someone tell me WHY Halo went with MegaBloks and not Lego? That just sounds like the DUMBEST move to make EVER. Everybody knows MegaBloks can't hold a candle to genuine Legos.

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I've waited for you!

Either apprentice or Spaceman.

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Yeah, we're supposed to see Marvel stuff on the shelves as early as this week, and LotR is, I believe, a July launch.

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Lego's not as open with licenses, and they refuse to make Lego of anything too close to recognisable modern military. (the closest they've gotten is the Green Army Men in the Toy Story set)

Plus it's probably cheaper since MegaBloks are whores for merchandise, Lego slightly less so.

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Because Classic Space > Halo

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Sweeeet. I know we've had Lego Spider-Man and Batman in the past, but this is the first time we'll see both brands on shelves at the same time. Goddamn, as a kid I've have KILLED for this.

...say, what about a Mecha Lego Quest?

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Every single set of those Lego minifigs has had some kinda space adventurer/alien, they should totally be put together as an ensemble.

Say, can you get those minifigs off of Ebay?

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You buy Lego on Bricklink, son. $23 for Lando's cape, $2 for any collectible minifig.

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No lie, I would seriously buy a printed copy of After the Brick

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>say, what about a Mecha Lego Quest?

I wanted to try running a stripped-down version of Mechaton a while ago. Now that the new version is out...

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>No lie, I would seriously buy a printed copy of After the Brick

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I thought that even thought some Aspies from Western MA had gotten tens of thousands over their asking price, they were still holding Mobile Frame Zero: Unit Wolf Patrol Aqua Lego Ballsack until they got even more "kickstarter" money?

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I don't know anything about that.

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Last I checked they weren't 'holding' anything, the release date is ticking away as scheduled.

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Then how can he use the new version now that "it is out"

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Lego Quest inspired me to begin my own couple of attempts at questing on /tg/. Thank you, Lego Quest, for being an inspiration.

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I didn't mean it was out-out, just that it was going to be available to use sometime soon.

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That guy from before here, you wouldn't feel like I was encroaching upon your territory if I made my own Lego Quest? Because I wouldn't want to do that

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Northampton MA is where everyone who does pills hangs out. You can bust nuts in fat bitches from there and they all just like MORE MORE MORE

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Nope! Someone made another LQ on a Dutch (I think?)-language site involving fire-breathing kittens on account of this stuff. From what I was able to read on Google Translate it was pretty good.

The way I see it, the more Lego the better!

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Before you begin a Lego Quest, ask yourself...

Do you crave adventure?
Do you love fun?
Do you have Legos?
Have you ever thought that any adventure would be made better with the addition of bricks?
Are you willing to face insurmountable odds, innumerable foes, and horrible fates in the name of fun and excitement?
Would you lay down your life if it meant the fun and well being of fellow fa/tg/uys?

Now, having asked yourself these meaningless questions, you should posses the mental fortitude to slap some legos together and start a quest.

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I thought Gayhawk owned playing with Legos, better be careful or he'll ban your shit. You're both in violation of the great Gayhawk's ownership of being allowed to play with Lego.

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>Do you crave adventure?
>Do you love fun?
Of course!
>Do you have Legos?
A good 16 gallon bucket full, I hope that is enough.
>Have you ever thought that any adventure would be made better with the addition of bricks?
>Are you willing to face insurmountable odds, innumerable foes, and horrible fates in the name of fun and excitement?
A noble cause indeed!
>Would you lay down your life if it meant the fun and well being of fellow fa/tg/uys?
I would do anything for you guys, your fun is my fun!

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Welcome aboard, friend.

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This makes me want to go to Legoland

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Whoa whoa whoa... what the heck is that minifig from? Looks sweet!

Also, LegoQuest, you are like my goddamn hero, man. Some of the best quests ever, hands-down.

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From series 8 I believe of the collectible minifigures, sadly though they come in blind bags, and the newer series you can't find out what's inside from the barcodes, you have to feel and guess.

I was lucky with the one I got, the Mariachi.

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I missed it? noooo

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You remembered me! Sadly, I wasn't able to continue that quest after I started working full-time.

I always wanted to start a space adventure as well starting with a cyborg soldier being dropped on an alien planet to investigate or something, but I guess I'll never find the time.

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I would vote for The Apprentice! I think she is the one we have seen the least of, she needs more love!

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I want to see more of the Wanderer, but I'd be thrilled with any Lego Quest.
What day/time do you think it'll happen, LQ?

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Two votes for the Apprentice is still three votes for BLOCKOUT...

I would like to run something tonight, at any rate. I put together a dozen or so minifigs for BLOCKOUT last night before bedtime just in case. I guess I'll see how this thread pans out.

If we *do* go with the Apprentice, she is currently delving the Vaults of the Empire of the Dragon, has recently met Calus of the eastern fringe (a treasure hunter), and she just pulled the black longsword from a stone.

I need to go help out some friends for a few hours; will be back later today.

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About ten hours from now, give or take a year.

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Cool, should be home from gaming by then :D

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This BLOCKOUT thing interests me.

Make it 4 votes then.

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BLOCKOUT is here:


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