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I would like to take the time to say that I'm not actually normally interested in most RPs(mostly due to not having any friends that like /tg/-esque stuff).

I was reading some of the archived threads about LARPing and have become mildly interested in doing it, however the fact that it'll look silly and that I'll know absolutely no one is becoming a bit of a turn off.

So /tg/ I come to you for advice. I don't know anything about the LARPing community where I'm living near(San Fran); in fact I don't know anything about LARPing in general aside from the whole "I put on my robe and wizard hat" style and play sword fights.

Can you all advise and convince me that it's worth going to?

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NERO is the LARP that I've been attending for the last couple of months, and it's pretty cool because they have a ton of chapters all over the united states.

Check Nerolarp.com for event dates and the rulebook.

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To make it short, there groups of players, the PCs and the NPCs. The first time you play at NERO as a PC, you play for free, but each subsequent event will run you 45-50 bucks. When you PC, you play as your character and interact with other player characters.

Playing as a NPC, on the other hand, is always free, and while you typically just play as a monster the whole time, you still get experience, and possibly magical items, for one of your characters.

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Ouch, fifty bucks? The local LARP over here is something like twenty-five for the entire year. Also, do they supply those weapons or what? I read something along the lines of making weapons myself, and that seems like too much effort.

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There are quite a few different races, and four different classes:
Barbarian, Biata (Bird-people), Drae (Dark Elves), Dwarves, Elves (High elves, Stone elves, Wood elves, and Wild elves. Each one is slightly different), Gypsy, Half Ogre, Half Orc, Hobling (Essentially a Hobbit or Halfling), Human, Mystic Wood Elf (Actually decendants of Satyr, but don't tell them that), Sarr (Predator Cat-people. Refer to them as Gorbet), and Scavenger (Every human-animal hybrid race. Scavengers can't be Hunter Cats, and typically can't be Birds, due to possibility of confusing them with being a Sarr or Biata).

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Yeah, but how many people attend the local one? Ten? Twenty? Nero typically has a minimum of 60 players, not counting NPCs, and the Canadian chapter sometimes has events with several hundred people. Weapons are not provided, though you could probably buy a cheap one off of a Smith at your local chapter for around 15 bucks.

If you want to make your own, it's basically PVC pipe wrapped in Camping foam, with Open cell foam on the striking areas and tip.

Back to the races.

Each race has it's own quirks or special abilities for purchase (They cause BP, or Build points). The list is quite extensive, but basically, Elves get archery for half cost, gypsies can cast the Gypsy curse, Dwarves/Barbarians/Ogres/Orcs start with extra health, Sarr and Scavengers can resist poision, and Humans get diddly squat, but have have no disadvantages either.

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Hmm. Is martial skill involved at all? Or is it just gonna be a bunch of dudes standing still attacking each other with foam weapons? I'm a bit of a fencer so I'm wondering if I'm allowed to move back and forth and what have you.

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Nero does look fantastically neat, but the nearest one is a four hour drive away. Definitely not something I can manage. I had begun to hammer out the schematics of a LARP system, due to a few interesting factors about the lower end of SC.

1) Land: Land has a tendency to be notoriously cheap, netting you a few acres for a small savings, while still being within a 30m drive of most areas.

2)Lazy/Broke: Nero's got a hell of a cost, and while chartering one would no doubt bring a fairly quality game, the players wouldn't be falling over themselves to get out there. The only reason I know this for this area is that I attend almost all of the sanctioned Vampire/etc games here (and have for about five years). Shelling out 5$ a month for game is unspeakable for these people. Luckily however, these people will pay ludicrous amounts of money for costumes (and I'd imagine, boffers).

3)Players: We've got plenty of em' in Charleston and the surrounding areas (luckily unbeknownst to some larger gaming chains).

Also the prospect of writing out a finished system seems really interesting, though I've gotten no help so far. :V

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There are four different Classes in NERO-
Fighter, Rogue, Scholar, and Templar.

Before I go into detail, you need to know that Magic users have a limit on the number of spells they can use per day, while Melee fighters can swing a sword all day long. The bonus is, Melee fighters can get special attacks, like Assasinations or Slays, which do a massive amount of damage once per day.

The fighter is your generic All-mele no funny business magic class. The cost for combat skills is cheaper for them, and they are able to wear more armor to start. The downside is, Magic and other Scholarly skills cost a considerable extra amount of Build Points.

