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Greetings gents!
I just finished watching Redline, and it got me thinking about Reavers. We all know that the Dark Eldar have lethal reaver death races for kicks, but what exactly are they like?

Do they pimp out their rides with insane technology to fuck over their competitors? Are there any rules? Presumably no, seeing that these are the Dark Eldar we are talking about.

Could they hold these races in other places than Commorragh? Mix thing up by starting up the race in the middle of a forgeworld? Or in ork held planet, so they may have the greenskins as target practice and/or distraction?

And most importantly, would you play a game about these kinds of races?

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This gives me an idea for an DE army.
As much skimmers and fast attack as possible.
Hellions, Reavers and Venoms. Just flying around the enemy.
Now if I only knew how to make it work.

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Why do you think that the reavers even partake in raids besides the slaves? The raids are a goddam bloodsport for them. They are aired across Commorragh as high entertainment, which already makes them surprisingly similar to the Redline races.

And yes, I would play a game like that, assuming it had ample amounts of customizability and speed.

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And what if they lose?
I mean, I presume everyone just laughs, but still.

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No no no no no!
The ones that bet that they would lose in their gambling rings back in Commoragh laugh, and those that just lost their slaves on a shitty bet are mad as fuck.

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>>what exactly are they like?
Street races through the most populated areas of Comorragh. Based on a point system:
Kill a slave or pedestrian? 1 point.
Kill a DE? 5 points.
Kill a Trueborn? 20 points.
Kill a fellow racer? 50 points.
Finish first? 200 points.
Whoever finishes with the most points wins.

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I always love discussing Dark Eldar society.
It is quite entertaining how they are basically just having fun on the expense of other races, although they need it to survive, they still bloody well enjoy it.

I could easily see that a bold archon might support and stage a reaver race in the streets of heavily defended hiveworld just for the personal fame it would bring him, if the raid/race was a success.

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>The Finish line is the Golden Throne.

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Could rules be made for this sort of thing, so one could play it on the tabletop?

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That's a really funny mental image.

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>Deadly Reaver races in the streets of Holy Terra itself.
>Reaver pilots racing against each other, as well as fighting off the defenders of terra itself.
>Fucking Custodes Hoverbikes enter the fray.
>mfw imagining it.

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Sure, just need to set up a track and pegs for pedestrians and slaves, and minis for the more valuable targets. Anyone whose path drives over a civilian kills that civvie and gets his points. Dark Eldar, Trueborn, and racers have several 'hits' worth of health before they die, etc.

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Dark Eldar really have a sweet thing going on.
They got their shit under control. They are virtually untouchable inside their little pocket dimension and they can attack almost everywhere without any impunity.

They probably could drop a black hole-in-a box right next to the Empra himself by using the webway, if they only gave a fuck.

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>implying the Custodes would not absolutely push their shit in
>I'm talking midair tackling here
Actually, that mental image is fucking awesome. A Custodian Praetorian tackling a reaver out of the air after jumping from his jetbike.

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>Redline is mentioned and no one has yet linked this:

Shame on all of you.

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Agreed, they would get their shit kicked in.
But it would certainly be awesome to watch.
I think we need a drawfag for this.

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Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader (specifically RT's vehicular combat rules) could be easily adapted for tabletop.

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To a dark eldar, if a clumsy mon-keigh could catch them, they've already failed.

Of course, the custodian who does take them all out will be very surprised when he returns to his quarters and finds the dark eldar have already been there and left the trophy.

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I keep seeing mental images of the high speed battle they'd have.
Given that Custodes gave up their armor after fehling the Emprah, you'd see shirtless, tattooed Spess Mehreen-type guys wearing tall black helmets and leather pants clotheslining Dark Eldar while riding a black jetbike.
Why is this not a thing?

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>he starts getting Dark Eldar fan mail
>it just keeps appearing in his quarters no matter how hard he tries to catch them

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What's that F-Zero RPG I saw here once? Someone needs to hunt it down.

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Can we has races with a few thousand reavers?

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I am actually hosting a campaign in Dark Heresy where the inquisitor sent the players down to a world where racing is considered a national pastime. It was also because all the winners of the grand prix would turn over to chaos immediately after they won the race.

I can type more up later if you guys want.

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Fuck yeah

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Mah nigga.

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>Do they pimp out their rides with insane technology to fuck over their competitors?
Yup, it's pretty much standard practice for each Reaver to kit his or her jetbike out with as many extra engines, boosters, and secret weapons as possible.

>Are there any rules?
Probably depends on whoever's hosting the event. In Path of the Renegade, there's a brief bit showing off a Reaver race, and there do seem to be a few rules - the competitors aren't allowed to attack each other until the start of the second lap, upon which time their on-board weapons activate and the racetrack also starts trying to kill them.

>Could they hold these races in other places than Commorragh?
Most Dark Eldar raids are very quick and brutal affairs, over and done with as fast as possible. I doubt that a raiding force would actually set up an organised race in the middle of an invasion. Though, the Reaver squadrons themselves probably treat battle as just more practice for the racetrack and I'd be very surprised if they didn't compete with one another the whole way through.

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i imagine they'd have rules, though cheating is probably expected (and encouraged)

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But what if the raid's whole purpose WAS the race itself. The force could sweep in, quickly neutralize the most potent defenses and start holding the race.

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>This whole idea!

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Have this shitty thing I made.
I'd do better, but I desperately need to go to sleep, so I am afraid this is all I can offer right now.
I fucking love this idea though.

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>Implying the Dark Eldar don't make sure to keep the Emperor safe so that humanity can remain safe enough from other threats that they can prey on them forever.

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Note: They have not raced in any of the races yet, that is saved for next week.

The party currently consists of a techpriest, guardsman, assassin, and a psyker. They were have been in cryo-stasis aboard their inquisitor's ship for about 25-40 years and they were unfrozen to investigate claims on a hive world called Torpunac II. What makes Torpunac special is that 1/8 of the upper hive consists of racetrack and alongside all the racetrack are thousands of casinos. However, the inquisitor had recently found out that every champion driver in Torpunac's Grand Prix, suddenly turned to chaos worship after they won. Fearing the worst, he decided to sent his acolytes down to the planet's surface to find out the cause behind all the chaos worship.
The players decide amongst themselves that they want to go through the planet's public port so they don't look suspicious. When they arrive at the public port, they decided the best plan of action would be to grab a hold of a vehicle. They eventually came across a parking garage and after a few lucky rolls by the assassin and tech-priest, they found themselves with a green sports car.

