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advise guardsmanan
a fix bayonetan
for the emprahan.

anyway, heres my 1500 list, a little retooled from the advise the one guy who posted gave. infantry squads deployed combined for nice solid 30 dude tarpits. plenty of snipers in there to get some pins for an extra turn of shooting.
flamer squads to chew on the enemy's gibbets if they do get stuck in against those guard blobs.
basilisks to pound the fuck out of everything that dosent have the stones to get stuck in.
medusas and missile squad to cope with tanks.

sorta playing with the idea of cutting one basilisk in favor of one more infantry squad and making them 20/20/20 instead of 30/30

pretty wide variety of armies at the FLGS so I tried to keep it fairly flexible while sticking to the dudes and artillery theme, because fuck tanks.

just wanna make sure I didnt make retarded mistakes or accidentally the cheese.

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TG seems to love warhammer in general, but why do I only ever see Tau or IG love?

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Because the Imperium of Man is made mostly of douchebags, Orkz are undisputedly awesome and therefore don't need as many threads to debate that, Chaos are saturday morning cartoon villains and the Necrons are... well, I liked them better before the change.

And I guess there's also the eldar, but nobody really cares about the eldar.

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IG are the most human and relateable. Tau pull in the white knights and pinky coms, traditionally loud fanbases. also, neither of them have to cope with being recolored muhreens.

that said, if you never see muhreen love you don't look to hard.

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Show your respect for the men and women who lay down their lives so that we may live another day in safety, you spineless dogs!

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