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So how powerful is a Primarch really?

What can beat them 1 vs 1?
What would give them a run for their money?
What would simply be challenging?

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Other Primarchs, Hive Fleets
An army or three.

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Genghis Khan in space

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Greater Daemons. And long-ass stairs.

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Very old lore would indicate something a bit stronger than Greater Demons. Sanguinius fought a Bloodthirster during the Horus Heresy. He was either very tired or taken by surprise and badly wounded, but the BT looked away for a second and he killed it. Most lore from this period is retconned without a second thought though..

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They suck at painting minis because they have FUCKHUGE fingers.

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bloodthirster in question as of today's lore:


he's still there, still fucks up sanguinius, and we're getting a HH book about it too. I don't think they'd really retcon that bit of lore willy-nilly since it is what 'makes' the blood angels what they are.

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Gotrek Gurnisson

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Yeah Sanguinus's personal bloodthirster is substantially more powerful than your normal one. Like, more on par with the 888-point FW bloodthirster that's like two feet tall.

Most Primarchs were about as strong as an entire army, but they weren't invincible except via plot armor. They certainly weren't unbeatable.

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iirc lore-wise, Khorne always had a favorite bloodthirster. It was Kha'bandah until he got his shit slapped by sanguinius at the eternity gate, then Skarbrand until tzeentch dickery led to Khorne slapping skarbrand's shit, and now Anngrath the Unbound is numero uno bloodthirster.

kha'banda also leads the demon attacks against the baal system.

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>And long-ass stairs

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It's also relevant that the bloodthirster was defeated by Grey Knights (multiple times) post heresy, and also by the Sanguinor.

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Ka'Banda is said to be Khorne's greatest is the rey Knight Codex.

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Kha'bandha has had his shit slapped multiple times by the Grey Knights and the Blood Angels. AFAIK Anngrath has only been dropped twice. If it means anything, the date on that comment is 911M41.

An'ggrath's last loss was 830M41. Both of them are referred to as the head honcho Bloodthirster, but An'ggrath has more titles.

Khorne(and chaos gods by their nature) are capricious, so he could be promoting and demoting them willy nilly every time they get their shit slapped. The only sure thing is that Skarbrand and Anggrath aren't allowed to fight because Big K said so.

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I'd go with Ka'Bandha being the best.
He managed to beat Sanguinius once and his loses have been at the hands of super-marines, while Ann'grath lost to Lorgar and an Inquisitor.

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Kha'banda slapped sang's shit once; got his shit slapped in turn by sang. Has had shit slapped multiple times by GKs. Also had his shit slapped by the Sanguinor, and I believe he gets his shit slapped in the Blood Angels books that James Swallow has out.

Anggrath had his shit slapped by lorgar apparently(when/which book? I don't remember/haven't read it), and INQUISITOR LORD HECTOR REX and a bunch of grey knights.

I'm with Anggrath here.

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Ka'Banda's been beaten more because he's been summoned more. An'ggrath has had his shit slapped 100% he's shown up and by less impressive foes. Ka'Bandha has a better record.

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Guess we go with Kha'bandha since he's dropped a primarch, even though he's lost most of the other fights he's been in.

Part of me thinks forgeworld wrote up An'ggrath's fluff without asking GW about who the numero uno Bloodthirster was.

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