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Eventually they came to the Torpunac's administration bloc and decided to have a look around. Upon entering “the largest building”, they decided to butt in line and ask the receptionist where the governor was located. The receptionist merely told them to look at the man behind them in line. However the governor had a few good laughs about it and took them to his office to speak with them personally....
He did not know about the racers turning to chaos worship but he pitied the acolytes and decided that if they helped him with something, he could possibly locate them an apartment for their base of operations. Long story short, they ended up going to a high class party and killed the groom (Tzeench worshipper), the best man (ditto), and an allusion to Karl Marx (political rival to the governor, who was the main target).
After all that nonsense, the players found themselves in their new apartment but intercepted a VOX call talking about a warp anomaly occurring not too far from their current residence They easily decided to investigate the anomaly but when they got there, it turned out to be a giant “bubble”. The assassin, who does not have a high driving skill decides to go into the bubble. Long story short, the car is lost, they find a survivor, there is a giant black tentacled mass in the middle of the bubble, and it is snowing very harshly.
And thus was the end of Session 1.(Sadly I accidentally railroaded many actions as this was my second time gming and it was a new system that we were all learning)

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Good point.
The Imperium isn't a threat to the Dark Eldar in any meaningful way. In fact, it is actually beneficial to them. It provides them with almost inextinguishable source of slaves, while being completely unable of actually properly fighting back.
So you are probably right, the Dark Eldar would have nothing to gain from killing off the Emperor.

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Am I the only one imagining a race like the Redline set in the 40k universe. All races race to be the dominant species.

It'd be like 40ks answer to Bloodbowl.

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>YFW the Terra Races are a way of helping the Custodes improve their security/keep in practice at fighting fast-moving assassin targets, and making sure humanity in general won't be suspicious if any other race invading Terra suddenly experiences Dark Eldar difficulties.

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My god, it'd be like a grimdark Wacky Races...

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>dat airdrop scene.

Instantly reminded me of the Dark Eldar and their webway trickery.
I would love to have a game like Redline.

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Roboworld in general reminded me of the Imperium.
Wtf is up with those bioweapons by the way?

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As much as I'd hate to give them any manner of credit, I do believe BoLS whipped something up


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>Gork and Mork, the WAAAGH brothers
>Sister Heretical Pitstop
>Prof. Cultist-chan in her Chaoticar

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I would have never thought how much the two settings could go together. Shit next time I play 40k I won't be able to get that song out of my had

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>Requesting the 40 mini racers picture, with the ripper sled and beaky speeder and others.

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What would everyone else be driving in the Golden Line? I can only imagine what kind of supercar the orks would cook up.

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Some form of Mek speeder with Turbo-boosters the size of rhinos.

The Necrons would use a Tomb Blade that stubornly hasn't updated its flight patterns since Terra was uninhabited, so keeps flying straight through buildings.

The Imperial Guard use a guardsman.
On foot.

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Meanwhile the Grey Knights show up on the world's largest flying purity seal.

Also, I can only assume Doom Rider shows up. But does he count as the Chaos entry, or does he crash the party for the free cocaine?

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Both. But a Rogue Trader is going to steal all the coke if he doesn't win! Oh noes!

And then there's also a Heretek driving what amounts to a demon-possessed mach-5.

And a Dreadnought Transformer.

And a Kroot with miniature Battlesphere that cannibalizes other machines for parts.

Alright, I am officially in love with this idea.

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>The force could sweep in, quickly neutralize the most potent defenses and start holding the race.
Boooooring. Summon the Funky Boy! Launch the Imperial Navy! Space Marines, 5000000 Space Marines, more Space Marines than this Imperium has room for! T minus now to EXTERMINATUS!

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Lucius, driving a car made out of cultists that killed Lucius.

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Aww man, this thread after me and my roommate started swinging around ideas on Redline-inspire ork speed kult army. One of the main ideas was how it'd work out in regular games - the orks hit the enemy because they actually miss - they are trying to shoot down eachother, but are so shit with aiming that fail at doing so. The deffkoptas are recording the races and translating them to the rest of the WAAAAGH but since being simple cameramen is piss boring, they also get to shoot rockets where the fuck ever.

And then the Dark Eldar join in, because fuck this if they'll let clumsy ass orks be faster than them. SPEEEEEED!

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Now see, here's the fun thing.
The Orks have a cult devoted to speed, and associate the colour red with it.

The red sub-factions are all faster than regular ones.
Saim-hann all ride jetbikes.
Blood Angels have fast versions of regular rhinos.

Obviously, the next chaos god to emerge will be speed itself.

The terran races are held to see who will take control of the emergent god of fast.

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No one tells the Nids to show up, but the one that does just so happens to have evolved nitrous injectors.

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Holy shit, you're right! Guess I gotta go paint all my dark eldar red now. Why didn't I see this before!

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Man, I'm not even into 40k, and this thread is still diamonds. I fully support this awesome brainstorming. Damn fine reading.

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Assuming you're not being sarcastic, it's worth mentioning that the 2nd biggest Kabal in commoragh is the Kabal of the Flayed Skull. They use lots of reavers, and razorwing jetfighters, are brilliant at lightning strikes, and look like this.

>> No.18522719

No, I actually hadn't thought of it, however obvious it seems in hindsight. And then that Kabal of the Flayed Skull... oh boy.

So for a Dark Eldar race during a raid, why not have a specific target that the Reavers are given, first one to procure/kill/rape with bladevanes gets the trophy?

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bumb because this idea is great

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Dammit! Because of this thread, I can't get the idea of the Dark Eldar emerging from the webway over the highest spires of a hiveworld and then surging downwards while avoiding incoming fire while this tune plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GIkFdESKfk out of my head

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Imperial Guard is three guardsmen on a tandem bike, with a commissar on the back threatening to shoot the slowest man.

>> No.18525017


That is hilarious.
I require a drawn depiction of this!
Where is the most active drawthread!?

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If Reaver races are this intense, imagine how nuts Razorwing deployments are.

This is also why Dark Eldar are so awesome. They are these weird mary-sues, but all they want to do is be as hedonistic as absolutely possible.

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True. I love the fact they are basically the most successful faction right after the orks. To both of them, all the warring and strife is simple entertainment.

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I love it

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Are you kidding? If a custodian beat Dark Eldar at a race, they'd capture that motherfucker and have him race until he died.

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I imagine a Reaver race to be a mix between NASCAR and a rave.

It sounds beautiful, /tg/.

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But that's grim-dark not funny.


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Pic very related

>> No.18525159


It really does.

