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Hey /tg/, would it be okay if we had a 40k wallpaper thread?

I'm looking for more of actual models, like this one.

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This is so sexy.

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Why does the guardsman have the same face as the general?

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Yay, somebody else is dumping now! Still looking for some of models like in the OP picture.

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you guys are missing the best warhammer wallpaper.


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That's all I got. Still looking for some of models though!

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Oh shit son, I'm using that one right now.

See pic

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man I love this pic, I really cannot wait until I get back stateside so I can buy an imperial Terminator and greenstuff it up.

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enjoy this keeper of secrets with a mystery box, and an Oh exploitable background.

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Isn't that the wrong color scheme for the Astral Claws?

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Now THIS is how a Slaanesh marine should look.

Anyone have some Guard Wallpapers?

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it's a Chaos version of the Imperial fists.
That picture itself is taken from a piece of work that was done a while back called "The Dornian Heresy" which was a fan-fic about an alternate reality where Regal Dorn was tainted by chaos and started the heresy.

I painted my slaaensh CSM army as Slaaneshi mockeries of imperial fists to troll an actual imperial fist player who I used to beat down all the time.

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It's Warmaster Dorn, from the Dornian Heresy.

Abaddon's Luna Wolves or whatever become the Black Templars.

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hmmm now I'll check my actual wallpaper folder.

only two others it seems.

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oops I lied

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When is Lord Inquisitor suppose to come out?

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final pic.

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way to post the super small one SWL

also, was it you who ran cultist quest?
who did that? I miss it so

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sorry bout that, didn't realize it.

and No I don't run any quests. nor do I think I ever shall.

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well, thank you...this is going to be my new wallpaper....unless someone can make an animated one of typhon.

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Book about that character in pic. Apprently the best customer of the God of Debauchery

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Not really sure if this counts or not

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A classic.

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What's up with those power weapons always being sparkling blue?

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that what electricity looks like. if you don't believe me open up an electric socket and stick a fork in it, you'll see

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So i can make my own power weapons? Awesome!

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power weapons are described as being encased in crackling energies that can penetrate virtually any armor with ease. But, I usually paint my power weapons silver, gold, or their original metal. I call them "power weapons" via the rules, but I like to think that the weapons are so sharp and finely made that no armor can withstand their awesome. Plus I suck at painting electricity.

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That's a mono weapon.

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I usually power weapons tinted blue, so probably paint the sword a nice thin blue then a thin gunmetal grey or something so it looks like a normal sword but with a light blue glow to it

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So... anyone got wallpapers of models?

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I just mix Ice Blue with a lighter shade of grey than the rest of the sword, and paint the edge that way. It gives the appearance of a shiny blue edge without having to worry about multiple coats, or crazy shit like putting lightning bolts on it with a 1-hair brush.

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Is that Leman Russ?

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My current wall

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No, I don't think so.

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