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Would /tg/ watch a live action w40k movie? Even if it was small box office?

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Yeah. I would. Especially if it was focused on the Inquisition or Imperial Guard.

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Probably but I doubt it'd be any good. Scifi needs a budget.

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That one look pretty good.
And no, I'm not one of the producer or anything that try to do some publicity for his own project.

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I'm not all of /tg/ but I probably wouldn't.

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>gaunt's ghost movie
>Liam Neeson as Gaunt
>Hugh Jackman as Rawne


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>if it was focused on the Inquisition or Imperial Guard.
this, if it was marines, no, I probably wouldn't hurry to watch it.

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ITT we discuss plot lines for an inquisition movie.

Do we take the extreme grimdark approach and have a world be cut off from support by the inquisition in the face of invasion for the simple sake of ease of planning?

Or the more subdued from of inquisition corruption being purged by Ordo Hereticus

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That's actually an important quality, I think. I remember Plinkett making the point in his "Phantom Menace" review that a movie set in a weird space fantasy world generally needs to have a main character who's just an ordinary guy for the audience to connect and empathize with. And despite GW's hardon for Mehreens, I doubt they'd be able to fill that role without seriously altering their established lore.

The protagonist would ideally be from some backwater world where few people have even heard of Tyranids/Necrons/Daemons/whatever-the-movie's-villain-is, who either gets drafted into the Guard or gets chosen to serve under an Inquisitor after he passes some secret test of character or something.

Could be fun.

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It could follow the heroics of a local guard general defending the planet and holding the xenos at bay only to have contact cut off from the supply chains from local worlds and have the inquisition inform him of their decision and the lack of ships to evacuate the populace.

Then everything goes to chaos, which is why the eldar show up.

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Only if the story itself was one worth watching.

Live action or not, if the film is something I can watch without having turn off my brain and just be entertained by shiny things moving on a screen, then it might be worth it. The last film certainly was nothing but a waste of time, so there's not exactly a good track record from the official side of things.

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40k, as a setting, is epic, there;s no other way to describe it, everything is enormous, million-man charges, titans the size of skyscrapers, countless trillions of citizens.

In order for the film to be good, it has to stay true to this, so it has to be epic.

And that is fucking expensive, there'd be an outrageous amount of cgi, and that will have to be very high-quality, the costumes would also require high levels of detail, also expensive, power armour etc. has to be made out of expensive materials, you'll need hundred of extras, so on and so forth.

All this shit? Expensive.

If it had the required enormous budget?
Hell yeah I'd see it!!!!

If not?
I'd probably get the DVD.

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Is THAT why we always get the boring guys? Fucking plebes.

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>Would /tg/ watch a live action w40k movie? Even if it was small box office?
Yes, I did.

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The film follows a young boy or girl as they try to survive in a hive city. The Main character is followed around by his imaginary friend or conscience, who helps them make tough decisions etc and overcome hardships/rape/ohmygodhivecitylowerlevels

The film also includes clips from the view of an Inquisition team who are trying to track down a rogue psyker.

The MC manages to survive through luck and bypassing troubles in their path then it gets all 'happy end'-y.

Then they're executed for Heresy. Suddenly all the 'I run/get away safely' scenes with the MC are turned into horrible massacres as they speak in tongues and kill people with their mind.

Turns out imaginary friend is a daemon, inquisition cleanses entire lower levels of the hive just to make sure.

BAM Grimdark 40k movie.

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Hollywood Warhammer? Oh the possibilities.

Russel Crowe as the (comatose) Emperor.

Nicholas Cage as Horus.

Jack Nicholson as Khorne.

Jack Black as Tzeench.

Steve Buscemi as Slaanesh.

Tom Waits as Nurgle.

Directed by the Transformers guy--HAHA!

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Who can give me a functioning plot that manages to portray every featured faction as remorseless, brutal assholes who only care about themselves?

Everything human vs evil xenos will be disqualified as biased propaganda.

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I can see someone taking the Space Marine game and adapting it to live action.

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No one will ever make a major 40k blockbuster. The setting and aesthetics are just too bizarre for mainstream audiences.

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>Would /tg/ watch a live action w40k movie? Even if it was small box office?
No, why would I?

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Think Slumdog Millionaire in 40k but with more death and general plot swings.

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Eisenhorn would make a fuckton of money. Its james bond in space with demons and everyone dieing.

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Hell yeah Eisenhorn, all you'd need are internal sets. Except for the last book.

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But with all the money you get from the first two, that would not even be an issue.

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I think the inquisition is probably the best angle to work when it comes to 40k, since the major thing it has over any other one to go with is that it is distinctly 40k.