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Terra itself might be a bit too over the top, but I can see something like this going down on, say, Armageddon. Rumours start flying around that the Dark Eldar have worked out a deal with the Orks to hold a huge race for fun and profit, and other factions join in for fun or for pride. At least one Space Marine chapter ends up sending in their best biker after being called chicken. (maybe that Dark Angel on his jetbike) The Imperial Guard naturally drive the fastest tank in the Imperium, crewed by a mad techpriest and a bunch of hooligans sent to participate in the race as punishment. (though they don't see it that way)

>> No.18525202


...or escaped.
Imagine it. A high speed race in the streets of Commorragh, the reaver gangs trying to desperately catch their top racer who managed to steal a jetbike and fly away.
The custodian is extremely valuable for entertainment purposes, so the reavers who "own" him don't want him to die, while their competing gangs might want to either capture the custodian for themselves or just eliminate him.

The other powers of the Dark City would also be interested. The wytch cults would love to have a custodian on their arenas, the archons might see him as a valuable trophy and the haemonculi might want to get him for their weird experiments.

All these dark denizens of Commorragh speeding after a lone custodian who just wants to get back to his post guarding the golden throne.

>> No.18525221


...it is beautiful...

Now what shall we call this ultimate race of awesome shenanigans?

>> No.18525222

>The Imperial Guard use a guardsman.On foot.
fleeing from inquisitor.

>> No.18525233

Makes me wonder what the Sisters of Battle use. Probably a Rhino with a turbo boost that leaves the entire track on fire.

>> No.18525249

>fear of inquisitor as motivation
Yeah, he's gonna win

>> No.18525260

Also F-zero RPG is still going on.
Racing, punching bandits in the face, punching giant robots, solving crimes. IN SPESS!

>> No.18525273

pimped-up flamer used as propulsion device.
Or Living Saint, flapping around.

>> No.18525275


Bot how is he going to claim the prize?
If he stops, the Inquisitor will catch him.

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>> No.18525299



>> No.18525365

Isn't it obvious? The Guardsman keeps running and the inquisitor claims the prize.

>> No.18525378


No, they would use a pimped out exorcist.
Those organ pies would be turned in to exhaust pipes for His Holiest of Engines, so that when they turbo boost, the whole machine plays choirs of praise for the emperor.

>> No.18525413

You remember the Wipeout games? Pretty much those, except replace the neat tracks with ad-hoc 'circuits' between spires and buildings, and replace the flashy rocket pickups with constant splinter cannons and scythe blades.

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>> No.18525460

But what about the drugs? So many drugs. All kinds of drugs. Drugs that not even that liver you had the heamonculi custom-engineer can break down. Drugs that let you taste speed and let feel the track in ways that you cannot even imagine.
Dark Eldar without the drugs are just poorly dressed Eldar.

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>> No.18525486


>> No.18525490


In addition t a turbo boost mechanic, there needs to be a drug boost mechanic.
Before the race, choose the drug mixture to use, and during the race you can activate the pumps in your suit so the drugs fill your bloodstream and allow you to do crazy shit.

>> No.18525504

more racing cartoons?
more racing cartoons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iHj6eMJLSE

>> No.18525526

because fanboys want SPEHSSHUGE Custodes with a HUGE armor mad out of bling. Not the actual, spartan-like Custodes.

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>I just finished watching Redline
Fuck off asshole, take your shit to /tv/

>> No.18525581

Not shitting up a thread is just that easy - don't post in it and hide it.

>> No.18525582

Lets say that one would run a game like this on the rules posted here:

What kind of track would be ideal?
I have all kinds of ideas for elements for the track.
Random pick ups like in mario cart that when you drive over a certain patch of the track, you would draw a card from a shuffled pack that would have some sort of an effect.

Track hazards like auto turrets that will target the racer that ends their turn nearest to them, trap pits, random enemy mooks that also enter the race and cause mayhem. Some of them might be destroyable while some others might not.

I need to do this.

>> No.18525592


Except this thread isn't about the movie, it is about 40k racers.
Now kindly fuck off.

>> No.18525603


Complex tracks with multiple routes. Some might feature jumps that only lighter scimmers or jetbikes would be able to pull of, while the more armored heavier racers could withstand the punishment dished out by the track hazards and the other racers better.

The more I think about it, the better it sounds.

>> No.18525610

Of course, there will be the EXBAUX HUEG Mechanicus(maybe Heretek?) racer, which has this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmqHs_6VSzQ&feature=relmfu
play when it comes on.

Oh, and the mechanicus get involved when they hear that a dark mechanicus machine is planning to compete, and so they must prove the superiority of their machines. They fucks each others shit up

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is this relevant, OP?

>> No.18525627

F-zero RPG testing faggot here again.
For Redline splat we're doing exactly this.
Also here is the example of F-zero track.

>> No.18525629

You. I've seen you in a bunch of other threads over the last half hour or so. Example:

You are a cock. A stupid, ignorant, immature cock, probably the same one that got demoted from Janitorship a while back.

Step one: Read the OP, rather than just looking at the OP's image.
Step two: Read the thread. All of the threads I just quoted you in are perfectly /tg/ related. One is discussing Reaver races in Commoragh and their inspiration, one is discussing how to build a samurai character in 3.5, with inspiration from a well-known samurai character, and the other is a resource for fitting background music to play, as well as a potential place for storytimes.

These are all /tg/ related. If you personally don't think they should be, then hide them. Simple.

>> No.18525632

This thread is about a racing tabletop game with 40k fluff.


>> No.18525633



Seriously, this whole idea is fucking brilliant.

>> No.18525634

Has someone mentioned Chaos Dick Dastardly yet? Because I think we need Chaos Dick Dastardly.

>> No.18525651


Just make Abaddon enter the race. He is just as incompetent.

>> No.18525653

>And next up are Abaddon the Despoiler and Kharn the Betrayer in the Black Crusade Convertible!
>Engine won't start.

>> No.18525656

Muttley is a demon of tzeentch. And Dick Dastardly is a champion of tzeentch what with all the SUPER CUNNING PLANS and shit

>> No.18525679


Abaddon mind

>> No.18525745


Random event:
Suddenly the planet the race is being hosted on comes under the attack of tyranids.
Mysetic spores land on the tracks and the racers need to finish the race and buzz of before they are consumed, while fighting against both each other and tyranid hordes.
Gargoyle swarms chasing them and trygons bursting out from the middle of the track.

>> No.18525849


>> No.18525890

So close, but you've only got six syllables in your second line. Perhaps Orkses?

>> No.18525927


>> No.18525930

This NEEDS to exist.

Each faction has multiple options, and difficult terrain could be handled better or worse. To keep things competitive, most races would have to feature a lot of difficult terrain and multiple paths. Heavy vehicles would be able to smash through it, while faster vehicles would have to go around.