Rogues are exactly what they sound like: They can get alchemy skills more cheaply, and are typically well-versed in the use of Traps and Assasination abilities. While you don't have to be a Rogue to steal from someone, being one does make it easier to Gank unsuspecting players.

Scholars are the Magic-user class (I'll explain magic in a bit). For them, Magic skills comes EXTREMELY cheap, but most scholars have little to no melee skill- once they run out of spells, they're sitting ducks. Standard LARP rules thus apply - Keep the Healer alive, and kill their sorcerers first.

Templars are the final class, and though it sounds like the name is religious, Religion is strictly banned at NERO. But I digress, Templars are the mix between Fighters and Scholars, and they have the best of both worlds. While their melee skills are more expensive than a Fighter, most of their magic skills are rather cheap, which really helps. Templars can put out a massive amount of damage through combination of Offensive magic and Melee skill, though the class is very slow to get rolling. Unfortunately, they usually just cant match the tanking ability of the Fighter. Think of the Templar like a Ret or Holy paladin in WoW.

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You'd be susprised- Many of us regularly drive 2-4 hours just to get to a game, and some people do that several times a month. Hardcore nerdage, man.

Part of the benifit of having a merchant stall and selling real-world items is that it can help pay for the cost of attending NERO. I sell glassware, like mugs, cups, vials, beakers, and even wine glasses. Last event I made enough money to pay for the next event.

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By 'can't manage', I mean I don't have a car...

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Magic in NERO is a bit complicated, but long story short, there are two different kinds: Celestial magic, and Earth magic. I'll start with Earth.

Earth magic is "Natural magic", drawing from the power of Tyrra herself. Essentially, it equates to Holy magic, and is used to heal people and kill undead. Earth magic spells can be cast as Chaos magic spells, however: For example, if you have a level 1 Earth spell slot, you can cast it as either Cure Light Wounds or Cause Light Wounds. However, using the Chaos form is Illegal (that is, in game it's frowned upon) in many places, because it is linked to, and can be used to cast Necromancy.

Celestial magic is typically used for DPS. A caster from this school can cast things like fireball, lightning bolt, etc. It does have a few buff spells, but not nearly as much as Earth magic does.

The cool thing about NERO is that you're not restricted to one school of magic or one set of skills because of your class. If you get enough experience, you could hypothetically buy every single skill, and have a full set of every school of magic. However, doing so would be EXTREMELY difficult, and I don't believe it has ever actually been accomplished.

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Go on the forums. You might find someone who lives near you who does who'd be willing to carpool.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. For now, I dump Warhammer pics.

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Sorry, I missed your post.
Actually, martial skill is VERY important. Several of the players are actually trained martial artists, and they typically dominate in combat and duels, because they are the best. NERO combat heavily focuses on hitting the opponent, because if you hit a valid target, you deal damage. However, landing the first blow is by no means assurance of victory.

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Think you skipped over my earlier question but I'll repeat it. Would being actually skillful in sword/weapon-play be beneficial? As in, can I parry and riposte?

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Neat. So could I essentially beat higher leveled players with just mere skill? Or am I destined to lose every time?

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Typically, a higher-level character will be able to beat a newbie, but that's to be expected: Starting health is Fighter-8, Rogue-5, Templar-5. Scholar-4
In other words, my Level 4 Character Silas can one-shot a level 2 unarmored Rogue, Templar or Scholar. However, armor makes a difference.

Fighters get up to 20 armor to start, Rogues and Templars get 15, and Scholars 10.

However, if you're playing in full costume, your character can wear an additional 5 points (but you still need to represent it to use it).

So if you had the right weapon, and were skilled enough, you could defeat an opponent several levels higher than you through sheer skill alone.

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Sounds fun. Normally I'd be opting for a rapier, however it seems like those would be fairly useless verse other weapons. Is it possible for a Rogue to use a spear?

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The way it works is Armor health is used up before Body Health, but armor can be refitted to full capacity by taking 60 seconds to adjust and refit your armor.

Leather armor gives 1 per piece, 3 if it's a chest or back plate.

Chain gives 2 per piece, 6 if its a chest or back plate

Plate gives 3 per piece, 9 if it's a chest or back plate.

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Yes. I know a rogue who uses a halberd.

Now, just because YOU can use a certain weapon doesn't mean your character can. A rapier would require the 1H Edged skill, which as a rogue would be 5BP for a rogue. Now, that would only buy it for one hand- you'd need to buy it a second time to use your rapier in your offhand.