A story for a general audience (or even not particularly general) set in the universe should justify it being set there by making use of it. That with 40k means delving into the who and why of the insanity that's going on. And the inquisition does that well, any story set around them pretty much has to go into justifying why the badguys are apparently the ones we're supposed to root for in the story by showing the horrific things going on, as well as easily making use of aliens, varieties of humans and their outlooks on the events.

Plus it'd be easier to set up the stakes involved, and have there be more to it than straight up fighting. A war movie is not something making the best use of the setting, despite the 'only war' tagline. There's not enough to easily set it apart from other sci-fi war movies without delving into the crazy shit that is going on around/that is the cause of the fighting.

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All I'm saying is that the last time a major sci-fi filmmaker tried something new and different and unique, we got Jar-Jar Binks.

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When was Star Wars new by that point? Also Lucas is a fucking twat.

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We should make a /tg/ storyboard and put it all together and hope some film major will take it up and maybe spark some interest in one of his projects

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>Nathan Fillian as young Cain
>Bruce Campbell narrating as old Cain.

Great idea or best idea?

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Nathan Fillian is too quirky for Cain, he's a smart ass but he's also grimdark.

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OP, that man's pauldrons are so large I cannot witness how hard he is grimacing, only that he is.

10/10, excellent costume, very faithful to setting.

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Respectfully, I disagree. He can do somber quite well, and I think he'd make a good Cain. Problem is that right now he's making so much money with Castle it'd probably be tough to draw him away for filming.

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The only commercially viable option is orkz vs moar orkz/orkz vs anybody else, but never leaving the orcy perspective of things. Anything else, inquisitors, "tiny headed" muhreenz, vulgar chaos shit etc. and the wider consumer base will reject it.

Orcs are the only safe bet, because they're funny as hell to watch and have fuck all to do with the rest of the unworkable WH40k reality.

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WH40K presents


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>implying ohmygodhivecitylowerlevels do not intrinsically imply hardships/rape
Underhives are some of the worst places in the Imperium.

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I'd watch an adaption of one of the earlier Ciaphas Cain books.

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That one would have to be animated though. Preferably by guys like the studio who did the animated Highlander.

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Good or bad, I'd probably watch it.

But I would prefer a smart, well written story.

No, I DEMAND a smart, well written story that doesn't insult my intelligence.

Don't worry about the mass audience. They'll be too in awe of Chainsaw swords to care if the story is too deep for them. You can satisfy us both without sacrificing.

Now, I love Marines, but they should probably not be main characters. Unless it's a marine with a lot of personality, say a Space Wolf.

Even then, a secondary character. Or don't throw in the Space Marines till midway through or the end.

A commissar movie would be best, or Inquisition.

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Blade Runner

But with Inquisition and he's hunting down high society Heretics.

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You should only have the space marines show up and be viewed remotely but the experience would be communicated with awe. That way they are accurately portrayed.

Like guardsmen fighting a losing battle for the last 3-4 days and having a squad of marines show up and completely annhiliate the enemy that's attacking but the guardsmen only see that happening in the distance.

No music accompanying that scene but only the speed and fury of the marines and the sounds of the battle would while the camera focuses on the guardsmens face as they stare and a lho stick falls from one of their mouths

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Ever see Fire Warrior's cutscene involving the Space Marines gunning down all those unarmed Tau?
Do that, from the perspective of a Tau civilian who is killed by a contemptuous swat. Have it start with basically a normal day, the Tau doing normal Tau things, then a drop pod smashes through a building and the killing starts.
Then show the Marines storming a Tau brainwashing center and/or concentration camp. Two sides to every story.
It's easiest to do that kind of thing with the Tau, because even the Eldar Exodites are too warlike for the Marines to seem as monstrous.

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that's what I meant, it would be a beautiful story of one persons struggles to survive in a world full of horrible things.

Then they die to gunfire.

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Theyd have to arrive by drop pod, then after they cleared out the enemy from their impending victory, they approach the guardsmen covered in gore and score marks and use perfect english.

Greetings guardsmen, we are here in support of your action. Where is your commanding officer? We have orders for him.

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Yeah, agree there. Space Marines should be a part of the climax. Or, even better. Sisters of battle, because then we could have the 'shock' of seeing the saviours of the fight turn against the now obviously tainted protagonists.

Additional bonuses, female actors, no fuckhuge space marines in fuckhuger armours.

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>Ciaphas cain movie
>hugh Laurie is Ciaphas
>jason statham as jurgen.

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DAMNATUS was pretty alright. They certainly did their best with what they had.

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German is really a language that fits 40K. Doubly so because it goes well with latin, much better than English does.

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>perfect Gothic
Also, it'd be best if they were fighting, say, mutants, so that you could hear them SCREAMING for mercy and then wet splats.