Just bashing something quick together here, but... Maybe for Difficult Terrain, it could have a given value, which the models have to test against, depending on their speed? Using either their front armor or double toughness to test against?

Just as a made-up example, a field of rubble has a Difficult Terrain value of 5. An Ork Trukk barrelling at the rubble at full speed along a road at 18" must roll a d6 + 5 + 1 inch for every 6" over 6" (always rounded up) he has traveled or intends to travel this round. So, 1d6+7, not looking good for him. A Leman Russ, on the other hand, would bash right through that obstacle with no problem whatsoever.

I'm also thinking of something called Turning Arc Inches, i.e. how fast you go plus how heavy your armor and/or Toughness is equals how much you're allowed to rotate the model per inch. Obviously not something useful for a regular game of 40k, but necessary for a racing game. That'd make the Leman Russ up there need to be more cautious around corners, while the Ork Trukk could swing around it at full speed with more ease.

Should I pursue this, or does all of this sound retarded to /tg/?

>> No.18525948


Do pursue it!
I liked everything you wrote. And I agree, this NEEDS to exists.

>> No.18525956

Hover vehicles sound like they would be a bit too good if they could avoid things like this. How do 40k flyers work anyway, fluff wise?

>> No.18525995


I was thinking of a simple rule for that. If you want to avoid the difficult terrain by avoiding it, fine. Measure the terrain. You must travel one inch over the top of it to clear it. For every inch above ground level, you lose an inch of horizontal movement.

So, just as an example, a skimmer opts to fly over the terrain rather than risk the difficult terrain check (because he's in a Land Speeder and only has 10 for Front Armor). The difficult terrain is 3" high. The skimmer avoids the difficult terrain check, but his movement is reduced by 4".

>> No.18526038

Another thought... I'm going to have to bash together optional rules for turbo boosters and/or steering improvements. As well as rules for sideswiping competitors and a much more forgiving damage system (because the bastard Leman Russ player is just going to hang back and shove cannonfire up everyone's ass otherwise)

This is going to be complicated.

>> No.18526062

You could always do the Redline thing and make the vehicles outrun the missiles.

>> No.18526065

This is turning more into a wacky races sort of thing than a Reaver Death-race. I am not saying either is better than the other, just that they are very different things.
Wacky races should focus on variety and comedy: lots of different races, lots of vehicles, the more crazy ideas the better.
Reaver death-races would need a system that's a little more serious, and focus on things like traction, acceleration and top speed for the bikes, while testing the riders reflexes, stamina and willingness to do a boatload of drugs (I need to make an overdose chart).

>> No.18526075

>mfw I just downloaded and watched Redline.

>mfw it was GOING FAST: THE MOVIE.

That was balls to the wall awesome, and I usually don't like anime.

>> No.18526078


I think that this system is a good place to start.
It is rather simple, but there are some good ideas in it, in my opinion at least.

Like the fact that the player who is on the first place gets to move first, but he is the last one that is allowed to act during the action phase.

>> No.18526091


That was my reaction too.
I very rarely watch anime, and the ones that I have previously liked have been mostly Miyazaki films. Redline is pure, high octane, glorious speedy awesomeness. Dam I love that movie.

>> No.18526148

Took a look at it. I can't say I'm the biggest fan. It's too... Simple. I can see an item or two I'm going to shamelessly pillage, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Plus, how the hell am I going to have Jump troops in these races unless I make the rules for it myself?

>> No.18526150


I am fine with either one of them.
Though the whacky racing sounds more entertaining.

>> No.18526166

Dead Leaves (Very similar to Redline in some ways. Needs multiple viewing to be fully understood.)

Thank me later.

>> No.18526173


If I ever do anything like this, I'll probably use those rules as the starting point, because although they are very simplistic, it has some useful aspects that I think can be built upon.

>> No.18526176

We need blood ravens deepstriking right into finish line.

>> No.18526188


I think I'm going to be focusing on both, actually. My goal is going to be making a core system that works well and feels consistent while also feeling competitive.

The wacky races type, where everyone can bring whatever model they feel like, or one which focuses specifically on a specific vehicle, will be dictated by the rules. If you want your Reaver deathrace, you'll have it. I'm going to be aiming for about six to eight generic modifications per vehicle-type, with one or two on top of that which are race-specific.

>> No.18526191


I have actually seen Paprika, and I loved it too.
Thanks for reminding me that I need to download it. I would buy it, but I have no idea where to find it in my country, other than ordering it from the Internet, which I am rather reluctant to do.

>> No.18526204

Wacky Races sounds like a great idea for a comedy one-shot or whatever.
Reaver racing would be a cool idea for a more GRIMDARK one-shot or as part of a Dark Heresy campaign.

>> No.18526265


What do you think about having random pick ups in the track like in mario kart?
They could be status changing effects, weapons or some other useful boosts.
I already thought that they could be applied by making some sort of card deck for them, from which the player draws a card upon driving over some sort of marker.

They would probably fit better to the whacky racing thing. I can already imagine a few of them:
>STEEL RAIN: a drop pod full of marines descends to the track and begins to shoot at everyone nearby.
>Black hole IN A BOX: You drop a box containing a black hole.
>Lance stirkes: Orbital laser batteries strike the track.

These would be rather powerful, I know, but I think that they would be also very hilarious. Wouldn't fit in to competitive matches.

>> No.18526310

Racing to get off-planet before Exterminus?

>> No.18526321

>A Chaos Lord appears and atttacks the nearest vehicle.

>> No.18526323

How about giving the track weapon systems that the racers can activate with switches that can only be reached with certain tricks or skilljumps?

Also, the Blood Ravens would never ride anything besides that Hover Bike the Dark Angels 'gave to them'.

>> No.18526346

I'm amazed no one's brought up Twisted Metal yet

>> No.18526348

why dont you just read the fucking codex and then use your fucking common sense to infer such things instead?

>> No.18526350



>> No.18526353

To over the top? This is 40k we're talking about here; Nothing is to over the top!

>> No.18526359


Why don't you read the fucking thread.

>> No.18526377

There need to be rules for the track changing, there is no way Dark Eldar would want to watch people race the same track twice.

>> No.18526388


Random changes in the course of the track? Shifting grav-platforms, tunnels rising from the ground, sudden aerial shifts?

>> No.18526407


Jaunts through factories and assembly lines. Pistons the size of houses hammering down, deadly jets of steam cause you to try and take small, cramped tunnels in the hopes of finding another way out.

>> No.18526413


This thing keeps getting better and better!