Now, while buying each weapon skill individually can be a pain, there are two skills that, while very expensive for starting players, are extremely useful: Weapon master (Allows use of ALL non-ranged weapons with one hand), and Style master (Allows Dual-wielding, wielding in either hand, and the use of a shield). I recommend getting Style master first, because it costs less BP.

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Yes. I know a rogue who uses a halberd.

Now, just because YOU can use a certain weapon doesn't mean your character can. A rapier would require the 1H Edged skill, which as a rogue would be 5BP for a rogue. Now, that would only buy it for one hand- you'd need to buy it a second time to use your rapier in your offhand.

Now, while buying each weapon skill individually can be a pain, there are two skills that, while very expensive for starting players, are extremely useful: Weapon master (Allows use of ALL non-ranged weapons), and Style master (Allows Dual-wielding, wielding in either hand, and the use of a shield). I recommend getting Style master first, because it costs less BP.

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While the latter is tempting, it could be put off for the former. Mostly because fencing style requires I don't use an off-hand.

What are the general rules for "costumes"? The armor and costumes I'm assuming are both integrated.

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Whoops, integrated with one another.

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Yes and no. If you're wearing full armor the whole 2.5 days, you're going to be miserable, but yes, you'd get the armor bonus. Personally, I only wear partial armor, so that you can see the rest of my clothes. That way, I get the bonus, and my hand-made costume is still visible.

Basically, if what you're wearing looks like something that would fit the game setting (in other words, not street clothes), you should do OK.

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I see. I'll admit it's pretty intimidating I am also interested, not that it matters much considering the NERO LARP in SF is actually on hiatus.

Thanks for the info regardless!

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No problem, and if you ever make it to the Ohio region, hit me up on the Nero Cincy forum.

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5 magic, 5 magic! 4 Silver!

Magic death! Magic death! I grant you the gift of death! I grant you the gift of death! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

You will get owned as a new character. High level characters can do more damage per hit, have more hit points, more armor, and more magic (spells, use activated items, etc) than you will have for years.

There is almost literally nothing you can do about it, except align yourself with an existing group for protection (or hope no one bothers killing you for giggles). And since the NPCs have to be made to give the high level characters a little bit of challenge, they will own you as a low level character.

It is a touch based system (any touch counts), but if your weapon touches their weapon before it hits you, it counts as a parry. (So yes, flailing your weapons back and forth really fast is an effective defense.) And if you use a shield, they can claim you are "turtling," if you are good at defense. (Actually that can happen when using melee weapons as well.)

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>NPCs have to be made to give the high level characters a little bit of challenge, they will own you as a low level character.

This is not necassarially true. If you go on a module (Like a private dungeon) as a low level character, it's not very likely that the plot team will continuously throw Liches at you.

However, I would have to say that, as in all games like this, it's better to start with PVE, and then move up to PVP.

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And NERO in part is expensive because of the larger network.

That's because part of their money goes towards the organization. Local games run in the $40-$60 range on the East Coast, but those are games that aren't having to devote part of their profits to a national organization.

NERO's one of the oldest mass-run systems, and quality varies. The Cinci guys are near the top of the charts IMHO, but you see some chapters that have kept things up over the years, like PRO in PA. NERO's had plenty of failed chapters, though for various reasons- and a splitoff group, Alliance is doing well on their own merits. I've been to good NERO chapters and bad ones.

Just like different McDonald's can actually be recognizably different in quality depending on who owns them, NERO games are as well. (Ditto Amtgard, Dagorhir, etc.). Local organization really matters. IMHO, some games would be better WITHOUT national.

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Heh. On the other hand, game stats only go so far.

I've seen people who were used to taking down immense plot-monsters with all the shinies dropped by a pack of well-planning newbies.

One thing about NERO is that virtually everyone can be two-shotted.I've watched a big fighter-type get caught by a half-dozen NPC's playing goblins (about as "cannon fodder" as it gets with a low-level spellcaster shaman.

They chewed him to pieces by inches. My worst nightmare playing in a NERO-style system was a bunch of skinnyfast NPC's with a few missile weapons and low-level spells. A group of PC's in the same line of thought can be equally if not more effective, especially if armed with alchemy and scrolls. Sorta like a bunch of guerillas with RPG's disabling a tank.

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Oh my, I must say the NERO system sounds much better than I'd expected.

But i gotta know, is is just a... "PVE" system?
Round here generally the only NPC*s are Rumormongers (GM's handing out clues, riddles, gently helping player generated plots along and arbitrating rule questions)
All factions are players run and controlled.

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