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No no
>Ciaphas Cain movie
>go to the past for actors
>Rowan Atkinson as Cain
>Tony Robinson as Jurgen.

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Or rebels. Even better. Also, space marines NEED reverb.

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Oh Sweet God-Emperor...

>> No.18505224

I wish I had time and any animations skills, I would do this.

>> No.18505231

Oh, no doubt. A spess mehreen without reverb is like an Ork without a Cockney accent.
Looking at you, Space Marine.
I'm thinking Chaos rebels so that the Marines don't just turn everything for the rest of the movie into a fine red mist. Eventually there's daemons, see.

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Meh, SoB's would just make everyone scream about sexist portrayals of women, and them being objectified to be sexy and all.

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I was introduced to Cain as "Blackadder in the 41st Millenium." It is so true, and I love it all.

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The Shira Calpurnia novels could easily be turned into live action films, but those are more 'police procedural in the 41st millenium' then the kind of epic 40k action you're talking about.

Could also be done on a fairly modest budget.

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if /tg/ still wants to do this in like 4 years then I'd be happy to help, I've begun designs for a replica lasgun already based on the Standard M-G Short Pattern Lasgun.

It will have given me time to refine my metal/mixed media skills into something worthy of note.

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I was actually discussing this with my brother recently, and that was exactly how we'd want to do the murheens.

Have them mentioned as legends and hinted at, then at some last ditch moment when all seems lost, the sky blackens with drop pods, and have the previously dangerous foe be absolutely obliterated by the sheer fury.

Make it completely take the violence and action to the next level, like, previously it was a gritty semi realistic sci-fi, then suddenly hits maximum awesome.

Then yeah, have them suddenly be all well spoken and monk like afterwards.

Also, think something like this would be a good opener for a 40k film, sets the grimdark scene well, opening on exterminatus.


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It is ok to lose the reverb when they take of the helmets though. But I'd prefer them not to do that. That makes them all too human.

Also, I'd actually want the Ultras for this. Because they have the shiniest, most fancy armour.

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But... he's a more genuinely heroic version of HARRY FLASHMAN, HERO OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE.
I mean, they're almost identical, except Flashman is genuinely a terrible person.

>> No.18505276

i would, maybe
bonus point if the ticket isn't sold 100€ because game workshop
bonus points for not about ultramarines

>> No.18505285

>Xeno detected.
>Somehow camouflaged its terribly cockney accent.

>> No.18505288

I like the reverb in their helmets.

Makes the Space Marines seem more like the embodiment of fear, like they are supposed to be.

>> No.18505290

I dunno. You could have the Brother-Sergeant be helmetless. Except he's bald, scarred, and has a massive augmentic eye.
Though your way is fine too.

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"Remember brother, we are not His angels of mercy. We are His angels of death."

>> No.18505300


That's entirely possible, but I have no idea who Harry Flashman is (but looking at wikipedia makes me want to change that.)

-Coward, but nobody can see it.
-Has smelly, awkward sidekick.

Only difference is Cain is actually lucky, and doesn't die so damn much.

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>small box office
means the takings at the box office are small, i.e. the film does badly. You are probably looking for
>low budget

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Kimbra as a sister of battle


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I've just had a horrific thought....

If they decided that Gaunt's Ghosts is the way to go (which to be honest would be easiest to market as Sharpe in SPHESS will aliens and shit).

Who would play Brin Milo? They need a slightly odd, quirky and talkative young man...

Yep thats right, they'd let Shia Lebiouf ruin what would have been the greatest sci-fi gore fest fuck 'em up ever to have graced our screens.

Yes that's right, when Gaunt pulls off that awesome kill while duelling with chainswords you'll have that twat in the next scene.

He'd turn Milo into another Jar Jar, when Milo turns into one of the most fuckawesome things Abbnett ever done.


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Let me cuntpaste from Wikipedia.
>an "illustrious Victorian soldier": experiencing many 19th century wars and adventures and rising to high rank in the British Army, acclaimed as a great soldier, while remaining by his unapologetic self-description "a scoundrel, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward—and oh yes, a toady." Fraser's Flashman is an antihero who runs from danger or hides cowering in fear, betrays or abandons acquaintances at the slightest incentive, bullies and beats servants with gusto, beds every available woman, carries off any loot he can grab, and gambles and boozes enthusiastically. Nevertheless, through a combination of luck and cunning, he usually ends each volume acclaimed as a hero.
Seriously, he was pretty much the worst person imaginable (they forgot "rapist"). Yet he's written as really witty, so it's actually darkly humorous.

>> No.18505342

Am I the only one who wants a Rogue Trader movie? Sorta like "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," but in SPAACCCEEEE!

It would help alleviate the grimdark somewhat to have the main characters be heavily armed billionaire fops on a quest for profit and high adventure.