>> No.18526435

Wait a minute. Wasn't there a deathwatch thread about building the fastest marine possible? We need this.
Also, one could say that activating some special abilities, such as boosters, need a toughness test to avoid wounds\damage. Also, one should use an ORE-style tracking system for locations, because then we have the turbos ripping clean off of their trukk and slamming into any nearby vehicles.

>> No.18526460

Why even bother with a track? Forcefields could shift and curve constantly like no material ever could.

>> No.18526472

This needs to be incorporated in there somewhere. SOB theme?


>> No.18526475




>> No.18526488

Racing trough unstable webway passages. One slip up, and the rider literally falls into the warp.

>> No.18526539

>Fall into warp
>Go backwards through time
>Win race before it begins

>> No.18526555

>nobody believes you
>you enter the race again to prove it
>turns out you're the asshole that knocked yourself into the warp in the first place.

>> No.18526646

>Get first place. TWICE.
>Become Tzeenchian Daemon Prince for your troubles.
>Go back and convince yourself to get into racing.

>> No.18526744


>> No.18527428

So is our system going to be an ORE thing with a system independent of 40k, or is it going to be modified 40k mini or Deathwatch or somesuch?
I don't know much about 40k but I have some free time today and I'm willing to work on it as soon as we decide on a system.

>> No.18527755

Bumb for awesome thread. I want to be able to play this guys...

>> No.18527782

Death Race 3000.
The old one with Sly Stallone, not the new one with Jason Statham.

>> No.18528046

Awesome thread is archived!

>> No.18528154



>> No.18528373

Well I for one completely misread that. Appropriate, I suppose, given the amount of Dark Eldar in the thread.

>> No.18528402


You are not the only one...

>> No.18528416


>> No.18529014


>> No.18529117

An Angry Marine racer - a drop pod that is launched along the track, a few Angry Marines are clinging to it and they steer it by pushing and pulling with troll physics, like Hulk Hogan did in that one Thunder in Paradise episode to a torpedo.

>> No.18529155


>> No.18529480


German dub, but still

>> No.18529530


That looks very stupid.

>> No.18529610


Thunder in Paradise wasn't exactly quality television

>> No.18530408


>> No.18531379

gonna bumb this in hopes that the night crowd can get something out of the subject.

>> No.18531736

Yay nightcrowd. Hopefully someone who knows how to make systems will show up.

>> No.18533002

Alright, let's start this shit. I'll start with a rough concept and post it in a week when I've finished and everyone has forgotten about it entirely.
You got 5 attributes, alright? Goes Fast, Toughness, Accelerate, Handle, and Maneuver. You are also provided with 30 points to buy these attributes.
Armor: How much plating your machine has.
Toughness: the internal integrity of your machine, used for preventing crits
Accelerate: Amount that speed increases per turn.
Goes Fast: Top speed and likelihood of losing speed if hit.
Handle: How well your machine corners and holds its shit together when it's missing two wheels.
Maneuver: How well your machine can jump, cross terrain, etcetera.

Now armor comes in two types: External, and Internal. External armor is determined by your Armor, and the total number of AP is equal to your armor x3. You then distribute your armor between your top, back, front, and sides. It's important to figure out your machine's weakpoints, because having uber-armor doesn't mean shit if the enemy can get at your soft, turtle-like undercarriage. Your internal armor is special, because you can only hit it on a side with no armor left, and if it's hit, you have to roll (toughness) - (the number of times your armor has been hit previously) to avoid having your shit explode.

Movement is mostly governed by Fast and Acceleration. Your top speed is Fast x3 inches per round, and your speed increases by your acceleration each round, though if you really need to(and trust me, you often will), you can redline your machine, doubling your acceleration and raising your top speed by 1 multiplier(IE x3 to x4) for the round but halving your handling and requiring a toughness save to keep from blowing up your engine.

>> No.18533029

Finally, you're gonna pick your machines traits. Traits are special equipment that do things not covered by the core stats. These include guns, turbo, whatever. Now I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you aren't an idiot. This means that you should know that using faction-specific traits for another, unrelated faction is retarded. Just letting you know.
-5-Inertia Based: the machine is running on inertia, and has no engines. Thus, it starts the race at its top speed and raises its top speed to Fast x4, but has no acceleration score and thus is considered destroyed if it hits 0 speed. This is compatible with Turbo, however.
-3-Basic Turbo: this attaches boosters to a vehicle that allow it to accelerate to full speed for one round, then 2/3rds of full speed next round, then 1/3rds full speed next round. Note that this is a bonus to acceleration, and the vehicle maintains its speed during this time if it is not slowed.
--4-POWER Turbo: These things DOUBLE your top speed and Accel while active, but beware, as your handling and maneuver are reduced to 0 while active, meaning that you will just be ramming into anything and everything.
-3-Ramming: You take half damage on two sides of your vehicle for the purposes of smashing through and into stuff.
-3-Hovering: your machine halves all difficult terrain penalties and is considered to be 1" higher up when making jump tests. Suck it, plebs.
--6-Flying: Your machine can fly, Fuck yeah! It ignores all difficult terrain modifiers and can change altitude in addition to moving normally.
-3-Weapons Platform: Your machine has one Side covered in weapons. These weapons can fire in a 90 degree arc and do 1 damage by default. To hit someone you must make opposed maneuverability checks.

...and onward from there. Welp, g'night Anon, you can expect a better version in 1-2 weeks if I remember.

>> No.18533967


There's an Apocalypse formation that gives effectively Razorwings bladevanes. Stuff like that is why I love Dark Eldar. Even the Orks aren't crazy/awesome enough to fly a supersonic fighter jet three feet above ground to decapitate people with its wings.

>> No.18534212


Cant wait!

>> No.18535557

A mon'keigh like you has no hope of prevailing against a superior eldar pilot like me.
But if you insist, I can entertain you. Let us race!

>> No.18535625



>> No.18535862

I need to find a gaming group that is crazy enough to run things like this.

>> No.18535871

>bike isn't painted red

Oh zog ya grot-lovah wut ar' ya doin'?

>> No.18535901



>> No.18535912


Same here.
Unfortunately I don't even know anyone who PLAYS tabletop games in the first place.

>> No.18536096

I'll post all 15 of my reavers if anyone is interested. I painted most of them in groups of 3, where each group was supposed to represent a different biker gang to give the overall look a sort of flying circus feel.

>> No.18536113


I am certainly interested!

>> No.18536259


Where are the reavers?
I was promised some reavers!

>> No.18536278

Here's Rinzler, my arena champion. He usually flies into battle with a power sword and cluster caltrops.

>> No.18536291

One of rinzler's caltrops toting henchmen. They like to fly over large mobs and rain death before charging back in and finishing off the survivors in melee

>> No.18536293


Hopefully I can get some ideas for my own paint scheme from these.

