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Is there a how to play guide?

Is it all percentile dice? Hows it work?

Also death watch/rpg general

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>Is there a how to play guide?
You just posted it.

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Its quite boring if you play it only for teh killing (lol, hordes) : SM are too overpowered.

But its fun to play it as a detective adventure. Just my opinion man.

>pic related: its one of my PCs.

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>Is it all percentile dice? Hows it work?

Either a percentage die or two differently colored d10 dice with one die for each numeral.

Rolling low is good. You have a characteristic, modified by the difficulty of the test and other modifiers, and you want to roll less than that in order to succeed.

Every 10 points you succeed the roll with is an additional success, which can have extra beneficial effects.

Example, an Apothecary with intelligence of 54 and an Medicae skill of +10 attempts a Medicae test with a -20 modifier. In this case, rolling 44 or less is a success, and rolling 45 or more is a failure.

If you have the book, maybe you should start with the Playing The Game chapter, it should have all the necessary info.

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I figured the key to Deathwatch is that you throw the biggest gribbliest most horrific foes you can at your party erry day. Five Carnifexes and a Bloodthirster before breakfast.

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>detective adventure
I thought that's what Dark Heresy is for. Deathwatch is the whole action movie killing blowing thing up.

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Yeah its kind of like that but a DM should think of it more like.... >>18488245

If you can get the feel down then things are awesome action movie combat explosion

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Make sure your GM knows 40k inside and out.

Killing stuff will get boring after about 2 sessions. You want and NEED plot to tie things together and keep the game interesting.

Also, sneak missions with little-to-no combat are fun. Last week we infiltrated a Tau space station and caused havoc with the roomba drones that kept the station clean to cover our escape. A TSUNAMI OF ROOMBAS FLOODS THE BARRACKS.

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