>> No.18505348

a porn parody involving sisters of battle and slaanesh (&co) ... yummy...

>> No.18505349

Dude.... Micheal Cera....

>> No.18505356

Lady Gaga as the heretical cult leader.

>> No.18505360

This is why we need sisters of battle!

Hot women kicking ass, and it would be an opportunity to show people that women can be sexy, even while wearing almost completely covering armours.

They also have the notable difference from Space Marines; Sisters seldom wear helmets.

>> No.18505366

Is that any better?

>> No.18505371

jay baruchel

>> No.18505376

Yes. But not by very much.

>> No.18505378

it's extra heretical.

but seriously, they could just cast someone else. someone unknown.

>> No.18505402

Yes, but only on a couple of conditions.

noted, 40k is a BIG setting about BIG things. It needs a BIG budget, and probably more than one movie.

-If it was rated a very hard R, but only for the gratuitous amounts of grimdark gore.

-It moved the setting forward in a BIG way.

All of which means that Hollywood wouldn't dream of funding the 40k movie of my dreams in a million years.

>> No.18505409

If it would be on the level of the space marine movie... no.. that was borderline retarded. That movie failed not because of the low production value, but because it was shit... it would've still been shit with high quality effects so i would pass on a life action version too.

If it was like one and a half hour of the old Epic 40K final liberation cutscenes than i would happily pay for that, even if the quality was as shitty as in said cutscenes...

>that commisar

>> No.18505413


>> No.18505418

>Slaanesh and co
So it involves no less than three hours of the Sisters being graphically tortured and raped with barbed, mutated penises while the Slaaneshis revel? Sweet.
Seriously, I have no idea where people get the idea that Slaanesh is entirely carnal.

>> No.18505423

But it could be a dark, semi-horror movie about a group of Throne Agents/Inquisitorial Acolytes. A group of rag-tag everymen, a strange interrogator leading them, and the threat of death from the Inquisition was only slightly less omnipresent than the threat of death by everything else.

Bonus; space for romantic subplot.

>> No.18505430

>It moved the setting forward
WHYWHYWHY do people seem to want this to happen? It's a setting. Why does a setting need to go anywhere?

>> No.18505432

I had a dream about this once. It was like a weird mix of Minority Report, Blade Runner and Total Recall except the main character was a psyker trying to escape the Inquisition while trying to uncover THE TRUTH, whatever that was supposed to be.

>> No.18505437

Also is there a single actor alive that would be awesomely fucked up to play Larkin?

Or muscilar and secretivly smart enough to play Bragg?

Or as lovable as Corbec?

Or as cunning as Rawne?

Or just as brilliant as Guant himself?!

>> No.18505438

Bonus if the romance is crushed in the bleakest way imaginable, Dead Men Walking-style.

>> No.18505446

LCB movie?

>> No.18505447

Hollywood wouldn't accept that, sadly.

>> No.18505452

You do realize that there's a giant metal breast on the picture you posted, right? Complete with eye-of-chaos nipple?

>> No.18505456

>So it involves no less than three hours of the Sisters being graphically tortured and raped with barbed, mutated penises while the Slaaneshis revel?
is it wrong? i'd love to see that

>> No.18505457

A movie set in the upper levels of a hive with the plot of Brazil. There ya go. Marketable as fuck, also very 40k.

>> No.18505460

the love interest is deemed tainted by an overbearing superior in the inquisition. In order to solidify his superiority and control over his subordinate.

With her removed he can focus on work, etc.

>> No.18505461

That book got to me man.


What I was left with was bitterness, depression and a single manly tear for the awesome I had witnessed.

>> No.18505472

this anon is right

A good balance between bitter and sweet is best.

Happily ever after and the audience forgets about it soon after. Complete grimdark and they get pissed.

>> No.18505474


Eh, that could work too, and I could see myself forking over the cash for that as well. It just wouldn't be the 40k movie in my head that begins with an impossibly hammy narrator delivering the backstory of the GRIM DAAAARKNESSS OF THE FAAAR FUTURE, and immediately cuts to a battle scene of World Eaters ripping Imperial Guardsmen to shreds as the soundtrack booms with thunderous drums and then pans up through the clouds into orbit as an armada of Imperial Battleships warp in, unleash exterminatus on the planet, all while a choir of monks sings in High Gothic of the GLORY OF THE EMPRAH while the theatre speakers explode from the sheer concussive OOMPH of bass notes.

Fuck, just give me those five minutes, if the movie ended right after that I would be happy.

>> No.18505491

but then you would be subject to chaos, and the sound marines would come out of the blown speakers?

>> No.18505499

>Suddenly everything goes quiet, silent as the grave quiet.


>music begins anew and builds up as the title appears on screen.