>> No.18536305

henchman # 2 Due to running a nine strong squad of reavers, I always start them with a haemonculus for the FNP token. The Maemy usually runs off first turn and hops in a Venom with some trueborn.

>> No.18536315

Cron from the Citrus gang.

>> No.18536322

another citrus ganger. I still need to go back and finish painting some of the riders on these guys.

>> No.18536324

the last of the three citrus gangers

>> No.18536342

Sindell used to be the arena champion before her repeated failures made me take away her agonizer (which never really worked in game, like EVER) and just have her as a generic gang leader. I still like the markings on her bike, but damn if this figure didn't always let me down in the games I used her in.

>> No.18536354

One of the Sindel's Sisters gangers. I used 40mm bases for most of these guys so I could do scenic stuff.

>> No.18536383

Belleficient, the third 'Sister ganger. There's an LED light installed by drilling out the back of the engine, then running the wires through the foot pedals and into a clear tube to the base where it connects to a button cell battery. An old beam saber from a gundam kit lights up pretty awesome with the LED. The whole thing glows, but it gets brighter closer to the engine.

>> No.18536413

CLU is the areana champion that leads my second squad of reavers when I feel like running all 15 of them. He's been pretty handy with a venom blade and seems do do particularly well against 'nids. I was trying to go for a Tron look here, but I dont't really think it worked as well as I'd like.

>> No.18536428

Cyrus was painted by a friend of mine who also runs DE

>> No.18536452

I let another friend paint Slice here. Thee was supposed to be a glowing effect from the control display, but it ended up looking like she just flew face-first into a large bug. It doesn't look that great, but it helped me get everything painted, so I can't complain.

>> No.18536473

There's three reavers painted up in Red Death ganger schemes. They look pretty much alike so I won't post them all.

>> No.18536495

Here's another project mixing the old DE reaver jetbike with a craftworld jetbike and a new DE reaver kit. It looks like something a haemonculi or archon should ride, but unfortunately, they can't do that in the new 'dex.

>> No.18536562

Those reavers are all fucking gorgeous.
Thanks for posting them!

>> No.18536569

one of the greatest games I'd ever played of 40K was my bike heavy DE army versus this magnificent cult of speed army. Dude customized each bike and buggy to be unique

>> No.18536587

If you look close, you'll notice the use of some hot wheels cars, the bike and side car from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and an Ork haging off the handlebars of an ROTJ Scout Bike

>> No.18536595


>> No.18536601


>> No.18536606


>> No.18536613


>> No.18536655


holy hell...
That takes some dedication.

>> No.18536684

The orks had first turn and shot up two of my raiders carrying wyches, then pummeled the contents to half strength. On my turn, I turbo boosted my three reaver squads (I borrowed some from the other local DE player at the games day event) over his bikes, dropping off an obscene amount of cluster caltrops attacks on his warbikes, ignoring the nobs for the moment. Then my razorwings unleashed hell on his bikes. His second turn, he managed to catch a bike squad I left too close to his nobz and nearly slaughtered them, leaving only one bike and an arena champion to fight the next round, though they managed to take out one nob and wound another in the process. My second turn was mainly staying the fuck away from the nobz and mopping up the leftover warbikes while my razorwings went after the buggies, knocking out the flamers on both. After that, I managed to lure his nobs closer to my deployment zone where the five remaining wyches managed to kill them with shard nets and agonizers. My last two battered bike squads cought up with his warbosses and had a nasty two rounds where eventually Rinzler managed to slay the last warboss with a few well placed power sword hits. I managed to wipe him out on the back half of turn 5 with less than a quarter of my army remaining.

>> No.18536745


Sounds awesome.
Thanks for sharing those pics.

>> No.18536817

Holy crap dude. Dem Reavers. Dem ork bikers. You've done damn good. Hell, I think I'll steal some of those paintjobs for some of my Reavers.

>> No.18536845

Yes, but how long before the Orks decide they NEED to be in this race? Could you imagine? A bunch of Orks, mad as hell that these little whatchamacallems having all this fun and going fast and fighting?

If they ever decide to hold this race on the middle of an Ork world, you better know some Evil Sunz are gonna join the race in the middle of it, as soon as they figure out what it is.

Really, I think we just need a Wacky Races/Mario Kart type 40K game.

>> No.18536849

Fuck me, the mental images... the mental images. I need more goddamn Reaver jetbikes.


>> No.18536852


Same here.
Dam son, I am impressed. Your reavers look really great.

>> No.18536869



This whole concept is pure gold.

>> No.18536911


>Could they hold these races in other places than Commorragh?

I could imagine races being held on worlds that were facing destruction.

Something like the "players on the Eve of Destruction" in consider phlebas.

>> No.18536915

>that one smug Dark Eldar announcer/commentator with the badass voice

>> No.18536933

> his 'folksy' ork co-commentator

>> No.18536941

So pod-racing, more or less.

>> No.18536961


>> No.18536981


The final championship is held on a world facing exterminatus, to the one webway gate offworld, programmed to shut down after it is used once.

>> Everyone shooting everyone
>> Dodging orbital lance strikes
>> Going around entire geographical areas to avoid continent-sized explosions
>> Hundreds of racers dying every minute
>> Avoiding the whatever-the-hell made the planet face Exterminatus to begin with.
>>Last handful of survivors engaging ALL THE BOOST PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE to outrun the blastwave of atmospheric ignition before it destroys the gate

>> No.18537006

> Occasional surprise appearances of the man, the myth, the force of nature: Doomrider

>> No.18537008

Earthquakes too. Like the ones in the new Motorstorm.

>> No.18537020



>> No.18537022


>> No.18537033



>> No.18537044

Reading through this thread while listening to the Redline OST beats having sex I think. I think Imma go buy a racing game or something tomorrow.

>> No.18537074


If I ever do a game like this, you bet that will be the final race.
It could actually be quite epic campaign. The players could start as lowly racers, with bare bones vehicles, and through victories get reputation and dosh to upgrade their machines.
I imagine that it could fit to a rogue trader campaign. The players get captured by the Dark Eldar, and are forced to race in the deadliest race against other captured humans, orks, dark eldar, corsairs and perhaps even chaos forces. They could become minor superstars in the Commorraghian racing scene, and their final race would earn their freedom.

All the while the archon behind this is just organizing the whole race for shit and giggles.

>> No.18537081


>> No.18537092

Meanwhile the race is being televised all over the galaxy, from Terra to Commoragh and the Eye of Terror

>> No.18537101

That car.

>> No.18537111


It has already been archived.

