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Alright. So you are one of 26 Blood Angels (and one Flesh Tearer, Brother Librarian Arbun) sent in this new founding to the Targon System on the only habitable world of Targon Prime. The planet has one small fortress that was more the ceremonial residence that, with the handover of the system to us, is now ours. The former Planetary Governor is now one of our attendants, he commands the PDF under us.

Since our arrival we have gone on hunts for some of the local fauna and now each brother has a mighty drinking horn of a large beast. Each brother is to take time to make each horn his own, be it with carving or gold smithing, and a hat made of the skull of a much smaller creature of the northern mountains.

Now that we have established relations with the local clans we have more work to do.

Your Chapter Master to be stands in his office in the fortress. Looking over maps and charts.

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The value of another quest thread,
especially one with spess mehrains,
is as such


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rolled 45 = 45


Indrick Baldeale

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He looks over land formations with much scrutiny. he is looking for a place to construct the chapter's Fortress-Monastery. The northern mountains of our single continented world of Targon Prime would be to difficult to constructs and limit our movement on our world. The Dessert expanse on the eastern cape is unsuitable with its constant sandstorms that could damage our weapons systems. So, the master has chosen a place on the fertile planes of the south and central region. But more in the northeast. So we could be close to both the clans of the north mountains, the central planes and the eastern dessert.

He commands one of the tech priests to begin drafting plans for its construction.

He turned to you now. The assembled brothers in the hall.
"Brothers, now that our own needs have been satisfied until Commander Dante sends us our extra needed materials soon we have little to worry about. But now, we need to worry about the Defense of our new planet. The PDF, under the old leadership is woefully under equipped and trained. We shall go and inspect them at the main training center in the south. Bring your weapons brothers, we will need to give them something to go by, we shall be the example"

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He said to bring weapons. He said nothing about armor. We fight this battle naked.

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The chaplain chastises you for your insolence.

You all make your way into the chapter thunderhawk, our only vehicle, and fly southward. Landing at an encampment. Here you see a area with a wood palisade surrounded by tents and a large area that is a mix of weapons ranges and obstetrical courses.

You now can see the truth of the PDF. Willing men, but pitifully under equipped. The issued Armor is ragged and older then most of the men in them. Old weak Lasguns abound and almost no heavy weapons.

The master just shakes his head.

"Looks like we have alot of work ahead of us, brothers. Where would you suggest we start?"

Brother Arbun, acting Chief Librarian speaks up.

"Perhaps the brothers should see the camp themselves, each speaking to them men, instructing them as well as asking questions about the current state of affairs."

"Alright, you know your duty brothers, go on."

Roll 4 d6 to see your results.

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rolled 1, 1, 5, 5 = 12


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