>> No.18505515

Noise Marines could be presented as they were described to a Space Marine in a novel. When the audial parts of his auto-senses just shut off to save his hearing. And it was just silent. Completely silent, as the Noise-Marines were blasting things apart with sonic booms.

>> No.18505525

I didn't say there was nothing carnal involved.
I'm saying a Slaaneshi porno would be the most horrifying thing imaginable, and likely involve the Sisters being flayed alive or something. The only carnal aspects would be the Slaaneshis raping every hole in the Sisters' bodies and some new ones they just made, with penises that probably have at least two heads, each with biting teeth, and backwards-facing spikes.

>> No.18505526


As the title comes into focus.

>> No.18505531

>no glorious shots of Imperial armies marching in massive numbers with Gregorian chants in the background


>> No.18505540

He was literally a foot away from her at the end.
One foot. Remember?
That novel redefined grimdark for me.

>> No.18505557

After that last bell gong at the end it would instantly change to the heart of a battle with guardsmen and ZOT everywhere. Lots of screaming and the stringent voice of a commissar urging not to give into cowardice.

Narration begins, same voice as the avatar dude
"This is what I was promised on my home world of ______? Yeah probably, I didn't remember too much from that time in my life when I signed up"

>> No.18505578

"My name is Traest, and I'm a guardsman."

>> No.18505580

I actually liked their lines in DoW.
Though they didn't sound nearly crazy enough. And they should have been screaming.

>> No.18505589

A good way to do this would be to create a on-going series, like babylon, star trek, or game of thrones.

I cannot see how this would fail, unless gw gets a hand in it, thne it will be spezz marine the movie all over again.

I second the backwater fellow or inqusition shit, make it seem like it's just grimdark sci-fi at first, then unravel the lore slowly.

>> No.18505595

>opening shot of IG holding a funeral
>you realize they are holding their own funeral before going into battle

because grimdark

>> No.18505638


I like this idea, slow unravelling, and a gradual expansion until you get 4 seasons in and you realise you've gone from little skirmishes to galaxy wide, planet destroying dimension spanning grimdark.

>>18505095 would be a good season 1 finale

>> No.18505642

>opening shot of IG holding a funeral
>you realize they are holding their own funeral before being enlisted/joining up.
>their families are crying tears of sorrow and admiration.

because grimdark

>> No.18505655


It is better to die for the emporer than live for yourself

>> No.18505667

The problem is, if you film this yourself, you'd film it with dorky awkward white guys incapable of looking like a grimdark battle hardened guardsman. Let alone a terrible figure like a space marine that inspires dread and fear even in the eyes of the servants of the emporer

>> No.18505673

If they made a mistake that big in the first five words of the film, I'd probably just walk out of the theater.

>> No.18505676


guess that rules out the salamanders then...

>> No.18505680

Unless you're a noble, or an office, or a rogue trader.


>> No.18505685

>>My name is Traest, and I serve the God-Emperor of Mankind as an Imperial Guardsmen.

FTFY. l2exposition, people!

>> No.18505687

If someone didn't point it out in the 10 posts directly afterwards then you're too late.

>> No.18505690


>> No.18505693

I just got here. Made the post as soon as I saw it.

>> No.18505694

I'd like the movie to be something like this..

During the prologue, we see a young man growing up on a standard imperial world. No sound to it, instead we hear the standard 40K narration.

It will show him growing up, it is harsh, but doable. But then.. war comes to his home, Rebel forces. Among them we see the gigantic forms of chaos Space Marines, defilers. Flocks of lesser daemons in the sky. Destroying and demolishing everything. He flees, losing friends and family.

It cuts to him joining the PDF. More desperate fights. We see him in a trench, fighting mad heretics. A daemon shows up, preferably a bloodletter. The old kind, with a dog's face, and a huge axe. Carving it's way through his squad. But in the end, our hero manages to drive it back, and finally destroy it with a grenade.

During that flash the title will show.

When he comes to he is in an army hospital. Nurse-sisters running around. Our character will be under guard, and soon after he wakes up, an interrogator walks over to him and explains that since he showed enough strength to kill a daemon. He has been 'chosen' to join the Inquisition.

>> No.18505697

Legion of the Damned would make a perfect subject.

>> No.18505707


Then there will be a few explosions and stuff, and the forces of Chaos attack the military camp. A squad of raptors would be cool here. The Interrogator leads the retreat of his squad and our main character, through lines of guardsmen holding the line... to an aquila lander and two escort fighters. Which takes off, and we'll see just how badly it has gone for the guard and pdf when it zooms out.

They fly off, and during the flight the Interrogator talks over a vox to someone about that they have probably gotten everyone they can salvage from this warzone, and it is time to end it.