>> No.18537134

All I keep thinking of here is Twisted Metal 40k. We need a Calypso in this game IMO.

>> No.18537143

I seriously love you guys.

>> No.18537165

god dammit, now I want to play a racing game, but I have no racing games

>> No.18537198

Why play racing games when you can play Tribes: Ascend and get something very similar? Jetpacking, frictionless skiing, jetbiking, jet-ing death and destruction.

>> No.18537207

Because this thread is about RACING, not CAPTURE THE PRETTY STICK

>> No.18537219

Get a jetbike, then crash into people. Who cares about the flag when you just want to go fast?

>> No.18537239


I would play that game...

>> No.18537243

Each has their place, anon. They each give a different experience, and are fun for similar but subtly different reasons. Tribes is fun because it lets you shoot shit while going fast; combat racing games are fun because they let you go fast while shooting shit.

And as one anon pointed out, most racing games don't have a CTF mode, which is all to the good in my opinion.

>> No.18537244

Question: Tribes is a game about going fast

People in discussion threads often compare how fast each of them is capable of going.

Why is there no flat-out race mode in the game? I mean, fucking halo had a race mode, why not tribes

>> No.18537252

.....Could I join your game if you do run it?

>> No.18537268

>that feel when the Tau enter the race and get utterly devasted by everything and everyone while they are trying to make good with the Tyranid racers

>> No.18537277

....perhaps...some day in the far future, when I have more free time...
Then we shall race.

>> No.18537285

"Greetings oh carapaced fellow-racer! It's a glorious day to feel the wind under your grav-pods, is it no-"


>> No.18537478


Those Reavers are awesome. They got me to painting my remaining bikes. I still have some unpainted old DE bikes that I've slightly converted, and a converted jetbike Farseer I just finished (I just stuck a High Elf mage onto a jetbike. It fits with only a little greenstuffing of the arms). I'm not quite sure if I should paint them the same colour as my other Reavers and Wytches or something completely different.

>> No.18537488


>The admech racer.

>> No.18537501


>> No.18537514


If he is the mechanicus racer, to which faction do these two belong?

>> No.18537566

here is how to do this in tabletop terms.
1) Everyone gets three bikes of their faction, They all have to be the same bike type, but they can be equipped in any way, ignoring the squad size weapon limits.
2) Any points not spent on your three bikes or upgrades can go into specials. Each bike has a single, built-in turbo boost that can be used once per game with no side effects. Turbo boosts will move a bike 24" no matter what type it is. Additional turbo-boosts may be purchased for a bike at 10 points each. For every turbo boost used by a contestant after the first, roll a d-6. On a 1 or 2, the bike (or rider) couldn't take the strain and crashes.
3) Additional points can be spent on combat drugs. 10 points each for:
ALDRENALEX: A model with this drug will always strike first in melee clashes. If both models have aldrenalex, they strike at the same time.
'SLAUGHT: Grants the model FNP, though they may not attack using ranged weaponry.
HYPEX: Roll 3 dice and take the highest when in full throttle mode
DEATHEYE: Grants the model BS2

>> No.18537601

Dark Eldar?
I am not sure though.
The mental image is hilarious however.

>> No.18537611

imperial assassins.

>> No.18537623

The game is played on a 3' x 10' area marked out on the floor, (unless you have a table large enough) which is littered with terrain of all sorts. There race has a player that will both act as a game referee as well as control a 500 point army (this must follow the army faction's FOC) that attempts to kill any racers they can get to. They can set up anywhere outside a 2" area from the starting line. Each of the contestant players' bikes count as a separate squad. At the start of the game, all the contestants roll a die to decide who moves their bikes first. The referee player will then attack with his forces after all the contestants have had a turn.

>> No.18537642

Lynchman has to be Dark Eldar. He caught up with his car. While chased by Roboworld troopers. ON FOOT. That fucker has I10 for sure.

>> No.18537654

My two cents:
I've not got this 100% figured out but I think this game could benefit from some old school 'luck' points. Each vehicle gets a certain amount of luck points, which can be used to employ 'special moves'. Eg, 'High oktane fuel' for Orks. The head mek injects a can of seriously unstable promethium directly into the engine; this can lend an extra burst of speed for an overtake, or it could fail and slow it down for a few moments (petrol squiggs got caught in the injection system or something) Some kind of test needs to be worked out to see if this fails, partially succeeds, or catastrophically fails.
In addition to the special moves, luck points can be spent to make you corner faster, boost your chances with an overtake and avoid enemy attacks.
How's that sound?

>> No.18537674

but from character standpoint he is more of a grimdark Batman/Capt.Falcon.

>> No.18537692

maybe Cypher?

>> No.18537698

The object of the game is to rack up the most points. You get 10 points per infantry model killed from the referee's army, 50 points for taking out a vehicle, and 20 points for taking out another contestant. The first bike to cross the finish line gets 100 points, second gets 50. You tally the points together from all three bikes at the end of the race. Some of the rules from normal 40k are changed:
1) Assaulting any unit no longer locks them in combat for the next turn.
2) The game has no turn limit other than whenever the first contestant reaches the finish line.
3) All contestant players start on one end of the board at the edge of the table. You may place them anywhere not within an inch of an enemy model.
4) Models may not fire or attack another contestant until the start of turn 2

>> No.18537702

>>Lights are Red
Abaddon smirks behind the wheel of a new ultradoommegadestroyer class landraider.
"There is no way i will lose this time, SPACE MARINES!! ahahahaAHAHA

>>Lights turn yellow
Abaddon grabs a firm grip on the....hold on..
To his horror, Abaddon realizes that he cannot grasp the wheel as he has no arms!!

>>Lights turn green! GO!
In an act of defiance, Abaddon pushes the pedal to the metal and crashes straight to the wall in the first curve.


>> No.18537719

>The first bike to cross the finish line gets 100 points

Nah, you should get way more points than 100 for crossing the line. Try 1000.

>> No.18537752


Sounds good.

>> No.18537811

>I'm cooking up a DH campaign with motorcycle gangs and orks on a desert planet for an upcoming game
>mfw this thread

>ork bike gang called Sons of Anorky
Feel free to just, you know, shoot me now for that.

>> No.18537814

all contestants have a 5+ invulnerable save.
Bikes neither turbo boosting nor shooting may go full throttle (run) by rolling a d-6 and moving that distance.
Any faction can take a non-named HQ character (Captain, Commissar, Archon, Overlord, Daemon Prince, Crisis Suit Commander) and put them on a bike for the cost of an un-upgraded bike.
Unfortunately, tyranids are out of the race, not having a bike equivalent. Tau use Piranahs and tetras for bikes

Any vehicle being used as a bike that normally has an armor value (Tetras, Pirhanahs, Land Speeders, Blood Angel Rhinos) can be used but counts it as T6 with a 3+ save instead of armor 10.