Cue leaving the atmosphere, to see enormous imperial warships. And the burning wrecks of chaos ships. And they glide up to present broadsides... and starts firing.
After that it'll be more of a hunt-the-arch heretic story, with the team of acolytes. The inquisitor he works under is a radical, but not a bad one. An istvaanian, or so. A character sitting on the fence between anti-hero and anti-villain. As to fit the setting.

And we follow this grunt throughout lots of gritty fights, death and dark plots. Involving lots of daemons. Preferably a daemonette or two.

>> No.18505713


>> No.18505714

It's not my fault you have a life.

You should spend more time on the internet pointing out my mistakes and less time spending time with your friends.

Maybe then you'll catch me fast enough

>> No.18505731

>>18505707 Preferably a daemonette or two.

Stopped reading there.

>> No.18505732


Perhaps make the villain a corrupt cardinal, or ordo hereticus Inquisitor gone too far over the edge, but still holds sway over his followers. I'd really like to show sisters as creepy antagonistic fanatics. But who still think they are doing The Right Thing.

And yeah, I have a thing for bombastic action movies. So what?

>> No.18505741


Stopped reading at the last sentence? Yeah. Most people would.

>> No.18505750

This would be a much more effective statement if that sentence wasn't already the very end of the post.

>> No.18505753

Bloodletters use Hellblades. This isn't something that changes from daemon to daemon. Fucking SKULLTAKER uses a Hellblade.

>> No.18505757

I will hound you every step for the rest of your life, waiting for you to finally make the mistake that proves fatal.

And then I will return home in the full depths of hollow victory and find a new target who doesn't know how to differentiate between plural and singular.

>>their samsgin
God dammit captcha, it's SAMGINS

>> No.18505758

Why the fuck is this thread so long?

40K is retarded, and it's a retarded idea to think ANYONE would pay money to make it.

>> No.18505766


An inquisitor building a retinue is a good idea, but the rest of what you said is horseshit

>> No.18505767

The intro to the movie needs this guy narrating it:
Voice over and everything. Almost just copy paste it into the film if its an Inquisition movie. This gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

Might just be my 5.1 surround.

>> No.18505774

Yeah, but the old models had axes. As in old old.

>> No.18505777

>a daemonette
Only if they look like so.

>> No.18505782


>> No.18505784

Even better. Look all sexy and seductive like at first.. but when the fools get up close, they change into horror-mode and start slicing faces and ripping guts, and pincing junk.

>> No.18505785

He goes from good to over the top, back to good, then over the top.

>> No.18505789

>Rape some Eldar women
>Rape some Tau women
>Get raped by Dark Eldar
>Rape Dark Eldar back
>Girls who objected earlier then raped by corrupted sisters
>Demonettes rape everything
>End with them being dragged into the Warp

>> No.18505791

>mixing shit from literally 1e into an otherwise up to date movie
Full retard.

>> No.18505794

And it all comes out to being awesome.

>> No.18505813

Well, considering that art of these Bloodletters was used for Dark Heresy, I dunno how retarded to call that.

And yes, I know they use the up-to-date models for the art in Ascension and Daemon Hunter, but the bloodletter in the core book is the dog-headed axe-wielding one.

>> No.18505814

Then get captured an executed for Heresy

>> No.18505823

Daemonettes are supposed to invoke either the WHYest of WHYboners or utter horror.

>> No.18505855

Or, y'know.
Because it's a bloodletter that stands out. I personally consider those Bloodletters to be basically the oldest and best of the Bloodletters, since everything is canon unless explicitly retconned. It's better if he fights an utterly generic bloodletter which still slaughters everyone, then later sees an entire army of them.
Gives his struggles some scale.

>> No.18505880

Speaking of Bloodletters, why is it they have no dicks, but Bloodthirsters inevitably are wearing loincloths?

>> No.18505893

If you skint your eyes a bit you can watch Starship Troopers and just pretend it's an IG movie.

IG who for some reason have no heavy weapons or armor support.

>> No.18505918


you can't throw in shit like daemons too early, start with cultists if you're doing the whole inquisition thing.

>> No.18505936

>Lord Quest

>> No.18505961

'Beauty, wonder and horror beyond imagining' is basically what every greater daemon and most lessers sans perhaps nurglings should evoke - or barring that, at least intermingled horror and awe.
Kind of like that page quote for the Fair Folk on tvtropes.

After all, many greater demons started as deities in their own right, with all that implies.

I'd like something that captures this essence, where these demons aren't just fancy cgi, but like that Balrog in LotR, something wiith a *presence*

>> No.18505979

Only if it was this

If it was all about SM it would look bad since the actors would move weird in that armor.

Maybe if it was done in really good CG so that the SMs looked real and their faces were copied off real people but just plain real with no FX for the SMs. No it would look awkward.

>> No.18505990

Hmm... I'd say the acolytes on an Inquisitor would make the most sense.
A decent group of weirdos, with their own radically different personalities, facing cultists, aliens, and daemons.

Maybe swipe from Scourge the Heretic and Innocence Proves Nothing.

I mean in that there's unrequited love, "office politics" leading to sneaking into the Ordo Malleus' offices, assassins, guardsmen, and the warp.

>> No.18505996

I once dreamt of my perfect intro sequence for a 40k movie.

It's a trench in a wet, muddy and foggy wasteland. Some bunkers. All the guardsmen are in the trench, waiting, trying to pierce the thick fog with their eyes. Te commissar is, naturally, not in cover, but he walks atop the trench, holding a speech. I forgot what the speech was like. Then suddenly... Suddenly you hear them coming. From beyond the impenetrable fog, the earth-shattering WAAAAAGH of a thousand orks, and insane amounts of gunfire. The guardsmen do their best to return the fire, heavy stubbers roar as they fire into the grey mist... Then the charging orks, green monstrosities wielding weapons the size of a man, finally appear. There's too many of them, and the trench quickly turns into an onslaught of both guardsmen and orks. The commissar still stands upright in the heat of battle, shouting orders and blamming orks. But they keep coming. And this is the moment when the commissar grabs the vox from the dying sergeant by him, and screams into it, barely audible over the sounds of battle: "CONCENTRATE ARTILLERY FIRE ON OUR POSITION!"
He then drops the vox to the ground and continues fighting, until the whistling of approaching artillery fire is heard. The commissar, knowing the time of sacrifice has come, screams "FOR THE EMPEROOOOR", before the huge blast of the first artillery shell consumes his form. Then artillery shells begin raining down upon the position, blowing thousands of orks and what little remains of the guardsmen to smithereens, covering everything in smoke, mud and debris. The last orks are fleeing in terror. This is not the fight they expected.

>> No.18506002


Once the smoke clears, only craters, ruined bunkers and the dead remains. And our two protagonists(?), two guardsmen that not only survived the onslaugt, but even the bombardment, still shocked and deafened.

And they still hold the line.

>> No.18506023

sounds like every war movie ever made.

with orks.

please tell me about your originality and perfect scene

>> No.18506028

If daemons are used, I'd say go for Nurgle or Tzeentch.

The other two are probably too regular, and the Bloodthirster would be accused of being a Balrog rip off (and not unjustly so).
A Lord of Change on the other hand? Something part avian, part angelic, part dragonic, and part humanoid.

Or a great unclean one, where you could use the "Bugs on the screen" bit on a cinema screen.

>> No.18506039


I support this

>> No.18506042


Not saying it is in any way original. I just had once a half-dream that went like this and I found it sufficiently cool.

>> No.18506126

I'd love to see the Fall of Iyanden done as a movie.

Start off with the banishment of Yriel, leading to the winding plots about the rise of Yriel as a Pirate Lord, and how the Craftworld starts getting omens of destruction lasting decades.

Then Hive Fleet Kraken starts appearing, destroying many of the agricultural worlds of the Craftworld, andcutting off their lines of support which arn't via the webway.

This would of course culminate in the huge battle where even the dead of Iyanden are forced into battle, where their greatest seers fall, and eventually Yriel would return, to take the Spear of Twilight, and save the craftworld from utter destruction.

>> No.18506151

Oh, also, the soundtrack would have to be E.S. Posthumus.

>> No.18506370

Or Two Steps From Hell.

>> No.18506909


It's solid but generic, so 40k it up. Add in a bunch of that 'Gothic Craziness' that makes the Imperium the Imperium, and not the Federation or the Galactic Senate.

You know those old marching war chants soldiers used to sing and such? Have the guardsmen quail under the roar of the orks, until the commissar and a priest or two pulls them together with The Litany of Saint Whatshisface III. Remember, commissars are fanatically faithful, but they're not frothing idiots. They know how to motivate soldiers without yelling and blamming every two seconds.

The singing picks up in volume as the orks approach, two competing masses as the lasguns and dakka flies. Then the lines collide. Bayonet-thrists and point-blank lasfire keeps them at bay for the first wave or two, until the guardsmen begin flagging.

The commissar looks at the officer in command. He gives a curt nod of understanding, and quickly relays a set of co-ordinates into the vox-transmitter. The commissar gives a rallying speech, and the voices of the guardsmen pick up one final time, grim-faced and singing glory to He on Terra as they disappear in the white-hot flashes of a large bombardment on their position.

And chainsword-porn. Lots of it.

>> No.18507154


Required for blockbuster levels.