If an HQ character is piloting the bike, then they may upgrade the bike with whatever wargear they themselves can use in addition to the bike's normal allowed wargear.

>> No.18537821


I assume the drug that gives BS is supposed to be B 5 (hits on 2+) rather than BS2. Also, I'd let Reavers keep their 36 inch turboboost, as they're a lot more fragile than any other bike (all other bikes have a 3+ save, exept Screamers of Tzeetch which have a 5++ save, while Reavers have a 5+ one). Since turboboosting could only be used for a limited amount of times, the extra speed shouldn't imbalance things too much (and would be balanced out by not getting save against any other bikes' weapons).

>> No.18537871 [DELETED] 

>Unfortunately, tyranids are out of the race, not having a bike equivalent

We can have them stealing some necron ship, or just scatter them around the track and make them attack the racers

>> No.18537873

all dark and craftworld eldar jetbikes already have a boost to speed in that they can move 6" in the assault phase even if not assaulting. So they can move 12" in the move phase, go full throttle up to 6" in the shooting phase, then move an extra 6" without even having to turbo boost. DE bikes even have a free random combat drug, being wych type units. Not to mention you can stick a damn ARCHON on a bike if you feel like dumping a lot of points into it.

>> No.18537875


Are the all bikes?
So no Ork buggies speeding around?

I think that it would be a good mechanic to allow heavier vehicles, who would be more resilient to damage to enter the competition.
They would be slower, off course, but more survivable.

No leman russes or something like that of course.

>> No.18537876

>Unfortunately, tyranids are out of the race, not having a bike equivalent

We can have them steal some necron ship, or just scatter them around the track and make them attack the racers

>> No.18537892

>Implying a special breed of gaunt isn't released 4 seconds after the race starts and chases the main pack, eating anyone who falls behind.

>> No.18537898

Ork buggies can still be used, but as in >>18537814 count as t6 with a 3+ save.
>>18537876 'Nids can still be the "defending" army

>> No.18537919


Someone earlier in this thread already mentioned using tyranids as a random element in the races.

There was also discussion about implementing random pick ups like in the mario kart games. So when a player would drive over a certain marker in the track, he would, for example, draw a card from the random pick up deck. They could be stat boosts, weapons or other useful things. OR they might be completely silly stuff like having a drop pod of marines enter the track, and start shooting up the place.

>> No.18537989


Corsairs of course!
An amazing pair of Eldar bounty hunters who have have never missed their target cause they are so fast!

>> No.18538011

So grey knights can only field 3 rhinos and lose the remaining points they can't upgrade with? Why not allow them to take a Jokaero made bike from codex marines that costs ten points more for the upgrade for the jokaero's workmanship (roll a die and consult the chart in the codex for each bike)

>> No.18538012


What about this pair of lovely ladies? Which faction?

>> No.18538070


Now we need to playtest this shit

>> No.18538079

so when do we start playtesting this shit?

>> No.18538093


>> No.18538106


>> No.18538108

>mfw there will never be races like this in real life.

That would be something I'd be willing to actually watch. Instead all we have is some boring formula 1 with shitty repetitive tracks, no turbo boosting nor weapons.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for video games, and possibly this homebrew if it gets made.

>> No.18538189



>> No.18538203

Times like this makeme really wish destroyers were still jetbikes.

>> No.18538229



>> No.18538254


>> No.18538267


I know man. I would pay to fund a game like this.

>> No.18538276

Anyone wanna hop on VASSAL, give this a test-run?

>> No.18538319

And he's brought the DOOOM TITAN

>> No.18538338


Your inferior technology can only bring forth your own defeat mon'keigh!
Prepare to be humiliated in the contest of speed by the glorious team Saim-Hann

>> No.18538354


Same thing here.
I fucking need this game!
After watching Redline no existing racing game can satisfy me anymore.

>> No.18538389

xxX-++-RAVENWING-++-Xxx Has Joined the Game

>> No.18538405


>> No.18538415


>> No.18538420



>> No.18538428

lol, lern 2 play n00b

>> No.18538437

>Become Calypso
>Create Twisted Metal

Its that fucking simple. Are you fucking retarded or something?

>> No.18538438


Clearly they are Fabulous Slaaneshi cultists. I mean, just look at their fucking car.

>> No.18538443


>> No.18538459


And their clothes. And that trick the one did with her tongue... Totaly daemonettes dedicated to the pleasures of racing.

>> No.18538495

Well, fuck.
This race is ruined.

Call it a day, chaps?

>> No.18538511


>> No.18538526


What about this dude?
Another admech racer?

>> No.18538540

Dark mechanicus

>> No.18538548

Fine, but don't come crying to me when the Harlequins "just happen" to win "by chance".

Fucking clown-gypsies.

>> No.18538579

Hopefully someone actually manages to build a system for this.
I'd do it myself, if I had any experience with system making.

>> No.18538587

Someone posted some rules for converting it up in the thread, but we need to test them

>> No.18538622

The guy in the gorilla tank is obviously one of the Adeptus Arbites.

>> No.18538659



>> No.18538671

Apparently we hit the bumb limit.
Fortunately this thread was archived.

>> No.18539796

The Imperial Guard would obviously field Jurgen in a Salamander.

>> No.18540187

It's not that nothing's too over the top, it's that over the top is part of the fun.

If I knew you guys I would buy all of you a beer... it's just that awesome. Mfw [picture related]

Here's my take on it, they use some sort of webway or other portal-device to hop between multiple worlds. Think about it, first 2 miles of the race are in Commoragh, 3 miles through Catachan, another 2 being in Armageddon, or maybe have a section that's underwater, having to dodge hungry sharks or whales passing through (or their alien equivalents).
There could be parts of the race that take place in the atmosphere of a gas giant, bringing up images of Bespin's Cloud City...

They wouldn't be racing along a predetermined track, they'd be racing from one ring/portal to the next. Whatever it takes to make it to the next stargate jump.

>> No.18540220


>mfw imagining the racers rapidly jumping through portals, to other worlds, while trying to blast the ever living shit out of each other.

That would be quite hard to implement on the tabletop however. Unless you have all the tracks already prepared, or a very quick at building a new one.

>> No.18540375

Well, yeah, it'd have to be planned beforehand, but I was just daydreaming, wasn't thinking of awesome visuals.

>> No.18540403

> I was just daydreaming of awesome visuals rather than game implementation.

I need to proofread before submitting, derp.

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