>> No.18507179


The soundtrack should be ENTIRELY in the minor key, with like a absolute crapton of deep brass instruments.

>> No.18507194

After the obnoxious shitfestival that was Damnatus? Hell no.

>> No.18507258

So basically the final battle scene from Zulu?


>> No.18507313


>> No.18507530

Christopher walken as an eversor

>> No.18508060


>"He put the sword, in his face, wheh he knew them damn dirty gook tau would nevuh find it"

>> No.18508217

Wait, are you talking about the crappy cartoon from way back when, which was pretty lousy, or the Search For Vengeance, which kicked ass?

>> No.18509524

I'm here to answer these questions as best I can. Feel free to rebut me.

>Also is there a single actor alive that would be awesomely fucked up to play Larkin?
Woody Harrelson
>Or muscilar and secretivly smart enough to play Bragg?
Lou Farigno (if he were younger. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.)
>Or as lovable as Corbec?
John Goodman
>Or as cunning as Rawne?
Liam Neeson
>Or just as brilliant as Guant himself?!
Daniel Craig


>> No.18509563

I keep seeing Rawne as this guy. Probably becaues I reread Gaunts story while Game of Thrones was airing.

>> No.18509572

Nah, Aiden's too weedy. Make him some rearline general off in a spaceship out to screw the Gaunts over.

>> No.18509589

>Would /tg/ watch a live action w40k movie?
I didn't even want to watch Spess Mehreen, without fellow /tg/-ers making fun of it with me... Not too unlike MST3K
>Even if it was small box office?
Especially if it was in box-office...

>> No.18509595

Just name action movie stars and it works

also, Arnie as dreadnought

>> No.18509646

>dreadnought Arnie


>> No.18509670

No way.

>> No.18509671

>Rougish, jokester Varl?
Perhaps Woody Harrelson would work better here.
>Quiet, dangerous McVenner?
Jason Statham
>Master Scout of the master of scouts?
Sean Bean
>Dark, flame-obsessed Brostin?
Gerard Butler

Thoughts on these?

>> No.18509675

There should be a psyker in it, at least one. He'd be the crazy defeatist guy on the team who's always panicking (Think Private Hudson from Aliens) but he's capable of pulling off amazing shit if he's properly motivated.

He goes daemonhost near the end, maybe the Big Bad decides to use him as a sacrifice or something.

Also there needs to be a sexy assassin girl who's set up to be the love interest but either A. dies halfway through act 3, B. turns out to be a blood-crazed psycho and drives the protagonist away, if she doesn't outright betray the team, or C. decides to call off the relationship because it's not professional/too dangerous. Either way, you get a close up of bodyglove-clad ass on her entrance.

>> No.18509687

Derp I meant:

>Mkoll, Master Scout of the master scouts.
Sean Bean.

>> No.18509810

Add Rowan Atkinsonl

>> No.18509869


As whom? If we aged him a whole bunch, I could see him as a Ayatani Zweil.

Other than that, I couldn't see him in the Ghosts.

>> No.18509993

Just do it as a nameless , mute, hilarious marine who dies a gimdark gruesome death with no meaning for the emprah

>> No.18510832


>> No.18512795

I always wanted a movie that took several view points of an invasion or something kinda like the first word bearer book so for example you'd have:
a new cultist
a new ig recruit
a new inquistion stormtrooper
and a hive city miner or someone under the oppression of chaos forces

as well the leader of each of the different factions in the movie and side character as well like a inquistors pet grey knight ( and his favorite SOB hat)
just a thought

>> No.18512984



>> No.18513386

The Rock as Bragg? Hes pretty huge and can act quite well.

Charlie Sheen as Larkin? Hes a nut and a half too...

>> No.18513393


Cain, frankly is the best possible anchor point for any 40K movie.

He's the one character in the 40K universe most people could relate to on a regular basis, and Jurgen makes perfectly good comic relief to boot. ALL GRIMDARK ALL THE TIME wouldn't do the trick. But stuff like Cain's first cross-country rollout against the orks? Perfect. It even has stuff like the dam battle for huge-hordes and Michael Bayesque explosions.

>> No.18513416

Best. Idea. Ever.
Gaunts Ghosts as a non-cgtacular movie.
Liam Neeson as Gaunt. Hugh Jackman as Rawne. The Rock as Bragg. John Goodman as Corbec. Charlie Sheen as Larkin. Woody Harrelson as Varl. Gerard Butler as Brostin.

>> No.18513492

I remember seeing an Assassinorum thread with an idea for a film based on The Beheading. I believe firmly that this idea would be the greatest 40k film ever.

>> No.18513589

Would love a Jaq Draco movie

>> No.18513608

Only if he's played by Sean Connery.

>> No.18513816



Dosh plz and i make the video part.

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